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Nostalgic newb moments

Discussion in 'Historical Threads' started by kiryu3000, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. doublel


    Jun 10, 2009
    First game crystal, i was like 10.
    --I just didn't know how to get past snorlax so i gave up. It was only in a replay a year ago did I figure out how to complete the game.
    --I kept Scratch all along on my Ferligatr(when i stopped playing, it was lv 72), thinking it was strong, 1-2HKO many stuff due to overlevel
    --stuck for a long time due to not being able to get surf and fly(i didn't realize in the kimono girls' house, there was a stage-I just didn't walk deep enough to notice the girls)
    --after the eighth gym, my team has four water pokes
    --I know tentacool learns hydro pump and it evolves at lv 30, so I somehow deduced that all tentacools will learn hydro pump simultaneouly when they evolve at lv30. I trained 2 tentacools before i realized i was wrong.

    --Just can't find Fly. End up having to rely on bike the whole time

    --Solarbeam on sceptile is the best thing ever. But I just can't kill the aggron in elite four with the solar beam.
    --it took me AGES to figure out the entrance to the city of the eighth gym is underwater.

    --Last year, I was walking around randomly(i have completed the game long time ago). Then in diglett cave, I came across a shiny diglett. But I thought it was too ugly. I mean seriously, purple lips? So I killed it, which means to this date, I still don't have a single shiny.

    By the way, I don't really see any problem of just training your starter. I once went through leafgreen with just a blastoise plus hm slaves for fly, cut, etc. That was easy.(my objective being to get a calm articuno) After the elite four (first round), my blastoise was still just at around lv 65
  2. bobertbojo2


    Sep 29, 2010
    in mystery dungeon red, I kept water gun on my swampert and ember on my blaziken. because we were always overleveled, I thought moves got stronger each level you went up. when I gave swampert dive to get into a dungeon, because it was so much stronger than water gun, I thought it was incredibly buffed in mystery dungeon. I still have water gun AND dive on my swampert
  3. Jirachinaught


    Jan 8, 2011
    Way back when I had Yellow, and I thought my charizard was amazing with Cut, Fissure, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast. But I did not know what the ether or elixer were and in the battle with the rival, I had to struggle him to death will healing constantly.
    Or I can go with my Venusaur movest that I had, Vine Whip, Mega Drain, Razor Leaf, and Solarbeam.
  4. GlassAbsol


    Jun 18, 2009
    Well, my first ever game was Yellow. I hated my pikachu because It would never ever be happy with me, mainly because I would fight with it until it died and I whited out, because I didn't know where to get Pokeballs it was level 14 i took on brock, he destroyed me I went to the pokemart because the guy had mentioned buying potions there, I bought some pokeballs instead lol. I caught a Nidoran (male) because, and I still do this now, I was told that male pokemon have stronger attack but females have higher defense. that was enough for me I got it to level 12 (so it wouldn't be weak if pikachu and it had to fight (dunno why i thought they might)) but it learnt double kick :O Brock = Dead haha, then I fairly breezed through the rest of the game and learnt the typings quite easily :) GSC wow did i hate this generation, I had Gold, and safe to say we all know that tin tower is a motherfucking bitch, what was worse though is that in the Burned tower, I got stuck, I had no idea where to get strength, therefore couldn't really go anywhere in the burned tower and ragequiting was on the board, but being a meticulous 9 year old, I went and swiftly spoke to everybody on the game in a methodical manner :L Back to tin tower. I've played through this game 4 times, and I'd still not cottoned on to saving before you battle legendaries, and so I'd struggle up tin tower for ages, get to the top and what do you know, battle ho-oh, masterball... There is no room left in the box AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH *reset game 4 times, I checked my gold actually a few weeks ago and i had saved infront of Ho-Oh and had a masterball, I battled it for the crack to reveal that the box was full once again, apparently I'd got to that point but couldn't be bothered to go up and down tin tower again so just never played it again haha. Least nooby thing has to be on platinum, I did the calculations and with a quick ball 1st turn, you can catch both Dialga and Palkia (due to their pathetically low catch rates) so because of that I saved before battling them, and if it didn't catch 1st turn I'd reload it. I only had to reload the game 3 times and they were all for palkia.
  5. TM13IceBeam


