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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Addiethunder


    May 14, 2007
    Thanks you for the complement! I really enjoy writing the updates and playing the games so that's why I keep doing it.

    Thanks. It's always hard to replace someone whose been there from the start but I think I have two pokemon to fill up the space. I've got Disco the Drowsy and Aquila the Pidgy, but I'll talk about them in my next update!

    I'm interested. So what's it about?
  2. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Signed up to Smogon to say that I am also taking on this challenge in FireRed. Wish me luck...


    If a Pokémon faints, it is permanently dead, and must be released (or stored in a box marked Dead).
    Only one Pokémon per area may be caught. This Pokémon must be the first encountered in the area.
    If all Pokémon are dead, the game must be restarted from the very beginning.
    All Pokémon must be given nicknames.
    Healing items of any kind may not be used (TMs, evolutionary stones and the like are fine).
    Pokémon centres may be used at any time, but cost (100 * number of times used so far) to use.

    Current Team:

    Oscar the male Bulbasaur (Level 6), Quirky Nature
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl

    Boxed Pokémon (Alive):

    Dead Pokémon:

    Part One: The Beginning

    "Hmm... I think I'll take a walk. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see some Pidgey... I always have loved the birds around here."

    I rose out of bed and headed out the door, pausing only to say a quick goodbye to my mother. Apparently the old professor from across the town wants a word, but I'm in no hurry to meet him; he's always being a little inappropriate, and his grandson isn't much better.

    "He can wait a few hours, I'm sure."

    I began to head north out of town, wondering about where I might go. Perhaps I'd take a walk around Viridian Forest?

    "Hey, wait!"

    The words punctured the air. I knew that voice. I sighed heavily as I turned around. Professor Oak had seen me before I'd had a chance to leave.

    "It's not safe to go out there! Wild Pokémon live in tall grass!"

    "Uh, Professor, I know. I was just going to take a walk..."

    "You need your own Pokémon for your protection," he said, a soft smile creeping across his face.

    "Professor, I'm eighteen, I'm sure I can handle the odd Rattata running around..."

    "Well, you never know. Here, come with me, I wanted to ask you a favour."

    With no other choice, I followed him back to his laboratory, where his grandson was waiting. The sight of him worried me slightly. Was he trying to push us together again? I remember the last time that happened, back when he tried to get us to go to prom together. Shuddering from the memory, I realise that the others are talking. I decided to listen in, just in case.

    "Harley, look, you can both have one. I just think it's prudent to offer the first choice to Sophie," the professor was saying. "First choice?" I thought, slightly alarmed. "First choice of what?"

    "Sophie? Are you still with us?"

    "Yeah... sorry, what were you saying?"

    "I have here with me three Pokémon, one for each Poké Ball on the table," the professor said, indicating each one as he spoke. Unfortunately, these are my last three... my old age has been somewhat... detrimental to my skills as a Pokémon trainer."

    "Erm... what happened to the others?" I asked.

    "Well..." Oak began, then merely shook his head. "I feel these three deserve a second chance. You two are young and active, just what they need. This is the favour I wanted to ask of you. Go ahead and choose one."

    "You're giving me a Pokémon?"

    I was surprised, but pleasantly so. I'd always liked watching Pokémon in the wild, but I had never had one to call my own. Despite my apprehensions surrounding the two people with me, I was excited.

    "That's right. You may choose any one you like, from Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander."

    Oak released them from their Poké Balls so that I could see each one. Now, I was no Pokémon expert, so I hadn't even heard of any of them, but the one that Oak called Bulbasaur seemed to like me more than the other two. It hopped into my lap, and I stroked the bulb growing from its back. It smiled up at me, and at that point I knew my heart was set.

    "I'll choose Bulbasaur," I said, scratching him behind each ear.

    "Very good, very good!" exclaimed Oak, clearly pleased that his Bulbasaur had taken to me so easily. "Would you like to give him a name of his own? I always did enjoy doing that... it brought my Pokémon and I closer together."

    I glanced up at Oak, not used to seeing this sentimental side of him. Perhaps he wasn't so bad after all.

    "I'll call him Oscar," I said, smiling at the professor for the first time in years. "Thank you!"

    "That's quite alright, Sophie. He's a Quirky little guy, so I'm glad you like him. Now then, Harley, it's your turn. Choose between Squirtle and Charmander."

    I twisted my head around to look at Harley. His eyes were fixed upon the two Pokémon wandering around the laboratory. After a moment's hesitation, he walked over to the Charmander and picked it up. It seemed a little scared, and for a moment I considered telling him to put it back down, but then it settled down and started to gently nibble his finger.

    "So, you're picking Charmander, Harley?" asked Oak.

    "Yeah, he's cool! I won't bother with nicknames, Grandad, but thanks! He looks way tougher than your Bulbasaur, Sophie."

    I shrugged my shoulders. What did I care whether Oscar was stronger than Harley's Charmander? I placed Oscar gently on the floor and stood up.

    "Was there anything else, Professor?"

    "There is one more thing I'd like you to do for me. You see these two books on the desk? These are my latest invention, the Pokédex, which automatically records information on any Pokémon you see or catch. It's nearly ready, but there's one last part I haven't gotten yet. Could I get you to swing by the Mart in Viridian City to pick it up? Tell them you're picking it up for me, they'll know what to give you."

    Now, that Pokédex sounded interesting, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for technology. Since the Professor had been kind enough to give Oscar to me, I readily agreed to run this errand for him, and turned to leave, Oscar by my side.

    "Sophie, wait! Let's check out our Pokémon!"

    I turned to face Harley, who had set down his Charmander and had a grin plastered across his face.

    "What do you mean, Harley?"

    "I mean, let's have a Pokémon battle! What's the worst that could happen?"

    Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Oak looking nervous and shaking his head, but it was too late. I knew the rules of Pokémon battles, even though I'd never even seen one myself. He'd challenged me to a battle, and now that I had a Pokémon, I counted as a trainer. I couldn't decline, and so called Oscar forwards.

    "Alright, let's do this!" I said, patting Oscar on the head for comfort. He looked up at me and nodded, as if to say that he was ready for this. I glanced across at the Charmander, who seemed equally keen to battle.

    "You two, before you begin, listen up!" barked Oak, who seemed suddenly angry. I realised that we were still inside his laboratory, preparing to hold a Pokémon battle. Perhaps the anger was warranted.

    "In a Pokémon battle, the first Trainer to cause all of their opponent's Pokémon to faint wins. Both of your Pokémon are young, but still know some rudimentary techniques that can be used in battle. Good luck to both of you, and to Oscar and Charmander as well."

    Upon ending his sentence, he turned to face the wall behind him, clearly still annoyed. I thought about what he'd said to us.

    "Fainting? We have to knock out the other Pokémon? I don't know about this..."

    "Sophie! Make your move already, I'm getting old here!"

    Clearly Harley had no such qualms. Oscar and Charmander began facing each other off. Suddenly, Oscar began running towards the Charmander, hitting it at full pelt. The Charmander was sent skidding back, but quickly retaliated by swinging at Oscar with sharp claws.

    "Oscar!" I shouted, running down next to him. The attack had left a mark, but there wasn't a sign of any major damage. He rubbed up against my leg with his head, then ran out towards the Charmander again, clearly repeating the first attack. This continued a few times until both contenders were clearly struggling.

    "Oscar? Oscar, are you alright?"

    Oscar looked up at me.

    "Bulba... Bulbasaur!"

    With that, he ran for one last time at the Charmander, hitting it in the stomach. The Charmander was obviously in pain, and fell down to the ground, unable to move. Harley stared down at Charmander, then looked up at me.

    "Well... just you wait. I'll make him battle to toughen him up. Next time, he'll be stronger!"

    "Is... is he hurt?"

    "He'll be fine, I'm sure..." said Oak, looking down at the Charmander. "He's breathing, at any rate. Here, I'll have these two healed up in no time."

    "Um, Professor... do Pokémon ever die from these battles?"

    Oak sighed solemnly, not moving his eyes from the Charmander. It was answer enough.

    "Just... be careful. Pokémon Centres can heal Pokémon, but they can only do so much," he said. "They're always increasing their prices too," he added, with the slightest hint of a smile.

    "Now then Sophie, off you go to Viridian City. Watch out for yourself, and Oscar too."

    I turned and left the laboratory, Oscar running alongside me. I could've called him back into the Poké Ball, but I liked seeing him bouncing around, playing in the grass and chasing flies.

