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To the people writing stories (mainly Terrador, Blaze and Maxie, though there are probably others), try to put a full blank line between paragraphs, it makes the story much, much easier to read.
Nobody answered me... I want to do a new run and a story of it, but I'm not sure what game to play. Thinking gen 4 but I've never played any of them (Including HGSS) so any suggestions for the specific game?
@ironman i do use full lines but since i cant continue but i am going with a White nuzlocke will post when got and started
@Zarco go with any you wish i find all of them the same level of diffulcity so go and lead with your heart or something cheesy like that
So, here be a report of my Black Nuzlocke.

- Only the first pokemon encountered (Durr)
- Release fainted pokes immediately
- Only use found/recieved healing items, no revives

Its a beautiful day, leaves are falling off the trees (yeah so my clock is still in fall, sue me) and a woman with a turd for hair barges into my house, depositing three pokemon in my room before buzzing off. Fun for all, me picking Oshawott, naming it Khan. Khan and me are gonna RULE DA WORLD...right.
So first I gotta whoop my two friends who got introduced to me five seconds earlier...and naturally I beat the crap out of them, Khan is king, but also a bit calm.
So after a visit to Professor Turdhair, we go to Route one where we get told how to catch Pokemon. After that little show and getting a bunch of balls, time to catch our first...and I get a rather Serious Patrat, who I call Splatrat (To catch the reference, watch Hot Fuzz). With Splatrat in tow, we head to Accumula, where we whupp some guy named N's Purrloin. Splatrat grows to LV 6 and we go on, off to Route 2. Getting called by mom, who's a grand total of 10 feet behind me. RUNNING SHOES GET.
First poke at Route 2...another Patrat. This one LV 6 so CATCH...and it turns out to be Jolly. Named him Twinsplat.
With Twinsplat in tow I make a near-fatal error; forgetting about Bianca by the end of Route 2. Twinsplat and Khan barely survive her Lilipup, but then Khan one-shots Tepig. Cool dude.
On to Striaton. Once there I first head to the Dreamyard, where I pick up my fiery monkey, naming him McToasteh. Naughty lil fella. Then, off to the trainer school, where McToasteh violates Snivy, and Purrloin is Twinsplat fodder.
Now, I'm preparing to go to the first gym.

LV10 Khan, the Serious Oshawott
LV10 Twinsplat, the Jolly Patrat
LV11 McToasteh, the Naughty Pansear

LV6 Splatrat, the Serious Patrat


And naturally it ends at Striaton...
Lilipup used Bite
Khan flinched
Lilipup used Bite
Khan flinched
Lilipup used Bite
Khan fainted
Lilipup used Bite
Twinsplat flinched
etcetera etcetera. Wankers.
Smogon is ALIVE! :D Just in time for me to post Part 4 of Flamestrike's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge!
Link to HeartGold Challenge (Final update, link to other updates are there)
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3

The next day, Brandon decided to investigate the forest to the north, only to find the same two grunts guarding the path in. He knew speaking with them was futile and while he could challenge them they probably wouldn’t accept, so he decided to head out east. As he stepped onto the route, he noticed a battle up ahead. A woman was using a Purugly against a man’s Drifloon. As he approached, he saw the Purugly dispatch the Drifloon with a quick Faint Attack. He saw the woman talking, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying. Suddenly, three more of those Galactic grunts emerged from the Windworks behind the woman. Without warning, they brought the man into the building and shut the door, leaving one grunt outside. Just as he went to investigate, a little girl ran up to him bawling. “Th-they took my daddy!” she wailed. Brandon realized she may know what was going on. “Was that your dad with the Drifloon?” he asked. “Y-yes. Daddy is the only one who knows how to run the Windworks, so th-they must have taken him for that!” she sobbed. Brandon looked over again. On one hand, he would be putting his Pokemon at an unnecessary risk, but at the same time he couldn’t just let these people do whatever they wanted. “Ok, I’m going to get your dad out of there, just stay put!”
“Oh, thank you, thank you!” Though she was still sobbing, she now at least had a smile on her face.

The grunt guarding the door noticed Brandon approaching, Cloud ready to fight right behind him. “You look strong,” he sneered, “but you don’t have a key to get in this place!” Before Brandon could stop him, he ran inside and locked the door. Brandon could hear him yell from inside, “Haha! Good luck getting in here now!” The door was made of steel, so Brandon knew asking him Pokemon to break through it was useless. Sighing, he headed back to the little girl, hoping she’d have a key. She told him that her dad had only one key and that he kept it on him, but that there was a second key that was kept inside the Windworks. Brandon remembered the two grunts guarding the forest, and wondered if perhaps they would have it. He headed over to the forest and found the way in was no longer blocked, so he cautiously entered. Inside, he found the two grunts harassing another man. Brandon quickly ran over. “Hey, leave him alone!” The grunts turned to face him. “Well we were just going to grab some honey from this guy and leave, but since you’ve decided to stick your nose into our business we’ll have to teach you a lesson as well!”

The two battles were over quick, as neither grunt had Pokemon that could even come close to the strength of Brandon’s. They ran off, and Brandon asked the man if he was ok. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for the help with those goons. As a reward, you can have some of my Honey!” Brandon took the jar, tempted to eat some of the sweet honey within but knowing he was better off using it to catch Pokemon later. Then he noticed something shining on the ground. Reaching down to pick it up, he realized it was a key. He read the inscription on the side. “Works key,” he said aloud. “Oh, that must be a key for the Windworks!” the man exclaimed. “I wonder how those goons got a hold of that…” Brandon knew, and he knew that he was going to deal with them. But first, he needed to train. That woman looked tough, and Brandon had no intention of underestimating her.

Brandon sighed. He was almost done training; unfortunately, things were getting heated between his Pokemon. He was preparing to train Tifa, and behind him he could hear plenty of bickering between the others. Ramza, Cloud and Barrett were all arguing about something, and Agrias had yet again blown up at Lightning, who continued to simply ignore the Budew. As he searched for a wild Pokemon for Tifa to fight, he wondered if he needed to step in. Suddenly, a Buizel jumped out at them. Brandon paused. Obviously Tifa didn’t match up well against the Water-type, but at the same time his other Pokemon were most likely too busy fighting to want to help. In retrospect Brandon would realize that he should have withdrew Tifa and forced one of the others to stop fighting and help. Unfortuantely, he was impatient with the others and figured that Tifa could handle it. After all, they didn’t even always use Water Gun, their only Water-type attack, and even if he did Tifa could probably take one; she was much stronger than it was. “Tifa, Rock Smash!” Tifa moved toward the Buizel, fist raised. Sensing danger, Buizel suddenly unleashed a Water Gun. It smashed into Tifa, sending her flying back a few feet, crashing into the ground. “NO!” Brandon yelled, running to his Pokemon. The sudden yell startled the others, who all dropped their arguments in hopes of figuring out what had happened. They saw Brandon on the ground, holding Tifa in his arms, and nervously approached, not sure what had happened, though quickly realizing something was wrong. Brandon knew as soon as he picked her up.

“Sh-she’s dead, guys.”

The five remaining Pokemon just stood there, shellshocked. Much to the surprise of everyone, it was Lightning who first reacted, showing emotion for possibly the first time since evolving. Without a word from Brandon, who was sobbing over Tifa’s body, Lightning ran over to the Buizel, confused as to what had happened. Before it could react, Lightning bit into it hard, shook it viciously then tossed it against a nearby tree. Ramza quickly restrained the furious Luxio before she killed the poor thing, and it crawled away. But the damage was done. “I’m s-so stupid,” he sobbed, punching the ground for emphasis. “Why would I fucking do that? Why would I leave her in on a Water-type? Fuck!” He was startled out of his rant by a familiar voice. “Oh my God Brandon! What happened to your Geodude?” He wheeled around to find Dawn standing behind him, clearly concerned. “She’s dead because I decided to be an idiot,” he replied bitterly, wiping a tear away from his eye. “What do you mean? Pokemon don’t die in Pokemon battles. How could you have done something wrong?” Brandon sighed. He had to tell her. “Let’s give Tifa a proper funeral first, then I’ll explain everything.”

