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Screw this, Im doing yellow.

-First Poke of each route
-If it faints, it go bye-bye
-Must NN all pokemon
-Playing on SWITCH
-Items not allowed to be bought from the Mart

I plan to choose Squirtle because it was what I always used on my un-saveable blue version (My sisters stole it from our cosuins who had caught missingno)

Wish me luck!
Alright I give in, Im starting one on Pokemon Yellow with stories between cities to boot, it will be a nice project as well. My first nuzlocke too

~Pokemon die in battle, they dont faint. A classic way in turning a child friendly game into cock fighting COD frenzy. So yeah boot off it it faints ASAP
~If I Black Out I can still use a pokemon in the PC
~No grinding at all, until E4 if I can make it
~Catch every different pokemon I can possible, Im on a route to be a pokemon master
~Potions, Battle Items you name it, cannot be used inside battle at all. No sir not even E4 or GMO

All gift pokemon must be accepted.

i wish myself good luck. Here to a nostalgic journey
Hey Smogonists, I´ve tried to nuzlocke my HG version, but always skip it post-elite four/lance because it gets boring after a while. I´ve decided to make the rules as tight as possible, to make it more challenging.
Maybe you can help me to make rules that keep the challenging moment throughout the game.

So far I did a no-money challenge(+no healing items apart from held items), an only-buyable-items+keyitems-challenge(includes no pkmn center) and included restrictions to amount of pkmn-center usage, amount of pkmn you may catch for each gym and so on.
I also always use random encounters only, so I sent the starter away before I battle the first gym and I don´t accept gift pokemon(like eevee, dratini, sudowoodo...).
But I always know where to get the key-pkmn, like natu for wish support, which makes it easier as soon as you have access to those support-pkmn.

I thought about an ash-ketchum style challenge in the way, that you have to free your strongest pkmn before each gym(would probably include the starter pkmn before gym 1 for most of us). But otherwise I don´t have any new ideas.

Every new restriction always tends to increase the pressure in the beginning but fails to keep the pressure through the rest of the game... which makes the challenge not that challenging anymore

Maybe HG is too easy for Nuzlocke...
Here it is, sorry if i kept anyone waiting (I doubt it).

Emerald Nuzlocke Update #2

Blaze and Emersblade stood side by side, they had just said bye to everyone in Littleroot and they all came out to see them off. 'Bye Guys!' Blaze said for the last time as he stepped into Route 101. He felt a mixed feeling of fear and eagerness as he stepped through the small route, he could still here the crowd cheering for him.

Not a long walk away they arrived in Oldale. A man walks up to them and gives them a free Potion and introduces them to the Pokemart. 'And there's one in every city too, be sure to visit' said the clerk, 'I will' Blaze replied. 'That sounds like a good idea, eh Emersblade?' 'Right, you can't talk'. They enter the Pokemart and the shop clerk greets them 'G'day'
'Yeah, Hi'
'Anything i can help you with'
'Just a few things'
'Will that be all?'
'Yeah thanks, hey um mind telling me how to leave here'
'Tell ya what, i'll do ya even better, take this'
'Wah? what's this'
'Its a prototype Pokenav by Devoncorp it has a map and everything, it's kind of outdated but it's got what you need i guess'
'Oh wow! Thanks'
Blaze places it on his belt beside his Pokedex. 'Don't even think about it, sorry we're out of Pokeballs though' 'Its's alright you've done plenty, bye' 'Bye'.

Upon leaving the Pokemart...'Blaze!' May called out to him as she approached from the Pokemon Center. 'Hey there May' he replied. 'I brought this for you' she said as she handed him 5 Pokeballs 'You're gonna need those'. 'Uh...thanks' 'Don't worry, i'll show ya how to use them, lets find some wild Pokemon' as she looked for wild grass. 'How 'bout Route 103' pointing at his Pokenav. 'That's pretty nifty, sure let's go there' as they made their way to route 103.

As they entered a Wingull landed on the ground right infront of them, 'Nice, watch closely' May said as she got her Torchic's Pokeball from her Bag. Emersblade rushed ahead and engaged the WIngull in battle before she could send it out. 'Looks like Emersblade wants a shot, Pound now' Emersblade pumelled the Wingull with repeated Pounds some narrowly averted, the Wingull took flight again and fired off a water gun, Emersblade shrugging off the resisted hit. 'It's weak now just throw a Pokeball at it' said May. 'OK' replied Blaze and he reached into his pocket and brought out a Pokeball which he threw at the Wingull, It struggled and broke out. Blaze looked dissapointed but May reassured him that you won't always get the catch. 'Let's go to the Pokemon Center it's getting dark' she said as Blaze recollected Emersblade. 'Go on i'll catch up' said Blaze. May heads for the Pokemon Center leaving Blaze alone in Route 103. He looked up into the nightsky dreaming of the adventures that lay ahead, then he went to join May at the Pokemon Center to call it a day.

