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Challenge Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Orange Islands' started by ginganinja, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. _roguemischief


    Dec 17, 2011
    Platinum Nuzlocke fanfic update (BTW I’ll try to get up an update every day, if you care)
    Chapter 3: A New Purpose
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    “Wow, Rogue. Seems like a lot has been happening to you lately. It’s sure a great thing Professor Rowan was there to stop you. I wouldn’t like to think what would happen if the wild Pokemon got to you…” Mother said as she cooked dinner.
    And you would’ve known about it if you hadn’t been watching Oprah, I thought dryly.
    I fingered the Poke Ball hanging at my waist. I was itching to release Piplup from its ball, but now wasn’t the time or the place. I’d have to wait till later.
    “Well, I suppose you’re going to go on an adventure with your Pokemon now,” Mother said sorrowfully. “It’ll be lonely around here, but I think I can manage. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a vacation. I might even see you during your journey. Just be sure to come back here every once in a while. I’d like to see the sorts of Pokemon you’ve caught.”
    “All right, Mom,” I said tiredly. “Now, can I--”
    “Oh, wait, Rogue!” Mom said. “Before you go, I’d like you to take these Running Shoes. They’ll allow you to zip around faster than you ever have before!”
    I mutter a quick thank you and dash out the door. And, to no one’s surprise, who is it I find waiting on Route 201?
    “Oh, hey, Rogue! Just the person I wanted to see,” Barry exclaimed. “I had this great idea--”
    Not another one of your ‘great ideas’.
    “See, remember that lake we always play at? Yeah, that. Everyone says there’s a Legendary Pokemon there. So, why don’t we catch that Pokemon? You know, as thanks to Professor Rowan.”
    “Okay, great! Lead the way.”
    I slap my forehead. Barry’s ‘great idea’ has two major flaws. One, it simply goes against the rules of my Nuzlocke run. Two, we don’t have any Poke Balls to catch the Pokemon with. But I decide to play along and watch Barry fail.
    I shake my head and lead the way.
    As we reach the entrance, I quickly scan over the sign:
    ‘Lake Verity: Home of the Being of Emotion, Mesprit’.
    “Okay, okay, okay,” Barry says. “No sweat! It’s here; the sign even says so! You and me, we’ve got nothing to fear!”
    Except insane criminals with rabies-infested dogs, I think. And Mesprit. It could KO both Piplup and Turtwig instantly.
    Right as we enter the lake, I notice something isn’t right. There’s an odd man with spiky blue hair and a gray uniform standing with his hands crossed behind his back, examining the lake. I listen to his strange one-sided conversation:
    “The flowing time…the expanding space…I will make it mine one day. All mine…remember my words, Mesprit. Sleep while you can.”
    And with that, he turns away and sees us. I expect him to go all berserk on us, but instead, he simply looks amused. “Excuse me, children,” he says dismissively. “Step aside.”
    Perplexed, we both do as the odd man says. He leaves without another word. Barry doesn’t even seem fazed by the disturbing occurrence.
    Barry does his little trademark dance. “Oooh, now’s our chance! That had to be the Legendary Pokemon! Let’s go catch it!”
    A look of disappointment crosses his face as he realizes the flaw in his plan. “Oh, come on!” he says. “We don’t have any! You know, P-O-K-accent-E Balls!”
    Well, you don’t have to spell it out for me.
    “How’re we supposed to thank Professor Rowan now?” he asks. Then he shrugs. “Oh, well, we can still go there anyway. I bet he’d give us some Poke Balls if we asked him. Last one to Sandgem Town rules!”
    So you’re not going to thank him, you’re going to ask him for more, I think. Typical Barry.
    Without another word I leave Verity Lakefront, Barry far ahead of me. I’m still wondering what the man meant. The flowing time…the expanding space…
    What did it mean? And how did it involve Mesprit?
    I shrug. It doesn’t affect me, so I don’t let it bother me.
    I couldn’t have been more wrong.
    I head out onto Route 201, and I take my first step into the tall grass. I take out my Poke Ball, and I feel a rush of adrenaline flow through me. I press the button and throw it up into the air.
    “Go, Piplup!”
    And with a flash, my new friend appears. “Pipii! Piplup, pip!” It looks at me expectantly, as if it wants something. It seems to be saying, Is there food involved? If there isn’t, I don’t care.
    I roll my eyes. “Piplup,” I say authoritatively, “We’re going out into the tall grass. I need you to fight off any wild Pokemon for me, okay?”
    Piplup looks at me irritatedly. Oh, fine, if you insist. I’ll just whup these chumps quick and get home. There will be food later, right?
    I take my first step into the tall grass, and almost immediately, a wild Starly appears. “Piplup, go!” I order. “Pound attack!”
    Piplup waddles over to the Starly and begins smacking it before it even has a chance to attack. With a cry, the Starly fades into oblivion.
    I look at Piplup. “Nice work,” I say, impressed.
    Yeah, well, whatever. Can I have my food now?[/I