    Oct 22, 2010
    Killing Groudon on my Ruby because I thought it was recatchable. :P
  6. Disposable Puppets

    Disposable Puppets

    Jun 16, 2009
    -I released my pokemon because I thought I would see it in the wild.
    -I didn't know how to get passed the guy blocking your way in viridian city so I just leveled up my pokemon. I had a level 37 Charizard and a level 34 Pidgeotto by the time I figured out I had to go in the mart lol
    -I thought that if I killed enough wild pokemon, none would appear anymore. this also led to me being very overpowered
    -I loved Fire Spin on Charizard because I thought it was the greatest move ever
    -Every pokemon used hyper beam
    -I used to always use payday
    -I named myself Ash a lot
    -I followed Ash's anime team exactly, even not evolving bulbasaur and squirtle
    -The pokemon handbook I had said something like "Only after defeating Mewtwo can you call yourself a true pokemon master" so I killed Mewtwo
    -I thought having Dragon Rage on Arcanine was awesome lol
    -Every time I played yellow I had to have a haunter that had mimic
    -I used to always wish "why can't brock have flying-type pokemon?" in yellow. Imagine my surprise when falkner had flying pokemon in silver lol
    -In my Silver version, I ran into a shiny black Arbok. I killed it by accident and spent around 6 hours looking for it again
    -I used to think nightmare lowered the level of wild pokemon
    -I pronounced Typhlosion "tyfosilion", Meganium "meganoomoo", Umbreon "Umbrareon", Gligar "Giligar" Xatu "exatu"
    -I thought Kingdra had no weaknesses
    -I really loved Kyogre I thought he was cool when I first saw him on the cover of Sapphire. I was told that Mudkip evolved into him so I leveled him up pretty quickly. Before mauville I had a Swampert and was very disappointed
  7. lmitchell0012

    lmitchell0012 Wi-Fi Blacklisted

    Mar 23, 2010
    When I saved during the elite four with half my team fainted (and no revives). I was forced to white out and restart.
  8. thunderstone


    Aug 11, 2007
    At the age of 7, booting up Pokemon Red for the first time, it took me a good few hours to understand how to enter buildings or talk to people or play the game in any meaningful way.
  9. Frieddimsum


    Dec 16, 2010
    YES! Who knew you had to the pokemart. I spent ages trying to beat every wild pokemon on the route and talking to everyone to make the guy move. My pokemon werent as overleveled but i tried to get into the league a couple of times too. All of my games use ash as the trainer. I STILL DO IT.

    I remember playing pokemon stadium and i used to think hyperbeam was a rare move. I got quite a shock when i found out all fully evolved pokemon couls learn it. On top of this my dragonite move set was hyper beam, dragon rage, slash(or other normal move) and flamethrower. The problem Was i never used flamethrower thinking dragon rage was a stronger version of it.
  10. Worldtour

    Worldtour aka Swamp-Rocket
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 2, 2010
    In Gen III, I had a LOT of n00b moments.

    - I didn't get anything about EVs (or training Pokemon in general), so I had my Swampert, a Dodrio (or an Aron before that), and a bunch of Pokemon from the last area I visited.
    - Not knowing that you had to go in the Slateport Museum to progress. Lets just say I didn't need to grind for the next 3 gyms ^_^
    - Using an Action Replay at all (post-game, but still)
    - Going into the Elite 4 without training at all over and over until I won.
    - Using an EXP Share on some weak Pokemon during all the said challenges, thinking Altaria was a godly Pokemon or something.

    Notably, I had a n00b moment that worked out for me in Diamond. When I challenged the Elite 4, I had a level 54 Empoleon, level 51 Uxie, level 52 Luxray, level 50 Mesprit, level 49 Dialga, and a level 46 Steelix (the whole game consited of me using Luxray, Empoleon, a Staraptor, and the 3 first Pokemon I found on X route). The funny thing is that I somehow won on my first try. What was stupid though is that I thoughr Steelix was better than Staraptor just because it was one level higher, and all it did was get OHKOd.

    Also, when I was 7, I was thinking the Rocket Hideot in Gold was optional, and I only used Typhlosion because it had fire on it. I used no other Pokemon.
  11. d.hgss


    Oct 4, 2010
    well, in my silver version:

    ►Feraligatr with slash/bite/surf/blizzard
    ►Training both Haunter and Machoke up to lvl 100
    ►Once I borrowed another gameboy and a pokemon blue cartridge from a friend from school, to get 1st gen legendaries. I was so stupid to waste some valuable TMs from my game (such as earthquake) to make my pokes forget some moves to enter the time capsule
    ►Wasted my master ball on Ho-oh instead of keeping it for roaming pokes

    And then, when I was not a noob anymore, i made the terrible mistake of performing the celebi egg trick without a way to get rid of the bad clones. I finally had to restart my adventure
  12. dinosaurdan


    Mar 14, 2012
    I had a Empoleon with Cut/Surf/Waterfall/Rock Climb...after the E4 I couldnt find the move deleter...
  13. Ericcc


    Jul 30, 2009
    My noobiest moments were mainly teaching my "good", that is, high level Pokemon, HM moves and thinking they were more versatile ie a Charizard with Strength; "Oh yeah, now I have a Normal type move to hit Water types for neutral damage! I'm unstoppable!"

    & @ above post I literally roflmao'd.
  14. tackebong


    May 16, 2012
    I thought Geodude evolved into Onix, so when I first played pokemon (Gold version), I caught a lv6 Geodude in a cave, and spent 2 hours leveling it up to lv26 (fighting lv2-3 pokemon) in hopes that it'd evolve into Onix. I really wanted one...

    (Geodude -> Onix -> Steelix, and Golem was some sort of an extremely powerful pokemon only Gym leaders could have)
  15. Lapis Lazuli Mew

    Lapis Lazuli Mew

    Jun 10, 2012
    Most I did in Ruby:
    – Hacking Pokémon in the game, as I didn't know yet about version-exclusives or trade evolutions. Nor remakes. Now I laugh at this mistake.
    A wild Latios have appeared! – I was like WTF IS THAT POKÉMON AND HOW IT DID GET THERE. It wasn't until later that I discovered it's a roaming Pokémon. It was my first encountering with such Pokémon... as far as I remember.
    – Regirock in Battle Tower. That was the first time I saw that Pokémon, and since I didn't had Internet yet, I couldn't access Bulbapedia, therefore there were Pokémon about which I had no idea they existed. So I had no idea what the hell is that Pokémon.
    Also one in Crystal. It took me some time to realize that Red Gyarados isn't the only Pokémon that can sparkle.
    THIS. This all the way. I trained a Machoke up to Lv. 100, in hope it would evolve. Of course... look at point one, above.
  16. Cereza

    Cereza Tastes Like Candy

    Jan 17, 2011
    Re starting Pokemon Diamond at least 5 times because I couldn't get past Mt. Coronet
  17. cowfish


    Aug 18, 2011
    -Releasing all my legendaries in Emerald...
    -Leaving the game running overnight to try and get 500 hours of game time to "go to the moon and catch Deoxys".
    -Thinking Hyper Beam was the best move evah!
  18. Princess Bubblegum

    Princess Bubblegum

    Mar 2, 2011
    -naming me, my rival, and my starter AAAAAAAAAA
    -forgetting how to save
    -giving my Pikachu all status moves
    -making my blaziken's moveset strength / cut / rock smash / overheat
    -not understanding how to move forward in story line in ruby and raising my Blaziken to level 70 battling wild level 20 pokemon
    -beating Lt. Surg with Magikarp
    -Blastoise with bubble because it looked cool
    -using sandslash against the grass gym because poison sting was "super effective"
    -killing shiny zigzagoon and later a shiny shuntank
    -raising wynaut from an egg, wondering why it didn't have any good moves, and being shocked when I finally evolved it
    -almost losing a battle to my sister's Delcatty
    -zigzagoon trained to level 100 because surf was cool
    -being able to catch all the wild safari pokemon outside Tauros, and kept running into Chansey
    -Masquerain and Dustox as part of my main team


    Apr 26, 2006
    I got my first Pokemon game when I was 7 years old (in year 3), so it must've been like 1999 I think. My first game was Pokemon Yellow, and I played it on a Gameboy Pocket. Probably the stupidest thing I did was not realizing how to save the game. It was the first computer game I'd ever played, so I wasn't really familiar with the concept of "saving" your progress or whatever. So I used to get as far as I can (usually in Viridian Forest somewhere), and then switch off and start again. I did that for weeks, before realizing that you can save your progress.

