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Hello. Um… Yeah. I know I promised to update, but… I had a lot of things to do. So, here I'm updating now! I have decided not to make a story. Instead, I'll write the adventure as it in MY eyes, as the player. These updates will be very detailed, though. So, Rules:
• The normal three (Faint = Death, One Pokémon per Route, Nicknames)
• Just to make things strait, areas with multiple places normally doesn't means two Pokémon. Only Pinwheel forest (outside and inside) and Dragonspiral Tower (outside and inside) count as two different areas.
• I can white out 3 times, not including first battle with Bianca and Cheren. After that, it's Game Over.
• Usage items (not including reviving items, of course) and Pokémon Center, as well as item buying, are not restricted.
• I will use the trick of making a dead Pokémon faint if I'll want to use him as a HM slave.

And now, for the adventure!

As the game starts, I chose the boy for my player, and called myself Todris. After all the beginning blabber, I chose Oshawott as my starter, and started the battle with Bianca, and lost it (READ 3RD RULE!). I then proceed to defeat Cheren. (Skipping all the non-interesting parts, to the start of Professor Juniper's lab) I named my lovely little otter Navy. (Skipping more non-interesting parts, to the start of Route 1) As I walked into the tall grass of the Route, I find my first catch – A Patrat, and nicknamed him Hypnotic (Thinking back, I should've named him Disappoint). He will serve as a death fodder, as I have no interest on raising a Patrat. I've reached Accumula Town, Learned about the Pokémon Center, and went out to discover Team Plasma with their creepy "Ghetsis Speech" music. After a little more blabber, I have battled N, and dominated him easily. Healed, and went off to Route 2, where I found the Pokémon I was hoping for – Lillipup. I nicknamed him Freddie (I THINK that that's how you should write it – I more or less referenced iCarly, and I'm pretty sure that that's how they write it). Grinded a little, and had to sacrifice Hypnotic to keep Freddie alive. Oh well.. I Went to Striaton City, and faced Bianca. Navy took her Lillipup easily, but then I made a mistake and switched out to Freddie when she sent out Tepig. I panicked for a second, and switched to Navy, but luckily Tepig used Tail Whip and I killed it. I reached Striaton City, healed, and went off to pick my new team member, Iroh the Pansear. Despite he's pretty weak, I'll use him unless I find a Darumaka. I grinded for a little bit, and went off to the Gym!
Navy killed Lillipup using a Potion and an Oran Berry from Cheren, and Iroh killed Pansage easily. Wow, that was interesting.
So that concludes my first update. I'll update again as soon as possible.

Not much to say, as this is just the beginning. It'll be more detailed when i'll have details.

@ --
Brave | Lv. 12
~Tail Whip
~Water Gun
~Water Sport

He'll be great. I know that.

@ Oran Berry
Hardy ^_^ | Lv. 11 | Pickup
~Work Up

Very glad I got him and not Patrat or Purrloin.

@ --
Bashful ^_^ | Lv. 12
~Work Up

He's doing OK by now. Unless I'll get a Darumaka, I will use it.
Meh. I'm not dead. Just camping, as my sig stated. Please note that this is a legit fanfic on other sites, so it breaks away seriously from the "acceptable" Nuzlocke flow, even including POV's from characters not based off of a Nuzlocke run. This would be one such chapter. The entire thing tells the run, just with unusual formatting in the meantime.

Oh yeah, some language. Only 2-3 characters in the story actually swear, and I will alert you whenever one of them is in the update.

Chapter Three: Greyscale Revolution
Yeah, so I wasn’t off to a great start. I’d almost killed my first Pokémon on the first night of owning it because of rookie mistake. I was probably never going to hear the end of that one. Not to mention it was earlier than six o’clock and I had been awake for over an hour. I couldn’t remember the last time I could say that. On a more positive note, I’d gotten off to a great start with nutritious Combee Crunch, complete with all the needed vitamins and minerals to get you going in the day. As I lumbered out towards the agreed meeting place, my pack weighing down on my back. I generally wanted to just go back to sleep. I started to doubt the cereal’s effectiveness. Never trust high TV salesmen.

Then again, a lot of that was my fault anyways. However I justified it, that battle was a bad idea. There would’ve been plenty of time to do it in Viridian, but I had to rush into it with absolutely no training. And did I mention it was the night before I had to wake up at four-thirty in the morning. What could’ve possibly gone wrong with that idea? On a lighter note, Ivy wasn’t hurt too badly. He could use his vines again within a few days if everything went well. It was still almost a week without being able to do anything but Tackle, but that would be alright. I could catch another Pokémon pretty quickly, and there wasn’t really a rush to train up now. Honestly, I didn’t even have a reason to get stronger.

That bothered me a little. Gramps told me that some time ago, there used to be an open challenge across the nations. Trainers would challenge the leaders of the various cities in attempts to gain a symbol signifying their victory. If they could gain enough symbols, they could challenge the Pokémon League itself, and possibly become the next champion. And then came Ariel Day. About fifty years ago, a rogue trainer had captured the storm spirits of the land –a forbidden and illegal act. He proceeded to crush the local leaders. He made it all the way to the league before the champion defeated him in a battle, and forced him to release the storm gods. After that, the League had decided that rogue trainers wandering around and seeking to further their power was simply too much of a security risk. The Champion was still the strongest trainer in the region; but now that was determined by battles between the highest ranking generals in Kanto and Johto whenever the Champion decided to step down. The last time that happened was shortly before I was born. Champion Brendan stepped down and Lance had won the battle. He was still Champion when I left Pallet.

Tangent aside, there was no reason to train anymore. Strength was unneeded, advancement was nearly impossible, and training opportunities were scarce. It was actually kind of depressing, considering that Gramps had been one of the best trainers’ alive back in his day. It supposedly it ran in the blood. Yeah, so nice to know that even my blood is out to ruin my life.

Going back to the actual story, it was a pleasant morning. Provided you’re a ghost type, or course. It was still mostly dark outside, and the sun hadn’t warmed up the day yet. A light fog covered the ground, slightly obscuring vision and making it even drearier outside. All that was missing from the wonderful scene was rain. Thankfully, it was a rather short walk from my house to the lab. Eli could’ve probably run it –sorry, “walked” it- in under fifteen minutes. Still, I wasn’t exactly in a “walk quickly mood.” It wasn’t like I was very eager for the journey either. As far as I was concerned, it would just be baby-sitting Bianca and Eli as they ran around catching every useless Pokémon in sight like kids in a candy shop. I would probably just catch something to show to Gramps and then wait to fill in my team until I could get my hands on something decent.

About twenty-five minutes or so after I left my house, I got to the doors of the lab. Bianca and Eli were already waiting for me, as expected. Eli was wearing his typical grey jacket and white baseball cap, with a tan backpack carrying his supplies. I noticed it was larger than mine, which irritated me slightly. Being older and taller, I was always slightly annoyed when he showed off how much stronger he was. But I would always have him in the looks department, so I was never too annoyed. Miss Dreary was there as well, generally adding to the grey dreariness of the morning. Seriously, she has some sort of a refusal to wear anything involving bright colors. She probably even washed her jeans several times before she would wear them, just to prevent any sort of vibrant color from being on her person. Add in her grey tennis shoes, brown coat, and grey eyes and you get an outfit as dull as her personality.

The strange part was, it actually looked like Eli and Bianca had been talking about something before I walked up, and they weren’t angry at each other. I considered pointing it out, but decided against it. Nothing was worth arguing at this time in the morning with a long hike to go. I trudged up beside Eli, grunting out something that could be interpreted as everything from “Hey, how’s it going?” to “I like Pancakes,” and “The sky is falling.” Eli apparently understood it as “Let’s go!”

“Alright guys are you ready?” he asked eagerly. However he could be that awake before six was completely beyond me.

“Wait a minute,” I objected. “I have some extra weight I need to shove onto you guys.” I dropped my pack down with a “thud,” not really caring if I broke anything. I unzipped one of the pouches, and pulled out ten Pokéballs. I tossed five to each of them and explained, “A gift from Gramps.”

With that, they talked a little about something (How the heck would I remember what? It was six in the morning.) and put the Pokémon balls on their belt. After that, they set off towards the exit of town, not even asking if I was ready. They probably knew what the answer would be.

It didn’t take us long to get out of Pallet. Bianca quickly fell into silence after we departed, ending her brief period of social activity. At least some things were still working normally in the world. Eli was walking ahead of the group alone; probably bored with the pace we were going. That left me back with Bianca, who thankfully wasn’t interested in talking. I don’t mind teasing her, but if had to deal with her for the next few days I did not want to start with a knife in my chest. That could’ve make things a bit more difficult.

When we got close to the Pallet Town limits, Eli was waiting for us at the sign. Thankfully, by this point the sun had decided to wake up and do some work for the day. Eli also slowed down to match the pace at the back of the group for once. Apparently he’d finally realized that I had the form we needed to pick up the package, so it was kind of useless to run ahead. It’s so nice to have control over the situation.

As we walked, a debate of sorts arose between Bianca and Eli. I chose not to get involved for reasons stated earlier. That and I didn’t really care. They were talking about how much time it would take them to get to Viridian, how much time they could spare to look for Pokémon , whether they should try to catch the Rattata that ran by or focus more on the Pidgey in the air, et cetera. Well, mostly Eli was talking. Bianca just listened, and gave periodic input. The strange thing was, it was almost friendly. Almost. It wasn’t entirely unstrained, but Bianca actually seemed to be contributing information without being forced. With me nearby. I made a mental note to take her to a psychiatrist when we got back.

Ironically, the discussion in front of me was loud enough to scare away most of the Pokémon in the surrounding area, so we made pretty good time to Viridian, and would probably arrive the next afternoon. I never did get an explanation as to why Gramps couldn’t get someone with a car to take us, but the walk wasn’t really that bad. They hadn’t even made an attempt to catch anything by the time we got to lunch.

Speaking of which, “lunch,” when traveling is normally closer to a quick break where one takes their pack off and eats a granola bar or two while drinking a bottle of water than anything you’re thinking of. It takes all of ten minutes if you do it right.

By the time lunch rolled around, I finally got into the conversation. I was the only one in the group who had ever actually been to Viridian City seriously, the job “lab aide” pretty much means “doesn’t get out much”. Well, Bianca doesn’t count. Even if she had lived there, it had been about seven years. And the first thing I’d learned about dealing with her: never bring up Viridian City. Most people ask her about it when they first learn she was born there. Most back off after they realize she doesn’t want to talk about it. I had persisted. She hates me. Anyways, Eli asked me what the city was like.

“Well,” I started, “It’s about twice as big as Pallet Town, and much more official looking. There are government buildings everywhere and quite a few military areas in the city. Really, only the East side of the city has many people living there at all. The only major things in the city would be the Gym, Diglett’s Cave, and the Spatial Monastery. I’m sure you know about at least those three.” I stopped explaining and ripped open another granola bar. Seriously, how much did they want me to say about the place?”

“What’s the Gym?” Eli asked.

I sighed, forgetting that not many people actually cared very much about the place. “It used to be a Pokémon League Gym back before the storm war. After the war it was shut down like all of the rest, but it was opened again about twenty years ago as a training area for trainers. There’s not really a Gym Leader there anymore, but it’s still supposedly a nice place to train,” I answered. I’d actually forgotten about the gym, and wasn’t quite sure why I’d thought of it as one of the three most important places in Viridian. It had been at least three years since I’d been there, and then I hadn’t even cared that much.

Bianca slowly nodded her head. “My brother was almost champion of the gym once. And then,” she stared up at the trees for a moment, “we moved.” Once again, I had to stop and almost stare at Bianca. Her face was relatively stern as usual. But there was something else. Something in the eyes. I couldn’t place it, but I don’t think I’d ever seen her eyes look like that. But before I could really believe it, it was gone. “We’d best get moving,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Shortly after, we packed up and left again. We didn’t stop for another hour or so, when we took a water break. As I went to take care of some business, I heard a slight rustling in the trees above me. I instinctually glanced up, eyeing the trees. There wasn’t any immediate follow-up, but one thing was fairly likely. There was a Pokémon up there. “Hey guys,” I called out. “I think I found something.”

“What?” Bianca replied.

“Well, I can’t exactly tell, but I think it might be a Pokémon,” I shouted back. I don’t really remember why I decided to let them know. It would have made the trip faster if we hadn’t. Maybe I sensed something about the Pokémon. Maybe I just wanted to get the capture over with and spend time in Viridian training. Whatever my reason was, I did. Bianca and Eli were underneath the tree in seconds.

We stood in silence for a few moments, no one really sure of what to do now. “Now what do we do?” Eli asked. Bianca frowned, and I turned around to face him. Even if there was a Pokémon up there, what exactly were we supposed to do? We were interrupted by a weak call from above us.

After living in Pallet for fifteen years, you learn certain things. One of them is everything about Pidgey. Being the most common species in and around the town, bar humans, most residents got to know them. Being a kid obsessed with Pokémon for a while, I had learned everything. So, don’t be surprised if I could tell a lot from the cry. Like the fact that it was an infant. And that it was starving. Put those together, and you reach the most likely explanation for the matter: trainers.

The advent of the Pokéball had changed the world. Rule number one of history: no change is ever entirely good. One of the very few downfalls was right above me. Many times a trainer would catch a mother Pokémon, and never know about the babies. This sounds terrible, but think logically for a moment. Good trainers didn’t really care much about their captures. Attachment was never a good thing, since any serious battle could end in death. And a good trainer would have a good deal of serious battles. Even though the gym system had died, battling still went on as a popular hobby. But what can I say? It’s called the circle of life, and Pidgey weren’t about to go extinct any time soon.

Arceus, I’m terrible with tangents. Back to the story. Alright, now we know what we’re dealing with. Instead of having an unknown creature in the tree, we have a dying baby Pidgey. Great. Now we’ve still got no way to get it out, and I’m compelled to catch the weakest Pokémon I could find. Remind me why I called them over again?

So, back to the standing in silence thing. “Well, we could try to climb up,” Eli proposed. I stared at him, and glanced back to the tree. There weren’t any branches on the thing we could use for climbing. “Oh, right.” More silence. I hate silence.

“Well, unless anyone has an idea as to how we do something useful here, we might as well go,” Bianca begrudgingly grumbled her consent, but Eli still stared at the tree. “Well?” I asked.

“I think I have an idea,” he murmured.

The “S-I-L” word returns. “And?” I growled impatiently.

“It might not work, but,”

“Just do it already,” Bianca and I snapped at the same time. Wow. I don’t think we’d ever done that before in fifteen years. It didn’t comfort me.

“Fine,” Eli sighed. “Marine, go.” His Squirtle appeared at his side. “Alright, I want you to use Water Gun on the ground to shoot yourself up to that branch,” he gestured upwards.

“Squir, Squirtle?” the turtle said, pointing its tiny arm up in the air. I couldn’t tell where it was pointing, and I’m pretty sure Eli couldn’t either. That, or he’d become a turtle whisperer in the last few hours.

“Yes, that one.” Right, the one a few feet up and made of wood. That one.

Squirtle gave a clumsy salute and began to charge a Water Gun. After a few seconds, he unleashed it at the ground and rocketed up. At the peak of his flight, he realized something. He was in the air. I might have the advantage of a few years of study on the matter, but I think most people realize one simple fact. Squirtle can’t fly.

Marine’s expression showed that he’d come to the same realization. He began shouting his name and flailing his arms wildly as he started to fall back to the ground, his objective entirely forgotten. As luck would have it, he did happen to find the nest.

He took that down with him too.

Eli rushed forwards to catch his Squirtle. I stood transfixed, somewhere between apathy, an instinctual need to catch one of the baby Pidgey –there were multiple falling- and a strong desire to say “I told you so.” I chose option d) stand in shock while the mind numbly processes what to do.

Bianca dived forwards to help, and wound up catching the now empty nest and a Pidgey that had fallen with it, not letting it suffer any further harm. Eli managed to pull one of the Pidgey out of its state of 32 meters per second squared, and almost caught Squirtle. Almost.

