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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Dracoyoshi8

    Dracoyoshi8 vendetta
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 31, 2009
    when you imagine Pokemon dying in battle, it gives you a kind of darker out look of the games. Oh well, here's my current team:

    Amber(Combusken) - Lvl 17 - Naive - route 101
    Bugsy(Nincada) - lvl 9 - Mild - route 116
    Sky(Taillow) - lvl 11 - Lax - petalburg woods
    Aqua(Marill) - lvl 4 - Naive - Route 104


    Darkly(Poochyena) - lvl 5 - Modest - route 103

    and here's a stylized story of my gym battle with roxanne where I hax her nosepass bad


    I stood in front of the Rustboro Gym with a churning stomach. With Bugsy and Sky being my only Pokemon other than Amber, it was up to her to beat Roxanne. I looked at her Poke Ball. I knew that if she died in battle, my chances of success on this journey will drop greatly. However, I marched on in through the automatic doors.

    I previously fought the Gym trainers for EXP for Amber, leading her to evolve into Combusken. But Roxanne is much tougher. I walked through the pathetic excuse for a maze that was her Gym, and then I saw her. Red stockings, brown hair, red bow... she didn't look like the person you would expect to be a Gym Leader. But she is, and now it is time to battle.

    She looks at me approaching. "Hello, I am Roxanne, the Rustboro Pokémon Gym Leader. I became a Gym Leader so that I might apply what I learned at the Pokémon Trainer's School in battle. Would you kindly demonstrate how you battle, and with which Pokémon?" she says with a small smile. I pull out my Poke Ball, and the battle begins.

    "Go Amber!" I yell as I send out Combusken.

    "Let's get rolling, Geodude!" I look at the rocky Pokemon. Amber fought them before with Ember, and won everytime. But now she has an even better move.

    "Amber, start off with Focus Energy!" I'm taking a risk here, but I'm hoping a lucky critical might be able to win me the match.

    "Huh, not attacking right away? Your mistake! Rock Tomb!" she commands. The Geodude grabs four stones from the ground and hurls them at Amber. Amber loses around half of her health and her Speed is lowered! I hope she is still faster....

    "Amber use Double Kick!" I yell. Luckily, Amber is still faster! She rushes forward and jumps into the air. Her left talon comes slamming down on Geodude's face, then again with her right talon. Geodude's rocky outer body cracks as he crumbles into dust.

    It's a brutal game we play, where the prize is EXP and money, and the punishment is death. I already lost a Poochyena named Darkly in battle, and it hurt hard. This game is gamble that Roxanne and I took when we started this battle. I look at the pile of dust that was Geodude and shiver. What have I done?

    "Hm, Geodude, return," she says. She pulls out another Poke Ball. "Go Geodude!"
    Another Geodude comes out, and realizes that its comrad must have suffered the cruel fate. It gets an angry glare in its eyes and gives a mighty roar. However, this doesn't intimidate Amber the slightest. She's a tough one, if not Naive.

    "Amber, Double Kick again!" Geodude braces himself for the attack, covering his face with his fists. However, Amber instead does a sliding kick first, sending Geodude up into the air. Then using her arms to push herself into the air as well, she delivers a kick right out of a somersault. The Geodude hurdles to the ground and shatters. A smile forms on my face from seeing my Combusken's battle style. I know that Pokemon die in battle, but they seem to have so much fun fighting, I can see why they take the risk. Although, it still stings a little everytime you see one die.

    "Geodude, get back and rest in peace," Roxanne says solemnly. She pulls out a final Poke Ball. "Go Nosepass!" The Compass Pokemon comes on out and... does nothing. It just stands there. This Nosepass must have fought many times, and won each time. It knows the way of battle, and nothing looks like it would surprise it. Maybe we can change that.

    "Amber, use Double Kick and end this!" Amber runs forward, and suddenly sees something. She looks at the bright red nose and realizes that must be its weak point! She lands one kick directly on the nose. The Nosepass howls in pain from the critical hit, but still stands. Amber flips back into the air and starts spinning, and hits Nosepass' nose once more with a spiral Double Kick. The Nosepass shrieks as the nose falls apart. Without its nose, it loses control of its magnetic powers. It spins rapidly and lifts into air, and explodes into a shower of dust. Amber does a victory pose as we win the match.

