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From all walks of life. From all over the world. But most importantly, hidden. You are a Mage. You have toiled in secret your whole life to master an art and science long forgotten. "Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. June, 2011. Flamel." You receive this message, vague to an outsider, but something hundreds of Magi yearn for their whole life. You have been chosen to participate in the ritual to create a new Philosopher's Stone. You know that this is not a bloodless ritual. You will fight seven other Magi, and only one will come out alive. However, the stone grants unlimited wealth and immortality. But for most Magi, the allure is in using the most powerful summoning magic in existence, the summoning of heroic champions.

As I said before, knowledge of pathfinder or the D20 system is not a requirement to play this game. All you need is creative problem solving skills.

Rules said:
The Philosopher's Stone War is a battle royale between eight players, borrowing mechanical rules from the game Pathfinder (links below). If you've played or watched Fate/Stay Night, you know the basic rules already.

- Every player starts the game as a 10th level Wizard.
- Every player gets a heroic champion, from one of eight randomly assigned classes. The player and the DM (me) will design a 20th level character based on this class, using the identify of a figure from history, myth, or select fiction (ie. The Oddysey, Lords of the Rings).
- A player is removed from the game when either his character or his champion are killed.
- Every player has three Order Spells. These are trump cards, which allow their champions to perform impossible feats. These can be vital for saving the player's life, or for securing victory.

This is a game of stealth and intrigue. Game strategy can pan around enforcing defensive structures, drawing magical power from contested laylines, discovering the identity (and powers) of the enemy champions, forming tense alliances, and attacking your enemy before they see you coming. Because this is Pathfinder, your options are limited only by your creative problem solving ability.

This is a roleplaying game. Half the fun is roleplaying as badass legendary heroes, accompanied of course by a wizard with whatever personality you wish. You are allowed to talk with other players about the game in character when contact is made. Otherwise, you are not. This is not a balance rule, it’s to immerse you in this isolated and dangerous world where another player could be lurking around the next dark corner, not “a pm away”.

Some flexibility is required in when you can play this game. On some days you can send in a game plan and be unimpeded. But sooner or later, players will meet up and these interactions must be run in real time with the DM as arbiter. These encounters should be swift (average 30 minutes) and ran as soon as possible. An IRC channel will be set up to help the game run smoothly.

As noted, there are 8 Classes of Heroic Champion;

The Knight, a physically defensive martial class. The Knight excels at taking hits, while still able to physically threaten other classes. The Knight specializes in protecting her summoner, lending it to a playstyle where the player is never directly in harms way. The Knight can be literal, but soldier legends with strong discipline or duty can be considered as well.

The Warrior, a physically offensive martial class. The Warrior excels at direct combat above all others. The Warrior specializes in being able to reliably pressure any other heroic champion without fail. The Warrior is an exceptionally versatile class when it comes to choosing a legend, but are generally less honor bound and more brutal than the Knight.

The Cavalier, a physically versatile martial class. The Cavalier is neither specially offensive or defensive, but can fill both roles while bringing more versatility to the table. The Cavalier specializes in mobility, able to easily chase down foes or escape from them. The Cavalier can be any figure with a legendary mount, and in fact a mount is required, but free willed adventurers are also acceptable.

The Archer, a ranged utility class. The Archer prefers to at least mostly battle opponents from a distance. The Archer specializes in perception, allowing them to track down enemies or avoid traps. The Archer can be any legend associated with a bow, but any ranged weapon is also permissible.

The Rogue, a stealth utility class. The Rogue inflicts devastating blows before combat begins, greatly evening the odds in any fight. The Rogue specializes in stealth, allowing them to scout and ambush easily. The Rogue can be any legendary thief, assassin, or trickster.

The Monk, a versatile utility class. The Monk fights in an unpredictable style, reversing opponent's attacks, chaining combos, and using mystical powers. The Monk specializes in awareness, their meditative perception detecting magic throughout the combat zone. The Monk can be any legendary monk or martial artist.

The Wizard, an offensive magic class. The Wizard uses arcane magic to devastate her foes. The Wizard specializes in the same magic the player does but to a higher degree, allowing for more spell oriented strategy. The Wizard any mythical wizard or witch, but may also be a legendary scientist or alchemist.

The Shaman, a defensive magic class. The Shaman uses divine magic to heal and survive. The Shaman specializes in outliving her foes and being frustratingly hard to finish off. The Shaman may be any mythical shaman, druid, or priest, but may also be any legendary healer.