The blue turtle landed on its back, the shell absorbing most of the impact. He seemed jarred, but not injured at first glance. That left one more Pidgey. I looked up to see if I’d missed it, and was immediately greeted with a view of brown feathers in my face as I fell back from the impact.

“Next time we need to practice landings,” I groaned, and pushed the bird onto my chest, causing the Pidgey to whimper in pain. I gently slid him off of my body, and pulled myself to my knees to survey the damage. It definitely wasn’t as bad as Ivy, but it wasn’t pretty. Her wing, and I could identify her as a female from the markings on her head, was bent back at a strange angle, but there didn’t appear to be any marks on the surface. She was probably in pain, but not going to bleed to death. In fact, if she was kept in a suspended state, she probably would get out just fine.

“Do you want to come with me?” I asked, and immediately bit my lip out of anger. Why had I asked that? The goal here was to find a Pokémon that could actually do something, not build some sort of a handicapped Pokémon Olympics Squad. Unfortunately, she chirped in a way that probably meant yes. I started to pick her up to bring her out into the forest, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Her chirping was almost musical, upbeat in a way that seemed almost unreal. I wasn’t going to leave her out to die, even if it cost me some valuable training time. I pulled a Pokéball out from the side of my pack and held it over the Pidgey.

“I’m going to call you Siren.”


Alright, before anyone out there accuses me of being too weak, I’d like to reinforce I have a limit. I won’t deal with pathetic bugs. Apparently, I’m the only one in the group who grasped another basic fact of the world. Bug Pokémon are terrible. Common weaknesses combined with generally poor power and bulk leads to a train wreck of evolution that only survives due to numbers. For trainers, they’re just about useless.

Maybe more useful than an injured Pidgey and Bulbasaur though.

Regardless, as soon as camp was set up, Eli walked into the forest with a Pokéball in hand to catch something. Bianca and I just stared after him. Bianca shrugged, and sat down in front of a tree, book in hand. Before she could open it, I realized something. It could take Eli hours to find something out there with the noise he was likely to make. That and he wasn’t very good with noticing details, even very large ones. Another key fact about the world: Bianca and I don’t do very well together, especially with no one else around. Even if she wanted to read her book, I hate silence. Given even another fifteen minutes, I would probably wind up starting a fight. Of course, I had other options. I cleared my throat.

“So, how’s life going?” She glanced up at me, muttered something about following Eli, and walked into the forest. Problem solved. With those two away, I had some free time. I subconsciously pressed something on my belt, and Siren appeared alongside Ivy.

“Alright, let’s get you two fixed up.” I pulled a few bandages and some gauze out of my backpack and set to work. I found a small stick somewhere in the clearing, and used it to make a crude splint for Siren. I also reapplied Ivy’s bandages, but this took less time since I actually had some idea what I was doing.

I glanced down at my watch. They had been gone for thirty minutes. I probably had time to take care of some personal business. Glancing quickly around in nervousness, I pulled a red electronic device from my backpack. A Pokéball symbol was etched into the front, with “Pokédex 3.5” engraved beneath it in black lettering. Altogether, it was a little smaller than a normal laptop. I reached into a side pocket of my backpack, and pulled out a grey computer disk with no markings. I manipulated it nervously for a moment, watching the light reflect onto nearby trees as I twisted the disk. Finally I got up the nerve to put it in.

The Pokédex came to life, the screen beginning to glow as the device loaded. When it finally came up, I scrolled down the options list, until I reached the last one. “Cam99OpDwn4-10-99.” It wasn’t much to go by, but it confirmed what I’d suspected. It was a camera recording from a few years back, around the time I had been born. I took out the small scrap of paper I had found with it. “21:52” was hastily scratched onto it in ink that had since lightened considerably until the note was almost unreadable. I took a deep breath, and pushed my finger down over the play button.

“Hey, Gary!” Eli shouted out in the distance. I swore under my breath, and slid the device back into my backpack. The video would have to wait until later.

Eli came running –sorry, walking- into the clearing, Bianca struggling to keep up behind him. “We caught some Pokémon,” he said, still enthusiastic, but calming down.

“Let me guess, a Weedle?” I replied sarcastically.

He looked minorly hurt, “What’s wrong with Weedle?”

I sighed. This was going to be a long evening. “Other than the fact that it’s got terrible abilities, even in its final form, lacks any sort of a niche another Pokémon can’t do better, and is generally weaker than most every Pokémon ever created by Arceus, I don’t know.”

Bianca had gotten out of the forest by now, but was still trying to catch her breath. She tried to reply, but her response was constantly broken up by panting.

“What’s she saying?” I asked Eli.

He glanced back up at me. “The same could be said about an injured Pidgey.”


The rest of the evening went without incident. Or, at least without fatal incident. In fact, there had been no injuries by the time the sun went down. Gramps would be proud. After dinner, Eli went into his tent almost immediately. Bianca leaned up against a tree, reading her book. I couldn’t quite make out the title, but it had the silhouette of a Kabutops skeleton on the front. “What’re you reading,” I asked.

She glared up, clearly annoyed at my question. “It’s none of your business.” Unfortunately, she didn’t stop reading or go into her tent. That surprised me a little. There are quite a few people who get mad for some reason when you ask them what they’re reading. I never understood why. But if she wasn’t going away, then I had too. I didn’t feel like starting a fight; we still had a long way to Viridian and back.

I started to walk out towards the forest. “Where are you going?” Bianca inquired, glancing up from her book.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked. Answering questions with questions annoys people more than asking them what they’re reading.

She shrugged, and went back to reading her book. “I just wanted to know.”

“Wait, you wanted to know something about me?” I answered with excessive shock. Excessive shock is another one of those things that irritates people.

“If you got killed by a Wild Pokémon, I’d have a hard time explaining it to your grandfather.” Her voice was perfectly neutral now, maybe even a bit upbeat. She wasn’t irritated. I’d done three things to irritate her, the girl who gets irritated by my presence, and she didn’t care. Arceus, she was making my life difficult.

With that, I went back into the forest before my reputation could suffer too much. I guess it was a nice evening. I don’t really pay much attention to that kind of thing, but it probably was. Summer nights in South-West Kanto are generally nice, with the various insects coming out to mate, making their chirps and calls. Another thing you get used to by living in Pallet. But I had other things to think about. Namely the CD I was carrying.

There was a room in the lab that no one ever entered. A padlock guarded the door, the key only found in one location, that happened to be right next to the door. But in order to get the key, one had to insert a ten digit password. Fail twice and alarms go off. Strangely enough, no one ever seemed to show interest. Except for me.

The first time I asked him about it, he’d just said it was for records. I didn’t buy it. What kinds of records get more security than the lab safe? I’d started paying attention after that, watching whenever he entered his password. Eventually I got a pretty good idea of what it was, but I hadn’t acted on it. Until two days ago. I was out late from a meeting with Eli, and most of the people had already left the lab. I walked up to the door as casually as possible, making it look like I was supposed to be there. I inserted the password, thankfully it was correct, and the key dropped out into my hand. A passing aide had stopped me at that time. I’d told him I was on business from Gramps. He bought it, and went on his way, thankfully never reporting it.

The inside of the room was surprisingly bare, with only a file cabinet in the room. It was also locked. In fact, there was only one thing not in the cabinet that Gramps had apparently forgotten to put back in, a single CD with a slip of paper on it. I figured he wouldn’t miss it if I gave it back after the trip, and slipped it into my pocket. I hadn’t gotten the time to watch it until now.

The Pokedex’s light cast strange shadows from the trees, making the night slightly creepy, even for me. A stray cloud moved across the moon, blocking out some of the moonlight and making it even more unnatural. And the forest was silent. All of the bugs had stopped chattering around me, probably because of an intruder, me. But late in the evening when the mind doesn’t make that connection, it’s just creepy.

I scrolled down to Cam99OpDwn4-10-99, and clicked. The Pokedex paused, the screen darkening until a black and white image was pulled up. It was just an empty room, with the only notable features being the bookshelves on the walls and a large desk. Windows behind the desk looked onto something, but it was hard to tell from the camera. Come to think of it, it looked a lot like Gramps’ office. I waited for a minute, but nothing happened.

And then I remembered the sheet of paper. I cursed softly at myself for forgetting, but quickly pulled it out and jumped to the correct time. The office wasn’t empty anymore. A younger Gramps was in the room, pacing back and forth in front of the window, periodically stopping to glance out. He looked worried about something, and furious at the same time. He was probably more concerned and angrier than I had ever seen him. He muttered something under his breath, something about a storm perhaps, but I couldn’t quite catch it. I made a mental note to scroll back and watch it later.

After about a minute or so of the pacing, someone knocked on the door. Gramps glanced up, and called out for the man to come in. I almost dropped the Pokédex. Champion Lance, well, soon-to-be Champion Lance walked through the door, his signature cape flowing behind him. He gave an awkward bow, and rose up, sarcasm dripping in his voice, “Hello master.”

Gramps nodded, and motioned for him to sit down. “Lance, I’m quite busy right now. Is there anything you wanted to talk about, or are you wasting my time?”

Lance shifted in his seat, “Well, it’s about the project.” Gramps motioned to go on. “A few people here were talking, and we decided that we don’t like it.”

“They can just get their ass off of the island then. Only the devoted have a place in Operation Dawn.”

“Oh no, they’re devoted. Just not to you,” Lance rose to his full, rather impressive height. It was impossible to tell from the camera, but I had a strange suspicion he was smiling.

Gramps banged his fist on the disk, “What the hell is this?” he shouted.

Lance laughed, a slow and evil laugh, as he gestured towards the doorway. Whatever was in it made Gramps gasp in surprise and cower back slightly. “This would be a coup.”

I just started my Nuzlocke Challenge on Black version.

I'm following all of the basic rules (K.O. = release; no revives, first encountered pokemon in new area, battle style = set, etc.) with some additional rules to make it more challenging:

- I can only use the Pokemon Center once per town before and after a Gym battle (2 times total)
- Only use pokeballs that are found or given
- As of now, I am only allowed to buy 5 HP restore items upon entering a new town.

So far, I have beaten Cress of Striaton gym. My team thus far is:

Lv. 11 Bandit (Tepig) [Hasty] - Nuvema Town
Lv. 13 Runt (Lillipup) [Modest] - Route 1
Lv. 10 Scout (Patrat) [Rash] - Route 2
Lv. 11 Sage (Pansage) [Gentle] - Dreamyard

I have officially confirmed my personal set of Nuzlocke rules:


1. I may only use the first Pokemon encountered in each new area. If said Pokemon faints, I may not use any Pokemon from it's corresponding area. Certain areas permit two Pokemon if each section offers a completely new "batch" (ex. Pinwheel forest & Dragonspiral Tower).

2. When a Pokemon faints, I am to immediately deposit it into my PC and render it unusable until my Nuzlocke challenge has been completed (in turn, my PC becomes a journal of sorts).

3. A fainted Pokemon may be revived during the same battle in which it faints. Revives may not be be purchased, but only found via Dowsing Machine/ground. [It seemed "unrealistic" to me that if my character found such a valuable item, he would discard or sell it] A Pokemon that remains fainted after battle must be deposited.

4. I may only use the Pokemon Center once per town/city, and once more after that town's Gym Leader has been beaten (towns/cities with 2 Pokemon Gyms grant two Pokemon Center heals in total).
- "Nurse" and "doctor" trainers may only be used once.

5. I may only purchase 5 HP restore items upon entering a new town/city. Status items (antidote, awakening, etc.) may be restocked to x3 under the same circumstances.

6. Pokeballs may not be purchased.

7. Battle style = Set.


ADVENTURE Continued...

After defeating Cress of Striaton Gym, I've since arrived in Nacrene City and have caught three new Pokemon: Woobat [Nova], Pidove [Quill], and Tympole [Squirt].

To avoid Lenora's Watchog assassinating my entire roster, I've been training around Pinwheel forest, steadily depleting the population of Audino in southern Unova. However, experience isn't the only thing I'm going for here as you'll see.

To start, I stupidly fought the nurse trainer (thus healing my team) AND used my one Pokemon Center visit before defeating every other trainer. I realized I was pretty close to being screwed. As I finished up the last of the trainers, my super potions followed suit. I had 6 worn out, depleted Pokemon (one of them being a newly evolved Herdier!) and still had a full gym to take out (arguably one of the toughest gyms I'll be up against considering my current team).

So I decided to see how things go and use the rest of my team's efforts to rack up as much Exp. as I could... aka, it's Audino hunting season.

The pink bastards double-slapped Nova and Quill to death. "Nope", I thought, "the only way it can take out Nova is if it lands 5 double-slaps in a row, and that's pretty uncomm - ..."

"Okay, that's alright I guess," I mean I did have that one hidden revive I had previously found on Nacrene city's train tracks.

Quill is physically bulkier than Nova, so I was pretty sure with just under half HP, it could take out an Audino. Wrong. Lightning does strike twice apparently, but this time I had no revives. Quill has officially been boxed and can no longer be used.

The Grim Reaper.

Then something awesome happened: "Sage learned Leech Seed!"

Yup. With the combination of Leech Seed and Thief (oran berries) among growls and sand-attacks, I have been able to fully restore the HP of all of my team members while gaining a few levels on the side. Ingenious.

Time to take on Lenora's gym. I'll repost a (shorter) outcome of the results.


Team thus far:

Lv. 19 Bandit [Pignite] - Hasty
Lv. 20 Runt [Herdier] - Modest; Intimidate
Lv. 17 Scout [Patrat] - Rash; Keen Eye
Lv. 19 Sage [Pansage] - Gentle
Lv. 16 Nova [Woobat] - Timid; Unaware
Lv. 19 Squirt [Tympole] - Calm; Hydration


Lv. 14 Quill [Pidove] - Adamant; Super-Luck (apparently not)


So far, Runt is proving to be the most reliable offensively and defensively (however, Sage is a close second with it's newfound healing role).

PS I may change Woobat's nickname to something else so ideas are welcomed.
Alright, first of all I apologize to the people who have been patiently (or not-so-patiently *cough*ginga*cough*) awaiting my next update. I could give a bunch of excuses about RL and ASB taking up what would otherwise be prime writing time, but to be completely honest I just haven't felt like starting to write after finally picking up the game again after a few months of not touching it. Secondly, I apologize for not keeping the OP of the thread up to date with the challenges going on like I said I would. Seeing as I was chosen to do this, it's my responsibility, but again I just haven't bothered. That being said, I'm not entirely sure how useful it would be to post the links to the latest updates seeing as it seems like no one is keeping the advice of linking to all previous parts to heart, but if enough people want it done anyway I'll do it.

But I'm not just here to post an apology. It's (finally) time for Part 5 of Flamestrike's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge!

Link to HeartGold Challenge (Final update, link to other updates are there)
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4

The next day Brandon headed to the Windworks, where he found Dawn training in the grass. He noticed that her Turtwig evolved into a Grotle, and wondered just how long she had been training for. “Hey Dawn!” he called. “Oh, hey Brandon!” she replied. “I was just getting some last-minute training in. Grotle looks pretty impressive, doesn’t he?”
“Yeah, it looks like you’ve done some good work with him.” Dawn blushed slightly at the compliment. “Shall we move on?” Brandon asked. Dawn nodded, and the two headed off towards Eterna Forest. Agrias followed Brandon while Grotle followed Dawn. They worked together to beat trainers, cycling their Pokemon around to make sure everyone got a fair share of experience. Finally, they arrived at Eterna Forest. As they walked in, Dawn said, “Hey, you can catch a new Pokemon here, right?”
“Yeah, though I doubt I’ll use whatever I get. Most of the Pokemon in here are fairly weak.” As they continued on, they ran into a Budew and a Wurmple. Working together, they KOed the Budew, weakened the Wurmple, and Brandon caught it. “There,” he said. “It’s not much, but it’s something in case disaster happens.” Dawn congratulated him on his capture and they continued on. As they approached the exit, Dawn pointed out a decrepit mansion behind a wall of shrubs and trees. “That place looks awfully spooky,” she said, giving an involuntary shiver. “Looks like a place Ghost Pokemon may hang out,” Brandon replied. His heart suddenly lurched at the thought of Petula, who perished in the battle with Red. Dawn sensed his discomfort and said, “Come on, we’re almost out.”

