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NU Stats: September 2012

Discussion in 'BW NU' started by DTC, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. oluukeey


    Oct 16, 2011
    Weezing at #40 :O
    It has incredible physical bulk, Has access to will-o-wisp as well as toxic, access to clear smog which destroys pretty much any stat boosting pokemon, use of pain split for recovery. IMO Weezing should be safely finding it's spot in the top 20.
  2. WhiteDMist

    WhiteDMist Path>Goal
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    Apr 3, 2010
    It's not that Weezing is bad; it's the fact that it: lacks the ability to wall Choice Band Emboar, is weak to the numerous Psychic types in the tier, it's set up bait for a good amount of Pokemon even with Clear Smog, and it doesn't have room to fit any coverage moves as well as Sludge Bomb. I'm sure there are some other reasons that I can't think of right now. Still, Weezing is a good check/counter to Sawk, non-Banded Emboar/Braviary, Grass-types, and has Haze to work around Substitute. But sadly, I don't think it is worthy of reaching the top 20s when there are so many threats and walls in the tier (Amoonguss and Alomomola being the top ones).
  3. DTC

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    May 8, 2011
    I'm a Weezing fan but... look at the top (20) Pokemon. What does Weezing beat?

    Matchups against top 20 pokemon; fairly long (open)
    Cinccino -- Weezing takes 41-50% by Life Orb Tail Slap, Cinccino's main STAB attack. It's a solid check, but not a counter because Weezing loses if it's weakened a bit. Choice Band Cinccino does 49-58% to Weezing.

    Amoonguss -- Weezing does beat Amoonguss if it's already used Spore, but so do many other Pokemon. Many other Pokemon also have much more offensive prowess than Weezing.

    Gardevoir -- Gardevoir can switch in and OHKO Weezing.

    Absol -- Weezing beats this, but if Absol gets a Swords Dance up, Weezing has trouble against Absol. There are two luck instances where Weezing can be beaten by Absol: 1) Will-o-Wisp missing 2) Night Slash's 25% chance of critting

    Golurk -- Weezing counters Golurk.

    Alomomola -- Weezing does do well against Alomomola, but it can always get burned by Scald.

    Emboar -- Emboar can switch in and KO Weezing. Also can use Weezing as Substitute bait.

    Armaldo -- Not particularly difficult to beat, but Weezing counters this.

    Sawk -- Weezing counters this.

    Miltank -- Weezing can beat Miltank 1 vs 1.

    Exeggutor -- Exeggutor easily OHKO's Weezing with Psychic and isn't OHKO'd by Sludge Bomb.

    Braviary -- Weezing can't even check Choice Band or Life Orb Braviary because it's easily 2HKO'd by Brave Bird. SubBU Braviary uses Weezing as set up bait.

    Eelektross -- Weezing beats physical variants but gets destroyed by special.

    Skuntank -- Weezing loses to Skuntank 1 on 1 because Skuntank can Taunt it.

    Ludicolo -- Ludicolo isn't OHKO'd by Sludge Bomb and Ludicolo 2HKO's with Hydro Pump.

    Altaria -- Weezing loses to the most common variant, Choice Specs. It beats Dragon Dance variants though.

    Golem -- Weezing beats this, not particularly hard to defeat though.

    Musharna -- Musharna uses Weezing as set up bait.

    Samurott -- Special Samurott easily defeats Weezing. Physical Samurott loses unless it has Lum Berry.

    Haunter -- Haunter uses Weezing as set up bait.

    Overall, it does pretty well. However, there are a few things you must note: 1) The Pokemon that Weezing doesn't beat tend to be threatening Pokemon that are able to take advantage of Weezing's presence. 2) Weezing doesn't have reliable recovery. 3) Weezing relies on Will-o-Wisp hitting for it to beat most of the Pokemon that it can check. 4) There are quite a few other really good Poison-types in the tier and you don't want to use more than one Poison-type on most teams (unless one of the Poison-types is Skuntank) otherwise you will be too weak to the omnipresent Psychic-types. 5) Quite a few of the Pokemon Weezing can beat can beat Weezing if they use a certain set. I'd say 40 is a good spot for it, maybe a little higher, but top 20 is a bit much. There are so many other viable Pokemon in the tie to use. Offensive SubSplit Weezing is pretty cool, but it's much less reliable at beating Pokemon such as Sawk.

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