    ]My Piplup seems to have quite the appetite. Fortunately for me, Berries are quite abundant in Sinnoh, and as such I can make several Poffins using Berries that won’t do me any good over the course of my run. That should be enough to sate Piplup’s hunger, and in the process prep it for Contests, should I ever feel the need to participate.
    Before long, we’ve reached Sandgem Town and Piplup seems stronger already. It has a tough glint in its eye, as if it feels like it can take down any opponent. I soon notice Dawn standing in front of the laboratory, who waves at me and motions for me to come over to her.
    “Hey, Rogue,” she says. “The professor is looking for you. Let’s go inside.”
    Right on cue, Barry slams the door open and rams right into us. “Oh, hey, Rogue!” he says, not even noticing Dawn. “That old guy isn’t as scary as he seems! And I got my Poke Balls, so I’m outta here! Expect to see me at the League!” And he dashes away without another word.
    Dawn looks at me in disgust. “Your friend seems really impatient,” she says. “How do you even tolerate him?”
    “I honestly don’t know,” I reply. And it’s the truth. I can barely handle his frantic nature.
    We go into the laboratory, and I’m instantly amazed. There are several strange machines along the walls glowing with blue light, and row after row of books lined up orderly on shelves. Only the desks are a little cluttered.
    “Ah, there you are, Rogue!” Professor Rowan says gruffly. “I have an important task for you. Your friend ran out before I could ask him to do the same, but you will suffice.”
    “Sure, anything,” I reply.
    “Good.“ he says. He grabs a small, red object and hands it to me. “Now, this here is a Pokedex,” he says. “It automatically records the data of any Pokemon you’ve seen, and the data is completed upon capturing the Pokemon. In essence, it’s a high-tech encyclopedia. I want you to help me with my studies by collecting information on every Pokemon in Sinnoh.”
    I’m not sure how to respond to that, so I simply say, “Um, sure.”
    “I’ve got one too!” Dawn pipes up.
    Professor Rowan grunts. “By the way, would you like to nickname that Piplup of yours?”
    As dictated by the rules of the Nuzlocke, I must nickname it. I would’ve even if I hadn’t been doing this in Nuzlocke mode. “Maelstrom,” I say firmly. “Its name is Maelstrom.”
    My Poke Ball shakes gently, and I know Maelstrom is pleased with its name, for it is befitting that it should be named for the raging waters it controls.
    “Mm,” Rowan says. “A fine name. Now, go on. No time to waste completing your Pokedex. This is a great undertaking in Pokemon history!” he declares.
    “Um, okay,” I say. “Uhh…thank you?”
    And with that, I walk out, Dawn behind me.
    No sooner had I closed the door than Rowan bursts out and yells, “Rogue, wait! I have something good here. You should take it.” And he hands me my first TM, TM 27: Return. A powerful move that only gets better as your Pokemon becomes more attached to you. I thank him and take it.
    “Okay, Rogue,” Dawn says. “Since you’re a new Trainer and I’ve had a bit of experience in the field, I’ll sort of act as your mentor, if that’s all right.”
    We walk over to a large building with a distinctive red roof. “This is a Pokemon Center,” Dawns explains. “You can heal your Pokemon any time you want there, and for free, too. It’s an invaluable asset to any Trainer, beginner or expert.”
    Next, we walk over to a slightly smaller building with a blue roof. “This is a Poke Mart. You can purchase more items the more experience you get as a Trainer. Since you’re just starting out, you won’t be able to buy many types of merchandise, but don’t let it get to you.
    “Well, Rogue, I’m off to Route 202,” Dawns says. “You can join me if you’d like, but I think you should tell your family that you’ll be gone for a while. Um, see you later, then.”
    “Yeah,” I say, and walk home, fending off wild Pokemon as I go. Maelstrom has grown stronger, and I’m quite impressed with its progress. I feel confident that with just a little more training, we’ll be ready to challenge the first Gym.
    I’m soon home, and Mother quickly gives Maelstrom and I a rest. “Wow,” she says. “Sounds like you’ve got a big task on your hands. But just remember that I’m backing you all the way!”
    Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Barry’s mom comes in, asking if we’ve seen Barry. Realizing that we haven’t, she assumes that he’s already gone on to Jubilife City and asks me to bring him a parcel. I‘d prefer not to, but it’s not much of a problem as I’m headed that way anyway. So I accept.
    Soon I’m back in Sandgem Town. I head out of the town and out onto Route 202, where I can catch another teammate. Dawn notices me, and waves me over. “Come on, Rogue,” she says. “I’ll show you how to catch a Pokemon. Just watch me.”
    In no time, Dawn has found and caught a wild Bidoof. “You should probably lower the Pokemon’s HP more than I did, but it’s okay. Here’s five Poke Balls to get you started,” she says as she hands me the Poke Balls.
    “Well, I guess I’ll see you later. Make sure you’re catching Pokemon for the Pokedex!” she calls as she walks away.
    I am now equipped with the tools to become a Pokemon Master. I have a Pokemon, a Pokedex, and some Poke Balls. All I have to do is take the first step.
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    Maelstrom (Piplup) Lv. 10

