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I know I originally said I'd go through E4 Round Two, but I think I'm going to stop after Ghestis after all.

On that note, time for another update!

Chapter 2: Ghosts of the Past?

As Hawkeye came down the stairs, Bianca and Cheren were apologizing to his mom.

"We're very sorry about the trouble, ma'am," Cheren said humbly. He new, too, how angry Hawkeye's mom could be.

"Well, um...we can clean up..." started Bianca, visibly bracing herself for the verbal onslaught that was sure to follow.

But to everyone's surprise, Hawkeye's mom just chuckled and said, "No worries. I'll take care of it. Hawkeye's made bigger messes, you know."

"Than you very much!" Cheren was obviously relieved. "Now, let's go over to the Lab. Professor Juniper is probably waiting on us."

"Sounds good!" agreed Bianca. "You coming, Hawkeye?"

"I'll be there in a sec," he replied. He wanted to tell his mom exactly what was going on.

Surprisingly enough, she already knew most of it. "Professor Juniper must really trust you three, to give you such a big responsibility as filling the Pokedex." She smiled, apparently confident in her son's abilities, although Hawkeye could see the worry in her eyes. He currently dismissed this as motherly instinct, but had he known what lay ahead, he might have been more sympathetic.

"Pokemon are such wonderful creatures, aren't they? Why, I could hear their cries all the way down here when you three were battling earlier. It reminded me of when I was a Trainer..." She trailed off, her eyes misting up. She didn't want to talk about it; just thinking about it visibly anguished her.

Hawkeye, however, had other plans. "You were a Trainer?" he asked, his interest piqued. She had never told him anything about when she had gone on her journey; indeed, he never knew she ever had Pokemon.

"Yes, but I'll tell you about that another time," she said, still a bit teary-eyed. "You should go over to the Lab. Cheren and Bianca are going to wonder what's happened to you."

Taking the hint, Hawkeye left. It was a beautiful autumn day, and the Pidove were migrating overhead. He moved to the north of town, where Bianca and Cheren waited in front of the Lab. This was the moment he'd waited for his entire life.

Still more flavor...this one's kind of short, so next time I'll try to lengthen it a bit.

??? the Brave Tepig (male)

Level 6
Tail Whip

Having just met Tepig, Hawkeye doesn't know too much about him quite yet, except that he is a bit of a wiseguy. Time will tell how the two get along...

None of Hawkeye's Pokemon have died yet.
Got bored with my Black Nuzlocke (I'd recently played Black in Japanese like 4 times back to back), so I paused right before the 4th gym.

Then, since I have FireRed on my phone, I decided to Nuzlocke that. I just finished Victory Road, so now it's time for a final grind before the E4 and Rival ><

The Team:

The Starter: RAFAEL the Blastoise
Lvl 50 @ Lefties
Surf, Bite, Mega Kick, Protect
Gonna teach him Ice Beam right before the E4, since Bite isn't really useful anymore.

KINGPIN the Snorlax
Lvl 48 @ Quick Claw (Thick Fat)
Body Slam, Brick Break, Yawn, Rest
One of my favorite Pokemon ever, and Rest/Pokeflute is good times. Thick Fat + Brick Break will wreck Lorelei.

YONDAIME the Jolteon
Lvl 49 @ Blackglasses
Shock Wave, Bite, Double Kick, Quick Attack
Blackglasses for lack of better items, and Shock Wave since I don't have quite enough money to buy Thunderbolt... He's not expected to make much of a showing in he E4 outside the two Gyarados, tho.

SR-71 the Pidgeot
Lvl 47 @ Cleanse Tag
Wing Attack, Fly, Featherdance, Quick Attack
Good in a pinch, and he'll be making short work of Bruno's fighters. Considering Steel Wing, but I feel like it's not worth it.

AVENGER the Nidoking
Lvl 44 @ Lefties
Megahorn, Brick Break, Strength, Earthquake
The final member of my team, atm. He's filling the void left behind by pretty much all of my fallen teammates. Now that I can ditch Strength, I'm considering Fire Blast.

(I also keep an HM slave Oddish (Nymph) in my party for Flash/Cut)


HARRISON the Pidgey
Caught: Lvl 4
Died: Lvl 4
Grinding accident with a crit. The role of flier was filled by Helen.

HELEN the Zubat
Caught: Lvl 8
Died: Lvl 14
Died before she could learn any good moves when a random Squirtle critted with Water Gun. After that, I caught SR-71 (now my Pidgeot) and B-52 (another Zubat).

TIFA the Primeape
Caught: Lvl 2
Died: Lvl 30
This loss might've hurt most of all, since Tifa was with me since the beginning. But west of Lavender town, she got into a fight with a Grimer. A critical hit Sludge brought her down to 7 HP and poisoned her, so I had to watch, helpless, as she fell in front of me.

DOTS the Dugtrio
Caught: Lvl 16
Died: Lvl 31
On Cycling Road, I went up against a Machop/choke (I forget). Magnitude 4 rolled and failed to OHKO. The boosted Revenge that hit, however, demolished Dots. I'm forever thankful to her for owning Surge's gym so easily for me.

XAN the Growlithe
Caught: Lvl 30
Died: Lvl 37
After agonizing for the whole game about not having a fire type, Xan was awesome. I forget exactly what killed him, but it was something like a Weezing in Pokemon Mansion. Xan was originally caught there, so I felt it was pretty poetic that, when he finally returned to find the key to the gym, he was beaten. I never evolved him since I was hoping to grind up a bit more. Sad times.

