nj art

i love you, however i do declare i know you well enough to give a bit of constructive criticism here and there. i wish to give you messages of encouragement without incurring the wrath of your fan boy club. if this continues i will be upset. would not recommend to a friend. eggs were cold. 3/5 stars

-Bomb H. Iron
actual guest at hotel: 'nj art thread'


edit: i meant to say the panel is quite humorous. i like the sloppy and loose style.
theres plenty of time to change they are just preliminary designs

there are 649 pokemon i am not surprised it resembles at least one of them

i havent really decided how i want to draw the aura yet so i just drew it like flames. i probably will make it more wispy when i do it for real. i promise it wont look the same


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Give that cactuswolf some footclaws.

Also consider making the collar fur etc more brownish.

Loving it so far though!

aaaalllch its not fur its spooky ghost stuff
jeez fine make it dark purple then