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Nintendo Mafia - Heroes win!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Altair, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Game Freak201

    Game Freak201

    May 9, 2008
    Well, the flavor in the update seems to suggest the latter suggestion of yours.
  2. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    I missed Yeti yesterday, but I have a promising target for today; Mekkah is supposed to be a certain flavor, and that flavor turned out to be fake, and I don't see much excuse for faking a claim other than hiding you're mafia. So for the time being;

    Lynch Mekkah
  3. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    Lynch Mekkah
  4. Mekkah

    is a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Site Staff Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    what are you talking about
  5. Amake


    Jan 1, 2010
    lynch mekkah
  6. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    I'm talking about what appears to be your claim, that turns out to be fake.
  7. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    I wish we had another target atm as I'd like tonight to confirm Mekkah one way or another, but, he was "cleaned" by a mafia member who "cleaned" other mafia so I feel this is solid.

    lynch mekkah if you could village.
  8. Mekkah

    is a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Site Staff Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    okay whatever

    lynch Mekkah
  9. Aura Guardian

    Aura Guardian

    Dec 25, 2009
    Um, Lynch Mekkah.
  10. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009
    ok I have seen the justification for this lynch.

    sorry mekkah :[

    carry on village, hit majority.
  11. porygon3


    Apr 24, 2006
    Ok majority and nothing is going to chance here, Day 7 is over.

    Mekkah is dead. I'll write a story later.

    Night 7 has started and will end Friday April 21 about 6PM GMT -5. Get PMs in on time please, only a few of you left so it shouldn't take too long.
  12. Mekkah

    is a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Site Staff Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis an Administrator Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
  13. Larvitar Star

    Larvitar Star

    Jun 19, 2007
    Heroes got this!
  14. Aura Guardian

    Aura Guardian

    Dec 25, 2009
    Only one more villy EDIT: I meant to say "villain." Sorry. Who should I use my vigilante on?
  15. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    ag the dumbest.
  16. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    That. Why the hell would you be a vigilante when the vigilante was dead in n1 already O______o
  17. Alchemator

    Alchemator my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Feb 7, 2009

    Rocket Grunt thief in Nintendo, Rocket Grunt thief in Remoraid!
  18. Game Freak201

    Game Freak201

    May 9, 2008
    I guess all we need now is a Rocket Grunt thief in Pokemon Lynch Pin Mafia.
  19. Aura Guardian

    Aura Guardian

    Dec 25, 2009
    Sorry, no non-pokemon in that game. And no items in it, either.
  20. Altair

    Altair just who is the coon?

    Nov 24, 2008
    Day 8 - The Final Update

    You all wake up, expecting to find more corpses, but instead you find a man, surrounded by a small group of followers. The sit around a fire, and you can see the toll this war has taken on them. One of you steps on a twig, and the men look up at you.

    "But Giovanni, we cannot win. There are too many of them!"

    "We have no choice" says the man in the center, with a voice that could only be Yoshi King.

    With that, he yells, "Persian, Hyper Beam!!!!!!!!!!!', and you see a flash of light. A man whom you know to be SlimGuldo collapses.

    When you look back up, you that Yoshi King's men have taken up defensive positions around the square, all with their various weak pokemon out. "How will you fight them??" you think, and a man, apparently driven insane by this conflict runs straight at Yoshi King and is immediately dispatched by a Hyper Beam. He died with his eyes open.

    This man was Blue_Tornado. After his resurrection, he gained the ability to "Triforce of Power" someone on even nights, and to "Research" on odd nights.

    Whether that role was broken or not, you still have to overcome Yoshi King and his men. A small Goomba shouts out "I know everyone! I researched this and have found out that all you need to do is-"

    Yeti, the Goomba, has her voice cut off by a Zubat biting her head off.

