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Not what you were expecting...

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by DM, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. DM

    DM Ce soir, on va danser.
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    May 24, 2005
    Well, no, maybe this is.

    Okay, so I've finally hit my much-heralded and greaty awaited 5,000th post. This will definitely be the last milestone I celebrate, because, well... who really cares. But I'm going to use this final milestone post to do something that many other people did but I haven't: thank people. After using my 1k as a leaving thread, my 2k as a gimmick of my 1k thread, my 3k as a stupid binary joke thread and my 4k as a "History of DM" thread... I feel it's time to follow tradition.

    But it's going to be more than that... I've carefully gone through the entire memberlist from A to Z, picking out any names that had any significance to me and included them in here with some sort of blurb. I might say something positive, I might say something negative, but in this post you will get my true, honest feelings, nothing held back. So, if you can stand the pure honesty and aren't afraid... read on, my dear Smogoners.

    NOTE 1: I will be doing this in the style as if you are here and I'm talking directly to you. So you know it's coming straight at you.
    NOTE 2: Anyone who posts anything in the realm of "DUDE YOU DIDN'T MENTION ME" gets a week ban, no questions asked.
    NOTE 3: After doing the entire list, I took out a shit-ton of people I had originally put on the list because I had nothing else better to say aside from "you're a solid poster." Just if you're sitting there thinking "Hmmm, I've been around for a while, he likes me, I should be on there."

    Names with clan's in the front are kinda dumb, but you're not.

    Wow, you make pretty bad threads. It's almost as if you're trying to look intellectual by starting intellectual discussions, but your other posts have proven you're kinda dumb.

    You fucking rule man. You were one of the first people in the NP thread that I noticed liked a ton of the same music I do, I mean, very few others have even shown the Appleseed Cast let alone as often as you have.

    You've been missing for a while, but you were a good poster.

    Heh, you might actually be mentally retarded but you make me laugh.

    If I remember correctly, you're terrible.

    I remember you posting a lot when you first joined, and postwhoring is usually bad but your posts weren't too bad.

    Fuck man. I speak for a lot of people when I say, come back and post and chat again, I really miss you. I should really try to come down this summer and hang out.

    Tony! Toni! Tone! I watched you move up the Smogon ranks ahead of me, and no one deserves it more than you. You do so much for the community and the website, and especially for someone who came from PR... you're an intelligent and awesome guy, I really hope we get to meet up someday.

    I hope you're having fun in Vietnam. I know a lot of people thought you were annoying because of your NB antics, but since I was never on there I never saw them, so I've always liked you. I remember in #smogon when you'd keep saying "I won't leave until someone says goodbye," I'd say it every time. Come back soon, man.

    Like usual, you gained immediate attention in the community for being "OH SHIT REAL GIRL," but you backed it up by being a really cool person. It used to get really annoying when you and zerowing would have your little flirt sessions in #smogon, but now you don't seem to talk much anymore (at least when I'm around).

    It sounds like recently you've really turned your life around, and I'm happy for you. I never had a serious dislike for you, and there were many times I enjoyed chatting with you, but you also had your annoying times too. Best memory: Truth or Dare (Vineon's banana?).

    You're a really cool guy with pretty good taste in music. Just kinda disappeared recently.

    Lol tentacle rape. Aside from your strange taste in porn, you can be a little annoying at times, but I think overall you're a good kid, obviously very intelligent.

    You get a lot of shit for postwhoring, but the majority of them are decent posts. I'm glad you've stuck it out through some insults, I like having you around.

    Amazing Ampharos
    I met you down at JAA, we had a good time mocking the battles on the stage. Apparently people think you're kinda pretentious because you write very long-winded posts. I think you could definitely express your opinions in a less verbose way, because they're good opinions.

    We've had some differences in the past, but you're a pretty funny guy... for a British black dude.

    Fucking Omally. FUCKING OMALLY. You'll probably never see this, but you kick ass, man.

    I know you always meant well, but jesus christ... no one cares about your drug habits. If we did, we would ask. When you actually joined in the conversations instead of throwing in random thoughts, you weren't that bad. Also, lol horse rpg.

    Fuck yeah man, your art is awesome. Thanks for making the artistic side of Smogon so prominent, it's really one of our strong points now. Also, you're welcome on your modship. (I was totally sick of reading through all the gayass sprite threads so I told the admins to mod you, heh.) You've done a great job, keep it up.

    It's good to have you back again. Achieved Divinity fucking rules.

