Mythology Mafia - Day 3

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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I still have no idea why badal's kidnap never worked, though IIRC we did try to kidnap engineer_pikachu a few times which obviously didn't work since he always self-safeguarded and as far as I can tell never killed anyone as a wolf :/.
I was trying to be a delayed power-retriever who got a kill after Night 5, which by then hopefully the village was sufficiently weakened for me to finish them off. Obviously, that meant not killing before then lest the flavor match up. Wolf was a bit of a scary role for me (3rd game), especially since I didn't have too much time on my hands to communicate with everybody. Thanks for hosting this, Raikage.
There were 4 items in the game - Mjollnir, and the three swords, Caliburn, Arondight, and Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

A postgame will be up a week or two later probably.
Thanks for the game everyone, it was a lot of fun. I was pretty worried about being mafia as this was my first game but it turned out pretty good :P. Anyway I'll post more in about an hour when I finish my homework.
Only got a few things to say, mostly that I'm very sorry I wasn't able to give a lot of people night actions, though I was not given a lot to work with.

I feel the main blame for this loss lies with Objection, as he was the most confirmed villager, and I was still very suspicious of Raseri, given that Horus could have been a safeclaim. Before I died, I had icsw, Flamestrike, RaRe, Engineer and AJ marked as suspicious, and Hydrattler had revealed Snype as mafia before he died. I had a backup in place, and people finally started to trust me. And then I died. Objection never gave anyone access to the spread, so when he got moled, the village basically had to start again under Atheno.

Sorry man :/
Dear khz,

You are Apollo.

In Greek and Roman mythology you were said to represent many things, the most important being truth and prophecies. One of the most famous ancient sites, the Oracle of Delphi, was dedicated to you and many more cults worshipped you. You will be using your divine powers in this game to prophesize the truth.

At night, you may send a PM to Raikage with the title “Night X - Truth or Lies?” In this PM you can ask one question that can be answered with a yes or no. You will use your divine powers and the question will be answered the next day. Although you are a god you are not perfect, and as such this question cannot contain any forum names.

You win if Raikage's Minions win.
Dear khz,

You are Lancelot.

You are one of the Knights of The Round Table. You would be considered exceptionally chivalrous and capable and thus the epitome of the ideal knight, if not for the fact that you slept with Guinevere, your liege’s wife. Since you’re such a dick, you will be a bad guy for purposes of this game.

At night, you may send a PM to Raikage with the title ‘Night X - Guarding USER’. You will stand guard over this user and make sure that any attempts to kill him will fail. You may not guard yourself as this goes against the code of chivalry. You are also in possession of your sword, Arondight. For purposes of the game, it won’t be helping you much, but you might want to ensure your enemies don’t get their hands on it.

In addition, at night you may send another PM to Raikage with the title ‘Night X - Piercing USER's heart’. You will pierce the user's heart with your trusty sword, killing them. If more than 1 person on your team sends in a killing PM, all killing roles will fail.

You know the rest of your teammates. They are:

You win if lambasto’s Warriors win.
First up, I really enjoyed this game. Thanks to Raikage for hosting and everyone who actively participated.

Honestly, I am quite surprised that I was as successful as I was moling the village. A few of the questions were easy to answer being mafia but some of them I actually had to gather some info and make an educated guess. I think Athen did the best job of giving me questions because he didn't actually tell me who I was inspecting straight out. A lot of other times I could work out if someone was village or not because I knew my team and virtually all the Gmax's which made it pretty easy to claim this. But the question that I was worried about was if there was a villager with a perma BPV. I knew it was quite an unlikely role and was going to say no, but then ginganinja, lkk and dan were arguing about it in IRC. Honestly it was quite funny, but when I read they were accusing dan I checked with Athen to see if I was asking about dan and he confirmed it. Luckily, Snype had on our spread that dan was village, either by inspections or from moling Objection but anyway I was safe.

I actually slipped up a few times in IRC, sending a message to someone which was meant for our channel or Snype/Bagman. Luckily I didn't send anything too incriminating against me but it did make me look like an idiot a few times.

One last thing. I really enjoyed playing up the "lol I'm a mafia noob" character in this game. I asked some really simple questions in IRC so that people thought I was inexperienced with the hope that later on I would be trusted better. I'm not sure if it helped or if it changed how much someone trusted me but after asking a string of simple questions someone, I think ginga, asked straight out if I was mafia. I lol'd at that, but I'm not that clueless xD

So I guess it's time for props and slops.

-Raikage + active players for making this game awesome
-My team mates, especially Snype and Bagman for giving me an insight into how the mafia planned and such
-Ginga and Athen for being cool people in general and keeping #myth interesting during those 100+ hour nights.
-Bagman for getting sheet access. Sorry aura, but out of the two people to have access you picked wrong xD

-badal, for claiming that he was Gmax...
-Snype for screwing up early on in IRC :( Game was a lot harder without him
-Inactivity, as you all know
-The village around day 2/3 for seemingly collapsing in a heap

Steven Snype

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Okay, my turn to stall for 20 minutes in Computers when I don't feel like doing labs.

First off...

