Nostalgic Moments

This thread is about the times in the game that remind you of the first time you got your first gym badge caught your first pokemon, to name a few.

One of mine would be when I traveled across the first route in Platinum because it reminds me of Route 1 and how i got hooked on pokemon
Once I did a little fun race with two other friends when I was 9. They both had Red and I had Blue. We all agreed we wouldn't pick the same starter and that we had to choose which one they got. I told them I'd take Bulbasaur because, at my age, Bulbasaur was pretty cool. They laughed at me and told me Bulbasaur was the worst starter to get.

Then I got so far ahead of them that they got pissed at me and never talked to me again. So every time I see a Bulbasaur I'm reminded of the time when my two best friends swore they'd never utter a single word to me ever again.
I remember the long ass grind from lvl 99 to 100 for my Charizard. I was so happy when I did it, I was the first kid in the neighborhood to have a lvl 100.


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Crocodude was lv 71 by the time we first beat the Elite Four. We kept getting destroyed over and over due to my over dependence on him and lack of resources. My only strategy was to keep going in until I won. This was the only Pokemon I'd ever raised to Lv. 100 through legitimate means.

I lost my copy of Silver to a pool party at my friend's house when I was 12. It was probably the greatest adventure I've ever had in life.


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Recently when playing my Blue hard Scramble I came to Fucsia Gym, and found the Juggler with the lv 40 Hypno there. I suddenly remembered where it was that I had had my first loss playing Pokemon. You see back when I first had Red version I was way to young and stupid to understand that training only one Pokemon leaves you in a bit of predicament... and to know that Tackle's damage had nothing to do with the weight of your Pokemon (hence why I kept it on my level 80+ Venusaur). That Hypno critted my Venusaur (Vine-man!) with Psychic and took him out. The rest of my team were never-trained filler I just caught and slapped on my team, and needless to say they were all destroyed.

That's my nostalgic moment >:P
Beating the Pokèmon League in Sapphire with a lvl. 77 Swampert, lvl. 67 Walrein, lvl. 51 Linoone (AAAAAAA), and lvl. 39 Golduck because I heard Cloud Nine was really handy against Glacia, who's Hail Pokèmon really scared me. Besides killing Kyogre because I had already used my Master Ball on a Skarmory, that's all I remember about Sapphire.

Oh, and only having a Swampert and Linoone until I caught Spheal because I didn't know how to catch Pokèmon.


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Going down Route 1 from Viridian City in Crystal. After battling my way through two regions, I went to the town where my Pokémon adventures had started some years earlier, now with a strong team of well-trained Pokémon with me. Listening to the revamped music gave me this tingling sensation in my stomach. It was like coming home from a long journey.


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So the first time I finally got a mon up to level 100 in RBY was pretty cool. Took a lot of training against the E4 to finally get The Flame up there, but once he maxed out man alive was I a happy little boy.
The first time I stepped into Route 1 in B/W really reminded me of the original Route 1 from R/B/Y..... I loved it~ Oh- and every time I see a Zigzagoon brings back memories... That was the first Pokemon I ever caught ;w;