Pathfinder Database
Character Creation
Magic in General
Combat Guide (You don’t need to understand ALL of this, it’s just the mechanics behind what happens when you tell me to have your champion clobber the enemy over the head).

Big note: IRC is super required. Being in the IRC channel on a regular basis means that events can be run super fast if both players involved are in the channel. In fact, when you sign up please hop on over to #Flamel so I can confirm your ability to use IRC.

This is an 8 player game.

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I am super interested.
I'm in, though might have to sub out if this'd take forever. I think I can make it though.


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I thought I had linked the Wizard spell list, but I did so in an obtuse way so here:

Wizard Spell List

Keep in mind you can only cast spells up to Level 5, and you can only use spells from the Core Rulebook. Those are the ones with Core in the right most column.

I've also added 3 spells that are automatically known by every player.

Create Core Mana Fount (Level 4 Spell)
This game introduces a mana resource that replaces the gold costs of certain spells, and powers up your champions. To gain mana, you can spend an hour to create a Core Mana Fount anywhere. At the end of each day, you gain 500 Mana. You also gain a bonus if your Mana Fount is built on magic layline, five of which are spread throughout the city. A Mana Fount can be detected through Detect Magic and similar means. Each player can only have one Core Mana Fount at a time.

Create Lesser Mana Fount (Level 2 Spell)
For the cost of 100 Mana (Plus 50 Mana per Lesser Mana Fount you already have), you can spend an hour to make a Lesser Mana Fount which generates 100 Mana per day. This can only be done twice per day. The more founts you have in one area, the easier it is for other Wizards to detect them.

Scrub Mana Fount (Level 3 Spell)
Upon finding an opponent's Mana Fount, 30 minutes can be spent to remove it.

Here's a list of mana costs for certain spells

1 - Expeditious Retreat 250
3 - Nondetection 100
3 - Sepia Snake Sigil 100
3 - Illusory Script 50
3 - Haste 250
4 - Fire Trap 100
4 - Stoneskin 250
4 - Scrying 500
4 - Animate Dead 25x
4 - Mnemonic Enhancer 50
5 - Teleport 1000
5 - Symbol of Sleep 500
5 - False Vision 250
5 - Magic Jar 250
5 - Symbol of Pain 500
5 - Fabricate Depends on Item

The spell Permanency is not allowed.

And with all that out of the way we have 8 players.

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I'll be working with each of you throughout the day to get characters created.


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I'm sending everyone their maps. Once you have those, consider Day 1 Started.

What do I need from players on Day 1?
I need a name and physical description of your Wizard, a Wizard from modern day Earth. You can give me a background too, but it's optional.

I need to know what spells you have prepared. In everybody's stats I included Spells Prepared under Offense. These are listed as a sequence of numbers; the first represents the number of cantrips you get, the second your level 1 spells, the next your level 2, and so on until level 5. These do not include the bonus spells you get from your Arcane School. Please read/reread the Wizard section on spells and cantrips before sending in your spell list, for both your sake and mine. Also, please look up the abilities I listed under your Arcane School and make sure you know how they work.

You can change your spell list each day, you only need to pick spells for today. Make sure you take the Level 4 Spell Create Core Mana Fount today.

Lastly, I need your Day Plan. This details everything you wish to do throughout the day. While we can assume that you've bathed and eaten without writing it down, anything pertaining to game strategy needs to be sent to me. Your Day Plan can be as detailed or brief as you wish.

Two last rules;
Whenever someone attacks your summoner and your champion is nearby, this ALWAYS provokes an attack of opportunity (the champion jumps in the way and counters). Each player gets extra attacks of opportunity for this purpose.

There are areas in this game that are full of people during the day. While I cannot forbid combat in front of muggles... they can spread word of your champions identity or ability. This makes places like the Market District semi-safe zones.

Oh, and if anyone would like to switch one of their summoner's skills for Knowledge (History), put that in your Day Plan. I said only Local was relevant, but so is History.

It is now Day 1. Deadline for all Day Plans is in 48 hours.


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If you took the feat Spell Mastery, you need to include which spells you've memorized in your first Day Plan. This number of spells you can memorize is equal to your (Intelligence - 10) / 2 (rounded down). Remember, this just means that you can prepare these spells without looking at a spellbook. It does not mean more spells per day.

