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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Texas Cloverleaf

    Texas Cloverleaf meh
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    Oct 23, 2009
    The most epic part of your run? You're using A FUCKING MINUN and bossing everything.

    Also congrats Flamestrike, make sure to continue for Diamond, Emerald (or whateever) and Black, I look forward to your stories.
  2. Ducklett Stare

    Ducklett Stare

    Jan 20, 2011
    Gratz on the victory and the great story, Flamestrike! I salute your fallen comrades. Hopefully you'll suffer fewer losses as you press on :x

    Looks like the end is in sight for ya Carbon, I'm rooting for you! It's no fun to see Nuzlockes fail xP
  3. Carbon Lifeform

    Carbon Lifeform

    Jan 15, 2010
    While Minun can't take a hit in the competitive pokemon world, she's been surprisingly resistant to taking damage, especially since I gave her the Lax Incense from Mt. Pyre which drops the foe's accuracy. Take Down from Archie's Mightyena only did about 30 damage to her, and she has around 120/125 HP, and Thunderbolt is an easy 2HKO against him and OHKOs Crobat and Sharpedo. Not to mention how she outspeeds everything except my own Sceptile, and even that's only by two points. I'm really proud of how well she's been doing!

    Also, thanks Ducklett! I definitely don't want to see this one fail! :(

    And, since I seemingly didn't say it before, congrats on finishing your Nuzlocke, Flamestrike!
  4. chocolate-kipp


    Sep 18, 2010
    Just preordered Pokemon Black, gonna do a Nuzlocke on that when I get it. Should be fun since I'll do a Nuzlocke before a regular playthrough, lol.

    Or is that a bad idea?
  5. Killah


    Aug 9, 2007
    It's fine, as long as you plan on grinding a lot for the first few gyms. It gets much easier after you get the Lucky Egg though.
  6. Ducklett Stare

    Ducklett Stare

    Jan 20, 2011
    I considered it myself, but decided against it. I'd like to make an honest effort and completing the Pokedex, and unfortunately that's not the focus of Nuzlocke. It's a pretty ballsy decision though, I say if you don't care about the 'Dex, go for it. And do a log for us bums in the Nuzlocke thread!
  7. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009
    love the story Flamestrike!

    Im putting my HG challenge on hold while I start Platinum

    Not sure whether I should use Turtwig or Piplup.. Which one is harder?
  8. avalanche3387


    Jan 5, 2009
    I'm going to start an Emerald Nuzlocke here tomorrow most likely. Does anyone have any tips? Which starter would be best?

    Boring Leaf Green Update here.
    Decided to use Eevee as my Celedon City pokemon and Lapras as me Saffron City one. Gave both surf and ice beam (after evolving Eevee into Vaporeon), and thunderbolt and psychic for Lapras. Started with a Bulbasaur and it is now (and has been) a Venasaur. My first pokemon caught was a Mankey to the west of Veridian. So I have Primape, Venasaur, Lapras, and Vaporeon all level 45 or 46. I am about to start on the pokemon mansion on Cinnabar Island, inside of which I found a Vulpix that I evolved and am now raising. It's lv 33 already, but it still has to catch up to the others and that's a ways away.

    I only have Blaine and Giovanni left to fight as far as Gym leaders go. Neither should be hard with two water types (both were also chosen to help with Lance's dragons and my rival's Charizard). Sabrina wasn't all that hard (Vaporeon used Bite!!!) but Koga was annoying as hell. I managed to get Koga out of the way without a loss (barely). I did lose one major pokemon, Chucky the lv 30 raticate to my Rival's pidgeot in the fight to get lapras, which I did before Koga to get him earlier. I decided before that battle that I wouldn't train Chucky anymore though as he was becoming underpowered and would just take exp from my other members. I then returned to Silph after Koga to finish the job. I killed Zapdos and will do the same for Articuno in the near future, most likely after I finish the Mansion. Don't ask me how I'll kill the elite 4, but I'll find a way.

    I have yet to use any item besides tms, key items, pokeballs, and evolution stones. My pokeball rule was that I could buy as many pokeballs as I wanted, but no great balls etc. I am also using the pokemon centers very liberally. This is still quite a fun challenge. I plan on getting all my pokemon to around lv 60 to fight the elite 4. Is that too high? Too low? Thanks for reading. If you read this boring post all the way through, you deserve a slightly stale cookie, congratulations. And sorry about the incredible lack of organization in this post.
  9. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    I'm doing the same thing, should be fun :)
  10. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    Careful Gatsby? SQUEE, A LITERATURE NERD! By any chance, does your Tentacruel refer to everybody as "old sport", Carbon?
  11. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009

    (probs some im forgetting but w/e)

    - Only one Pokemon per Route (dups clause though)
    - If a pokemon faints it is treated as dead)
    - If you catch a pokemon you MUST Nickname it
    - No healing items, I can buy pokeballs though. (for the sake of the argument if I found a leftovers I would be able to use it)

    I started my Plat challenge and I think the game hates me.

    I started off in Twinleaf Town and met up with my friend Barry. I have noidea where he gets all that sugar but w/e. Anyway Professor Rowan gifts me with a Turtwig which I name Max. A quick look shows that its Adamant. I bit further a head I find a Shinx which I have Zap. It has Intimidate which is always nice. Crits in certain areas prevent me from adding to my party however I manage to catch Mike the Zubat and Paul the Bidoof. I also add Jane the Machop to my team and then trade it for Kazza the Abra. After training a bit (mainly Kazza, Zap and Max) I challenge the Gym. Max crushes everything Roark has until Cranidos comes out. Still on full health Max launchs a max power Razor Leaf which smashs into Cranidos. Surviving with 1 health Cranidos gets back up and unleashs hell with a Critical Headbutt instantly Koing my beloved Max. Realising that the sucess of this battle would boil down to both Zap surviving a Headbutt and avoiding the flinch chance I sent him out, hoping for the best. Roark tosses out a potion healing Cranidos. Desperate, Zap glows, electricty crackling all around it as it charges power in preparation for one last attack. Cranidos charges forward, its forehead glowing white, Zap too, started charging toward Cranidos, its body glowing with electricity, the pokemon hitting each other head on causing the gym floor to shake.

