noobiess' art thread

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gonna pump this treath alit again cause I need some opininions about my CAP entry.

here it is:

and the shiney form:

and an alterative pose:

here are some of my new schratches;

really need some comments of the shrimp!!
so shoot :p
Shrimp looks a bit bright, or is his whole body meant to glow? >.>
When I sough aragonbird's image of CAP10, I tohught he was a little bit transparent.
Aldo,when I think of shrimps they looks a little bit transparent...

That's not a smile... lol. It is kinda like a flap Kyogre has near its mouth.
correct :p

so any other comments on the shrimp? :p
I made the back sprite of krillowatt (wow really hate that name)

went for a neutral clean pose,Don't want the back sprite to be so dynamic.

I need some QUICK advise, because I need to enter in the competition quickly.
Here are the colors of the shrimp in normal and all possible shiny forms.
I also changed the the colors of the normal sprite (only thel ightest shade, into something homemade)

Wich shiny is the best?

also here is the gender diffrence... Is it good, because I don't really like it...

some quick comments please


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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The cyan shiny is the best, and I like the gender difference there. Maybe try and put a big more mischief and soul in the eyes.
I quite like it myself tbh, especially the crude lines. I think you could develop this into your own style perhaps- it's refreshing to see some slightly wiggly lines instead of perfect curves which sometime look quite artificial.

One thing, though, Id say pay attention to shading and keep in mind the source of light. ATM Pokabu looks a bit like a cookie tbh, Id say make the distinction between his head and body more clear by rounding the shading a bit in that area.

Also I think you should use the smudge tool less. I can also see some white spots, so my suggestion would be to iron out such chinks once you finish a design with the small sized paintbrush / pencil etc
Wow, nice sprites, I love the overn Rotom and the Flygon, looks fucking nice! Have you made one of Swampert? I have never seen on here for 'Pert, I would love to finally see on good ass Swampert sprite. :)
Thanx for all the nice comments about the scratches, but I'm actually focussing on the gimp now, so I was wondering what you all thought qabout that image?

Don't retrain yourself to give harsh comments... that how I can learn :p

Also working on a none-pokemon gimp image but I'll post it when it is finished
Yeah it actually was smarter to make a kofing or something,
so I did :p​

I like it much better the before,
and I'm kind ofgetting some little tricks of gimp,
ok it isn't perfect, and nothin near it :p , but I really like it since I just started to work with gimp

The things that quit bother me are the eyes and the mouth, but they where really hard​
These all look pretty amazing.
I love the scratches, I wish I could scratch like that. I can do Fusions, recolours, eggs, pokeballs, Trainer Cards, icon fusion/recolour, pallette, etc, etc... but not scratches.

And congratulations on discovering gimp. Oh the things you'll learn to do.
I'm a GIMP user myself and I LOVE it
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