    "Nosepass, no!" Roxanne cries. I look at her and is surprised to see tears in her eyes. That Nosepass must of meant a lot to her. She looks at me at first with a glare, but covers it up with an almost happy facade. "So... I lost... It seems that I still have much more to learn... I understand. The Pokémon League's rules state that Trainers are to be given this if they defeat a Gym Leader. Please accept the official Pokémon League Stone Badge."

    I take the Stone Badge and TM Rock Tomb with pleasure, and wave to her as I leave. She doesn't wave back.
  2. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    Update 4
    I hop on to rote 116, expecting something cool, like a Whismur. Yay, a Whismur! Damn it, a crit! I soon realize Lemming and … aren’t strong enough to take on trainers, and I respond to that by taking on the gym. Of course, they can’t touch the rock pokes, so I switch them in, then switch PINGAS in, who kills the Geodudes with Bullet Seed. I should probably follow the rule of never switching, but I want to have fun with this and not have to cry myself to sleep every night because of the switching rule. Anyway, I take the gym out no problem. Yay. Thing is, PINGAS kinda died, and my other pokes couldn’t touch that nosepass…

  3. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    That sucks. Enjoying your writeups, though. Keep them coming. I have part 3 on the way.
  4. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    I'm working on update 3. I've decided to screw another rule, that being:

    You may never switch out when your opponent does (the battle must be on Set).

    TOUGH S**T. This challange is hard enough already without you mucking around with the few easier things. Admitably, I'll be spamming X items (THERE'S NO RULES AGAINST THEM! YOU CAN LOOK, BUT I CAN LOOPHOLE YOU OUT!) near the end, and not switching anyway, but earlygame... look Steve's gonna be tired enough of GreenAsshole's Spearow, and I'm gonna need to switch to my auxillary to take on Eevee.

    EDIT: Well, what do you know, I churned out Update 3. I feel happy for screwing that rule, I'd have 4 dead pokemon if I didn't.

    UPDATE 3: Wait, why don't his die but mine do?

    So last time I caught Tim and Birdy, and now I decided to train both. Also, making a forray into Viridian Woods, I found ANOTHER pokeball... and a Caterpie! I named him Bugsy, and put him, Tim, Birdy, and Steve all on a training regimin. Soon, in a lot of battles that nearly killed them all, they all got to level 7. Bugsy even evolved! He... looks very suggestive now. And he learns HARDEN. (insert joke here)

    So anyway, I was training on the route where Tim was, and found... him. GREEEE- er, ASSSSHOOOOOOOLLLLEE! He challanged me to a battle, which I wasn't sure I was prepaired for. But I was forced to battle. Gee, what a great world we live in!

    So he sent out a Spearow, and I sent out Steve. It growled a bunch, and even got a Critical Peck in! But, Steve resists it and has a STAB super effective attack. Green recalled his pokemon before it died, the cheating bastard.

    Then he sent out Eevee.

    My origanal plan was to send in Bugsy and get off a String Shot or two, and I stuck to it, but a few Tail Whips, Sand attacks, and 2 tackles later Bugsy was reduced to 7 health. Still, I got a few hits in, and slowed him down, so Bugsy got swapped out for Birdy. Birdy got off 1 sand attack, and was reduced to 3 health before I switched for Tim. Tim started tackling, and Eevee missed a few times... but I got him down to half, wheras he got me down to 5. So back out went Steve. He got a free switch into a missed tackle, and a crit, and Eevee was being stupid... but nonetheless, it was so close, he had ONE FUCKING HIT POINT at the end of it. Still, Blue ran away, his pokemon nearly dead but not quite there yet.

    I WILL get my revenge!
  5. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    Pokémon: Grey Version

    PART 3

    The red, waning sun sat angry on the horizon in front of me. My shoes scratched on the spongy seaside turf as Smoke padded along beside me. His face was bright and hopeful. The glowing end of my cigarette was lost in the red western sky.

    The grass got tall and ugly as we left sight of New Bark Town. I could see a few people milling about, whether training or sightseeing I didn't know. I didn't approach. The dark was coming on faster by that point, and I wanted to make it to Cherrygrove while I could still see.

    As we approached a clearing, a fat round bird with big, orange eyes came down from a tree and grabbed at me. This was as good a time as any to see what Smoke could do.

    "Smoke, use Tackle on it." It seemed like a Hoothoot, but I wasn't sure.

    "Chiko!" Smoke bent his stubby legs and launched his dumpy frame with surprising agility.

    The bird fell in a heap, making me wish for a spare Poke Ball. Not having one, we walked on.