    1/3 of "the Heroes of Room 3360." I seriously can't wait to hang out again in Toronto, you're one of the funniest guys in this community. I was a little scared at first to meet all you guys down in NYC, but it felt so natural because we were already such great friends. I look forward to continuing that friendship for a long time.

    Most underrated poster, hands down. It seems like every time you post in Firebot it's pure gold. I look forward to hanging out with you in Toronto too.

    I met you (in #smogon) for the first time over last summer, you struck me as a pretty cool guy. Then you kinda disappeared for most of the school year, but now you're back in action and it's been awesome to get to know you better because you're fucking awesome and hilarious. (And Argentinian, but I won't hold it against you.)

    You disappear forever, and then come back and tell us we all suck? Eat a dick, sir.

    Bal-Sagoth The Grim
    I don't know where you went, I thought after those times we chatted about music in #smogon that you'd stick around in the community, you were a cool kid.

    I don't see you post too much anymore, which is too bad because you're a pretty solid poster.

    Fuck man, where'd you go? Your name always reminds me of my younger Smogon days.

    When I first got here... I couldn't stand you. You were a pretty bad poster, and I used that to my advantage and flamed the shit out of you, made some people laugh and got noticed. After some time you changed a lot and turned into a pretty good poster, although all this shit about humiliating girls just for fun is fucking stupid.

    I like you, you're a good kid, but you can get pretty annoying in #smogon sometimes. I think that's why you don't get +v so much anymore.

    You're one of the best trolls I've ever seen, I'll say that much. You used to infuriate me when I would write some huge flame at you, and you'd just respond with "o rly". I'd fucking flip out and write another giant flame.

    Big Bayou
    Definitely noticing your posts, you're a good poster, keep it up man.

    Black Leather Jacket
    I have some theories as to why you are the way you are, but I don't really think you're a troll. I just think you're bipolar, that's all. You've shown that you can make very good posts and contribute to threads, it's just you lapse back into retardery and get yourself banned.

    Your avatar just strikes me as a perfect fit for your handle. That's all, I just think that combo is badass.

    I played you in that chess tournament and lost... and then I realized that it wasn't actually checkmate, I only thought it was and I forfeited for no reason. Fuck.

    Blue Light 2
    aka Winrawr. You were fucking weird.

    I'll never understand why people from other pokecommunities come in here and talk shit. So stupid.

    You're a good kid, just remember that Smogon isn't really a soapbox. Everybody goes through the things you post about, but if you're constantly turning to the internet for life's answers, you'll never be able to solve any of those problems on your own.

    Bonzibuddy! I'm here because of you. You randomly brought me to Uber, so you are basically my first e-friend in the whole realm of pokemon communities and their spinoffs. You were great here at Smogon, it's really a shame you had to drift away, but I understand how things in real life have to take precedence. Hopefully, you can come back and post someday.

    /me hugs Brain. I love you man, you're a pleasure to have in the chat every day. I'm also very proud that "Oliver Broolucks" caught on, because nothing I ever say does. They don't call you Brain for nothing, you're probably too smart for your own good.

    Token Asian girl on a pokemon forum. You're a great poster as well, which doesn't hurt!

    I miss you dude, I can't remember when you said you'd be able to come back but I really hope it's soon.

    I can be certain that if I join the chat and the topic is pokemon, 95% of the time you'll be involved. You're passionate, I'll give you that.

    A lot of people told me you're annoying, but I never knew you back in the day so I never had a problem with you. I hope you come back to #smogon for football season.

    Carlos, mi amigo. When I first joined Smogon, Dweedle mentioned to me that you were super indie, and then we spammed threads with Lebowski quotes. Boy, those were the days, weren't they? We've come a long way though, and I was really pissed you couldn't hang out when I was down in NYC. Jerk.

    I'll always identify you by your Toy avatar. It's really good art.


    Oh boy, what can I really say here? When I first joined Smogon you weren't a big fan of me because of my Uber attitude, but over time I got it adjusted and you warmed up to me. Something I've noticed very visibly is that when you are posting regularly, Smogon is awesome. When you aren't, it's pretty hit and miss. You are the man behind everything we see, and I can't fucking wait to meet you.

    Forever living in the big chaos's shadows, but you're a pretty good poster too.

    Great poem!!!!!! Better song!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't see you posting anymore, you used to be a Firebot regular.

    You pissed a lot of people off because you were an opinionated fuck and had no problem sharing your thoughts with everyone, but I liked you because I almost always agreed with you.

