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Speaking of HG/SS, I really need to get back to my SoulSilver Nuzlocke.
Anyway, so I beat both Fantina and Maylene with my awesome Drifblim (Bloon). I knew Fantina was difficult, but I knew her playstyle and as such developed a strategy for it. I plopped a Rawst Berry on Bloon and got into the battle.
As always, Fantina led with her Duskull. I use Stockpile to prepare for the onslaught of Mismagius, while Duskull uses WoW, consuming my Rawst Berry and activating Unburden. The next few turns consist of much boosting, healing, and predicting, which I won't get into. Long story short, I beat Duskull with +3 Def/SpD and Unburden activated.
Haunter is easily OHKOed by Ominous Wind. Mismagius, however, required several more Super Potions. In the end, after using all of Ominous Wind's PP, I get a crit Payback and KO the Mismagius, winning me the badge and Shadow Claw.
Maylene was much easier. Machoke was 2HKOed with Gust (Though not before landing a Rock Tomb). Meditite was OHKOed. Lucario, though, required a bit of luck. Gust did almost half, but it wouldn't KO next turn, while I think Lucario could've KOed me next turn with Metal Claw. Not wanting to lose my Drifblim, I switch out to Livewire (Jolteon) who takes the Metal Claw pretty well. I fire off a Double Kick, and the second hit crits, beating Lucario.
I figured I may as well put it in this format since I'll be inactive for the next week or so. I'll try to fanfic-ize it when I get back.
I am now officially starting a Pokemon Black Nuzlocke


-Battle style is not set
-Standard "first pokemon you see" rule
-No legendaries will be used
-I WILL catch a shiny if I see it
-Gift Pokemon are allowed
-Pokemarts are limited to 4 visits per town
-PC healings are limited to 3 uses per town
-Use of Route Docters is limited to 3
-Use of Storage system is unlimited
-If a Pokemon faints, I will put it into the PC into the 'Memorial' box
-I will be catching back-ups who will be immediately boxed. (But the 1st pokemon on route still applies)
-Items in battle are limited to hold items and ONE healing item per Pokemon (Healing items include; All HP restoring Items, Not Held Berries, Status Restoring Items. Revives are banned)
Ok, as I am useless at remembering, I'll add the "No Duplicates" rule.

I am only doing this as it is my first Nuzlocke.....

When I do my second, I'll ignore the "No Duplicates" rule.

2 spare metapods and Pidgeys....
Started my first-ever Nuzlocke yesterday, a FireRed one. Standard rules apply, no extra limitations regarding PC visits or usage of items. So far the only useful thing I caught was a Mankey, apart from that it's all Rattatas and stuff
As of the now activated "No Duplicates" rule, I have ridded myself of my four duplicate mons and captured 3 mons and failed to capture one Drowzey.

I am currently grinding in order to face Morty.

1). Hunter the Brave Stantler (Male) [Frisk] {Route 37}
2). Bo Peep the Quirky Flaaffy (Female) [Static] {Route 32}
3). Clair the Impish Croconaw (Female) [Torrent] {Starter; Gift mon; New Bark Town}
4). TreeNinja the Sassy Sudowoodo (Female) [Sturdy] {Route 36}
5). Fang the Brave Raticate (Male) [Guts] {Sprout Tower}
6). Haxy the Lax Togetic (Male) [Serene Grace] {Gift Pokemon}

1). Gale the Docile Pidgeotto (Female) [Keen Eye] {Route 29}
2). Dracula the Jolly Zubat (Male) [Inner Focus] {Slowpoke Well}
3). Useless the Hasty Farfetch'd (Male) [Keen Eye] {Route 38}
4). Stoned the Careful Geodude (Female) [Rock Head] {Mt. Mortor}
5). Tyrant the Calm Nidoran (Male) [Rivalry] {Route 35}
6). DigDug the Adamant Sandshrew (Male) [Sand Veil] {Union Cave}
7). Specz the Adamant Butterfree (Male) [Compoundeyes] {Route 30}
8). Sunny the Naive Sunkern (Male) [Chlorophyll] {National Park}
9). Aquatos the Quirky Poliwag (Male) [Damp] {Ilex Forest}

1). Male Drowzey on Route 34
2). Female Hoppip on Route 33

None as of yet, but the battles with Bugsey and Whitney made it come pretty close

Any comments or criticism about my run or luck? Remember that the "No Duplicates rule is in effect.
1. Darumaka, Lax, Lvl 24
2. Darkrai, Naughty, lvl 50
3. Drilburr, Adamant, lvl 23 / I actually got adamant first try, RNG I LUV U jk
4. Gurdurr, Brave, 28 / Milord these natures...
5. Vanillite, Timid, 20
6. Solosis, Lonely, 23

