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Discussion in 'BW OU' started by solosisfan, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. solosisfan


    Jun 6, 2012

    If you couldn't tell from the title,this is a team revolved around Ninetales.


    Okami (Ninetales) @Leftovers
    Nature:Modest (+Special Attack / - Attack)
    Evs:252 Special Attack / 252 Special Defence / 4 HP
    -Fire Blast
    -Hidden power (Ground)
    HEHE anyone get the refrence? Anyway, what I like to do is send this out first then get the heck out of there. Fire Blast is my main move. Fire Blast and Solarbeam (which I used over energy ball) make almost perfect coverage and plus Hidden Power Ground that has GREAT coverage. The fact that this set is stalled by Blissey, I may add Psyshock, should I? This is my only user of Solarbeam. As I said before, I can't let this thing die and a stealth rock weakness doesn't help if politoad or T-Tar is slower, that is why I took no speed evs on Ninetales, I find Drought teams the hardest to play. But I do have alot of experience in competitive battling, so I decided to take a challenge:toast:=).

    Blissbi (Latias) @Leftovers
    Nature:Timid (+Speed / -Attack)
    Evs: 252 Defence / 252 Special Attack / 4 Speed
    -Calm Mind
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Hidden Power [Fire]
    My Special tank if Ninetales dies (for some reason). If I get 4-6 Calm Minds under my belt, I WIN...... UNLESS PRIORITY MOVES OR (COUGH) SCIZOR. No joke, my Latias with 4 Calm Minds or more is beastly. Anyways I use this thing as a Celibi and a Blissey. This Latias replaced my Specs Salamence and before that my Salamence replaced my Banded Metagross. My team may be more Counter-a-ble to Blissey now, but I have a (COUGH)Conkuldurr to take care of that. Dragon pulse counters every dragon excluding scarfs. And Hidden Power [Fire} counters Scizor like a boss. I do find Dragonite harder to counter then, say Salamence due to Extremespeed but +1 Dragonpulse 99.4% of the time 1HKO. Latias, as a Sub for Meta and Sala is working pretty well.

    Patrick (Starmie) @Leftovers
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Nature:Timid (+Speed / -Attack)
    Evs: 252 Speed / 252 Special Attack / 4 Def
    -Ice Beam
    -Rapid Spin
    Oh baby, this thing is full of coverage, T-Bolt and I-Beam = BoltBeam for neutral or more, and in 7 places, it is resisted but Psychic takes care of that. Sadly, That means my team is countered by Scizor, Latias, the new member is tending to dye to Scizor's Bug Bite, thats why i got rid of the special defence evs and got Defence. Scizor is EASILY the best threat to my team if Ninetales is down. Anyway Rapid spin is for getting entry hazards out and ko'ing pokemon (JK.) Anyway nothing to special as this doesn't hit that hard but has the most coverage on this.

    Skarmtales(Skarmory) @Shed Shell/Leftovers
    Nature:Imprish(+Defence / - Special Attack)
    Evs:252 HP / 252 Defence / 4 Atk
    -Stealth Rock
    -Brave Bird
    Skarmtales, the MANBO COMBO, following each other across the world tanking people to death, Skarmory with its BRAVE spirit, it fires of flocks of BIRDS at the opponent! Skarmory, the Defence always sets up entry hazards to prevent switching much. Skarmory enjoys his time ROOSTING on trees to restore HP. Skarmory HATES Magnazone as his MAGNET PULL prevents Skarmory from going away. Thankfully one day he found a shell that perfectly fit him that allowed him to slip away, but sometimes he likes using the rotten apple which he bites off from. Any way going away from that story about Skarmtales, why Skarmtales not Skarmbliss, I HAVE 3 SPECIAL DEFENSIVE WALLS (Latias,Venusaur,Ninetales). Recap, my only hazard set upper and my only Flying type. THE END

    Poison Ivy (Venusaur) @Life orb
    EVs:252 Special Attack / 92 Attack / 164 Speed
    -Giga drain
    -Sludge Bomb
    Venusaur, BEASTLY, Growth does +2 Attack and Special Attack and Chlorophyll doubling this speed, I can't say really more. Just this thing is beastly and can attack from both sides and is probolly my best revenge killer. THE END

    BOB (Conkeldurr)@Flame Orb
    Evs:252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Special Defence
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    Conkeldurr, my real only counter to Blissey (which is kinda sad.) But Conkeldurr is nothing special on a Sun team, other then the fact that it gets rid of those pesky Blissey's which would other wise stall you to death. Blissey can't toxic me because it helps me for 8 turns (or more if I switch out)

    I will be posting team Building process and Threat List Later
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    Nov 2, 2008
    Read the rules in the Rate My Team forum and then make a RMT there following them
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