    "I guess I get to go for my walk after all," I said to myself, looking up into the clear sky, then glancing down at Oscar, who was busy digging a small hole in the ground. "And I've got a companion that isn't trying to make sexist jokes. I could get used to this..."

    End of Part One

    Let me know what you think of the writing style, I'm pretty much completely new to this sort of thing. It's probably a little drawn out, but the beginning is important, after all! I won't be covering absolutely everything in this sort of detail.
  3. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Alright, time for update #2 of Flamestrike's HeartGold Nuzlocke challenge!
    Update 1

    After briefly mourning the death of my first two comrades, I heeded Professor Elm's instructions to meet his aide at the Pokemart, where I was handed the Egg I fetched for him earlier. I decided to hatch it before leaving Violet, and soon Togepi emerged. I named it Matty (no relation to the Smogon user) and after wondering how the hell Professor Elm knows exactly when the Egg hatches (stalker?) and grinding to get Matty up to a usable level, I headed to Route 32 and Union Cave with Sara, Melinda and Matty. Nothing special on Route 32 (already caught Melinda there), caught a female Geodude in Union Cave (Jill), then accidentally killed a Rattata with a crit in Route 33 -_- Talked to Kurt to open up Slowpoke Well, then caught a male Zubat there (Andrew). Did some grinding to make Andrew usable, wiped out Team Rocket, grinded everyone up to level 18 (I thought Bugsy's Scyther was 18, not 17), and evolved Sara in the process. Bugsy was easy enough, Jill quickly took care of Metapod after Scyther U-turned, then took out Scyther while it used Focus Energy, then Andrew finished off Kakuna for the win. Rival wasn't much harder, Andrew one-shotted Gastly with Bite, then teamed up with Sara to take down Croconaw, then came back in to kill his Zubat. Now I'm in Ilex Forest and I just caught a female Caterpie, Catherine, which will be a spare in case of emergency.

    Alive (open)
    Sara the female Pidgeotto: Level 18, Relaxed nature
    -Quick Attack
    My team leader, Sara is easy to anger but a great friend nonetheless. Her and Melinda have become best friends and she gets along well with the entire team. It's almost like she's the mother and the rest of the team are her children.

    Melinda the female Bellsprout: Level 18, Lax nature
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Poison Powder
    Melinda has taken over as one of my key Pokemon with the loss of Corey and Nick. She is best friends with Sara, but doesn't like Andrew too much. While not amazing offensively, she has enough to get the job done and her powders will be extremely useful down the road.

    Matty the male Togepi: Level 18, Quiet nature
    -Sweet Kiss
    Matty is the baby of the team, but can do some serious damage nonetheless. He's rather quiet but fights surprisingly well with Extrasensory doing great damage despite the low base stats. Once he gets more good attacking moves and evolves I'm confident Matty will be a powerhouse for my team.

    Jill the female Geodude: Level 19, Rash nature
    -Rock Throw
    -Rock Polish
    -Rock Smash
    Jill is the powerhouse of my team at the moment, with great power and good moves. She doesn't talk much with the others, but she has bonded somewhat with Andrew, the two of them being my two newest members. She will be vital for taking on Whitney.

    Andrew the male Zubat: Level 18, Careful nature
    -Wing Attack
    Andrew is a bit of an oddball, and because of that he and Melinda are at odds with each other. He gets along well enough with everyone else though, especially Jill. While training to get him caught up was frustrating at times, once he learned Bite he really started to show some upside, and with Wing Attack now at his disposal I expect him to make a place for himself as a powerhouse on the team.

    Boxed (open)
    Catherine the female Caterpie: Level 4, Lax nature

    Dead (open)
    Corey the male Cyndaquil: Level 13, Mild nature
    -Quick Attack
    Though shy, Corey was brave and always willing to stand up for his friends. He was my first Pokemon and I had hoped to have him along for the entire challenge. Unfortunately, Falkner ended those hopes with a critical hit Tackle from Pidgeotto that took me by surprise and ended my starter's life. RIP

    Nick the male Rattata: Level 12. Mild nature
    -Rock Smash
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    Nick was the troublemaker of the group, but he was always ready to fight for his friends and was really close to Corey. After Corey's death I figured Nick was my best bet to finish off Falkner's Pidgeotto, but Roost gave it just enough time to kill Nick. RIP

    EDIT:Nice beginning for your story Tetrinity. I wanted to write one for mine, but I didn't feel like my writing skills were good enough.
  4. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Part Two: Errand Girl

    I left town, making my way through the thick grass with Oscar closely following. I always liked exploring the grassy areas around the town, and today was perfect for it.

    "Hey, Sophie!"

    "Heya, Joe. What's up?"

    "Not much, busy doing some promotion work for the Viridian Poké Mart. Want a free Potion sample?"

    "Sure, I guess... I dunno if I want to use it though, isn't that stuff meant to have nasty side effects?"

    "Well, possibly... you'll be fine, I'm sure."

    I nodded and took the Potion, slotting it into my bag. Despite Joe's assurances, I still felt a little apprehensive about using it, and made a mental note to get rid of it. Maybe I could sell it at the Mart?

    "Alright, thanks. I'll see you around, I've got to get going."

    I turned away from Joe as he said his farewell, heading into the next patch of grass. Just as I was about to leave it again, a Rattata leapt out, making for Oscar. For a moment I was worried, then noticed that this Rattata seemed fairly weak. Now, normally when I see a Rattata I just try to keep away from it, but this time I had a new friend.

    "Oscar? What do you think?"

    "Saur!" he barked, moving to place himself between the Rattata and myself. Tentatively, I asked Oscar to make an attack, and he charged towards the Rattata with the same motions that he had used against Harley's Charmander. It was clearly effective, as the Rattata was soon lying on the ground panting. Oscar didn't even have a scratch on him, looking up at me happily.

    "Pity I don't have any Poké Balls, I could've tried to catch that Rattata. I do hope it'll be okay..."

    I moved on, trying to put the incident out of my mind. The look on the professor's face when I'd asked him if Pokémon could die would not fade away. I broke into a run, not stopping until I reached Viridian City itself.

    "Let's just get that part for the professor and get home..."

    I spotted the blue roof of the Mart and headed inside, asking at the counter for the part ordered by Oak. The clerk handed over a parcel from underneath the counter, which was marked as fragile and made odd noises when tilted. The parcel, that is, not the counter. I placed the parcel inside my bag, and brought out the Potion I'd been given.

    "Could I sell this?"

    "Please say hi to Professor Oak for me!"

    "Um... I don't think you're listening. I'd like to sell this?"

    "Please say hi to Professor Oak for me!"

    "Oh come on, I know you guys buy items from people, and this thing hasn't been used! Can I please just sell it?"

    "Please say hi to Professor Oak for me!"

    "Okay, forget it, I'll try again when your shift is up," I muttered, stowing the Potion back in my bag and heading out the door.

    The trip back to Pallet is always fun, jumping down from the ledges and watching the wild Pokémon playing from a safe distance. Oscar took to it just as well as me, hopping down the ledges like a pro. Soon enough, we were safely back in the professor's laboratory.

    "Here you go, Professor," I said, taking the parcel out of my bag as I spoke.

    "Ah, excellent! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just go ahead and plug these into place..."

    At that moment, the door crashed open, causing us both to jump. I turned to see Harley running in with a mobile phone in one hand and a Poké Ball in the other.

    "Grandad! I tried calling you but your phone must be off. My Charmander is stronger than ever now!"

    "Ah, that's good. Does he like you?" Oak enquired.

    "Yeah, he's awesome. There was this Pidgey acting all tough and I was like, 'Charmander, are you gonna take that from some stupid Pidgey?' and he was like 'no way man' and the Pidgey was like totally lame, it never even... yeah..." Harley tailed off as Oak raised an eyebrow at him.

    "Yes, well... Anyway. Thanks to Sophie, I've now finished both copies of my Pokédex! There's one more thing I'd like to ask of you two, and I know you'll do me proud. Take these with you. Find out about as many Pokémon as you can. Help me achieve my dream, and complete the Pokédex!"

    Now, this was a massive favour to ask. I should've just said thanks, but no thanks. But Oak wasn't done yet.

    "Take these Poké Balls. You can use them to catch wild Pokémon, which enables you to record complete data for them. I've got enough here for each of you to have five, which should be plenty for now. You can always buy more in any of the Poké Marts."

    Poké Balls! Just a few hours earlier, I'd never had a single Pokémon. Now, I had everything I needed to have up to six! The idea took hold of me, and I accepted the Pokédex from the professor.

    "I'll do my best," I said, and left, ready to go out and catch the first Pokémon I laid eyes on. Before I could reach the grass again, my phone started vibrating.


    "Hi, it's Oak. I'm sorry to be calling so soon after you left, but this is important."

    I stared at the phone. How did he get my number? Feeling more than a little worried, I put the phone back to my ear.

    "What is it?"

    "I've just remembered one of the new rules implemented by the Pokémon League. It might prove slightly irksome for your goal of completing the Pokédex, I'm afraid."

    "What is it?" I asked, privately wishing I could think of something better to say than the same repetitive question.

    "It's a very controversial rule... basically, you're only allowed to catch the first Pokémon you see in an area. Apparently it's to prevent some species going extinct, but the rule is not popular with trainers at all. However, until such a time that it gets repealed, we all have to follow it. I'm sorry."

    With that, he hung up. Heading out into the grass, I suddenly remembered the Rattata that Oscar had beaten earlier. That was the first Pokémon I saw in the area, and I had wanted to catch it. I had Poké Balls to use now, and the new rule prevented me from catching anything else. Making my way through the grass, avoiding the threat of two Pidgey that had come close by, I found the place where Oscar and I had fought the battle, but the Rattata was nowhere to be seen. I felt a little sickened, and trudged slowly to Viridian City with tears welling up in my eyes.

    End of Part Two

    Part Three: Capturing A Pokémon

    I've always loved the hustle and bustle of Viridian City, but there's only so long I can stay put before feeling the urge to go out and explore.

    I decided to give Viridian Forest a miss for now, as I had seen some horror stories unfold while resting up in the Pokémon Centre. Something about a Weedle poisoning some poor Spearow to death... I was told that Oscar would be safe from poison because of his "type". I wasn't sure what that meant, so I didn't want to risk venturing into the Forest just yet.

    Instead, I headed out west. I soon came across a patch of tall grass and decided to take a look at what Pokémon I could find in the area. Shortly after entering, a small brown creature leapt out at me, which the Pokédex identified as a Mankey.

    "Hey, this thing is pretty useful already!" I thought to myself. "Right... let's see if I can catch this thing. Oscar, you're up!"

    Oscar leapt forward, and attacked the Mankey before the command could leave my lips. It seems he's fond of battling, and good at it too, because the attack sent the Mankey flying into a rock, leaving it dazed and barely conscious. It made an attempt at hitting Oscar, but the blow was glancing at best and did little to phaze him.

    "Alright, Oscar, come back!" I shouted, and threw a Poké Ball at the Mankey. It was taken inside, and I started counting the shakes. One... two... three... four! I had caught the Mankey!

    The Pokédex gave a beep, and I flipped it open to see that it had automatically recorded data for the Mankey. Apparently they could be fairly short-tempered, but this particular Mankey seemed quite Modest, so I was confident in my ability to tame him.

    "Alright, what shall we call you... I know! I'm going to call you Gareth. Gareth the Mankey. Yeah, that sounds good."

    Gareth seemed badly hurt; the Tackle from Oscar must have hit him right in a weak spot. I decided to head back to Viridian in order to give him some rest. After actually managing to sell the Potion this time, I called it a day, and made up my mind to tackle Viridian Forest the following morning.

    End of Part Three

    Edit: Finished part four, editing to avoid a double post.

    Part Four: To Viridian, And Beyond!

    I was woken up in the morning by Gareth and Oscar playing with each other, knocking around a ball of paper they must've fished out of the bin. I lay there in bed watching the two of them, happy that they were getting along so well already. Oscar was the better of the two at the game, using small vines from his bulb to send the paper flying past Gareth's outstretched limbs. Watching the game progress, I realised that some training would be in order for Gareth, and so headed south back to Route 1.

    Gareth was not as keen as Oscar was when it came to battling, and sometimes needed to be helped in battle in order to pull through. Oscar became stronger through these battles, and his bulb became a little larger. Every now and again, some seeds popped out of the top and lay on the ground. The Pokédex identified this as the Leech Seed technique, capable of healing the user while damaging the target.

    After resting up once more, I decided to head up towards Viridian Forest. On the way, I was stopped by an old guy wittering on about coffee. I was just trying to ignore him, but he moved to cut me off and grabbed my bag, rummaging through it and pulling out the Pokédex. He seemed to know all about the device, which seemed a little odd... hadn't Professor Oak only just finished it yesterday? He then seemed to think that I wasn't capable of catching Pokémon, and insisted on showing me how to do so. I thought Oak was inappropriate... this guy is clearly trying to get somewhere with me.

    I was unable to run away, as the man was still clutching my Pokédex. Sending out a Weedle, he then threw a Poké Ball at it, recapturing it. He then presented me with a portable television, which really started to freak me out. Was he trying to buy me? At that, I grabbed my Pokédex out of his hands and ran off towards Route 2.

    Upon coming across another patch of tall grass, I thought I'd try my luck at catching a third Pokémon. After walking around in circles for a little while, a small Rattata appeared. The sight of it brought back memories of the first Rattata in Route 1, and I became determined to capture it. Oscar growled at the Rattata, but I decided to let Gareth have at it, and before long David the Rattata had joined Oscar, Gareth and me. David seemed grateful for the company, as he had been rather Lonely before. He was weakened, but by no means out for the count after the battle, so I decided to stick around for one or two more battles before heading back to Viridian to rest up once more.

    David's first battle was against a Pidgey that didn't seem much stronger than David himself. However, not wanting to risk his life this early on, I quickly switched him out for Oscar. According to the Pokédex, a Pidgey this weak would not yet know any moves that would work well against Oscar, so it seemed safe enough.

    Oscar's new Leech Seed technique proved effective, regularly absorbing health from the Pidgey. It wasn't long at all before the Pidgey went down. After one more battle, however, Oscar wasn't looking good, and I headed back to Viridian City one last time.

    I was getting tired of all the backtracking (not to mention the increasing prices at the Pokémon Centre) and made up my mind to head straight into Viridian Forest. I was nervous, but I knew there was no point in hanging around. Besides, Oscar was immune to the poison, right? Bolstered by that thought, I entered the forest and was almost immediately ambushed by a strange Pokémon encased in a yellow shell, identified as a Kakuna. Apparently it would be unable to attack in this state, so I sent out David, reasoning that he was in little danger.

    As the battle wore on, David's attacks were dealing less and less damage to the Kakuna. Weakening it as much as possible, I threw a Poké Ball, expecting an easy catch. But no! The Kakuna broke free! Staring at the broken pieces of the wasted ball, I lost my temper. How could this creature, almost incapable of movement, break free? Instead of trying again, I ordered David to attack the Kakuna, causing the shell to break. The little movement that was occurring soon stopped. It was at that moment that I realised that I was starting to enjoy this. I remembered how I felt after killing that Rattata back in Route 1. I had been mortified. Now, in the same situation, I felt victorious. When did this change happen, and how had it come about so quickly?

    I packed up my things, and continued through the forest. David seemed to have grown much stronger after defeating the Kakuna, so I made a note to see how Gareth would handle the forest. No sooner had I thought this when a noise came from my right. A trainer had spotted me!

    "Go! Weedle!"

    Two words that struck horror into my heart. Weedle. The Pokémon that had killed the Spearow I'd seen in Viridian City. I quickly reneged on my thoughts of sending out Gareth, instead taking comfort in the safety of Oscar's poison immunity.

    "Weedle, use Poison Sting!"

    My choice to switch to Oscar was clearly a good one. Oscar winced slightly from the attack, but he had clearly been unaffected by the poisonous side-effects.

    "You think that'll save you? Weedle, hit that thing with a String Shot!"

    On these words, the Weedle shot a web at Oscar, slowing his movement momentarily. He broke through the web and charged at the Weedle, taking it out with a powerful blow.

    "Weedle! No!" the boy cried, the strain of losing his Pokémon etched across his face. The pained expression was soon replaced with one of determination.

    "I'm not done yet... Caterpie, it's your turn!"

    Now, this one was new to me, but the Pokédex pointed out the lack of a poisonous barb. I felt it was safe to bring out Gareth again, and called Oscar back to my side.

    Gareth glared at the Caterpie, eying up its foe. Just as it went to attack, the Caterpie shot out a web, similar to the one used by the late Weedle. It wasn't enough to stop the attack, however, and Gareth slashed out at the bug, leaving red lacerations in his wake. In seconds, it was lying on the ground, bucking around like a fish out of water. It was a grim sight.

    The boy looked sad, but nodded at me as if to say, "Good game." It was like he'd been through this all before. It occurred to me that he probably had, and I mentioned this to him.

