nj art

Hahaha I loved this comic. It conveniently applies to the wait for E3 as well.

As an aside, NJ, you'll always be a big part of Smogon no matter what.
We love you and we will always be willing to comment or just enjoy your art. Don't ever beat yourself if you can't update. There's no deadline or expectations, just post art at your leisure and enjoy yourself!

Hello nj, I really do like your style and it looks really cartoony. Your expressions for your characters are really amazing too.
I think you should pay attention when you color out of the lines and where your lines intersect; when your art has line overlaps and/or coloring out of the lines, it gives a more sloppy look. I also think you shouldn't overuse the white lines because in my opinion it doesn't really clash right with the whole pictures.
Likewise, these pictures are really well done and I look forward to seeing more!


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mang this is way better than what my fart can dish out ;o

I really dig that bulldog monster's tusks. I also like the very active pose it got there, reaching out to get me.


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The worried Numel keeps cracking me up. He looks so concerned.

And thanks for helping out with the smog art, always great to have a veteran among the ranks. C: