Nidoqueen (BW2 Revamp) (QC 0/3)

" Its lack of recovery was frustrating, and I felt limited in what I could safely bring it in on. It also goes without saying that it struggled against Rain teams as well, and I didn't encounter any Toxic Spikes teams which Nidoqueen could absorb. "

After trying Nidoqueen on a different team (idk this team i'm using with Nidoqueen is quite good, I can PM it to anyone if requested). The above pretty much fit the exact problems of Nidoqueen. It's way too niche to use and I will edit the OP soon.
As the person who wrote Nidoqueen's BW1 Analysis, I agree with the aforementioned comments that defensive Nidoqueen is the only Nidoqueen. Offensive Nidoqueen works in RU because most things that have bulk to stomach her attacks are slow enough to be susceptible to 2HKOs, which isn't the case in OU.

SR or Toxic Spikes can be used to be honest. I'd say I prefer Toxic Spikes though as they help way more with your main objective (preventing Terrakion from running through your team)