    "Well, it happens, you know? Sometimes you lose those that are close to you. Here, your reward for your victory," he said, handing over some coins out of his pocket. "Take care."

    I felt sorry for the boy. I know I would've been devastated to lose any of my own Pokémon. Watching the three of them walking along together, I realised just how dependant I was on them already. I didn't want to lose them, and I knew it would be risky making my way through this forest, but I was determined. I had to do this. I had to.

    Making my way through the forest was made considerably easier by the efforts of David, who was extremely skilled at fleeing combat when necessary. If it was not for this, Weedle would have torn us all apart easily. The ones that could not be escaped from due to trainer battles were dealt with effectively by Oscar, whose resistance to Poison saved the day. I was proud of my team and proud of myself for making it through.

    At long last, the Pewter City Pokémon Centre came into sight. I paid the extortionate fees and gratefully settled into a bed for the night. It had been a long day.

    End of Part Four

    Current Team:

    Oscar the male Bulbasaur (Level 8), Quirky Nature (neutral)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed

    Gareth the male Mankey (Level 6), Modest Nature (+SpA, -Atk)
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Low Kick

    David the male Rattata (Level 6), Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip

    Boxed Pokémon (Alive):

    Dead Pokémon:

    Pokémon Centre Used: 4 times

    That's pretty much the worst possible nature I could've gotten for Gareth, typical really. At least I got a decent nature for David, and his ability, while not the best for battling, did come in handy going through Viridian Forest.
  5. SSJ2Red


    Jul 6, 2009
    This sounds interesting.I started one up on my FR not too long ago,but stopped playing after defeating Brock.These stories have inspired me to continue my Nuzlocke run and post the stories here!
  6. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Part Five: Let There Be Rock

    I had only ever been to Pewter City once before as a small child, so I decided to take a look around. The museum, which had bored me before, turned out to be pretty interesting, and added a fair amount of information to the Pokédex. I wonder if Harley bothered with the museum? I guess not, but you never know.

    Upon leaving the museum, my eyes fell upon Pewter City's Pokémon Gym. I had no interest in the Pokémon League challenge, but curiosity as a new trainer got the better of me, and I took a look inside. The first thing that happened was a guy coming up to me to talk about the trainers in the Gym. Apparently the Pokémon here were all of the Rock type, and he claimed that Oscar would be good at handling them. I glanced down at Oscar, wondering how this could be true. Strong he may be, but he attacks by running into enemies, and how could that help against a load of rocks? I left the Gym, and decided instead to play with my friends around Pewter for a while and then continue on to the next Route to see if I could get any further with the Pokédex.

    The plan sort of... half worked. I played all sorts of games with my Pokémon, and had a few battles against some wild Pokémon too. They're all getting really strong now, I'm proud of them! However, on the way out of Pewter, I was stopped by a young boy who looked no older than fifteen. He told me that Brock, the Pewter Gym's Gym Leader, was looking for challengers, and that as a trainer I should defeat him before moving on out of the city. He took my hand and led me right back to the Gym. With a feeling of trepidation, I stepped back inside, and walked up to the nearest trainer.

    "Um, excuse me? Is this where I can find Brock?"

    "Yes, it is, young lady... not that you'll be reaching him! Go, Geodude!"

    With that, a small rock burst from its Poké Ball. For a moment, I thought he was playing some kind of prank on me, until the rock sprouted arms and opened its eyes.

    "What the... well, Gareth, show that rock what you're made of! Use your Low Kick!"

    Gareth ran towards the Geodude and kicked it with all his might. The Geodude retaliated by curling back up into itself.

    "Huh... is that all your rock can do? Gareth, give it another kick!"

    "No, that isn't all... Geodude, Tackle that ape back to the jungle!"

    The Geodude rolled into Gareth, causing him to spin around on the spot. He seemed dazed for a second, but quickly snapped out of it and delivered one final kick to the Geodude, causing deep cracks to open all over it. The trainer pulled back the Geodude, and without a word sent out a small yellow Pokémon.

    "Sandshrew, kick some sand into that Mankey's face!"

    The Sandshrew did as it was commanded, driving a plume of sand directly at Gareth. He started scrabbling at his eyes to clear the sand, and I pulled him back to help him out, sending out Oscar to take his place. However, the Sandshrew repeated the move, sending more sand up into the air. Oscar attempted to hit the Sandshrew, but couldn't see through all of the sand.

    "Don't worry, Oscar, just keep trying!" I shouted, desperate to keep the sand from harming my friends any more than it already had. Oscar turned to me for a second, gave a small yip, and unsheathed two strong vines from his bulb. He turned back towards the Sandshrew, and sent the vines straight at it, slamming into each side of its neck. The Sandshrew fell flat on its face, not moving for several seconds, but then soldiered back up onto its feet. Despite myself, I had to admire that Sandshrew. It was fighting to defend its trainer, just as Oscar and the others were doing for me. My thoughts began to drift, only snapping back into place when the trainer ordered another sand attack on Oscar.

    "Oscar, use your vines again!"

    The Sandshrew didn't stand a chance against the second attack, and was sent spinning across the room, unconscious before it even hit the ground. Instead of troubling myself with this, I crouched down next to Oscar and set about cleaning him up. He was panting slightly, but was clearly pleased with what he had achieved.

    "Well done. You have emerged victorious in a well-fought battle. But Brock is way hotter than you... he won't be going down so easily."

    I thanked the boy, privately wondering why he chose the exact phrase "Brock is way hotter than you" and how exactly you become a Gym Leader's apprentice in the first place. I couldn't afford another Pokémon Centre healing fee, so I would have to face Brock right here, right now. Gareth and Oscar were both still in reasonable shape, and David hadn't even been in battle yet. I was confident that we could win.

    "Brock! My name is Sophie. I am here to challenge you."

    "Hah! My rock-hard willpower will easily defeat any challengers! My Rock-type Pokémon are soli-"

    "Look, can we skip all the rock-related motivational chants?"

    "Oh, yes. Sorry about that. I do tend to get a little carried away. Anyway, let's go. Geodude, come on out!"

    This Geodude looked tougher than the one that the young boy had used, more ready for battle. I sent out Oscar, recalling the effect that his vines had had. Sure enough, one slam from the vines was enough to completely shatter the Geodude, rendering it completely immobile.

    "Ahh! How could this be?" Brock yelled, staring aghast at the pieces of what was recently a Geodude. "Well, you'll have a tougher time with this next one... come on out, my rock-hard massive snake!"

    "Brock? I asked you to skip all the rock-related stuff, and that last one was clearly laden with innuendo. Just send out your Pokémon already."

    "As you wish... Onix, I choose you!", he shouted, flinging a Poké Ball out into the middle of the arena.

    The Poké Ball opened up and was immediately obscured by a massive Pokémon that almost filled the entire room. I could see what he meant... this thing was huge. Surely Oscar wouldn't be able to repeat what happened with the Geodude, but I couldn't see any other choice but to try.

    "Oscar, use your Vine Whip again! Crack that Onix into two!"

    Oscar made to hit the Onix with his vines, but the Onix was extremely fast for something so large, and it swarmed down into Oscar, knocking him into the air. Oscar was clearly startled, but seemed to know what he was doing, and sent his vines shooting down into the rock snake as it passed underneath. The Onix gave a mighty roar of pain, crumbling into separate pieces. The head was still alive, however, and it repeated the previous move, slamming into Oscar. But now it was clear to everybody that it was all over. Oscar's vines once again shot out, slamming together on the Onix's temples. It rolled over and closed its eyes, clearly unable to continue.

    Brock was momentarily speechless, staring at his Onix with tears welling up in his eyes. He composed himself, and turned to face me.

    "Very well. Congratulations, Sophie. You have defeated me in battle, and I shall reward you with this: the Boulder Badge. Possessing this makes any Pokémon you catch slightly more powerful!" he said, smiling at me as he handed over the badge.

    "I'd also like you to take this," he added, holding up a silver disc. "I don't know if you've ever used one of these before, but this is a Technical Machine, or TM. You can use it to teach a move to one of your Pokémon! In this case, this TM teaches the move Rock Tomb. Normally I would demonstrate this move in battle, but I daresay there wasn't enough time to do so... You are undoubtably skilled as a trainer. Go now, Sophie, to Cerulean City. Fight Misty. Continue your path towards the Pokémon League!"