They buried Tifa in the Ravaged Path. Brandon figured it was the most suitable place seeing as it was a cave just like where Tifa had come from. He and Dawn were now at the Pokemon Center. “So, what’s going on?” Dawn asked. “Just give me a second.” He pulled out three Pokeballs. However, Dawn noticed that one of them was actually a Great Ball, a ball that only more advanced trainers could get. “Wait, where did you-“ Dawn began to ask, but was interrupted when Brandon let out the three Pokemon. The first was one Dawn already knew, the Togekiss that Brandon had brought from Jotho. The other two were far bigger. The first was somewhat humanoid-like, with yellow and brown coloring and a long moustache, and it held two spoons. Dawn quickly recognized it as an Alakazam. The other was also humanoid, but it was grey and had four extremely muscular arms. The Machamp flexed his muscles as he stood there. Brandon smiled despite himself seeing his old friends for the first time since he left Jotho. “Hey guys, nice to see you again. Dawn, you’ve met Matty already. This is Tyler,” he said, pointing to Alakazam, “and this is Houston,” now pointing to the Machamp. “So are these the Pokemon you used to become Champion?” Dawn asked. “They look really strong, but it must have been hard with just three.”
“Oh, I had six,” Brandon responded. “Well, where are the others?” came the reply. “That actually has a lot to do with what happened to Tifa…” Brandon explained everything. He told her about the Challenge and the rules it entailed, and all the losses he endured in Jotho, from losing Corey in his very first battle to watching Jill fall valiantly against Red, knowing that the rest of her friends would be safe. By the end, Brandon was sobbing and Dawn had teared up. “I have to become Champion of every region to end this Challenge,” he continued, “and I promised myself I wouldn’t let anyone die. And then, and then I go and be a fucking IDIOT and let Tifa die for no fucking good reason!” Brandon broke down crying, burying his head in his lap. He expected Matty to fly over to his shoulder and coo reassuringly as he always did when Brandon was having a hard time. Instead, he was surprised when a pair of human-sized arms wrapped around him.

“Shhh, it’s ok. You made a mistake, like any other Trainer could. It’s sad, yes. But more than anything, it’s unfair that this has to happen to you. And the only way to right this wrong is to keep going.” Brandon looked up and found Dawn hugging him. She continued, “Tifa was a fighter, and she would be sad if you just gave up because of a mistake. For that matter, what about all of your Pokemon from Jotho? They all died to help you, so you can’t just stop and let all that go to waste.”
“You’re right, it’s just, ugh. It’s so hard, knowing that the slightest mistake means you lose a dear friend.” He stood up. “Thanks Dawn. It actually feels really good having someone to talk to about all this.” Wiping a tear from his eye, he grabbed the five Pokeballs on his belt containing his current team. He released them into the room, one by one. Ramza and Cloud were subdued and Barrett was visibly upset about the loss of his dear friend. However, it was Lightning and Agrias that surprised Brandon the most. Lightning didn’t just flop over and not pay attention like she usually did when he called out the entire team. Instead she stretched, a serious look on her face. When Agrias approached her, she snarled. Agrias backed off. She seemed a lot more timid; he knew that the old, adamant Agrias was still underneath, but she had clearly been rattled by Tifa’s death. Perhaps she would have more of a team-oriented attitude, Brandon thought. “Alright guys. We lost a friend today. I’m sorry to all of you. It was my fault she died, but we have to move on, and I hope you’ve all taken this as a lesson. This Challenge is deadly, and you guys can’t be arguing and fighting all the time. You need to be a team!” He directed their attention to the three bigger Pokemon behind him. “These three were with me for most of my journey in Jotho. They’re a lot stronger than you guys are right now, but soon you’ll be just as strong if not stronger than they are. But these guys are a team; they fight for each other, and even die for each other if necessary.” He paused to wipe a tear away, thinking again of the final battle with Red and the three that sacrificed themselves so the others could make it through. “That’s how you guys have to be; no matter what, you always have to be willing to help each other out. It’s going to be tough, and as much as I hate to say it we may suffer more casualties. But I have faith in you guys. We can do this. You guys with me?” All the Pokemon nodded, and Brandon smiled. “Cool.” He turned to Dawn. “Thanks again, but I have to get going now. I promised I’d help a little girl get her dad back.”
“Oh, was that why you were training in the first place?”
“Yeah, those Galactic idiots have locked themselves in the Windworks. I got the key from one of them, but one of their superiors is there and she looks tough. I wanted to make sure I was ready before I headed in. Of course now without Tifa that Purugly is going to be a lot tougher to take down.”
“Here, I’ll help you get ready.” They smiled at each other as Brandon withdrew all the Pokemon and then headed out.

