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NU Analysis: Pidgeot

Discussion in 'Locked / Outdated Analyses' started by YagamiNoir4896, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. YagamiNoir4896


    Jan 6, 2013
    I am a huge Pidgeot fan, and I am upset about it's lack of usage. Sure, in general it's outclassed by Braviary, Fearow, Swellow and Dodrio, but the latter two are completely walled by Rock and Steel-types, while Pidgeot has a way to overcome them. I hope this set would change everyone's mind about Pidgeot being an inferior Flying-type and I will kindly accept any critiques and comments.

    Tier: NU
    Type: Normal/Flying
    BST: 83/80/75/70/70/91
    EV Spread: 124 Attack/132 Sp.Attack/252 Speed
    Nature: Hasty/Naive
    Item: Life Orb

    Work Up
    Brave Bird
    Hidden Power Ground

    Yes, this is a Work Up set for Pidgeot. While it may seem frail to do so, after a boost it becomes nearly uncounterable. Brave Bird is your primary attack, denting everything for OHKOs or 2HKOs. Return is a safer STAB move that allows you to deal with Electric-types which resist Brave Bird. Hidden Power Ground allows you to shrug off Rock and Steel-types for 2HKOs.

    The following damage calculations assume that Pidgeot is at +1 and is holding a Life Orb:

    Brave Bird VS 252/252+ Weezing =45-54% ( 2HKO after Stealth Rock)
    Brave Bird VS 252/252+ Armaldo =49-57% ( 2HKO after Toxic/entry hazards)
    Brave Bird VS 252/0 Regigigas = 52-61%
    Brave Bird VS 0/4 Rotom Fridge/Fan/Heat 47-55% (2HKO after Stealth Rock)
    Brave Bird VS 252/0 Lunatone = 45-53% (2HKO after Stealth Rock)
    Brave Bird VS 252/252+ Torkoal =40-47% (2HKO after 1 layer of Spikes)
    Brave Bird VS 252/252+ Miltank = 42-50% (2HKO after Stealth Rock)

    Brave Bird VS 252/4+ Lapras = 56-67%
    HP Ground VS 252/252+ Probopass =56-67%
    HP Ground VS 252/4 Eviolite Metang = 38-46%
    HP Ground VS 252/252+ Bastiodon = 61-72%
    HP Ground VS 96/0 Eviolite Klang = 46-54% (2HKO after one layer of Spikes)
    Return VS 252/252+ Ampharos = 46-54% (2HKO after Stealth Rock)
    Return VS 252/4( after Coil,which is +1)Eelektross = 40-47% (2HKO after Stealth Rock)

    As you can see, Pidgeot can 2HKO even the most defensive Pokemon in the NU tier, even without maximum investment. The given EV spread gives you maximum Speed while retaining good offenses.

    Pidgeot loves and hates Stealth Rock. Offensively, Stealth Rock is needed on crucial 2HKOs on foes that might otherwise check Pidegot. Thus, having a spinblocker such as Haunter or Misdreavus can be used to assist it, although Pidgeot 2HKOs Armaldo and Eviolite Wartortle, two common spinners in NU. Defensively, Pidgeot takes 25% from Stealth Rock, which is bad because Pidgeot will be constantly losing HP from Life Orb and Brave Bird, in which a Rapid Spin user is needed.

    Countering Pidgeot
    The only Pokemon in NU that can counter Pidgeot are Regirock, Shelgon and Alomomola; Pidgeot cannot 2HKO the latter two with Brave Bird(although it still deals 35-45%) and they can proceed to set up on Pidgeot, or in Alomomola's case, stall it to death. Faster Choice Scarf users make short work of Pidgeot due to its lackluster bulk; That aside everything else is OHKOed or 2HKOed by Pidgeot, but the constant recoil it recieves and its weakness to Stealth Rock means it can stay on the battlefield for too long.
  2. Raseri

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    Aug 4, 2007
    this doesn't follow the correct format at all, and this set doesn't look that good at all. Now, Pidgeot does need a better set onsite, so if you're interested in helping out with that send either myself or Zebraiken a pm. :)

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