Caught: Lvl 34
Died: Lvl 35
Nabbed this girl during the sidequest at Ember Road. I forget what killed her, but I blame myself, since I was still so distraught over losing Xan that I failed to properly care for my new fire type.

And so, looking at the deceased, you can see how Avenger is doing what his name suggests: avenging their deaths. When he gets Fire Blast, his moveset will cover Fire/Fight/Ground, the types lost (excluding Flying, since SR-71 obviously has that covered).

Those are all of the really important guys. A few other Pokemon worth mentioning:

TYSON the Hitmonchan - Boxed when I remembered elemental punches are shit on him.
CHARON the Lapras - Boxed unless Rafael dies.
PENDULUM the Hypno - Too lazy to raise him, but he'd be solid.
BUSTERS the Gastly - Would have used him if I could trade, but I can't because it's my phone. Same reason I didn't use a Machop.

Now, it's grinding time. The goal is to get everybody up to their mid 50s, with Rafael maybe slightly higher, since he has to pretty much solo Lance's stuff.
got bored on a car ride and decided to Nuzlocke FireRed again. Not a story this time, though. I'm updating on my phone, so forgive me for a lack of structure in the update. I just beat Erika, and my current team is all level 26-31. At the moment, the following mons are in my team.
Scyther: It seemed like a good idea at the time. While he helped with Erika, and might do something against some later leaders, he is rather worthless. His stats are amazing, but his movepool (lolwut) and -speed nature suck. He might be more helpful later, but he is the definate LVP.
Raticate: Pre-Phys/Special split, so he doesn't really have any movepool outside of Normal type attacks, making him easily walled. If Scyther didn't suck, he would easily be LVP. I intend to ditch him for Lapras in the future.
Arcanine: Definately powerful, and can 2HKO pretty much everything. While his coverage isn't as good as my top four, he is very, very good.
Wartortle: Somehow survived early game poisonings. As a water type, he's been invaluable with Gyms one and two, as well as the several rock types in Mt Moon and Rock Tunnel. He's good, but not nearly as amazing as the next two.
Arbok: Easily my second favorite. Intimidate cripples whatever he swirches into, and his own bulk and attack are not to be scoffed at. Also, his immunity to posion has made him incredibly valuable. He took care of Erika, and will continue to be helpful for some time due to his posion typing.
Wigglytuff: MVP. Sweeps Gary by herself with Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Brick Break, and return. Addresses any single threat and destroys them I'm giving her Psychic to take out Koga, and will probably continue to be the force behind my run.

Dead: Diglett, Spearow, Pidgeotto, Beedrill, Meowth. Vary in usefullness from one battle to MVP for half of my run. I don't want to recount each one. At what I consider the halfway point of the run, and have a few challenges ahead. I have no idea how I'm going to deal with Koga and Lance, particularly Koga, but I guess we'll see. (Update 1)

After outfitting myself for the long journey that was sure to await me, I checked my PC for that old Mail Lyra had sent me when she began her journey a month ago. I smiled for a moment at the simple innocence of her outlook on the Pokémon world, but my face darkened again when the dark omen of my journey loomed over me. Most aspiring Trainers awaited this day like there would be no tomorrow; I had waited for this day wishing that tomorrow would never come. It was 11:35 when I headed down the stairs, and Mom was still awake. I suppose I would’ve had to tell her that I was leaving anyway. She gave me my Bag, my Trainer Card, and my Save Journal before she thought to ask why I was leaving at this late hour.
“Come on, sweetie, nobody’s going to be able to see you off!” I didn’t really want anyone to see me off; the more questions I had to answer, and the more I had to talk about it, the less likely it would be that I could keep my secret. My response was one that soothed her nerves about my capabilities as well as my admittedly suspicious departure:
“Relax, Mom. I’m just going late because the Hoothoot are out at night, and they’ll give me less trouble than the Pidgey we see during the day. Besides, Elm will see me off, and I don’t really know anyone else.” Her nerves at ease, Mom finally let me out the door. To my surprise, I discovered that Lyra nad her Marill were still in town, frolicking about. This worried me; if she was still stuck here after a month, even I would have some serious trouble on this journey. “Lyra,” I asked, “why are you still in New Bark? I thought you were off on your journey.” Her response left me feeling like a complete dolt, though.
“C’mon, Alec, didn’t you know that Marill and I are getting nice and acquainted with each other before we set out? We’ve been here this whole time; I’m surprised you haven’t seen us.” It wasn’t that surprising to me, though; I was pondering whether or not to accept the challenge and studying Pokémon in my room for the past month. Lyra shrugged in response to my silence and skipped off, Marill in tow. I headed to Professor Elm’s for my first Pokémon. Ignoring the crimson-domed Peeping Tom at Elm’s window, I went inside.
Almost as soon as I walked in the door, Elm launched into a speech about walking with Pokémon and how beneficial it was. I’m certain that it was fascinating, but I was too preoccupied to listen until his remark that he’s “going to give me a Pokémon!” He pointed me to a dome to his right, but before I could choose my starter Pokémon, he got a call on his Pokégear. It was from Mr. Pokémon, about some discovery of his. Though I didn’t want to go on some cumbersome errand, I knew that the training would do my new partner good. Without any further ado, I strolled over to the machine.
I already knew before I looked into the Poké Balls which Pokémon were inside. The one on the left contained Chikorita, a bulky Grass-Type with a wide movepool helpful in aiding its friends. Next was the Fire-Type Cyndaquil, which made up for its lack of bulk with great Special Attack and Speed. Finally, I came to Tododile, a Water-Type Pokémon with powerful Physical offense and defense. I was certain earlier that I would pick Tododile, but something in me was just drawn to that Cyndaquil, and so it was: Cyndaquil became my first Pokémon. His nickname: Jeff. After Professor Elm directed Jeff and I to Mr. Pokémon’s house north of Cherrygrove City, we departed his lab… well, tried to, at any rate. A Lab Aide gave me some Potions to help in the journey; these were a greater aid than he knew, since I couldn’t buy items from a Mart.
Outside, I ran into Lyra and her Marill again. She recommended that I show Jeff to my mom, commented on how cute he was, and left as quick as she came. I decided to heed her advice and head home to say one last goodbye to Mom. She returned my Pokégear after it came back from the repair shop, then appraised my Cyndaquil more closely.
“Jolly natured, huh? Be careful, hon; its Embers and suchlike won’t hit as hard as most Cyndaquil’s would. Regardless, it’s a beautiful Cyndaquil, and I’m sure you two will do great together.” I was completely surprised at Mom’s Pokémon knowledge, and almost told her about the challenge. I zipped my lips, though; I wouldn’t want to worry her sick. Upon trying to leave town, Elm stopped me just to give me his phone number. I finally left, but not before I told Jeff about the dangers ahead.
“Jeff, this is going to be hard, very hard… you might not make it through. It’s more dangerous than you could even imagine. Are you sure you want to go on with me? Someone else would gladly train you.” Jeff was determined, though; even after being with me for a mere 5 minutes, he was determined to see through whatever challenges we faced… together.

