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I continued my FR Nuzlocke through the Sevii Islands. Mostly, it was an excuse to level up my Nidoking. I lost two of my 5 key members in the E4 (Jolteon and Pidgeot) leaving me with Nido and my two powerhouses (Blastoise and Snorlax). Nido ended up dying against the LAST Rocket admin's stupid Arbok's critical EQ. Down to two, I decided grinding up to take on the E4 again was just dumb.

For Emerald, which I'm doing now, I plan on playing a fair bit of postgame, but that's because Emerald's postgame is actually decent. Same goes for 4th and 5th gen games.
Yeah, been a looooooong while since I updated, so naturally all kinds of stuff has happened. Essentially I just beat Driftveil Gym, and nine of my Pokemon have died.

Yeah, you heard me.


Before the fifth Gym.

And you said White was an easy Nuzlocke.

Or maybe I just suck...

Anyway, will try to do a huge roundup post sometime tomorrow.
who the fuck told you that only a fucked up retard would tell you that because if i was doing a nuzlocke on my white i would have lost every single fucking poke i have already man every single one
When I said "you", I was responding to the prevailing notion that White was easy up until N/Ghestis. Somebody else had posted something like that earlier in this thread. I wasn't talking to you personally.

And could you please tone the language down a bit? There are six-year-olds that read this stuff. (Sad but true.)
Yeah man, black and white are harder than you'd expect. After the elite four I'd lost 19.

Yep. 19.

It is my worst nuzlocke of all time and I'm ashamed of it.
Yeah man, black and white are harder than you'd expect. After the elite four I'd lost 19.

Yep. 19.

It is my worst nuzlocke of all time and I'm ashamed of it.
Not to one-up you here or anything, but I only have three Pokemon left and I'm about to go into Chargestone Cave, so...yeah, looking more and more like I won't even make it to Icirrus.
I made to the E4 losing only two in Black version: a fodderish Lillipup I had to sacrifice to a Bide-spamming Timburr in the office building in Castelia, and (sigh) my Level 45 Excadrill while training her on the route just before Victory Road. Turns out a single Metal Claw just barely fails to OHKO a wild Sawk, and those things know Counter.

Granted that was my second playthrough after a disastrous first run where I reset around thirty times, but I was still pretty proud of myself for making it that far with virtually my entire team intact. The trick is mostly just to be very, very careful. Overlevelling, especially before taking on Lenora, is absolutely essential too.

(And in case you're wondering, the last bit of my run didn't quite go down so well. I beat the E4 and caught Reshiram without losing anyone, lost only my Krookodle to N, and proceeded to get all but my Samurott OHKOed by Ghetsis' Hydreigon. That thing is an absolute MONSTER. I managed to win in the end, but it was close. Very close.)
I'm currently attempting a Nuzlocke challenge on White.

Can only catch first pokemon in an area.
If it faints, it's to be released (I might break this rule if my starter dies and trade it to Black).
Must nickname all pokemon.
Battle mode on set (this one should make it much harder)

Started with Oshawott, because I picked Serperior on Black. Named him after the elemental lord of water in Azeroth, Neptulon. My first encounter, ended with him critting an unfortunate Patrat, and then another on the next route. -_-

Finally, in Striation City, I recieved a second pokemon. Pansear, who I don't have high hopes for. I named him Incenduis, after a lesser elemental of Ragnaros' army.

After a little bit of grinding in the Dreamyard and Striation gym, I decimated Cilan with Neptulon and Incendius, nothing new there. Taught work up to Incendius, to hopefully boost his pathetic offensive ability.

After that I ran back to the Dreamyard, and caught a Munna, who I named Jaina. Unfortunately, Jaina didn't last long, getting owned by the kids at that bloody playground, and I, being the sadist I am, was not even remotely fazed. I can't wait for one of my real team members to get owned, that'll teach me to not care.

On route three, I caught my next team mate. Quetz'lun the Pidove, after the Drakkari troll god. A little more grinding and a Team Plasma encounter later, I met Roggenrola the Roggenrola. Yeah, I forgot to nickname it. Meh, I'll still get attached to her and it'll still be tough when she dies.