As Brandon and Dawn entered Eterna City, they were greeted by a blond woman. Brandon sensed that she was a very powerful trainer and instinctively reached for his Pokeballs, but the woman laughed and said, “Easy there, I’m not here to fight.” Brandon relaxed, and the woman continued. “I’m Cynthia. Who are you two?”

“I’m Brandon, and this is Dawn,” Brandon replied. “Oh, that’s nice. And I see you two have Pokedexes. You must know Professor Rowan then.” Cynthia said. Dawn answered, “Yeah, I was his assistant, and he gave Brandon a Pokedex for his journey. I decided to join Brandon and help him out, but I’m not much of a Trainer myself.”

“I see,” Cynthia replied. “Are you both taking the Gym challenge?”

“No, only I am,” came the response, this time from Brandon. “Ah, well best of luck to you. I’m a Trainer as well, but lately I’ve been studying Pokemon mythology. There’s a statue of an ancient Pokemon here, and according to mythology it was extremely powerful. Maybe you’ll run into something similar during your travels!”

“That would be cool,” Dawn said, and Brandon nodded. He remembered when the Kimono girls had taken him to face Ho-oh. It was definitely one of the most awe-inspiring experiences of his young life, and he still had Ho-oh, stored in the PC back home in Jotho. Seeing the statue from afar, he could tell that meeting this legendary Pokemon would be a similar experience. “Oh!” Cynthia suddenly exclaimed, breaking Brandon out of his reverie. “Here, this’ll help you on your journey!” She handed them each a disc. “That’s HM 01, which teaches Pokemon the move Cut.” She turned to look to her right, and Brandon and Dawn turned to follow her gaze. “It’ll let you cut down small trees like these ones that block your path!” Brandon ignored the trees and instead looked at the building behind them. It was a strange building, and in one of the windows he thought he saw a Galactic grunt. “Thank you Cynthia,” Dawn said, and when Brandon failed to respond she nudged him with her elbow. “Ow-oh, yeah, thanks!” Brandon said. “No problem, I love to see new Trainers working hard. Good luck in your travels!” And with that, she left to the west. Brandon studied the HM. “Hmm… says here that we need the Eterna Gym Badge before we can use it.”

“Then let’s go get it!” Dawn said, already walking towards the Gym. “Wait, we have other stuff we need to do!” Brandon shouted, running after her.

After stopping at the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon, Brandon led Dawn next door. “Wait, why are we going here?” Dawn asked. “The Underground Man supposedly lives here,” Brandon explained, “giving Explorer’s Kits to anyone that asks. We can use them to go underground and find treasure!”

“Well that’s cool and all but shouldn’t we be more worried about getting Badges and training and stuff?”

“Some of the stuff you find underground is apparently really useful. In particular I’ve heard from people that you can find fossils. And in Oreburgh I remember a scientist in the museum telling me that he could revive Pokemon from fossils. I didn’t get a Pokemon from Oreburgh yet, so I may as well find a fossil and get it revived.” Dawn nodded, understanding, and they walked in. A while later, they walked out, putting on their kits. “Wow, I feel like Roark!” Brandon joked. Dawn laughed, and the two went underground. “OK Brandon, now what?” Dawn asked once they found the underground maze. “We mark this area so we can easily make it back here whenever we’re done,” he responded. “The app for the Poketch that came with the kits will lead us right back here when we want to go back up, and it’ll also show us where to go to find stuff.” Satisfied with the explanation, Dawn followed him to where the Poketch was telling them they could find treasure and they started to dig.

A few hours later they emerged from their hole, dirty but happy. They had found a few neat things, but more importantly Brandon had found a Skull Fossil, which the Underground Man confidently said was once a Cranidos, a powerful Rock-type Pokemon. As they walked back to the Pokemon Center to stay for the night, however, they saw a few Galactic grunts bullying a kid. They scared them off without a fight, but afterwards Brandon’s mood was noticeably soured. “Why do they think they can get away with shit like that?” he said angrily, kicking a rock off to the side. “I don’t know Brandon, but as long as there’s people like us to stop them it’ll be fine.”

“But we shouldn’t NEED to stop them! They should know better. It’s just.. argh!” Brandon stomped up to his room, and Dawn followed him in as he collapsed onto the bed. “I’m sorry, it just really bugs me. But tomorrow we’re going to train for the Gym battle, and then once we have that badge we’ll head into that building at the north end of town and find out what’s up.” Dawn smiled. “Sounds good.” She left the room, saying good night to Brandon as she left. Brandon didn’t go to sleep right away though, thinking about Team Galactic. What exactly were they up to?

When Dawn woke up and went to find Brandon, she found that he was already gone, having left a note to say he was headed out to Route 205 to train. When she got there, she found him training Agrias the Budew, fighting the various wild Pokemon that resided there. “Good morning Brandon!” she called as she approached. Brandon merely grunted in response as he continued to train. “Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” she thought to herself, but she said nothing as she watched him train. She noticed that he was a lot more aggressive than normal, though. As Agrias continued to fight, a thought crossed her mind. “Brandon, are you planning on using Agrias against Gardenia? I mean, she doesn’t exactly have anything to hurt Gardenia’s Grass-types with."

“No, I don’t plan on using her, but if the unthinkable happens and I do have to use her, I want her to be ready. I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as being too careful.”

“He’s having a rough morning,” Dawn thought to herself. “Maybe the Galactic thing is still gnawing at him, or maybe he’s being reminded of his last journey for some reason, or maybe the death of Tifa. Hopefully he snaps out of it though.” Just then, she noticed that he was fighting a Pachirisu. Before she could say something, he fainted it with a Mega Drain from Agrias. “Brandon, did you already catch something from this Route?” she asked. Brandon swore under his breath, having forgotten in his bad mood that he needed to catch the first new Pokemon he ran into, which was the Pachirisu he just knocked out. Dawn walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Come on,” she said, “time to take a break.” At first he resisted, but seeing the sense in her proposal he relented, releasing the rest of the team to stretch while Dawn and he ate breakfast.

As the Trainers ate, the Pokemon did their own thing. Ramza the Monferno and Barrett the Machop sparred, Cloud the Staravia and Agrias the Budew discussed something together, and Lightning the Luxio prowled near the tall grass, perhaps protecting the group from a wild Pokemon attack. However, when Agrias approached, seemingly to ask if she wanted to join her and Cloud, she growled menancingly. Brandon sighed. While he was glad that Lightning put her full effort in training now, he missed the carefree attitude she used to have, before Tifa died. At least then she would communicate with the rest of the team. Finishing off his meal, he stood and stretched. “Alright guys, a bit more training and we’ll be ready for the Gym!” Lightning ignored him while the rest of the team gave a cheer. “Let’s go!”

Training complete, Brandon and Dawn headed to the Eterna City Gym. The Gym Trainers offered little challenge to Brandon, and before long they stood in front of Gardenia. “Well well, looks like I have two challengers today,” she said. “Welcome to the Eterna Gym. My name is Gardenia, and as you no doubt already know, I’m a master of Grass-type Pokemon.” Brandon stepped forward. “I’m Brandon, and I’ll be your challenger today. Dawn’s just here to watch.”

“Very well then. Let’s do this! Go, Cherubi!”

“Come on out Ramza!” Brandon’s Monferno stared down the Cherry Pokemon. Brandon wasted no time. “Ramza, Flame Wheel!” Ramza used the new move it had learned while fighting the Gym Trainers, surrounding himself in flames and charging at the Cherubi, hitting it hard and knocking it out in a single hit. Gardenia frowned, wondering what she could do against this. “Alright, come back Cherubi,” she muttered, recalling her Pokemon, then she grabbed a new Pokeball. “Your turn Turtwig!” The Grass turtle appeared, eliciting a small squeal from Dawn upon seeing her favourite Pokemon. “Hey Dawn, who’s side are you on?” Brandon shouted, but then he laughed. “Figures you’d be swayed by a Turtwig, but that isn’t going to stop us!” Ramza nodded in agreement. Brandon wasn’t sure if they could take down Turtwig in one hit though, and he knew that Turtwig knew Reflect, a move that would half the damage of his Flame Wheel and make it much harder to take down Gardenia’s strongest Pokemon. So he decided to try something a little different. “Ramza, Taunt it!” Ramza waggled one of his fingers at Turtwig in a taunting fashion, infuriating the usually calm Pokemon. Gardenia tried to order a Withdraw, but Turtwig was too enraged to listen. Brandon smiled. “Here’s your chance Ramza, Flame Wheel!” The blow struck a weak spot, and the Turtwig crumpled, knocked out with ease. Gardenia scowled as she recalled Turtwig. “We aren’t done yet! Let’s go Roserade!” Gardenia’s final and most powerful Pokemon, Roserade, arrived on the field. Brandon knew it would be tough, but he had faith in Ramza. “Ramza, Flame Wheel!” He struck hard, but Roserade stayed standing and ate its Sitrus Berry to regain health. “We won’t go down without a fight! Roserade, Grass Knot!” Roserade used its signature move, using the grassy field to knot up Ramza’s legs and trip it up, but Ramza quickly got up, relatively unhurt by the attack. “Finish it off Ramza, Flame Wheel one more time!” This time the blow was too much for Roserade to handle, and she fell. “Yes!” Brandon shouted, doing a fist pump before running out to grab Ramza. “Great job buddy!” he told his starter, giving him a big hug. Dawn also ran out to congratulate him from her seat on the sideline. “Good job guys, you two did great!”

“Indeed you did.” Gardenia smiled as she approached them. “You fought well, and while I was at a type disadvantage, a loss is still a loss. As promised, here is the Forest Badge!” Brandon smiled as she handed him the badge and he placed it inside his case. “Also, here’s something special from me,” she continued, handing him a disc. “It’s the TM for Grass Knot. Grass Knot does more damage the heavier the target is, and a lot of non-Grass type Pokemon can learn it. I’m sure you’ll make good use of it." Brandon thanked her, and he and Dawn left. They stopped at the Pokemon Center to heal and so Brandon could grab Vann the Bidoof out of the PC to teach Cut to, and then they headed to the Galactic building. “I dunno what you jerks are doing in there,” Brandon thought to himself as they approached, “but you better believe I’m going to put a stop to it!”

Ramza the level 23 Monferno: Hardy nature
-Brick Break
-Mach Punch
-Flame Wheel
Though Ramza is still unable to get through to Lightning, he has effectively managed to unite the rest of the team. He has become fast friends with Barrett, sparring with him often, and he still shares his friendship with Cloud that comes from Cloud being his first teammate. He also has made a fast friendship with Agrias, helping her improve on her skills, hoping that she will soon evolve into a graceful Roselia. With more powerful STAB attacks Ramza has also become a key fighter, taking down Gardenia all on his own.

Cloud the level 22 Staravia: Brave nature
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack
Like Ramza, Cloud has formed a bond with Barrett and Agrias, helping them prepare for the Flying-types that they otherwise have much trouble with. He has given up on trying to communicate with Lightning, however, who has a tendency to zap him whenever he gets close. In battle he's a definite powerhouse and a key member of the team.

Lightning the level 23 Luxio: Calm nature
Lightning continues to push away the other Pokemon, training on her own and growling at or sometimes even zapping teammates that try to approach her. She is cold and efficient in battle, and has become a powerful fighter in her own right, but she still needs to realize that she needs the rest of the team as much as they need her.

Agrias the level 23 Budew: Adamant nature
-Hidden Power Ground (45ish BP)
-Mega Drain
-Stun Spore
Now accepted into the rest of the group, Agrias desperately wants to evolve so that she can be more of a help to the group and less of a liability. She trains endlessly, stopping only to try to talk to Lightning and atone for the way she treated her prior to Tifa's death. However, Lightning refuses to hear her out, saddening Agrias. While in her current form Agrias is lagging behind the rest of the team, once she evolves she'll become the key member of the team she wants to be.

Barrett the level 23 Machop: Docile nature
-Low Kick
-Rock Tomb
Still hurting from the death of Tifa, Barrett nonetheless puts on a brave face and fights hard alongside his teammates. He has formed a strong friendship with Ramza, who is also now a sparring partner, and he is also close friends with Cloud, who helps him train to overcome his Flying-type weakness. He also helps Agrias out with her training, wanting to see her evolve and be able to help the team more in battle. However, he largely ignores Lightning, realizing that nothing they say will help, and that it's something that she needs to figure out herself.

Vann the level 4 Bidoof: Modest nature
Orlandeau the level 5 Magikarp: Hardy nature
Terra the level 8 Onix: Hasty nature
Ventus the level 4 Zubat: Serious nature
Aqua the level 7 Buizel: Lax nature
Yuna the level 15 Ponyta: Lonely nature
Squall the level 20 Cranidos: Quirky nature
Red XIII the level 10 Wurmple: Careful nature

Tifa the level 15 Geodude: Modest nature
-Rock Throw
-Rock Polish
-Rock Smash
Tifa, much like Jill before her, seemed to be growing into the mother role of the group, keeping everyone in line and always being ready to throw herself into action to keep her friends safe. Unfortunately, while training I made the crucial mistake of leaving her in to take on a Buizel, and a critical hit Water Gun sealed her fate. RIP.

As you can probably tell from looking at my boxed section (hint: no Ponyta/Cranidos without the bike) I'm farther ahead in-game than I am in the update. Next update: Team Galactic, round 2! See you in 3 months! :P Just kidding! I hope ;_;
Starting an HG Nuzlocke.

1. On each route/cave/town/tower/dungeon you may only catch one Pokemon and this Pokemon may MAY ONLY BE THE FIRST POKEMON you see!
2. If you don't have any Pokeballs to catch the first Pokemon you see you aren't allowed to catch it.
3. If a Pokemon of yours faints in or out of battle it is dead.
4. No using any items in or out of battle Except Pokeballs.
5. You MUST nickname all of your Pokemon.
6. If you wipe out (all party Pokemon faint) insta-lose
7. If a Pokemon is left on 1 health because it 'survived the poisoning' it is dead.
8. You must have your battle change option set to set, not shift.
9. No running from battles.

Also, rolling a die to see which starter I get.
@Ginga: Yeah, mega-haxed. Well, I've actually managed to defeat her, but only with one Pokemon, Roggenrolla. It made me very sad, and I thoght I won't have a chance, so it's more like I quited. But I see it as a loss.


Regarding Rules

2. When a Pokemon faints, I am to immediately deposit it into my PC and render it unusable until my Nuzlocke challenge has been completed (in turn, my PC becomes a journal of sorts).
Pokemon will now be released.
"3. A fainted Pokemon may be revived during the same battle in which it faints. Revives may not be be purchased, but only found via Dowsing Machine/ground. [It seemed "unrealistic" to me that if my character found such a valuable item, he would discard or sell it] A Pokemon that remains fainted after battle must be deposited."
I am officially erasing this rule. Looking into the amount of (max)revives I would have found on the ground in my travels, this rule would have made things way too easy for me.

As such, I have released Nova. In the battle with Lenora, Nova was never used, so it's former "revived" status did not contribute to the completion of the challenge.


ADVENTURE continued...

Lenora gave me a few scares.

First up, Bandit vs. her Herdier. Immediately, I used an X Def. on Bandit to reduce Take Down damage. Unfortunately, Take Down landed a critical hit...

Bandit held on with literally 1 HP. Although I had used all of my healing items, I did have one Fresh Water from Clyde (the gym guy) so I healed up and took out that bitch - pun intended.

Defeating her Watchog required a combination of tactics employed by 5 out of the 6 of my Pokemon including the moves growl, hypnosis, leer, mud shot, etc. Lenora was defeated without my team suffering a single casualty.