    This was a bit lengthy, but I had a lot to cover here if I wanted to accomplish what I planned. Tomorrow will be a good one, I hope. BTW, this won’t be exactly accurate with my actual challenge, as with certain situations, such as boss battles, I may change them to make it more interesting to read. However, if a Pokemon dies, it WILL die in this.
  2. Sir Real

    Sir Real

    Feb 29, 2012
    Today I started my first Nuzlocke ever on Emerald! I just beat Wattson...here is my team:

    Tempo (Marshtomp) Lv26
    Sumi (Hariyama) Lv25
    Colleen (Swellow) Lv24

    No casualties so far! I've been lucky and my team works together very well.
  3. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    I got my arse handed to me by cress my woefully under leveled team of lv. 10s got owned
    Nibbles the patrat was killed by a plus 2 crit tackle
    same for oinky
    that just left weedo the pasage to go on
    panpour owned me if weedo hadn't of had an attack - nature i would of won
    oh god im a horrible trainer :(((((((((((
  4. _roguemischief


    Dec 17, 2011
    Chapter 4: A New Partner
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    I unclip the Poke Ball containing Maelstrom from my belt, press the button, and toss it up into the air.
    “Go, Maelstrom!” I yell.
    “Pippi, Piplup!” it squeaks. It looks with its huge brown eyes, and says, What is it this time?
    “Maelstrom,” I begin. “We are about to embark on a remarkable quest. We’ll face fun times, but also hardships. Are you willing to help me?”
    Sure, why not? I could use some oversized punching bags to let off some steam.
    “Perfect,” I say. “Now, we’re gonna see if we can catch another Pokemon, okay?”
    You have me, don’t you? What more do you need?
    “Just do what I say and don’t kill it.”
    Yeah, whatever.
    “Okay,” I mutter. I take a breath and step into the tall grass. Almost immediately, a wild Starly appears.
    “Yes!” I say. Starly was exactly the Pokemon I needed to beat Barry’s Turtwig, as I wasn’t prepared to risk using Maelstrom against it now that it would inevitably know Grass moves. “Maelstrom, use Pound, but restrain yourself! Don’t kill it!” I reminded him.
    Maelstrom gave what looked like a nod, then waddled towards the Starly and unleashed its fury. Soon, the Starly looked like it would faint any moment, and having not even laid a blow on Maelstrom, I knew it was time for a Poke Ball. “Maelstrom, get back!”
    Maelstrom vanished in a shower of light as it returned to its ball. Then I grabbed a new ball from my pack and lobbed it at the Starly. I watched as it twitched back and forth once, twice…
    …the Starly broke out.
    Okay, I still got this, I thought. The Starly seemed determined and strong-willed. That could come in handy with future challenges. Still resolved not to let it escape, I threw another Poke Ball at it and hoped it would stay in…
    The Poke Ball gave a faint click and I knew that Starly was caught. I breathed a sigh of relief. In my pack, I heard my Pokedex beep and an automated voice say:
    Pokedex updated.
    Now, what shall I call you?…I thought to myself. Suddenly, I had the perfect name for my new companion. “I name you…”I said, thinking, “I name you…Maverick.”
    I picked up the Poke Ball. I had my second Pokemon--one Pokemon closer to beating the Champion.
    I grabbed the Poke Balls containing my partners, and released both of them simultaneously.
    “Go, Maelstrom and Maverick!”
    Maelstrom chirped softly and Maverick screeched. Maverick fluttered to my shoulder and eyed me curiously. Yeah…it said. You look like a strong Trainer. Do you know how many have tried to catch me and failed? I think we can both profit from this alliance.
    I smiled. “Alright, guys, we’re about to return go to Jubilife City. Are you ready for this?”
    Both Pokemon replied. Maelstrom seemed to say, Um…yeah. Is there food later? I still haven’t gotten my food yet. Maverick’s determined look told me everything. Let’s do this.