    So many corpses. You still have no idea what to do. Yoshi King's men probably outnumber you by now, and they have dangerous weapons. To make things worse, Aura Guardian decided to run into the square screaming "THE AURA IS WITH ME!!". He is quickly put down by a String Shot + Poison Sting combo from a Wurmple.

    Well that didnt go so well.

    However, some of your comrades appear to be more intelligent. Amake is riding on Game_Freak201's back, shooting arrows into the Rocket Grunts, while being protected by Lord Jesseus's force field. Gradually, they start falling, and any pokemon attacks that they use bounce off the force field. Finally, only Yoshi King is left.

    "Will you surrender now?" demands Amake.

    "Bravo. However you probably didnt count on this!" He sends out Altair's pikachu, which blasts the three of them into oblivion with a Heart Beam Blast.
    As you watch their corpses fly of againnnnnnnnnnnn, you realize it is you who is the next target. As you try and find somewhere to hide, you hear YK's voice.

    "Did you really think I forgot about you, Mario? You were always the leader of the Heros, and I always save the best for last..."

    Next you hear nothing but a gunshot and then a white light...
    Yoshi King gets up, looking at the bloodbath of his victims. "Well, I've won" he says to himself. "But what was the fucking point of all this? I've killed, decieved, backstabbed, this entire game, and now I am the ruler of nothing. What a reward. At least I could have tried to keep some of them alive, to rule...but no, I had to let my grunts die. This game is nothing but a cruel trap, set up by Altair and we are all the losers for falling for it. In fact, I should go and-"

    Altair appears out of nowhere, and uses Lightwolf's revolver to kill Yoshi King. "Can't be getting rebellious now can we? You can come out now IRON_KENYAN"

    "Bitches cant catch my speed" says I_K, and he drops his note and goes off into the distance, the ruler of nintendo.

    Good game everyone!!!!!! Also if it isnt clear, YK told me he would rather suicide since he had no chance whatsoever, so congrats Heroes! Expect a postgame sometime soon.
  21. Johann


    Nov 7, 2009
    Good game everyone, I say bad luck caused our downfall. Also, weren't there 2 neutrals, not four?
  22. porygon3


    Apr 24, 2006

    Altair if you have anything else you want to say let me know and I can edit it in or just make your own post if you want.

    Unfortunately this game ended up being pretty imbalanced in the village's favor, mostly because of Goombella (assassinfred/yeti) and Brock (Blue_Tornado), which was definitely not expected. Still, I think if the mafias/neutrals didn't get so unlucky early, the outcome might have been different. Oh well...

    Role info: I really like this role. Basically it protects everyone from dying (even non-villagers), had higher priority than anyone who could affect him, but can only be used once. Hard to use and not a lot of fun to get but still a cool role.

    Player info: Not very good... as far as I know he never claimed since people were suspicious about him for a while, and also he used his ability on the night neither mafia were killing. Oops

    Role info: Safeguard, with a great role pm. Also had the Emerald Star, which raises priority. This doesn't do much for him (he was one of the highest), but was useful for anyone trying to collect the Stars. By the way: If anyone had all 7 stars (all 8 for the neutral team, but the 8th was permanently with them), they had a one time revive, in addition to all the stuff from the individual stars.

    Player info: he stopped at least 2 negative abilities targeting assassinfred/yeti (a hook and a kidnap early in the game). He received a Waddle Dee from King DeDeDe which made them think the Waddle Dees made the holder post in all caps lol. Died pretty early but did a good job before he died.

    Role info: I didn't want typical "hook + inspect + bg + whatever" game so we used this odd night BG. We also gave Genny (Wario) even night BG as a false claim but I think he claimed regular BG? If the mafia kill ever find out this role exists (which they did) it makes them more likely kill the village leader which is always a good thing, if they can just hook this guy or get him out of the way beforehand, even if they don't know there is no even night BG.

    Player info: Started out with some bad protects (2 of his 3 were mafias). Tried to protect Sledge on night 5 but he was hooked. Cool role which unforunately didn't do much.