Burgh was much easier. Bandit wiped out his entire team with flame charge, and defense curl + rollout. Unfortunately, I underestimated the power of the first gym trainer's Sewaddle. R.I.P, Scout.

I am currently venturing into the desert.


Team thus far:

Lv. 25 Bandit [Pignite] - Hasty @ Charcoal
Lv. 24 Runt [Herdier] - Modest; Intimidate @ Scope Lense
Lv. 21 Jun [Pansage] - Gentle@ Amulet Coin
Lv. 22 Squirt [Tympole] - Calm; Hydration @ Exp. Share
Lv. 22 Weaver [Swadloon] - Lax; Leaf Guard @ Eviolite


Lv. 14 Quill [Pidove] - Adamant; Super-Luck (apparently not)
Lv. 21 Nova [Swoobat] - Timid; Unaware
Lv. 19 Scout [Patrat] - Rash; Keen Eye


Bandit, undoubtedly. Now able to take a few hits while raising it's speed via Flame Charge and wrecks the competition with defense curl + rollout.

"Come at be bro."
Part 1

Here i am, about to start my Pokemon adventure. I'm not sure what to expect, but i know it's going to be a long ride. As i sit on the floor watching T.V, i notice their was an alert talking about a red Gyarados, not sure what this means, but whatever. Looking at the time, it's exactly 9:33 P.M. looks as if I'm starting my journey pretty late. *Jumps* Apparently, my neighbor likes to come in my room whenever he pleases, my neighbors name is Kulvex, he's starting his journey as well and he's pretty competitive with things, but god he talks a lot. He was explaining to me about what just aired on T.V, and he's talking about professor Rowan giving us Pokemon. Speaking of which, i need to start thinking about who's going to be my first partner. Time will tell, for now, lets go outside and see whats up. Before i left, i took one last glance at my room, touched my comfortable bed, turned off my pc, and headed down stairs. Seems as if my mom is still up, which is unusual considering she goes to sleep after Poke-talk goes off air at 8:00 PM, she's explaining to me that Kulvex is next door, and she also warned me not to go in the tall grass without a Pokemon, humph, parents are so overprotective. As i walk down to Kulvex house, i take a glance into the skies, and i see two Crobat roaming around, after being entertained by them, i open my neighbors door, and he comes out the door, and we clashed heads.

"Hey Xia"

"Hey Kulvex, what's up? My mother told me to come next door for some reason"

"Nothing much, i was just heading over to professor Rowan to get my first Pokemon! I'm so exited, i know what I'm going to pick as well, how about you?"

"uhm, i'm not sure, i don't quite know who I'm going to choose yet"

"Ha, well you better hurry, cause I'm heading down there right now!"

"Erm, ok..."

"Wait, i forgot, i need to get something from my room, be right back Xia"

As he went back into his home, i was amazed at how happy and energetic he seemed. I'm happy about getting my first Pokemon, but I'm not quite as happy as Kulvex is, i must admit, I'm a bit nervous and that can take away excitement. As i walk into my neighbors room, i introduce myself to Kulvex mother, Stephanie.

"Hi maim, how are you?"

"Why hello Xia, i haven't seen you in quite a bit, you should visit more often"

"Heh, yea, i should. I'm starting my adventure tonight and i'm feeling pretty nervous"

"I bet you are, i remember when i went on my first Pokemon adventure, it ended when my darling Ninetails died, as sad as it sounds, i remember it like it was yesterday. I still visit her grave whenever i can"

"Sorry to hear about your Ninetails. I'm waiting for Kulvex to come down, is it OK if i go up and see what he's up to?"

"I'm sure he doesn't mind, that kid is so energetic, at times he'd forget he has company over"

Kulvex mother seems really calm and collective, he must get his excitement from his Father, who is a tough trainer from what I've heard. As i walk up stairs, i notice Kulvex was sitting by his computer getting his stuff ready for his adventure.

"Hey Xia, i'm just getting ready, and i'm almost done.

"Ok, hey, i have a question...."

Before i could ask the question, the kid flew out of his room, he is very exited to start his adventure it seems. Hm, Kulvex told me to meet him on route 1, i hope it's not too dangerous at night.

"Hey Xia, about time you come, gosh, you're so slow"

"I came as fast as i could Kulvex, you're rushing things a lot lately"

"Oh be quiet Xia, i want my Pokemon, i've waited forever for this time to come, and it's finally here"

"You do realize we can't go in the tall grass when we have no Pokemon right?

"Yea, you're right, hm, hey i know, how about we go anyway, whats the worse that can happen.."

"Hold up, wait a minute young boys"


It seems as if the Professor was behind us all this time, he must have been doing some research at the lake, Professor does research on Pokemon to further his believe that there are many more Pokemon out in this world, and in my opinion, they're are too many as it is.

"Why were you two boys going to go in the grass without any Pokemon"



"Well was Xia idea!"

"My idea, are you kidding me? Don't try to put the blame on me, this was totally your idea"

"Boys...boys..calm down, no need to put the blame on each other, we're all friends here. Haha, you two seem to be very impatient about starting your journey, i can see that you both love Pokemon, come with m...."

Before Professor Rowan could end his sentence, this amazingly hot young girl comes out of no where, she had long hair, a nice set of tits.

"Urgh, Professor, there you are"

"Oh hey Dawn, look who i ran into, two reckless boys trying to start their journey without Pokemon, haha"

"Yea, yea professor, you forgot your briefcase...AGAIN."

"I'm sorry, I'm getting pretty old, it happens.

"Anyway, what are you doing, are you honestly considering about giving these two egg heads two of your three Pokemon in the briefcase?"

"Who are you calling an egg head?" said Kulvex.

"You, idiot" said Dawn

"Now now kids, don't start fighting, i don't feel like hearing it" said Professor.

So far my journey has been entertaining, Kulvex and this new girl, Dawn are fighting, and it's quite laughable.

"Dawn, to make it fair, you get a Pokemon as well" Professor said calmly.

"I guess that's fair Professor, let's get this over already" said Dawn.


"What is wrong with you" I questioned

"I'm just so exited, I've waited so long for this, and it's finally here" Kulvex stated.

"You first Xia, who will you choose, Piplup, Chimchar, or Turtwig?" said Professor.

Well, the time was finally here, it's time to pick my first Pokemon, my decision is very important, i took some time to think long and hard, and i opened the briefcase and took the middle Pokeball, which contained Chimchar. Under professor orders, we're not suppose to open our Pokeball just yet.

"Wow, you picked Chimchar huh? Well i'll pick this one" said Kulvex.

"Good choice Kulvex, inside that Pokeball contains the Pokemon Piplup, it's a water type" said Professor.

"Jesus, i can't wait to open it" said Kulvex

"Professor, when can i get MY POKEMON" said Dawn with anger in her voice.

"Don't worry Dawn, come with me to the lab, and I'll give you your Pokemon" Professor said calmly.

"I'll see you boys later, say bye to your family, and come to my lab when you can" Professor said.

"Move it losers" said Dawn.

"wow Xia, she's mean, must be that time of month again. Kulvex said.

"Anyway Xia, let's have a Pokemon battle, but first, let's open our Pokeballs!" Kulvex said with excitement.

"OK, Chimchar, GO."

"Char..Char...what? Where am i? said Chimchar with confusion on his face.

"Hey little guy, I'm your new trainer" I said with a smile on my face.

" trainer?"

"Yep, you guessed right, how are you doing? I'm Xia, nice to meet you"

Chimchar jumped for joy with excitement, it seemed to be very exited that he finally has a trainer to follow around, he then proceeded to jump on my back.

"Woah, nice Chimchar you got there Xia, time for my Pokemon! Go Piplup" Kulvex threw his Pokeball high in the sky and waited for his Pokemon to come out of his Pokeball.

"Pip...lup" Piplup looked very confused.

"Hello Piplup, I'm your new trainer"

"Are you kidding me? I was fine by myself, i don't want a new trainer, get out of here kid" said Piplup

"Wha...well you're going to have to start to like it." Kulvex said.

"Hey Xia, let's have a Pokemon battle" Kulvex said.

This was going to be my first Pokemon battle, i honestly couldn't wait to see what was in store.

"OK Kulvex, let's do this. GO Chimchar" said I


"Haha, GO Piplup"

"Pip...lup" Piplup seemed a bit unresponsive, but he got the idea after a minute of glazing into his new trainer eyes.

"Chimchar, use scratch"

Chimchar scratched Piplup about two times, knocking Piplup on his behind, Piplup got back up, and he was ticked off.

"Piplup..use pound" said Kulvex

Piplup looked quite confused, as he didn't want to listen to Kulvex at all, he kept using a growling type move, it didn't seem as if it did any harm to Chimchar, but i noticed my Chimchar attacked started to get weaker and weaker, but to no prevail, it managed to beat Piplup.

"What just happened, i lost my first battle? said Kulvex

"Indeed you did, yay Chimchar!" said I with excitement.

"WOW, even though i lost, that battle was quite amazing, i'm adjusted, let's go home." said Kulvex

When i returned home, i could smell a good smell in my house, it seems as if my mother was cooking my favorite dish, after me and Chimchar ate, my mother gave me some advice.

"Honey, that's one cute Chimchar you got, it seemed so happy to finally have a trainer" Mother said.

"Yea, i'm glad you like it, i can't wait to go further into this world and discover new Pokemon" said I.

"Hey, Professor just called, he said he needed you at the lab, you should go see what's up" Mother said.

"I will! Thanks mom, see you when i see you"

I took one last glance at my home from the outside, and said farewell under my breathe, i am officially starting my journey.

Part 2

So here i am, starting my very own Pokemon journey. Who knows what this world has in store for me, hopefully i can give it my all and go all the way to the Pokemon League. I've heard humors that only the strongest survive in the victory road, and i often question my ability to go that far. It shouldn't be that bad, as long as i have my Pokemon, i should be fine. As i step out of the door, i glance out in the field and i notice my friend Kulvex was standing there, looking in the tall grass. Of course, I'm not going to ignore the fact that he's there, so i approached him.

"Hey Kulvex, what's up? said I.

"Oh hey Xia, nothing much, just looking and see if i can find some new Pokemon, and I'm training my Piplup in the process. How about you"

"Nothing much, getting ready to go on my journey" said I

"Hey, before you do, let's go to the lake, it isn't far from here. Kulvex said with a smile on his face.

In my mind, i was a bit intimidated, but i didn't want to show it. See, there has been rumors that the lake close by is haunted by ghostly Pokemon, I'm not quite scared, but it's a creepy story nonetheless.

"Urm, ok, fine let's go" said I.

So we walked to the great lake, i like to call it the great lake mainly because i never really knew the real name of it. Before we could enter, Kulvex interrupted, and explained to me that a mysterious legendary Pokemon once slept at this lake, at first i was a bit stunned because i had no idea what to expect, but then i was a bit eager to find out which legendary was it. Of course when we entered the lake, we see a guy with blue hair and a silver looking suite on, and he was talking to himself by the actual lake. It was a bit weird, but whatever. He looked at us, said a few words, and then left, not sure what that was about, but he seemed in a rush. Then after that, all of a sudden, we heard a Pokemon out of the blue, turns out, it was a legendary Pokemon, however, we did not get to spot it. We wanted to catch it, but we didn't bring many Pokeballs with us, so once again, the little hyper Kulvex decided to race me to the Professors lab, although i didn't want to race at all. The trip to the lab was a great way to get my Pokemon involved with training.

"Go Chimchar"


"Chimchar, use scratch"

When i was done with my battling sessions with Chimchar, i needed to go to the lab before the Professor gets annoyed by the fact that I'm late. Half way, i saw Dawn, and she wasn't being very mean like she was a day ago, maybe she was just having a bad day? Who knows, but anyway, she told me where the lab was, and we went in together. We met the professor, and he was going to introduce us to something, I'm not sure what he was going to introduce us to, but i was about to find out. First off, he gave me the option of giving my Chimchar a nickname. I thought about it long and hard, and i decided to name it Supertrunk. Supertrunk was a long time friend i had before i moved to this new region, i still miss him a lot, and i'm going to name my Chimchar Supertrunk in honor of him.

"Have you made your decision yet, Xia?" said Professor

"Yes i did Professor, i'm going to name him Supertrunk" said I.

Professor Rowan then proceeded to give me my very own Pokedex, and now I'm one step closer to becoming great.

[Part 3 - Learning Curves]

So here i am, in Sandgem town. After Dawn and Professor Rowan introduced me to pretty much everything in town, i got a good idea on what to expect in every town i go to, I'm pretty exited actually. As i look around, i know i'm going to need a few items for the journey i'm about to go on, so i headed over to the Poke Mart.

"Hm, what do i need" looking over the counter

"Hello young man, how may i help you" said the cashier.

"Hey sir, let me get 1 Antidote, 1 Paralyz Heal, and erm, 10 Pokeballs please" said I.

"Ok young man, that will be 2,300$ please" the cashier said happily.

"Here you go" I said.

"Young man, you brought 10 Pokeballs, just because of that, I'm going to add a white premiere ball" said the cashier.

"Is there any specific difference between the two?" said I with a questionable look on my face.

"Not at all, it just looks pretty sexy, can't you tell" said the cashier humorously.

"Haha, yea, it looks pretty nice" I said laughing my way out of the mart.

As i walked towards the next town, i noticed i saw someone particularly familiar, it was Dawn. Dawn was in the tall grass probably looking for some Pokemon, i wonder what she's going to ask me?

"Hey Xia". said Dawn.

"Hi Dawn, what's up?" said I.

"Nothing much Xia, just looking for a particular Pokemon i want to catch, hey your mother said she wanted to see you for some reason, you better go check"

"OK, thanks for the heads up"

I wonder what my Mother wants, she knows i'm going on a journey, it's pretty weird she wants me at a time like this. On my way back home, i faced a Kricketot, Chimchar done a wonderful job bringing it down to low health, and i threw a Pokeball. I waited a few seconds, and jumped for joy, i caught my first Pokemon. This Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart, and i won't ever forget about this moment, it's a large stepping stone.

"Hey buddy, i'll name you Ryan..Ryan the Kricketot."

"Kricke..Kricketot" Kricketot jumped up and down with a smile on his face.

The Kricketot seemed fairly happy, and so was i, because i was still in complete shock that i caught my first Pokemon. After the excitement settled down, I was eager to catch more Pokemon, and i faced a Starly next. Well what do you know, i weakened it down with Chimchar, although it put up a tough fight, and i threw a Pokeball once again, and it caught it. It must be beginners luck or something. I named it Jane, not sure why i thought of Jane, but it seems fitting.

"Hey Jane, welcome to the team" I said with a smile on my face.


It seemed pretty happy to finally have a master. Soon after, i got back in the grass, and searched for more Pokemon, and i was lucky to find, and catch a bidoof. I named the female Bidoof, Complicate. After i caught all three of the Pokemon, i released them out of their Pokeball, and finally realized that these Pokemon belong to me, i wanted to cry on the spot. After everything was settled, i had to go back to Twinleaf town, home. I went home, and mother suggested that i take a quick break. After a quick chat, my mother gave me a journal, it could become useful at times, and keeps track of my events. After i hugged, and thank my mother, Kulvex mother came rushing in our house.

"Jesus Christ, has anyone seen my little Kulvex?" Kulvex mother said.

"No, not at all, i haven't seen him" Said I

"No, not sense yesterday" Stated my Mother.

Kulvex mother gave me a parcel to deliver to Kulvex, jesus, why do i always have to do the work around here. Regardless, i can finally start my adventure now, without any interruptions, hopefully.

Part 1, 2, and 3 in order. More to come.
Hey guys, it's Saturday, so now I will update! What, I didn't say WHICH Saturday! Sorry, I've been too busy to update. So this is going to be a pretty big update.