So I personally feel that this victory was very lucky. Once I saw our roles, I realized that of all the roles, mine and khz were the least useful roles for the lategame(being inspector and bodyguard). Persuader and a 3-time hook + silence were pretty important. Plus, I was looking at the playerbase with most of the players looking to be pretty new. The plan was to kill off the experienced players while moling the less experienced players off to ideally perform an Anything Goes Version 2. (Go find the thread. tl;dr village leadership got moled by a mafia hooker, his mafia inspector, the wolf, and the other mafia safeguard and the first mafia dominated.) In some ways, this was an Anything Goes V2.0. Anyway, the biggest priorities were Engineer Pikachu, badal, LifeAdmiral, and Flamestrike. Of these, I felt that Flamestrike was the biggest threat.

So Flamestrike was the Gmax hooker! I contacted him since I felt that the inspector is the least useful role for the endgame since a complete sheet would be worthless and I'd be basically useless (outside as a killer or an extra vote for our faction), so I'd be the martyr and open myself up. I contacted Flamestrike and we agreed to feign an even/odd thing to make you guys think that it was so, except our kill restriction was 1/2 nights. iiMK claimed to be the new leader, and I did not want a strong village to be united ASAP, and when you're snowed in the day after christmas, you really don't have anything better to do other than make a legitimate case. So I just pointlessly brought up claims to ideally sway the newer players around.

Around this time, I believe I claimed to be a one-time kill when village < 50% (It's a real role. :/), rare claimed BPV, bagman claimed SG, and I was unsure on whether or not khz should claim questions asker, since I figured it would be a likely role to have a village. Anyway, it might have been a good idea to have someone as their information getter since that's what let the village in Anything Goes believe the mafia hooker/alliance checker and the wolf. I didn't care very much at the time since the holidays were going on, so I didn't really have much objection. Good thing it paid off.

I had Flamestrike kill LifeAdmiral since he told me that he could only kill odd nights, which struck me as odd, but I figured that he was lying so I just played along with him. Around this time, AlphaJolt was being annoying, so I opted to inspect him. I had rare hook + silence iiMK just so he can't say anything outside the thread. Hydrattler was gone, so I felt we were in a pretty good position.

So then I jizzed in my pants when I saw Life was BG. Yay! Now we could deal with iiMK. I lol'd when I saw the lynch and I was pretty comfortable knowing that the Gmaxes were down 2 and if the mafias were even, they only had one hidden player.

By this time, Flamestrike complained to me about how his kidnap didn't work and we all though it was badal's inactivity rather than EP's ability. I got some abilities tossed around from iiMK after he asked me what was going on. By this time, I had exchanged names of partners to figure out his last guy, badal, in exchange for Bagman, which in hindsight was pretty risky as Bagman was our best shot to winning, but I had wanted an experienced player on, and I didn't want rare's hook ability to be revealed. I believe we began to kill iiMK.

Yay, iiMK died! And a new empire had to be rebuilt from scratch and I began to mole Objection. I got more info off of him and I asked him who he was suspicious about. Unfortunately, the names he gave me were some of my own faction, but fortunately not khz. I can't recall if Bagman was one of them, but I remember rare definitely was. He gave me some more abilities that were interesting. Then we discussed the Raseri incident, who had told me he was mayor whilst he told Objection he was the real inspector and Objection told me he was backup. Obviously time to break the odd/even thing.

This was the big night where I made my fuckup in front of fortunately 3 other people. One was rare, who I thought I was speaking to in my mafia chan, one was objection, and the other was danmantincan. At this point, I realized I had outed myself as mafia so I had to get dan dead for any chance of staying alive. Lucky case #1: dan was on at the wrong IRC channel at the wrong time. So when Objection announced publicly that he got moled, this was the perfect opportunity to PM dan and ask him to lead the village due to his success in Randomness. We were going to kill Objection/Raseri anyway, so there wasn't much evidence to pin down my teammates. Anyway, I told a couple of other villagers to trust dan. I also told Objection about a couple of my "teammates" who were random people, although I told him what our real roles were in an attempt that if he lynched someone, he would think that these roles were fake. However, i did have a feeling that Flamestrike was attempting to backstab us anyway, so I did say that kirby was one of us so that if he was lynched, Flamestrike, who I knew was the other hooker claim, would be lynched. I knew J-man claimed vigilante with swords, so I figured of all things, that he may have possibly been the wolf. But alas, it was not so and my last inspection result was pointless.

So I died, but before I did, I realized that everythign I said was a lie and nobody would believe it. By that logic, I tried to get Bagman in safely with two people I knew were villagers so that if 2 were lynched, the other one would be assumed to be village. The only other information role for the village would be their "questions asker," who got really lucky twice in that EP got lynched and that there was a perma-BPV. Props to him for being the riskiest player.
I got killed ASAP. I hate BG...
To be fair, that really wasn't much more than an amazingly lucky rand, Snype and I talked about it (we had no targets since he inspected me) and we agreed that you seemed like an intelligent villager so we randed you. I was beside myself with glee when it turned out you were BG :) Sorry about that though
To be fair, that really wasn't much more than an amazingly lucky rand, Snype and I talked about it (we had no targets since he inspected me) and we agreed that you seemed like an intelligent villager so we randed you. I was beside myself with glee when it turned out you were BG :) Sorry about that though
So rather than a randkill, it was a namekill.

Even better... :P
Just a question regarding who sent out what PM's. Did dak send out all the mafia ones and Raikage the village one's? I suspect that was the case which is why I switched mine to be quoted from Raikage but it was really confusing in making a claim.