    Kelly is my girl. What can I say? I'm really glad you've meandered back to Smogon, the mod/op panel was really missing its female presence. Also, whenever I come to the UK we're totally going on a date.

    You used to post all the time in Renaissance, you were very knowledgeable about music and whatnot, and then you just kinda disappeared.

    Hahaha, what more can be said for you. You're fucking crazy (in the best way possible), and the pictures of your face in all those contorted poses will haunt me for the rest of my life.

    Clicky Pen
    One of my old Uber buddies. Never really knew you that well though.

    My brown brother from another mother. You're fucking awesome, I'm so glad Carl and I converted you to the indie way of life so that you can revel in the greatness with us. I look forward to traveling back up to Toronto soon this summer so we can double-team some gold-digging Asian chicks. And we'll call chaos and scream "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" at him a lot. And take pictures without windblown emo hair. And I'll eat your mom's curry (NOT SEXUAL).

    Comrade Napoleon
    You're a fucking douchebag. If you never come back, it would still be too soon.

    You've been posting pretty well recently. Keep it up.

    Yeah, you can drop off the "kirby" but we still know who you are. Honestly, yeah, I noticed you said some pretty stupid stuff, but I never really thought you were such a bad user.

    Cookie Crumbz
    I enjoy one out of every six or seven of your posts. The rest just kinda annoy me. If only we could parse it down so only the good ones got through, you'd be an incredible poster.

    Don't try too hard. I hear you're doing a lot of good work in the pokemon forums, so that's cool.

    Jesus christ, what the fuck is wrong with you. Usually when an entire community tells you you're a bad poster you attempt to change your posting style. You just turn it around and make a joke of it towards yourself and change nothing. Doesn't make sense to me.

    Back when I thought custom titles were given to people by admins, I felt bad for you being "not funny." Now I know the truth, that you're a really good poster.

    I just love your avatar. Even better is when you had the same picture, but it was an animated gif of her swinging those puppies back and forth. Giggity.

    You're a wannabe BH. Get lost, fuckstick.

    You came back and everyone was so happy, and you told everyone you were actually younger than you had said and no one cared, and then you disappeared again. Fuck man, we miss you.

    Da Almighty Wombat
    Join up to the forum, make a terrible thread, and then talk back to the mods when they tell you it's terrible? You must huff paint.

    Dan Dan
    You're so much more than just "that dude with the fro." I love reading your posts man.

    You don't talk much, but when you do you're pretty cool. Also you used to play mafia when it was in #smogon.

    You're the European Pokemon Champion, that has to count for something. Of course, your Ian's good friend, so that's counts for something as well.

    Deck Knight
    You're definitely a coober. Arguing with you in the gun control thread was terrible, looking back I should've saved the time I wasted on my posts and done something more productive, like dip my face into a vat of hydrochloric acid. It would've basically had the same effect.

    You're a cool dude, but more recently you've been pissing me off. I didn't realize you had been elected king of all internet jokes.

    You're an opinionated fuckhead.

    Hahaha, I fucking love you man. When I travel to Europe, I'm totally swinging by your place to meet you and hear your sheety assent in person.

    Another Uber buddy. It was so crazy to be on AIM the other day and get a random message from you, I'm glad we caught up and all that.

    Jesus, your fucking /me scripts send more lines to #smogon than you do. Either talk or leave, don't idle with scripts on. Other than that, you're a good guy.

    You should totally go back to being assman, I think it's a much better handle. I had noticed recently you hadn't posted in a while, but you're back now so I'm happy.

    dr steelix
    #smogon idler #1. When you do talk, you're pretty cool.

    I can't say enough about James Albis. He was a major reason for me to be so involved at Uber, and that led to him getting me involved at Smogon. I'll never forget meeting him down in NYC summer 2005 and playing the Lebowski drinking game (AFTER getting high) and then going to see The Aristocrats. I'm glad he's doing so well for himself, but I want my Dweedle back at Smogon.

    You're a good poster with great musical tastes. I've really been meaning to check out some of the names you post, I'm so lazy.

    It seems like every time I read one of your NP posts you're listening to another band that I fucking love. Because of that, you rule in my book.

    I intensely hated you for years, but then I decided to give you a second chance. We had an awesome time in NYC, and I think you'd agree. But it seems like you always seem to turn around and bite the hand that feeds you and attack Smogon in some way. Are you really that bored? Or are you angry that you're not as accepted in the community as you want to be? Nothing you ever do seems to help your cause, so why do those things?