To Nacrene City, and then to route 4, where I caught a Tympole, whom I also forgot to nickname. Yay for practically ignoring one of Nulzlocke's fundamental rules.

And that's about as far as I've gotten. More updates to come as I play on.
I'm also ditching the WoW nickname theme. It's too hard to keep thinking of names. xD

Oshawott "Neptulon"
Level: 15
Water Gun
Tail Whip
Focus Energy

Pansear "Incendius"
Level: 14
Work Up

Level: 12

Pidove "Quetz'lun"
Level: 12
Quick Attack

Box: Tympole

Casualties: Munna
That's tough. I lost half of them Audino grinding too. Hopefully you can nab a Joltik, saved my ass.
As a matter of fact, I did just catch a Joltik. I named her Jean. Oh, and it has Compoundeyes ^_^

So yeah, I won't write prose this time, since it would take too long. I'll just update my Living and Dead box.

Current Location: Outside Chargestone Cave

Ernest the Pignite
Lv. 29
Caught: Nuvema Town

Since joining Hawkeye's team, Ernest has gone from a cheeky yet somewhat weak Tepig to an absolute powerhouse, but he's also become less fun to be around since witnessing the deaths of so many of his friends. He's still dependable, but he rarely jokes around anymore.

Lily the Lilligant
Lv. 30
Caught: Pinwheel Forest (inside)

Lily is the most optimistic member of the team. She always encourages Ernest and Edward to do their best, however much Edward brushes her off. Although as a Petilil, she was fairly weak and nearly died on several occasions, she's stayed the course and become even more motivated. When she evolved in Nimbasa City, she became that much more powerful, and continued to support the team. She always extends a welcoming hand to any new team members, and is usually the most affected when a friend dies.

Edward the Palpitoad
Lv. 30
Caught: Pinwheel Forest (outside)

As a Tympole, Edward was extremely playful and careless, completely oblivious to the inherent dangers of the Nuzlocke Challenge. After evolving, he's still aloof, thinking he's better than the rest of the team. Ernest wants nothing to do with him; in fact, Lily is the only one that seems to want to reach out to him, despite his continuous shunning of teamwork.

Jean the Joltik
Lv. 28
Caught: Chargestone Cave

Being the newest member of the team, Jean is extremely shy, rarely saying much. She does seem to have bonded with Lily, but the guys are still a bit wary of her, not wanting a repeat of previous events.

Greg the Pansage
Caught: Dreamyard
Cause of Death: Preschooler Homer's Roggenrola

Greg was lively and outgiong, never shying away from a chance to prove his worth. He was crucial in obtaining the Trio Badge, but soon he got overconfident, dedicating himself totally to becoming the strongest Pansage ever. Unfortunately, his ambition was cut short when a critical hit Rock Blast from a Preschooler's Roggenrola made him the first casualty of the run. RIP, Greg.

Joey the Patrat
Caught: Route 1
Cause of Death: Wild Tympole outside Pinwheel Forest

Hawkeye's first catch, Joey never said much, but somehow always knew what was going on. He caught Sandy's eye, and the two instantly bonded. Any hopes of future romance, however, were squashed by a wild Tympole (which happened to be a cousin of Edward). Joey never stood a chance against a critical hit from its Bubblebeam. RIP, little guy.

Sarah the Blitzle
Caught: Route 3
Cause of Death: Bianca's Herdier

Sarah was always a bit of a diva, and as a result never bonded with anybody on the team, especially Lily, whose general good spirits actually drove her away. Nevertheless, she battled well, and when an overpowered Take Down ended her life, she was mourned by the whole team.

Sandy the Herdier
Caught: Route 2
Cause of Death: Bianca's Servine

Sandy was fairly humble at first, never assuming that she was the star, but supporting the others when things seemed worst. She secretly had a crush on Joey, but was always too afraid to say so. When Joey died and she evolved, though, she instantly became a fighting machine. Hawkeye did his best to keep her fury in check, but she would often completely wipe out patches of grass in her thirst for vengeance. When Bianca challenged Hawkeye, Sandy rushed into battle as always. But this time, a well-placed Leaf Tornado did her in. She will be sorely missed.