Emersblade the Treecko Lv.12
Serious, Male
-Quick Attack

Gardestryk the Ralts Lv.8
Hardy, Male, Synchronise

Necroshade the Poochyena Lv.7
Docile, Male, Run Away

I'm in Rustboro about to face Roxanne, I might suspend writing a story it takes too much time.

Rediscovered my Sapphire Nuzlocke and found that i have a pretty beastly team.

As far as I can remember i have:

Dodrio @Kings Rock lv 42
Tri Attack, Fly, Hidden Power Something, HyperBeam

Rhyhorn @Exp. Share lv 33
Rock Shmash, Rock Blast, Stomp, Scary Face

Blazekin lv 42
Blaze kick, Brick Break, Bulk Up, ?

Tentacruel lv 37
Surf, ice beam. Acid, Dive

Ludicolo lv 42
Giga Drain, Surf, Focus Punch, Double Team

Flygon lv 45
Earthquake, Dragonbreath, Crunch, Strength

Heading into Wallace with a shitload of confidence. Dodrio>everything.
Maxie, how is it possible that you always lose a cartridge, then you find it again, you lose it again, then you go on roms etc?

in other news i am about to continue my black nuzlocke in fact i already beat bianca in driftveil city, after two work ups my herdier(Azor) just raped Bianca's team with stab strength and powerful crunches...
I just started an Emerald Nuzlocke. Since it's my first one, I'll stick to the basic 3 rules.
So far:

Location: Rustboro City Badges: 0 Status: Grinding for gym
Charles (Combusken) lv 16 M
Quirky, Blaze, met at rt. 101 (lv. 5)
-Double Kick

Sarah (Marill) lv 11 F
Impish, Thick Fat, met at rt. 104N (lv. 4)
-Defense Curl
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun

Matt (Beautifly) lv. 10 F (don't ask)
Sassy, Swarm, met at rt. 102 (lv. 3)
-String Shot
-Poison Sting

Bert (Poochyena) lv. 9 M
Naive, Run Away, met at rt. 104S (lv. 4)
-Sand Attack

Jess (Nincada) lv. 7 F
Bold, Compoundeyes, met at Rt. 116 (lv. 7)
-Leech Life

Beth (Poochyena) lv. 6 F (Petalburg Forest)
Mikaela (Whismur) lv. 6 F (Rusturf Tunnel)
ok this was from my last update so heres the dead/pc plus the next chapter will post Pc/dead box from this chapter tomorrow

1.Tobias the Topegi
2.Bell the Chingling
3.Nix the Luxio
4.Bunny the Buneary
5.Bat the Crobat
6.Medi the Meditite
7.Woody the Sudowoodo
8.Wurm the Beautifly
9.Jet the Remoraid
10.Fish the Magikarp
11.Horse the Ponyta
12.Shelly the Shieldon
13.F the Unknown
14.Skull the Duskull
15.Swin the Swinub
16.Poly the Porygon
17.Giraf the Girafarig
18.Burm the Burmy
19.Gas the Gengar
20.Scorpion the Skorupi
21.Renegade the Giratina
22.Lucas the Lucario
23.Icey the Glaceon
24.Mac the Machop(had no idea where it came from so i at least i have a way to replace Psi)
25. Tracey the Tentacool
27.Maggy the Magnemite
28.Rose the Roselia
29.Geo the Golem
30.Rosey the Roselia

1.Ballon the Drifloon-1st Casualtie, died while training in 3rd gym.
2.Snake the Onix- 2nd Casualtie, died the same way as Ballon(and the same trainer).
3.Star the Staravia-3rd Casualtie, was fried by a electric trainer before Geo's EQ could fain the electric types.
4.Wing the Wingull-4th Casualtie,died to heal team against rival.
5.Duck the Psyduck-5th Casualtie, died same way as Wing.
6.Psi the Alakazam-6th Casualtie, died switching in for Geo(Stupid team plasma).
7.Hound the Houndoom-7th Casualtie, died from a cricital hit ice beam from a Galie from the 7th Gym.
8.Doof the Bidoof-8th Casualtie, died against Cyrus to heal team.
9.Fin the Finneon-9th Casualtie, died same way as Doof.

Ok newest chapter i am nearing the end of platnium just need to defeat plasma and finish the last of the story and adding me defeating the legends and then i will be done

Chapter 12 The Final Challenge

Walking into the building confidently i healed my pokes brought some items, then went to challenge the E4 when all of a sudden a fimilar voice shout "STOP".

Thats right you guessed it, its Barry. Then he of course just went on and on about how hes gotten more powerful and crap like that, then he challenged me to a battle, which i accepted as per usual.
He sends out his Staraptor and i send out Elect, "Elect use Thunderbolt".