    Both pokemon, exhauted try and struggle back too their feet however the wounds dealt by Max prove too much and Cranidos falls to the ground.
    Victory was mine but with a crippled party can I find the strength to go on?

    My Party


    Kazza (Male Abra)
    Lv 10

    Kazza is the newest addition to the party and with the loss of Max he will need to step up to the plate. Kazza is still very shy so hopefully he can overcome this

    Zap (Male Shinx)
    Lv 14

    Zap has to lead the team now, no question. The most experienced pokemon I have left Zap needs to take charge and lead by example. The loss of Max hit him hard however Zap proved he can stay strong when he managed to avenge Max's death by finishing off Cranidos


    Paul the Male Bidoof, Level 4, Careful
    Mike the Male Zubat, Level 5, Impish


    Max (Male Turtwig)
    Lv 15
    -Razor Leaf

    Max was going so well before bad luck ended his chances of going further with me. Such a shame seeing as I had hoped that he would be useful in latter matches.

    EDIT yes I liked what Flamestrike did with the characteristics of his team. Credit goes to him for doing that so well
  12. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Now I feel bad for taking them out for the final post -_- I'll go edit some in now lol.

    @benlarson A good rule of thumb for E4 grinding is to put a limit at the highest level that the Champion has, though if you think that'll be too easy you can bring it down, maybe to the lowest level of the Champion. Any lower than that and you run serious risk of suffering losses though IMO
  13. ironman


    Oct 12, 2010

    UPDATE 5

    after beating the kimono girls and ho-oh with the painful loss of missy the misdreavus, i decided to grind spooky the gengar a bit and set off for indigo plateau to face the e4 and the champion...unfortunately on the way there i had another loss as sexy bitch the miltank fell to a trainer's growlithe flamethrower,as i decided to rollout to take it out and paid it because an intimidated miltank doesn't have all that power...rip sexy bitch you were really important and you had helped me a lot(had beaten clair's gyarados and some of team rockets' bosses)...

    trying to get over my loss i continued my path, and finally i reached the victory road...while i was reaching its end, suddenly my rival appeared and challenged me to a battle...i led with rocker the golem ohkoing sneasel with rock smash...then my rival proceeded to a really smart move,sending in magneton...well earthquake for the win...next came out meganium which was 2hkoed by snatch the gyarados' ice fang(i had some trouble as ice fang once missed and petal dance crit but thankfully i had some potions...)haunter and kadabra were ohkoed with spooky's shadow ball and golbat was rock slided into oblivion from rocker...

    then after some more grinding it was time to face the e4...my team was underlevelled than the champion's(highest levelled was gyarados at 44)but i had the advantage as i knew his movesets while he didn't...the e4 were not that difficult:

    e4 will:specs shadow ball from spooky...gg
    e4 koga:dragon dance from snatch on ariados face twice,then spam waterfalls and earthquakes...ah and ice fang for crobat...gg
    e4 bruno:specs psychic from spooky(yeah traded in ss to teach it and evolve it)ohkoed the fighters and peppers the feraligatr surfed onix...
    e4 caren:more difficult than the others she led with umbreon i led with rocker i used rock smash for the def drop but i think it used double team and dodged it,then she switched to gengar and using my great prediction skills i switch in spooky to take the focus blast and ohko with shadow ball...then sent snatch out against umbreon it double teamed three times i dragon danced three times first waterfall hit,well gg...

    and then was the time to face the champion:i led with gengar and quickly disposed of gyarados with thunderbolt(i don't know how many hours i have spent voltorb flipping,it is really addicting if you get how it works...)then he sent out aerodactyl and i sent my choice scarfed peppers but aero would still outspeed my peppers anyway thunder fang was 3hko at best while i surfed him for the 2hko(waterfall or aqua tail would probably ohko...)then came out the first lvl 49 dragonite i had to figure if it was the thunder or the blizzard one sent out my first death fodder jet the pidgey(sorry jet but we never got attached anyway,i couldn't stand losing anyone of the other guys)it was the thunder one so rocker quickly disposed of him...then came out the second snatch went in,intimidated its dragon rush,dragon danced once and ice fang for the win,same way goes down the stronger dragonite and then waterfalled charizard...gg

    now that the johto champion is past it's time to conquer kanto, so i am ready to continue my quest...
    THE TEAM (open)
    PEPPERS the feraligatr
    choice scarf
    level 44
    ice fang

    SNATCH the gyarados
    muscle band
    level 46
    aqua tail
    dragon dance
    ice fang

    ROCKER the golem
    level 44
    rock polish
    rock smash
    rock slide

    SPOOKY the gengar
    choice specs
    level 44
    shadow ball
    focus blast

    BOXED (open)
    CHUCK the poliwrath
    SNIPE the horsea
    JELLY the tentacool
    BURGY the drowzee
    CHAMP the unown
    FLYCATCH the weepinbell
    SNOWY the swinub
    PURE the dratini
    NIGHTY the gligar
    PURE and NIGHTY will join the team soon
    JET the doduo(replacing jet the pidgey as flyer)
    WANNABE the sandslash(replacing excabe the sandshrew as hm slave)

    PASSED AWAY (open)
    POSE the togepi
    BULB the oddish
    MINESWEEPE th koffing
    WAFFLES the flaffy
    WHATTODO the eevee
    MISSY the misdreavus
    EXCABE the sandshrew(used as a free switch for something against lance...don't remember right now)
    JET the pidgey
    SEXY BITCH the miltank:every new loss is much harder than the previous

  14. Kepperino


    Dec 25, 2010
    I typed for a VERY long time and I accidently refreshed the page.
    FML, forget this.
  15. Carbon Lifeform

    Carbon Lifeform

    Jan 15, 2010
    No, but he keeps wearing this pink suit and was apparently throwing parties in the Box. ;)

    Obviously Torchic will put you at a disadvantage against the first Gym unless you want to grind to Double Kick, but Marill and Wingull are common early-route pokemon, and you may get lucky and get a Beautifly or a Shroomish from the Woods, too, which will mitigate that. Torchic will probably serve you well against Wattson, too, although I haven't found myself at any particular disadvantages using Treecko, and am quite relieved that Wallace won't be too much of an issue between him and Minun.