Boxed 'Mons

Dead 'Mons

Grinding for Clay right now
1). TreeNinja the Sassy Sudowoodo (Female) [Sturdy] {Route 36}
2). Gale the Docile Pidgeotto (Female) [Keen Eye] {Route 29}
3). Bo Peep the Quirky Flaaffy (Female) [Static] {Route 32}
4). Haxy the Lax Togetic (Male) [Serene Grace] {Gift mon}
5). Clair the Impish Croconaw (Female) [Torrent] {Starter; Gift Mon}
6). Fang the Brave Raticate (Male) [Guts] {Sprout Tower}

1). Polaris the Calm Magnemite (Neutral) [Magnet Pull] {Route 39}
2). Changer the Naive Eevee (Male) [Adaptability] {Gift Mon}
3). Useless the Hasty Farfetch'd (Male) [Keen Eye] {Route 38}
4). Stoned the Careful Geodude (Female) [Rock Head] {Mt. Mortar}
5). Tyrant the Calm Nidoran (Male) [Rivalry] {Route 35}
6). DigDug the Adamant Sandshrew (Male) [Sand Stream] {Union Cave}
7). Specz the Adamant Butterfree (Male) [Compoundeyes] {Route 30}
8). Sunny the Naive Sunkern (Male) [Chlorophyll] {National Park}
9). Aquatos the Quirky Poliwag (Male) [Damp] {Ilex Forest}
10). Inky the Timid Tentacruel (Male) [Liquid Ooze] {Route 40}
11). Ray the Docile Mantine (Male) [Water Absorb] {Route 41}

1). Hunter the Brave Stantler (Male) [Frisk] {Route 37} ~~ Died by a Critical Hyper Fang from a wild Raticate during training.
2). Dracula the Jolly Zubat (Male) [Inner Focus] {Slowpoke Well} ~~ Died by a Pursuit from a Wild Raticate while switch training.

1). Male Drowzy: KO'd by a critical hit. Route 34
2). Female Hoppip: ^. Route 33.

I am currently getting ready to battle Chuck. I believe that I am more than capable with what I have at my disposal.
Starting a White Nuzlocke, picking a Snivy. First Nuzlocke I've ever done, so let's see how I do!

Smugleaf the Careful Snivy [Nuvema Town]
Kathy the Bold Lillipup [Route 1]
Lucky the Quirky Purrloin [Route 2]

None yet

None yet, Thank Arceus..

None yet

Edit: I have a question. Should I count the inner and outer sections of Pinwheel Forest as separate areas, or as the same area?
I started a SS Nuzlocke about a week ago and just beat the Elite 4 for the first time with a playtime of around 35 hours.

This is my team as it stands after beating Lance.

Godfrey the Lv50 Lonely Typhlosion @ Choice Specs: Flamethrower / Focus Blast / Swift / Fire Blast
Barnaby the Lv50 Adamant Furret @ Muscle Band: Return / Shadow Claw / Dig / Me First
Asher the Lv50 Bashful Crobat @ King's Rock: Sludge Bomb / Wing Attack / Bite / Fly
Yorick the Lv51 Quiet Magneton @ Choice Scarf: Discharge / Flash Cannon / Hyper Beam / Thunder
Saxon the Lv52 Hardy Gyarados @ Shell Bell: Waterfall / Ice Fang / Bite / Dragon Dance

Excluding a few Self-Destructing wild encounters (Pineco, Graveler, etc.) and a fleeing Magneton in the Safari Zone, I only lost one Pokemon, a Lv10 Seel. I caught it on Route 47 after curing Amphy, attempted to switch-train it on Route 48, sent it out against a wild Fearow, tried to switch to Magneton, and got Pursuited for a OHKO. :/

The team itself wasn't particularly exciting but that was just luck of the draw. I never actually got anything interesting because I did not play with the Duplicate Clause. I ended up with about 8 Rattata/Raticate...

I'll probably continue this up until Red, but I might take a break and play some XD.


It's all coming back to me now
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count them as seperate StallMandibuzz (well thats what I did) as the areas both have different pokemon and look different and yea I considered them different


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I had a nuzlocke full of so much tl;dr and terrible writing that it would make your head spin like a year ago. I found out that my VBA still works and has the files saved, so it's time for...

Also I honestly think the writing's a little better this time so please give it a read.

DetroitLolcat's FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge!
Part 12: Sacking Silph!