    We got to Cherrygrove City pretty late, where a sandy old dotard was lounging by the welcome sign.

    "Well, aren't you a live wire, boy, coming in at this hour." It was not that late. "How about I show you around."

    "No need."

    "Well take this at least." It was a Map Card for my Pokegear.


    I installed the map and headed north from Cherrygrove. It wasn't much of a city, just a few houses, a store, and a Pokemon Center. I considered giving Smoke a rest, but he didn't seem to need it.

    Just outside town, the grass quickly got even worse than before. It must not have been a very popular route. The only sound I heard for quite a while was the scratching of nettles on my pants. Good thing the looker from Elm's lab wasn't stuck on this route, with those doggy running shorts she'd been wearing. She'd smelled good, like something... pleasant, almost sleepy. Bellossom. I took a hard drag and let the smoke replace that scent.

    Around that time a Pokemon jumped out of the grass, one I recognized. It was a Poliwag, a water-type. I knew that Smoke could handle it without trouble, so I let him. Almost as soon as it was down, another owl came down, just like before, and Smoke barely waited for my suggestion to attack. Not one of them had bothered him yet, and he was looking stronger already. I managed a smile as we walked on.

    PART 4

    I woke up the next morning at Mr. Pokemon's house. Smoke and I had taken a quick doss on his floor after we got to his house. Professor Oak, from DJ Mary's show, had been there, and I looked at what he had given me. A Pokedex, a robo-snitch to give me the low down on all the Pokemon I met. I looked up and confirmed that the pests from last night were Hoothoots.

    I left while it was still dark, then noticed a message from Elm. I assumed it was about the small egg in my satchel, which Mr. Pokemon had asked me to take back. Instead, it just said that he needed me, that it was urgent. I made Smoke pick up the pace and we hustled back south.

    I found a bush on the way, which had a berry I knew could cure poison. I gave it to Smoke.

    "If someone lays a mickey on you, just give that guy a nibble, got me?"

    "Chiko." That was going to get real familiar, I was sure.

    What I did not find on the way back to Cherrygrove was any Pokemon. Smoke seemed spoiling for a fight, so we hung around until a Hoothoot came down. This time, Smoke fired a stream of leaves at the thing, whistling through the air and bringing it down in a crash. Something new. I checked the Pokedex, which said that all Chikoritas eventually learn to do this, and it's called Razor Leaf. No kidding.

    I ducked into the Pokemon Center after that, since I wasn't sure how tiring that was for Smoke. The dame behind the counter gave me a wink and tossed that pink hair they all have. Enough to make a fish like me wonder why they really kept her on at the place, especially with that machine doing all the work. I kept it to myself, though, and ducked outside.

    Good thing, too, because just then I saw that runner's body from before, living up to the name. I took the last pull on my cigarette, getting it real bright so she'd see me. That sweet Bellossom smell was barely there, but I caught it. I caught a glance, too, and not a too cool one.

    "What's got you in such a rush?"

    "What's it to you?"

    "Well, a doll like you, taking off like this, it's not the thing."

    "How did you get a Pokemon from Elm's lab? What a waste."

    "Well aren't you just a dish."

    "You want to battle? I'll show you a Pokemon!"

    What she showed me was why Elm had given me a call. It was the Cyndaquil I might have taken instead of Smoke.

    "That's fine," I told her. "You just let me roll this snipe first. I won't have time, if you let Smoke start on your boy before I get it done." I shot her a wink and made her wait while I squatted on my heels and rolled one nice and neat. I bit it hard, then turned Smoke loose.

    It was over quick. The Cyndaquil looked like it didn't know from what was happening. Smoke just took those leaves to it and gave it a quick Tackle, and that was it. I walked over real slow and lit my cigarette off its back, never breaking eye contact with her.

    She made a derisive, spitting sound, and said, "You are just the limit! I'll be the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world!" Then she scooped up the Cyndaquil and ran off, shoving me away and just working those get away sticks so I wished I'd waited until daylight just to see it. Maybe that was her old lady hanging with mine the other day. Good breeding.

    "Well, Smoke, I guess we'll see what the professor thinks." He made a face as I took another pull. That's right; grass-types. Not into fire.
  6. Kannon


    Nov 2, 2008
    long narrative stuff (open)
    "There is a time in every young man's life when he goes off on his own adventure, full of friends and peril. This adventure will be full of friends and peril, and will be seen through to the end, and at the end of this adventure, the boy will emerge a man... I know this is right, it said so on TV honey!"