BOOOMMMM!!!! The starapor was turned into fried chicken. Then he sends out his Infernape and i send out my Crobat,Cro. "Cro use Fly". "Infernape use Flare Biltz". Infernape caught on fire and charged at Cro, but was faster and doged it and then the next turn came down and 1HKo'ed him.

Then he sent out his Snorlax and i switched to Chopper and used Dynamic Punch and 1HKO'ed him as well. Then he sent out Heracross. Then i sent out Bat again and used fly and once again out speed him too and defeated it in one attack.

Then he sent out his Floatzel and i switched in Tort and Wood Hammered it to death in one clean hit.

Then he sent out Roserade and i switched in Phil using stockpile and the
Roserade using Giga drain it all took an unexpected turn and Phil life was drained out of him making that my 3rd casualtie from my rival. I then sent in Evil and Ice Punched the thing to death.

I then go to my PC and switched Cro for Ryan and Phil for Kazza(which i trade for that spare machop i had since its nature was modest and its ability was Guts i thought useless so i traded it for the abra and trained and evolved it into Alakazam before this).\

Then before i can enter i am stopped by someone else i know(dont care if this isnt in the story line i am being original)...........Dawn here to wish me good luck and sealed it with a kiss then left.

But before i entered i forgot to vist my Friend Cody,(for those who dont know him hes from Chapter 5, my accout from HG), to evolve Elect and Ryan.

I then evolved them both and went into challenge Aaron first up then Bertha, Flint and Lucian will fall shortly. I walked in and challenged Aaron and then sent out Evil while he sent out Yanmega.

"Evil use Ice Punch" Larry Shouts and Evil kills it in one hit, then he sends out Heracross and i send out Elec "Elec use Fire Punch". Yet another 1HKO. It happens again and again just Elec using fire punch until Drapion then i send out Ryan.

"Ryan use EarthQuake" it survives and does considerable damage back. So i switch in Tort and EQ it and defeated it in one hit. Then i move onto Berthas Wishcash defeating it with one Wood Hammer. Gliscor with one Ice Punch from Evil.

Then WH'ed the rest of them. Then for Flint-Ryan, Tort, Evil, Kazza and Chopper against him. Then everyone against Lucian. I got though the E4 without a single Casualtie this was easy too easy i have a bad feeling about this.

Then me and Cynthia Battled and i sent out Tort and EQ and WH it to death. Then she sent out Togekiss which i countered with Elec and we both wipe out half of each others HP and both switch to Evil and Garchomp which i defeat in 2 hits.

Then she sent our her Togekiss which defeat with Elecs thunder punch attack. then she sent out Milotic which i counter with Kazza to use Charge Beam.

But Milotic survived with a shitload of Hp and i sacrafice Kazza to heal Elec. Then her Lucario come out and i sent out Ryan to EQ to death with Quick Claw actervated i outspeed it. But it survives and Aura Spheres him to death in one hit.

I lost 2 she lost 4 so far. I then switch to Tort and finish it up with EQ. Then finish her Roserade with Choppers Ice punch.

Its over i have became the champion. Then the old gyser and Dawn appear to watch my battle but they missed it and Me and Dawn kiss again and then i go and get my pokes recorded as champions...........including Kazza and Ryan my new friends had died.

So now with the gym challenge over next stop the Battle Area...........
I am midway through White Nuzlocke, just finished Chargestone cave.

- Can only capture first encounter in each route
- Unlimited pokemon center and item use.
- Can capture same pokemon
- Nickname all pokemon

Green the Duosion lvl 34
Holepunch the Excadrill lvl 34
Queen the Serperior lvl 36
Flaroll the Darmanitan lvl 35
Quack the Ducklett lvl 30
Cut the Patrat lvl 4

In reserve:
Croc the Sandile lvl 22
Gator the Sandile lvl 22
Leavy the Sewaddle lvl 14
Icecream the Vanillite lvl 24
Horn the Deerling lvl 24

CATS the Purrloin lvl 10 (sacrificed for a turn during 2nd gym)
Wonkey the Panpour lvl 19 (critical razor leaf)
um wheres the "if fainted counts as dead" rule? and will post dead box in a few hours when either 1. i am home from school or 2. when i am bothered to, whichever one comes first
Seeing as he's got a "R.I.P." section, I'm guessing that rule's been followed.

On another note, a team of Excadrill/Reuniclus/Darmanitan seems to kinda take all of the risk factor out of a Nuzlocke, since nothing stands the slightest chance against any of those...
Hey guys, in Fire Red, what would you class as 'finished'?
I just beat the elite four (first round) and have lost the motivation to do the Sevii islands (I think it's due to the fact that I lost my starter against Lance).

But where did you stop if you nuzlocked this game?
I usually don't stop until I've beaten the strongest trainers in the game, IE Red in HGSS, second E4 in FRLG, etc. One other way you can do it in FRLG is to battle Mewtwo as your final battle. And of course you can also just stop at the first E4, which some people have done. In the end it's all up to you.
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