Brandon stood in front of the Windworks, searching through his bag for the key. He and Dawn had learned that the woman, Mars, also had a Zubat which knew Toxic, a powerful poisoning move. Brandon wasn’t sure if any of his Pokemon would be able to take it down before getting poisoned, so he brought out Cid, the Onix he caught in Oreburgh Mine. He taught it Stealth Rock and trained it with Dawn’s help until it learned Rock Throw. Even though Stealth Rock would do nothing against Zubat, it would help against Purugly, and with Rock Throw and a Pecha Berry to ward away poison it could take down Zubat with little risk. He didn’t plan on using the Onix after this, so he figured that if he could let anything get poisoned it was Cid, as annoyed as he was with himself for thinking like that. Dawn had stayed behind in Floraroma Town; she wasn’t sure if she’d be much help against the grunts, and even though he was sure she could take care of herself, he didn’t want to risk her getting hurt somehow. Having finally found the key, he opened the door and went in.

Immediately he was met by grunts who wanted to battle. Before he could choose who he wanted to use, Lightning jumped out of her ball. She made quick work of all of the grunts Pokemon with little input from Brandon, learning Spark in the process. Finally he got her to return before facing Mars. Preparing Cid’s Pokeball, he stepped up to her. “Why hello there, I take it you’re the one messing up our plans?” she said. “Yeah, and I’d advise you leave before I mess your Pokemon up as well.”
“Ha, big words, let’s see if you can back them up! Go, Zubat!” Brandon responded in kind. “Go, Cid!” The Pokeball revealed the giant rock snake, whose head nearly touched the ceiling. Mars didn’t flinch from the unexpected size of Brandon’s Pokemon though, and quickly gave the first command. “Zubat, Toxic!” The Zubat gathered a purple poisonous substance in its mouth and spat it at Cid. However, Cid quickly ate its Pecha Berry, and was perfectly fine. Brandon gave his own command. “Good job, now use Stealth Rock!” Cid summoned a bunch of small floating stones, which surrounded Zubat but didn’t touch her. “Haha, what a useless attack!” Mars laughed. “Zubat, Leech Life!” The bat Pokemon flew over to the Onix and tried to suck some life out of it, but Cid’s hardened exterior made it almost impossible. “What was that about useless attacks? Cid, finish it with Rock Throw!” Cid broke a piece of wall away to use as a rock and tossed it at the Zubat, crushing it against the wall and fainting it in one it.