In a land far away from Kanto...

A mysteriously garbed man walked through the halls of a castle. This man was tall; about six foot seven, and looked very strange to the eye. His face was long and skinny; yet he was rather fat. He wore what looks to be a nightgown decorated with ornate jewelry and symbols that would perplex the average person. On a street, he would be laughed at for his awkward appearance and mannerisms, but where he stood, he commanded the respect of thousands, maybe millions, of men.

Two beautiful women flanked him as he walked down the main hall of his dark-bricked castle. After a minute of walking, the mysterious man approached a shorter, slimmer man dressed in similar clothing.

"How is the Project coming along?"

Twenty police cars are lined up outside the Fighting Dojo, each one occupied by the best members of the Cerulean Police Force that weren't captured by the Rockets during their takeover. The mission was simple: successfully escort a Trainer named Lolcat to Silph Co. Headquarters without alerting any Rockets. Every Policeman knew that failing this mission would kill both Lolcat and any chances of liberating Saffron City from Giovanni's rule.

Silph's headquarters is an eleven-story tower patrolled day and night by Team Rocket's elite. The building has one point of entrance, watched over by a single guard. Knowing that the entrance to Silph was poorly guarded, the plan was to deliver Lolcat to the base of the tower quietly, and then to have Lolcat overpower or evade the guard to enter the building.

In the dead of night, the Policemen rode across Silph's brick-paved roads, quietly approaching the foot of Silph Co.'s massive tower. As Lolcat thanked the Police and walked to the tower, the man who gave him the ride game him quick instructions:

"Don't make yourself known. If you do, kick some ass. Make sure nobody, and I mean nobody, can tell Giovanni that you're here. The goal's simple: get to the top of the tower, catch Gio off guard, and drag him six feet under. Understand?"

Lolcat nodded and the cop rode off. The glass-coated building looked more intimidating than ever. As he walked up to the huge glass doors, Lolcat heard a moaning noise and jumped a foot back.


The guard was asleep. Perfect. Maybe there's a reason why these Grunts aren't trusted with anything better than Rattatas. The glass doors slid open with a quiet hum and Lolcat walked inside.

The building was The floor was covered with blue tiles, the walls were coated with blue paint, and the centerpiece of the floor was a gigantic blue fountain blasting blue water into a pool. Blue couches were interspersed throughout the floor, and the only deviation from this color were the green plants that surrounded the perimeter of the floor. Surprisingly, not a single Rocket watched the floor, so Lolcat was free to explore the room without finding any trouble. In the very back of the floor were two means of moving up: a staircase and an elevator. Knowing that an elevator would likely contain a security camera, Lolcat walked up to the second floor.

The second floor was almost as blue as the first. Deciding to snoop around on the second floor before heading upward, Lolcat crept forward a few steps and,

"Hey, kid! What are you doing walking around here!"

It seems stealth is not our hero's strong point... Fortunately, Pokemon battling is. The Grunt's Zubat squad was no match for Snorlax. After the quick battle, Lolcat ordered Snorlax to grab the man and not to make a sound. A hostile conversation ensued:

"Okay, thug, you're gonna give me answers. Where's Giovanni?"

"He's on the top floor, I swear! Don't kill me!", pleaded the helpless Grunt.

"Great. How do I get there?"

"Um..uhh...y-you need a ca-Card Key. Then you can find him on the eleventh floor."

"Awesome. Give me yours and nobody gets hurt."

"Uh...s-sorry sir. I-I don't have a Card Key. Th-There's only like three or f-f-four of us that do, and...uh...I'm not one of them."

"Tch. Tell you what. You don't move a muscle from this spot until I leave this building. If someone finds out that I'm here, then heads are gonna roll. Get it?"

Lolcat didn't need an answer. He moved on, thrashing Rockets and Scientists until he ran into one Rocket Grunt in particular. The Grunt sent out a Cubone to contend with Hitmonlee. The Karate King was correct about Hitmonlee's defensive issues when he fell to a single Bonemerang. Snorlax avenged him, but losing that kind of Fighting-type coverage stung. Magnemites and Magnetons were going to be more problematic.

The floor was pretty sealed off as most doors required a Card Key to advance, so Lolcat decided to try out one of the white floor panels. Silph Co.'s latest innovation is the Warp Panel, a floor tile that if stepped on will warp the occupant to another panel located nearby. Though Lolcat might not know to where each panel leads, the white panels definitely ease travel.