    "That's great mom." was the groggy reply.

    It was another sunny day in Pallet town, just like all the other days. In fact, it was nothing but sunny, all day, every day in Pallet town, and just like every morning, Kannon reluctantly woke up and ate his breakfast. His mom was always watching her TV shows and was always talking about them. It had been this way since his dad had left, and he decided it was time for him to get out too. So after he got ready he simply walked out the front door, his mother too engrossed in the television to recognize he was gone.

    And so, his quest began. He ventured towards the edge of town, to the path leading out. He takes his first step into the grass. Suddenly...

    "WAAAAAAAAAAIT!" old man Oak cried, "You can't go out there, there are vicious wild pokemon that will tear you limb from limb!"

    "But it's just Ratattas and Pidgeys', Kannon replied. 'I could probably punt them and they'd die."

    "Nonsense, these are vicious predators masquerading as Ratattas and Pidgies" the crazed professor replied. "I saw it all back in 'nam, they grow huge fangs and claws and gut you faster than you can scream for your Electabuzz to save you from them!"

    At that very moment, a creature emerged from the grass. Professor Oak, flashing back to his supposed 'war days' grabbed a nearby branch and immediately began pummeling the poor mouse into submission. In his rage, he let spill several items from his pocket, and the wild Pikachu rushed to the safety of a pokeball, capturing itself.

    "We've got vittles tonight boys, we're gonna be eating like kings!"
    "You just beat a helpless Pikachu within an inch of it's life!" was all the shocked Kannon could reply.

    Professor Oak, snapping out of his trance, picked up the pokeball, pocketed it, and remembered what he had been doing previously. "Oh, yes, Kannon, I need you to swing by my lab, I have something to give you."

    So, Kannon and Oak, making it back to the lab were greeted by a ear piercing, screeching sound.

    "What took you so long gramps? I've been waiting all day!" whined Heysup in his nasally Jewish baritone.

    "Ah, yes Heysup, I asked you to come here, indeed I did. who gave you the keys to my lab?"
    "Anyways, Kannon, now is the time you begin your pokemon career, take this pokemon I have on my desk."

    Kannon, never one to turn down free things, reached for the single pokeball on the desk. Mere inches from the pokeball, Heysup shoves past him as well as his spindly arms are able and wrests the pokeball from the desk.

    "This one is mine! I said so!" he boldly whines exclaims.

    "Well, I suppose this leaves the Pikachu to you, Kannon.", and with that, Kannon was handed the pokeball from earlier. "Yous should name it, since you're stuck with it now."

    "Tazerbro is a cool name I guess?"

    "I bet my pokemon is cooler and stronger than yours is! Let's battle!"

    Kannon releases Tazerbro, still stiff with fear and numb from shock while Heysup releases his battle-ready Eevee. Kannon picks up the Pikachu, holding it by the tail, and moves it closer to Eevee. When the Pikachu nears the Eevee, a massive ammount of electricity arcs from Tazerbro to the poor fox, paralyzing it and knocking it over.

    "Oh man," Heysup cried, moving to return the Eevee before something worse happened, "I can't believe it, I picked the wrong pokemon!" he whined.

    Kannon, after stopping by his house for a bit to rest up Pikachu, makes for Viridian City, with Tazerbro zapping some Pidgeys' and gaining a level along the way. The Pokemart, with it's inviting signs of sales and discounts was his first stop.

    "Hey, you!" the clerk says, flagging him down before he walks in the door. "You came from Pallet town!"

    "What about it? Not all of us are rednecks, whatever you may have heard to the contrary." Kannon said.

    "I've got this package for that crazy Professor Oak, and I can't get anyone to give it to him! Take it and give it to him for me, you've probably had more contact with him than anyone else ever will!"

    Kannon, having been suckered into a delivery boy's job, makes his way back to Pallet, dropping off the Parcel, just in time to hear Prof. Oak mumble something along the lines of '...swear I didn't know what provoked that Rhydon, for the thousandth time!". Oak, realizing he has company, turns away from Heysup and says "Ah, yes Kannon, thanks for delivering my parcel! I have another job for you!"

    "I better get paid for this one." was all Kannon cared to reply at this point.

    "Ah, but the job will pay for itself," Professor Oak exclaims, handing Kannon a rectangular red device. "This is a pokedex, a device that records pokemon data! My life's dream has been to record all 150 pokemon, and you're being suckered into this job, just like my grandson has been!"