Scowling, Mars called it back. “Yeah, well that wasn’t even my strongest! Go, Purugly!” The ugly cat Pokemon came out and growled menacingly at the larger Onix, but was interrupted as it was struck by the Stealth Rock Cid had set up earlier. Brandon knew this wasn’t Cid’s fight, so he decided to call him back. “Go, Cloud!” he called, and his Staravia came in, intimidating the Purugly. “Purugly, hit it with a Fake Out!” The quick blow caught Cloud off-guard, but he was ready to respond. “Cloud, Wing Attack!” Cloud smacked Purugly with an outstretched wing, but the cat Pokemon shook off the blow. “Purugly, Faint Attack!” Purugly suddenly disappeared, and when it reappeared it was behind Cloud, hitting it with a paw imbued with Dark energy before the Staravia even had a chance to respond. Brandon could see that even with Intimidate lowering Purugly’s attack Cloud wouldn’t want to take many more of those, and a critical hit could potentially seal his fate. Playing it safe, he decided to switch. As Mars called for another Faint Attack, Brandon recalled Cloud and sent out Barrett, who took the Dark-type attack easily. Mars wouldn’t relent, and called for a Scratch, while Brandon called for a Karate Chop. Purugly managed to connect first, but Barrett was unphased, and landed a massively strong Karate Chop square on Purugly’s forehead. The blow sent her flying back, and she struggled to get up. “End it Barrett, Karate Chop one more time!” Before Purugly could recover from the previous attack, Barrett was upon her again, and this time his chop knocked her out.

Mars recalled her Pokemon. “A shame, but it matters not.” Just then a scientist walked up to her and whispered in her ear. “Ah, it seems we are done here anyway,” she said. “We have all the electricity we need.”
“Need for what?” Brandon asked. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Mars sneered. “Know this. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of me, and it sure as hell isn’t the last you’ve seen of Team Galactic. Next time we meet I WILL crush you.” Before Brandon could react, the scientist released an Abra, which teleported the pair away. Brandon sighed, then noticed a man bound and gagged in the corner. He quickly ran over to help him. “Oh thank you!” the man said after he was freed. Just then the little girl ran in. “DADDY!” she screamed, running to give her dad a huge hug. “I’m so glad to see you honey,” he replied. At that moment, despite all the hell he went through to help out, Brandon was extremely glad he did.

A while later, Brandon returned to the Pokemon Center after receiving multiple thank yous from the family. Heading up to his room, he found Dawn waiting for him. “How did it go?” she asked. “It went well,” Brandon replied. “My strategy worked out great and Lightning also got a lot stronger fighting the grunts.”
“That’s awesome! I have some more good news too!” She was smiling from ear to ear. “I figured out what I’m going to do!”
“Great! What is it?”
“I’m going to go with you!” Brandon was speechless. He hadn’t wanted to bring her to the Windworks in case something happened to her, and now she wanted to go with him? Before he could retort, she continued. “I know I’m not the best trainer, but I’m better than you think, and I’m sure you could use the company.”
“Are you sure?” he asked. “It’s going to be tough. We’ll be fighting Team Galactic a lot, and you’ll get just as attached to my Pokemon as I do, so if something happens to one of them…”
“I’ll be fine. I know it’ll be tough, but this is a way for me to get stronger and help out.”
“Alright then.” Brandon smiled. “Glad to have you along.” Dawn smiled back. “Glad to be along,” she replied, giving him a hug. “I’ll head back to my room to get some sleep. Meet you tomorrow morning outside the Windworks?” she asked. “Works for me,” he replied. They said their goodbyes, and Dawn left. Somehow, despite losing a friend, this day turned out better than expected.

Ramza the level 18 Monferno: Hardy nature
-Mach Punch
Ramza has redoubled his efforts to unite the team in the wake of Tifa's death, and it has been mostly successful. Cloud, Barrett, and himself have become fast friends, and they all get along well enough with Agrias now as well, though Ramza still hopes to make it a group of four rather than a group of three plus an extra. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts to connect with her, Lightning continues to push everyone else away.

Cloud the level 19 Staravia: Brave nature
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack
Cloud blames himself for not being ready to take over for Tifa when she needed him to, even though it isn't his fault alone. He realizes now that everyone has their battles to fight, and as such he's made more of an effort to bond with Barrett, while also strengthening his bond with Ramza. He's also grown closer to Agrias, though Lightning pushes him away like she does the others.

Lightning the level 19 Luxio: Calm nature
Tifa's death quite possibly affected Lightning most of all the Pokemon. She now has a cold, no-nonsense attitude when training, and becomes downright vicious in battle, throwing all of her strength into destroying her enemies. While the attitude change is jumping from one extreme to the other, she has become a powerhouse in battle, especially now that she has an electric attack. Unfortunately, the change has also caused her to push away the rest of the team, particularly Agrias, who she still doesn't get along with at all.