    Maverick seemed confident in its ability, so I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. “Okay, Maverick, you’re up first. Show me your stuff.”
    Maverick perched on my shoulder, I walked around the first tree and almost immediately am challenged to a battle by a young boy, probably four years younger than me. I decide we can take him, and accept.
    “Maverick, go!”
    Maverick soars off my shoulder and screeches a challenge. In response, the youngster sends out a Starly of his own. I’m confident in Maverick’s sure-fire winning attitude, so I keep him in.
    I order Maverick’s move, “Maverick, use Tackle!” as the youngster orders his. “Starly, Quick Attack!”
    I watch in horror as Starly outspeeds Maverick and hits him with a strong Quick Attack. Maverick is knocked aside and its attack doesn’t even land.
    I’m put at a disadvantage here, but I have one last strategy before my last resort. The youngster confidently orders a second Quick Attack, while I order Maverick’s move. “Maverick, use Tackle! Try and meet Starly’s speed and stop its movement!”
    Maverick screeches and dives at the Starly. They collide, and I find that my maneuver has done more harm than good. Maverick’s momentum combined with Starly’s unmatchable speed inflicted even more damage than before.
    Maverick, was looking exceptionally tired, and I knew it couldn’t do this on its own. “Maverick, return! Let’s finish this, Maelstrom!” I call out.
    Maverick is quickly replaced with my starter, my Maelstrom. “Maelstrom, use Pound!”
    Maelstrom looks back at me confidently. It seems to say, No. I have a better idea.
    I put my faith in Maelstrom as it makes its move. Starly goes for another Quick Attack, jetting towards Maelstrom at an incredible rate. But Maelstrom knows what it’s doing. It opens its mouth and sprays a jet of bubbles at Starly, effectively blinding it and cutting its speed. Starly doesn’t even reach Maelstrom before it crashes into the ground, unable to see its opponent.
    I was impressed that Maelstrom had learned Bubble, and it had come at just the right time. It was the perfect counter to my problem. “Maelstrom, let’s finish this up with Pound!”
    The youngster desperately orders Starly to use Quick Attack, but its lowered Speed prevents it from reaching the insane speeds it was utilizing against Maverick. It hadn’t even began its attack before Maelstrom reached it and pummeled it into oblivion with Pound. Maelstrom looked proudly up at me. You see what happens when you put me in charge? I can handle anything anyone throws out at me.
    I wasn’t too sure of that, but I didn’t want to burst Maelstrom’s bubble.
    I rushed the Pokemon Center to heal Maverick up. It had been thrashed by that Starly, and it was lucky to have survived the encounter. I realized just how close I had come to losing a partner so early on. I resolved to be more cautious in the future.
    Once Maverick had been healed and we’d left the Pokemon Center, I withdrew Maverick from its Poke Ball. It cawed gently. I failed you, master. I failed.
    “No, you did your best. And that’s good enough for me. It just looks to me like you need a little more training, that’s all.” I realized that the Starly had done more than defeated Maverick, it had crushed its self-confidence as well. I would need to regain that if Maverick was to become a vital member of my team.
    Maverick looked sadly up at me. You really think so?
    “I know so,” I consoled.
    I walk over to the nearest patch of grass, where I decide Maverick and I will do some training. “Okay, Maverick. You’ve lost your confidence, and I intend to help you get it back. We are going to be doing some training, and I want you to give it your very best, okay?”
    I knew Maverick’s answer.
    Between innumerable KO’s and several trips back and forth to the Pokemon Center, soon Maverick’s strength looked as if it was beginning to rival that of Maelstrom. It had gained much strength, but it still had yet to regain its confidence.
    And I knew the perfect way to get it back.