    Also! Use the Old Rod! Everywhere! In most places you have a 40% chance of hooking a Tentacool, which will serve you very well against Flannery as one of the earliest commonly available water-types. That, or start with Mudkip.

    EDIT: With the end of my Emerald Nuzlocke just on the horizon, I went ahead and started up a SoulSilver game to Nuzlocke as well. The first post of that will come after Emerald's final post. Only thing I've done so far is start with Totodile, do the whole Silver-steals plot, and I'm now in Cherrygrove with a Sentret and Geodude in my party too.
  16. The Shiny Umbreon

    The Shiny Umbreon

    Jul 27, 2010
    Inspired by Flamestrike, I'm doing another HeartGold Nuzlocke, this time with Cyndaquil. However, I'm returning to my old HG Nuzlocke style of posting only for major occurrences. This should be fun!

    Also, Flamestrike, your story rocked.
  17. Skwog


    Mar 21, 2010
    Skwog's Blue Nuzlocke

    Since the story I'm adding into this challenge is somewhat dark, I used my awesome imagination on this update. Typed a whole lot of stuff, but it's worth the read. Also, for those of you that lack the ability to use your imagination to make images, yes, I do refer to Water Gun as an actual gun Pablo uses to shoot Pokemon. I thought it would add that gangsta touch to my Nuzlocke ;D Enjoy.

    Skwog's Blue Version Nuzlocke Super Hard Challenge!

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    May only catch the first Pokemon I see upon entering a route.
    When a Pokemon faints, it is dead. No revives, no nothing. Dead.
    No antidotes or potions.
    May only purchase five Pokeballs per Pokemart. These are the only Pokeballs I'm allowed to use, bar the ones I find while adventuring.
    White out means game over, even if there are extra Pokemon in my box.

    Previous Updates:
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    Chapter 3:
    Into the Forest​

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    After a quick rest at the Viridian City Pokemon Center, Skwog and his team head north towards Viridian Forest. Rumor has it there is an abundance of bug types, as well as many trainers using the infamous Poison type. Skwog knows the newest addition to his team, Wendy, will be able to take on these Poison types without fear of becoming infected, thanks to her Poison typing.

    Upon entering Route 2, he ventures around in the grass in hopes of finding a new comrade. Out of nowhere a savage Rattata strikes, and Skwog quickly sends out Wendy into battle. A few volleys of tackles, and the Rattata was weak enough to be captured.

    "Cheddar, welcome to the team," Skwog says while placing the Pokeball onto his belt. Now with three team members at hand, Skwog enters the forest. The sky is dark, and there is an abundance of tall grass. This could only mean one thing: lots of wild Pokemon. However, despite walking all around in the grass, nothing appeared. It befuddled Skwog, but he did not give up. There had to be a wild Pokemon somewhere. There just had to.

    Sure enough, a foe had appeared: a Metapod. Not the most formidable of Pokemon, but it would certainly prove to be some sort of use on the team, right? Skwog wasted no time weakening the Pokemon to the point of being weak enough to capture. "Orlando, you'll be useful somehow, even if you can only use harden."

    Soon after, Skwog entered his first battle with another trainer.
    "Hey, you! Bring it on!" shouted a bug catcher a few paces away. This caught Skwog off guard, but he sent Wendy into combat. Her scratches made quick work of the trainer's Caterpie and Weedle, slaughtering the poor bugs. The other two trainers in the forest shared similar fates, their Pokemon falling at the hands of Skwog's powerful Nidoran.

    "Well guys, there it is," Skwog sighed with relief once outside of the confines of the forest. In the distance was Pewter City: the rock hard town filled with trainers as tough as their Pokemon.

    Chapter 4:
    Getting Stoned​

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    "Here you go, five Pokeballs."
    Skwog slipped the clerk $1000 under the counter in exchange for five of the valuable spheres that enabled more members to join the crew.
    "Hey, what brings you to Pewter City anyways?"
    "I came to challenge Brock."
    "Man, that's rough. Looking to score some ink?"
    Skwog nodded as he slugged his backpack back onto his shoulders.
    "Well best of luck."

    The large building loomed over the western side of the city. Skwog knew this would be where he could find the master of Rock Pokemon, Brock.
    "Ready, Pablo?" he asked his companion. The turtle nodded with confidence, sure of a victory.

    Skwog entered the gym and was greeted by a man. "Are you here to challenge Brock?" asked the man.
    "Very well then. Let me tell you this, Brock uses Rock type Pokemon. It is to your best advantage to use---"
    "I don't need advice. I can handle this," Skwog said sharply, cutting off the man.

    The trainer proceeded further into the gym, and was approached by a rogue trainer. "You'll never make it to Brock," he chuckled while sending out a Diglett.

    "Hmph, Pablo, Bubble." A foam surrounded the earth-bound creature, immersing it in water and finishing it off. Pablo nodded in victory, then readied itself for the next foe. A Sandshrew took the place of the Diglett, and Pablo was ordered once more to attack with the bubbles. Though the Sandshrew did not fall to one hit, the second barrage of foam finished it off. "Good job, Pablo. Now let's go find Brock."