However, your Arcane School DOES mean more spells per day, and everyone with an Arcane School gets 1 extra spell per level from their Arcane School. If you picked Evocation, you get 1 extra evocation spell for every level of spell. No one so far has factored in these extra spells, which doesn't stop the game, but you might want those extra spells.


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Metamagic Tutorial

In character creation, everyone was encouraged to take Metamagic feats. Here's a no brainer's guide to USING them.

Did you notice how some spells have things like Greater, and Mass in their names? These are prefixes that buff existing spells. That's exactly what Metamagic does. When you prepare spells, you can add Metamagic to any or (almost) all of them. By adding your Metamagic to a spell, you increase its spell level.

Burning Hands is a Level 1 Spell
Intensified Burning Hands is a Level 2 Spell

Not all Metamagic adds +1 to the spell level, some add more. Check your metamagic feats.


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The first round of encounter notices have gone out for the day. If you did not get one, you may still have one later in the day, but they need to be run in order. Remember to be in the IRC when you have the spare time, to make the game run as fast and smooth as possible.


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Day 2

"Our investigation has revealed that the victims were attacked either by a large curved blade, or shot with a bow," stated the Chief Constable, his look tired and dreary, "We are currently investigating every lead, and I assure you, the Amesbury Abbey Massacre, which claimed 12 lives, will not go unpunished."

"Sir," one reporter stood up, "Do you believe this is the work of the Alley Rogue?"

"We have received many tips from people claiming to see a man with a knife near the Market District, however, there have not been any recent murders of the nature described. Furthermore, the man responsible for this atrocity was using something much larger than a knife. We'll be working non-stop to make sure justice is done here, and we will keep you informed when we find something."

The man leaves his podium, heading back into the police station where his deputy meets him with a theory of his own, "Maybe there is something to this Alley Rogue business, strange things have been happening. We're still looking for an explanation for a house that was destroyed in the Northeast Residential Quarter."

"I think people are just paranoid as a result of all this," the constable replied, "We even had one man call in saying he saw a giant man in a loin cloth jumping over the market. No one feels safe right now, not when the biggest killer in our history is on the loose."

It is now Day 2. I need spell lists (they can be the same spells) and day plans from everyone. Deadline is in 48 hours.

More friendly DM advice!


Each summoner has three order spells represented as symbols on the back of their hand. The first spell binds their champion to them; the other two can be used to order the champion to accomplish impossible feats. If nothing else, think of them as lifelines. When you've lost two, you are completely vulnerable.

No one needs to fully read up on Combat in Pathfinder, but understanding a few things will help.

Full Attack
Under offense, your champion has a list of numbers like +20/+15/+10/+5. This is the number of attacks your champion makes if they do nothing but attack in one round. Obviously, the first attack is most likely to succeed while each attack after becomes less likely. You can do the most potential damage with a Full Attack, but it's an action that takes a full round. The only movement you can make is 5 feet.

Move and Attack
Instead of taking a Full Attack, you can move up to your speed and then attack. Since you attack only once, you are using your best attack most likely to succeed. While a Full Attack may be better in theory, in practice you aren't losing too much damage if you need to move during your turn.

Charge Attack
There are many special combat maneuvers in pathfinder, but the only one I find to be used on a very regular basis is the charge attack. It doesn't work unlike the above Move and Attack, however, by charging you can move at double your speed, you are more likely to hit, and you are more likely to get hit until your next turn. The only restriction to charging is that you must charge in a straight line.

Attacks of Opportunity
When a nearby character does something that distracts them, a melee attacker can take advantage of this to attack them. While even ranged attackers in this can use Attacks of Opportunity to defend their summoner (as stated above), there are many other things melee attackers can respond to. Just a few examples include; using a ranged attack, casting a spell, trying to run away, and standing up from the prone position.


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Day 3

The air was hot, the ground cracked, and the ashes made breathing difficult. However, the last fire had been put out and the men could finally rest, proud of what they had averted.

"If this fire had spread any further south, the residential district would have been at stake," said one man, "Or just think if it had reached out as far as Stonehenge? Without tourism, this town would be nothing."

"It seems the only tourist lately has been death, what with all that has been going on," another man said. "The Alley rogue, people even say he burned down that house. Course we know there weren't in any people inside."

"We filed the initial report, the rest can be left up to arson. I don't like to dwell on all this paranoia. Yesterday it was the Alley Rogue, now today people say these are terrorists attacks, and that they've seen muslims in full robes running through the market with bombs strapped to their chests. It's fear mongering is what it is."