Jeff the Cyndaquil
Lv. 5 Jolly
18 HP/10 Atk/10 Def/9 SAtk/11 SDef/12 Spd
- Tackle
- Leer
Though I haven’t seen Jeff on the field of combat yet, I’m already beginning to get to know him as a person (well, Pokémon, but you know what I mean). He’s stubborn and strong-willed, but also very joyful and outgoing. His very presence lifts my spirits, and I’m glad that he of all Cyndaquil is the one accompanying me.

Jack diddley doo-da squat. Check back sometime after Falkner.

If I already have anything here, I should just give up now. Right freaking now.

-New Bark Town: Jeff the Lv. 5 Cyndaquil
Started a Nuzlocke run on White. Everything was going fine, until I fought a Black Belt with a Timburr who managed to kill both my Tympole and Pansage. Right now, i'm grinding for Lenora.

P. Minch the Pignite Level 19
Jolly Nature
Tail Whip
Flame Charge
Arm Thrust

Ana the Pidove Level 19
Hardy Nature
Air Cutter
Work Up
Quick Attack

Boney the Herdier Level 18
Quirky Nature
Take Down
Work Up

Picky the Purrloin: Died against Cress to give Boney a safe switch-in
OJ the Tympole: Crits + Supersonic miss= death
Salsa the Pansage: Tried to avenge OJ, but couldn't do enough damage

Violet the Woobat


It's all coming back to me now
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kk I gave up on my previous challenge as I got all 8 badges and realised there was no fucking way I was going to beat the E4. So today I started a new playthrough, new starter etc etc. Maybe ill add a story (I get put off tho cause its not as good as Flamestrikes) here I go

BANG. Thais was the sound my foot made as the front door of my home was kicked open as I rushed upstairs into my room. I was hyped knowing that today was the day that I would get a pokemon for my very own. I flew past my mother ignoring her questions about how my day had been. I had waited for this for so long it would take something pretty special to stop me now. I burst into my room and saw my friends Cheren and Bianca staring at a package on my desk. "Whoa there Kate" Cheren said putting a hand on my shoulder while I struggled to catch my breath. When my lungs were finally able to get there fair share of oxygen my friends and I approached the package. With quick movements Cheren unwrapped the parcel revealing 3 pokeballs. Chrene, Bianca and I all looked at each other, we each took one and released our choices. At my side stood an green serpentine creature, a Snivy. "Aww your so darn cute" I squealed. I realised it was a guy which kinda limited my nickname choices. a Male Snivy called "Rose" does not really inspire fear into the hearts of my opponents. After a bit of thought I decided on the nickname Thorn. It seemed o.k and Snivy seemed to like it so drama over. Thorn however, was keen for a battle (Guy thing) and I quickly had practise battles with Cheren and Bianca which Thorn won with out trouble. With Thorn at my side I felt pretty strong and my new friend and I set off.

Route 1 was where my adventure really started. I came across Lillipup which looked real cute. Thorn charged out to weaken it but accidentally critically wounded it with a Vine Whip which threw a spanner in the works of catching that thing and adding it to my roster. Guttered I went onwards. New Routes meant new pokemon and thus I added a Patrat (Nip), Purrloin (Daze) and Panpour (Soak) to my party before Striaton City Gym. Despite having a rather unprepared party I trusted that both Thorn and Soak would carry me through this tough gym battle.

Chili was my opponent and he lead off with a Lillipup while I sent out Thorn, easily the strongest member of my party. To start with, Lillipup did not attack, preferring to bark loudly trying to work himself up into a frenzy. Not keen to look a gift horse in the mouth Thorn struck hard, slamming Vines into Lillipup picking it up and throwing it into the ground. Lillipup struck back with a powerful Bite attack throwing Thorn back. I pleaded with Thorn and he did so. Lillipup can charging in with another attack but Thorn never gave him a chance, using his superior speed it jumped up high before sending a powerful Vine Whip to lsma down hard on Lillipups spine. This attack proved too much for Lillipup and so Chili resorted to his Fire type, Pansear. I knew that Thorn was at a disadvantage and so sent out Soak. Soak was much weaker than its fiery cousin however, I hoped that a type advantage would lessen the difference between them.