    I left the building, the bright light of the sun burning my eyes after spending so long in the dusty gloom of the Gym. Flushed with my success, I held up the Boulder Badge and stared at it. I thought about what Brock had said... should I challenge Misty in Cerulean City? Would I, Sophie, want to reach the Pokémon League? Would my Pokémon want to accompany me on the way?

    I looked around at Oscar, Gareth and David, then back to the Boulder Badge. My mind was made up. I would take on the Pokémon League and help Professor Oak with his Pokédex all on the same adventure.

    End of Part Five

    Current Team:

    Oscar the male Bulbasaur (Level 13), Quirky Nature (neutral)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed

    Gareth the male Mankey (Level 10), Modest Nature (+SpA, -Atk)
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Low Kick

    David the male Rattata (Level 7), Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

    Boxed Pokémon (Alive):

    Dead Pokémon:

    Pokémon Centre Used: 7 times

    I'm going to wrap it up here for the day and go to sleep. I really need to cut down the length of these stories, don't I? >.>
  7. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Actually, I find the length is nice, they're a good read. On a side note, you missed the chance to fight your Rival to the west of Viridian for some extra EXP and money. Dunno if you forgot about him or skipped him but if you can you may want to go back, since you can probably take him easily by now. As for me, I'm not quite at Whitney yet, so I'll wait till I beat her to post a full update, maybe tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest.
  8. Texas Cloverleaf

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    Oct 23, 2009
    Not at all. Your stories are muecho interesting. I really like the characters internal struggle with morality. Keep it up!
  9. firecape

    firecape This is the end...
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    Mar 17, 2010
    ha, i was going to start in pearl so i looked to see what was worth saving before i restarted, and my eyes alighted upon a Jolly azelf i had simply caught for pokedex....i checked the Ivs and: 24atk/21speed not to bad for just a pokemon sitting in a box! :o
  10. Vratix


    Apr 23, 2010
    Well then, it's a good thing you checked.
    @Everyone who writes stories: kudos to you. Even if the length is too great (which, in my opinion, it is not) that is other people's problem. I enjoy reading what you have to say and it will not be as good if you constantly worry about truncating yourself. If someone else thinks it is too long they do not have to read it. As things stand, you're doing quite well.
  11. steel dragons

    steel dragons

    Sep 3, 2009
    OK, so begins my first Nuzlouke run, in Soul Silver.

    The rules:
    If a Pokémon faints, it is permanently dead, and must be released (or stored in a box marked Dead).
    Only one Pokémon per area may be caught. This Pokémon must be the first encountered in the area.
    If all Pokémon are dead, the game must be restarted from the very beginning.
    Healing items of any kind may not be used (TMs, evolutionary stones and the like are fine).

    I woke up one morning and felt that it would be a great day. The sun was shining, and it was very windy outside. I could tell because my window was open, and I was woken up by a large gust of wind. However, being accustomed to the winds which came from the sea adjacent to our town, the winds really didn't affect me.

    I had just moved here about a month ago when a friend told me all about Johto and its "special" features. I was origionally a citizen of the US, but me and my mother decided to move here, for some reason that I couldn't quite fathom at that time. Anyway, as I went downstairs, my mother (whose name is never mentioned) gave me my pokegear, which had some neat features on it. This made me wonder "When would I actually get a pokemon?" I had seen them on the adjacent route and on some walks to Cherrygrove city, but I have never actually caught one for myself. Even more annoying, this girl named Lyra had a Marill, and she was only aout ten years old. She reminded me of my sister back in the US...but those thoughts were for another day.

    As I went outside, I saw Lyra running around with her Marill. Her Marill was actually quite strong, from what I have heard. It has this ability called "huge power," or something like that which makes its physical attacks stronger. Her Marill actually reminded me of my purpose in Johto. I was to try to establish a secure online connection from Johto to the US and other places, a connection that would enable people to directly talk with other people in other countries. I have heard that there was a global terminal somewhere in Johto, and I wanted to see if it was possible to use that terminal to connect to other countries' networks.

    I decided to enter the lab, as I have gotten to know professor Elm rather well, as I have lived in that town for a month. He started talking to me, but I was still rather tired, so I didn't really pay attention until he mentioned that I could take a pokemon with me. Really? I could actually have one? OK, cool. I picked out Cindaquil, since it seemed to be strong. I nickmaned it Flare, as it just seemed to fit. I also figured out that I was supposed to go to Mr. Pokemon's house, which was a little way past Cherrygrove city. Not really knowing what I was going there for, and because I didn't really want to ask the professor about it (since I didn't pay attention to most of his speech), I was on my way, after stopping by my Mother's house.

    (On a side note, I re-started this game three times. The first time, I got a hasty Cindaquil, but then figured out that I couldn't save it anywhere, as I had not saved the old save file. (Very Annoying) The second time, I got a relaxed Cindaquil, which I was not accepting. The third time, I got ANOTHER RELAXED Cindaquil, so again, I restarted. The fourth time, I got a lonely Cindaquil, which was much better.)

    As I left to go to Cherrygrove, I figured that I could actually walk in that tall grass now, with my companion Flare beside me. I battled some Pidgeys and Rattatas, but they were mostly no match for Flare. It even seemed to enjoy tackling them after a while, so Flare and I stayed on this route for a while, until Flare grew to level 6 and learned smokescreen, that is.

    When I arrived at Cherrygrove, I was greeted by an old man, who could actually run faster than me somehow because of these "special shoes." After showing me the ropes, or showing me what the pokemon center did and such, I then headed for Mr/ pokemon's house. Since Flare was walking besides me, I figured that I would let it battle some more with its tackles, which were ever increasing in strength. Even before we reached Mr. Pokemon's house, Flare was at level 7.5 and stronger than ever.

    When I arrived at my destination, I saw Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak, whom I had heard about. After some more words which I failed to pay attention to, I recived a pokedex and a mysterious egg, which had these odd shapes on it. I figured that I would just head home quickly after that, upon receiving a call from Professor Elm about him being robbed of something. Before I could get there, this red-haired person came in front of me. I actually remember him staring into Elm's window earlier, but I didn't catch his name, as he shoved me away when I soke to him. He called me "a weak trainer," but I beat him easily, as my Cindaquil overcame his Totadile. That Totadile looked familuar though...

    As I got back to Elm's lab, I was immediately questioned by a police officer, thinking that I was the robber for some reason which I couldn't figure out. Elm and Lyra defended me though, and Lyra recalled the red-haired person (whats with the wierd hair colors?) staring in the side window of the lab. "This must be the same person that I battled earlier," I thought. I caught a glimpse of the red-haired person's trainer card, and I learned that his name was Dan. after giving this valuable information the the police and chatting with Elm about this gym league challenge, I left for Violet City, a little way from Cherrygrove city. I heard that Violet City had the easiest gym, so I on my way in a hurry.

    OK, I'll just paraphrase what happened next to be quicker. Not too much happened of note:
    - I caught a Geodude on Route 46. It had an impish nature (yes)
    - I caught another Geodude in the Union cave. I'm not going to level it up, though, unless I can't help it.
    - I zoomed through the Sprout tower with Flare.
    - I zoomed through the gym with Rocksolid (the Geodude)
    - I received the egg from the lab assistant
    - I caught a Mareep on route 32, even though it was in the evening. I nicknamed it Fluffy.

    My current team:
    Flare (Quilava) level 14, Lonely nature
    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Ember, Quick Attack, Tackle, Leer
    (Flare has become the powerhouse on this team right now. It has good offensive stats, which allow it to destroy most pokemon with ease)

    Rocksolid (Geodude) level 13, Impish nature
    Ability: Sturdy
    Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Smash, Tackle, Rock Polish
    (Rocksolid is also very strong. While it lacks Flare's speed, it easily makes up for that with its good physical defense and attack, as well as good typing, allowing it to resist many of the moves thrown around at this stage of the journey)

    Fluffy (Mareep) level 7, Bold nature
    Ability: Static
    Moves: Tackle, Growl
    (I needed an answer for water types, and I got Fluffy, which could be good. When it learns Thundershock, it will become ten times better, as its attack isn't that great right now.)
    Geodude level 2, ??? nature (can't remember it now)
    Ability: ???
    Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl
    (Again, its just a replacement or death fodder if nessecary)
  12. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Ah, good point, I'd completely forgotten about that battle. Thanks for reminding me. I'm not sure how I could work it into the story as it is, so I might change it around a little so that he's at the entrance of Route 3 or something.

    I'll probably be working on part six after finishing off some work. Watch this space, I guess?
  13. firecape

    firecape This is the end...
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    Mar 17, 2010
    (tell me if there is anything i could do better) But here is the begining of my journey! (warning: only read the end if you want to be jealous :))) )

    This is Platinum version, but as you can tell i think the begining is too boring so i spruced it up a bit :o.