Rachel the Solosis
Caught: Route 16
Cause of Death: Wild Trubbish on Route 5

Rachel never really bonded with anybody, and as a result was not sorely missed when she died. Still, it was sad when she was brought down by a ball of Sludge from a random Trubbish.

Irwin the Sandile
Caught: Desert Resort
Cause of Death: Elesa's Emolga (#2)

Irwin was a gruff, no-nonsense sort of guy. He always weighed in on disagreements, whether he was involved or not. Sadly, he never got to show off his true power, as an Aerial Ace from the Nimbasa Gym Leader's Emolga caught him by surprise. Farewell, Irwin.

Jen the Deerling
Caught: Route 6
Cause of Death: Pokemon Ranger Shanti's Emolga

Jen was calm and gentle, a personality similar to that of Lily. Sadly, her time with Hawkeye ended abruptly when a rogue Emolga took her and Fred out with two Shock Waves.

Fred the Scraggy
Caught: Route 4
Cause of Death: See Jen

Fred was He liked to joke around, but had no trouble being serious either. He was slightly mischevious, but the rest of the team didn't seem to mind. Hawkeye thought he and Fred were going all the way, but an Emolga ended those thoughts quickly. (Hawkeye shortly thereafter began to mortally loathe Emolga.)

Cameron the Vanillite
Caught: Cold Storage
Cause of Death: Scientist William's Deerling

Despite his best efforts to prove himself, Cameron wasn't all that bright. This was most pronounced when he refused to switch out on a Deerling's Jump Kick. He never stood a chance.

So yeah...needless to say, I hate Emolga right about now.

...that took way longer than it needed to...
So basically crushing defeat in my Emerald Nuzlocke.

After having a bunch of trouble with the stupid Psychic Gym (I won through a LOT of clever switch-ins of my Shedinja, now dead), I tore through the end of the stupid Magma/Aqua garbage.

Heading into the Cave of Origin finally, I caught my 6th team member, a Sableye. Thus, my team was pretty complete (and awesome) in my eyes.

Forge, the Blaziken.
Torrent, the Gyarados
Flint, the Breloom
Wheeze, the Swalot
Serac, the Wailord
Lull, the Sableye

Bonus points if you picked up on the theme. I also had my loyal HM slaves Eddy the Wailmer and Spritz the Pelipper.

The final gym was pretty much a cakewalk, save Kingdra. That ended up being an AWFUL stall war between Wheeze and Kingdra. I eventually got bored/brave/desperate and risked Flint to lay down some Leech Seed, which helped to seal the deal.

At this point, everyone's around level 44, give or take. Onward to Victory!

So most of Victory Road was uneventful. Then I got into a Double Battle Involving a Lunatone and a Sableye. Forge wounded Lunatone, then Serac finished it off while cutting off half of Sableye's HP. Sableye fought back with Confuse Ray -.-

Then came Solrock. Again, Forge wounded him. But Serac failed to attack.


So I raged as my starter and my only chance against the Dragons in the Elite 4 both died. And then, Nuzlockers, I did the unthinkable and reset.

Now, before you all get pissed, finish reading.

So I redid the fight, accidentally doing it in two single battles, which were laughably easy. Moving along, I slaughtered Wally.

So I came to the final trainers, another double battle. You'd THINK I had learned my lesson. Nope.

Slaking and Gardevoir. Well, no worries. Until Gardevoir Skill Swaps Truant onto itself. A turn later, I killed the Slaking, only to find that Forge had been Skill Swapped. Anyway, I forget some of the details there, but it was manageable, since the Slaking was some kind of freaky special variety with T-bolt.

Then I killed those two and out come Dusclops and ANOTHER Slaking. And, shockingly, Skill Swap. However, THIS Slaking was physical. It Aerial Aced my Flint and Brick Breaked (Broke?) Serac. Forge had already gone down to either Psychic or Aerial Ace, or something. Eventually, I won.