Chili started this round much the same as he had with Lillipup his Pansear boosting its offensives to 3 stages however at the cost of letting me get in a few cheap shots with Water Gun. I knew that 1 more Water Gun would finish it off but Pansear was having none of it. A burst of intense heat slammed into Soak however, showing exceptional strength, Soak pulled through sending a Water Gun and the stunned Pansear catching it directly in the chest sending it sailing through the air and out of the count.


My team was extremely happy with its success and we continued onwards. I chased Team Plasma out of Wellspring Cave, in the process Thorn grew so powerful that it learnt the powerful Leaf Tornado attack, letting it evolve into a Servine. Whilst in the cave I came across a Drilbur which I managed to capture. I named it Dozer in the hope it would blast through my competition. I finally caught a Lillipup on Route 3 and named it Ralph before finally reaching Nacrene City, home of the second Gym.

I knew that Nacrene Gym would be a tough nut to crack. so, I went to Pinwheel Forest to train up a few, key members of the team. I captured a Tympole and named it Seismic. Then trained it, Thorn, and Dozer up to respectable levels. After a bit of training, I finally worked up the courage to challenge the Gym.

Lenora started off with the powerful Herdier. Since she only had 2 pokemon I knew I had a set plan. Seismic, Dozer and Thorn were my powerhouses and as such it was basically a 2v3 battle. A flash of light and Dozer appeared. Dozer wasted no time, with his superior speed he was able to land a powerful Rock Smash, hitting Herdier just under the jaw and dealing critical damage. Not to be outdone, Heirdier stuck hard with a Tackle dealing huge damage. Despite the huge damage Dozer got back up and finished off its opponent with a second quick Rock Smash. Watchog was next and I sent out the reliable Thorn. Thorn was able to put its newly learnt Leech Seed to good use, weakening Watchog and letting Thorn take hit after hit. Even with Retaliate doing a large amount of damage, Thorn manged to hang on, finally crushing Watchog with a powerful Leaf Tornado, the combination of repeated Vine Whips and Leech Seed damage proving too much for it to handle.


Seismic (Female) (Tympole)
Lv 20
-Mud Shot
-Aqua Ring
-Bubble Beam

Dozer (Male) (Drilbur)
Lv 18
-Fury Swipes
-Rapid Spin
-Rock Smash
-Metal Claw

Thorn (Male) (Servine)
Lv 21
-Leech Seed
-Vine Whip
-Leaf Tornado

Soak (Male) (Panpour)
Lv 12
-Water Gun

Daze (Female) (Purrloin)
Lv 9

Nip (Female) (Patrat)
Lv 9

Ralph (Male) (Lillipup)
Lv 9
-Odor Sleuth

Unfortunately exams have arrived and I don't really have the time to finish update 4 (it's about halfway done though :O) but I have a week off after my last exam plus a 10-hour trip after that to go home for the summer so I'll probably get update 4 up within a few weeks then have a 5th update around Easter. I haven't been posting but I've been checking the thread and all the Nuzlockes going on are pretty awesome, nice to see that we're keeping ourselves mostly on the front page of arguably the busiest forum on Smogon right now. Keep it up! (Yeah me saying that is hypocritical since I'm not posting updates atm shut up)
Emerald Nuzlocke
I will be starting my Emerald Version Nuzlocke with the following rules:

1-Once a Pokemon faints; it is regarded as ‘dead’ and must then be released ASAP.
2-All acquired Pokemon must be nicknamed.
3-Only the first encounter in every area may be caught. If I am unable to catch it, I may not catch any other Pokemon on that route (This is not applied if the Pokemon has already been caught and the next Pokemon encountered, which is not recorded in the Pokedex, may be caught).
4-Healing items may only be used out of battle

Emerald Nuzlocke Update #1

It was another normal day in Hoenn. I had been living in Littleroot since birth and had a good childhood friend in my next-door neighbor May. Her dad was the famous Pokemon researcher, Professor Birch, and I was going over to their house to help out with all the Pokemon research work that May’s dad usually left for her.

On the way there I heard Professor Birch screaming from where sounded like Route 101. I have never been out of Littleroot as I have no Pokemon of my own to defend myself, and I was also forbade by my mom to do so. But, as I heard the Professor‘s cry I gained the courage to break that rule and ran unto Route 101 to see the Professor being chased by a feral raccoon Pokemon which I remember as ‘Zigzagoon’. I had no clue what to do then the Professor noticed me and told me to go get May and tell her to bring the bag he left in his lab, and so I ran, afraid for the Professor’s safety.

I met May at the lab and broke the news to her, she immediately grabbed the bag and we both made our way back to the Route. He told them to get the Pokemon from his bag but before he could say anymore the Zigzagoon nearly bit him causing him to jump. Blaze acted fast, he snatched a random Pokeball from the bag and sent out a Treecko. May tells it to ‘Pound’ the Zigzagoon , but it ignores her, then Blaze tells it to do the same and this time it complies. It hits the Zigzagoon causing it to fly back and halt momentarily. It looks back to find what hit it and upon seeing the Treecko’s intimidating face it scurries off into the bushes. They all return to Birch’s Pokemon lab.

