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Because I can't think of a better name

Redew's Let's Play!​

Land of the free and home of the cliche and unfunny jokes. Like Deino's, this will be my thread that holds all of my run throughs, nuzelocks, etc.

  • Pokemon Crystal (In Progress)

Pokemon Crystal

Hey, all! Welcome to my first ever lets play. To begin, I'm going to play a game I've never played before: Pokemon Crystal Version. I've played HG and SS, but I've always wanted to play one of the originals.​


Thanks to Mafe and RitterCat for helping me choose my name.

After choosing my gender and name, I went to Prof. Elm's Lab as requested by my mother. A couple of things happened here. I got my starter Pokemon (Cyndaquil) and my first assignment as a trainer: go see Mr. Pokemon. Easy, right?


First battle is..... a Rattatta! (Insert top percentage joke here.) I dispose of Rattatta easily and proceed to grind my way to level 14. Not a hard task, and this will make it easier for my rival battle. I also picked up a Berry en route. Hopefully it will come in handy. Finding Mr. Pokemon's house was easy and Prof. Oak gave me a Pokedex. Says I can become a great Pokemon Champion and complete the Pokedex. Nbd.

<Rudew> veemon
<Rudew> do you want to be my rival in my lp
<+Veemon> Ok
Sadly, I forgot to save the part where I murdered Veemon in a battle to the death. Getting back to the lab was an easy task, and Prof. Elm was practically shitting about some "Mystery Egg".

After struggling to find out what to do next, I found out I was supposed to talk to my mom about saving my money or something. Sure, I could use some spare change here and there. There's too much dialogue at the beginning imo, but I got through everything (thank you space bar) fast and I'm ready to head out! I decided I'm not going to catch anything on these few routes, as I'm going to use Togepi (yes, Togepi). I want this LP to use things that I've never used before. Anyway, along said routes we meet many Youngsters and beat many youngsters, kill everything we see in our path, and make it to Violet City. Violet City has my favorite in-game music, so I might stay here for a while and sight see...

Nah, I go to the Pokemon Center and heal up, then back to Dark Cave to try and find a Geodude. Dark Cave was a bitch to even navigate in due to me needing the HM Flash, and I'm not going to waste a moveslot on some worthless HM that I'll only use one time. OHKOing everything got pretty tiring after a while, so I just started throwing PokeBalls when I could, and eventually I found a Geodude.

Then I ran out of PokeBalls. FML. Headed back to the Mart and picked up ~15 balls and went off into the wilderness again.

Wooooo! Named this Geodude Jellicent after Jellicent because Jellicent, round, Geodude, round, you get the point. Training Jellidude took FOREVER, but I managed to do it. It was worth it, too.

When I got to the top of Bellsprout Tower, Veemon had beaten the old guy and was being arrogant. I think I scared him off. The old man was a bit more gracious to me, as I was nice to my Pokemon even though secretly I have the same goals and thoughts as Veemon. Weak Pokemon suck. Bellsprout Tower was a cake walk because of Jellidude and Harsha. Thanks! I picked up the Escape Rope and made my way to the Pokemon Center before heading to the PokeMart before heading to the gym. I sold 10 PokeBalls and bought some Potions. Locked and loaded. B]

Wow not even level ten. N00b.


That wraps up this chapter of Redew's Let's Play! Pokemon Crystal Version. If you didn't like it, sorry, I'm not very funny, but if you did, luvdiscs, comments, etc. :> I'd love to hear feedback (also tips since I'm most likely to get stuck sometime.) If you'd like to be named after any Pokemon then tell me! Even though I already have a team planned out for the end, you can still get a shout out!

Team so far:


you guys can request to be called whatever :)
Are you taking screen captures of your whole desktop and the cropping the images every time? VBA has a built-in screenshot function, which is F12 by default. That might speed things up a bit.


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Welcome to:

Redew's Let's Fail Play
now with more corny jokes

Pokemon Crystal

Here's the second chapter of my let's play! If you're just tuning in, here's a recap:

  • got starter (cyndaquil named harsha)
  • im not funny
  • got geodude (named jellicent)
  • bad puns
  • bellsprout sucks
  • bad jokes
  • got first badge
  • oh and more bad jokes

dut duh duh daaaaaahhhhhh

Super psyched that I won my first gym battle! (although i knew that it wasn't going to be a hard one). After I left the gym, Elm called right away to inform me about that egg that he shat himself over. I decided to go and get it as I need a Togetic and I don't think that you can get it anywhere else. So, stopping by the PokeCenter I healed up and took received the egg from Elm's aid and headed out for more ADVENTURE.

I have a special name for this egg... >:)

lol noob mafe

Let's go train this little bugger, shall we?

Ugh, Mafe, you suck so much. Why did I pick you .-.

Honorable move mentions:

Hyper Beam
Fucking Explosion you dick
Fire Blast x2
Aurora Beam
Zap Cannon

Yeah, that's good enough. Thinking of ditching Mafe, tbh. Thoughts?

Anyway, caught a Growlithe and named it TrollFreak because I promised I would. I'm going to use this one. Growlithe isn't too much of a bother to level up, as he can chew through anything he encounters. After learning Ember we moved on to the next city, Azalea Town.

Change of plans: caught a Hoothoot and named it Mihawk.

Trained it


Okay! So, we're off to fight the evil Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well. Not sure why they got together again, because if they can be beaten by a 10-year-old, then they really need to do some soul searching for what their purpose in irl. Anyway, beat them easily with Mihawk and then went on to murder Bugsy. After the battle I went to my PC and deposited Harsha (sorry, man :(). Ahhhhhh so many things.

(Me beating Bugsy)

Beat Veemon!


After beating him, I got the HM Cut and proceeded to pick up Harsha to be an HM slave. I cut through everything, defeated everything, and now I believe I'm ready to take on Whitney.

Oh! But wait! I got an egg! Thank you old man. Running, running, running, running, running...


First ever Tyrogue. I'll keep it for now. Maybe it will evolve before Whitney and I'll have a strong Fighting-type to use.

That's a story for another time! For now, I bid you adieu.

Sorry about the lack of interesting things in this chapter. Maybe next time will have more things!