NOC Medieval Mafia - Game Over: Majora's Maskians Win


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so since so many people have kindly decided that the best way to get me to say shit is to threaten to lynch me, guess I have to give my vote and shit.
Whoa, what's with the passive aggressiveness? Do I need to explain why you, as an ostensible townie, should offer your views without us having to drag them out of you?

'While looking through the thread, I noticed a fair amount of shit from brammi saying how he thinks quagsires is clean.' 'The reason that I don't support a B_T lynch is that while he defended Quagsires, he did it in such an unsubtle way that he made it clear to everyone that he was defending Quagsires, and I imagine that a scum wouldn't be as forceful on their position.' This is vague and inconsistent.

'While my previous stance on brammi was that he was kind of a dumbass villager, and I may still be right about that, odds are hes more likely to be scum than anyone else I can think of.' It's this late in the game and you can't think of anyone more likely to be scum than that kind of half-heartedness?

Whenever you try to prod people out of their hiding place today, they always seem to come and disparage Brammi. Makes me inclined to be defensive of Brammi / Ace just because either everyone is parroting other people's opinions or Brammi is the flavour of the day for disgruntled scum to hide behind.


I will say that I mostly think lkk is inexperienced. Yes, I have noticed some shady behaviour from him, and this doesn't fully negate that, but there is one weird thing Metal Bagon did that I remembered while looking through my old post on him/lkk (#655) and can't explain from a scum perspective: #435. If we are to believe that lkk is scum, Metal Bagon decided to bail and potentially fuck up his team on the way out, while hoping his substitute enjoys the game more than him because of that action (which is bizarre either way you look at it). Maybe they did something to piss him off, I doubt it though, there is nothing that I can see about this act that was calculated. The only possibility is that his team suggested it to him, knowing the substitute would unvote.


Hey, that post reminded me! Dummy007, an updated opinion on zorbees, please!

ETA: Also, having given thought to kok's behaviour with Quagsires early on, @@Unvote@@. You could stand to be more constructive though.

ETA2: I just noticed something funny about the announcement.

'Vote today and we can play mafia on a MOON BASE OMG'

DLC, how did you know the Moon would die?
I remember! The main reason I did all that 'nit-picking' as you may call it, is because someone pestered me about my reasonings of suspicion on billy. Also recall this was before his claim of power and... y'now what? Whatever. I found the post(It's 6 in the morning, working on math, so this is quite the procrastination), one sec and I'll explain everything via bolds.

To respond to jumpluff and MK(Sorry, just saw it when digging through the thread) about my suspicions on billy...

There's a reason to explain why... I'd stated in an earlier post(right about here) that I was a bit suspicious of billy and people asked. I answered.

He did have some better posts, even more so when US was on to kinda spark a fire of doing so. By better, I mean more in the area of contributing more, having things that seemed to stick out as village-ish... but, I also noticed it seemed to kinda go over some of his... for lack of better words lacking posts.

Kinda self-explanatory as to thoughts there. His posts just didn't seem as good to me as everyone claimed.

Firstly, he claimed desiring two items: A bell, and parchment. He never really explained why he wanted these, needed these, or how in the world he knew they were in the game. I've yet to play NOC, but I doubt that a random village would require an item to do something... I could be wrong, but I would assume not. Not to mention that, even though he said to just press the issue, everyone seemed to ignore that. I personally would like explanation for both of these things. And even more, in #641, he refuses to answer about it, which makes him seem even more fishy.

At the time(Before he'd ever claimed his power), this was very suspicious to me. Even more so after saying once/twice that he would answer, then refusing to later.

Secondly, he seems to be pretty sensitive to whoevers 'buddying' him(Post #236). Perhaps I find it a bit odd that it's more so "Hey, no, I'm not with him. This guy, however, I'm with." It just seems really awkward in there.

Everyone complained about buddying. Thought I'd re-point this out, since it is a bit odd.

I will admit, billy's had some great posts(#293 and #414 for example), but the later(And in some cases his much earlier posts) we get, the more... shorter... and he tends to want to end the day pretty quick. I realize that such a long day could get tiring, but it's probably the best thing to do in order to get info, right?

I was a new sub. I wanted a longer day so I could get info without reading through *insert high number of pages here*, and he was wanting to end it. IT seemed odd(Yes I know it had been long, but still...) that a village would want the day to end quicker.

Also, I'd be willing to point out that billy changing his vote at the last minute caused the no lynch. That seems very odd to me as for why he'd do that to get a no lynch vote. Mind explaining the, literal, last minute vote change?

His reasoning for that is still just flat-out lame. Hoping for a mayor so it wouldn't tie? I mean, really? Sounds like an excuse to me.

I'm not going to lynch billy or anything for answers, but that's my thoughts in a nutshell of him, and I'd like some explanation, or perhaps some posts I missed that he talked about these issues and actually explained his reasoning for this. I might've missed it, but don't think so.