    Role info: Standard inspector. I'm not a fan of like 5 mini inspectors so this is here.

    Player info: mostly got random villagers, but he inspected Genny on night 1 :( which led to the death of the neutral team. He didn't make himself a big name which was good, but he didn't really need to. He also started idling towards the end.

    Role info: I think Altair wanted to give Mario some terrible role, so we chose mayor. But then we decided to make him slightly better than regular mayor. Still probably wouldn't matter but whatever.

    Player info: He was known to be clean pretty early which is always a good thing. Didn't do a whole lot, but then again there wasn't really much he can do as mayor. If nothing else, he didn't do anything wrong.

    Role info: Typical boring announcer role.

    Player info: Very impressed. We got a bunch of PMs from him about his progress in the game as far as conversations with other players and such, which was very interesting and it's always nice to see someone with this role being active. I think this was one of his first games (or maybe the first) which is pretty impressive, hoping to see you play more often in the future!

    Role info: Reverse thief. If they were involved with giving or receiving items, he would receive them instead. Had the item tracker star, which we unfortunately forgot about the first few nights (sorry!)

    Player info: idled a few times and got unlucky with his choices; he chose Aura_Guardian night 1 and 2, and he had just had an item stolen on night 0. Oops! This role had a lot of potential but it wasn't able to do a lot.

    Role info: Scavenger, but instead of automatically gaining items he has to take them from the bodies. I like this a lot better. Also, when a role died, we used their original roles and didn't say if they had any items or not at the time of their death.

    Player info: Killed our star idea because of idling. At one point the 2 mafias combined had 6 of the stars, and the last one was on a dead guy. Thanks :(

    Role info: My role from Pokemon Mafia. One time kill, but instead of an evolution to Electrode for an unblockable kill, he had a Star which let him do that. Just to clarify, the Gold Star was used WITH a kill and made it unblockable, it wasn't its own kill. The villains wanted to use it night 3 when they had no kills because they thought it was a free unblockable kill, sorry for the confusion.

    Player info: He had the Gold Star stolen but in the end he didn't need it. He killed the Lackey Inspector on night 5. Not a lot you can do with this role but he killed a pretty good mafia role, good job.

    Role info: My favorite character and a cool role, the item based killer. He had an egg, and both mafias had 1 egg for 3 kills. Yoshi and voltorb were the only village kills.

    Player info: Never got a chance to kill because he died night 1 :(

    Role info: Standard hooker. I don't like reverse martyr, maybe we should have done regular martyr instead but whatever. He also had Mewtwo, which Giovanni needed to go from Alliance Checker to full inspector. Both mafias had an item they could use to improve their roles that was located on a villager.

    Player info: Night 0 he hit Larvitar Star who couldn't do anything, Night 1 he hooked Johann who was idling. Didn't really get much done.

    Role info: Typical numbers guy. I wanted to tell him "you know there are 15 villagers and 10 non villagers" but not specifics, I guess we didn't do that though. That would have been interesting because he wouldn't know exactly how many mafias and neutrals. Also, I'm pretty sure we told him 2 neutrals, we just forgot to change the role PM doc. He also had the Diamond Star which told him if he was targeted.

    Player info: Couldn't really do much and had his item stolen night 0. I think he got himself known early though.

    Role info: Broken part 1. After a couple nights we added the "no smogon name" restriction which I can't believe we forgot to do in the beginning. Some advice for future hosts: don't use yes/no question asker in your game. This role was too anti-moling which combined with the mafia's inactivity pretty much stopped any of them from infiltrating. At first he was an alliance checker unfortunately and got tennisace night 0.

    Player info: Did the role pretty well, I wish I hadn't put it in... good job though, I guess.

    Role info: In theory, a very cool role. Names 2 roles and gets some combination of them when he comes back. He has to do it on night 0 so he doesn't have a lot of time to learn what roles there are. This role is also guaranteed to come back once unless he got hooked night 0 I guess.