Agrias the level 18 Budew: Adamant nature
-Mega Drain
-Stun Spore
Tifa's death shook Agrias, and she has been reconsidering her priorities. While she still puts an immense amount of effort into training, it's no longer solely to make herself better, but to be able to help the team more. The rest of the team has forgiven her for her old attitude and befriended her, except for Lightning, ironically enough. Despite the fact that now Lightning's attitude is closest to Agrias's, she still wants nothing to do with Agrias.

Barrett the level 19 Machop: Docile nature
-Low Kick
-Seismic Toss
-Karate Chop
Since Barrett was closest to Tifa, it's understandable that her death hurt Barrett more than the others. Barrett remains strong, however, and is determined to not let it be in vain by ensuring that the rest of the team remains safe. He has tightened his bond with both Ramza and Cloud, forming a power trio of sorts, and he and Agrias get along much better now that she is no longer concerned with only herself.

Vann the level 4 Bidoof: Modest nature
Orlandeau the level 5 Magikarp: Hardy nature
Cid the level 8 Onix: Hasty nature
Balthier the level 4 Zubat: Serious nature
Aqua the level 7 Buizel: Lax nature

Tifa the level 15 Geodude: Modest nature
-Rock Throw
-Rock Polish
-Rock Smash
Tifa, much like Jill before her, seemed to be growing into the mother role of the group, keeping everyone in line and always being ready to throw herself into action to keep her friends safe. Unfortunately, while training I made the crucial mistake of leaving her in to take on a Buizel, and a critical hit Water Gun sealed her fate. RIP.
This update was going to go all the way to Eterna, which is where I am now (hence the high levels), but the story stuff made it really long and I didn't want to stretch it any further. Of course I had to lose a Pokemon to a stupid mistake, but c'est la vie. If all goes well I'll have another update posted next week.

With 3 of my 4 Pokemon weak against LAVIR's Pidgeotto, FLYAWAY would need some serious training before this battle. Close call after close call... but eventually, FLYAWAY reached Lv. 20 and I knew we would be ready.

I set off in search of my rival, and turned for FLYAWAY. But the Spearow had gone. In its place, a Fearow. It had evolved! Goodbye, LAVIR. I set off, my four pokemon in tow.

"Hey, Futachimaru," I heard from ahead of me, "or should I say Futa-chimp-are-you?"

I sighed, and resigned myself to the fierce battle that lay ahead.

LAVIR's Pidgeotto came out, and I was feeling confident. Pidgeotto was doing almost no damage, and I knew my training had been worth it. 2 Pecks, 1 Pursuit and one fainted Pidgeotto.

Rattata was up next, and PIGNOSE would be supreme here. Karate Chop hit... Critically. Rattata went down.

I sent BUG EYED to take down his useless Abra and practice my techniques. PoisonPowder... oh man, I forgot Abra had Synchronise.

One Antidote later... Boomph, Abra was down.

Time to send in FLYAWAY again to take down the unevolved Charmander. It was no contest. 2HKO.

LAVIR plainly stated, "Hey, I got lucky with my Abra. You may think it's useless now, but you just wait... And Bill, I went to his house and I got loads of rare Pokemon on the Pokedex!"

I ignored him, but as he went, he threw a useless item at my feet. A Fame Checker. Hooray.


CRITTER the Male Ivysaur, Lv. 20
Tackle, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
Single-handedly stopped me wiping out at Misty

FLYAWAY the Male Fearow, Lv. 20
Peck, Growl, Pursuit, Fury Attack
Stopped me being wiped out in this battle with LAVIR

PIGNOSE the Female Mankey, Lv. 16
Mega Punch, Leer, Rock Tomb, Karate Chop
Really handy against all the Rattatas along the way

BUG EYED the Female Butterfree, Lv. 16
Harden, Confusion, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder
A strategy-based way to destroy your whole team

Remarkably, no-one yet.