    Awesome art man, I love your style. Keep them coming.

    Holy shit dude, you're fucking huge. I just noticed you're from Australia, I really hope we get a picture of you next to Steelicks, it'd be like night and day.

    Cool kid from Scotland. You totally disappeared.

    I'm looking forward to hanging out with you in Toronto man. You've always struck as a really cool guy when you're in #smogon.

    The other 1/3 of "the Heroes of Room 3360." You don't post a lot, but when you do it's certain to be awesome. Your mod edits are fucking hilarious, and when you get into arguments about things (you know what I'm talking about) I could have a completely differing opinion, but I always seem to agree with you. In real life you were a fucking joy to hang out with, we're going to have another epic time in Toronto.

    You're an awesome kid, you should really post more outside of the pokemon forums.

    You share my birthday with me. That alone deserves mention, but you're pretty cool as well.

    flavour trainer
    You're famous for your thread, but your posting habits were kinda annoying for a while. After we talked about it, you'd get better for a while then get worse again. I dunno, you don't post much anymore.

    You have really stopped posting as much as you used to, which is a shame because you kinda rule.

    Holy shit you posted here once? Another Uber oldie, haven't seen you in years.

    You were a little odd, and from what I hear from the guys who met you at JAA you were kinda a spaz.

    Jeety peety. (That's how I always say your name in my head.)

    Holy fucking shit man, where did you go? I've really noticed recently that you don't post anymore, which fucking sucks because you're an awesome guy. If you see this, fucking post.

    Ginger Baker
    Radiohead avatar, good music taste. You disappeared a while back though, which is a shame.

    MEGAPRON. I guess I've known you unofficially going back to the AH/Uber days, but really only got to know you when I started going to #smogon. I look forward to hanging out with you in Toronto (because you'd better show up this time).

    Seriously man, stop letting RO suck your life away. Come back to Smogon and play with us more. See you in Toronto, jerk.

    My knight in shining tightpants. I love talking music with you, you're an awesome dude and I greatly anticipate a fun time in Toronto. And for old time's sake: what the fuck is this thread

    Just got to know you a bit recently, you're a pretty cool dude.

    KWAAA. You rock man, it's great having you around. (P.S. I'll keep giving you +v.)

    You stormed onto the Smogon scene with some great posts, but I think it went to your head a little when everyone said how good of a poster you were because it got to the point where you kept doing the same thing over and over until it was played out. That aside, you haven't posted regularly anymore, which really sucks, so come back.

    Gottfriend Wilhelm Liebniz
    I don't care whose gimmick you are, you're pretty fucking funny.

    Great Sage
    You're about to hit 2500 posts? Jesus christ, I remember when you hit 1000.

    Matt Scanpnpdndjnsdgksruhgpieco. When you made your comeback I heard a lot of people talking shit, but I make my own judgments and I judged you to be pretty damn cool.

    #smogon idler #2. Another good guy, when you actually talk.

    My Buffalonian homie. Next time I'm back that way I should really hit you up, we'll get some pizza and wings.

    Fuck dude, I really miss you. I still don't know why you quit the internet, but you really need to come back and talk music with me again.

    Another Uber homie. I would think you'd post in Firebot, but I barely ever see you there.

    The Scottish kholdstaire... where the fuck did you go dude.

    wanna? Pottle. I love you dude, I wish you came in #smogon more often. I also hope you do some more posting/modding, because you're hilarious and your judgment of posts is very good. Also you're my MySpace buddy, so that shows how much love I have for you because I NEVER friend people on there.

    When you stopped coming to #smogon, everybody got really sad. It was weird, it's like you were some kinda security blanket that we never missed until it was gone. We could always trust Hazerider to tell stupid people to shut the fuck up, or to fix people's spelling/grammar mistakes. If only you could keep yourself in check a little more, you could probably have some status in the chat.

    Obviously the best thing to come out of New Zealand. It was a pleasure to meet and hang out with you, hopefully one of these days I can make it out there and you can show me around your stomping grounds. You're one of the nicest people here, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Pretty stupid name, and your posts could use some work sometimes, specifically grammar. But you listen to some pretty good rap.

    hp [leaves]
    Another stupid name, but you're a really good poster. Don't change the name though, I hate when people establish themselves and then change to something else.

    One of the few community crossovers who hasn't been completely ostracized. You're a good dude.

