New Art- Apple's Art Thread

Until this past week, I had never done more than basic sprites. I saw the tutorial thread and decided to give some original art a try. I'm still playing around with what works for me, but here are my attempts at art so far.

My first attempt. I started out trying to draw something closer to the style of the Sugimori art, but about halfway through I decided that wasn't working. I tried taking on more of a distorted feel with it.

I tried a Cacturne for my second piece. With Marowak, It based it off of a sprite so I had something to reference. I tried an original pose with Cacturne, so I was sort of forced to rely on my own drawing skills which are a bit rough. I tried playing more with texture on this one and I got it looking good on my screen, but it turns out I was zoomed out a bit too far. Thanks to the weird way I saved it (this was also my first time using GIMP), it would be easier to redo the whole thing than try to fix the texture.

With Electivire, I was a little more comfortable with the program. I made some weird mistakes with layers, but luckily it didn't come back to haunt me. I also tried working with a background. I think he looks a little too South Park for my taste, but I'm pretty happy with this.

Any advice?
Guess it's about time that I got around to doing some more drawing!

Just got my first drawing tablet so I figured I'd test drive it with one of my favorite pokemon. People I'd talked too before said there was sort of a weird disconnect when first drawing on a tablet, but I didn't notice that very much. The proportions are a bit off and there are some mistakes in the coloring, but for a trial run with the new tablet, I'm happy with how it turned out.
I'll give some advice.
I would strongly advise you to color inside of the lines because if you color outside the lines then your art tends to look a bit on the sloppy side. It's noticeable in your Cubone piece. Also since you are getting used to your tablet, I would first get a feel to how tablet drawing is like and then later work on your lineart because it's right now pretty shaky.
With some improvements your art will start to look cleaner and smoother in no time! :)
Been working with some physical media lately. Figured I should update with some of my recent works!

A pastel painting I did while I was trying out a few techniques. I messed up a bit when I was spraying the seal so there's a few unintended droplets, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

A few practice costume renderings to get accustomed to the new markers.

A pencil sketch I did trying to get used to drawing women.

I've also done a lot of work with watercolor, but they're all back at the dorm. I might try to post those once I get back.