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NU Teambuilding

Discussion in 'BW NU' started by DTC, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. FLCL

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    Mar 14, 2010
    I've been using this set on the ladder and it's actually really good except for Fire Blast misses. It's even gotten some sweeps against unprepared people. Props for finding a viable spinner in NU!
  2. Incon


    May 23, 2012
    What i have here is my orgasmic revenge killer set. I posted originally in Project Neverused, but since its gotten good feedback i decided to post it here. So here it is... Choice scarf Tauros.

    Tauros @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Intimidate
    Evs: 4hp/ 252Atk/ 252Spd
    Adamant Nature

    Retaliate/ Double Edge
    Stone Edge/ Zen Headbutt

    Role: Revenge Killer

    What it does: Well, to put it simply, it revenge kills. After one of his teammates faints, he can come in and retaliate full force. Tauros' great 110 base speed equipped with a scarf allows him to outspeed the entire, non scarfed tier which lets him easily deal with speedy threats such as Cincinno and Swellow. Intimidate is used to give Tauros pseudo bulk and makes switching in easier. I prefer to use an adamant nature because he doesn't need the speed boost from a jolly nature and the extra attack helps to nab some extra kills. Tauros has a great base 100 attack stat, so he is hitting really hard while outspeeding mostly everyone. Retaliate is the main move on this set as it basically Ohko's any offensive mon after stealth rock damage after a teammate has fainted. Double Edge is only slashed because Retaliate currently doesn't work on PS! and that is the best alternative, however it is far less powerful and the recoil damage sucks. Return is on this set for reliable damage in case you don't need the Retaliate boost. The rest of the moves are basically filler. Stone edge or Zen headbutt are the only way to hit ghost types. Stone edge has a higher base power but zen headbutt hits Haunter for super effective damage. Earthquake is to hit rock and steel types that otherwise wall this set.

    Good Teamates: Tauros can fit basically on any team in need of a revenge killer. His attributes already mentioned make him a great addition but there are some mons that help this set to its full potential. Golurk or Gurdurr are great partners as they can destroy the Steel and Rock types that wall Tauros' stab moves, while Golurk is immune to fighting attacks that Tauros is weak to. Skuntank or Absol is a great partner to trap those pesky ghosts that Tauros struggles against.

    What counters it: Well i've mentioned that Rock, steel, and ghosts types give this set trouble. Probopass and Bastiodon can easily shake off a boosted Retaliate, forcing Tauros to switch out. Haunter and Misdreavus are little bitches that are immune to his stab moves as well as earthquake, only being hit by stone edge/zen headbutt. The latter can burn Tauros with Will-O-Wisp which ruins this set, but you're dumb if you stay in. Finally, mons with great physical bulk, particularly the Regen core can be tough to deal with. Tauros cant ohko either of them and they can just switch out to heal off the damage. They can also hit back with status moves that greatly cripple this set, so watch out for that.

    Additional Info: I think this is an original set that i first poste in project neverused. Everyone should use it! Retaliate doesn't work on PS! last time i checked, so be wary of that. And yes, I said orgasmic.
  3. ebeast

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    Aug 21, 2011
    Ninetales is sadly tucked away safely under the blankets of OU, so no Drought support for poor old Zard. As for Outrage, you should never use it on a Pokemon that doesn't get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) because otherwise you're locked in for 3 turns with a weaker attack. The reason Outrage is good is because for Dragon-types it is hitting neutral targets much much harder and their coverage such as Earthquake or Low kick are hitting the Steel-type Pokemon hard enough. (Think Probopass, Lairon, and Klang)

    While I'm talking about Charizard I might as well post my own set on here:

    Charizard (F) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Blaze
    EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Roost
    - Fire Blast
    - Air Slash
    - Substitute / Hidden Power [Grass]

    Role: Special Sweeper

    What it does: This is a bread-and-butter Charizard set, that imitates Moltres's trademark set to Charizard's fullest. It can either use SubRoost to take advantage of all of the switches it will force with its decent coverage and excellent power or use Hidden Power Grass to hit the Rock-type Pokemon that gives it trouble. Charizard is capable of breaking many Pokemon and cores down such as Alomomola + Amoonguss without much trouble thanks to its great base 109 Special Attack and Blaze ability that takes advantage of Charizard's LO recoil and Substitute spam. However, Charizard is not just another slow, but hard hitting Pokemon as it has an excellent base 100 Speed to take advantage of that allows it to outspeed many key Pokemon such as Zangoose, Haunter, and Rotom-S.