After warping to the other panel in the blue building, Lolcat turned 360 degrees and spotted a sign that reads: "Silph Co. Head Office- Floor 8". After trying out a few more warp panels, Lolcat found himself on floor number three. Though Lolcat kept dropping Rocket Grunts, none of them possessed the elusive Card Key.

After failing to find one on floors three and four, he ran into a Rocket Grunt on floor five. This Grunt was different than the others, as he possessed a powerful Pokemon. His Level 33 Arbok came face to face with Snorlax, and though Arbok was able to whittle the sleeping giant to low health, the cobra was helpless when Snorlax recovered with Rest. After a short war of attrition, the Arbok fainted and Lolcat questioned the Grunt.

"So, you seem a little tougher than your pushover friends. Cough up the Card Key."

A bead of sweat dropped down the black-cloaked Grunt's face. "Um, only a few of us have Card Keys. If you want to get one, you'll need to find one of them."

Lolcat spoke again. "Look, asshole. We both know you have a Key. You're the first Rocket Grunt in the past decade not to have a Zubat or Rattata, that means they probably trust you. Hand it over."

Knowing his ruse had been beaten, the man handed over a small object that looked like a credit card. All that was left was finding the route to Giovanni's office. Now that Lolcat had a Card Key in hand, he quickly traversed floors, opening doors as he passed by. There was no area in Silph Co. that Lolcat couldn't reach, and he even found a small infirmary run by some of the imprisoned Silph Co. employees.

Eventually, Lolcat stepped on the right panel, since he was taken to the seventh floor and read a sign saying "Giovanni's Office ahead." Knowing that this was the place, Lolcat took a deep breath, strode up the stairs, and...

"Hey, Lolcat. You ready to lose to the World's Greatest Trainer?!"

The upbeat, condescending voice hit Lolcat's ears like a bombshell. There was only one person that condescending that Lolcat had ever seen, and he's appearing at the worst possible time. Turning around, Lolcat saw a short, peppy douchebag who began to speak.

"Hey, you still lagging back here? Yeah, I saw you enter Saffron and wanted to get some easy EXP, so I though killing all your Pokemon would be a good idea! Go, Pidgeot!"

Not getting a chance to talk any trash, Lolcat drew a Pokeball from his belt and released a sleeping mammoth, Snorlax. The bird was level 37, one level higher than Lolcat's Snorlax. The levels don't matter when it comes to who moves first, as no Snorlax will outspeed a Pidgeot as long as it lives. The match started with a Wing Attack from Blue's bird, which barely fazed Snorlax before it retaliated with a Body Slam. After Snorlax bounced off the Pidgeot, the weakened bird wasn't able to recover fully.

As the paralyzed bird struggled to attack, Snorlax seized the opportunity and finished off Pidgeot before it could strike again.

"Ugh, you lucky loser! You're going to need a lot more than luck to beat my Gyarados! Get'm, Gyara!"

The titanic sea serpent stared Snorlax down, and Lolcat's Pokemon couldn't help feeling a little scared to attack. Since Gyarados's Intimidation might be a problem, Lolcat pulled the sleeping giant and sent out Vileplume. After realizing that Gyara can't break Vileplume, Blue withdrew the sea serpent and sent out Growlithe. Lolcat expertly predicted this move, as Vileplume shrouded Growlithe's Pokeball with a cloud of spores. When the puppy finally jumped out of the ball, it breathed in a cloud of pollen and fell asleep.

"GRAAAA! Dammit Lolcat you lucky shit! Stop predicting my moves and fight like a fucking MAN!"

As Blue was having his temper tantrum, Lolcat recalled Plume and sent out Graveler, who dispatched the little dog with a Magnitude. Blue decided to stop with the fail and sent out his toughest Pokemon, his Venusaur. Lolcat was prepared for this move as well. As soon as Venusaur came out of its Pokeball, Lolcat threw out Fearow's Pokeball, absorbing a weak Razor Leaf on the switch. Fearow then lowered his beak and charged the monster plant, spinning her beak like a corkscrew. Venusaur couldn't stand up to the attack and folded.

Gyarados returned to the field for a rematch against Vileplume, and Lolcat was more than happy to oblige. Gyarados unleashed its Dragon Rage attack, but Vileplume kept draining Gyarados's health and defeated it soundly. Blue was down to only one Pokemon, but it was one that made Lolcat quiver.

The Pokemon residing in Blue's final Ball was the spoon-wielding Alakazam. This Pokemon is known and feared for its titanic Special Attack, and Lolcat's current Pokemon was a red health Vileplume. Hoping that Snorlax could take two attacks, Lolcat called upon his sleeping "beauty" and watched Alakazam close his eyes. When the Psi Pokemon opened his eyes again, they were seething red. A smirk appeared on both Alakazam's and his master's faces, and Lolcat knew what happened. A Future Sight attack was coming Lolcat's way, giving him two turns to act.