Anyway, I entered the Bug Catching Contest with my trusty Butterfree, and easily won with a Scyther, who will be boxed forever (I already caught Steve, Scyther was only for the contest). And do you know the stone I got? Sun Stone! I would've preferred Vileplume, but Bellossom is cool I guess. Then I immediately evolve Kiwi, as Gloom learns no other moves that interest me (I can just use Lemonades to heal).

Then I take the long, jellyfish filled road to Cianwood, and take on the gym. But something bad happened. You know how Hitmonchan learns the elemental punches? Well, so did I, but I din't know WHEN. Apparently, early enough for a Hitmonchan in Chuck's gym knows them. So it used ThunderPunch, one-shotting Cuddles. Oh well, I still have Vendetta the Tentacruel to use.

For about 2 minutes, that is. Because as I was going back to Olivine to grind, i found some trainers I hadn't faced. One had a Qwilfish. In the lead was Katie, who got poisoned by Poison Point on her first attack while Qwilfish used Rollout. After a while, Katie finally died of Poison. But she got Qawilfish into low health, so I sent in Vendetta for the kill. Unfortunately, the Qwilfish still had one Rollout left, OHKOing Vendetta. ...Dang. Now I have one surfer left (Fred the Tentacool)

Looking through my reserves, I had two decently leveled ones are Sabre and Reggie (Spearow and Nidoran-M). So I grind them and everyone else up to Level 30, with Muscle, Roy, Sabre, and Reggie evolving in the process. Now, I was ready to take on Chuck. He leads with Primape while I lead with Muscle. The ragemonkey tries spamming Double Team, but Vital Throw never misses! Flawless victory. Next was Poliwrath vs. Herman. Poliwrath Body Slams, but Herman survives and puts it to sleep. Next, I switch to Kiwi, who kills it with Magical Leaf. I got the Storm Badge!

Outside, Chuck's wife gives me Fly, which Sabre learns. I give the medicine I received to Amphy, and went to fight Jasmine. But wait! Boaba calls me and says the Safari Zone opened! You know, Boaba, the guy I totally said something about. Anyway, before I go, I decide to give Rock Smash to Roy and have him break open some rocks, in one of which I find Beanie the Krabby. Then I set off to the Safari Zone. On my way there, I find a Misdreavus in the cave (named Banshee), a Staryu in the water (named Ken), and a Growlithe right outside the Safari Zone gate (named Wesley).

In the Safari Zone itself, my first encounter was a Magneton, who got away. Shame, I would've really liked using it. So Sabre flies us back to Olivine City, and I rearrange my team. I decide to add Wesley and Ken on, but take Reggie off (didn't really add anything), giving me a team of seven. I go to the Pokeathalon Dome and get enough points for the Water and Fire Sotnes, and evolve Ken (going to evolve Wesley after Flamethrower). Then the pathetic battle with Jasmine ensues, which is Roy using Magnitude to kill the Magnemites and Ken using surf to kill Steelix. Easy stuff.

And then off to Mahogony. On the way, I kill my catch (a Goldeen, not a huge loss). I go north torwards the Lake of Rage and find...FLAAFFY! Yay! I love Ampharos, and because of all the nearby Golddens, Daisy (that's her nickname) is up to speed in no time. Now, guess what my Lake of Rage catch was?...Did you guess?...It waaaaaaaaaassssssssssss..........the Red Gyarados (Giggles). Lance tells me Team Rocket is up to mischief, so we go down into their base. I box Muscle and Kiwi because poison types). Using my ninja skills (and Bulbapedia), I avoid all the Voltorb traps, letting me get an Electrode later on.

After a while of Herman and Ken blasting through everything, we come to the generator. I have Herman put an Electrode to sleep (fact: the Electrodes know Rollout. Nearly gave me a heart attack. Hate that move now). Dodgeball joins the box. Then Roy easily kills the other two (fact: these Electrodes do not know Selfdestruct or Explosion). Team Rocket is defeated, and I go on to Pryce.

*to be continued soon*
My first Nuzlocke ever, and I chose Emerald! I'm already on part 6 (started it somewhere else). Hope it's enjoyable!

| Chapter 1 |

So, moving to a new town... I wonder what it'll be like? What type of place is it...

The truck stopped. I exited, and took in my surroundings.

"Wow, what the hell. Two houses. And a lab. This place SUCKS! Why'd we have to move here mom? And why the hell did I have to ride in the truck?!"

"We're here honey!! Sorry that you had to ride in the truck!" She replied cheerfully.

"Damn right you're sorry." I sneered.

"Well, why don't we take a look inside?" Without an answer, she entered the house. I followed, nothing else to do.

"Oh wow! Look at it?! Isn't it fantastice in here? And those pokemon movers are so convenient!" She said.

"...Why is that thing humping our TV?" I questioned.

"Just go into your room! Dad bought you a clock! Go set it!"

"...Wow, he actually remembers we exist?" I mumbled to myself as I walked upstairs. "WHAT THE HELL? WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP MOM?! There's only one room!" I sighed, and regretfully set the clock. With that, I stomped down the stairs.

"Oh, oh, oh! Steight! Come here to the TV~! You're father's on! You're gonna miss it!" I walked over, trying to look as uninterested as possible. "Aww, looks like you missed it." I hid the disappointment from my face.

"...Oh, well... no big deal..." I guess I don't need to see him, after all this time. He's probably happy without me.

"Why don't you go on over to the next door neighbour's house? You should try to make some friends here!" She suggested. I left without a word.

"What the hell. Where does that fatass live? And that little girl? And that other dude? I'M LIVING IN A TOWN FULL OF HOMELESS PEOPLE." I shouted, to be sure everyone heard me. I didn't care what they thought of me. It's not like I wanted to be here anyway. Might as well try to have as much fun as possible. It seems as though I'll be stuck in this hellhole for a while...

| Chapter 2 |

After I was finished making as big of an ass of myself as possible, I headed inside to May's house. When I entered, the woman, I presumed her to be the mother, came up to me and ask who I was. "None of your business. I'm here to see your kid." I replied sharply. Offended, she just stood there and stared at me. "Is she upstairs?"

"Y-yes..." It seems like I made her uncomfortable. She'll get over it. I walked upstairs and... she wasn't there.

"WHAT THE HELL? YOU FUCKING LIAR!" I shouted down. "Oh, hey look, a pokeball... I'll be taking that...." As soon as I walked to the pokeball, a girl came in and asked who I was. She wasn't anything special. After a short talk she said she had to go help her father catch pokemon. She walked over to the computer.

"Bitch, you aren't being much of a help are you?" I said.

"Um. Excuse me. Who do you think you are? You just moved here kid. I run things in this town. You wish you could have me, but you can't. So just get over how amazing I am, and how you wish you could have me, and scram." Wow. She's a conceded bitch.

I started walking downstairs and mumbled, "What is wrong with the people here..." When I walked outside, a small girl came up to me and tugged on my arm.

"Mister! Mister! There's screams coming from outside! Help!" I followed her to the edge of town. As I was walking out, I heard the screams too.

"H-help!!" I ran as fast as I could and saw a Pokemon chasing some dude around. "Hello! You over there! Please, help!" He pointed to the bag. I looked inside and saw three pokeballs. In a rush, I chose the one on the right... "Mudkip" was written on the pokeball. Before I knew it, I was in my first pokemon battle.

"Go, Mudkip!" I shouted as I threw the pokeball. All of this felt natural to me. I had my Mudkip tackle the zigzagoon. It growled at my pokemon, but Mudkip happily tackled him again. The wild pokemon fainted, and I had just won my first pokemon battle.

The professor thanked me, and told me to visit his lab later. "Thank you very much young man! I've heard a lot of great things about you from your father!" My body tensed up when he mentioned my father. The professor noticed, and quickly changed the subject. "So, I feel as though you are itching to make it out of this town. Well, I have the solution you need! Here, you may have that pokemon you saved me with before!"

And with that, I obtained Mudkip. "W-wow... thanks." I couldn't believe it... I could actually have my own adventure?

"Would you like to nickname him?" A nickname. Hmm. What should I name it? My mind flashed back to my old town. I thought of my best friend, Tony. How much fun we had, how much trouble we got in, together. I wanted the same to happen on my adventure with pokemon.

I walked outisde and took Mudkip out of the pokeball. "Hello there, from here on out, you will not be Mudkip. You will be known as Tony!"

Tony smiled. "Wow, master, I'm so happy to be on your team! I can't wait to go on an adventure! We'll have so much fun, it'll be absolutely fantastic!"

"Wow, you seem really jolly. I wish I was as jolly as you." I said. With that I walked out of town, ready to get Tony some battling expierience.

After some practice, I decided to go find May. She was over on route 103. "Bitch, you, me. Tony. Treeko. Let's go."

She turned around. "Wow. You honestly think you have a chance against this?" She pointed at herself. "You must have a mental disorder. Treeko, kill him."

"Tony, let's get it!" I tossed the pokeball out. "Use Tackle!"

The battle was extremely exciting. Tackle, pound, tackle, pound! After all the monotony, I arose, victorious. "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" I shouted in victory.

"Get over yourself. You just got lucky. I'm still leagues ahead of you, in beauty and skill. Whatever, I'm not going to waste my breath talking to you. I'm going to my daddy." She left, and I was left standing there, alone, with Tony.

"She's such a bitch." Tony nodded in agreement. I sighed and headed back to the lab. When I arrived, the professor handed me a machine called a pokedex. Then Queen Bitch came and gave me 5 pokeballs. "Wow, a present? I'm so flattered."

"Whatever. Daddy already bought me a better version of those, ultra balls. Too bad you're too poor to afford them. So, I figured since I'm such a nice person, I'd give you my leftover junk." With that, she left the lab.

"Someone really needs to slap that bitch." I told her father. He looked shocked. I didn't wait for a response, and headed outside. My mom came over to me and gave me new shoes. "BITCHIN'!" I shouted.

"I can't believe you're all grown up! Have fun on your adventure. Bye!" She smiled and went back to the house. Now, with a zip in my step, I ran to route 103. I decided it was time for me to attempt to catch my first pokemon.

After walking around a bit, a female Poochyena appeared. I had tony slap some mud in her face, and then I threw a pokeball at it. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotcha! Maddy was caught! ...

"Ok, let's see how you two get along!" I sent out Tony and Maddy.

"Hey Maddy! How are you? I'm fantastic. It's an amazing day out! I can't believe you're a part of the team now! This is gonna be so fun! We're like partners and stuff! This is so awesome!" Tony, jolly as ever.

"Umm... Hi..." She moved around while she talked.

"She looks like a weirdo." I whisper to Tony.

"She's just a little quirky." Tony whispered back.

"Oh. I guess a little quirkiness isn't too bad..." I decided to see how she did in battle. It looked as though she really didn't know how to do much besides Tackle things. Tony already knew how to slap mud at someone and spit water at someone. Oh well, you have to start somewhere I suppose.

I worked on getting Maddy battle experience, and then decided that I was off to Route 102, unsure of what might await me there.

| Chapter 3 |

As soon as I took my first steps on Route 102, some little kid ran up to me and shouted, "Hey mister! I just got my pokemon! Battle me, battle me!" My first real trainer battle. This should be interesting...

"Go, Maddy!" I shouted and threw her pokeball. Out she came. "I know you can handle this..." She should have enough experience to win this. It looks as if his Poochyena hadn't had as much experience as mine had.

"I'll get him master!" Maddy had a fire in her eyes, and in no time, she took down the foe.

"Nice work, Maddy!" I was proud of her. I returned her in her pokeball, and continued on in the route. There were a few trainers here and there, and nothing eventful happened. That's when I noticed something in the grass...

It was an odd looking stump with red spikes sticking out of it... I went to investigate, and all of a sudden it moved! I realized it was a pokeomon! I tossed Maddy out, and had her tackle it to weaken it. Then, I threw a pokeball at it. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotcha, Gloria the Ralts was caught!

"Let's see how you get along with everyone..." I tossed Tony, Maddy, and Gloria out.

"Oh my gosh! A new teammate! I'm so excited to see you on the team! You look strong! I hope we can have a lot of fun together!!!!!!" Tony said gleefully.

"... Hey... you look... " Maddy mumbled, and I couldn't really understand her. She's odd.

"Umm... Hi! Glad to be part of the team... Can you hurry up and get me some experience? If I get enough I can actually attack them!" Gloria said. She seemed a little hasty.

"Alright. So, it seems like you won't be that useful at the moment. How about I send you out first, and then Maddy will finish the job?" I suggested.

"Sounds good to me! Let's go, let's go!" She certainly was hasty. I got her more experience. After a while, I got a little upset that she still couldn't attack things. So I regretfully decided to go to Petalburg City. I tried as hard as possible to not be noticed. I didn't want to risk the chance of being seen. I didn't want to face him. I saw the exit of the town. I was almost there. Then...

"Hello, good sir, you appear to be a trainer!" Fuck. "You should come to the pokemon gym! That's what all trainers do!"

"I don't fucking want to." I really hoped to get past him. He seemed really pushy though.

"Nonsense, come with me sir!" He's extremely annoying. Before I could do anything, he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the gym.

"Fine, fine, I'll fucking go in, just leave me alone." I went inside. There my father was. After all these years, he's just standing there, smiling.

"Hello, my boy! I'm glad you came... oh, it's you, Steight. I thought you were someone else. So... How have you and your mother been?" He asked.

I stood there quietly for a while. A range of emotions filled my mind. I had no clue what to say. All I knew was that I despised the man that stood before me. "... How have we been? ... How have we been? That's all you have to say after all these years? You have no right to ask how we've been. The answer is we've been fine. We've been absolutely fantastic after you left. In fact, we're better off without you... How could you--" I was interrupted by someone entering.

"Wally! My good man! How's my little student going?" He sounded exciited.

"I'm fine... it's just... I figured since, well, you've looked after me and taught me a lot... So... Can I catch my first pokemon today?" He looked eager. I stood and watched, in silence.

"That's an excellent idea! Um, Steight, why don't you go help him?" He started mumbling. "Maybe some of Wally will rub off on you..."

I pretended not to hear him. "... Alright. Come with me 'Wally'. This way.". I let out a sigh and took him to Route 102. We walked in the grass and the same type of Pokemon as Gloria appeared.

"Oh, oh! I want that one!" I couldn't believe it. Not only is he stealing my dad, but also my type of pokemon?

"W-why don't we just keep going and try to find--" He interrupted me.

"So I just have to like hurt it and stuff? And then throw a pokeball?" He did just that. And sure enough, he caught it.

"What?! You fucking knew how to do it already? Why the fuck did I have to come? I didn't have someone babysitting me when I caught Maddy!" I already hate this kid.

"C-calm down. Let's go back to da-- I mean your dad!" I hate him so much. We went back to the gym, and my dad had an anxious look.

"Did you get one, son?" He asked.

"No, but Wally did." I replied.

"Oh. That's what I meant." I should've figured.

"So, Norman. You own a gym? So, can I challenge you? I just want to get this battle over with. I can't stand being in the same room as you." I replied.

"Listen, kid. You have no chance against me. Why don't you make your way to Rustboro. I didn't want you then, and I didn't want you now." Maybe it was a good thing he left. He's a huge douche.

"Fine, but mark my words. I will beat you one day. And it'll feel great. So prepare yourself as much as you can, I'm going to destroy you." I felt extremely confident. Maybe I was trying to prove myself. Wally seemed extremely uncomfortable. I left without another word.

"Alright, guys. Tony, Gloria, Maddy. You all will be my family on this journey." I looked at them all.

"I won't let you down master!" Tony said with a skip in his step.

"I got...." Maddy mumbled again.

"Yeah yeah, we have each others back. Let's get on to the new route!" Gloria, rushed as always.

"Alright, let's go team!" We marched our way past the douche that caused my family reunion, and moved on to Route 104. Some odd guy approached me as I left, but I didn't want to take any chances, so I had Tony slap mud in his face and we all ran. I knew that it would be a tough journey ahead. I heard that Petalburg woods divided the route into two halves. I also heard it was a "Rookie Killing Forest". I had a bad feeling about it.

| Chapter 4 |

I reluctantly arrived at the entrance to Petalburg woods. The beginning of Route 104 was nothing special, except for the fact that Gloria was able to attack things now, and completely destroyed those she did attack.