    I respect the fact that you said "x was stupid" and then when I said "uh yeah, lots of us did x" you didn't turn around and try sucking up and changing your opinion or anything, you stuck by it and said "yeah, I might do it, but it's still stupid."

    Ice Rabbit
    Are you 13 yet? I just remember you being wicked young.

    Holy shit, you gave this place countless headaches, but at the same time hours of entertainment. You were the poster child for the "Lurk More" campaign. After spamming up to 900-something posts, you left for a while, and when you came back you were much less of an idiot.

    I spoke to you briefly at JAA, and like I said in my war story it would've been cool to hang out a bit more.

    insomniac teddy
    Your name is one that makes me think of the Smogon Cafe, you used to post a ton in there. Dunno where you went though.

    Jack Sparrow
    I'm glad you came back from your internet crack. Now you just need to post more.

    You're a good kid, and I think the only time you've ever kinda gotten on my bad side was when you were being a (BAN ME PLEASE) in the Music Tourney thread one time. We'll just blame that on the Canadian blood.

    Okay, so maybe you're dead, maybe it was a joke that went terribly wrong... at this point, I honestly don't give a shit. You brought life to a pretty shitty Firebot at the time, and you were just really fun to have around. If it was a joke, hopefully you remove your head from your ass and man up. If not, then RIP.

    What the fuck? I stuck up for you during that whole kakky fiasco, and then you turn around and disappear. Makes me pretty suspicious about what really happened and if you lied to me. Which is ridiculous, because anyone with a fraction of a brain knows not to get involved with that fucking scumbag. Anyways, I miss the chats we used to have, you're a great girl. I'd still visit you when I travel to Europe.

    You kinda drifted away, which sucks because you're an awesome kid. Hopefully, the next time NOA does some kinda pokemon across the country shindig you can win again so we can hang out at the finals.

    Mr. JManCool. Just kinda got to know you a little bit recently, but it'd be cool if you came and hung out with chaos and I when I go down there this summer.

    Heh, poor kid. You still had the Uber mindset and you got bitchslapped for it. But I still think you're a cool kid, if not for all the good times we used to have on Uber. Except Uber is gone, so we gotta move on.

    I know you thought I was singling you out that one time for a couple bad posts you made, but you have to understand we were just cracking down on infractions. I didn't give you any red infractions because I know you're a good poster and it's good to have you around.

    You used to be a large part of Smogon, it was weird for a while not seeing you around. You still pop into #smogon once in a while, but it'd be cool to see you become active again.

    I think you just try too hard sometimes. That debate forum was failing, so don't take your lost modship personally. You're a good kid, you just have to pull it back a little bit.

    We go back all the way to Uber too, but the difference between you and most of the rest of those guys is you're still a big part of this internet crew thingie. And you know what? This community is DEFINITELY better for your presence. Your posts are very well-typed and well-spoken, and if they're in Firebot they're always amusing. It was a pleasure meeting you at JAA, 10/10 jumping ability would meet agian.

    just some chick
    It's nice to see a girl come in and get status for something other than just being a girl. Your art was amazing from the start and got people to notice you, and then you started posting in the other forums and I realized you're a cool girl as well. Glad to have you here at Smogon.

    I suppose this is a couple days late, but I think you're an awesome kid. You've done so much for Smogon, and your dedication to the community is never in question. The only thing that is is the methods you choose to enact and enforce. You and I have butted heads over things before, but in the end I consider you a good friend.

    What's up Seacrest. To be honest, when I first joined Uber you scared the shit out of me because I wasn't used to the style of humor there and it seemed like you were always pissed at me. Well, maybe you were, but now I know you're a great dude, I miss Uber a lot.

    You're a great Firebot poster. It's refreshing for someone to come in and immediately make an impact on a forum, kinda like you did with that first thread you ever posted. Keep up the good work.

    We've had an interesting history, haven't we? When I first joined, I thought you were a cool kid even though everyone else called you an emo (BAN ME PLEASE). Then I friended you on MySpace and you sent out about 10 emo bulletins every day and went through a period of acting like a douche on the boards, and I unfriended you on MySpace. But since then you've really come into your own, you're a fucking awesome dude and it's too bad you don't post as much as you used to... but the "I'm high" posts are kinda lame, I mean, they have their place, but not so often.

    Kid A
    Big Radiohead fan, Monty Python avatar... what's not to like?