    Good Teammates: Charizard loves Spikes support as it lets it rack up free damage on the Rock-type Pokemon that can switch into Charizard (watch out for Champions Solrock and Lunatone though) For this job Cacturne actually pairs up quite nicely with it as Cacturne shares some decent type synergy with Charizard while even being capable of beating Rock-types that trouble Zard without having it rely on Spikes stacking. Special Samurott also pairs quite nicely with it as the main things that can trouble it, Regice and Ludicolo, and easily beaten by Charizard while Samu can return the favor and destroy any Golem or Regirock.

    What counters it: If not using HP Grass Rock-types such as Golem, Regirock, and Relicanth can take Charizard's attack and either retaliate with Rock-type attacks or set up Stealth Rock to cripple Zard on each switch in. When using HP Grass its checks/counters suddenly change right over to Probopass who can take a hit and Thunder Wave Charizard. When using Substitute Charizard could just Roost to prevent Probopass's Volt Switch from breaking the Sub so with that Probopass isn't much of a problem.

    Any Additional Info: Black Charizard is the only Charizard
  4. ChaoticaMortis


    Jun 24, 2011
    Incon, Choice Scarf Tauros has been posted in the Normal-types thread, project NU, and one of the NP threads iirc. Regardless, it's a good set and someone had to put it in here.

    EDIT: I think physical Charizard should go under "What not to use". Bellyzard is impossible to play unless you're up against someone that has no idea what they're doing, and any other physical version doesn't hit hard enough and relies on surprise value to be successful. Also, if you're going to be posting sets in this thread, make sure you've written more than one sentence, and make sure those sentences actually tell us why the Pokemon is good / bad.
  5. Elegy96


    Mar 18, 2011
    Illumise @ Damp/Heat Rock
    Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk) / Jolly Nature (+Spe, -Sp.A)
    -Rain Dance / Sunny Day
    -Thunder Wave
    -Bug Buzz/U-Turn

    Role: Support / Weather Setter

    What It Does: Leads a weather team and guarantees that weather is set up. As Ilumise has decent enough bulk (better than Volbeat) it can take any priority attack, as it is neutral or resistant to all (apart from Bullet Punch but nobody uses that). Encore forces switches by keeping a 'mon into a move such as Stealth Rock. Thunder Wave cripples sweepers that rely on speed such as Cincinno, whereas an attack stops you from being Taunt bait. I personally use Bug Buzz for power, but U-Turn gives you more momentum.

    Good Teammates: Obviously anything that benefits from the weather. In the rain sweepers like Ludicolo, Golduck, Beartic, Relicanth, Emolga, Swanna etc are all good choices, whereas in the sun go for Victreebel, Charizard, Vileplume, Emboar, etc. I don't play Sun so I can't help as much here. If you don't intend to sacrifice Illumise on Turn 1 then Rapid Spin support from the likes of Armaldo (or Torkoal on a sun team) is appreciated to stop her losing 25% of her health by switching in.

    What Counters It: While Illumise's bulk is decent it's by no means excellent. Anything carrying a decent super-effective attack can easily OHKO or 2HKO the firefly. Leads like Golem or Cincinno can do the trick, but watch out for Encore or Thunder Wave respectively.

    Additional Info: Many prefer Volbeat as it can pass Tail Glow, so keep that in mind as an option too. Personally I prefer Illumise due to her superior bulk (and cuteness)
  6. WhiteDMist

    WhiteDMist Path>Goal
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    Apr 3, 2010
    Elegy96, Illumise doesn't have superior bulk to Volbeat. Sure, she has the same SDef stat that Volbeat has in Def, but Bug is a better type when defending on the physical spectrum. Plus you EV spread doesn't even use Illumise's superior Special bulk to its advantage by investing in it. Illumise has no real use for significant Speed investment except to speed creep Volbeat after all, and Prankster makes sure she goes first most of the time regardless. You would also prefer a slower U-turn so that you can get in your weather sweeper safely. You should also mention that Substitute and Baton Pass are also good options for the last two slots, if not the better options (all are outclassed by Volbeat most of the time though).
  7. Sweet Jesus

    Sweet Jesus Neal and Jack and me, absent lovers...

    Apr 22, 2012
    In fact, volbeat and illumise have the same stats defenisvely and only differenciate with thier attack stats. The other difference is in the movepool, but competitively speaking, it's only wish vs tail glow and a stronger u-turn.

    (why did it have to be wish, healing wish illumise would have been really cool)

    That set is decent btw, I've already used similar. You can also try to find place for roost somewhere.
  8. A Critical Hit

    A Critical Hit

    Sep 4, 2012

    I use Skuntank on my team and while he can't take an HP Ground very well (Musharna usually carried it), let alone EQ, he's very useful for taking on the psychics and ghosts. Disable Gengar get's a special mention, really annoying to deal with that set. That's why i put him on my team. He laughs at Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball.