At the lab, Professor Birch decides to give Blaze the Treecko he used to save him as a thank you gift and May is sad as she has no Pokemon of her own yet. Professor Birch is downcast that his daughter is sad and allows her at her choice of one of the remaining two Hoenn starters. She rushes for the bag ecstatically and say’s ‘I wonder what Pokemon I will pick’ and she starts thinking between Mudkip and Torchic and she finally settles on Torchic. May and Blaze are both excited about their new Pokemon and Professor Birch proposes a battle between them. They both agree and May sends out her Torchic for the first time and Blaze sends his Treecko into battle saying ‘Treecko, Go!’ , ‘Treecko, Pound’ and May responds by commanding a Scratch attack, after they both exchange attacks several times May’s Torchic loses and May recollects her Torchic while Blaze punches the air in victory, as his Treecko finds its way to his shoulder, happy with their victory.

Blaze runs home to show off his new Pokemon to his mom. Just then, he meets a strange character that he has never seen in Littleroot. ‘Who are you?’ asks Blaze and the mysterious person says ‘I’m Flamestrike’. Flamestrike then notices Treecko on Blaze’s shoulder and asks if he has any badges, to which Blaze replies ‘No’ and Flamestrike tells him of the Nuzlocke Challenge. At first Blaze is daunted by the fact of his Treecko’s potential death, but Flamestrike encourages him saying ‘Even though it’s hard at times, you get over it eventually. And it helps trainers to develop closer bonds with their Pokemon’. So after some more thought Blaze accepts and nicknames Treecko, Emersblade. And it is ready to follow him no matter what his choice, as he shows by nodding his head when Blaze looks at him for his confirmation. Flamestrike further explains the Nuzlocke and then leaves Blaze to return back to Sinnoh to defeat the league their and get a step closer to finishing his Nuzlocke. Flamestrike then flies off on a Togekiss. Blaze enters his home and speaks to his mom ‘I’ll be leaving home for a while’ he says and explains the challenge to her. ‘Good Luck’ she says and starts weeping as her son is leaving her all alone at home. Blaze holds back a tear drop and reassures his mom that he’ll be safe. Blaze is then seen standing in Route 101, then he shouts ‘Pokemon here I come!’
And that brings us to the end of the beginning chapter in what is going to be a long Nuzlocke.

Emersblade the Serious Treecko (Lv.7)

Yeah I unluckily stumbled upon 2 Poochyena’s , a Wurmple and a Wingull on the way to battle May, so I am no longer allowed to catch Pokemon from Routes 101 and 103

Alive (Current Party)
Alive and Boxed: N/A
Dead and Released: N/A

Exams are coming up so this will be slightly delayed…
Edit:Exams are over! :D



Ok since it's been a while since my last update i will be a little brief, since there are many details that i don't remember...
-Ok after i beat Burgh and got my 3rd badge i left for route 4 and i beat both Cheren and Bianca...
I don't remember exactly how but i know i didn't have any casualties...
-After beating all the trainers i left for desert resort hoping for a sandile, but instead caught Ishizu the Dwebble...
-Also caught NoFag the Yamask in Relic Castle and revived Ancient the Archen in NAcrene City...
-Started grinding with Ishizu cause i saw it as my best chance at beating Elesa and her crazy Emolgas...

-Challenged N in the Ferris Wheel and Ishizu easily beat Darumakka, Sandile and Sigyliph with stab bug bites and smack downs...Scraggy was only 3hkoed from bug bite, but also his attacks couldn't touch my IShizu while holdiing the eviolite...
-At this point Ishizu learnt rock slide!!!!!!!!!!
-After easily beating everyone in the electric gym i challenged Elesa...
She started with emolga, I started with Ishizu...
She volt switches as i use rock slide...
She sends in her other emolga and i ohko...2 more to go...
Again out is emolga...I have a feeling that she will volt swich again but not wanting to overpredict i rock slide again...Zebstrika comes out and i almost ko with a crit...
I know it is time to use my digging abilities as she will use her hyper potion, taking out a nice chunk of Zebstrika's hp...
Seeing as i have 39/82 hp left after two volt switches i am scared to leave Ishizu in so i switch to Smugleaf(Servine)...
Zebstrika quick attacks dealing pathetic damage, as i leaf tornado for the ko.....
Well actually no because Zebstrika manages to survive, but at least i get an accuracy drop...
She uses her other hyper potion...
time for some leech seed...well after two turns of leech seed and leaf tornado and one return, as well as three!!! missed Zebstrika attacks i manage to take it down...
One emolga remaining...well after a single rock slide from Ishizu down goes Emolga and I win my Fourth gym badge...
Well that was kinda haxy but i don't really care...


Smugleaf@Miracle Seed
Level 27
Leech Seed
Leaf Tornado

Level 27
Work Up

Burnt@Amulet Coin
Level 25
Inner Focus
Work Up
Low Sweep

Level 32
Rock Polish
Rock Slide
Bug Bite

Level 25
Quick Guard

Zooooobat the Woobat(lvl 12)
Pranky the Purloinn(lvl 9)
Shower the Panpour(lvl 12)
NoFag the Yamask(lvl 20)

Jay the Scraggy(lvl 19)
After playing one Nuzlocke runthrough of Black that involved me soft-resetting approximately 30 times cause I'm a wuss, I decided to MAN up and restart the game, this time being a MAN and not chickening out no matter what.

