My Turn! San Mateo Warstory

Preperation: I took most of April to prepare watching youtube videos of previous games and practice games. My initial team went through many revisions but I would like to thank NjSoccer for his initial help and SixoneSix for the moveset changes(that helped SOOOO MUCH)

The Team
@Lum Berry
Modest-132 HP/ 252 SpA/ 124 spe
~Fake Out
~Grass Knot

@Wacan Berry
Modest-6HP/ 252 SpA/Spe
~Water Spout
~Ice Beam

@Occa Berry
Adamant-252 HP/Atk / 6 Def
~Hammer Arm
~Meteor Mash

@Grisous Orb(bad Spelling)
Lonely-252 Atk/Spe / 6 SpA
~Draco Meteor
~Shadow Sneak
~Shadow Force

@Haban Berry
Modest-6 HP/252 SpA/Spe
~Blizzard( for got to change for thunder)
~Spacial Rend
~Earth Power

@Focus Sash
Adamant-232HP/ 252 Atk/ 20 Spe
~Mach Punch
~Fake Out

The Trip:I left for San Mateo Friday 14th around 10pm so i was asleep most of the 8 hour trip. We arrived at my cousins house around 5 am I couldnt go to bed anymore so i just let my mom and uncle get some rest while i filled out my team info sheet and helped my brother test his team. we had breakfast and left around 10:30am. the 40 min trip to San Mateo felt long since i was soo excited. my uncles navigator or direction thingy got us lost and couldnt find the place for a good 20-30 mins so when we did find it we got inline towards the end. my brother and I met a nice kid named miles while waiting he was cool but sadly not a great player
(film on youtube soon)
Finally the line started to move and about 1:40pm i was registered

I was sent to box 15 and was paired against my brother but we didnt want that now did we so we explained and i was sent back to the line to wait for another matchup
so my new matchup was agaisnt a kid who was behind me in line when i arrived and all he could talk about is how much his palkia and metagross were going to own :\
So Before i began I asked the ref if i could record my battles since i had my camcorder he called over marriland and he said "no." and explained why and was like okay w/e.
So I led with my rain and he led with Metagross + Infernape seemed legit to me but I ended up KOing both with water spout then he sent out Palkia + another pokemon idk who which were taken out with surf and water spout So 1st round was a breeze

I was paired up with another little dude but this one knew how to play
we both led with rain him with kyogre and toxicroak he knew what was going to happen he saw fake out coming but wasnt prepared for what i did over fake out i Grass knoted his Ogre and Thundered his Toxicroak, next turn I grass knoted what was left of Toxi and Thundered Ogre he came out with Palkia and Someone else (iforgetwho) I send in a grass knot and protect Ogre he spacial rends Ludi and it gets knocked out. I send out Tina to Shadow force his other pokemon and Thunder his Palkia with ogre his Palkia was Scarfed but missed spacial rend on Tina(phew) a shadow sneak and water spout later I won.

I was paired with a large/older fellow kinda intimidating at first and was messing with his pokemon quite a bit so I knew i was in for a battle
well we both Led with Rain again! He led with Ogre + Milotic I decided not to fake out again and go for grass knot on Ogre and thunder on milotic well before the thunder hit his Milotic used hypnosis :O but missed dodged a bullet there and i got Para Hax :D next turn I surf and Water Spout to KO and he then sends out Dragonite + ???I keep thinking its Mewtwo but i dont remember
well Soon enough its down to dragonite and he Dragon Dances one turn then KO's Ogre I win later with a shadow sneak and Surf

I was paired up with a fellow member on the TPT forums who that friday asked for a giratina :O this felt bad I already knew he was a good player but to battle him in this round was like WUUUT!
so we shake hands and agree we would have a rematch on the forums whoever wins :)
so for the 3rd time its Rain battle He leads with Ogre and palkia(i think) I begin by my last tactics of Grass knot early and thundered his other pokemon he pridected the thunder on his ogre to quickly switch over to E-Vire but it only got Grass knoted (phew) I got paraHax on his other pokemon
I Grass Knot and water spout to take out them out but he managed to get a t-punch in but wacan berry keeps me alive :D
his last 2 with ogre and ???(bad memory too much excitement) I won with Ludi and Gira out and we shaked hands and GG all around

so while im there i do notice Huy, duy and other smogonites but im wayyy to intimidated to talk to them since im like a nobody i barely have rep for the Wifi forums :nerd:

so a few battles and an hour later the top 29 people are sent to their battle stations and i got paired against Deagle
Finalists Round1
Deagle led with Toxicroak + Palkia I led with my usual two and I can already see he was expecting Rain somewhere along the way
First turn
I Protect Ogre + Grass Knot Palkia
Deagle: Fakes Out + Thunders Kyogre

Second Turn
I Grass Knot + Thunder Toxicroak(I was expecting protect from Palkia but it was choiced)
He Sucker Punches Ludi + Thunders Ogre

third turn
I Protect ogre + Grass Knot with ludi
he Sucker punches again + Swaps For Abomasnow
I lose Ludi
I send out Tina-O

4th Turn
I shadow sneak Toxicroak + Ice beam Ogre
He Grass Knots Ogre
I lose Ogre
He Loses Toxicroak
I send out Metagross
He sends out Palkia

5th Turn
I protect Gross + Shadow Force Palkia
He Draco Meteors + Grass Knots
I lose Tina-O

yeah final turn I live the Grassknot + DM but end up losing at 3-0 :pirate:

Afterwords I had a chance to film the Duy Battles and Talk to Magickzzl and DarksoulSP and someone else i dont remember his smogon acc but his name was james Although i wanted to go further i was happy where i made it
it was awesome meeting all those people one of the few places where i can jump in a convo and know wtf im talking about :pimp: yeah good times cant wait for next year
Good shit. You should definitely make room for that marriland story you told me on AIM. Next year we're going to this together I can't handle reading about this stuff, I need to experience it first hand, even if I'm going to get knocked out first round.
yea, why can't you record your own battles?

And theres no shame in losing to Deagle, he's a very good player and ended up making it to the top 4.

Cool story.
Congrats on getting so far! They don't let you record your own matches? Aw, why not?
yea, why can't you record your own battles?

And theres no shame in losing to Deagle, he's a very good player and ended up making it to the top 4.

Cool story.
Yeah I asked and They called over Marriland(devin) the head ref and I told him and gave him my reasons and said he didnt want to and that i should just stick to my 1 good battle this was a 5 min discussion so then decided fuck it and just battled my opponent

Later I saw Badintent was allowed to :\