    Maybe that's why he dropped? The EQ weakness?

    I am still bad to making teams though, in fact i am horrible at making that perfect team that goes 100 w 10 L but Skuntank was there when i needed him. I seriously need this threads help for NU. I thought OU had a ton of things to keep track of lol.
  9. ebeast

    ebeast she's probably sexting nprtprt
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    Aug 21, 2011
    It's always been weak to Ground-type attacks (obviously) so that was definitely not the main reason why it dropped in usage as it was always supported by a Ground-type immunity or resist. With the dropping of Golurk though, Stuntank had to deal with another Ghost-type that it couldn't necessarily switch into safely. (The other being SubDisable AcroBlimp) Not only would a Sucker Punch / Crunch not kill a full health 172 HP Golurk, but Skuntank at that point would be taken down by Earthquake or take massive damage from everything CB Golurk uses other than Shadow Punch. Even so, I feel like Skuntank usage should have been at an all time high due to Shadow Tag Gothitelle being released and Musharna being the massive threat that it has always been.
  10. Elegy96


    Mar 18, 2011
    @Liechi Berry
    Adamant Nature
    -Substitute / Endure
    -Baton Pass
    -X Scissor

    Role: Baton Passer

    What It Does: Well, it Baton Passes. Very well. Stall as long as it deems safe with Protect/Sub/Endure, get Liechi Berry to activate if need be, and pass out. Either to be used as a lead, as part of a baton pass chain, or mid-game, to give some vital speed to a slower sweeper. X-Scissor prevents him from being Taunt bait.

    Partners: If being used as part of a baton pass chain, then Mr. Mime, Mawile and Musharna are all great partners to rack up Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance and Iron Defense boosts. Good BP recipients include Octillery and Marowak. If being used mid-game, then Rapid Spin support from the likes of Armaldo or Torkoal is vital for Ninjask's survivability.

    Counters: Rock Blast. Pokemon such as Golem, Garbodor, or Armaldo can blast Ninjask out of the sky given a chance. Phasing is the best way to stop Ninjask from creating an unstoppable Baton Pass chain, so Roar and Whirlwind users would be good choices. Watch out for Suction Cups/Soundproof pokemon, though. Clear Smog and Haze are good to stop Boosts accumulating, so Amoonguss would be a good option.
  11. Annoyer

    Annoyer =)~

    Apr 3, 2012
    18:17 Yoshi annoyer there is something wrong
    18:17 Yoshi with your pokemon teambuilding submission
    18:17 Yoshi that pokemon is not golbat
    18:17 Yoshi it's batman

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    Golbat @ Eviolite
    Trait: Inner Focus
    EVs: 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SpD
    Impish Nature
    - Brave Bird
    - Roost
    - Taunt
    - Super Fang / Toxic

    Role: Stallbreaker

    What it does: Golbat is an amazing stallbreaker due to it's unique typing, good defenses boosted by Eviolite, a high speed and a great movepool. It can outstall many threats such as Alomomola and Lickilicky with a combination of Taunt+Roost+Super Fang/Toxic. Brave Bird allows Golbat to deal a good chunk of damage to mons such as Amoonguss while also chipping their HP away. It's immunity to Toxic helps it a lot in stalling out key threats. It's 4x resistances to Fighting, Grass, and Bug moves gives it multiple opportunities to switch in during a match.

    Good Teammates: Rocks limit Golbat's walling capabilities so spinners such as Armaldo are appreciated. Armaldo can also take out the Psychic-types that harm Golbat with STAB X-Scissor. Toxic Spikes alleviate the need for Toxic but most Toxic Spikes users are Poison-types and stacking Psychic weaknesses is unadvised. Omanyte is one of the good Toxic Spikes users to be paired with Golbat since it's weakness to Grass-type moves are resisted by Golbat. Probopass has excellent synergy with Golbat as well.

    What counters it: Steel-types put a stop to Golbat's plan as they resist Brave Bird and are immune to Toxic. Pokemon with super-effective moves such as Psychic, Electric, Ice, and Rock-types can usually put a stop to Golbat, but beware of Roost as it negates the last three weaknesses listed when Golbat goes first. Powerful attacks will take a big toll on Golbat as it will have a hard time Roosting off the damage. Stealth Rocks will always be a thorn in Golbat's side as it strips away 25% of its health.

    Any Additional Info: Whirlwind for phazing. U-turn for switch advantage. BATMAN

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