    "You said this would help me get revenge on the Rhydon that murdered my parents!" Heysup like usual whines.

    "Shows what you know! I just baited that bastard to run through your house to get the insurance money! How else do you think I have this huge lab! I mean... shit, I can't blame that one on Alzheimer's, can I?"

    Heysup, heartbroken and depressed, goes to leave. "Yeah, well, smell ya later! Losers!"

    Kannon decides to make for the exit as well, not wanting to be a part of this spectacle any longer, and makes his way back to Viridian to stay in the pokemon center for the night.

    Got Pikachu named it TAZERBRO in all caps (hooray for RBY names!), it grew to lv 6, got the pokedex and now I'm back in Viridian. I'm going to have a good time with this one, I can tell.
  7. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    I really enjoyed that. You go back and forth a bit between present and past tense, though, might want to just settle on one. That said, I enjoyed yours the most of those in this thread. Jumpluff's is pretty good too though.
  8. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    All of these are good. But yeah, that last one was one of the best.
  9. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    for the record i LOVE gold being a hardass, this is actually really cool to follow. keep it coming guys, i love seeing budding writers

    also no rule discussion seriously
  10. Showsni


    Dec 5, 2009
    I had a go. I was rubbish. Here is my attempt:


    I'm also rubbish at drawing.
  11. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    Pokémon: Grey Version

    PART 5

    A quick talk with Elm confirmed what I already knew, namely, that the girl had made off with the Cyndaquil. Old Elm was ready to blow his wig. Then he saw my Pokedex.

    "You spoke with Professor Oak."

    "He was at Mr. Pokemon's place."

    "That's not what I asked."

    "Yeah, I met him. Odd bird."

    "Yes, well, you have a Pokedex now. It's... an amazing tool. Are you going after badges now?"

    I honestly hadn't considered it. I knew the system of course, beat tough trainers for little pins and bragging rights. The Pokedex would certainly make it easier, and I'd heard that beating the gym trainers paid pretty well.

    "Oak obviously thought you would do it."

    "Is that a reason why I should?"

    "It's a reason why something."

    "What's the layout on this gym thing, anyway? All I know is you fight the guys, you get money."

    "Yes, well there's certainly a bit more to it than that!"

    Elm had no badges himself, and he clearly wished he knew more. He had expected me to just take the idea and scram, not give him the third degree about it. He knew he was looking like a real piker, and I got off of it. Besides, I had an idea.

    "Way I see it, that grifter broad still has that Cyndaquil."


    "She's looking to make a name for herself, maybe take on some gyms."


    "Somebody ought to see about that, don't you figure?"

    "Well, I wasn't going to--"


    "Her name is Kris."

    I heard that with my back already turned, then stepped out into the cool of the morning.

    Smoke followed me out.

    "Well, call me Dick, now, Smoke. Looks like I'm a gumshoe, a real flatfoot."


    Her name is Kris. Sounds about right. Like a dagger, right in the chest.

    Part 6

    I must have taken a wrong turn on the way back to Cherrygrove, because a few hours later, Smoke and I came into a clearing we had not seen before. As we did, a large purple rat came out of the grass. Smoke lunged at it.

    "Wait. I'm wearing iron this time."

    I had Smoke swat the rat around a little, then I took out the package Elm's assistant had chased me outside to deliver. Inside were five Poke Balls. I threw one at the limp rat, and it vanished inside.

    "You caught Rattata." It was the Pokedex.

    Rattata. Not the most promising name, but a new ally nonetheless. A Pokemon, I could trust, even predict. Not so much with a fire-eyed femme fatale with hair like a crow and a body that invited all sorts of bad decisions. I had no problem stacking my odds with a few extra Pokemon on my belt. I had a feeling I couldn't prepare too much for this job.

    I called the thing Snitch, as fits a rat. I let it brawl a few of the Hoothoots on the way to Cherrygrove, seeing if it could cut its teeth a bit. It was no Smoke, but it seemed to be toughening up already.

    I checked the Pokedex for any information on the Violet City gym, which was the closest one, but it didn't seem to have that sort of thing. What it did say, though, was that Snitch was nearly strong enough to do something called Quick Attack, which would allow him to strike first against any opponent, even Electrode, the fastest Pokemon in Johto. I knew that could help, so I decided to focus on getting Snitch to that strength as soon as possible.