    Player info: Unfortunately, this role is the main thing in my opinion that made the game bro(c)ken. Multiple times. Firstly, when he died, I had told him "don't do anything, you're dead", but Altair told him the opposite and of course he listened to the host allowing him to do stuff. Then, we gave him a too powerful role. We just gave him one of the abilities on odd nights and the other on even nights, which is definitely NOT what we should have done (he chose Assassinfred and MagicMaster87, which was yes/no and hook). We should have given him an unimportant role because "at least you're alive and not completely vanilla". A role like "you will find out if your target has any role related to hook, martyr, etc" would have been fine. He was immediately able to expose Eo because he had claimed reverse martyr and the role said hooker, and then asked if the village had any every night hooker left (after Amelia died) and of course the result was no, so Eo got lynched. This role was cool in theory but it did not work out at all, and really pushed the game over the line. Really sorry everyone, didn't want the game to be this unbalanced.

    (also this role is an example of the fact that the hosts need to have EVERYTHING planned beforehand, we didn't even think of deciding what would happen with this role)

    Role info: The typical role of a bunch of one-timers. Not an extremely exciting role to get but it's still pretty cool.

    Player info: He was inspected by sledge night 0 so he was confirmed clean, the only ability he used was the BG, protecting sledge on night 4 which didn't matter. The remove self role was really cool and I wish it had been used. Oh well.

    Overall, they were pretty inactive, the coolest role died early, 2 of the other roles weren't very good (sorry), and there wasn't much teamwork going on. Not a very organized group really.

    Role info: Their vote counts as whatever he votes. However, if he targeted a female character, they were silenced instead. I don't remember why we came up with it like that but either way neither mafia had silencer (unless you consider kidnapper to be a silencer) so it was fine. He also had the Ruby Star, which was a auto-transferring BPV item. They didn't have any kind of protection besides hooker so we felt they needed something like this.

    Player info: Mostly idled, because he didn't want his role to be found out when it didn't even matter. He got the Gold Star but didn't do a whole lot other than that and the Gold Star died without being used.

    Role info: standard hooker. Also had one of Yoshi's eggs.

    Player info: Tried to hook assassinfred night 1 but he got safeguarded. Hooked Gamefreak on night 5, letting the Lackeys kill Sledge.

    Role info: Like Yoshi and our neutrals, we were really frustrated with the early death of this one. Basically, here's what his role is: He has a one time Waddle Doo, which is an unblockable kill. In addition, he had 2 Waddle Dees, which spread by contact like SARS in Viva. If anybody besides this guy ever had both Waddle Dees at any one point during the night, they would be stuck to that person and would kill him at the end of the following day. In other words, this was another unblockable kill (no daytime BG to protect them), although in this case he wasn't able to choose who died or when it happened.

    Player info: Threw 1 Waddle Dee and then died :(

    Role info: lol... we should have given him some way to easily get Mewtwo, which would have caused him to become regular inspector.

    Player info: He did all he could, which wasn't much. He also did most of the team's kills.


    This team was possibly more unorganized than the Villains. There were nights where deadline had passed and I did not have a single PM from this whole faction. Come on.... overall their roles were probably better than the Villains but they lacked the team thief and extra kills.

    Role info: BG, something the Villains didn't have (closest they had was hooker). Also, if he ever got the Wings, he would be a one time lynch protect. I don't remember exactly what we had in mind, but it didn't happen. He also had the Silver Star which automatically made any inspections fail.

    Player info: mostly protected the inspector (Pidge) which was fine, died pretty early though.

    Role info: Unlike the Villains, the Lackeys had their thief stuck on one person, if he died so did their thief abilities.

    Player info: Mekkah tried to get things going when he subbed back in but it was too late. A couple successful steals (evan tried to steal from tennisace on night 0 and would have gotten the Diamond Star he just stole from Aura Guardian, but evan was faster) was pretty much all they could do here.