    A few more steps into the gym were taken, and a man could be seen in the back, standing in silence. "Welcome challenger. Do you think you can handle my rock hard defense?"
    "Then let the battle commence. Go, Geodude."
    "Pablo, you're up."

    The turtle stood opposite of the floating rock, anticipating orders from their respective trainers. "Pablo, Bubble." The rock was immersed in the wet foam, soaking it to the bone and finishing it with ease.

    "What? Your Squirtle, it is so strong. Nevertheless, you will never be able to defeat me. Go, Onix."
    A large serpent made of stone loomed eerily above Pablo. The size difference was large, but Pablo had the upper hand.
    "Onix, Bide." The snake poised itself in order to better take the attacks.

    "Pablo, Bubble again." The foam was once again sprayed from the turtle's mouth, though it failed to finish off the serpent on the initial blow. "Once more." Pablo shot another blast of the foam from its mouth, this time being too much for the Onix to handle. It fell, and signaled defeat for Brock.

    "But... but how? How could I lose? I am the strongest Rock trainer there is..." Brock was stunned by his loss, returning his beast to its Pokeball. "You're strong, kid. Maybe you have what it takes. Here, let's get you some ink."

    An hour later Skwog exited the gym, his arm wrapped in a bandage. The flesh underneath his upper arm was pink with irritation, but a new emblem marked his victory against Brock. A stone-shaped badge was tattooed onto his arm, showing all he was victorious against Brock. "Good work, Pablo. Looks like we're heading east now." His companion grunted, acknowledging that their journey had only just begun, and that the challenges would only get harder from here.

    Chapter 5:
    A Full Moon​

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    "Pablo, Water Gun!" The turtle drew a small firearm from its shell, and a series of bullets of water penetrated into the adversary.

    "No! Spearow!" shouted the trainer in disbelief. Pablo grunted in victory, then withdrew the weapon back into his shell.

    "Good work Pablo." Skwog side-fived his partner, but then something overcame Pablo, forcing him to the ground in pain.
    "Pablo, what's wrong?"
    His partner was in clear pain, energy exuding from his body. His tail began to feather out, splitting into a series of soft tufts. Two similar tufts sprouted from his head, taking form of ears. His body grew in size, and a pair of canines protruded from his mouth.
    "War...wartortle..." said the companion quietly as he pulled himself up.
    "Dude, you evolved! Nice!"

    A large mountain stood before Skwog as he began to weigh the thought of entering a cave at its base. His team was strong, but there could be perils inside far greater than he had ever witnessed before. Deciding to play it safe, he walked around in the grass to train up Wendy and Pablo before taking on whatever was inside the mountain. The first adversary was a Pidgey, and Skwog captured the Pokemon with ease. "Welcome, Gregory."

    Skwog and Wendy trained for a few battles, her strength growing with each victory. A new move was learned, Poison Sting, and now Skwog was able to abuse the disease that infected the Pokemon of the land.

    "Alright, let's do this," Skwog said as he entered the mountain with Pablo, Wendy, and Orlando on his belt. The first Pokemon encountered was a Geodude, which was captured and promptly named "Robert." Next, Skwog used Wendy in a few battles with opposing trainers. She gained more experience with each battle, and soon she shared the same fate Pablo had experienced before: she evolved.

    The cave was filled with many perils, but nothing too hard for the duo of Pablo and Wendy. Pablo's water attacks were merciless against the plethora of Pokemon inside the cave, and Wendy's poison typing was useful against Poison type Pokemon to prevent Pablo from being poisoned.

    "What are you doing here?" questioned a man as Skwog climbed down a ladder in the cave. The man was dressed in black, and a red "R" marked the front of his top. "Kid, you better get out, or my Pokemon will do a number to you!"

    Pablo handled the Pokemon that were going to "do a number" to Skwog, and the man was stunned. "He's too strong... I must warn the others." With that, the man ran off. Throughout the cave, Skwog continued to encounter these mysterious men. It was not until the end of the cave that his questions were being answered, mainly as to who these men were.

    "We're Team Rocket, and we came to steal the rare fossils," exclaimed one man as he ran away in defeat. Fossils? Team Rocket? Skwog had heard of these men. They were an evil organization, mercilessly killing and stealing Pokemon across Kanto. Someone needed to stop them, and clearly Skwog was doing a number to their efforts inside Mt. Moon.

    "So, you came to steal my fossils?" questioned a nerdy looking man as Skwog walked through the cave. "Well, you have to battle me for them." Wendy quickly disposed of the threat, her scratches and poison stings able to bring down all three of the trainer's Pokemon. "You're strong... go ahead, take one."

    Skwog selected the fossil on the right, the Helix Fossil, then continued his journey towards the exit. It was only a few quick moments before the exit was found, and Skwog took in a breath of the fresh air. "Cerulean City, here I come."

    Chapter 6:
    Bridging the Gap​

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    "Orlando, are you okay?" questioned Skwog in concern. The cocoon had become unresponsive after a hefty amount of training. Skwog was determined to utilize the Pokemon, but his strengths were limited. "Orlando?" Still, no response from the green shell.

    Suddenly, the casing began to crack, shattering in order to expose its contents inside. An insect darted out from inside the shell, its delicate wings allowing it to stay aloft. "Awesome, you evolved. Time to show everybody what you're made of."

    "Skwog, what are you doing here?" called out an all-too-familiar voice.
    "I'm always one step ahead of you. You're probably out to the cape to see Bill, aren't you?"
    "Ha, you don't even know who I'm talking about! What a loser. I already beat you there anyways."
    "Let me through, Blue."
    "Not without a battle."
    "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you."