"You ready guys? I'm sure we can make it through, together." I said.

"It's gonna be awesome! Maybe we can find a new partner! Maybe we'll meet some new friends! I can't wait! New places are exciting!" Tony said. With that we all stepped into Petalburg Woods. I felt amazing, like this was the first trial I would have to pass as a trainer. I got my swag on when... I tripped and landed flat on my face.

"What the hell?" I looked around, and there was some lazy pokemon, "Slakoth" according to my pokedex, just laying by the entrance. "Might as well catch it..." I sent Gloria out and had her Confusion it. It looked like it was weak enough, so I threw a pokeball. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotcha, Sora was caught!

I tossed Sora out of his pokeball. He looked sleepy. "Err... welcome to the team?"

He yawned. "So like, I'm pretty useless now. But if you hurry and get me experience, I get pretty awesome and not lazy. But then I get lazy again. So like, you should hurry up and get me experience." Wow. Hasty AND lazy. I didn't think it was possible...

"Oh my gosh! I knew coming here would be awesome! A new teammate! Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I wish master would've caught that bird thing before... Oh well! At least there's a new person here and everything! I'm so excited!" Tony said.

"Well... like..." Maddy mumbled more. I really wish I could understand her.

"Oh my gosh, I know how you feel Sora! Before I was pretty useless, but now that we got the lead out I'm epic!" Gloria said. Looks like those two could really get along.

"Alright, now let's see what's in store for us." We walked through the forest for a while, and there was a bug catcher. He had 4 of the same pokemon. Maddy and Sora easily took care of them. I thought things were pretty boring, when all of a sudden...

"Umm, excuse me, have you seen a pokemon called Shroomish around here?" Some guy in a green suit asked me. Then, all of a sudden, some mean looking guy in a blue outfit came up behind him.

"There you are!" He kicked the business man on the ground. "Why the fuck did you have to dwaddle so long? I guess I'll just have to kick your ass here."

"Hey, leave him alone." I made my way in between the two.

"Don't get in my way, dumbass." I knew I was getting into trouble, but I hate when people act like they're bigger and better than everyone.

"Listen, just get out of here. No need to cause any trouble." Just then, he ran over and kicked Maddy. "What the fuck?!"

"Listen, kid, I tell you what to do. Not the other way around. Now why don't YOU just run along and play." He was arrogant.

"Do you want to fight?!" I knew I couldn't take him. I don't know why I said that. He burst into laughter.

"You. Wanna fight me?!" He laughed some more. "Fuck, I'll just have my Poochyena do the job." He sent out a poochyena.

"Maddy. Think you're up for a little revenge?" She nodded. "Take care of him!" Maddy swiftly defeated the grunt's Poochyena.

"Fuck. The boss'll kill me if my Pokemon dies... You haven't heard the last of team aqua, kid." With that, he left.

"T-thanks." The guy in the green suit said, as he was standing up. "S-so, I guess as thanks you can have this!" He handed me something in a package. My eyes lit up.

"What is it?" I asked with excitement.

"A great ball! It's a better version of a pokeball!" He replied.

"... Just get out of here." I said, anger in my voice. He looked terrified, and ran. With nothing else to do, I continued going deeper into the forest. Then, I saw the entrance. I ran towards it. "Wow, looks like this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Almost home free." All of a sudden, a little tiny pokemon appeared, 'Shroomish'. I had Maddy take care of it.

After the battle, Maddy didn't look so good. She started coughing a lot. It seemed like each step we took she was getting weaker. "A-are you alright Maddy?"

"I... don't... feel good..." That's the first full sentence I've understood from her. It didn't look good. I picked her up and started running back to Petalburg. I was almost there, when she started looking really bad. I kept going, and finally it seemed like she was on her final breath.

"H-hang in there Maddy!" I gently set her down, and opened my bag. I frantically searched in each pouch and found a berry I had picked earlier. "I-I'm not sure if this will help, but it has to!" I fed her the berry. Immediately she looked a little better, and I was able to make it to the pokemon center.

"Thank goodness you're okay Maddy! That'd be horrible if something happened to you! To any of us! I just hope nothing else bad happens! That would be absolutely horrible!" Tony said.

"Alright guys, now let's go through the forest!" I ran as fast as I could, and ran form as many battles as I could. I didn't want to chance another event like last time. After making it all the way through the forest, I followed the rest of route 104 to Rustboro city.

"Wow, master! A gym, a gym! We should go there! I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!" Tony ran ahead of us. Inside, I noticed the rocky appearance.

"This should be easy for you, Tony!" And that it was. Tony beat each gym trainer with ease, until finally we made it to the gym leader. Tony quickly dispatched of all three of her pokemon, and I won my first badge!

"Congrats!" Roxanne said as she handed me my very first badge. "You definitely earned it!"

"So, counterpicking makes me earn it? Whatever floats your boat." I walked outside. I started making my way towards the pokemon center when I got knocked over by the Team Aqua grunt from the woods.

"Outta my fucking way, kid!" He shouted. He was carrying a package. The green suited man came running out.

"Wait, wait! Please stop!!" He chased after the grunt.

"Wow, that dude really needs to learn how to protect himself." I ran after them. The green suit man started approaching me. "Stop. Don't even bother. I'll go save your ass. But this is the last. Fucking. Time." I kept going out of town and onto Route 106. As I was walking towards where I saw the grunt go, I heard an awful noise.

"What the hell...?" It turns out, it was a pokemon. 'Whismur'. I had Maddy weaken it, and then I through a pokeball. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotach, Ellen was caught! "Wow, she seems a little useless, but whatever."

As usual, I sent her out to get aquainted to the team.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. A new teammate! How are you Ellen?! I'm Tony! Nice to have you on the team! It'll be so much fun!" I guess Tony's jolliness isn't all bad. At least he's not a douche.

"Umm...Hi... wanna... tell us about yourself?" Maddy said a full sentence again? Wow.

"Hi. So my friends call me indestructible because no matter what happens, I never die. Once I was trapped in the mountains without food or water for 10 days and I managed to survive by eating rocks. So I guess you could say I'm hardy." She sounds like a boss.

"Alright, Ellen, time to get you some experience!" After some training, I decided it was time to go confront the Team Aqua person. I stood at the entrance to a cave, when an old man approached me.

"E-excuse me, young man... My darling Peeko was kidnapped by that awful man... Could you help me get him back?" Poor old man. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my pokemon.

"S-sure thing." Great. No pressure. I took my first steps into the cave, with the weight of the old man's Peeko on my shoulder.

| Chapter 5 |

The cave was foggy. It had a bunch of Whismur in it, and nothing else. It didn't take long until I found the Aqua grunt with Peeko the Wingull. "Where do you think you're going?" I called out.

"Fuck... You're still insisting on stopping me? Listen kid. I told you once, and I'll tell you again. Don't mess with us." He smiled. "Poochyena. Take care of them."

"Maddy, you know what to do!" I sent Maddy out. She tackled him, and he threw sand in her eyes. "Maddy!" I could tell she was having a hard time seeing. She kept missing with her tackles. And the bastard Poochyena kept throwing sand in her eyes. "Hang in there!" I shouted. Just when I had begun to lose hope, she managed to hit him. It seemed like it hurt him, a lot more than the others had.

"Fuck! Good for nothing pokemon. I can't let that damned thing die. Here's the precious 'goods'. And this shitty pokemon." He started walking away. "You picked the wrong person to mess with kid. Mark my words." I could tell he was serious. I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into. Just then the old man came running up.

"Thank you so much for saving my darling Peeko! I'll do whatever you want to repay you!" I smiled. I could see the bond between the poor old man and his pokemon... then he started kissing it. Okay, that's a little weird. "I live in a shack just outside of Petalburg City. Come visit us sometime! I'll make it... worth your while." With that, he winked and left.

"Let's get these 'goods' back to that moron..." I started walking back to Rustboro. Before I made it, Tony tugged at my leg.

"Uh... Master? I feel... weird..." He was glowing white.

"Wh-what's wrong?!" I was worried. I'd never seen anything like this before. He started looking different. And after a while, a huge flash occured, and he looked completely different.

"Master... I feel.. STRONGER!" He smiled. "Fuck yeah, let's get it." Awesome. Looks like he's becoming a boss.

I walked back to Rustboro. The idiot in the suit saw me and dragged me back to his boss.

"Thank you my boy! Here! Have this Pokenav!" It looked like a shitty cell phone. "Also, since you helped us... mind helping us again? With TWO things?"

"HELL NO!" I shouted.

"Well then it's settled. You'll take this letter to Steven on Dewford Island. He's somewhere there I think. And take this package to Captain Stern in Slateport! He should be somewhere around there I guess." Dammit.

"But I--" The green suited guy brought me to the door. I guess I'm stuck doing that old man's busy work. When I walked outside, some scientist came up to me.

"Hey, you should call the president." He said.

"I just fucking talked to him." I angrily replied.

"Come on I'm sure--" He couldn't finish because I punched him in the face. I started walking out of Rustboro when I saw Queen Bitch.

"Hey bitch." I said as I walked up to her.

"Wow, you're here too? Why don't you just go into a hole and die already. Nobody wants you." She's as charming as ever.

"Bitch, why don't we have a Pokemon battle, right here, right now." I said. "Put your money where your mouth is."

"I don't have to prove anything to you. Just get last and go hang out with that ugly old dude. I'm sure he'd love to have you on his boat." She rolled her eyes. "And I'm sure you'd enjoy it too."

"Do you ever stop talking?" I hate her. "Let's get this started." Before she could object, I sent out Gloria.

"Wow. That thing looks weak. Not as weak as you are, but still. Wingull, kill her." The wingull didn't do much. All it did was growl. Gloria just used confusion and defeated it. Next, she sent out Treeko.

"Alright, now hurry up and get me out of here." Gloria said. "I don't think I can hand this." I listened to her advice. I switched her out for Ellen.

"I guess this can be your first chance to prove yourself..." Ellen began going into an uproar, while Treeko pounded on her. It didn't do much good though, and Ellen ended up winning.

"Why does this keep happening to me! Good things should happen to good people!" She was pouting. "This isn't fair! You suck Steight! Just run along to that pedophile Mr. Briney." I suppose that isn't the worst idea... I do need to get to Dewford somehow...

"Later, bitch." I walked down towards Petalburg Woods. I jumped off the tiny cliffs to avoid facing wild pokemon, and emerged. There Mr. Briney's shack was. I went inside. He looked excited when he saw me.

"Mmmm... hello young man... me and my Peeko were just... playing... together." He winked at me.

"Um... I need a way to get to Dewford." I regretfully stated.

"Mmmm.... say no more. You can ride on my boat anytime." He walked out. I entered his tiny ship, and we set sail. I tried to stay as far away from him as possible, but with the size of the ship, it was difficult. Finally, we landed. "How's about we go to my place later... and get to know each other more?"

"No thanks... but... maybe if you take me to Slateport once I'm done here!" I needed to give him SOME incentive. I let all of my pokemon out of their pokeballs. "So, where do you guys want to go first? Cave, or gym?"

"FUCK YEAH, caves are the shit! The darkness adds a sense of... danger. It's a fucking rush. Getting lost... OH FUCK YES! THE RUSH! Gyms are fucking fantastic too. Getting stronger and shit. I don't know. Someone else decide!" Tony said.

"Gym... then cave..." Maddy said.

"Let's go to the gym! Quick gogogo!" Gloria said.

"I don't care. Either way... but just hurry up and decide. I'll be laying here." Sora yawned as he spoke.

"I guess the gym first... I can't wait until the cave! I can show how hardy I am!" Ellen said.

"Alright it's settled! To the gym!" The gym was easy, thanks to Gloria. I ended up getting my second badge. "I guess it's time to go through the cave..." I walked past a few fisherman who battled me, but all they had were crappy fishlike pokemon.

"Fuck yes! Cave time!" Tony ran ahead of everyone, and we all sped up just to catch up. Inside, some hiker tried to flash me, but I quickly ran past him. There was a ladder, which I climbed down. Going through Granite Cave was difficult because of how dark it was, but finally we found 'Steven'.

"You Steven?" I asked him. He was just standing in the middle of the room, for no apparent reason.

"Yes I am. I love it here." Great, a shut-in.

"Umm... some douche asked me to give this letter to you." I handed him the letter.

"Ah, I see I see... here's a TM!" He handed me the TM for Steel Wing. What the hell? That's random, oh well. It's free. Without another word, he left.

"Alright guys, lets go to Slateport." I exited the cave and went back to the old man. When he saw me his eyes lit up.

"Mmm... so to Slateport? And then my shack afterwards?" He winked at me. "I've got an xbox and some candy."

"Uhh, sure, whatever." I lied, knowing I would never have to talk to him again. We road to Slateport in the small boat, and again I tried to avoid Mr. Briney as much as possible. When we landed, I ran straight into town. I didn't want to be anywhere near Mr. Briney now that I didn't have to.

"Looks like shit's going down... Fuck." Tony said, and he pointed towards the museum. I saw a line of rioting Team Aqua Grunts. They had crowbars in their hand.

"Damn... We should lay low for a bit... let's go in and see what they're up to when things calm down a little... For now let's find that Captain..." I went to the shipyard.

"Hey there, I'm Dock!" Some random man came up to me.

"What a... retarded name." I said. "I'm looking for Captain Stern. You seen him?"

"Ahh, he's at the museum." Dock said.

"Fuck. Let's go guys..." We went outside and saw that there was still a crowd. We snuck past and headed onto Route 110. I looked around and saw an adorable green pokemon in the grass, 'Electrike'. "Hmm..." I thought for a while, and decided to catch it. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotcha, Electrike was caught!

I wasn't sure what to name it... It seemed like it had a mild nature... I thought back to my past home... My next door neighbor had that same type of personality... He was also one of my best friends... I decided to name him "Luke", after that friend.

"Alright, let's see how you get along with everyone!" I sent him out of his pokeball.

"Yo. Nice to have you on the team. Sure we'll have a lot of fun, and shit!" Tony still seemed a little jolly.

"Glad to... meet you..." Maddy said.

"Nice to see you on the team... can you hurry up and get caught up to our level though?" Gloria, being hasty again.

Sora yawned. "I think I like you, Luke. Let's be friends."

"I'm Ellen! Try not to disappoint the master!" Ellen said

"Uh... Hi! I hope to... be useful. And stuff!" Luke seemed nice. He smiled while he talked.

"Alright... let's see what Team Aqua is up to..." We walked back to town, and it seemed as though everyone had made their way inside the museum. We walked up to the entrance. As soon as I stepped inside, I saw the two ladies at the counter huddled in fear, and there were people being threatened, and beaten on the ground.

"Shit..." I quietly walked past everyone. The grunts were too distracted by the hostages to notice. I didn't see anyone who looked like a Captain, so I went up the steps. I saw a lone person standing next to a model ship. "Are you Captain Stern?"

"Y-yes... I am... I ran up here when I heard those guys..." He looked shaken up.

"I have to deliver this package to you." I took it out and handed it to him. "Now let's get out of--" Before I could finish, two of the grunts ran upstairs.

"There they are." They both smiled. "We'll get a promotion if we take out both of these guys AND get the package."

"For fuck's sake. Why don't you guys just leave?" I said.

"Make us." He said. He was extremely cocky. "Carvhana, kill this dumbass." He threw out a fish-type pokemon.

"Sora, go!" I threw Sora out. "Cut him!" Sora used cut, but it seemed like each time he hit him, the skin of Carvhana hurt him. Sora ended up winning, but he looked pretty week. "Ha, that's all you guys got?"

"There's two of us, you know." He threw out a zubat.

"Sora, use Cut!" The zubat looked like it was about to be defeated. Then it used supersonic. Sora seemed extremely confused. "Sora, quick, slack off! Slack off!"