    Role info: Standard inspector.

    Player info: Didn't get anything important 3 of the first 4 nights, but on night 2 he had found the scavenger who they stole from later on I think (maybe the Villains did it). On night 4, both mafias found each other, but there was only 2 each and that wasn't enough for them to win. An alliance to come back and stop the village from winning would have made me feel better about the balance here but whatever.

    Role info: We wanted a kidnapper to have some restriction. Altair suggested the "when they come back they find out who you are" but I disagreed and we eventually came up with this. Pretty cool role.

    Player info: First attempt failed because of Safeguard, then kidnapped Yeti for 2 nights later on which she was pretty upset about.

    If they had lived I think they could have been great. They had a thief and a limited item checker (only found stars), plus a one time lynch protect, which showed that we wanted them to get all the Stars. Again, if someone holds all the Stars, they get a free revive. I think me and Altair had agreed that if one of these guys had all 8 they would go to the other guy if he died, I don't remember if that's true for sure though.

    Role info: The more boring one of the group, all he could do was kill. We let him have a lot of different flavors so if he wanted to try something similar to me in Double Alias and get away with it he might be able to. Also was the only person who could kill every night.

    Player info: Claimed Donkey Kong, which was helped by Aura Guardian's constant "Can Donkey Kong please claim to me?", but I think he claimed full night instead of even night BG? Not sure what was going on with that. Killed Staraptor Call and then got lynched, what a waste of 2 good roles

    Role info: The bigger player of the team as far as roles go. He had an unstealable item checker and a thief ability to go with it. He couldn't do anything alone and if Wario died would be unable to kill unless he got all the Stars to bring Wario back. But to prevent this from happening too early, we also gave him a one time lynch protect, which unfortunately had to be used day 1...

    Player info: I think he stole and/or found a star from somebody every night he was alive (which wasn't very many). Great job as a thief, and the two of them overall did a good job, but they just didn't live long enough and got too unlucky with being randomly targeted and just weren't able to do a whole lot. Sorry guys, I wish you could have done more with these roles...

    Overall this was a pretty good game even with all the problems. There's a lot of things that could have been done better, both by the players and us as the hosts, but the game did finish and I think everybody had fun playing. I want to thank everyone who was involved in this game for playing, and Altair for hosting it with me (and jumpluff for being our 3rd cohost !!). I know this game helped me and hopefully it was a good experience for you all also!
  23. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    As a first mafia game, I can't really say if this was a good game or a "bad" game, since tbqh not much was happening overall, but it was a good experience. Most of the time I would recieve some strange scenarios and talk with some others, namely Larvitar Star and Yeti/Assassinfred to decide what to do about them, then target some unknown fellas with one of our inspects and go on. Pretty straightfoward.