"You're just afraid connect the dots," said one last man, "You think someone really took a sword to all those people in the Abbey? Why are the police not letting anyone in there? They are covering up something, mark my words."

It is now Day 3. I need spell lists (they can be the same spells) and day plans from everyone. Deadline is in 48 hours.
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Day 4

The hospital in the government district was as busy as it ever had been. For the second day in a row they had encountered an undiagnosable disease. While this had claimed fewer lives, it had affected far more people and there was a mass panic. Every room was full up twice, and patients filled the hallways. Many were turned away for less than life threatening ailments. The pandemic was so bad that some expert biologists were even called in from the government. It seemed that Amesbury's troubles were far from over.

It is now Day 4. Need the usual. Deadline is in 48 hours.


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"How much do you want to bet," said a man with white plastic gloves, "We turn this body over, we find one of those pentagrams?"

"A pentagram is a star," said the senior officer, "What we've been finding are more complex geometric shapes. Like the kind you have to go to college to know about. But the MO doesn't fit anyway."

Lying on the ground was a midget, blues eyes staring vacantly into the sky. He was lying in a pool of blood on the road to Stonehenge, the sun shining off of his tanned bald head.

"What we got in the southeast is a group moving door to door each day, killing a whole family, spending the night, and leaving a strange symbol as their calling card. The only thing left here is the message in the blood," the officer pointed to the message; "This is what happens to cowards".

"What we have here is man who was shot. 3, no, 4 times," the crime scene investigator said, "With arrows. There is also a large stab wound in the stomach from I believe was a hunting knife, however this was post-mortum. The arrows were removed, so whoever did this wants us to think that this was a stabbing."

"Good work. His wallet lists his name as Xenophon (Quagsires). Probably an alias."

"But it gets weirder. So the blood spatter seems to indicate that after being shot, he fell a good few feet. But from what you ask? Well, you can see horse tracks leading up to this point. But they stop here. Completely. No trace."

Suddenly, the officer's phone starts to ring. "Hello, wait, hold on," he stammers, "Burning? What do you mean it's..."

He slowly turns to the other men at the scene. "We are needed elsewhere. The hospital. The hospital is burning."

It is now Day 5. Deadline is in 48 hours.


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"Demons are a blight!"

"Qaphsiel's our light!"

"Demons are a blight!"

"Qaphsiel's our light!"

"Is this the work of man?" a man shouted, pointing to the rubble that used to be the Amesbury Hospital, "No I say, there is dark magic at work here. Seven slaves of demons have been killing off the people of our town one by one. Our only salvation is by the light of god and his angel Qaphsiel who has shown himself to us!"

"Praise Qaphsiel, who rises above!"

"These slaves and their, their champions," the man could barely say with such obvious disgust, "To bed with demons is a sin worse than all others. Those who do not fight with us fight against us! If you see these demons, attack them! If you encounter an enemy of god, overwhelm them with your numbers! And if you see anything more out of the ordinary, smite it with your fist!"

"Smite the demons! Qaphsiel is our only hope!"

It is now Day 6. Deadline is in 48 hours.


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Day 7

"Burned to death Chief Constable," said the coroner, "But that's not the interesting part and you have to look real close for this."

A group of police officers and their chief were huddled over a body in the morgue. It belonged to a man known only as Nicolas (King Emerald), but what is interesting is where it was found. It was found in one of the many houses in the Southwest that had its occupants slain and ritualistic markings made inside. It appears the police had found their serial killer. Question is, what vigilante did him in?

"If you look at his chest, and in the back too, you'll notice a circular scar," he motioned towards it, but it was hard to make out with the heavy burns. "It is as if something completely went through his chest, and yet he survived. This body could lead to a medical science breakthrough."

"All I care about is that one of the demons plaguing our city is dead," said the constable, "And we'll be able to tell those fanatics that to calm them down."

"Chief, aren't you just reaffirming their cultish behavior?" asked one officer, "This won't calm them down, it will only rile them up!"

The doors swung open. "Chief, you gotta see this." A body was wheeled in, the body of a young girl, "Freak thunder and ice storm. Killed a young girl, Sarah Westerfield (HD) out in the outskirts of town. We tried to find some parents but sir, she was all alone here."

"More foreigners..." the chief sighed.

It is now Day 7. Deadline is in 48 hours. Get me those Day Plans!

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