Anticlimactically, Body Slam killed it in one hit. LOL

Blue began another tantrum after losing to Lolcat for the fifth time.

"Arceus dammit, Lolcat! Why can't I beat a scrub when I'm the World's Greatest Trainer??!? I've been better than you my whole life, and now I can't win a game! must be a slump! Yeah, that's it, a slump! Every great player has a slump every so often, so call yourself lucky that you won!"

The delirious Blue stormed out of the building, and probably got kidnapped by some Rocket Grunts since he had no Pokemon to fend them off. A man approached Lolcat from behind some of the crates in the room. This man was trembling all over and looked if he had seen a Gastly. Or a douchebag. The man eked out a few words:

"Um...Y-You se-e-em like a n-n-nice g-guy... Uh, a-are you a Rocket?"

"No," Said Lolcat, "I'm here to take out Giovanni and safe Saffron."

The man became calm, maybe because nervous people are hard to write dialogue for. "Phew. I was the assistant of the President of Silph Co. before the takeover. I've been hiding here for weeks in a room over there. No Rocket ever found me. I had to raid their food and water for about a month, but nobody ever found me. I have this one Pokemon with me, but I think he'd be better with you. It's a Lapras."

"Are you sure? Lapras is pretty rare, and you're just going to give me this?"

"Well, if you save Saffron from Giovanni, then you deserve more than just my Lapras. Plus, it's a Water type and Giovanni is a Ground type Trainer. You'll have the advantage."

Lolcat accepted the Lapras and thanked the man. He pulled out the Rare Candies that Meowth has been Picking Up and fed them to the new Pokemon. After a bit of grinding, it was time to battle the leader of Team Rocket. Lapras was also involved in two near-kill critical hits. Scary.

Back on the eleventh floor, Lolcat peered into the President's office. Inside, the President was talking to Giovanni, most likely for a deal that would decide the fate of Saffron City. No guards were present inside the room, presumably because Giovanni never expected for anyone to make it to his office. Lolcat picked up the Card Key, slid it into the slot on the iron door, and watched as the door retracted into the walls. Giovanni noticed immediately and stepped back in shock.

"YOU!", the enraged executive yelled, "I KNEW you'd come here to fuck up my plan, but I'll have NONE of it! You want to play the hero, don't you? You want to be the guy who saves Saffron City from my beautiful rule? WELL THE ANSWER IS NO! You will DIE by my hand, and then I shall be the KING of Kanto!"

Before Lolcat could retort, Giovanni threw a PokeBall out and a two foot tall, thorny purple monster emerged. Nidorino wasn't a tough customer, and he was only one level above Lapras, so Lolcat threw out the newcomer's PokeBall and began the battle.

The first move was Nidorino's, who thrusts his horn right into Lapras's shell. Lapras shrugged off the minor damage and blasted a wall of water at the monster. Angry at the powerful attack, Nidorino began a Fury Attack at Lapras, who dodged it easily. To finish off the Pokemon, Lapras shot a beam of ice from its mouth and knocked it out cold LOL ICE BEAM PUN I R SO FUNNY.

His second Pokemon was a Rhyhorn. lol

His third Pokemon was a Nidoqueen. Nidoqueen's tall, imposing figure was intimidating, but Lapras knew that she had the upper hand. Nidoqueen led the battle with her feet, striking Lapras with two kicks. Lapras retaliated with an Ice Beam, which Nidoqueen shrugged off. A Tail Whip attack placed Lapras in KO range from a Double Kick, but Lolcat ordered an Ice Beam to finish off the Nidoqueen.

Though Nidoqueen folded over, Giovanni yelled at his monster: "Listen to me Nidoqueen! You will get the FUCK up and kick this meddler to kingdom fucking come!"

Nidoqueen responded to Giovanni's command, placing her arms on the blue-tiled floor and pushing back up to her feet. Lolcat saw this, and quickly withdrew Lapras for Vileplume. Vileplume was struck with a Body Slam on the switch and took a second Slam, paralyzing her. Nidoqueen fell before Giovanni and the boss took out his fourth and final Pokeball.

Lolcat had seen this one before; he beat it during the battle in Celadon Game Corner. Kangaskhan stood at a lightweight level 35, and couldn't breach Graveler's defenses. I would give a description, but this story is already plenty long. Imagine a 20 power Normal attack hitting a higher-level Graveler. Giovanni was then remaned GGiovanni OH BURN SUCK IT ROCKET (BAN ME PLEASE) I AM NUMBAR WUN!