Currently I just entered Victory Road, about to face the E4, and only one Pokemon in my entire journey has died so far: a fodderish Lillipup I had to sacrifice to a Timburr that was about to kick my ass with Bide (why does EVERYTHING at the start of the game know that move?!). Well, technically my Stoutland died while I was capturing Cobalion, but I gave that a pass since I deemed legendary catching not part of the challenge per se. So, my (hideously overlevelled) team so far, and a few thoughts to go with them:

Lin the Samurott
Lvl 52
When I first saw Samurott's stats long before I'd bought the game, my first thought was: meh. Very meh. Then I grabbed meself a Wotter and watched it mutilate and pulverise all that opposed it with its pair of cute little seashell-blades. Seriously - this thing is so good for Nuzlocking, it's not even funny. Hits harder than you'd expect, moves faster than you'd expect, and takes hits a whole lot better than you'd expect (I've rarely seen any move, even a SE one, do more than 20% damage). This little otter kicks Tepig's butt any day.

Summer the Stoutland
Lvl 49

I think the key reason my runthrough was so much easier this time was because I managed to grab a Lillipup off Route 1. Not much to say, other than that Intimidate is the best f***ing ability ever, and STAB-boosted Return is so rediculously overpowered with an Atk-boosting nature that it simply defies description. Essentially she takes hits from both ends of the spectrum like a champ, and returns them with unholy amounts of power. GREATLY helped me through the early game, and still a fantastic battler now.

Dahlia the Excadrill
Lvl 50

Okay, er, let me explain a bit. Dahlia WAS technically the first Pokemon I saw in Wellspring Cave. To ensure that, though, I did use three Repels in a row and do a hell lotta running until I saw that lil' dust cloud pop up. Okay, so maybe that was kind of a cop out, but getting a Pokemon that can basically OHKO the entire Dragon gym (and, as an afterthough, around 95% of the game) certainly helped clear my conscience a tad.

Nikolas the Chandelure
Lvl 49

I'd been looking forward to rearing one of these things since I started the game, and what can I say? I'm sorta disappointed. Don't get me wrong - this guy OHKOs literally everything I've thrown him against, and I mean everything. The problem is he's a tad on the slow side, and also doesn't brush off attacks all that well on the switch-in. That, and he joined the party a good 17 levels after my most recent addition, Dahlia, did, so maybe the connection ain't quite there. Still, I'm sure he'll be a heck of a help in the E4, so I'm keeping him around for now.

Ruckus the Waruvial (I think the Jap name sounds so much cooler)
Lvl 49

The only member of my team I hadn't planned on getting from the very beginning (yeah, that's how I play, deal with it :P). Basically just felt I wanted a fifth to round out the team, so I was a choice between this dude and Chick the Gurdurr, cause they were both Adamant (YEAHHHHHH). Ultimately went for the STAB-boosted Crunch, and convenience during evolution, since I'm the just about only person in my school who bought the game on DS instead of downloading it onto their laptop. Suffers from many of the same problems as Nikolas, and similarly hoping he'll redeem himself in the E4.

Sorry for the long-winded post; I'll probably update later to tell of how the fight with Ghetsis went. Final comments: the Eviolite saves lives, ALWAYS have the Lucky Egg attached to something, and for gods sake remember to grind like a motherf***er, or thou shalt perish.

Chomzloh out.
Ok, just tried a nuzlocke run. Got swept in the first gym by Lillipup. I thought giving every member of my team an oran berry was a good idea. His pick up meant he recovered 3 times plus a potion. -.-
I'm going to try again now.
Jarardo, hilarious as always :DDD

Meanwhile, I finished my FireRed Nuzlocke.

So, as usual my grand plans of grinding for the Elite 4 went to hell completely and I just charged into battle after taking out all of the trainers. Wild Pokemon are beneath me.

This meant that my highest Pokemon was Rafael (Blastoise) at level 52. I dealt with it.

Lorelei was easy, since Kingpin (Snorlax) had Thick Fat, so he just tanked, Yawned, and Brick Breaked (Broke? o_O) his way though most of her, with Yondaime (Jolteon) lawling at Cloyster.

Bruno was equally easy. Rafael and SR-71 (Pidgeot) demolished him.

Agatha presented th first... well, not really a challenge, but she just took longer to kill. Yondaime scored a lot of flinches on Gengars, and Avenger (Nidoking) owned hr Arbok with EQ.

Lance. So since I wasn't thinking, I put Rafael the Dragonslayer with Ice Beam in from. Lead Gyarados was unamused. Since Rafael has Surf/Ice Beam/Mega Kick/Protect, I wasn't gonna be killing him anytime soon. So I sent out Yondaime. He got Dragon Raged, so I was excited. Shock Wave! ... failed to OHKO? O_O

Hyper Beam'd.

This was problematic since Garydos was what Yondaime was meant to take down in the Champion battle. Well, Kingpin finished off Lance's Gyarados, then Rafael tore through Lance's team. I did have a second loss, but it was my filler 6th Pokemon, Ironhide the Onix, who was thrown headfirst at Dragonite's Outrage to waste a turn. >.>

My rival, ever the dick, presented a challenge, since Rafael was still 10 levels below his Venasaur. Until I spammed my Rare Candies onto Rafael (all legitimately obtained in-game through knowing where they were on the ground :O) and got him up to 59. The battle was going well until Venasaur. I sent in SR-71 for some SE Wing Attacking, but a crit Solarbeam took him down.

Kingpin came in an did an endlessly painful stall of Yawn, Rest, Body Slam until Venasaur FINALLY went down. He used a similar strategy against Gyarados. Rafael took down the rest of his team without incident. Champion'd.