    Okay, that's all I finished so far, I couldn't stand not posting so I'm giving you what I have.
  2. Suikama


    Jun 7, 2006
    This is pretty cool IMO
    Edit: That's a lot of people. And your only up to K...
  3. The Requiem

    The Requiem

    Jul 27, 2005
    I lolled.

    Grats on the milestone DM, keep up on doing whatcha do man.
  4. Misty

    Misty oh
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    Mar 8, 2005
  5. Misty

    Misty oh
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    Mar 8, 2005
  6. theamericandream38


    Jun 10, 2006
    Congrats man! Great stuff so far, I can't wait to see what you write for me XD
  7. Siphai


    Mar 18, 2006
    Ah, DoomMullet. I wish I got to know you better, but I kinda disappeared from smogon for half a year due to cybernations so I never really got the chance. Still, you're pretty fucking awesome and congrats on the 5k.
  8. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    When I saw the title of this thread I knew what it was going to be. Don't say it's your last one though, you know it isn't ):

    I also read each and every entry so far because, and I have no other way to put this and I feel like quoting GTA Vice City:

    "I like your style man"
  9. Sanders

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    Mar 6, 2005
    i loved the 2k thread; i remember that perfectly, i was too sharp to fall for your tricks.

    and how you came back after an absence and everyone was mean to you for no reason, because you had "the man with no penis" comic in your signature. i still have it saved

    and of course this gem of a thread

    edit: man this message was too passive. gargle my balls bojak.
  10. Clicky Pen

    Clicky Pen

    Oct 31, 2005
    posting itt because i was mentioned

    jeez, smogon's been around for awhile when people get 5k posts. congratulations on that and the whole helping this place stay cool

    also i should get my lazy ass on irc to talk to you people more, i miss the old #pokebattle days

    oh shit this is firebot i should post something funny



  11. GreenPikachu

    GreenPikachu pumpkin pieco
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    Jun 30, 2006
    great thread. i like how you really ARE being completely honest, haha. i'm sure someday we'll meet, and it will be awesome.
  12. Carl

    Carl or Varl
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    Dec 23, 2004

    I have almost exactly half as many posts as you. And I'd say I post a moderate amount.. so you post a lot. Good job.
  13. Big Bayou

    Big Bayou

    Sep 28, 2006
    Happy 5k, hombre

    Btw you're not a bad singer :-)
  14. goofball

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    Dec 19, 2004
    cool I was mentioned...also I never received a drunk call :[
  15. Roy

    Roy streetpkmn
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    Dec 19, 2004
    glad to have you here dm, you're awesome.
  16. skarm

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Awesome work so far. Eagerly awaiting part 2.
  17. Hazerider


    Dec 19, 2004
    I stalked your posts for like a week hoping you wouldn't notice the milestone and then I'd post HAHA WAY TO WASTE YOUR 5000TH POST.
    Way to waste my time.
  18. Kumar

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Love DM. Good suggestion. I'll talk to chaos about getting my forum name changed.
  19. Doomsday

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 23, 2005
    This is like, my second mention ever.
    Thanks for mentioning me you mullet of doom you. to be really honest, i'm always making jokes about you guys visiting portugal, but i'd be pretty embarassed to meet you in person. Although it would be insanely cool.

    Congrats on your 5000 psots too, I am almost getting to 4000 and I am planning an orgasmic thread.
  20. chaos

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    Dec 18, 2004
    Haris left because I gave him the "almost banned" usergroup for fucking posting his stupid site over and over and over again even though I've called him out on it.
  21. CaptKirby


    Nov 4, 2006
    Sure thing! Somebody has to help take everyone's ire for the constant NFL chatting. I have nothing witty to say, but I can say that this is without a doubt (well, up through as far as you posted so far!) the most well thought out and overall intelligent milestone thread I have ever seen.
  22. GonE


    Jan 6, 2005
    Good thread! I will never reach 5000 ;p.

    EDIT: lol 666.
  23. Ecnemalas


    Jun 11, 2005
    you're one of the coolest dudes here, congrats on 5000. the best part is you stay here for so long despite not knowing much about pokemon

    and haha I remember Haris and his site
  24. Arkeis

    Arkeis (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (formerly aragornbird)
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    Jul 8, 2005
    Awww, thanks DM and congrats! ^_____________^
  25. Altmer

    Altmer rid this world of human waste
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    Mar 15, 2005
    hey dm fuck man i love you too

    grats on the 5k, seems we both did the postwhoring... your list is slightly longer than mine, though.

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