Giovanni then launched himself at Lolcat, hoping to take him down with his fists. Graveler subdued him and Lolcat phoned the Police. Saffron City was safe.

Next time on DetroitLolcat's FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge!

Lolcat battles for his sixth badge!

Hitmonlee died in this chapter, will we see another death in the unlucky Chapter 13? I DON'T KNOW BECAUSE I HAVEN'T PLAYED IT YET!

[pimg]131[/pimg], Level 36, Naughty
-Ice Beam
-Perish Song
-Body Slam

Lapras is the newest addition to the Nuzlocke Team. Notice the Level. Eleven levels in one chapter has to be a record. Lapras has been a total pro in this Chapter, and if it wasn't for Snorlax's excellent play he'd be the chapter's MVP. It's great having this guy on the team since he's the perfect replacement for Vaporeon. I might give him Thunderbolt as well, which would make him an unstoppable killing machine.

[pimg]75[/pimg], Level 39, Careful
-Rock Throw
-Defense Curl

Graveler's the success story of the NuzTeam right now. I was expecting this guy to go from hero to zero fast, but despite his terrible stats he's being a total pro walling all the Poison types in the game. He's no MVP, but he's definitely a Pokemon I'm proud to call a team member.

[pimg]22[/pimg], Level 41, Jolly
-Drill Peck
-Secret Power
-Fury Attack

Fearow's the team's leader. He was the second Pokemon on this team, and has been on the squad for 38 battle-torn levels. He saw very little action this chapter since I was mainly training the newbies, but his presence on the team is definitely felt.

[pimg]45[/pimg], Level 39, Naive
-Giga Drain
-Sleep Powder
-Bullet Seed

Ugh. This guy went from MVP to LVP in about four chapters. Vileplume's weak attacks are really starting to show. Though Bullet Seed mowed down enemies in Chapter 9 or so, in Chapter 12 an attack that has 30 base Power on average is not going to cut it. Giga Drain is nice, but that 5 PP makes it useful in few situations. I hope this guy can be put to better use, but I'm not getting a good feeling from it.

[pimg]143[/pimg], Level 38, Serious
-Body Slam
-Brick Break
-Sleep Talk

The MVP of the chapter and maybe the MVP of the team. Snorlax's combination of power and bulk makes him absolutely indispensable for the team. I expect him to be the MVP against Sabrina as well, as I'm not sure if anyone else can take the Psychic attacks that Alakazam's going to throw at us.

Also, a shout-out to Meowth, the Level 19 beast whose Pickup ability is so convenient it's not even funny. Six Rare Candies? Lapras thanks you.

Assorted death fodder.


Died because I was being negligent as fuck. I didn't really care because it's Defense was so shitty it wasn't going to last long anyway. Especially since it was Level 26. Still, sorry Hitmonlee you were still a member of the team and you'll be mentioned in every update in the "dead" column.

[pimg]8[/pimg]. A fucking Dugtrio killed this thing, then the Dugtrio died right before the Gym it was supposed to fuck up. What a shitty deal.

[pimg]12[/pimg] (x2) R.I.P. Butterfree. Your ability to spread status went unmatched. Dugtrio feels sorry for killing you and Wartortle. If anything's filling the void, it's Vileplume, who's even bulkier and can at least spread sleep. I wish Vileplume got Confusion though, as Grass/Poison is crap attacking type.

[pimg]51[/pimg]. Y U kill mah war tortle? Eh you did pretty good killing a lot of shit but man did you really have to get OHKO'd?

[pimg]84[/pimg] A grinding incident gone horribly wrong. Machamps suck. Killed the guy above too.


Holy fuck this sucks. And I totally could have saved you too man I'm so sorry. Either way I'll probably get a Lapras from Silph but you have a special place in my heart. I forgot your physical defense sucks without any investment. bs smogon


This guy was five levels lower than everyone else and was probably going to become my MVP. Then a fucking crit happened.