Now, here I would have stopped, but I wanted to finish up the postgame (not the second round of E4, since that means grinding), and clean up the Sevii Islands. But that meant the National Dex. Which I was 11 Pokedex entries shy of getting...

Evolvan! I bought a mess of evolution stones to make a Poliwrath, Vileplume, and Exeggutor. Then evolved as much other stuff as possible that required minimal training. When I got sick of that,I bought myself a Dratini, Abra, and Clefairy from the Game Corner. The latter two were boxed away, and Kaos the Dratini became my newest member. Meanwhile, Roc the Fearow has been my Flyer.

Finally, I hit 60 entries. National Dex get. Grabbed the Ruby in Mt. Ember, and got myself the Rainbow Pass. Now, Avenger was pretty much the only Pokemon fighting, since he was still in his 40s, while Kaos monopolized my Exp Share to get himself useful. I had also replaced Roc with Jet the Skarmory somewhere on the Sevii Islands.

Everything on Islands Four, Six, and Seven went smooth, and I got to the stupid Saphirre. Then it was time to take on the Rockets for the last time. Avenger demolished them. And then the final Admin's final Pokemon, Arbok. Intimidate lowered Avenger's killing power, but EQ was SE, right? Nearly OHKOed. HIS EQ, however, got a crit. I went batshit. He had JUST hit lvl 50, and then died in the second to last battle of the game. x____x

Kingpin cleaned up. And so, with three of my five Elite 4 Champions lost, I wandered back to Pallet Town, mourning those who would never be forgotten.

And now, since the FireRed Nuzlocke went so well, I've started a Saphirre Nuzlocke, also on my phone. A bit of a Golden Sun theme, with FORGE the Torchic, SPRITZ the Wingull, and ZEPHYR the Taillow so far. DAEDALUS the Slakoth also shows some potential. I've only just gotten to Dewford, so not much to report.
@chomlzloh Trust me, that is not overlevelled in the slightest. The E4 are surprisingly rough if you don't have a Pokemon that does really well against each member, and of course the last two fights are just plain brutal (fuck Hydreigon and Zoroak, if Klinklang comes in after an Earthquake for the love of God keep in mind that the AI isn't that stupid, easiest way to have a Pokemon faint for no reason -_-). Of course your Pokemon get fully healed prior to both fights but still...
Going to start a nuzlocke, and I'll log it if you guys would like. I'm thinking of doing it on FR- a game I've honestly never played in its entirety- but I'm open to suggestions. (I haven't played gen 4 either, and it seems interesting for the mix of old and new pokemon and the phys/spec split). I'm open to suggestions for the game.
Mind my asking but were do you download those games unto your phone. And, im sorry about the wall of text, it -hopefully- wont happen again.
We aren't allowed to discuss roms here. Sorry. You'll have to find one yourself.

Edit: Hey guys, what are your thoughts on Pinwheel Forest inside/outside? Two areas or just one? (Prologue)
Chapter 1: This page.

