Neverused Mini-Tournament 10: Mechanic Chaos [Won by Shnen]

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Sweet Jesus

Neal and Jack and me, absent lovers...
Confirming, I completely forgot a certan mon had a sleep move and it made it really hard to come back. worst part is I was actualy prepared for sleep inducers.
The deadline is today if theres anyone that is johning you please tell me so I can either use subs, or that you might lose a coinflip where you actually deserved the win due too activity. Anyway if there are some matches that aren't played in 24 hours from now on, and they havent showed any activity, I will do coinflips.


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won due to a timely waterfall flinch, things would've been very difficult for me otherwise. gg and sorry about that.

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Wait wat I thought the deadline was the 26th o.o

Anyways Phoenix came on a little bit after I VMed but didn't respond for some reason. He seems to be a morning person. Hopefully I can get a match with him tomorrow.

Activity Post and ya whatever
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