    I spent the rest of the day asking around about Kris while Snitch took down anything that moved. He needed patching up quite a bit, especially at first, so we got real familiar with that swell muffin behind the counter at the Pokemon Center. By nightfall, we must have gone in there probably 10 or 15 times.

    "You're out late." It was the first conversation she'd ventured, but those big blue blinkers of hers, and the way that pink hair moved, had been saying plenty. I had started throwing my cigarette down before I went inside, in case she minded, and it was beginning to look like a real clam-bake had been going down on that stoop.

    "And you don't seem to get out at all. What's that about?"

    "Well, I have a job."

    "Well, maybe we'll just stay in, then." She didn't mind me saying that, not a bit. "Not a lot of clip joints in this town anyway, I gathered."

    "You really are a gumshoe."

    "Now who's been saying that at you."

    "Word is you're looking for that girl, the nasty one."

    "Oh, you're a snitch, now? All the information I can buy, no doubt?"

    "You can buy dinner. Maybe I'll remember something." Nurses!

    I ended up spending the night with her, just on account of having nowhere else to stay in Cherrygrove, but nothing happened. I used the couch and slipped out early, while she was still asleep. I chewed on a fresh cigarette, my first since the previous afternoon, while I thought about what she'd told me.

    Kris was definitely headed to Violet City, having bragged as much while getting her Cyndaquil patched up after I left. The nurse had also told me that the gym leader was a young gunsel named Falkner, who fancied the bird Pokemon. If Kris could make it there, past all the Hoothoots on the way, she could probably take Falkner. This meant I would have to play catch-up, even if Snitch could use Quick Attack.

    I also knew that flying-type Pokemon would be tough for Smoke. Nor was I likely to catch an ice-type or electric-type on the way to Violet City. I would need a plan in order to keep on Kris's heels. It didn't help, the way she could run. Or all the help she was likely to get from any man she came across.

    I blew a long string of smoke, by way of a sigh, that disappeared against the gray morning sky.

    We were in for a long walk.
  12. Sceats


    Dec 30, 2008
    Alright i should be doin this on platinum in a couple of days.
  13. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    Eh, I've not got the time to flesh stuff out RIGHT now, will edit later:

    FireRed Nuzlocke Run Round 3:

    Da Rulez
    Catch only 1st pokemon per area
    Release if KO
    No pokemon = GAME OVER
    No saving before a boss
    Only Pokeballs can be brought, nothing else [Except Safari Balls, as they are required to get Surf <_<]
    No items except Hold Items, TM's, HM's, and Key Items
    No trainer dodgeing
    No intentional overleveling. Unless unvoidable, team should be below, or around, a boss' level when fought.
    Battle Style is SET. I can switch in-battle, but I have to take the hit.

    Badge 0-1:
    Called myself Rai, Green is Cloud, due to his hair... if only it was blonde.
    Being Emo gets me a free Pokemon?
    Blubasaur = Cut, Bulby = Nickname.
    ANOTHER Hasty Bulbasaur... except this one has different stats... including 19 HP, and 9 Defence... this should be fun.
    Beat the Lizard, through my first useful crit of this whole thing.
    Found Pidgey on Route 1, Unable to catch.
    Got the 5 Pokeballs... had to make 2 trips because I forgot to go to the market <_<
    Hmm, does Cloud say don't come round because he knows his Sister won't listen to him?
    Route 1 for the 3rd time, with all those fearsome Pidgeys.
    Route 22... what will it have? Rattata, Lv4, caught, and named MOUSE, because I feel like trolling the rat... and it's Gentle <_<
    Trained MOUSE to lv 7... running into a SHINY lv2 RATTATA while doing so...

    Sorry, but here, I broke a rule. I'm not letting a shiny get away. I had to whittle it down with Leech Seed though <_<[Traded to Leafgreen ASAP, and released the Pidgey in return, so, technically, no effect on the game]

    I had to run into a Shiny while doing a Nuzlocke... stupid Trollish RNG.

