noobiess' art thread

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Updated the front page,
and thanx for the ncie comment

iRyu, you should really try scratching, it's not that hard as everybody thinks.
Just start with the easy ones like voltorb or something like that.
here is anoth GIMP experiment :p

Just wanted to try to make a clean, decents picture,
In some way, I think iI quit succeded :p
I still think the eyes look a bit messy, and the outlining is way too fat, and that the shades look a bit messy, but i still try too improve.
So I hope I could get alot of comments (harsh or not :p) so can improve

ps: I you where wondering wich pokemno this is, it's just a fakemon I invented a while ago... please don't comment too much on the concept of the pokemon, cause actually I just trying to improve my GIMP-skills :p​
here is next one, but not pokemon-related
just trying other techineques to work with gimp :p

but I have one problem,
how do you actually save a picture from GIMP,
I now always use print screen and put it in paint, but I think there is a better way...

In GIMP, just go 'Save' under the 'File' menu to save a pic. You have to add a .xcf extension for the best quality (and to remember layers and such) but you can just save it as a PNG too, if you want.
Hi, I'm probably gone for like 2 and a half weeks,
also updated the front page for my scratch pokemon; I made alot of new ones but didn't them here.
cap 11 is ready to sprite, so I wanted to give it a shot too:​

from now on I got this:​

the rough line art

I really wanted to make the I-just-became-evil-and-rises-up-to-slice-some-head-off pose :p
But I got a problem, the heart and the needle that go through it: it's would be hardly seeable, in my first pose.
The second line art, is just that I noticed the expresion of the head ad the arm also could be a good standing pose, so I might do that. Of course it somewhat looses it orginality.
The third pose is just the turned, so the heart would be alot more seeable. But the down side of this one is that it doens't look god anymore because my original pose is in a slight angle, and if I turn it it looks like the pupette is a trying not to slip off a hill of something.​

the baseic colors with more finished lineart:

I might just do it the easy way: I just put the heart on the wrong side of the puppette, wich actually makes a little bit of sense (because if you are ready to kill, your heart isn't at the right place (figurely and now also litteraly)) (I also made th heart black so it owuld be easy seable, but I quit like it, so might keep it :))
I also gave it a shot on the right place of the puppete, but as I already thought, the heat is hardly seeable. and the needle looks a bit like a weard tail.
(ow and don't mind the pins, I know they look like antenas now, but I'm going to change that)​

the back sprite: the rough line art with basec colors:

I wnated to make a dynamic pose, and I think I kind of suceeded in that. The are some minor thing that bother me, especiall ont the arm, but hopefully I can make them disappear. The only thing that worries me it that the width is 80 pixles(I already had to make it 10 picle smaller or something :p) so I hope it won't be necesairry the make it wider because other whise I'm screwed.​

anyway, I would love some comment on this because I want to hear some more oppinions before I continue the front pose.
(The reasion why I'm not posting this on the sprite-treath for CAP11 is that all the other sprites posted their first work when the got all the line art done, so I want to do that too)​

ps: does somebody know how much colors you can use?

edit: did the backsprite

Current color count:13
so comments?​
Noobiess' art thread used revive :)

I'm kind of stuck with the new pokemon:
the last evolution of the electric/dragon line

Just say wich one looks best because I really suck with patterns of snakish bodies :p
I like the second one a lot.

Update this more D:
It's just the way dragonair has it, so it can't be too wrong :p

Can you see all the pictures actually? Because some other people also said that I sohuld update, but for me all my pictures are visible
Your sprites are unspeakably awesome! I'd like you to design a game for Pokemon! Seriously, apart from a couple (like Yanmega) they really are splendid! You speed-paint work is really good, too, particularly the Parasect.
The older images disappeared, that's because you used iaza. iaza images disappear after 90 days.
I know, But i didn't use iaza because I was tired that they dissapeared all the time so I all uploaded them with imagehack, but apperently I can only see them :s

I think I know what I did wrong... I just didn't notice soem of them aren't visible because I could see them. I'll update them in the weekend, when I have acces to all the sprites :)

But for now, I find it fun to give you all soem teasers of my fakemon:

Hopefully you can see that image
to see or not to see... That's the question.
I all reuploaded them, so hopefully you can see them all...
So please say something if some of them aren't visible..

Comments are always welcome

ps: I'm going to try to get the last stage of the electric/dragon line ready this weekend...
I do'nt know how I'm going to solve it, but I reached my image limit (wich was 100 :p) XD

the electric dragon is done :)
I'm going to have a fresh start... I'm going to creat a new thread where the first 2/3 pages will full of sprites :p

Mods can close this if they want...
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