nj art


I think what makes your art more lovely now is your use of really interesting colours in shadows, it's much nicer than black crosshatching or just a slightly darker version of the same colour and makes your pictures so much richer n_n


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From that comparison alone, I'd say you've gotten better and more daring with poses. The new Swoobat is in midflight, ready to make a move yet somewhat reluctant to do so. The old one is just sitting there with a smile.


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I'm with Yilx.
That depiction of a bodybuilding Crobat is just plain frightening... still, it's pretty impressive and shows you've got a vivid imagination!


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Your dynamic posing is so beautiful nj <3

The streamer tails look so fluid; you've perfectly captured the majestic appearance of them.

and I love your colors; the purple is so fantastic :3