Again, I raged. I reset, came back, and utterly demolished that duo with a more targeted plan of attack.

But, at this point, I have enough integrity to know that my Emerald Nuzlocke is over. When it's all said and done I'm down to Wheeze the Swalot, Torrent the Gyarados, and Lull the Sableye. While I know I could make a decent showing with those three if I did enough grinding, I also know that I don't have it in me to grind enough. Also, I probably would've lost to the Slakings if I hadn't cheated after the stupid Explosion.

So, with all that said, I can safely say that Emerald was a lot harder of a challenge than FireRed. Now I'll see about doing Soul Silver, I think. At least I can get a Snorlax in there...
Did a little bit of grinding before facing Lenora's gym. Roggenrola performed a herculean feat by single-handed taking down an Audino three levels higher than her, effectively ending her grind there. Quetz'lun took some heavy hits, and eventually learned air cutter. He has super luck, so crit spam! And Neptulon evolved! Hooray for razor shell.

After getting Roggenrola, Neptulon and Quetz'lun to 16, I decided to attempt the gym. Switched Incendius in and out, getting him some quick xp here and there, while Roggenrola and Neptulon destroyed everything in their path.

Lenora, you proved your ability. After finally taking down her Herdier, none of my pokemon could take a hit, and I had to sacrifice Incendius to heal Roggenrola, who finished it with a rock blast.

Typical Plasma, up to their shenanigans again. I obtained a Sewaddle from in the forest, who is currently holding his own quite well.

Trained a little more, and am currently in Castelia.

Dewott "Neptulon"
Lvl: 19
Razor Shell
Water Gun
Tail Whip

Lvl: 19
Rock Blast

Pidove "Quetz'lun"
Lvl: 20
Air Cutter
Quick Attack

Sewaddle "Gaia"
Lvl: 18
Bug Bite
Razor Leaf
String Shot

Box: Tympole

Casualties: Munna, Pansear
I just semi-completed (beat the E4, final goal is rematching the E4) a FireRed nuzlocke. I'm also doing a nuzlocke of HeartGold, Emerald, Black and Red. Should I post all the updates at once or one section at a time?


It's all coming back to me now
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Second White playthrough (after I got crushed by he E4) and I just crushed Iris. Basically I got a charge beam boost 3 times (2 on Fraxture 1 on Drudggon) and then OHKOed everything with Signal Beam. I am playing no dups clause but with no items so the trick is just to be patient, Level up as high as you can and basically hope the game does not hax you too much.

Team for anyone who cares (JUST outside the gym after beating Iris)

Galvantula (Zaps) (Female)
Lv 44
-Signal Beam
-Volt Switch
-Charge Beam

Kinda utility I guess. He works well with Shadow in that he can quickly deal moderate damage while taking a hit or two and his speed is really nice. Charge Beam gives him sweeping ability and Volt Switch lets me scout and bring in a powerhouse. Really nice for pokemon with Sturdy too as I can break the sturdy and switch to something like Thorns who then OHKOs with Mega Drain and gets his lost health back.

Chandelure (Shadow) (Female)
Lv 44
Flash Fire
-Shadow Ball
-Flame Burst

Hehe this guy is great. Leveling him was a BITCH. The only reason I put up with it was because I was unaware it actually evolved at level 41 so it was always "just one more, just one more". Picked up the Dusk Stone in Millstrome and now this thing basically OHKOs everything. This is my MVP and check to those hugely powerful mons that my taem could otherwise not handle. Will-o-wisp is nice to cripple physical mons sometimes giving Thorns a free ticket to switch in and boost up.