    If a pokemon faints release it
    I can switch pokemon
    If a pokemon faints to a critical it doesn't count (this only applies if it wouldn't have died if it didn't crit, if it has 1hp and i get critted it is dead, you get the picture)
    I can catch the first pokemon i meet in an area, i count different floors of the same caves as different areas, as there are different pokemon on different floors
    I can use healing items in battle, but not outside
    I get unlimited pokecenter used until i get my second badge, where each pokecenter use costs 500
    I get to buy pokemart items for 2x price until second badge, where it raises to 5x price
    I can buy any pokeballs, but only regular pokeballs can be used in normal circumstances, ultra balls and the like can be purchased for things like "omg a shiny but all i have is 2 fucking pokeballs"

    Mom: Wake up hun!!!
    -I groggily open my eyes and am greated with a blast of sun to the face and my mom standing over me
    Me: Wha....What time is it!?
    Mom: its nearly noon! i thought i would wake you up now so you could at least enjoy some of your birthday!
    Me: omg -derp-
    Mom: Get dressed then come downstairs, and we will go out for a nice lunch, you can bring a friend if you want too, mom says with a broad grin on her face
    Me: Uh...mom...have you thought about what i want?
    -My mom's happyness deflates and she dons a somber look
    Mom: yes i have -sigh-
    Me: And! i say with growing excitement
    Mom: you can go on your adventure, i have arranged a meeting with the professor, just please....
    -But her next words were drowned by my cry of exclamation from me as a jumped with joy, and my Mom smiled sadly
    Me: can I go now? can I! can I!
    Mom: yes you can, she said truly smiling finally, however,
    -But i was already long gone, and i heard her shout after me:
    Mom: Come back after you get your pokemon! I want to see it!
    -As i arrived at the professors lab and yelled my hello he looked at me in puzzlement
    Professor: Who is u?!
    Me: !? I've known you my whole life!
    Professor: You a boy or girl!
    Me: ....Boy
    Professor: What iz u name?
    Me: John
    Professor: Who dat over there, he say u his frend
    Barry: I've told you my name its Barry!!!
    Me: Oh! Thats my friend! ASSHOLE!
    Barry: fml
    Professor: Ok ready for an adventure ASSHOLE and John!
    Both Barry and me: Yes!
    Professor: Ok pick one of these pokemans!
    Me: isn't it pokemon?
    Professor: nopes teh same things really
    Me: Well...i want someone that can always be my friend...Ok turwig! i choose -truncated-
    -i pick up turwig's pokemon and proclaim: I will nickname you wings, then watch as my newly cristened rival, ASSHOLE, takes his choice( o c'mon i couldn't resist)
    ASSHOLE: I choose you! Chimchar!
    Me: fuck you....
    Professor: okays always love ur pokemans! and heres pokedex for u toos!
    ASSHOLE: Hey john, i bet i can rape you with chimchar, Lets go!
    Me: Go wings!
    ASSHOLE: go chimchar!
    -Wings comes out of his pokeball with finese and confidently lands next to me, nuzzle its head into my legs, ASSHOLES chimchar lands in a ready battle stance, as ASSHOLE proclaims:
    ASSHOLE: what are you waiting for puss? your terdtwig scared?!
    Me: you wish, lets go wings!
    -i dont want wings to die just as i got him so i gotta win this!
    Chimchar: leer
    Wings: tackle
    Chimchar: leer
    Wings: tackle (miss)
    fml, is it over?
    Chimchar: leer
    Wings: tackle
    Chimchar: leer
    Wings: tackle
    Chimchar: leer
    Wings: tackle, its a critical hit! Chimchar fainted!

    ASSHOLE: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my chimchar!!!
    Professor: lolololololololol u suk at pokemans urs already is ded lololol, hear u kan have anohter, but dont loose dis one cuz i dunt hav much moore.
    Me: hmm
    -and me and wings walk away, ever so dignified. The first day of my exciting journey ends on an upnote and me and wings return home for a good nights sleep, and first,of course, my birthday, i hope i can become a pokemon master some day, me and wings, and many more! I wonder what my mom will think of wings?

    The end of that part, tell me what you think, cause i don't want to do more if everyone thinks it is terrible:(

    Ready to be jealous? My turwig is:
    Adamant with 30 attack Ivs and 31Hp ivs= win. No SRs or anything, im not sure about the other ivs but eh, im happy even if the rest are 1 >:].

    edit: L0l adamant machop with 23hp 30attack 27 def and 15+ in the rest (i didn't bother remembering them :o.)
  14. Snorlaxe

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Alright, I've finally decided to do this, and so I guess I'll start on FireRed.

    I'm probably going to use morm/kitten's rules, moot's are a little too hardcore for my taste. I might post the mini stories or whatever, but I have a Miltank on HeartGold that I desperately want to finish raising, and so I may not start my challenge for a couple of days.
  15. JRank

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    Jan 16, 2010
    Did EvilBob finish his story yet? I've read up to the rival battle after Viridian badge, and he hasn't posted in a while
  16. GOTO2435


    Oct 21, 2009
    i don´t think he´s finished but let him rest, he was uploading once a day, i was amazed he could make so many frequent updates, the story is amazing and if he needs time to create an epic ending so be it, a story is late for a while but it sucks forever
  17. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Part Six: Reignited Rivalry

    I headed east out of Pewter City into Route 3, too keen to discover what new Pokémon awaited me to even rest after the battle with Brock. Gareth and Oscar had been wounded, but the damage was superficial at best, and both seemed happy to join me on my way. On the way out of town, however, I was stopped by somebody who seemed vaguely familiar.

    "Sophie, there you are! I've been looking for you, Oak sent me here," the man said. Now I recognised him; he was one of Professor Oak's associates from his laboratory. "I have a gift from him that he thought might come in handy."

    "A gift?" I frowned slightly. Oak was always giving me random presents, some much less... suitable than others, and it had always creeped me out a little. He'd been much better than normal recently however, so I accepted the package and opened it. Inside were a pair of...

    "Running Shoes? How did he know my size...? Well, tell him I said thanks," I mumbled, trying them on. They were a perfect fit, and I tested them out by running up and down the path a couple of times.

    "Trying out for the marathon, Soph?" came a voice.

    I started, looking around for the newcomer. My eyes alighted upon Harley, who was busying himself smirking at the new shoes, then at my lack of breath. I definitely wouldn't be trying out for any marathons any time soon.

    "I heard you got the Boulder Badge from Pewter? Well, you're not the only one. Charmander is way stronger than back in Pallet, and I've caught another Pokémon too! I'm taking you on!"

    I was suddenly nervous. Perhaps resting would've been a good idea after all... Without any other choice, I called forward David, and waited for Harley's first move. He tossed out a Poké Ball, releasing a Pidgey from within. This one looked much stronger than the ones I had come across so far in the wild. Harley clearly hadn't been lying when he said his Pokémon had become stronger.

    "Alright then David, let's try to take this Pidgey down a notch!"

    David jumped up, ready for battle, and shot off at incredible speed against the Pidgey. He slammed directly into it, but the Pidgey seemed to barely even notice, and swooped down on David with powerful claws. A sickening crunch pierced the air like a bullet, and David curled up on the ground, awake but clearly in a lot of pain. Releasing a breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding, I got Gareth to take David's place, and carefully moved David out of harm's way. He needed help, but Harley was in no mood to call his Pidgey off.

    "Looks like your Rattata can't handle the pressure!" he jeered, seemingly oblivious to the pain that David was in. "Mankey won't be much better!"

    He was right. Gareth managed to attack once, but the counter was enough to send him sprawling. Blood leaking out of his eye, I was once again forced to recall my friend, and I had no choice but to send Oscar into battle. He quickly sent his Leech Seed technique at the Pidgey, and started growling fiercely. Was he trying to scare it as retribution for what it had done to his friends?

    Suddenly, I realised Oscar's plan. He'd seen what had happened to David and Gareth, and instead of trying another frontal assault decided to use a different method of bringing down the Pidgey. As the two battled on, the Pidgey was clearly becoming weaker from the effects of the Leech Seed while Oscar looked like he hadn't taken a single hit the whole time. Before long, the Pidgey landed, clearly exhausted, and Harley called it back with a scowl on his face.

    "Well, just you wait. Guess who's coming back?"