    I was lucky, because shortly after I bought a walkthrough from a newsagent, so I was able to do the game. There's so many parts in Pokemon Yellow that I would've got stuck on I think if I didn't have a walkthrough.

    The walkthrough also had a type chart in, so that was probably the first time I really started thinking competitively, working out which moves were super effective against which Pokemon. Although, as anybody who played RBY knows, the game made it difficult to understand, since it didn't show what was REALLY super/not very effective (for example, it used to say Razor Leaf was "Not very effective..." on Gyarados, when it was actually neutral).
  20. KurashiDragon


    Aug 6, 2008
    The newbiest moment for me that I can remember is playing pokemon yellow and having my Pikachu knowing the moves Thunder/Thunder Bolt/Thunder Shock/Thunder Wave. Still don't know how I managed to make it though the game XD.

    Another Newbie moment was getting my pokemon to level 100 for Pokemon Statium... and not ev training them at all. (I loaded them up with rare candies and thought I was a boss.)

    This wasn't a newbie moment but it was tons of fail and made me not wanna restart my platinum at all out of fear that this might happen again. It took me a freakin week to catch Giratina. No I am not kidding you. It took me a freaking week to catch origin forme giratina.
  21. Zelen


    Jan 11, 2011
    I was 7 or 8 years old when I got my first Pokémon game... It happened to be Red version and I wanted it because there was a really cool DRAGON as cover of the package.

    At that time I didn't understand a word in English so I didn't have a clue what was going on in the screen... Because of that I didn't learn where to buy pokéballs and I had no idea how to pass those trees you need to cut down etc. I was stuck in Diglett tunnel for weeks (and I think my Charizard was lvl 100 by that time) before Nintendo released a full R/B guide with pictures on it... Well, that's my worst noob moment so far.

    More noob moments from Red:
    - I killed all legendary birds because I thought they are evil and should be killed
    - I thought my GBC was broken when my Charmander got poisoned for the first time.
    - I wanted to catch ghost Marowak (my heart was broken when I realized she was killed by Team Rocket)
    - I actually tried to collect 1 million pokéyen to buy a bike from Viridian City
    - I didn't understand what types are so I was wondering why Fire Blast didn't OHKO Dragonite. :(
  22. SamiSaysRawr


    Jun 8, 2012
    Not knowing how to walk out the door! :S (I was 5) Not being able to catch pokemon (didn't know how to get pokeballs) or use the PC box because it didn't know what 'deposit' meant.
  23. TrueSoprano


    May 24, 2012
    • My Typhlosion had Ember, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower and Fire Blast.
    • A Ho-Oh with Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire and Solarbeam. Not extremely fail, but I made a Rain Dance Lugia to match (that didn't even have any STAB moves)
    • Not raising any Pokemon besides my starter and legendaries
    • I thought Hypnosis and Dream Eater was the COOLEST thing ever, and I even showed my mom what my Gengar could do.
    • Not a battle fail, but I named my rival ??? in my first playthrough of Gold.
  24. lobstermobster


    May 13, 2012
    All if my starter Pokemon have known the move Cut because I thought it was the best move ever.

    My Blaziken in Emerald knew Cut, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, and Blaze Kick.

    My Wailord was just about the best Pokemon ever with surf, dive, waterfall, and blizzard in Emerald.

    I did the cloning glitch in Emerald wrong and lost my Regirock. I was sad.

    I thought you could have two saved games on one cartridge, so I made a new game for my friend and saved it. To my horror I started up the game again to find that my Pelliper, Breloom, and Blaziken were gone. I cried all the way home.

    In Pearl I used my friend's AR to get lots and lots of rare candies and proceeded to make what I called "Ultra Teams". Because the Pokemon were caught and force fed rare candies, they never gained EVs, so I thought a Roserade with 301 SpAtk was the best Pokemon out there.

    I also had a Ultra Team Blissey that knew a bunch of attacking moves because I could never figure out why someone would do something other than attack.

    I thought that if you caught all the Unown in Leafgreen and put them into one box they would turn into Unown Swarm.

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