No Arceus Tournament – Finals [Won by Hugendugen]

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Noam Chompsky.
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This is probs the second last tourney I'll play on smogon, if not ever then for a long time, so I wanted to dick about and have a bit of fun. As a last hurrah I decided to use possibly my two favourite teams from any metagame: one that trickroom and I built back in the day featuring, surprise surprise, Gyarados and the other one that focuses on Ninjask baton passing to Ho-oh.

Round 1
Kojes game 1
Kojes game 2
Kojes game 3

Round 2
CS4m game 1
CS4m game 2

Round 3
H-C game 1
H-C game 2
H-C game 3

Round 4
Malekith game 1
Malekith game 2
Malekith game 3

Semi Final
Iconic game 1
Iconic game 2
Iconic game 3

locopoke game 1
locopoke game 2
locopoke game 3

Thanks all, was fun and cheers mostwanted for hosting a good tourney.
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