My Warstory(Kinda lame/boring)

Hi guys. This is my first Warstory, as well as my first tournament. Please bare with me, as this might seem a little bit boring, but is rather short lol. Enjoy!


Okay, so I wake up Saturday morning, at around 7:00am, and get ready to leave for the VGC in Seattle. I eat breakfast, and change my clothes, and get all my things that I need. I get my charger, and my DS. Okay, so at about this point, I am freaking out because I have only about 5 Pokemon to use at the tournament, and one of them doesn't even know proper attacks. So I grab my EV training stuff(pen, paper, ipod for calculations), and check Smogon and the official VGC site to make sure they didn't make any last minute rules and head out for my journey to become a champion!


I get into the car, and start EV training my Terrakion, and Cobalion, both of which are RNG'd btw. I'm trying to EV train them, but decide to go into the battle Subway instead to get some more items which would prove useful in the competition. I only manage to get about 80 BP, which is NOT enough to get both Focus Sash, and Life orb, so I settle for the LO.

I kept on losing quite a bit in the subway, due to some nervousness from the competition, but I kept my cool(I think). So yeah, pretty much what I do for the duration of the ride.

Convention Centre

About a couple of hours later we arrive at the Convention centre, and I see the sign that says go to the top floor, and once I arrive there, I start getting this feeling of excitement. I must have stood in the massive line for at least an hour or so, but these guys ahead of me(not sure if they were from smogon or not) kept me occupied. I didn't really see them battle, but one of the guys had an Excadrill, which he said he levelled to 100 during the line. I did not see any of them afterwards.

So while waiting in line, I was busily EV training, while Nick stated the rules, and I FINALLY finished EV training Cobalion. Although it still didn't know that well attacks I would have liked it to.

So after a while, I get everything into my battle box, and I register my team into the competition, and get my Player ID. I get my free drawstring bag, and the scorecard, and head out to battle!


Okay, so before I go any further, here is my team: (sorry for lack for lack of pictures)

Jolly Nature
Iv's: 31/31/31/22/31/31
EV's: HP:4/ATK:252/SPe:252
Attacks: Brick Break/Rock Slide/Earthquake/Protect

Scrafty@Dark Gem
Brave Nature
IV's: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EV's: 252HP/252ATK/4SPD
Attacks: Crunch/Ice Punch/Drain Punch/Fakeout

Whimsicott@Sitrus Berry
Jolly Nature
IV's: 31/26/19/31/31/31
EV's: HP:252/SPD:4/SPe:252
Attacks: Stun Spore/Light Screen/Taunt/Leech Seed

Terrakion@Life Orb
Jolly Nature
Iv's: Flawless
EV's: ATK:252/Spe:252/HP:4
Attacks: Rock Slide/Sacred Sword/Quick Attack/Protect

Cobalion@Razor Claw
Timid Nature
IV's: Flawless
EV's: SPATK:252/HP:4/Spe:252
Attacks: Protect/Volt Switch/Flash Cannon/Hidden Power

Samurott@Lum Berry
Timid Nature
IV's: Flawless
EV's: HP:252/SPATK:252/SPDEF:4
Attacks: Ice Beam/Grass Knot/Scald/Protect

Alrighty, let's start. I get ready, grab my DS, and walk down to my station, where I meet some guy named Daniel. He was nice, and I kinda wished I had a chance to hang out with him afterwards, but didn't really get a chance. It was his first time too at a tournament. So I put my game card in their special DS lite system, and my battle goes on one of the TV's. Here we go:

ROUND 1: VS Daniel!

Okay, so I am nervous, and the battle starts, and I see his pokes and he sees mine. His Pokemon are as Follows: Volcorona/Reuniclus/Hydreigon/Scrafty/Zoroark/Tornadus

So I go with my plan that I set up in the line up, and start of with Landorus and Whimsicott, with Samurott and Scrafty as the other two. We start the battle:

The really cool intro with the picture of the globe comes on, and we start. He sends out Scrafty and Volcorona, and I send out my Whimsicott and Landorus. I use protect with Landorus, and Stun Spore with Whimsicott. I paralyze his Volcorona, but it has a Lum berry on it( I know, Bummer). He then uses Flamethrower from his Scrafty, hitting my Whimsicott, and knocking it down to about 30% HP. Then his Volcorona uses Safeguard. I then wonder why it has Flamethrower, but then during the next turn, I use Light Screen on Whimsicott, and then proceed to Rock Slide with Landorus, hitting the Scrafty to about 45%HP, finding out it was a Zoroark(Volcorona avoided my attack). He then uses Night Daze on my Landorus, knocking it down to a little under 50%HP, and then uses Volcorona to defeat my Whimsicott.

I send out my Samurott, and then use Rock Slide with Landorus, knocking both his Zoroark and Volcorona out. He praises me for the double knockout, and I was feeling rather proud at this accomplishment. He sends out Tornadus and Scrafty. He uses a gem-powered Acrobatics from Tornadus, hitting my Samurott, dealing very well damage, and I then use Rock Slide with Landorus hitting both his Scrafty and Tornadus. His Scrafty survives with still lots of HP left, same with his Tornadus, but then I use Ice beam with my Samurott, knocking it out. Only 1 Pokemon left to defeat. However, his Scrafty uses Drain pinch, and knocks out my Samurott, as well as gaining HP. Now only 2 Pokemon left with me, with one to defeat. I send out my Scrafty. At this point, he is about to admit his defeat, but I told him he still had a chance. And boy was I right. My Fake out from Scrafty MISSES(actually he avoided the attack), and my Brick Break from Landorus left him with still 20% HP remaining. He Ice Punches my Landorus, knocking it out, leaving only my Scrafty, and his Moxie- boosted Scrafty. He wins the speed tie, and knocks me out, with me losing the game. He gives me a handshake, and says it was a close match. And I have to agree with him, It was very close match indeeed, and one of the funnest I have had. He then went on, as my wristband was cut.

Again, I wished I could have hung out with him, but I was restricted on time. I stayed for about 30 more minutes, taking pictures, meeting Nick and the starters, etc. But all in all, I have no regrets. Even though I lost my first round, this boosts my confidence, and I pretty sure I will make it at least to the second round next year.


Hey man, don't worry. I didn't know wtf I was doing last year (my first TRUE year of VGC (2009 didn't count since I didn't even get in, lol; wouldn't have mattered much since I had a n00b team xD)) but this year, I have a pretty cohesive strategy. If you try for it, doing well in VGC next year is very possible.

In any case, at least you lost to a dignified opponent; I lost to a guy using Roar of Time Dialga in 2010 >_<

Also, it sucks that you couldn't get the items in time.
Maybe Scrafty was holding Brightpowder? (And in B/W it says the attack was avoided even if it's a "miss," at least in my experience. Kinda sucks to lose to that but it sounds like you had a good time and I'm sure you'll be prepare for next year, good luck!
Who runs Brightpowder on Scrafty? That was totally unexpected and you got haxed out for the win man. I'm sorry that someone who got flawless Pokemon lost in the first round. That totally sucks man. Anyway, nice match though and hopefully next year you can get much further :D
Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah, I had a blast, it was alot of fun. I forgot to mention that he was in fact holding Brightpowder. When my Fake-out missed, I asked him, and he said 'yes'. However, his reason for putting that specific item on his Scrafty was the pretty much the same concept of why I couldn't put on better items on my Pokes. Me and him both coudn't get enough Battle Points to get better items, lol.

Tyler: Yeah, I actually was prepared, but I was so nervous/excited(whatever you want to call it), that I kept on changing my team around to see what was the most effective. And besides, now that I look back, I should have gone with Terrakion instead of Scrafty during the last few minutes of the match.
Nice first go at it. My first tournament was last year, and yeah I got beat 3rd round in Newark and then 3rd round again in Indianapolis. Sucks, and sometimes hax or just not being fully prepared can be the downer. Oh well, at least you tried.

Good luck next year (or later if you go to any other tournaments).

Next year, maybe prepare for the tournament.
nice advice i guess
Tyler: Yeah, I actually was prepared, but I was so nervous/excited(whatever you want to call it), that I kept on changing my team around to see what was the most effective. And besides, now that I look back, I should have gone with Terrakion instead of Scrafty during the last few minutes of the match.
I know what that's like all too well. I finished EVing my (non-RNGed) team last year while waiting in line, and sorted out the items as I was moving through towards the first round. >.>

Not to mention that I've only just learnt how to Gen5 RNG yesterday, so, uhh... Wish me luck for Bristol this weekend and Birmingham in just over two weeks? :/

Anyways, to the actual writeup. First thing that stood out to me is how nice it is to see someone who's actually got a real sense of sportsmanship. You stopped your opponent from just giving up and seem to have a lot of respect for them, despite them winning through a stroke of luck.
On the team, the Landorus' moveset confuses me a little - as far as I can tell, those attacks have a ridiculous amount of overlap on the coverage.

Lastly, just seconding what a few others have said: the first year is just that - your first year. I was the same last year and got utterly screwed over by a misplay, a lucky attack for him and having the wrong Pokemon in my team. (Oh, and not having RNGed, so 30 Spe wasn't enough.) This year, I'm a lot more prepared and know what to expect, and I know how the VGC format works this time (having had a chance to see some of the matches and find out a few of the odd doubles strategies, as well as developing a couple of my own.)
So yeah, all in all, unlucky on the match, good luck next year (or this, if you're going to more qualifiers) and don't feel too bad about losing Rd 1. :)