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    Maelstrom (Piplup) Lv. 11
    -Water Sport
    Maverick (Starly) Lv. 10
    Keen Eyes
    -Quick Attack
    -Wing Attack

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    As I said before, this fanfic won’t follow the actual run word for word. I will change certain situations, such as boss battles, to make them more interesting to read. For example, in this chapter, Maverick was owned by the youngster’s Starly. In my actual run, I had trained Maverick beforehand and OHKOed his Starly, but nobody wants to read about that, right?. If a Pokemon dies in the run, it WILL die in the fanfic.
  5. Kaitii


    May 27, 2009
    Oh dear. I just remembered I am doing a Nuzlocke. Previous parts here- http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4094530&postcount=902

    Part 4. Old friend

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    The small journey to Prof. Elm's lab was for the most part quiet, neither Duke nor I felt much like speaking. Upon reaching our destination, I noticed there were police vehicles outside, it was just like last time. Could history repeat itself any more precisely? Sighing, I walked inside the lab and was immediately bombarded by police asking questions. Without paying much attention to them at all, I kept walking until I reached Elm and the chief police officer.

    "Kitty! Kitty!" Elm frantically greeted, "It's a disaster, it happened again!"

    I honestly wasn't as frantic at all about all this, I knew what happened, and I know who has the stolen Pokemon. The first time around, I was honestly enraged that someone would dare steal a Pokemon, and I had attempted to take back the Cyndaquil Silver had stolen before. In the end, I noticed that the Cyndaquil honestly did not mind his trainer, and so I gave up that pursuit. Maybe it would happen again, who knows.

    "I know, I know, Professor. It was Silver, again." I sighed, just saying Silver's name brought back a wave of emotions and memories.

    The officer beside Elm took note of that and nodded, "So Silver has struck again, interesting. This time, his target was a Chikorita. I see. Thank you for the information." Soon enough, the lab was quiet again, all the police having left to search for Silver.

    I couldn't help but smile to myself, if they didn't catch Silver then, they wouldn't catch him now.

    My thoughts were interrupted when Professor Elm tapped me on the shoulder, "Ahem, anyways... Did you get the Egg from Mr.Pokemon?" It amazed me how fast he always got over his Pokemon getting stolen.

    "Sure did." I replied, reaching into my bag. Within moments I produced the Egg, safely contained within its carrying case. "Here you go."

    The professor took the Egg from me, studying it carefully. "Thank you Kitty. So, does this mean you are really going to attempt the challenge again?"

    I nodded confidently, no hesitation either. I was certain of my choice. "Yeah, Duke and I are going to take this league by storm," I paused for a second, "Well, and of course all the other friends we'll make along the way." Duke smirked and that was that.

    Nothing else needed to be said, so Duke and I turned around to leave the lab. Before we left though, Elm called out to us and asked for my PokeGear number. Once numbers were exchanged, Duke and I left with no more distractions.

    Duke and I headed to Route 29 and right away I saw a familiar face, an old friend of mine, Ethan. He was always such an odd kid, pretty shy and quiet usually. I would have walked right by him if it wasn't for his Marill rushing up to me and jumping on me.

    "Ma Marill!" She cried happily before jumping off me and running back to Ethan.

    "S-sorry about that, Kitty. I don't know w-what came over Marill." I told him it was no problem at all, it was nice to see such a friendly Marill. As I turned to walk away, I noticed him pat his Marill on the head, whisper something, and give her a treat. I didn't really think too much of it and began to walk away when Ethan called out to me, "Kitty, wait! If...you don't mind that is..."

    I nearly winced as I heard him call my name, and was almost tempted to keep walking. I mean, yeah he is my friend, but I really kind of wanted to start my journey, plus, I swear this kid is a creeper. "Yeah?" I responded, turning around.

    "I-I just wanted to, give you a small gift to start your journey is all..." He shyly reached into his bag and produced a small sack. "I want to give you my sack of Pokeballs. They're really good quality and I'm sure you know how to handle them well!" Blushing, he handed me the sack and looked up at me, hopeful I would accept his gift.