"I--I have to rest this turn... I'll do it then..." He looked weak. After he rested, he tried to do his move, but he ended up falling on his face. It didn't look good.

"T-try again!" I shouted in desperation. But, the same thing happened. I let him try once more. It seemed like he would be able to make it, when...

"Zubat, use Leech Life." That damned Zubat took the life out of Sora. Sora lay there, motionless. I didn't know what to do.

"... S-sora?" He didn't move. My eyes got teary. "You... bastards..." I sent out Ellen.

"This is for Sora!" Ellen shouted and started an uproar. She took out the Zubat, and the Carvanha that followed. After the battle was over, I ran over to Sora.

"Sora... I--I'm sorry..." I was in tears. The whole time the grunts were laughing. "Dammit... I failed you Sora... I'm so sorry..." While I was sitting there, the leader of the group came up the stairs. When he saw the scene, he burst into laughter too.

"So you're the kid that's been fucking our plans up. Make this a lesson for you. Don't fuck with us. I suppose you 'win' this one, but was it worth it kid? Don't get in our way again." With that, he left, and I was left there, crying.

"So... thanks for the package!" The captain ran out. I stayed there for a while, blaming myself for keeping him out in the field. I hated myself. That's when I heard a voice.

"Don't let them win. You have to stop them. For me." It sounded like Sora. After that, I stood up, whiped away my tears, and left the museum. I buried him just outside of town. I wrote 'Forever a part of the team' on the gravestone, and walked onwards.

Those fuckers will pay.

| Chapter 6 |

I decided to get some serious training on. I trained all of my teammates. Maddy and Gloria ended up changing form, just like Tony, into 'Mightyena' and 'Kirlia' respectively.

"I'll destroy everything in my path!" Maddy said. I fire burnt in her eyes. She could finally talk normally. Looks like her quirkiness was gone...

"Almost done growing. Hurry up and get me there please!" Kirlia said. She was still a little hasty. I continued walking on the route, and went under cycling road. There I saw her: Queen Bitch, in all her bitchiness.

"What are you doing here. I am getting sick of seeing you everywhere I go. Quit following me. You'll never get me." She said.

"Bitch, who said I wanted you in the first place? Quit talking shit, and battle." I retorted. The battle didn't last long. Maddy destroyed her Wingull and Treeko, and Ellen finished off her Slugma. "Why do you even talk shit when you know you can't back it up?"

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response." She started walking away.

"That's what people say when they're too retarded to think of something to say!" I called after her. She flipped me off, and kept going. I ran through the rest of the route, and ended up in Mauville City. I went out each exit and battled the trainers there, for experience.

"I think we should go to the gym now." Maddy said.

"I think I'll do great there!" Tony said.

"Alright, it's settled. We're going to the gym." I walked into the building, and pretty much swept everything with Tony. Afterwards, I walked out and decided to train a little more.

"W-what's happening?" Ellen asked as she started glowing white. She changed form, just like Maddy, Gloria, and Tony had. "YEAH!" She shouted. Her mouth was huge.

"You look... pretty...?" I didn't know what to say. She did look pretty boss, though. I went to the north of Mauville, and Maddy broke some rocks. She's awesome now. I kept going and came across a desert. The sandstorm was vicious, and I didn't want to risk going in there and having my pokemon get hurt.

"Master, what's that?" Gloria asked, and pointed to a yellow patch in the grass. I moved closer to it, and it scurried away from me.

"It's a pokemon!" I said. I had Gloria weaken it, and then I threw a pokeball at it. *beep* *beep* *beep* *click!* Gotcha, Cammy the Numel was caught!

"Uh... Hello..." Cammy hid her face from everyone.

"Looks like she's a bit bashful..." Ellen said.

"Yeah. Don't worry Cammy, we don't bite." Tony said.

"Well, I do." Maddy said with a smile. Cammy seemed a little scared about that. "Just kidding. I only bite the enemy!"

"Cammy, no need for fear... I'll make sure nothing happens to you!" Luke said. Cammy still seemed a little uncomfortable.

"Don't worry Cammy. We'll take care of you. No need to be afraid." I said. I hope she gets used to being around us all soon. I walked up some steps, and saw two men dressed in odd clothes. They reminded me of the Team Aqua grunts, but these guys were dressed in red, not blue. I went behind them silently and listened to their conversation.

"Should we really be trying to control that type of monster?"

"Don't question the boss. He knows what he's doing."

"Whatever... we just have to stand watch here until he gets back right?"

"Yes. Once he gets back with the meteorite, we'll head up Mt. Chimney."

"Fuck... I don't want to wait..." I slipped away after that and went through the 'Fiery Path'. I kept following the paths until I ended up in a place called 'Fallarbor Town'.

"Wow. No gym. This place sucks ass." I said. I moved on to the next route. The trip was a great way to get everyone on my team some extra battling experience, but it was also pretty boring. I came to a place called 'Meteor Falls'. I heard something going on inside, so I ran in and saw two more of the red dressed grunts and a man that looked like a scientist.

"Give us the meteorite!" One shouted. He punched the scientist in the stomach. The scientist gave him it. "Ha, thanks." He pushed the man onto the ground, then started kicking him repeatedly, the whole time this happened he was laughing.

"Knock it off, someone's been watching." He pointed at me. "You better not mess with Team Magma."

"And what if I do?" I said. Out of nowhere, Archie, the leader of Team Aqua, walked up.

"You have the meteorite?! Get them!" He shouted. Archie and his grunts chased after the two Team Magma grunts.

"...What's the big deal? It's just a meteorite..." I said.

"They're... using it to... awaken... a monster..." The scientist said. I helped him up and took him to his home in Fallarbor. Then, I headed out to Mt. Chimney.

As soon as I stepped out of the cable car, I saw a lot of Team Aqua grunts fighting Team Magma grunts. I ran past them, and had to defeat a few on my own. They were all rambling about "expanding the land". It seemed as if they were insane... Finally, I found the leader.

"Hello. It seems as if you're the one I've heard about who's been stopping Team Aqua's plans. You'd better not do the same to Team Magma, or you'll regret it." He threatened.

"I'm not just going to give up because you told me to." I stated.

"My pokemon will destroy you." He threw out a pokeball, and out came a Mightyena.

"Luke, you got this?" He nodded. He defeated the Mightyena easily, and took down a Zubat even faster. I called him back though, because Maxie sent out a Camerupt.

"Let me go, master." Maddy said. She went out, and it looked like Camerupt was a little intimidated by her. She kept biting it, and it couldn't move. Finally, it fell.

"How did you win?!" He looked angry. "No matter. This isn't the only way to get what we're after. You'll regret this. You better watch your back, kid." He walked away.

"Wow, I'm so scared." I went back down Mt. Chimney to Jagged Pass. As I was walking through, I saw one of Team Magma grunts.

"What are you doing here? Did you get lost?" I taunted him.

"Fuck... Just leave! There's nothing important here." Wow, he's not totally suspicious. We started battling, and I ended up defeating him easily. "Damn... why don't you just go on and scram!"

"Yeah, and why should I?"

"Because there's a gym in Lavaridge!" Damn. He knows how to pursuade me. I went to Lavaridge, and found the gym. We all entered. In no time, Tony completely wrecked their shit.

"Fuck yeah. Fire types, no problem." Tony said after he won. We exited the gym, and Queen Bitch came out of the building next door.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. "Oh. You somehow managed to get the badge here. You're probably still way worse than me. I bet I could even beat your 'dad'". She laughed, and rode away on a bike, but she hit a rock and fell off. I started laughing hysterically.

"Dumb bitch." I said through my laughter.

"S-shut up!" She quickly ran away. I noticed something fell out of her bag, and I went over and picked it up. It looked like a pair of goggles.

"Guys... WE'RE GOING TO THE DESERT!" As soon as we arrived, I knew it was a bad idea. Even with the goggles, my pokemon were miserable. The only ones not really affected were Tony and Cammy.

"Master... can we get out of here?" Maddy looked pretty beaten up, so I decided to call it quits. Managed to find a tower, and picked up a fossil from it. As soon as I picked it up, the tower collapsed, and I ran out of the desert, for good, and moved on to Petalburg.

"Watch out Norman... I'm coming."

Part 7 coming soon (hopefully!)


It's all coming back to me now
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With my 7th badge I could now use the move Rock Climb so I rushed off to the Lake. I knew Barry could not be far away as I sped up the cliff and rushed into the lakefront to see…

Uxie was gone. The Lake looked calm but Jupiter stood triumphantly over Barry who was on his knees in shock. Jupiter was in the middle of mocking him when I entered. “OI” I yelled. Jupitar glanced up and saw me stalking toward her. Perhaps she remembered her earlier hiding or saw the look on my face, regardless, she threw a ball and a Golbat swooped down and picked her up, carrying her though the sky. I could have given chase but I decided to comfort Barry, who looked pretty devastated. “Barry…” I began to say but my childhood friend just looked at me, tears in his eyes. “Poor Uxie” he muttered, “it was in such pain…”
Before I could stop him Barry pushed past me, and I was left standing alone at the empty lake.

Alone, I considered my next move. Team Galactic had managed to capture three legendary pokemon clearly for some personal use. The legendary pokemon were likely stashed at the Team Galactic Headquarters but I resisted the urge to simply Fly there. I knew that there would be harsh opposition, maybe all three Commanders would be there, as well as Cyrus. Barging in there was very risky to my pokemon and as much as I hated to leave the Legendaries in Galactic control, I knew I needed to do some training.

Keen to be battle ready for the assault on the Galactic Headquarters, my team trained hard and fast, quickly mastering the tactics and combos I taught them. Sielia in particular, was outstanding and I flew to Celestic Town for Sielia to learn a very special move. Lastly, I did a little bit of extra training for my new team member, wanting to make sure it was on the same level as the rest of my team, so that I could rely on it in the battles ahead. With everything finally sorted, I readied myself for the rescue mission.

The Galactic Headquarters were literally swarming with grunts. There were many of them however my team was strong, and Venom made quick work of them. After swiping the Galactic key I entered thr office of Cyrus and challenged him for control of the legendary pokemon. Cyrus regarded me carefully, then shrugged and the battle began.

Cyrus led with his Sneasel while I countered with Vulcan. Despite the obvious advantage I had Cyrus did not seem to care. Sneasel charged forward, lashing out with its claws which Vulcan easily dodged without hassle. Sneasel was persistent tho and began to force Vulcan back. Thinking quickly, I ordered Vulcan to retreat to give himself room. Vulcan leapt backwards as Sneasel charged. Suddenly, there was a flash of flame and Vulcan was suddenly cloaked in flame. Sneasel realised too late, that it was too close to Vulcan and began to backpedal frantically. Vulcan however, was too fast slamming into Sneasel blasting it backwards through the air. Still moving, Vulcan slipped out of its Flame Wheel and slammed Sneasel with a lightning fast punch, before, still moving through the air, it slipped into a Flame Wheel again. Sneasel hit thr ground hard, bounced once, and was then literally run into the ground by Vulcan who ploughed into Sneasel at speed, sending the poor creature smashing into the wall. The display of ferocity would have intimidated anyone, however Cyrus was unmoved. He threw a ball and a Crobat appeared.

Vulcan was at a clear disadvantage here so after a little bit of thought I sent out Alex. The Bronzor from so long ago had now evolved into a mighty Btonzong and I was confident that Alex could take anything that Crobat could throw at it. Crobat bared its fangs and then swept toward Alex who simply waited. Crobat got closer and closer when, just as it was within striking distance, a rainbow coloured beam blasted out from Alex, the powerful Extrasensory scoring a direct hit as Crobat screeched in pain. It bit into Alex but failed to make much of a dent before Alex fired again, blasting the flying pokemon again and again with psychic energy. Too late, Cyrus had realised that the attempted close range attacked were ineffective against Alex and now Crobat had paid the price.

Cyrus had one pokemon left, a Honckrow. I had never faced one of those before and quickly realised that Vulcan was going to be useless against it. Thinking quickly, I sent in Chaos, to lower that things attack. Then, I sent out Alex to take the assault, and then sent out Chaos again, weakening the dark pokemon’s attack strength. Catching onto my plan, Cyrus ordered a Night Shade as I sent in Venom. The black beams smashed into it however Venom rallied, lashing out with its fangs and biting Honchkrow, stealing and using its Sitrus Berry. With Honchkros healing itme removed, it was time to start the process of wearing the mighty bird down. Venom closed in, landing a couple of quick bites attempting to poison Honchkrow but I was unsuccessful. Keen to finish this battle off I sent out Sielia who took to the air.

Inside the building, the size of Sielia and Honchkrow made manuvering difficult, thinking fast, I ordered a powerful Dragonbreath at the ceiling, Cyrus and I retreated while both pokemon soared up high in the skies above the city. The two pokemon began to trade blows, the air filled with blasts of energy as the pokemon dodged the attacks while I waited patiently for Cyrus’s next tactic. I had a plan, and I had one shot at it. Suddenly Honchkrow apruptly changed direction, it flew at full speed towards Sielia, its beak whirling. Sielia was struck, it cried out in pain at the critical hit, Honchkrow gave a caw of triumph and swooped closer for the kill. Clinging to life, Sielia could barely fly, and Honchkrow prepared itself. It dove towards Sielia who, criically injured, was unable to move fast enough to get away. In desperation, I screamed one final order, and Sielia closed its wings and dropped like a stone.

Down, down, down, Sielia fell spinning like a top at the wind speed. With Honchkrow still closing in, I ordered a Dragonbreath. Still spinning, Sielia blasted a beam which spun widely through the air, before slamming into Honchkrow causing its wings to freeze up suddenly in paralysis. The two birds were both falling now. Together, with Honchkrow a little behind Sielia. With a clear shot at Sielia’s unprotected back, Honchkrow gave a great cry, when suddenly Sielia extended its wings suddenly.

Caught by surprise, Honchkrow could only watch in shock as it hurtled past Sielia, and now it was Sielia’s time to strike. Sielia glowed orange, and an orange ball of energy appeared in front of its beak. Sielia let the orb charge for half a second, then blasted Honchkrow with orange metoers.

From close range, Honchkrow had no chance and was promptly pulverised by the powerful Draco Meteor which blasted it into the ground. Sielia landed lightly next to me and promptly went to sleep, healing its injuries. Cyrus had been defeated and now I was free to release the legendary pokemon.

After beating Cyrus I wasted no time. I quickly healed my team before sprinting down the corridor and stepped on the warp panel. A flash of light and…

The first thing that hit me was the smell. It smelt like things were being preserved her somewhere. Green tanks lined the way ahead of me and I began to feel a little ill. Vulcan looked at me uncertainly; none of us really liked being here. I saw a room up ahead and charged ahead, ignoring the green tanks. I entered the room, and saw a terrible sight. Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf were died down, all three of hem suffering greatly. Rage flowed through me and the inhumane treatment of there pokemon. I stalked towards the control panel, but Saturn blocked my way. I was livid with anger, and sent out Alex who promptly crushed Saturn’s Golbat and Toxicroak. Vulcan then showed no mercy to his Bronzor, roasting it with a powerful Fire Blast. With Saturn defeated, I pushed past him, and slammed my fit on the release button. The restraints closed, and one by one, the legendary pokemon fled the building, leaving me standing there alone in that horrible room.

I felt kinda sad the pokemon of the lake left without saying much of a “Thank You” (considering I saved their life) but I shrugged it off realising that they were likely traumatised thanks to there experiences. Kinda made me even more sad as I realised that those pokemon were unlikely to trust anyone ever again. Anyway, I decided to put a stop to whatever plan Cyrus had. Instead of waiting for the crisis to happen I was going to put a stop to the makings of one. Preparing myself, I placed Venom into a box and withdrew my HM Slave in preparation for the climb up he mountain. Then, I travelled to Mt Coronet.