    I knew what was about to happen, and I was dreading it. Oscar was surely the only member of my team capable of battling on, and the Charmander had grown stronger since our last battle... according to the Pokédex, it would now know moves that would literally burn Oscar to a crisp. The Charmander was released from the Poké Ball, and made to direct a flame at Oscar.

    At the last second, Gareth leapt into Oscar, pushing him clear. He had wiped away the blood that had been trickling down his face, and was now charging straight at the Charmander. He struck it with a fierce karate chop, extinguishing the second flame that Charmander had been brewing. Gareth repeated the move, smacking Charmander straight to the ground. The flame on its tail began to flicker, and Harley realised what was happening.

    "You... you bitch!" he screamed at me, calling back his Charmander to its Poké Ball.

    I blinked. Harley had never been the easiest person to get along with, but I wasn't accustomed to hearing this sort of thing from him. He was angrier than I'd ever seen him. Too scared to say anything back, I picked up my team and ran back to the Pokémon Centre, not stopping until my friends were safely asleep in the hospital ward. I settled myself into a chair, exhausted but still too worked up to sleep. Route 3 could wait until tomorrow.

    End of Part Six

    Current Team:

    Oscar the male Bulbasaur (Level 13), Quirky Nature (neutral)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed

    Gareth the male Mankey (Level 11), Modest Nature (+SpA, -Atk)
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Low Kick, Karate Chop

    David the male Rattata (Level 7), Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

    Boxed Pokémon (Alive):

    Dead Pokémon:

    Pokémon Centre Used: 8 times

    Also, I decided to check out some IVs. Turns out both David and Gareth are likely to have a 1 in Attack. Typical. Oscar turned out to have some pretty good overall IVs (13/21/21/20/4/28). Pity about the low Special Defence, but four 20+ IVs including a possible 31 in Speed? I got very lucky with this one...
  18. firecape

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Wow im getting so lucky, at lake acuity (the one where in diamond and pearl you fight starlys, but in platinum you dont fight anything, i caught a naughty starly, the route to professor's lab i ran into something without pokeballs and couldn't catch anything, but the next route i caught an impish shinx with intimidate :D.
  19. Pipko


    Nov 26, 2009

    My rules:

    Standard Nuzlocke:
    -can only catch first wild pokémon encountered on each route/cave/etc (per my interpretation and setting, "gift" pokémon and trades don't count)
    -fainted pokémon are permanently dead and may not be used for any purpose (I will be graveyarding them instead of releasing)

    in addition:
    -nickname clause: all pokémon are given nicknames to foster endearment
    -items clause (field only): items may not be used in battle.
    -Don't be a moron clause: If a wild shiny appears and it's not first on a route catch it anyway. It can't be used on this save, but may be traded to other games.

    Also one soft rule: limit grinding. While some is necessary due to the nature of the challenge, winning simply by having a 15-level advantage defeats much of the difficulty and invalidates the achievement.

    Rules/setting fluff:
    League-sanctioned trainers must follow strict anti-poaching laws to protect the balance of wild pokémon. They may only ever catch the first pokémon they encounter on any route (/cave /etc). If they fail to do so (by accidentally defeating it, not having any pokéballs on hand, etc) then they forfeit their ability to catch any pokémon on that route this year. So long as they still have a pokémon from any given area in their possession, they may not catch any new ones from that route in subsequent seasons. All caught (and encountered) pokémon are tracked by the trainer's pokégear, both to assist the trainer in compliance and to aid enforcement.
    Pokémon battles are always dangerous and are frequently but not always fatal - smart/compassionate trainers withdraw/forfeit before their pokémon are killed if they know it's going to happen. To maintain the integrity of the challenge, ALL player pokémon that are knocked out ARE considered killed, however....just not all NPCs. This is mostly to keep the setting dark without making all pokémon trainers casual murderers. A battle that ends with surrender is often considered more honorable than a merciless killing spree, but the whole affair is so dangerous even careful, honorable trainers do occasionally see pokémon killed....and of course a merciless killing spree is far more final of a victory than a surrender.
    Several antagonists (most notably Team Rocket) do not follow the rules. They may be poachers or they may try to attack humans directly or kill pokémon after the trainer surrenders. Not all trainers who don't follow the rules are evil and violent, however - many bug catchers who are not league sanctioned are technically poachers, for example.

    I will be playing as Card, a girl from New Bark Town. Her journey is complimented by that of her neighbor Id (HG nuzlocke run by another person who I will try to convince to post here too, probably in comic form). I have decided to give her a naive, optimistic outlook to sharply contrast the dark, gritty setting of a nuzlocke game. She's probably in a bit over her head here and doesn't quite appreciate the gravity of what she's getting into. We'll see how her journey unfolds and how it affects her personality - it will depend entirely on the events in-game, not any planning on my part!

    Her (starting) personality and outlook on life are perfectly captured by the song "Pollyanna" from the game Mother (aka Earthbound Zero) in both tone and lyrics - you can listen to it here if you wish to get a better idea of what I'm going for with her.

    Each update (including the first) will be in other posts, edit-linked here. They'll probably be mostly text, but if I feel like doodles or something else then I'm not gonna be constrained by format!

    Part 1: New Bark Town
    Part 2: Route 29, Cherrygrove, Route 30

    Alive: Duke (Totodile)
    Boxed: None
    Dead: None
    Missed: Pidgey, Pidgey
  20. RaveSage


    Mar 6, 2009
    Hey, I've been doing a Nuzlocke of an Emerald sprite hack called Moemon for a few weeks now and recoding it on youtube with commentary. Figured I'd post link up to the current play-list of my efforts. Future posts by me here will simply contain a link to the play list, the current segment(s) I've uploaded and a brief synopsis of what goes on in the episode. You can see my Nuzlocking rules in the video description of all (or most) of the episodes but I'll put them here too.

    Show Hide
    If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it ASAP. You cannot use Revives.

    When you reach a new Route/Cave/Town/Ect. you can only catch the first Pokemon you see in that Area. You are allowed to have Pokemon in your PC box as "backup" for when you need new members to replace fainted ones.

    If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see for ANY reason then you've missed out on your chance to get a Pokemon from that area. Because of this rule, you cannot catch any Pokemon on Route 1, ect.

    You may only buy up to 10 Pokeballs from each Pokemart.

    You are not allowed to use Legendary Pokemon.

    If a town contains Gift Pokemon, you may treat these as your captured Pokemon for said area. For example, the Eevee you obtain from Bill in Goldenrod.

    Nickname all of your Pokemon so you have an attachment to them. "Each Pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking." (Not really a required rule, but makes things fun.)

    If you black out (all party Pokemon faint) and you have no backups in your PC, it's Game Over.

    You are not allowed to use any healing items outside of battle.

    You are not allowed to switch out before the trainer sends in his next Pokemon. (Change that setting in the Options Menu)

    So without further delay, here's my Moemon Emerald Nuzlocke. Feel free to rate, subscribe, troll, ect.
  21. Pipko


    Nov 26, 2009
    Part 1: New Bark Town (open)
    My name is Card, and some day, I'm gonna be a master pokémon trainer!

    Well, actually, I want to be a nurse when I grow up. I'm going to work in a big Center, healing sick and injured pokémon and saving lives! But first I'm going to be a master trainer. Why? Well, partly because it will let me see the world...partly because I'll get lots of practice giving emergency first aid to the pokémon I raise...partly because I know I'm gonna be great at it....but mostly because my neighbor Id is gonna do it and there's no way I'm letting him beat me at it!

    Of course, I haven't told him that I'm gonna do it yet. After all, he's not supposed to leave until tomorrow so I have a chance at getting a head start!

    Excitement kept me up late last night, yet I still found myself up with the sun, waiting at the door of Elm's lab for him to open up for the day. He showed up right on time, as always, greeting me with a worried-looking grimace. "You're really sure you want to do this?"

    "More than ever. Relax, I'll be fine! You know I can take care of myself just fine. Pretty soon you'll be seeing me in the news!"

    "That's what I'm afraid of. Come on in."

    I'd always liked Elm's lab. His work meant that he sometimes got visitors bringing rare pokémon to study, and some of them were really wild! Things were quiet now, though...he hadn't had any one stopping by for a while, so it was just him and his aides around. He brought me around back, to a display with three pokéballs. "Here's what I've got that's sanctioned for beginning trainers. They're each pretty rare in the wild, so you're in luck there. Their names are Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. Are you familiar with any of them?"

    "Yeah," I nodded, grinning. "They're all pretty good from what I hear! Can I pick whichever one I like?"