    Ignoring his obvious hint, I accepted the Pokeballs, I wasn't going to turn down a free gift, especially something as useful as these. "Thanks Ethan, you're sweet." I told him, though maybe I should have just left out the last part, because his eyes grew rather wide.

    "R-Really? I'm sweet?" He said, by now his eyes were practically the size of baseballs, and I could swear they were sparkling.

    "Yeah, these will really help out." I told him. Duke was not exactly paying much attention to this whole conversation and was instead battling any wild Pokemon he could find in the grass until I finished. "Anyways, I have to get going, thanks again, Ethan." I wanted to get away from there quick. Without waiting for him to say anything, I quickly grabbed Duke and rushed off into the grass.

    Duke the Totodile- Lv12
  6. Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Aug 5, 2010
    Started a new White Nuzlocke.
    Team is as follows:
    (lvls and stuff to follow later)
    1. Terry the Tepig
    2. Larry the Lillipup
    3. Peter the Pansear
    Gym Badges: 1
    Deaths: --
    Missed catches: 1
    Captures: 3
    Normal rules for once :P, oh and a nickname rule, must begin with first letter of pokemon name.
  7. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    Began a new white file today
    Lost Mc hammer the tepig to cherens oshawott
    Lost THORNS!!!!! the pansage to a bide
    Killed a drilbur
    Only have a level 18 herdier wich kills all the wilds including munna,drilbur and nearly killing a blitzle wich I caught and it promptly died in the next battle to a Audino....
  8. Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Team Magma Boss Maxie

    Aug 5, 2010
    O.oYou have really bad luck.My team consists of:
    1. Thor The Throh.
    2. Larry the Hierder
    3. Dewott
  9. Arceustar


    Jan 8, 2012
    Cool!! (Will edit later) is my fave Poke!!
  10. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    it turns out even after intimidate a +defence herdier cant survive a 140BP STAB FUCKING CRIT
    i hate this game
    On a side note i caught THOR the timmber (sassy) and VINNY the venipede (ADAMANT, i like the game again)
  11. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    Crits ignore stat drops, always have. Let me guess, Lenora's Watchog?
  12. _roguemischief


    Dec 17, 2011
    QWAZ, you have some of the worst luck I've ever seen (Besides myself yesterday...). Losing valuable Pokemon to crits twice...that's just sad.
    Anyway, I'll edit this post with a Platinum update later. I don't have time to do it now. But what I'm here to say is that I will not be continuing my FireRed Nuzlocke. I'm finding that it's getting exceedingly crappy (If it wasn't to begin with) and I enjoy doing the Platinum fanfic so much more. If you want to me to continue, VM me or something like that. If just want me to post minor updates like most of you are doing, then do the same. I just don't enjoy doing the FireRed Nuzlocke as much as I do this one. I've already beaten the game anyway, and I'm likely to forget vital elements to the story, so it'll be easier this way.
  13. bwburke94


    Sep 12, 2010
    It's time for an Emerald Nuzlocke! Starting tomorrow.
  14. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    Aannnnnddddddd SOBEK the sandile died
    Fuck dis shit im using my jesus clause and resurerecting PEGASUS the blitzle
    WHAT? Dont look at me like that
  15. King Serperior

    King Serperior

    Sep 15, 2011
    Started a Firered Nuzlocke.
    Standard rules:
    1). Catch first pokemon on any route after getting pokeballs.
    2). Faint means place in DeadBox
    3). Catch shinies if at all possible.
    4). Allow gift-mons

    ok, I started and named myself Norman and my Rival Noob. Started with Selena the Squirtle. Eventually caught Vermin the Rattata (route 1), Knaw the Rattata (Route 2), Beauty the Caterpie (Veridian Forrest), and Flawless the Rattata (Route 22).

    Training will begin shortly and I hope that no one dies this early.