The climb to the Spear Pillar was long and tough. Galactic Grunts blocked my path however Vulcan blasted his way through them with ease as we rushed to the top of the mountain. Finally, after battling through the elements, I arrived to see a shocking sight. Cyrus stood, right near the edge of the mountain, two massive Red Chains lay next to him. I had no idea what he was planning but it looked really bad. I charged forward to put a stop to him when suddenly, Mars and Jupiter stepped forward to block my way.

“Crap” I thought. It was obvious what they were going to do. With a weak HM slave I had 5 pokemon to their 6 so a double battle would really put me under pressure. Even if I won, I would be in no shape to face up to Cyrus. Still, withdrawing was not an option, I stepped forward, threw a ball, and Chaos appeared at my side, things were looking bleak when suddenly a small Munchlax charged past me, and stood next to Chaos. “Hey you thought you could have all the fun without me?” a familiar voice called. Barry sprinted over to me while Jupiter and Mars scowled. They too, threw there poke balls and out came two Bronzor. Suddenly there were two massive flashs of light, and walls of energy covered the two Bronzor while Mars and Jupiter smirked, confident that under there screens, they would be fine. Barry and I glanced at each other, the flash of a plan struck and I ordered Chaos to unleash its most powerful boosting move available, Dragon Dance. Mars and Jupiter watched in horror as Chaos spun in a circle, increasing its attack power. Munchlax however, glowed gold as it used Stockpile to bulk up its impressive defensive stats. Furious at our tactics Mars and Jupiter both blasted Chaos with golden beams, the powerful Extrasensory’s would be sure to do significant damage to Chaos if they hit. However Barry gave a nod, and Munchlax charged forward, blocking the attack with its own body before stockpiling up. Smirking, I ordered yet another Dragon Dance as Mars and Jupiter suddenly cottoned onto my plan. So long as the screens were up, we had no chance at winning this battle, even if we took down a Bronzor, Mars and Jupiter would just bring out there strongest pokemon and bulldoze past us. However, with Munchlax taking his for Chaos, and Chaos boosting up until the screens vanished, Mars and Jupiter would have no chance. Desperate, Mars and Jupitar threw everything that had at Munchlax who simply stockpiled up and then swallowed up the damage until finally, the screens vanished, and Mars and Jupiter trembled under the might of a Chaos with incredible attack power.

“We surrender please!” they called but I was having none of it. Chaos glowed blue than swung its tail like a cricket bat, blasting them and there pokemon off the mountain. Barry and I both glanced at each other, my pokemon were hurt and tired from the battle and Barrys, pokemon did not look much better. We came to an unspoken agreement and Barry handed over his healing items for me to heal my team with. We then shook hands and Barry left, leaving me to put a stop to the plans of Cyrus.

My team fully healed I strode toward Cyrus, calling for him to stop whatever he was doing. Cyrus ignored me. Sensing my frustration, Vulcan charged toward Cyrus when the Red Chains flashed and a sudden fissure opened in mid air, blasting Vulcan and me back. Cyrus smirked, “I call forth Dialga and Palkia before me” he screamed. The air trembled, and I felt a sudden outpouring of energy. Lightning struck the mountain and there was a sudden boom. Light flared and Dialga and Palkia stood in front of Cyrus, the Red Chains wrapped around them. His work done, Cyrus looked at me while I could only watch helplessly. The rage of the two legendaries was clear, and my team had no chance against entity’s of that power. “Cyrus…what are you doing?” said a quiet voice behind me. I turned to see the blond women from earlier, Cynthia I recalled. She seemed slightly confused as to why there were two supreme beings atop Mt Coronet and I didn’t blame her. Cyrus seemed to ponder the question. “Why am I doing this,” he muttered “Well I suppose it had something to do with the disease spreading through the world, pokemon are dying and it is clear to me that our world is crumbling”. I was about to speak but Cyrus shot me a glare and I decided it might be wise to shut up. Cyrus continued “So… we need a new world, Dialgia and Palkia gave us this one and now they will make us a new world while fully destroying this one”. Cynthia seemed to nod as if that made some sort of weird sense. Then slowly made her way toward Cyrus. “I’m going to have to ask you to stop what you are doing im afraid” she remarked in a casual sort of way. Cyrus laughed, “You think im scared of you?” he cried, “Thank again!” There was a sudden roar from Dialga and Cynthia swiftly took a step back.

Despite Cyrus having the power of legendaries behind him I realised that no matter what, we had to stop this even if it meant losing friends in the process. Cynthia apparently had the same idea as she reached for a pokeball at her belt. Vulcan gave a cry of anger and charged at Cyrus. A blast of purple energy, and then Palkia made a scything motion. I was hit just below the ribcage and was thrown back, slamming against some rocks. I was hurt, and then Dialga glowed before blasting a beam of energy toward me. A flash of blond and Cynthia dived in front of me, shielding me from the attack. It was a brave gesture, but utterly pointless and now we were both extremely hurt. Cyrus cackled when suddenly three balls of energy flew over to Dialga and Palkia. The lake guardians had arrived. They hovered over Dialga and Palkia , circling around trying to break the chain but Dialga and Palkia were too strong, there was a flash of energy, and the Lake Guardians were blown away like leaves in the wind. Cyrus let out an exultant cry turning towards me. “You girl,” he remarked, “Have attempted to upset my plans for the last time, therefore you shall be the first to experience the rage of Dialga and Palkia!” Dialga began to glow, charging its attack when the ground gave a tremor. A small black hole of nothingness appeared in front of Cyrus, which slowly expanded. Then two red eyes appeared in the hole. Full credit to Cyrus, he showed no fear. Personally I would have been running away in terror by now. Suddenly the creature in the hole rose up, it was massive, a creature of darkness, a shadow. There was a flash of darkness and something that might have been wings appeared on either side of it. The creature gave a cry and lunged forward, capturing Cyrus with its wings and dragging him into the hole with it.

Terrified as I was, I knew I had to follow Cyrus down there. Cynthia was pretty hurt, and, despite being hurt as well, I was in slightly better shape than here. Dialga and Palkia had vanished but things still looked pretty grim with the pillars distorting under the waves of power appearing from the portal. Gathering my courage, I jumped into the portal.

Distortion World was… different. Twisting angles and stuff made it tough to get my head around but I soon tracked down Cyrus. He was going to pay for his attempts at destroying the world…

Cyrus led with Houndoom while I countered with Vulcan. The two fire pokemon faced off before lightning flared in the jaws of Houndoom and it charged. Vulcan charged forward and slammed a punch into the open jaws on Houndoom. The electric discharge shocked Vulcan, but it rallied itself and blasted Houndoom with a Close Combat, finishing it off.

Cyrus sent out his next pokemon, a powerful Gyarados. Unsure as to what to do, I sent in Alex, who managed to confuse Gyarados before putting it to sleep. I then sent in Celeste which then promptly hammered the poor Gyarados with Ancient Power. Knocking it out.

Cyrus began to show irritation. He threw a ball, Honchkrow appeared and I sent in Chaos. Keen to finish things quickly Chaos Dragon Danced twice, and then ravaged his team defeating Cyrus for the last time. With victory mine, I returned to my own world, and prepared myself for my final Gym Battle.

Chaos the Gyarados (Male)
Lv 46
-Ice Fang
-Aqua Tail
-Dragon Rage

Chaos is the teams powerhouse. Destroying Fantina's Mismagous, the pokemon I had been fearing the most was exceptionally important. Intimidate lets him also work offensivly and defensivly, helping cushion hits for the rest of the team to switch in. Chaos also packs immeasurable power either OHKOing or 2KOing everything and as such I rely on him a lot. Chaos has finally become the full powerhouse and is a mighty wrecking ball. Him and Alec are good mates and they love crippling any physical attackers in my way.

Vulcan the Infernape (Male)
Lv 45
-Fire Blast
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch
-Close Combat

Vulcan is the team leader and has matured during his time on the team. My first team member Vulcan time and time again overpowers his opponents no matter what the situation. Destroying 2/3s of Fantinas team was magical as well as his control of the powerful Blaze ability. Upon evolving, Vulcan has become a fully fledged leader. Losing a valuable friend in Blade hit him hard and now he pushs himself as hard as he can to fulfil the void in his absence.

Venom the Drapion (Female)
Lv 46
-Bug Bite
-Poison Fang
-Toxic Spikes

Venom is a new addition to the party and man is he strong. Vemon loves working with Alec especially with Toxic Spikes as he can wear down pokemon very quickly. Venom can take quite a lot of hits as well and can even threaten a sweep with Acupressure if I get lucky. Venom was brought in as a physical attacker to balance out the team and hit hits very hard. A very reliable member of the team Drapion works very well offensively or defensibly depending on what I want.

Sielia the Altaria (Female)
Lv 46
-Draco Meteor
-Fire Blast

Sielia is really awesome on this team. Being a dragon type it has nice resistances as well as excellent special bulk. Having access to recovery is also very cool and it can shrug off status as well. Sielia also backs a bit of a punch with its dragon attacks and is exceptionally strong with Draco Meteor in its arsenal. It loves flying around with Celeste and togther the two of them have a lot of fun together

Celeste the Togekiss (Female)
Lv 46
-Aura Sphere
-Ancient Power
-Air Slash

Celeste helps round the team off hitting exceptionally hard while being pretty bulky. With Chaos and Alec taking care of any physical attackers, Celeste can switch into a special attacker, heal off the damage and then strike back with a powerful Air Slash which an excellent 60% chance to flinch. Celeste tries to stay positive no matter what and tries to keep the team as happy as possible.

Alex the Bronzong
Lv 45
-Gyro Ball
-Confuse Ray

Alex is the wall to replace Alec. Alex can take a massive amount of hits letting me pivot switch around. In addition, I can easily status things with moves such as Confuse Ray and Hypnosis to help remove a dangerous foe. Lastly, Alex can hit pretty damn hard for a defensive pokemon, Extrasensory and Gyro Ball doing a lot of damage.

Mark the Psyduck (Lv 6)
NightWing the Zubat (Lv 4)
Shelly the Shellos (Lv 9)
Dash the Ponyta (Lv 7)
Ron the Geodude (Lv 5)
Worm the Wurmple (Lv 5)
Zeke the Buizel (Lv 10)
Dew the Budew (Lv 12)
Bruce the Machop (Lv 14)
Kirk the Gastly (Lv 15)
Nip the Bibarel (Lv 20)
Rose the Roselia (Lv 21)
Zips the Yanma (Lv 27)
Azu the Marill (Lv 20)
Jade the Hippopotas (Lv 22)
Vespa the Vespiquen (Lv 27)
Toxin the Croagunk (Lv 29)
Frost the Eevee (Lv 28)

Swift the Staravia (Lv 23)
Jazz the Gible (Lv 20)
Scorpius the Gligar (Lv 22)
Blade the Gallade (Lv 36)
Alec the Dusclops (Lv 43)
Alright, since my emulators are acting out of the ordinary, i decided to scratch the Pokemon Platinum nuzlocke challenge. Maybe i can resume it another day. Lately i've been having a huge urge to do a Pokemon Fire-Red play-through. I've come up with a few rules thanks to my friend Steights!


1. Pokemon Faints = Pokemon dies.
2. I must train all 6 Pokemon in my party.
3. No buying healing items, i may only use what i pick up.
4. I must catch at least 100 Pokemon.
5. I must nickname all of my Pokemon
6. I may use the Pokemon center

I mean, i tried not to go too hard on myself. I'll find this challenge to be more enjoyable knowing that i loved the original Pokemon games, and i loved the remakes as well. Can't watch to catch some of the original 150 Pokemon!.

Now, before i get started, i needed to think about which starter i was going to choose. Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Bulbasaur is pretty easy to use early game, though you need to watch out with him late game, Charmander against the first gym is a challenge, until he learns metal claw. Squirtle is fairly easy to use, but ism not interested in the little turtle as of right now. I'll just go ahead and pick bulbasaur because i love Venusaur. I named the bulbasaur ziggy, because I'm cool like that. Of course me and my rival, gary, had a battle. I end up winning by a close margin, off to somewhere else! Found out my bulbasaur is a mild nature, not that it matters, but whatever. Sometimes i forget how cute this thing looks. I made it to Viridian City, and healed bulba from it's damage. Went to the market to get the parcel, now back to training for a few, then going back to the oak man lab. Went back to the lab, go my pokedex, went to gary sister house to pimp her up a bit, she gave me a town map after our little session. I forgot to mention that oak gave me 5 pokeballs, so i can catch pokemon now. I caught a female rattata in wild, named it teeth. I have one more Pokemon to catch on this route, and that's pidgey. I caught the male Pidgey after a few tries, named him flight, nothing special at all. Got a quick heal, saved the game, cut off the power.

Team so far- Bulbasaur lvl. 7 Pidgey lvl. 4 Rattata lvl. 4

R.I.P -

Total Pokemon Caught - 3

Additional comments - I need to grind Bulbasaur level to at least a 12 before the first gym, now that i think about it, that Forrest was pretty tough to get by with Bulbasaur. Hopefully i can encounter some Pokemon like Pikachu, or Mankey!
wow i havent posted in so long and this thread didnt get much bigger..........anywho its great to see not only Giga posts but Firecapes just wow, great updates guys. Will post next chapter once i make it......but no team update and i have finished it............Only Tim and Troll(Kyorge) survived......Timothy, Tom, Trever........they all perished
starting a heartgold nuzlocke tonight. my first nuzlocke ever, so my rules are a little easy:

1 standard pokemon faints=death rule

2 catch first and only first pokemon in any area (if duplicate i can catch the next non-dupe; legend, special, gift pokemon dont count as the one)

3 nicknames required

4 revives must be sold asap

5 no healing restrictions
Alright so after trying to find a spare game to do this challenge i finally have a HeartGold to try this out. Gonna be my first attempt at something like this. Were gonna try this with these rules

1. Any pokemon KOd must be released.
2. The first pokemon encountered in each area is all im allowed to catch, unless I already have one, then i may attempt to capture the 2nd pokemon encountered, but no more than this one extra attempt
3. Nicknames required
4. Only allowed to buy a grand total of 10 Healing items per Pokemart, Pokecenter visits are limited to 4 per town.
5. No legendaries, however gifted pokemon are fine.
6. Evolutions that must be accomplished through trades are fine.
7. Daycare may be used for some leveling, but no breeding.

Gonna start with Totodile i think, just cause i dont think chikorita is any kind of good and id be to scared of cyndaquil being to fragile. Gonna try to post updates regularly. Any comments or insight for this challenge would be welcomed.


It's all coming back to me now
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Gonna start with Totodile i think, just cause i dont think chikorita is any kind of good and id be to scared of cyndaquil being to fragile. Gonna try to post updates regularly. Any comments or insight for this challenge would be welcomed.
I have used all three starters in HG so I like to think I have certain opinion on whats good.

Personally, my fav starter has to be Chikorita. Granted, offensivly its slightly weak, but defensively, I really loved it in my team. Light Screen + Reflect are so good in Nuzlockes if you have the free moveslot as it helps your team stay alive and take down some of the more frustrating trainers (like Whitney). I think I ran something like Body Slam/Petal Dance/Reflect/Frenzy Plant eventually but I know that having access to Screens, Synthesis for healing, and moves such as Poison Powder or Toxic are pretty cool.

Cyndaquil I have fond memories of because I remember destroying Clair with a Sunlight boosted, Blaze boosted, Specs Boosted, STAB Blast Burn so it really hits like a truck. I did hate its lack of move options but having a fire type is cool in HG as they are pretty rare.

Totodile is prolly the best sweeper out of all of them. it gets cool moves as well like Superpower, Thrash, Ice Fang and Aqua Tail. so yeah pretty cool moves but I ended up not liking it as much because Gyarados could do pretty much the same thing. Still, it was a pretty cool sweeper till I got to the Lake of Rage
oh yea i completely forgot that chikorita got dual screens, hmm now i kind of wish i wouldve gone that route lol, oh well i have officially started with Gage the Bashful Totodile. Lets see how this goes
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