    Saved and ended for now after the Rattata incident.
  14. Diesel


    Aug 6, 2007
    Just for the record I'll be doing this on HG, not SS. I'll post when I buy the game, which should be in a couple days.
  15. FlareBlitz

    FlareBlitz This was never a story that would have a happy end
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Sep 19, 2009
    This sounds like so much fun. I'm doing this in HG. Expect updates tomorrow.
  16. Zog


    Apr 16, 2009
    Ha, my first thoughts upon reading this were about what'd happen if someone found a shiny. I'm glad you caught it though- I would've done exactly the same. You can just trade it to another game for a trash pokémon which you release, and it's like it never happened. In fact it makes it harder because you used poké balls catching the shiny.
  17. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    OK, firing my game up again today, I'll edit whenever something happens. Like now when a focus energy Tailow gets 2 crits and leaves mudkip with 2HP left.

    caught a Naive lvl 5 wurmple. time to train it... yay, a silcoon!

    oh yeah, is there a rule against rare candies?

    entered petalburg woods... thank god its not another wurmple... its a shroomish... lax, lvl 6. Not bad. Gonna grind til all of them are level 10+ then go through the woods.
  18. Morm


    Jun 10, 2008
    Yeah sorry I can't be assed to keep everything accurate. Just post your damn stories for the laughs and fun, it's not like anything needs to be super official. Too many people doing it for me to maintain my level of shit giving about specifics.

    I hope you are all happy. You have broken my spirit with your enthusiasm. hah
  19. Black Buddha

    Black Buddha

    Jul 17, 2008
    OK Time for the first update ever-


    Current status-
    Location: Rustboro Gym
    Quack the Treecko - Lv 11 - Starter Pokemon
    Beaker the Lotad - Lv 11 - Route 102
    Azure the Marill - Lv 11 - Route 104 - South
    Mutter the Poochyena - Lv 10 - Petalburg Woods

    Gym battle coming up soon!

    EDIT: here it is



    ... I did end up winning that battle thanks to Bullet Seed Lotad, and my new team stands at:

    Beaker the Lotad - Lv 13
    Azure the Marill - Lv 11
    Mutter the Poochyena - Lvl 10

    I even lost my only cut user now ;__;

    Man I suck
  20. Ballad


    Jul 20, 2008
    edit: ah fuck it I'll do it in HG. put me down.
  21. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    Sorted out the trade and release thing.. traded a baby Squirtle, only to find it had Surf... so it came back when released, meaning it had to be traded back to LG, and something else traded over, a Meowth... after my buggy link cabel gave errors 3 times...

    I also found out how much even the GBA game's graphics are on the DS

    So, back to business:

    to Recap my rules, read the previous post by me.

    Badges 0 ->1, Part 2
    Finished Training MOUSE to lv 7, ready to take on Cloud.
    Bulby beat Pidgey by Stalling with Leech Seed and Growl, due to Sand Attack making Tackle risky
    However, due to this, Leech Seed vs Charmander was not good either, so I switched out ASAP to MOUSE. [On Set Style]
    As Mouse was about to die, I saved it by switching, and Bulby finihsed things off.

    End Boss Stats:
    Bulby lv 9 : 7/27
    MOUSE lv 7: 3/21

    Blah Blah Random Tutorial, Teachy TV... wait, where does that Weedle come from anyway?

    Route 2 gives me another Rattata... joy. Still, better than nothing... better not be a Kakuna in the Forest... or at least a Crit on one like last time. I forgot to Nickname it... when I get to Lavender, I'll give it one if it still lives.
    Veridan Forest gives me a Kukuna... again. At least I catch it this time... As it's Female, I call it 'Shelly'.
    The RNG being a troll, I find a Pikachu in the very next grassy patch <_<

    I go back to Route 1 to level Rattata the 2nd and Shelly to lv 7 each... or, I would. Alas, a Pidgey kills Rattata the 2nd with a Critical Hit on the switch in... Trolls 2, Me 0.

    I now know that I have to face the Weedles of Doom, and if I have any hope of having Shelly being anything but dead weight, I'll have to risk Poision on MOUSE. I resolve to only use Kakuna against Caterpies, as I move onwards.

    I get through the Forest without dying to Weedles, and my team ends up looking like this:
    Checkpoint, Pewter City
    Bulby: Lv 10 Bulbsaur
    MOUSE: lv 9 Rattata
    Shelly: Lv 7 Kakuna

    I know Bulby's probobly going to leave here as an Ivysaur...

    Since I seem to recall a Diglett somewhere, I lead the trainer with Bulbasaur.

    Time to teach this Light-Years idiot who's boss! [With the Special-typed Vine Whip]

    I plant a Leech Seed on Geodude, who just uses Defence Curl, and then start to stall with Shelly. However, I recall the possible Diglett, and withdraw back to Bulby.