    Blue threw a Pokeball into the air, and a Pidgeotto took form before him. "Pablo, go!" The turtle stood before its foe, confident of the match up.
    "Pidgeotto, Quick Attack!"
    "Water Gun!"
    The bird slammed into Pablo's hard shell with amazing velocity, but the attack did a meager amount of damage. Pablo responded with a blast from the gun he stored in his shell, critically damaging and fainting the bird.

    "Abra, come on out."
    "Orlando, your turn."
    The Abra was defenseless to a series of psychic attacks from Orlando, and Skwog took yet another victory.

    "Rattata, avenge your teammates."
    "Wendy, you know the drill."
    Rattata attempted to weaken Wendy by wagging its tail, but Wendy did not hesitate to send a blast of toxic needles from her mouth, poisoning the rat. It was only a matter of two more of these blasts of stings until the rat fell.

    "Bulbasaur, you're my last chance."
    "Pablo, face your rival."
    Bulbasaur started by tackling Pablo, barely scratching the sturdy shell. Pablo wagged its tail, lowering the defenses of the creature. Another tackle, and another tail whip followed.
    "Pablo, finish this. Tackle."
    The turtle slammed head on into Bulbasaur, the combination of his strength and the Bulbasaur's lowered defenses being enough for the victory.

    "Well, Skwog, you're strong. But I'm always going to be one step ahead of you," scoffed Blue as he walked away from the loss.

    Ahead Skwog could see a bridge, and on it were five trainers ready to battle. It was no question who he would use for battle. Orlando proved his worth to the team by making quick work of the trainers on the bridge, even holding his own against a formidable Mankey. When Skwog thought it was over, a final trainer stood between him and being able to explore the cape.

    "You're strong. Too strong..." whispered the man. "You should join Team Rocket. We could use your strengths."
    "Never. I'm here to restore peace, not destroy it."
    "Very well. Your only other option is to fight me."
    Orlando decimated the foe with its Confusion attack, and for his victory Skwog was handed a gold nugget.
    "Watch out, Team Rocket has their eyes on you now."

    With the bridge behind him, Skwog was free to explore the area. Upon entering the grass on the route, he encountered a Pidgey. Since he already had one on his team, Skwog saw no use for it and fainted it with ease.

    "Uhm, hello? Is Bill here?" Skwog called out as he entered a house on the Cerulean Cape.
    "Oh thank goodness, somebody came!" responded a voice, but Skwog could see nobody there. A Pokemon walked up to him, the species unknown to him. "Buddy, can you help me?"
    "Woah, you can talk!"
    "Yeah, I'm Bill. I was doing an experiment trying to find an antidote to the toxin spreading throughout Kanto, and, well... screwed up. Now I have these big meaty fingers and can't revert my computer program to fix me. Mind lending me a hand?"
    "Uh... sure, what do I need to do?"
    "Just press the button on my computer when I enter the chamber."

    The talking Pokemon entered a large container, and Skwog could see a thumbs up through the porthole on the chamber. For a dramatic effect, he pressed the button with force, and watched as a display of electricity was flowing before him. The sizzle of energy dying down could be heard, then a door to another chamber opened. Out came a perfectly normal looking man.

    "Thanks. I don't know what I would have done if you didn't come along." Bill held out his hand, and shook Skwog's in a greeting. "The name is Bill. I'm a scientist. I invented the storage system for Pokemon. How can I repay you?"
    "It was nothing, really."
    "Here then, take this." Bill handed Skwog a ticket with a ship printed on it. "There's a cruise down in Vermillion City. I'm at the peak of my research, so I don't have the time to go. You can take it for me. Thanks again."

    Skwog pocketed the ticket and nodded in response. This Bill guy seemed a little whacked out, but maybe he was onto something. Maybe he could find a cure. The hope was slim, but at least somebody was working towards it.

    "Oh, hey Skwog, I noticed the tattoo on your arm. You beat Brock, didn't you? Well, Cerulean has a gym leader. Her name is Misty. You should take her on. I'm sure you can handle her without a problem."

    The Crew​
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    Pablo the Wartortle Lv. 24
    -Water Gun

    Like his trainer, Pablo is quiet and reserved. However, his strength is invaluable to the team, and his Water Gun tends to pull the team out of many tight situations.

    Wendy the Nidorina Lv. 19
    -Poison Sting

    Wendy may not be the strongest or sturdiest member of the team, but she brings a useful immunity to being Poisoned to the team. She has a crush on Pablo, but he is too "macho" to pay any notice to her.

    Orlando the Butterfree Lv. 18
    -Stun Spore
    -Poison Powder
    -Sleep Powder

    As a Metapod, Orlando looked to be useless, and a likely candidate for death fodder. Once reaching Cerulean City, Skwog discovered his talents after evolving Orlando into a Butterfree. Confusion provides a quick way to dispose of Poison Pokemon, and Orlando's variety of status inducing moves are always nice.​

    The Box​
    Show Hide
    Gregory the Pidgey Lv. 9
    Cheddar the Rattata Lv. 4
    Robert the Geodude Lv. 9​
  18. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    It's nice to see how many people liked my HeartGold story, so without further ado, here we go again! Part 1 of Flamestrike's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge!

    Link to HeartGold Challenge (Final update, link to other updates are there)

    As Brandon went to enter Professor Rowan's lab, he found himself being knocked over by what felt like a freight train. "Oh, sorry, didn't see you there!" Brandon got up and saw that it wasn't a freight train but in fact a person, with blond hair that curled up and looked almost like horns. "Nice Togekiss you have there! I hear that's a pretty strong Pokemon! Oh, I should introduce myself! Name's Barry, and you?"
    "Brandon," he replied. "Nice to-"
    "Oh, look at the time! I have to get going, I hear Jubilife's up ahead and from there I'll be able to head towards my first Gym badge! I'm going to be the best trainer ever, and there's nothing you can do about it! See ya!" Before Brandon could say anything, he was gone, running off to his destination. "At least now I know where to go," he muttered to himself as he dusted himself off. Once he felt he once again looked somewhat presentable, he entered.