    Wish me Luck!!!
  16. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    Wow, QWAZ, you have some absolutely abysmal luck. D: Critical hits must hate you so much, since like every one of your Pokemon died from critical hits. :S I would probably have horrible luck like that too if I tried a Nuzlocke. >_>
  17. The QWAZ

    The QWAZ

    Jan 15, 2012
    its true, but oh well, ill probably get a jolly axew to make up for it or somthing
  18. StallMandibuzz


    May 4, 2011
    Perhaps. ;p I'm too gentle to try a Nuzlocke, don't wanna see my Pokemon die or anything.<~<
  19. typon77


    May 9, 2011
    Ok so I bought black about a week ago (I know, late right?), and I just beat the elite four and N and shit. Would I be missing out on anything I I started a new nuzlocke now? The only pokemon that I would really miss is my Adamant Haxorus with perfect attack ivs...
  20. Chidori


    Mar 18, 2012
    some extra rules people use is that you can only go to the pokemon center a limited amount of times or that you're not allowed to use healing items or held items
  21. typon77


    May 9, 2011
    Yeah screw it I'm starting a black nuzlocke..

    Standard nuzlocke rules with a few of my own:

    Fainted = RIP
    One Pokemon per route, first one I find
    However, if it's a pokemon I already have, I have the option to try again
    Nicknames are a must
    Unlimited Poke center usage

    Starting with Monsoon the Oshawott
  22. Kaitii


    May 27, 2009
    Previous parts- Here

    Part 5. New Friend

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    After the whole encounter with Ethan, I was even more eager to catch a new Pokemon. The Pokeballs he gave me were stored safely in my bag, just waiting now to be thrown at a wild Pokemon.

    "Alright, Duke," I began, "Our first stop will be Route 46, where we'll hopefully meet our first friend." Route 46 was just past a building and has a few Pokemon there that could be beneficial to my team, but really, I didn't mind what Pokemon I got, I just felt glad that I was finishing what I started.

    Duke cheerfully ran ahead of me, getting over excited of the idea of our little group growing most likely. "Toto!" He called to me, telling me to hurry up.

    "I know, I know Duke I'm coming!" I called back as I ran to catch up to him.

    Together the two of us walked though the building separating Route 29 and 46. The view of the route was beautiful, and I could make out the mountains far away, close towards Blackthorn city. Soon enough, Duke and I would be challenging Clair there for the second time.

    Duke interrupted my thoughts by tugging on my pants and before I had a chance to speak, he shushed me and made a motion for me to listen. It took me a moment, but I soon noticed what Duke wanted me to hear. From a distance it sounded like a voice was singing. The voice was rather deep, but I could tell it was a female's voice. I could not, however, make out the words she was singing. Having no reason not to find out where the sound was coming from, Duke and I followed our ears.

    We walked for a good few minutes and the singing was becoming noticeably louder, which meant we were almost there. In addition, with every passing step, Duke got more and more annoyed, complaining about how the singing was terrible, while I, on the other hand adored the sound I was hearing.

    Finally, we arrived at a lone tree with a rock next to it. Duke and I didn't notice anything else there, but the sound was definitely coming from where we were looking. Duke went ahead to the tree and started investigating everything around it, wondering where that awful sound originated. Eventually, he came to stand on the rock and noticed that the singing was at it's loudest and he looked down on his feet to see that the rock was actually a Geodude, and the singer.

    The Geodude did not seem to notice him and kept on singing her song. "Geo dude geo geo guuude eoooo~!"

    My right arm is full of scars and I've devoted everything~!

    Duke recoiled in horror as the singing hit his ears full blast and he fell off the singing Geodude, who then finally noticed his presence and ceased her singing.

    "Oh! I'm sorry, did I didn't see you there, are you alright?" She questioned worryingly to Duke.

    Duke got up and rubbed his head, "Yeah yeah I'm alright, I just got startled by that horrendous singing of yours."

    The Geodude gasped and glared at Duke, "Why I'd never! Here I am worried about you and the first thing you do is insult me!" She turned around to leave when I decided to approach the two.

    "Wait!" I called out to the Geodude. She didn't know it yet, but she was going to become my new Pokemon soon.

    Geodude turned around and to my surprise, waited to see what I had to say. "Geo?"

    "Geodude was that your singing? I loved it!" I complimented.

    Right away, Geodude's eyes widened and she blushed. How a rock blushed, I didn't know, but I also chose not to question it. "Geo!" She replied, giggling, obviously pleased with the compliment.

    Duke was nearly gagging at this point, since for the life of him could not stand the singing.

    Since I didn't want to lose my chance at a capture, I cut right to the chase after the compliment, "Geodude, we're going to battle, right here, right now. If I win, I catch you."

