New CAP Forum Moderator: tennisace+

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just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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i do not approve of this in the least. tennis has been a terrible user, a cancer of

YO darkie i'm happy for you, and imma let you finish, but chikorita is the best starter of all time OF ALL TIME.

society, if you will. he does not deserve it at all.

Bass's commentary: There goes tennis's mod virginity
You know how to rate and argue. You are smart. You are cute. Too bad you are a boy... (arent you?)

(Bad) Joking (oh really?). Congrats Tennisace, as everyone stated, you deserve it ^^


The very best...
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tenassface, you are forever proof that absolutely anyone can get mods if they pester enough.

in all seriousness good job bro. (:
Congrats, tennis. You've been a focal member of the CAP community for such a long time, your new Mod status seems like that bit of final official recognition for a position you've always held.

Bass, it's like, you stepped on a skitty...
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