I meandered onto Route 20 for the first time and encountered the first of thousands of opponents on my journey: a Lv. 2 Pidgey. I was hoping to add it to my team, but my lack of Poké Balls and the Spirit of Justice’s imposition stopped me from obtaining that (or anything else) from Route 29. Jeff and I defeated the Pidgey with ease, then continued on. Another Pidgey put Jeff at dangerous HP levels with a Critical Hit, so I returned to New Bark to make use of Professor Elm’s healing machine. We were assailed by yet another Pidgey on the way back, but thankfully Jeff was fast enough to flee.
With Jeff hale and hearty once more, we set out again into the seemingly calm wilderness of Route 29. For the first time we saw another Pokémon – a Sentret, which Jeff took down with a flurry of Tackles. After this encounter, Jeff grew to Lv. 6 and learned Smokescreen. After another inconsequential Sentret encounter, I reached the first place in my journey I had never seen before: Cherrygrove City.
Soon after entering the city, however, I was stopped by a lively, old man. He wanted to “teach me a few things”, all of which I was already aware of, but my patience with him paid off in the end: he gave me a brand-new pair of Running Shoes. Admittedly, I’m flummoxed as to why this random man would give me such an expensive present, but far be it from me to question blessings.
With the Running Shoes laced to my feet and Jeff freshly rejuvenated at the local Pokémon Center, I headed out to Route 30… but the Guide Gent stopped me once more. Thankfully, he was brief this time: he just wanted to give me a Map Card for my Pokétech. Honestly, was this his job or something? At any rate, I was finally free to march off to Route 30.
My first encounter there was a Caterpie at Lv. 3. Again, my lack of Poké Balls and the Spirit of Justice’s rule coincided to deprive me of any assistance from this route, but I wasn’t altogether worried; Route 30 never was known as a hotbed of powerful Pokémon. After KO’ing the Caterpie, I proceeded to find a Potion hiding behind the grass; I then received the Apricorn Box from a man living nearby. I had thought his house was Mr. Pokémon’s…
After harvesting the Grn Apricorn from the tree next to that house, I proceeded further northward on Route 30. There were several encounters with Bug Pokémon en route to Mr. Pokémon’s home, all of them of little consequence. However, during the journey, I picked up an Antidote and jeff grew to Lv. 8. After harvesting a Pnk Apricorn near Mr. Pokémon’s house, I went inside.
Upon entering, I was greeted by Mr. Pokémon, who gave me a Mystery Egg for Elm to examine. He healed Jeff just before Professor Oak introduced himself.
“I’m Professor Oak! I see you’ve got a Pokémon there – are you helping Professor Elm with his research?” Before I could say otherwise, he blabbered on. “Here’s a Pokédex! It’s a high-tech encyclopedia that records data on all Pokémon you see or catch! Isn’t technology great? I’ve got to be heading to my radio show in Goldenrod, but before I do, here’s my telephone number.” After giving me his number and taking mine, he left. The Pokédex was a useful gift, to be sure, but I was beginning to worry that all of this research for the Professors would hamper my journey. Thankfully, Mr. Pokémon had nothing left to say, so I departed.
Immediately after exiting the building, I received a call from Professor Elm:
“H-hello? Alec? It’s a disaster! Uh, um, it’s just terrible! What should I do? It… oh, no… Please get back here now!” I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I had to help Elm out. He was an old family friend, and I couldn’t turn my back on him. Besides, with Jeff’s newfound strength, I was certain that we could prevail against any dangers in our old hick town.
I sprinted back through Route 30 as quickly as I could, with a pair of chance encounters being dispatched as quickly as possible. I healed at the Pokémon Center upon reaching Cherrygrove, knowing that I would need to be prepared for any danger ahead. Sure enough, the red-haired boy who gazed into Elm’s Lab as I got my Pokémon barred my way out of Cherrygrove City.
“You got a Pokémon at the Lab. What a waste. That’s a Pokémon that’s too good for a wimp like you…. Don’t you get what I’m saying? Well, I too have a good Pokémon. I’ll show you what I mean!” Before I could push him aside and head to Elm’s Ground Zero, he challenged me to a Pokémon Battle. This, I knew, was a challenge I could not refuse.
He sent out a Tododile, at Lv. 5. I was rather frightened by the type disadvantage, but I knew that I had to take this Tododile down or lose Jeff. Every battle would be this way; I had to get used to it. Jeff opened with a Leer while the opposing Tododile did the same. Jeff then Tackled while the opponent Scratched; I was pleased to see that I was doing half again as much damage as the Tododile. Another Tackle brought the opponent into critical health range as it Leered again. One final Tackle knocked it out of consciousness: Jeff had won the battle, growing to Lv. 9 in the process.
After the battle, the boy spoke once more: “Do you want to know who I am…. I’m going to be the world’s greatest Pokémon Trainer. He shoved me aside to leave, but his Trainer Card fell out of his pocket as he did so, and I barely got a glimpse at his name. I rushed through Route 29 to New Bark Town, using the ledges to avoid wild encounters. I arrived at Elm’s Lab to discover a policeman and the Professor himself, the latter of whom immediately began questioning me.
“Who are you? We are investigating the case of the missing Pokémon here… Rule number one! ‘Whoever did it will come back to the site.’ Oh my… So you must be… the one who did it?” Before I could respond to these slanderous accusations, Lyra intervened.
“Hold on a second! He has nothing to do with it! I saw it. There was a red-haired boy looking into the building!” After the befuddled cop quickly changed stances, he asked me for the boy’s name: Raven. He then left to search for him. With Lyra and the policeman gone, Elm was free to speak to me about the matter.
“Gosh, how terrible… but what was Mr. Pokémon’s big discovery?” I handed him the Mystery Egg. “Oh, I see. I’ll hold onto it and try to discover its secrets.” He then saw that I was carrying a Pokédex, and quickly changed the subject. “Professor Oak gave you a Pokédex? Alec, is that true? Th-that’s incredible! He is superb at seeing the potential of people as Trainers.Wow, Alec. I knew you were a little different. Things are going to be fun! Why not take the Pokémon Gym Challenge! You may not make it to the Champion, but it’ll be a worthwhile effort indeed. But if you’re going… tell your mom so she doesn’t rip my head off.” He truly had no idea about what I had to deal with, nor about the extent of my abilities as a Pokémon Trainer. I WOULD become the Champion. Regardless, he was right about Mom; I couldn’t recall if I told her about the Gym Challenge or not.
“Hey, Mom, you know that I’m going to take the Gym Challenge, right?”
“Of course, Alec. Would you like me to save any of your money? I could find useful items while you’re out shopping, and it can’t be claimed as prize money.” I refused, knowing that her aid would anger the Spirit of Power and that I would not need to worry about losing prize money – should I lose a battle, my journey would more than likely be over. Speaking of which, my true journey has finally begun: the fate of the world rested on my shoulders.

Jeff the Cyndaquil
Lv. 9 Jolly
26 HP/15 Atk/14 Def/13 SAtk/16 SDef/17 Spd
- Tackle
- Leer
- Smokescreen
Jeff isn’t shaping up in battle like I would expect a Cyndaquil to – his SAtk is poor, but his SDef is phenomenal. Regardless, he’s a true friend, caring and brave to the core. I’m certain that he’ll be my greatest ally in the journey to come.

Nothing yet.

Nothing, and let’s keep it that way.

- New Bark Town: Jeff the Lv. 5 Cyndaquil
- Route 29: Lv. 2 Pidgey (KO’d)
- Route 30: Lv. 3 Caterpie (KO’d)
We aren't allowed to discuss roms here. Sorry. You'll have to find one yourself.

Edit: Hey guys, what are your thoughts on Pinwheel Forest inside/outside? Two areas or just one?
i consider it one area because of the same name, but there are people that consider it as two separate areas because the landscape completely changes, it is up to you if you want an easier or more difficult challenge...
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