-After beating Elesa I left Nimbasa City...
-Battle with Cheren at route 5:
Soloed by Ancient the Archen...Pluck ohkoed/2hkoed everyone apart from Tranquill who was beaten by 2 ancient powers...
-Killed the gothita or whatever it is called i met on route 5 with Ancient's pluck in an attempt to catch it...
-Caught a Ducklett(lvl. 22) named Fartch'd at the bridge as a backup HM slave...

-Reached Driftveil city where I easily cleared Team Plasma while Ancient, Smugleaaf and Azor were growing in levels...
-Started battling the gym trainers with Smugleaf and he learnt Leaf Blade just before the Gym Leader!
-Started the Gym Leader battle:
I lead with Smugleaf, he leads with Krokorok...
Leech seed while he bulldozes for a speed drop...Next turn he swaggers skyrocketing my attack but confuse hax kicks in...On the third turn he crunches me dealing a decent amount of damage while i leaf blade for the ko...
Next he switches in excadrill...I decide to risk and leave Smugleaf in while he rock slides leaving me with 7 hp remaining and flinching me! I replace Smugleaf with Burnt who takes the rock slide like a champ...Next turn he hone claws while I low sweep for a speed drop and big damage...Next turn he can't do anything to get away from a fatal low sweep...
Last comes in Palpitoad who is easily ohkoed from Smugleaf's Leaf blade...
The 5th gym badge is mine!


Smugleaf@Miracle Seed
Level 33
Leech Seed
Leaf Blade

Level 29
Work Up

Burnt@Amulet Coin
Level 27
Inner Focus
Work Up
Low Sweep

Level 32
Rock Polish
Rock Slide
Bug Bite

Level 30

Zooooobat the Woobat(lvl 12)
Pranky the Purloinn(lvl 9)
Shower the Panpour(lvl 12)
NoFag the Yamask(lvl 20)
Fartch'd the Ducklett(lvl 22)

Jay the Scraggy(lvl 19)
@Zarco go with any you wish i find all of them the same level of diffulcity so go and lead with your heart or something cheesy like that
K, thanks. HG/SS sounds fun, I'll look up the differences later and decide which. Also, I have to choose whether I want to make a log, or try my hand at an LP... (An LP sounds really fun but I'll probably end up doing a log unfortunately)

I know what rules I'll implement already so here they are:
-Only catch the first pokemon from each area (route, cave, etc.). Gift pokemon and in-game trades are exceptions, as are pokemon you meet before you have the dex/pokeballs.
-If a pokemon faints, it dies and is sent to the cemetery box. I've released them in the past but I think this will be better.
-Even though I'm playing on an emulator, I won't reset or use multiple save states (though I guess it kinda goes without saying)
-If I black/white out (can never remember which is in which games), I must end the run.
-I can only buy 1 pokeball from each mart, of the lowest grade available.
-I can never grind intentionally (I usually fight all trainers, but I might not in this run, and I won't run through grass to find a battle if I can help it)
-I may or may not make some kind of rule regarding items and potions not being used during "boss" fights (rivals, gym leaders, the actual E4 battles). Let me know what you think.
Ok guys, doing a black nuzlocke and I've just beaten the elite four, but I teleported away to grind a bit before N/Ghetis.
I lost two pokemon against the elite four, which left me with only 4 pokemon at a decent level: Slendy (Cofagrigus), Onion (Unfeasant), Statik (Galvantula) and Wickley (Chandelure).

Now for my question, what do you think I should train to the level of the others?
This is what I have left in my box: Ducklett, Alomomola, Zebstrika, Stunfisk, Golett, Herdier, Basculin and Durant.
Slim pickings I know, but there's a few doubles.

Also I was going to raise my Larvesta (for teh lulz) but it got crit by an Audino's take down at level 37 ;_;
Ok guys, doing a black nuzlocke and I've just beaten the elite four, but I teleported away to grind a bit before N/Ghetis.
I lost two pokemon against the elite four, which left me with only 4 pokemon at a decent level: Slendy (Cofagrigus), Onion (Unfeasant), Statik (Galvantula) and Wickley (Chandelure).