    "Hello there, you must be Brandon, judging from that Togekiss following you!" Professor Rowan had turned from his table and saw Brandon walking in, Matty close behind. "Yeah, that would be me," Brandon replied, moving up to shake the professor's hand. "Hey Dawn, come in here, the next trainer is here!" A cute girl came out when the professor called. "Oh, hi there! You must be Brandon!"
    "Yep, that's me. And you would be Dawn?"
    "That's me alright!" She advanced and the two shook hands. "Good to see you two getting along," the professor commented.
    "Haha," Dawn laughed, "at least he doesn't speak a mile a minute like that Barry did." Brandon laughed too, remembering the hyperactive trainer that bowled him over outside. "Well," the professor continued, "as much as I'd love to let you two keep chatting, Brandon here needs to get his new Pokemon."
    "Oh yeah! Want me to show you the three we have?" Brandon was somewhat surprised by the girl's enthusiasm, but he didn't mind too much. "Sure, let's go!"
    "Alright, they're in here."

    Dawn led Brandon into a small room off to the side, and Brandon got to see the three Sinnoh starter Pokemon for the first time. First was Turtwig. The small grass-type turtle was eating, and only took a casual glance at the two teenagers before going back to its food. The second Pokemon was more extroverted. Chimchar, a small fire-type monkey, came running over and, to Brandon's surprise, hugged him on the leg. Brandon looked around, but he couldn't find the third Pokemon, Piplup anywhere. As if reading his mind, Dawn commented, "Unfortunately Barry took our last Piplup, so I'm afraid that unless you want to wait a day or two for the next Piplup to come in, you'll have to take one of the other two."
    "That's alright, I never really wanted Piplup anyway." He looked at the other two. Chimchar was now playing with Matty, while Turtwig had finally come over to say hi. Brandon patted the little turtle Pokemon on the head, and Chimchar and Matty came over to get a part of the love. "Looks like you have a way with Pokemon," Dawn pointed out. "Yeah, I suppose." Brandon said. Thoughts of Corey, his first Pokemon, had suddenly came through his head. Killed in the first Gym battle in Jotho, Brandon hadn't had the joy of being able to bond with his starter throughout his travels. He felt himself starting to tear up despite himself. Dawn broke him out of his reverie. "Brandon, you ok?" He snapped out of it and realized that while Turtwig was still happily nuzzling against his leg, Chimchar and Matty had both stopped to look at him, worried looks on their faces. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine," Brandon replied, standing up. "Just remembering some stuff from Jotho."
    "Oh yeah, you're the champion from there, and from Kanto, right?"
    "Yeah..." Brandon now remembered his final fight with Red, including his self-inflicted death at the end. Yet again, he felt himself tearing up, and this time even Turtwig noticed, stopping his nuzzling to look up at Brandon. Dawn asked tentatively, "Brandon, is something wrong? You don't look too good."
    "I'm fine, just some bad memories..."
    "I don't know, it seems to be a bit more than bad memories."
    "Ok, really bad memories then."
    "Want to talk about it?"
    "Maybe later, I still need to pick a Pokemon, remember?" Dawn smiled and nodded, though it was clear she was still worried. Brandon turned to look at the two Pokemon again. He had always been impressed with Torterra's amazing strength, yet he couldn't deny that Chimchar was growing on him. The little chimp was now on his shoulder, fiddling with his hat. Dawn scowled. "Hey Chimchar, leave poor Brandon alone!" Brandon jumped to the defense of the monkey Pokemon. "Nah, it's fine. Let him have his fun." He patted the little guy, who in return gave his head a hug before returning to fiddling with the hat. "He likes you a lot, doesn't he?"
    "Not sure if he likes me or the hat." They both laughed. "But yeah, he's definitely growing on me. I like Turtwig and all, but I think I'm going to take this little guy."
    "Haha, I'm not surprised in the slightest."
    "I feel bad for poor Turtwig though. From what I understand not many trainers start their journeys here, so isn't it likely he'll be left here by himself for a while?"
    "Well, usually we keep all three here. We'll be getting another Piplup and Chimchar soon enough." Brandon looked relieved, but Dawn continued, "We'll also be getting a new Turtwig soon."
    "Wait, what? Is something wrong with him?"
    "No, it's not that. It's just, I love being the professor's assistant and everything, but I've been wanting to go on my own journey for a long time now. So I asked the professor and he agreed to let me take whatever Pokemon was left after you and Barry picked yours. To be honest I wanted Piplup, but I love all three so I'm fine with Turtwig."
    "That's awesome! Maybe we'll run into each other from time to time!"
    "Haha, definitely!"

    The two left the room, Chimchar still on Brandon's shoulder, still fiddling with his hat, while Dawn had picked up Turtwig and brought it with her. The professor smiled. "So, it seems you two have decided on your Pokemon?"
    "Yep," Dawn replied. Brandon nodded in agreement. "Very well then," the professor said, "do either of you want to nickname your Pokemon before we make it official?" Dawn replied first. "No, I'm fine with Turtwig." Brandon thought about it some more. "I think I'm going to go with Ramza." Brandon had decided not to go with the names of his old friends, and instead decided to go with a new theme, to represent a new journey. The professor clapped his hands. "Very well then, here you go!" He handed both of them the Pokeballs for their new Pokemon. They called back their new Pokemon, and turned to face the professor. Dawn spoke first. "Thank you Professor Rowan, for everything you've done for me while I've been here."
    "And thank you for all the help you've given me while you've been here. I'm sure you'll do very well on your journey!" Brandon came next. "Thank you for the Pokemon, Professor Rowan."
    "You have a bond with that Pokemon after about 5 minutes with it, it would be a travesty to not give him to you. Make sure to take good care of it." Brandon choked up at the thought of Ramza suffering the same fate as Corey and the others, but this time he managed to hide it. "Thank you, I'll make sure it stays safe."
    "I know you will. Now you guys need to get going! Those Gym Leaders aren't going to beat themselves!"