Excadrill (Dozer) (Male)
Lv 44
Sand Rush
-Rock Slide
-Swords Dance

Yeah this guy hits like a truck which is what he is there for basically. Steel typing is very nice and he can help me check opposing Excadrills. After a SD he can sweep teams with ease although he might end up taking a back seat once Fang evolves

Serperior (Thorns) (Male)
Lv 43
-Leaf Blade
-Mega Drain

Yeah this guy has been really useful to me. Coil is very useful against tough opponents and Leaf Blade does some pretty high damage. Limited Movepool sucks but he is really nice for being able to take a hit or two and then dishing one back out. Kinda reminds me of my first successful HG Nuzlocke when I used Meganium and the bulk was really useful.

Fraxure (Fang) (Male)
Lv 39
Mold Breaker
Timid (...)
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance

Notes: Never used him (yet) but once he evolves he will be a monster. Heck with him and Shadow working together I should be able to blast my way through my opponents.

Mienfoo (Lee) (Female)
Lv 37
Inner Focus (too bad its not regen)
-Drain Punch
-Jump Kick
-Calm Mind

Notes: Never really used him and he is really here to make up numbers. ON the other hand he goes up Levels fast so hopefully I can get him to evolve quickly

Something I always like to remember (call them guidelines I try and achieve) in my Nuzlockes (not sure how everyone else copes but this is how I do it).

Always be patient. It may take 3 hours to get a pokemon to a certain level but its better than rushing in, losing and then having to restart your game because your team was too weak. Its a bitch grinding but its always great winning a Nuzlocke

-Plan ahead. This is the big one I think. For example in preparing for Iris's gym I knew that Excadrill, Zaps and Shadow were my best options and so trained them up more so than the others. Again the pokemon you get are random which limits your plans a bit (like how this is the second Nuzlocke when I could not get a fucking Fighting type for the normal gym) but I still think planning as much as you can is a good idea.

-Have a pivot. I am not sure if everyone has this and its hard to do considering that you might end up finding all frail pokemon during your Nuzlocke. Personally having Thorns (in White), Torterra in Platinum and Meganium in HG all were useful in that they can take a hit which is so crucial in a Nuzlocke.

-Scout (?). Personally this is something I liked to have if I got one. For example Staraptor and Luxray would scout for me in Plat with intimidate switching with U-Turn and shit. if Lee had Regen he would have been my scout (since he gets U-Turn via Level up) and would have worked well with Zaps. So yea I just like scouts in general.

ill update when im at the E4
OK, I've started my first-ever Nuzlocke Challenge in Sapphire!

Here are my rules:
1. Any Pokemon that faint must be immediately permaboxed (including Pickup users)
2. The first pokemon I run into in each new area must be caught and can be used. Gift pokemon are permitted, and I may hatch one Egg from the Daycare as the first pokemon I 'find' on that Route. (Only one custom Egg as first Pokemon I find on Daycare Route.) I can catch all subsequent pokemon for Pokedex purposes but they must be boxed separately from the others and never used ever ever ever. (this gives me no advantages, just a better Dex count).
3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
4. I may buy only PokeBalls and one (1) TM from Lilycove Dept. Store. ALL other items can only be used if found on the ground.
5. Pokemon Centers can be used as often as needed.
6. My Pokemon may never be more than 6 levels above the Gym Leader's. This rule can be discounted for the E4, but it probably won't be (because I won't be doing super-grinding).

CHAPTER ONE (My apologies for the rushed, shitty writing):

I finally arrive in my home town, Littleroot. My mother greets me and introduces me to my room. Pretty dingy. I go downstairs and listen to my mum rave about my father's battling capabilities and her urge for me to meet the Professor, before stepping into the sunlight and gazing around the small country landscape. I search for Professor Birch's house, knock and enter. His wife greets me with a warm smile indicating her son is upstairs. I trundle up the stairs and meet none other than...Brendan. He seems extremely hasty and very competitive, introducing himself with a swagger in his voice before rushing helter-skelter out the door. I follow, slightly bewildered, only to hear cries coming from the edge of town! I run as fast as my terrible shoes can take me, only to see a scruffy, dishevelled looking man being chased by a vicious Poochyena! He yells at me to take a Pokemon from his bag, so I hurry over and pull out the first Ball I find! It's a...Torchic! I immediately send her out to fight, quickly disposing of the cowardly dog, who turns tail and runs aafter a couple of well-aimed Scratches.

