Gen 5 NU Viability Rankings 2.0


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is a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus's been years since I've ever been in a BW discussion thread.

Anyways, on to some discussion points for ranking changes.

I believe I nominated this well over a year ago but I might as well bring it up again since it's relevant now. I think Gardevoir is easily one of the best Psychic-types in NU right now, especially post Jynx+Scolipede meta. It should definitely be up there in somewhere in the A Ranks, probably in Mid A or High A (kind of leaning towards the latter). It is an incredibly versatile threat and there is so much this thing can do well. It is the strongest offensive Psychic-type available and with a wide movepool of options that allow it to make use of excellent coverage and power, and in addition to having support moves like Will-O-Wisp and coverage which allows it to screw around with some of its potential answers such as Skuntank and Mandibuzz, as it can burn both with Will-O-Wisp and possibly use Thunderbolt to hit Mandibuzz decently hard. It has strong coverage options and has all the coverage it needs to hit many things hard, and its Speed is also alright by NU standards. It also has a lot of cool ways to work like Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, and more. Definitely a top mon imo and deserves to be in the higher A Ranks because it's rightfully top tier.

Also looking at recent trends I looked at, Garbodor seems to be used a lot. Well, 5th Gen NU has always been a tier where Spikes are strong, so I guess Garbodor could use a move up. It's a good bulky Spiker and it sets up both Spikes and Toxic Spikes really effectively. Not to mention that with its typing, it can check Sawk using Close Combat, and Rocky Helmet and Aftermath can be a pain. That's basically all I have to say about it, considering NU has always been a Spikes strong tier a move up for garbage bag could definitely be worth it.

Well that's all I have for now...this tier is a dead tier but I think it's still worth discussing, and this thread needs a lot of changes imo since the meta has shifted a lot post Jynx/Scolipede ban even though it died with 6th Gen around. Although a few things: I'm not sure of Probopass is really an A- mon anymore, it should probably drop, Roselia could probably rise, Duosion in Mid C is silly, Skuntank could use a nice jump considering Gardevoir is relevant again, Shadow Tag is gay and Gothorita is an ugly shit and a few more.
I made some changes
Musharna down From S to Mid A
Garbodor from Low A to Top A
Probopass from Low A to Top B
Gardevoir from Top B to Mid A
Gothorita from Mid B to Top B
Duosion from Mid C to Top B (might move it higher but want discussion)
Electabuzz from Low B to Top B
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wartortle should be higher, it's the only good spinner in the tier. if you run spdef you can check charizard and special samurott and beat most spinblockers. should be like a- considering how dominant garbodor is

and no idea why the rotoms are so low they are so good!!
i'd love to see garbodor banned. i really enjoy the bwnu meta, but i hate the fact that once spikes go up they're generally there to stay. garbodor is the main culprit of this, pretty much getting free turns on any passive pokemon that doesn't have a strong ground or psychic stab. switching is such a vital part of pokemon, and the fact that the tier doesn't have adequate resources to deal with punishing switches (ie hazard removers are absolute balls) leads me to believe that the correct step towards improving the meta would be to get rid of garbodor.


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Hazards in BW2 NU just ruin the meta. I mean I played a lot in the Scolipede + Jynx meta and while Scoli may have been the best hazard setter before it was banned, but Garbador was still amazing at checking CB Sawk (which is another problem...) with Rocky Helmet + Aftermath and that it can beat out most spinners with Gunk Shot poisoning and them getting chipped with Rocky Helmet. Chip damage is so crucial in this meta due to the fact that we have so much powerful hitters in Solar Power Charizard and CB Sawk, and its really overwhelming to deal with them due to switching being so detrimental in this meta. Garbador just warps the meta around it, so I agree that we should suspect it.

Edit: Shadow Tag is also dumb
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