    Nope, it's Sandshrew. Seed -> Kakuna -> Bulbasaur... hmm, since all pokemon at the Gym are Ground type, dosen't that make Brock a Ground-type gym leader, not Rock?

    Boss Battle: Brock
    Team: Shelly, lv 8 Kakuna
    MOUSE: lv 9 Rattata
    Bulby: Lv 11 Bulbasaur

    I lead with Shelly, just for free EXP on Geodude, and to restrict Bulby's leveling. Luckily, the Geodude uses Defence Curl, and is killed by Vine Whip. [Why does it have 10PP again?]

    Next comes Onix, and, again, I choose to go Seed -> Shelly, to get some damage while ensuring Screech dosen't obliterate Bulby's defences, and EXP issues.

    I send Bulby out again just as Onix uses Bind, twice, and I finish off Onix with Vine Whip.

    BOLDERBADGE Obtained!
    End chapter Team:
    Shelly: Lv 9
    MOUSE: lv 9
    Bulby: lv 12

    Phase 2: Badges 1 -> 2
    Route 3...
    Trainers who have insecurites [No, I did not look at you Janice... but I am now], help me Level up, and Shelly actually becomes useful, evolving. Pidgeys having Gust was a pain, to say the least.

    With that, I must go.
  22. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    I'm restarting my SoulSilver game to do this, with modified rules:

    • 1. If a pokémon in my party faints, I must release it as soon as possible.
    • 1a. If all the pokémons in my party faint, I can make a new party with pokémons that are waiting in the PC. If there are no pokémons in the PC, the game is over.
    • 1b. Pokémon that hit 1HP due to poison are considered dead.
    • 2. The battle type will be SET - no switching out after defeating an enemy trainer's pokémon.
    • 3. I can only catch the first pokémon I encounter in an area (an area being something that has its own name on the map).
    • 3a. If I already have a pokémon of the same species as the first pokémon i encounter in an area, I can ignore that encounter.
    • 3b. Pokémon that are given, traded or obtained in any way other than in the wild don't count (they must come from the game though).
    • 3c. Legendaries don't count, but I will only have one try to catch them. If I fail, I will not reload and I will not try to catch them later on. If caught, they follow the same rules as any other pokémon.
    • 4. I will nickname all my pokémons.
    • 5. I will start with one level 5 pokémon of my choice (put in the game via pokésav), with correct stats and moves and the same IVs as my original starter.
    • 6. I can buy one item per shop I visit. Apart from that, I can only use items I find in the wild, or that are given to me, including pokéballs of any kind.
    • 6a. Apart from pokéballs and story-related items, no item of any kind can be used, except when they're used by pokémons themselves during a battle.
    • 7. I will not use the Daycare center.

    I might add or tweak some rules depending on what I face in the game, I'm not really knowledgeable about Pokémon so I don't have all the events in mind. I'll keep you informed - I'll try to draw some comics but I might settle with text.
    If you're interested in finding other possible rules (open)

    first post in stark mountain i think yay

    edit: ah and the comic isn't finished? it's only up to episode 12 and it says 'to be continued'... was it abandoned? :(
  23. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    I don't think that's acurate. No Daycare center and No legendaries should be one of the rules at the top. I think it should be:


    If a pokemon faints, release it.
    Only 1 pokemon per area, must be the first seen.
    Nicknames are a must.
    No legendaries
    No Daycare center (Yeah, because breeding for 20 pokemon or so really helps the challange along!)
    No trading.

    AFTER 1st START:
    No healing except for Pokemon centers.


    No hold items.
    No TMs.
    No buying Pokeballs. You can buy healing items, but since you can't use them... well, except for Yellow players.
    Only 1 pokemon center heal before town, possibly a second after a boss battle. (Good luck with Blue AND misty with no healing inbetween!)
    Battle style at set.


    No bought items AT ALL. This includes X items.
    (Probubly some other crazy restrictions)


    Well, that's how I see it. :/
  24. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Yeah but what's cool about this challenge is that you can tweak it any way you want as long as you follow the first two rules and get the point. There's no real way.

    For example, sure, getting Legendaries will make it easier. But on the other hand, you will get attached to them and if they die, it will 'hurt' a lot more than if you'd lost, say, bidoof.
  25. turtwigpal


    Feb 7, 2008
    Alright, Part 1 of my Sapphire runthrough is up. Give me your opinions on about how long you think each segment should be, like an average time, such as 8 min. Or something like that.

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