Now for my question, what do you think I should train to the level of the others?
This is what I have left in my box: Ducklett, Alomomola, Zebstrika, Stunfisk, Golett, Herdier, Basculin and Durant.
Slim pickings I know, but there's a few doubles.

Also I was going to raise my Larvesta (for teh lulz) but it got crit by an Audino's take down at level 37 ;_;
Probably just the Herdier into Stoutland. Plus you'll get Reshiram soon enough and that will make up for any slack in your team.
Yeah I forgot to say I was planning on using Reshiram.
I'm very worried about that Hydreigon though, hoping static can outspeed and Signal Beam him to death.
Ok guys, doing a black nuzlocke and I've just beaten the elite four, but I teleported away to grind a bit before N/Ghetis.
I lost two pokemon against the elite four, which left me with only 4 pokemon at a decent level: Slendy (Cofagrigus), Onion (Unfeasant), Statik (Galvantula) and Wickley (Chandelure).

Now for my question, what do you think I should train to the level of the others?
This is what I have left in my box: Ducklett, Alomomola, Zebstrika, Stunfisk, Golett, Herdier, Basculin and Durant.
Slim pickings I know, but there's a few doubles.

Also I was going to raise my Larvesta (for teh lulz) but it got crit by an Audino's take down at level 37 ;_;
i would opt for ducklett/swanna since it has access to stab fly/surf and herdier/stoutland since its return is enough to ko most foes...
but if it is not against your rules just use reshiram...
Ironman is correct. Hydreigon roflstomps Reshiram so hard it's not even funny. I doubt Galvantula will be able to OHKO as well...
Most definitely. When I got to Ghetsis, I had like no Ice moves so I hoped Reshiram would KO Ghetsis's fearsome dragon. It loldragonpulsed me to oblivion.

Best be prepared for that hax dragon.
i know i was in a similar position in my first run where i thought that zekrom can take a dragon pulse and hit back or scrafty can take another hit and ko with hi jump kick...
i was so wrong i am now pretty sure that this hydreigon is ev trained in sp.atk and speed with a modest nature and 31 ivs...
i can't explain it otherwise...
at least samurott knew megahorn and with a combination of megahorn and aqua jet the beast finally came down...
Yeah, Hydreigon is by far the most painful thing in the game. Galvantula and Scrafty are the two that I've had the best experience with against him (though not in Nuzlocke).

Galvantula outspeeds and hits with Signal Beam, putting him into KO range for someone else before getting slammed with Fire Blast and dying.

Scrafty's able to survive a hit before nailing him with HJK. Then he dies.

Also, it helped that I was only using 3 Pokemon throughout the game in these cases (Emboar/Galvantula/Krookodile and Serperior/Scrafty/Haxorus) so I was a couple of levels higher than Ghetsis's Pokemon.

In on-topic news:

My Sapphire playthrough randomly disappeared form my phone. Thoroughly pissed. My team was finally coming along as I was gearing up for the 6th badge.

Forge the Blaziken
Fury the Vibrava
Fizz the Tentacruel
Lupin the Sentret (A whopping lvl 9. Fuck yeah Pickup)

There were 3 losses that hurt.

Zephyr the Taillow - Died from some random crit early on, ruining my bird theme.
Wreckage the Aron - Magnitude 10 from a Geodude. Previous Magnitude 9s left him with some HP. Sigh.
Spritz the Pelipper - Owned the Lavaridge Gym, up until Torkoal. Right when I was about to kill it, Overheat came and crushed my dreams.

Other stuff I had:

Pablo the Lombre - Spritz's replacement. Was replaced by Fizz, since I HATE Lotads.
Velocity the Electrike - Was going to be my next team member, since I got Voltorb and not Magnemite during the Generator part ><

So in a fit of rage, I'm restarting. But this time, I'm going with Emerald in the interest of having a more awesome postgame to look forward to.
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