    I felt as if my role was broken eventually. I started off with "hey this role is cool now I can attract attention and be an asshole so I can be killed" and ended off with "I need to be killed in order to clean some people and finally help someone", and that was basically what happened. My ability really ruined Eo's game, which unfortunately got my trust and would have gotten away with it for some while. He even tried to leech out info at some point which almost made me blabber about our bg;
    Show Hide
    Session Start: Tue Apr 06 23:22:22 2010
    Session Ident: Eo
    [23:22] Session Ident: Eo (synIRC, Blue_Tornado) (eo@mort.us)
    [23:22] <Eo> hi
    01[23:22] <Blue_Tornado> hi
    [23:22] <Eo> I got your PM
    01[23:22] <Blue_Tornado> yeah
    [23:23] <Eo> I don't know much about what's going on, so care to give me an update?
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> we have a bg that can lynch on odd nights
    [23:23] <Eo> how are we doing; do we have a handle on the mafia etc.
    [23:23] <Eo> lynch?
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> well
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> we do not have any 100% mafia
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> but I'm in control of the village now
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> I ordered quite a few inspects or semi-inspects
    01[23:23] <Blue_Tornado> on people who didn't claim at all like aether
    [23:24] <Eo> ok
    [23:24] <Eo> do we have any other confirmed cleans?
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> if sledge is clean
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> which is very likely
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> we have three
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> and one more which is likely hero-alligned
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> and one more, assassin, who is afk
    01[23:24] <Blue_Tornado> -.-
    [23:24] <Eo> >_>
    [23:24] <Eo> ok
    [23:25] <Eo> just checking
    01[23:25] <Blue_Tornado> but I have a lot under control atm
    [23:25] <Eo> we have a spreadsheet correct?
    [23:25] <Eo> and you've taken steps
    [23:25] <Eo> to make sure it won't die?
    01[23:25] <Blue_Tornado> well I have a lot of info on a notepad file
    01[23:25] <Blue_Tornado> since the spreatsheet we had was under assassin's control
    [23:25] <Eo> oh
    [23:25] <Eo> I see
    01[23:26] <Blue_Tornado> basically, I can always pastebin it if need be
    [23:26] <Eo> don't pastebin it
    [23:26] <Eo> create a google doc
    [23:26] <Eo> pastebin is public
    01[23:26] <Blue_Tornado> yes
    [23:26] <Eo> and stuff can be found via google search
    01[23:26] <Blue_Tornado> ok, but tbch, I don't have much experience with google docs
    01[23:26] <Blue_Tornado> like... not at all
    01[23:26] <Blue_Tornado> so I'll have to try
    [23:26] <Eo> it's basically notepad
    [23:27] <Eo> that multiple people can edit at once
    [23:27] <Eo> or view
    01[23:27] <Blue_Tornado> yes, I know
    01[23:27] <Blue_Tornado> assassin had one himself
    [23:27] <Eo> ah I see
    [23:27] <Eo> well it's a very useful tool in mafia
    [23:27] <Eo> so I suggest you try it out sometime!
    [23:27] <Eo> (I myself did use notepad my first game too) :p
    01[23:27] <Blue_Tornado> I'll try it tomorrow, since I barely have time left today
    01[23:28] <Blue_Tornado> I'm leaving soon
    [23:28] <Eo> ok
    [23:28] <Eo> one last thing
    [23:28] <Eo> if we are ever in a precarious position
    [23:28] <Eo> I can reverse martyr the BG and he can protect me
    [23:28] <Eo> and then we'll have two guaranteed protections
    01[23:28] <Blue_Tornado> oh
    [23:28] <Eo> just an idea I thought I'd throw out
    01[23:28] <Blue_Tornado> wait, but if you target someone and the bg targets you
    01[23:28] <Blue_Tornado> isn't that two guaranteed?
    [23:29] <Eo> the bg isn't protected
    01[23:29] <Blue_Tornado> so if someone kills the bg it all fails?
    [23:29] <Eo> depends on priorities
    01[23:29] <Blue_Tornado> well, I see
    [23:29] <Eo> my idea is mainly
    01[23:29] <Blue_Tornado> but I doubt the bg is in danger
    01[23:29] <Blue_Tornado> so we shouldn't have problems
    [23:29] <Eo> if we don't have any roles that need protection
    [23:29] <Eo> yeah
    01[23:29] <Blue_Tornado> ok
    [23:30] <Eo> <Blue_Tornado> we have a bg that can lynch on odd nights
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> yeah
    [23:30] <Eo> what does this mean though?
    [23:30] <Eo> you can't lynch at night :/
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> 1, 3, 5, 7, ect
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> oops
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> protect
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> my bad
    [23:30] <Eo> oh
    [23:30] <Eo> that's kinda weak :/
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> yes
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> that's the whole point
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> I don't know of a full bg
    [23:30] <Eo> I see
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> I know more than halp of the player's claims, and none are full bg
    01[23:30] <Blue_Tornado> *half
    01[23:31] <Blue_Tornado> and most are most likely heroes too
    [23:31] <Eo> that's slightly odd
    01[23:31] <Blue_Tornado> I know
    [23:32] <Eo> well don't let me occupy you any further
    [23:32] <Eo> thanks for updating me
    [23:32] <Eo> I'll make sure to send in my night action
    Session Close: Tue Apr 06 23:33:34 2010
    Ok, on hindsight I actually blabbered quite a lot -.- ...well at least I didn't say "sledge was clean because he's the inspecter and he inspected x y z", heh. But this was the bulk of everything Eo managed to leech out of me before dying. I think mm87 knew more, but he got kicked out, poor guy did a good job. Another role I actually quite trusted was YK, which I was actually very surprised to be mafia in the end. Hell, maybe you should have played on to win the whole thing!