Hey, RNG, go choke on a big black, uh, rubber duck. Yeah, rubber duck. Get rubber poisoning and die.
first time trying one of these, started up the most austere nuzlocke i could think of

crystal version, no healing items at all except berries attached to mons (so no outside healing), no pokecenters, can only catch the 1st mon on a route, if a mon dies it's dead for ever

no idea if this is possible but i'm giving it a shot. just got the 1st badge, level 15 quilava and multiple dead mons because i messed up. not sure if this is even doable with a different starter, even with ember ohkoing all the bellsprouts in sprout tower i still finished falkner with only 9 ember pp and 0 tackle pp (that's with using leer to turn 2hko tackles into ohko tackles too).

thankfully you can get swift without too many (any?) battles afterwards. i'm hoping 9 embers can get me through bugsy with some help from swift. are there any ethers available at this point in the game? quilava is down to about 20 health and there aren't any regular berries in sight either, things are looking grim.

edit: oh my god lol compulsory heal after slowpoke well, my 3hp quilava is ok with that

second edit: ok after reaching goldenrod i think this is technically possible, got an abra from the gamecorner, eventually i can give it recover/psybeam or something/elemental punch/elemental punch and just keep swapping through elemental punch tms whenever they run out of pp, that lets me save all my ethers and stuff for recover
good holy Jesus, mother f*cker, Jesus Christ i'm a retard, I thought I could beat tate and liza with a team of lv 35's. I couldn't. Solrock was easily killed as it charged up solar beam, but then lunatone got a crit on my swampert and my zangoose and my camerupt, it prolly would of killed them any way as it had 3 calm minds but I digress, Lunatone then proceeded to kill my 2 slaves after my zigzagzoons rock smash did, like, no damage at all then it put my Sharpedo to sleep and set up light screen so that my crunch's and surf's did barley anything, then I remembered that they had hyper potions and I considered killing somebody.
I'm a useless trainer, my starter has never survived the full length of a nuzlocke, I think that the nuzleaf has a grudge against those who suceed where he failed and has dammed all ruby players. :(

also I think every available Pokemon is a water type.


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I will be starting a Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon Black.

Here are the rules that I'll be following:
  • Pokemon centers can't be used.
  • Potions can only be used outside of battles
  • No TM's may be used; HM's may be used outside of battle, but not inside.
  • Duplicate clause is on.
  • I can't switch out a Pokemon during a trainer battle right after I kill a Pokemon.

Lv. 12 Tepig
Trait: Blaze
Gentle Nature (+SpD, -Def)
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Ember
- Odor Sleuth

Stats: 37 HP / 22 Atk / 15 Def / 16 SpA / 17 SpD / 19 Spe

Lv. 14 Lillipup
Trait: Pickup
Gentle Nature (+SpD, -Def)
- Tackle
- Leer
- Odor Sleuth
- Bite

Stats: 38 HP / 24 Atk / 16 Def / 15 SpA / 20 SpD / 23 Spe

Lv. 10 Pansage
Trait: Gluttony
Calm Nature (+SpD, -Atk)
- Scratch
- Leer
- Lick
- Vine Whip

Stats: 30 HP / 14 Atk / 15 Def / 18 SpA / 17 SpD / 18 Spe

Lv. 4 Purrloin
Trait: Limber
Calm Nature (+SpD, -Atk)
- Scratch
- Growl

Stats: 17 HP / 9 Atk / 8 Def / 9 SpA / 8 SpD / 10 Spe


Hopefully none. Ever.

Yes, I'm keeping track of EV's and all of that jazz. This post will be updated with my progress. This will be interesting!

Edit: ok ev's were too much to keep track of and a waste of time
I'm going to start my Nuzlocke today. It's going to be my first nuzlocke ever, so I can feel the pressure already.
Rules: 1. Any Pokemon that dies need to be boxed
2. I can only catch the first Pokemon in each route. No more
3. All of my Pokemon need nicknames

Game: Emerald
Trainer Name: Brendan(It's simply what the boy character's real name is :P)
Trainer ID: 20434
Pokemon Party
Nickname: The Meme

Met: Route 101
Level: 7
Nature: Mild
Item: None
Mud Slap

Boxed Pokemon(Alive)
None yet

Boxed Pokemon(Dead)
Hopefully never(I doubt it)
Well, my Nuzlocke ended in total failure. D: Lenora destroyed my team. :c Echolocate the Tympole, Kathy the Herdier, Smugleaf the Snivy, and Snugglii the Woobat were annihilated by Lenora's OP'ed Pokémon. D:
I'm going to start my first nuzlocke today. The game will be the only one I currently have available, Emerald.

1. You may only catch the first pokemon you find on a route, no duplicates.
2. You may heal only when half the team is at half HP. If the team is an odd number, the majority must be met.
3. Nickname all the pokemon.
4. Antidotes work only on poisoned pokemon with a total HP of less than 100 HP.
5. You can only challenge a gym leader with a number of pokemon equal to the amount they're using.

Abada-nyeh the Mudkip Lvl. 8

None :D

Starting a pokemon red nuzlocke.