    Once outside the lab, the two turned to face each other. "So, what are you going to do now Brandon?" Dawn asked. "I'm going to go catch some Pokemon," he replied. "Makes sense, you probably won't go very far without any."
    "Yeah, Ramza may be strong but he'll need help." Dawn reached into her pack and grabbed five Pokeballs. "Here, I'm sure you know you'll need these to catch some Pokemon. Being a champion you're probably used to having Great and Ultra Balls, but until you beat a few gyms here you'll have to start with these."
    "Oh wow, thanks!" He didn't have the heart to tell her that he had already bought 10 Pokeballs when he arrived, but he still appreciated the thought. She continued, "Anyway, I'm going to continue on towards Jubilife. I know I need to catch more Pokemon, but I've never been much of a fan of Starly or Bidoof, so I'm going to see if I can find something a little different."
    "Sounds good, I'll see you later then."
    "Yeah, see you." Dawn turned and walked off in the same direction Barry had run earlier. Brandon in turn went in the opposite direction. He let Ramza out of its ball to follow behind, just like he had in Jotho. As he looked towards Route 201, he once again thought of all those he had lost in Jotho and Kanto. But this time he didn't tear up. Instead he smiled. It was time for a new beginning.

    It was time to start over.

    Alive (open)
    Ramza the level 5 Chimchar: Hardy nature
    My newest friend, Ranza is already close to me, always clinging to me whenever he's out of his Pokeball. He's excited to start battling, but he's also nervous since he realizes he has to live up to the legacy left by Matty and my other Jotho Pokemon.

    Boxed (open)
    None yet.

    Dead (open)
    None yet.

    As I was writing this I started to feel like Dawn should play a larger role in the story, so I expanded a bit more on that than I expected to at first. Kinda a shame, since it meant I had to stop before I got to any of the four Pokemon I've caught so far. I gave myself Route 201 even though I ran into a Pokemon on it since it fit with the story and I ran away from it anyway, so I got no gain from it. I didn't give myself Lake Verity however, since I had to kill the Starly from the forced encounter. Next update we'll do some catching, some battling and some clown-hunting!
  19. EliteBlitzer


    Feb 14, 2011
  20. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    @Flamestrike: ...wow. I feel bad now for moving my challenge to Serebii. So, I'll try to do a new challenge here, and only here.
    same rules as LG

    Years have passes by. Time keeps coming, never ceasing, and never getting kinder. It's been forty years since the first day of that journey long ago that set the stage for te current situation. It's a story of war and love, hatred and friendship, and bitter rivalries that threatened to destroy the world. But most importantly, it's a story, and those need to be told. In fact, it all fits into a story, even though so few people have managed to determine the plotline. Soon, one story will end. What comes next, no one knows. But for now, it's time to tell my tale after forty years of silence.

    -Samuel Oak's diary, found in the ashes of Pallet Town. The entry is dated as the penultimate day of the professors life.

    The Sega will move on.
  21. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    My Diamond Nuzlocke has met with its third tragedy, with Donna the Meditite falling to my rival McBarry's Monferno. (Yes, I called him that. Don't ask why.) He opened with Leer, then got a critical hit with Flame Wheel. The bastard. There goes my best answer to Rock type Pokémon, as, really, I'm now down to about three useful Pokémon: Fianna the Crobat, Fluffy the Gyarados, and Shergar the Ponyta. However, I have some reserves in the box. Should I bother raising any of these for now? Note that I am currently at Solaceon Town, and have already caught a Pokémon from the route above it; my Chansey. Yeah, I'm a lucky bastard sometimes.

    Useless the Silcoon (lvl 10)
    BunBun the Buneary (lvl 11)
    Steven the Bidoof (lvl 13)
    Bro the Geodude (lvl 5)
    Nox the Gastly (lvl 13)
    RammaBamma the Cranidos (lvl 20)
    Wingala the Staravia (lvl 24) (I was using her, but she just became too fragile.)
    Derpington the Bidoof (lvl 16)
    Herp the Bibarel (lvl 16)
    Cleric the Chansey (lvl 18)
    Wally the Bronzor (lvl 15)
    NutSoFail (lvl 7)

    And the Happiny Egg. However, I have the Good Rod, so I could go back to Eterna City and fish there...
  22. ginganinja

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    Apr 13, 2009
    After suffering a big loss I began a flurry of catching to strengthen my party. Rose the Budew become popular as i sought to fill the void left by Max. Kyle the Bronzor (Mt Coronet) was also captured and together these pokemon worked well together. Aaron The Buizel was found in the Valley Windworks and despite being critted multiable times managed to make it to Level 15 before I faced off against Mars. Zap dealt with Mars with no problems and I made it to Eterna City without incident. I challenged Gardenia after some minor Grinding. This proved to be a mistake as Kyle and Rose both falling in battle to Gardenias Roserade. Zap too suffered, critically injured after taking on Turtwig and Cherrium. In the end it was Aaron who finished off Roserade with a Quick attack finishing the battle.


    Kazza (Male Abra)
    Lv 13

    Kazza still lacks power but can now obey me thanks to Gardenia's Badge. Only 3 Levels short of becoming a powerhouse of the team I have faith that with patience, he will outshine even Zap

    Zap (Male Luxio)
    Lv 24

    Zap has been hardened by the loss of Max and has been a key member of this team. Intimidate coming in handy to soften blows and Zap can hit hard thanks to a STAB Spark. Evolving into Luxio increased his power dramatically an he is still the leader of the team

    Aaron (Male Buizel)
    Lv 18
    -Quick Attack
    -Water Gun

    Aaron has been invaluable with his lovely priority and water attacks. He proved his worth in taking down the many Geodude and Onix my team would otherwise struggle with. While not quite a team powerhouse yet Aaron works hard and backs up Zap whenever possible.