    I might have had some other flaws here and there, like telling Amake to use his bg on Sledge when he was being Safeguarded, not knowing "foreign abilities" meant any ability and not mafia and neutral abilities, but I guess I played well, especially for my first try.
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    Session Start: Tue Mar 30 19:16:21 2010
    Session Ident: Johann
    01[19:20] <BT> hi
    [19:21] <Johann> hi?
    01[19:21] <BT> you're in nintendo mafia, right?
    [19:21] <Johann> who art thou
    01[19:21] <BT> I'm Blue_Tornado
    [19:21] <Johann> ah
    [19:21] <Johann> yes
    [19:21] <Johann> im in nintendo
    01[19:21] <BT> how about we chat a bit? Care to talk about your alliance?
    [19:21] <Johann> sure
    01[19:21] <BT> Don't worry, I'm with the Heroes. You can speak with anyone in the know, they'll tell you that too.
    [19:21] <Johann> im solid snake, a hero, and yourself?
    01[19:22] <BT> I'm brock
    [19:22] <Johann> haha
    [19:22] <Johann> brock
    01[19:22] <BT> yeah ino -.-
    01[19:22] <BT> but it may come in useful
    [19:22] <Johann> what can you do
    01[19:22] <BT> the PM?
    01[19:22] <BT> so you want to swap?
    [19:22] <Johann> yeah
    01[19:22] <BT> we can always do that
    01[19:22] <BT> ok, so PM me, I'll PM you
    [19:23] <Johann> alright
    01[19:23] <BT> wait
    01[19:23] <BT> what's your smogon name?
    01[19:23] <BT> I can't find it
    [19:23] <Johann> Johann, and yours
    01[19:23] <BT> Blue_Tornado
    [19:24] <Johann> ok
    01[19:24] <BT> oh wait
    01[19:24] <BT> I found it
    01[19:24] <BT> ok
    [19:24] <Johann> coolio
    01[19:24] <BT> weird PM sent
    01[19:25] <BT> you?
    [19:25] <Johann> i sent it
    01[19:25] <BT> ok
    01[19:25] <BT> thanks, and good luck
    [19:26] <Johann> do you have any idea what you need to get night powers
    01[19:26] <BT> not yet
    01[19:26] <BT> I guess I need to survive
    01[19:26] <BT> simple
    [19:26] <Johann> alright
    [19:26] <Johann> we should lynch tennisace correct?
    01[19:26] <BT> umm
    01[19:26] <BT> from what I've heard, he's a wolf, but he's willing to help the heroes
    01[19:26] <BT> he's probably waluigi
    01[19:27] <BT> and he was probably working with genny
    [19:27] <Johann> but we should get rid of the wolf
    [19:27] <Johann> we dont want 3 opposing factions
    01[19:27] <BT> but from what I've heard, he can't kill; genny could, and maybe he'll help, who knows
    [19:27] <Johann> we need to cut down as many baddies as we can
    01[19:27] <BT> like you saw, genny didn't target a hero
    [19:28] <Johann> that is true, but tennisace probably gained killing powers when genny died, and tennisace could be lying to get further and then win
    01[19:28] <BT> maybe
    [19:28] <Johann> so we need to get the known bad guys first
    01[19:28] <BT> I'm not sure yet tbh
    01[19:28] <BT> but I think the bulk of the known heroes will unite to possibly lynch someone else
    [19:29] <Johann> :/
    01[19:29] <BT> we'll see
    01[19:29] <BT> we have time
    [19:29] <Johann> alright
    01[19:29] <BT> this is exactly why I'm asking people btw
    01[19:29] <BT> so, yeah, good luck P;
    [19:29] <Johann> you too
    [19:30] <Johann> :)
    Session Close: Tue Mar 30 19:33:36 2010
    Now, this was probably why I was killed n2. I started contacting people to help with assassin's spreadsheet (that was when I started beign involved, ect.) and swapped my actual role PM with this;
    I simply swapped my actions with something that screams "kill me, I might be dangerous" and it got to the right hands: the mafias. I' only assuming the villians decided to kill me after this, activating my role and eventually completely leadingthe village once assassin went inactive.