    "Geodude." She stated and motioned for Duke to approach her. Challenge accepted, it seemed.

    I knew I couldn't have Duke use Water Gun since that would KO the Geodude and ruin my chances. For now, Duke only has to Scratch until she is weakened.

    "Alright Duke, Scratch!" I commanded swiftly.

    Duke rushed at the Geodude who simply dodged it in a single, graceful motion, as if she was dancing. This did not go over well with Duke who was embarrassed he let such a slow Pokemon dodge him. He picked up the pace and nailed her with a Scratch, dealing a good amount of damage due to their apparent level difference.

    In response to Duke's hit the Geodude rushed back at him with a Tackle, her aim true. Duke winced slightly but got right back into it and fought back with another Scratch, not letting the Geodude have a chance to dodge it.

    Two hits was all it took for the Geodude to become noticeably weakened and I knew it was my chance now. Quickly, I took a Pokeball from my bag and tossed it at the Geodude. The feeling of throwing a Pokeball again gave me such a rush of excitement. With a 'thud' the Pokeball hit the Geodude on the head and enveloped her in a red light. Duke and I stared at the Pokeball, waiting for it to stop wiggling.


    And with that, Duke and I caught our first partner. I couldn't contain my joy and I jumped up and down, letting my happiness all out. Duke felt rather bittersweet about the whole thing. On the upside, we caught a partner, on the downside, she happened to have a singing voice he can't stand.

    I picked up the Pokeball from where the once wild Geodude stood and called her out.

    "Hey there, good match." I told her, hoping she wasn't so bitter about losing. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kitty."

    The Geodude looked at me and smiled, extending an arm out to me, "Geo" she said.

    The two of us shook hands and it seemed like we would get along just fine.

    "So, now I guess I need a name for you..." I pondered some names for a few minutes until something finally rang out in my head, "How about Luka?"

    The Geodude gave me a thumbs up and it was settled, she would be called Luka from now on.

    "So Luka, do you think you could sing some more for me?" I asked her as sweetly as I could.

    "TOTO" Duke screamed, obviously objecting. He quickly ran to my belt of Pokeballs and before he tapped it he looked at me and said, "Totodile dile!" He apparently disliked her singing so much he would rather be in his Pokeball until it was all over. With that he tapped his Pokeball and disappeared inside his safe haven.

    I apologised to Luka about Duke's behaviour and it seemed she didn't overly mind, though I was worried about a possible rivalry or sorts between the two.

    Luka and I strode off together, her singing and I contentedly listening.

    "Geo dude, geo geo dude geodude dude dude geo~"

    In the slowly decaying world, I'm struggling but it's the only way
    Carving your faded smiles, I pulled out the plug

    I looked at her oddly, and questioned why the depressing lyrics, she kept singing some more depressing lyrics and then burst out loudly, "GEODUDE GEO GEO GEODUDE, GEO DUDE GEO!"


    My ears nearly broke from the sudden loudness of her singing, What have I gotten myself into? I wondered to myself as Luka continued her song.

    Okay so basically I made it so that when Pokemon are talking to Pokemon, I'll type it out in English, but when a Pokemon talks to a human, it'll be as I've been doing it, their cry with a rough translation. Kinda seems easier for me.

    Team so far

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    Duke the Totodile- Lv12
    Luka the Geodude- Lv3


    I'll probably start drawing an image for my team for every new member and loss. As always, feedback is adored.
  23. Skyshayde


    Jan 28, 2012
    I suppose i'll do one, starting a Platinum Nuzlocke.

    1. Pokemon Faints=Box til the end of the game.
    2. I can catch one pokemon an area, and if I don't like it's nature i can reset and catch it til I get the right nature.
    3. Ressurection Clause: Every new badge, I can resurrect one of my dead pokemon. Also if I deem the game uncompletable w/o hax with the pokemon I have.
    4. Can trade pokemon from my other games at level 1.
    5. OHKO Clause, I'm not losing because of hax, I refuse.
    6. BS Clause, Again not losing to hax.

    As you can probably tell by the level of difficulty, this is my first nuzlocke.
  24. Wobbanaut


    Feb 29, 2012
    Dude that's too easy for a nuzlocke
  25. Skyshayde


    Jan 28, 2012

    I know, but it's my first nuzlocke, so I don't want it too hard. I'll do a hard one once i've played a nuzlocke.
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