    Paul the Male Bidoof, Level 4, Careful
    Mike the Male Zubat, Level 5, Impish
    Kirsta the Female Burmy ,Level 15, Bold
    Alison the Female Meditite, Level 13, Sassy


    Max (Male Turtwig)
    Lv 15
    -Razor Leaf

    Max was going so well before bad luck ended his chances of going further with me. Such a shame seeing as I had hoped that he would be useful in latter matches.

    Kyle (Male Bronzor)
    Lv 23
    -Confuse Ray

    Kyle had proven to be a nice pivot and defensive supporter of the team before bad luck meant that he had to be sacrificed to defeat Roserade. He was a big loss and I will struggle to replace him.

    Rose (Female Budew)
    Lv 16
    -Mega Drain
    -Stun Spore
    -Worry Seed

    Rose was another casualty to fall against Roserade. It was sacrificed to weaken Roserade enough for a free switch to be granted and so that Aaron could grab a clean KO. Rose had potential to act as a needed grass type but alas, it was not to be.
  23. Its_A_Random

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Son Of Shadoo, considering your huge Rock Type Weakness, I'd recommend taking either Bronzor or Geodude out of the PC, just so you have something to take on Rock Type attacks with.

    In other news, I'm still playing my Fire Red Nuzlocke, I just haven't had much time for it, I'll try & do an official update after Lt. Surge. I'm currently on Route 11 beating the trainers on that Route, with Sparrow the Spearow at Lv18, WhacAMole the Diglett at Lv21, Rock Pile the Geodude at Lv21 & RootOfEvil the Ivysaur at Lv23. Haven't encountered a wild Pokemon on Route 11 yet.

    EDIT: Lost Rock Pile to a random fucking crit from a Growlithe's Bite...There goes my Raticate roadblock... :( So I'm forced to grind to compensate for the loss, with WhacAMole & Sparrow evolving in the process. Now to take on SS Anne...Anyways, are any of these worth taking out of the box:
    Flapper the Pidgey: Lv13
    Worm the Caterpie: Lv7
    Ninth Life the Meowth: Lv13
    Root the Oddish: Lv17
    snakE the Ekans: Lv13
  24. Bluecaptain


    Oct 31, 2008
    First time Taking a Nuzlocke Challenge, Here is Part One: Leafgreen Version

    -If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it.
    -Every time you reach a new route, cave, etc., you must catch the very first Pokemon you see, regardless of your current number of party members. The Pokemon may sit within the box for an indeterminate amount of time as a backup.
    -If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see, either via it fleeing, knocking it out, or having no Pokeballs, you may not catch another.
    -This means you cannot catch a pokemon in a route you were in before you could catch pokemon. So no route 1, you were there before you had pokeballs.
    -If a town you go to contains a body of water or a gift, pokemon like Bill’s Eevee in G/S/C/HG/SS, that may be considered a Pokemon of a new area.
    -You must nickname your pokemon so there is some sort of attachment. Each pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking.
    -If your entire party faints, they all must be thrown away. If you have a pokemon left in a box somewhere, you may continue, otherwise you must start your game over.
    -You are, under no circumstance, allowed to get a second pokemon from any given area.
    -You are, under no circumstance, allowed to use items outside of battle. If you were poisoned on your last turn of the battle, you better hope to god there is a pokemon center nearby.
    -You may not switch out before the enemy trainer sends in a new Pokemon.
    -You are not allowed to use legendaries in battle.

    For my stater Pokemon I chose Bulbasaur, naming it Conspiracy. I, Pillard, faced my rival, Bond, and his Charmander, having some trouble with my Timid nature Conspiracy but I got two critical hits after some growls allowing me to proceed to Viridian City. I got the Pokedex and caught a Ratatta naming it Marrow. I leveled up both of my Pokemon in the grass so I could face Bond again out side the entrance to the Elite Four, I took out his pidgey with Conspiracy and defeated the Charmander with leech seed and Marrow's tackle. I moved on through Viridian Forest to Capture a Caterpie, naming it Diploid, to accompany the Metapod, that was also named Diploid, that I had caught earlier outside of Viridian City. The original Diploid fainted to Poison from a Trainer's Weedle within 10 steps of the Pokemon Center...Nooo...ahhhg. I made it to Pewter City and defeated Brock easily with Conspiracy. So with the Boulder Badge in hand I move on to Mt.Moon, with my new running shoes of course.

    Show Hide
    Conspiracy - Bulbasaur
    Timid - Growl/Tackle/Vine Whip/Leech Seed
    Marrow - Ratatta
    Naughty - Quick Attack/Tackle/Tail Whip
    Diploid - Caterpie
    Lonely - String Shot/Tackle

    Show Hide
    diploid - Metapod
    Calm - String Shot/Harden/Tackle

    I know it might be a little short but i just started last night so thanks for reading.
  25. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    I am never, EVER writing another update in the reply box again. First I lose half of the final HeartGold update, then this time I had the entire update written out, only to completely forget that Smogon logs you out automatically when you don't switch pages for a long time, even when you're typing a reply. I hit reply, got the "You can't do that" page, and realized I couldn't get it back because when I hit back it gave me the same page because I was on advanced reply. So I log back in, and think I have it back only to see that it's actually the first update I had quoted to get my hide boxes. GAHHH! Even worse is that I now realize that had I logged in when I first got the page it probably would have worked fine. FML, now I have to type that all up again and I'll be even farther behind -_-'

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