1. You may only catch the first pokemon you find on a route, including duplicates.
2. Nickname all pokes.
3. Battle is on set.
4. No healing items can be used outside of battle.
5. Started off with 5 pokeballs. After that, one poke ball per town. Plus anything found and safari balls.
6. No legendaries.
7. And obviously release a poke if it faints.

8. No items from pokemarts except for the first five pokeballs mentioned earlier.

I already started using the poke center, so I'll save that restriction for the next challenge.

Off to a great start! In Viridian Forest atm
Sara - Bulbasaur Lv. 8
Modest - Pikachu Lv. 8
Elvis - Nidoran Lv. 5
Tickles - Rattata Lv. 4
Got a quick question i couldn't find with the usual google search.

Fought Whitney and loss my Croconaw to a random unlucky crit from Miltank's stomp. After the battle I was sadden by grief and turned it off without saving. Realizing too late, I have to refight her.

For this, do I do whatever to win and just count my Croconaw dead after? Or "redo" the battle and take whatever the new outcome is? (doubt the latter since it seems to be against the idea of Nuzlocke runs).


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Got a quick question i couldn't find with the usual google search.

Fought Whitney and loss my Croconaw to a random unlucky crit from Miltank's stomp. After the battle I was sadden by grief and turned it off without saving. Realizing too late, I have to refight her.

For this, do I do whatever to win and just count my Croconaw dead after? Or "redo" the battle and take whatever the new outcome is? (doubt the latter since it seems to be against the idea of Nuzlocke runs).
In my opinion, the right thing to do would be to win the battle doing whatever you want, and only count Croconaw dead afterwards. Pretend the second battle never happened and just use the results from the first one.
Black Roulette Nuzlocke Challenge

Hey guys, I am recording a Nuzlocke playthrough with a twist. When looking up pokemon cheats, I noticed one that seemed like it could be a unique and fun addition: Random Wild Encounters. The idea that the first pokemon in any area could be anything (but still based around the level the original pokemon in that area are) interested me. I could be lucky enough to encounter Genesect on route 1. I may get Rattata, Pigeotto and Bibarel all over the place. It also means training in grass is risky as you will never know which pokemon will show up. I thought this concept would be interesting, and so I'm going to put all my chips on Black and play through the Unova region once more:


Rule #1: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.

Rule #2: The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.


  • - All pokemon that need Wifi trades to evolve are allowed to evolve
  • - The "dead" pokemon aren't released, they are just placed in a "dead" box to honour their memory
  • - All pokemon must be nicknamed
  • - All legendaries may be caught, but never used (not even Zekrom or Reshiram) unless through the encounter roulette and count to Rule #2
  • - Whiting out is game over and starting again
  • - If the chosen starter dies, the community chooses a new one to replace it, beginning at level 5
  • - Items are not allowed to be used in battle
  • - Option is turned to "Set" rather than "Switch"
  • - All pokemon encounters are entirely random
  • - You may not change a Pokemon's form
  • - The game is won once the Pokemon League has been beaten twice

AR Imposed conditions:
- All wild encounters are random
- Items may not be used in battle by opponents

Due to the "Roulette" nature of the game, rule #2 has a couple of alterations
-The first pokemon seen in an area must be caught
-If you fail to catch it, bad luck
-If you already have the pokemon or one of it's other forms/evolutions, this does not count as the first encounter for that area.
-Audino can be caught regardless of area, but it is the only exception. If seen randomly, it does not count towards the 1st encounter
-"Master Ball" Roulette happens during battles with pokemon with low catch rates. MBR works as follows:

  • >This can only be used on Pokemon of catch rates of "45" or less
  • >Every turn a dice is thrown. If it lands on a 1, you may use a Master Ball that turn.
  • >All other results means that you fight the same way you would without Roulette.
  • >If you elect to play MBR and that pokemon dies or flees, you lose that Master Ball
  • >Every time you defeat a Gym Leader or a Rival, roll the dice. If odd, you get a Master Ball Roulette spin to use at your discretion. If even, you don't.
Due to the randomness, it is not guaranteed that the pokemon caught will be able to learn a HM. In the case of certain pokemon being unable to learn HMs, the following pokemon will be used as HM Slaves:

  • Bibarel: Surf and Waterfall
  • Ducklet: Fly and Dive
  • Watchog: Strength and Cut
None of these pokemon can be used in battle under these conditions and it is an instant game over if they are left in the party with no healthy Pokemon present.

With all that said and done, what do you guys think? Something you would be interested in watching?
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