nj art

Yo, Nasty, can I use that scolipede as my avatar for awhile? I think it'd make me look really cool, wearing your swag.

Probably one of the most powerful threads on Smogon, that's what I think.
quite frankly i would be honored if you did :pimp:

oh and Cartoons, i figured i should show you this little unfinished baby; you requested it all the way back when- i promise im gonna finish it haha

expect a botw tomorrow...

i hatched 5 whole boxes of these babies trying to get some good ones
no dice
momma has perfect hp and spa and dad has perfect spe and spd but they just aren't making very good kids
If I could give this thread 1 million Luvdisc's, I would. But unfortunately one will have to do ;).

I was wondering if it wasn't too much of a hassle if you could request a Meloetta-S + Thundurus.
You've got a great talent and can't wait to see more of you future artworks.
I like how yours looks less frail/slender, and more poised, like it could actually fight something. that seductive chinese mustache may help a bit too, I'm sure +_+