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Gen 5 NU Viability Rankings 2.0

Discussion in 'Ruins of Alph' started by Raseri, May 26, 2013.

  1. Brawlfest

    Brawlfest Dat Blast is Literal Cancer
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    Aug 29, 2013
    Can we consider Seismitoad for Low S Rank? Simply put, it can fullfill many roles, and every one it does well. Like Ludicolo, it is a very potent rain dance sweeper, but it also outspeeds and can revenge kill some other RD Sweepers. It sets up stealth rocks reliably for Defensive and Offensive teams, as its got both respectably offenses and defenses it can toss around. On top of this, it has other unique niche sets such as SubToxic, one of the best stallbreakers in the current meta, walling pokemon such as Alomomola to hell and back, rendering them useless to teams which cannot pull wins against such.

    Overall, Seismitoads ability to fulfill every one of its niches to its fullest capability, having a rather wide movepool, great stats, and pretty amazing typing by NU standards makes it one of NU's key pokemon offensively and defensively, and should definitely be considered for S rank!
  2. tennisace

    tennisace Tastes like farm league drama
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    Dec 16, 2007
    Can we not separate S-rank again please there's still no point in differentiating tiers of 2-3 mons, and if a Pokemon is that far below what you would consider top S that you have to call it "low S" then it's really just a high A mon.
  3. Kanwe


    Nov 2, 2013
    I'd like to nominate Rotom-Fan for Low A-Rank. It has a balance of bulk and power, as well as a base speed that puts it ahead of the common base 85 mons such as Sawk and Braviary. Its scarf set is much more viable with the banning of Jynx and it has access to Trick, allowing it cripple something for the rest of the battle. Its E-Belt set can throw off ground types like Seismitoad and deal major damage with a Hidden Power Grass. It also can run a fairly effective Defensive set, with access to both Discharge and Will-o-Wisp for team support. All in all Rotom-Fan is a very good mon this meta, and can threaten a sizable portion of the tier thanks to its typing, bulk, and versatility.
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