If I really wanted billy gone, wouldn't I vote for him, and not just wait for an answer without even a pressure vote in the post? I mean, like I said, I'm paranoid. billy could be village for all I know, but he could also be mafia. With his role, the fact that he hasn't been touched by mafia, and, the fact that all mafia have been given safeclaims(Reference: First post) is a bit odd that he's not in the dead pile, since he was never suspected(making him perfect target for dead) before then and even now, has a power, and is active in discussion. Need I say more?
Have a blast, that's my thoughts. Realize though, it is 6 in the morning here. I'm still a bit sleepy... Plus I got school today, so I won't be able to respond for probably about 6-8 hours? Maybe longer for all I know.


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@@unvote, vote Blue_Tornado@@

I honestly don't know why you're being such an idiot about this

EDIT: I suppose I'll dignify your post with a response. If Quagsires was a viable lynch day 2, why did the day end with only 1 vote on him? If I was the only one who wanted to be cautious about Quagsires, why did he drop down from 8 or 9 votes to ending the day at 3 votes? Why are you trying to paint me as treating Quagsires as if "he did not exist" when I clearly stated that an extra night or two of results from him would be beneficial to see if he was worth lynching? You should know by now that I'm one of the last people to jump to any conclusions in mafia, and that this is nothing new. Additionally, why are your posts all essentially saying "nope you're wrong I'm right" without providing evidence. I'm sick and tired of your actions against me right now because they are entirely based on slander and misrepresenting what I've previously said. I know I earlier stated that I didn't care about any info flips but if you flip scum like I think you would if lynched, we'd get a hell of a lot more info then if we lynched an inactive/sub type of person.
I don't understand the worth of all this number talk. Stalling his lynch due to "results" is stupid as hell since they had no meaning without his flip. The fact that you took this as an excuse to disregard him for a few cycles is one of the main reasons I currently think you are scum. This is no misrepresentation or slander, and is not subjective, so I don't see why you're trying to discredit my accusations that way.


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a) the results are useful to tell us if we should lynch him (ie, if he is not hooked or killed, he is likely scum)
b) the results are useful once he flips (particularly if he flips town)

The fact that you don't understand simple numbers astounds me.
a) is frighteningly bad WIFOM and I hope I don't have to explain why. b) is the only reasonable reason for stalling Quagsires' lynch, but it does not necessarily make it justified.

Numbers do not necessarily reflect what happened. In fact, they usually don't. You're saying my claims are false and backing it up with numbers as if they're evidence.
You can use or pass milk. Spoiled milk was used (as in as a hook item) and I have already asked the person who used it to come out in an earlier post. I am still waiting .__.
I don't think I understand the nature of your ability yet. You know if items were passed or used?

Either way, if the guy doesn't come out it's safe to assume there's a reason he wants to hide. If I recall correctly from what you said earlier itt, there's a cow role that's sending this milk to people? Or is it host-controlled? If it's the former, mr. cow might want to come out and tell us their targets.

Opinions on people, billymills?
10% of you are trying really hard, I commend you jumpluff and zorbees.

The rest of you are either stupid, intentionally trying to fuck up the village, or have just given up.

I put myself in the last group.

@@vote blue_tornado@@

Cow don't be an idiot. Don't come out.
I was suggesting them to come out if there are people who are refusing to confirm that they've used their milk.

I would like to know how I am intentionally fucking up the village. I would also like to know how zorbees' random OMGUS & defense is his 'trying hard', or anything close to it.


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Numbers do not necessarily reflect what happened. In fact, they usually don't. You're saying my claims are false and backing it up with numbers as if they're evidence.
At least I'm trying to use evidence. You are basically saying you are right with the only reasoning being anecdotal and vague. I'm on an iPad right now and will not be able to respond until later, but I figured I'd get in here while I could.
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Deadline in 20 minutes!
So I'm doomed due to stealth deadline out of nowhere. Fun.

Dear god I am almost happy for being offed by this mostly incompetent village and very incompetent host! Getting offed by hosts is always nice.

Crux is clean and the milk was used to hook me tonight, probably because scum thought I had an info role after "having flavor" from yesterday's lynch. Whoever hooked me is scum, I'm having a hard time seeing otherwise.

Have a jolly good time.

By the way,

what the fuck were you thinking spiffy i mean honestly
this is the worst excuse for a troll role i've ever seen and if this is our 'cop' i will personally slap you at several different locations

You all attack Blue_Tornado and destroy him! (Sorry no picture :/)

Spiffy said:
Dear Blue_Tornado, you are the Spy.

You are the reason why the Kingdom knows so much about the rivaling kingdoms! With your stealth and agility, you will aid the Kingdom in demolishing the Majora’s Maskians!

Every Night, you can send a PM to Spiffy and Walrein entitled: “NX - Spy on USER”. You will watch USER during the night, and when they finally fall asleep you will slip inside and steal their full role PM.

Since you work alone, if anyone targets you with any night ability whatsoever, your night action will fail.


You are allied with the Kingdom. You win if the Majora’s Maskians and any other threats are eliminated.
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It is now Day 5v2. Day 5v2 will end five days from this post, on March 13th at 7:30 PM EST. You may begin posting.