Later, back at his Lab, the man reveals his identity: it's Professor Birch! He gives me the Torchic to keep as a reward for saving his bacon (he sure is porky!) She is named Tamarillo, but seems very Lonely and is happy to have made a friend at last. And so at his behest I set out to fight with Brendan, his rash young son.

I make my way throughn Route 101 without encountering a single Pokemon, obviously scared off by my earlier battle. I quickly pass through oldale Town, stopping only to receive a Potion as a gift from a PokeMart attendant. I walk into Route 103, the cool breeze off the ocean caressing my face. But this quickly changes to a hot sweat as Tamarillo is nearly KOed by a wild Zigzagoon! After a little grinding and a return to the PokeCenter, she is at Lv. 7 and ready to face up to any challenge with her Focused Energy! And as I locate and challenge Brendan, the battle begins.

A crit from his Mudkip hurts my Torchic right off the bat, but Tamarillo quickly retaliates with a crtically aimed Scratch of her own! Another Scratch finishes off the ill-fated mud fish, and to boot Tamarillo raises a level! I hurry after the shocked and upset boy, all the way back to Littleroot, where a surprise awaits me! Birch and Brendan gift me with a Pokedex and some Poke Balls, and leave me to sit in awe at my abrupt present. I thank them politely and absquatulate to my house, where my ecstatic mother (doesn't want to clean!) gives me some runners and wishes me well.

As I meander through the grassy land of Route 101 for a second time, I am surprised by a Zigzagoon. tamarillo lands a Scratch on it, before I throw a Poke Ball and catch my first Pokemon! She is very laid back and has no qualms about her life outcome, and I name her Marzipan. Alas, her time is to be short.

Straight after I heal at the Pokemon Center and stock up on PokeBalls, I head into Route 102, only to find a timid and rare Ralts emerge from the undergrowth!


Nugget Bridge < Butterfree + Co.
Team Rocket = Poison < Butterfree

Caught another member, Bellsprout, I think.
Nicknamed it Cheren, but then realized it wasn't in full caps.

Then Weedle.
Caught and boxed, can't remember what it was called.

Then destroyed the road to Vermilion.

Okay I'm about to embark on my Pokemon Black Nuzlocke

Rules: Instead of using a normal starter I'm going to be using an Eevee instead of a starter. Eevee will have bro for life status and therefore will be the only pokemon not to die when fainted instead he'll go into intensive care until I get to the next town

The first pokemon I run into in each new area must be caught and can be used.
All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
Pokeballs can only be obtained by finding them or being given them
Pokemon Centers can be used as often as I want
Held Items cannot be used
If a shiny so happens to appear, I am allowed to capture it but it cannot be used.
Evolution can only occur after a crucial battle EG rival or gym battle.
Victini can be caught but never used.
Emerald Nuzlocke

I just beat the seventh gym leader. I gave up on the rule only to catch one Pokemon per route simply because I forgot if I had caught anything when I went through each route again. I haven't picked it up in months...

Current team:

Blaziken (Chicadee) - level 49
-Double Kick (to be replaced with Sky Uppercut)
-Mirror Move
-Blaze Kick
-Bulk Up

Gloom (Mugwump) - level 27
-Poison Powder
-Stun Spore
-Sleep Powder

My cut slave. Also used for catching Pokemon easier.

Kecleon (Tealk) - level 45
-Sleep Talk

Extremely useful. I developed a love for Kecleon when playing this nuzlocke. Now if only he had a niche in competitive play...

Wailmer (Bismarke) - level 14
-Rock Smash

Flygon (Quadchomp) - level 50

I love Flygon. This one is nearly indispensable.

Electrode (Esphere) - level 30
-Sonic Boom

I made an addition to the rules for my play: if I am playing on weekends, I get to revive any Pokemon that has fainted. So far it's been pretty easy, but I'm wary of confronting the Elite Four with only three viable Pokemon. I guess grinding is the only thing I can do.
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