    I also heavily doubted Pidge's moves little by little, and eventually got him inspected by Sledge, and then decided I can simply use Polelover44's role to take him out quickly before he cvan share his night results with his pals, and that is whta happened. The plan worked out flawless. After I knew someone was dangerous, like Pidge and Eo, I tried to manipulate them before they went down, like telling them x is dangerous, he needs protection or y needs to be found out. We eventually told Pidge to inspect Eo which was the final nail in the coffin, ensuring Pidge was mafia.

    Again, I don't exactly know if this was a good/bad game, especially when I think about the fact that I was essentially village leader for a long while (with Yeti) along with not knowing most of what was around me (not people, more like conversations) but oh well. It was a fun game though, I enjoyed it.
  24. Larvitar Star

    Larvitar Star

    Jun 19, 2007
    Firstly, I'd like to say that I don't think anyone REALLY suspected Yoshi_King throughout the game. He claimed Samus (alignment checker) and gave reliable results the entire time. Only thing was that having a Full Inspector + Question Asker + Alignment Checker would be really broken... but yeah, he did well.

    Anyway, my experience:

    I was in very close contact with Blue_Tornado from Day 2 (iirc). This was kind of fortunate (for me, as it was cool to at least have an idea of what was happening in the game) and only happened because Pidge claimed to have "cleaned" me, and said he thought af (later yeti) was suspicious.

    I'm pretty sure he claimed to me because his teammate (evan) stole my Super Mushroom N1. Not sure if it was luck, but either way it happened.

    Pidge's PM he sent me (open)

    So yeah, I talked to BT about it, and we eventually were pretty convinced that Pidge was lying. Since assassinfred both gave him sheet access as well as told him that I was highly trustable, BT basically told me anything that he knew regarding the game, and from there on we discussed stuff.

    I also sent a pm back to Pidge a bit later on, lying that BT had a "powerful role" (OH THE IRONY!!!) and that he'd be leading the village since af was missing.

    Sure enough, after N2 passed BT was dead (again, not sure if it was the Lackey's who orchestrated this) and he could get his super role going.

    Overall, villains deserve a bit more credit as well. MM87/Eo would of gotten away if BT hadn't randomly picked him N0. Yoshi King was getting away with it for the most part. They both just got REALLY unlucky.

    The heroes didn't have a mislynch the whole game, and the only time it really went to chance was Team_Aether (BT and I even tossed up lynching TIK and Lord Jesseus, among a couple other mafias at this stage).

    Anyway, good shit Blue_Tornado. We did pretty damn awesome for our first mafia games!

    EDIT: @BT: LOL I never knew you fed Johann that stuff about your "powerful role." Anyway, you were a dead man regardless XD
  25. zorbees

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    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    Heh, me too :D. Was an interesting game to watch, but yeah, that Brock role did seem too good.

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