NOC Medieval Mafia - Game Over: Majora's Maskians Win

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6 in 24 is far from op lol. I dunno how it balances out with a wolf though.

Kok, aska, and dummy were obvious all game, except for the whole "lol village doesnt have a thief" thing. Layell was ok when he subbed in for aska. Brammi was decent but ace emerald wasn't that good after that. Should have been obvious from his refusing to prove his role. Paperblade was good, but not great. Quags got fucked by a role claim and generally acting scummy after that.

Village generally was terrible. I could list all the things you did wrong but I don't care enough to do so.
dear god walrein you are a disappointment

i'm the worst villager for dying pretty damn badly even though i had no reminders that deadline was about to stealth me

and i'm obviously the worst villager for not doing anything to try and get this village on track

it's like you completely disregarded what a 'villager' is

why am i even this sore about this

oh yeah, because hosts screwed me over and now they're doing this

it's not like i thought i was in danger of death or anything

i was given a small timeframe in which i knew i was actually in danger and needed to see things through so of course nothing went perfect

you're acting like i should have had this planned in advance and that is literally impossible
By the way, I was trying to be suspicious enough in the beginning to not get mafkilled. I was afraid if I died by maf hands that my queen would become vig. And I wanted to create a wolf! :D


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Holy fucking shit about damn time

Also just saying my last post I said to lynch Quagsires and Brammi before subbing out. Then everyone gave me shut for tl;dring

Especially Walrein. Who created this game in the first place.



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Ok, let me clarify something.

I did not design this game.

Literally all I did designwise was thought of the bard role and came up with the mafia role names.


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How did I get best mafia how the hell does that happen, I intentionally did very little since I was supposed to be a kingdom sub with no idea and no real care for what is going on and since we figured there wasn't a thief I claimed my own role and rode on a train to victory/

Congrats fellow MM, It's hard to say who deserves best mafia but I'm not sure it's me.


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I think it was because aska generally evaded most people's suspicions while he was alive, and then you claimed correctly (why did this village not have a thief.......?) and did nothing to fuck it up, so yeah. But I will save the rest for postgame, as Crux and I have a LOT to say.


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Speaking of aska, every one of you should feel like a complete and utter retard for disregarding when one guy brought up my suspicions on aska.

i died the very next night. it was unrelated but that SURE looked like someone was trying to shut me up before i could force an aska/pblade lynch.
i had just mislynched and was suspicious, there was no reason to kill me over a pr except to shut me up.

i am so disgusted at this game and the village. it was clear after EP claimed Dummy was total scum.

Never again have 6 maf, 1 wolf and so few village prs. no thief or hooker and ONE time vig? spiffy never again should design a noc. and lightwolf needs to stop being an ignorant pussy and a. learn about noc b. realize the playerbase.

this game blows would have been better if i was still alive to lynch the obvious scums.
To be fair, we had no hooker and a chance of crossfire, not to mention no real inspect or thief for half the game. Not saying the roles were decent (though the numbers were fine and i hated EP's role), but its not as bad as its been sounding.

And yeah, I was convinced we'd lose after watching my teammates claim the way they did, Zorbees was spot on about dummy and should've pushed it, two ways to martyr was really dumb, and billy had kept asking for a thief so much that it was obvious no real thief would step up.

Not saying we played much better though...
Lame, very lame...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I thought about outing the Queen becoming a wolf before I was lynched (I thought B_T was Queen at the time, haha), but with no extension, I said fuck it (also, I wasn't 100% sure the Queen would become wolf, but highly suspected it). It ended up better for the village anyway, since Crux actually, you know, killed mafians, unlike the rest of you.
Yeah, I kind of failed at everything this game, but no one believed anyone who suspected me enough to actually do anything about it. I figured I was going to get lynched as soon as I claimed an inspect role since everyone else who did (except EP) got lynched immediately afterwards. Noob luck, I guess. Good job, mafia (except Quags before he died), decent job Crux, village...

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Fate is determined to only have me win games were I do nothing or am terrible... I guess I'm looking forward to the none host postgame? I'll probably get a lot of criticizing :/
I really sucked at that game...

Sorry for having no interest until it was far too late, but having a nearly useless role basically killed my enthusiasm for this game. Also, leading to the lynch of the king AND sun...

Wow, I really sucked...


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Speaking of Yeti and aska, I'm sure many of you by now realize that gut feeling is probably the best way to go. Especially since I did try to get a lynch on aska, kok was #1 in my sights as mafia (due to his claim), and while crux wasn't mafia we all still thought he was pretty damn suspicious. The fact that people spent too much time overanalyzing one another was one of the major reasons this game died in my opinion.