    Elm hesitated. "Well...if you really want to do this, yes. You passed your test, after all, so technically you do have the right...but I still think you should wait a year, or travel with Id, or-"

    "NO WAY! You'll see...you'll all see! I'm not just gonna be good, I'm gonna be GREAT! I bet I'll even be Champion!"

    He smiled, a small sad little half-smile. "I guess there's nothing else I can say to that. So who will it be?"

    I nibbled my lip, pondering my choices. Chikorita was the cutest, but I was planning on winning battles not beauty contests. I'd need something tougher. Cyndaquil maybe? Fire-types are strong, but harder to raise, and I figured I should wait until I had some practice before trying one of them. Besides, my favorite was "Totodile. I want Totodile."

    Elm picked up a pokégear from the table - was this going to be mine?! - and keyed in some type of code. It blinked suddenly to life, and he presented me with one of the pokéballs. "I'm registering him for you, but it's asking what you're going to name it...so bring him out and come up with a good one."

    I was so excited I dropped the ball. As it hit the ground it opened, sending out my new companion. He was smaller than I expected, and very young - he might not even have fully developed water jets yet. They say the younger they are when they start training, the closer the bond, so he and I obviously were gonna be super close. I kneeled down to look him in the eyes, smiling widely. "I'm Card, and you're name's gonna be Duke. We're gonna be best friends!" He didn't seem afraid of me, so I gave him a big hug. "We're gonna be the very best, like no-one ever was!"

    Elm sighed, keying in the name and handing me the pokégear. "Then it looks like you're all set to go. You already know how to work this, I've even entered my number in your phone book so you can call if you need help. As of this moment, you're an official Pokémon League Challenger. You know the rules and laws. Now I want you to be careful out there. In fact, you should probably keep Duke here out with you when you're traveling. He can protect you. When things get too rough, know that you can always come back home. And keep in touch, with me or your mother, so we know that you're doing well. I suggest you go to Violet Gym first, it's not far and doesn't have a reputation for being too strong. But first I want to ask you a favor. You know Mr. Pokémon? Supposedly he's got something for me. He's not that far from here, so it's a good way to start your journey and see if you really want to continue on."

    I pouted. "But that could cost me my head start!"

    "Then if you make it back and still want to do this I'll even give you some pokéballs to get started with - that should make up for it, right?"

    "I suppose."

    Forward to Part 2

    Alive: Duke (Totodile)
    Boxed: None
    Dead: None
    Missed: None
  22. EvilBob


    Apr 29, 2007
    I moved into a new apartment and started a new job within the last week, so I've been pretty exhausted most of the time I've not been busy lately.
  23. xeroslash


    Mar 30, 2010
    Chapter 3 and 4 are here. For previous chapters, check out my sig!

    [Chapter 3]

    Before going south for Route 32 from Violet City, I went west to Route 36 to get the Rock Smash HM. I taught it to Studmuffin [​IMG] since it figured that it might be useful down the road, maybe even as something that is good against Whitney's gym. At any rate, after grabbing the HM, I went down to Route 32. Time to get a Mareep, I thought. But no... a Bellsprout [​IMG] appears instead. Beggars can't be choosers, eh? I nicknamed it Venus. Cuddles also evolved into Quilava [​IMG] on the way to the Union Cave! Twinkie [​IMG] isn't falling behind by any means, either. Having Extrasensory was pretty helpful, and I had high hopes for its future.

    I grabbed an Old Rod before going in the Union Cave. Once inside, I patiently fished for a Magikarp [​IMG] once inside, which I eventually caught. I nicknamed it Trojan. With Venus [​IMG] on my side, I took care of the Hikers along the way. What a breeze, I thought as I exited Union Cave.

    Outside the cave, there was one lone Hiker standing there, waiting for a battle. I didn't think twice and challenged him. Since I was training Twinkie [​IMG] at the time, I sent it out. Geodude was a piece of cake with Extrasensory around, but then the Hiker sent out a Machop. Interesting, I haven't seen one on my journey yet... but it sure is weak to Extrasensory! Putting full faith in Twinkie, I commanded it to unleash its Extrasensory attack.

    Guess what? The Machop moved first. Karate Chop! Twinkie died. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I quickly revenged Twinkie's death with Cuddle's Ember. Still, I was sad and angry. Just then, Twinkie's ghost appeared before me. Believe me, bro, there will be worse casualties down the road.

    [Chapter 3 Checklist]

    Current party: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Casualties: [​IMG]


    [Chapter 4]

    Poor Twinkie, I had grand plans for you. You shall be remembered.

    After arriving in Azalea Town, I went straight for Kurt's house. I've heard from a few people that Kurt makes awesome balls...

    "Hey gramps, I heard you like making balls-"


    Kurt ran out of the house... just like that. I decided to follow him into the Slowpoke Well. When I got there, I saw Kurt lying on his back. "Don't worry gramps, I shall revenge you!" I quickly went inside the cave.

    "But son, I actually fell on my own..." Kurt sighed.

    As I suspected, there were a couple of Team Rocket members inside. But didn't they disband three years ago? No matter. All they have are crappy Pokemon anyways.

    Before I could take another step, a wild Zubat [​IMG] appeared! I caught it and named it Baddie. We continued on and kicked Team Rocket out of the well.

    "Well done, son," Kurt exclaimed. "Come to my house later."

    Sure thing, gramps... but first things first, it's time to face the gym! I stepped inside the gym, and the first thought that popped in my head was, WTF? Since when did the gym have giant moving Spinaraks? I must be getting old... At any rate, it didn't take long for me to reach Bugsy.

    Here goes!

    Bugsy sent out Scyther. [​IMG]
    Go! Studmuffin! [​IMG]

    Oh god, a Scyther... I've heard bad things about it from my friends...

    [​IMG] used U-turn.

    OW! That really hurts... Studmuffin's HP is in the red now, but he survived. I wonder what he will send out next...?

    Bugsy sent out Metapod. [​IMG]

    ...LOL. Piece of cake!

    [​IMG] used Tackle! It was not very effective...
    [​IMG] used Rock Throw! It was super effective!
    [​IMG] fainted.

    That Tackle actually scared me, even though it could barely scratch me. One down, two more to go...

    Bugsy sent out Scyther. [​IMG] Switch? Y/N
    Go! Cuddles! [​IMG]

    Come on, Cuddles, show me what you've got!

    [​IMG] used Quick Attack! Critical Hit!
    [​IMG] used Ember! It was super effective!

    Not good... Cuddles is in the red now, and Ember didn't even do over half... better heal up now, or Cuddles might die to another Quick Attack.

    Gold used Potion [​IMG] on Cuddles! [​IMG] It restored 20 HP.
    [​IMG] used Leer! Cuddle's defense is lowered.

    My Potion wasn't enough to heal Cuddles to full HP, but it was enough to bring it into the green. I wonder what Bugsy is up to...

    [​IMG] used Ember! It was super effective!
    [​IMG] used Focus Energy! It's getting pumped!
    Scyther's Sitrus Berry [​IMG] restored its health!

    The situation looks grim. While I did heal my Cuddles with Potion, I don't feel that it can live through another critical hit Quick Attack. To make matters worse, Cuddles is affected by Leer and Scyther just used Focus Energy and was healed by its Sitrus Berry...

    Bugsy used Super Potion [​IMG] on Scyther! [​IMG] (/facepalm)
    [​IMG] used Ember! It was super effective!

    I should have seen that coming. The berry only healed Scyther to borderline yellow... I could heal Cuddles again, but I already have my defense lowered and my potion supply is limited. Better strike now...!

    [​IMG] used Quick Attack.
    [​IMG] used Ember. It was super effective! (Scyther's HP is, once again, in the red)

    I am VERY happy that it wasn't a critical hit. However, one more attack from either of us will spell death. I believe in you, Cuddles! I crossed my finger, hoping that Scyther wouldn't use Quick Attack again...

    [​IMG] used Ember. It was super effective!
    [​IMG] fainted.

    YES! We did it, Cuddles...

    Bugsy sent out Kakuna. [​IMG] Switch? Y/N
    Go! Studmuffin! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] used Poison Sting. It was not very effective...
    [​IMG] used Rock Throw. It was super effective!
    [​IMG] fainted.

    Again, I thought Kakuna was going to use Harden... but that doesn't matter anymore. I won!

    Bugsy lost! Gold received the Hive Badge!

    Good job, guys. Let's go visit Kurt...

    [Chapter 4 Checklist]

    Current party: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Casualties: [​IMG]
  24. georgeronald670


    May 11, 2010

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  25. Vayre


    May 11, 2010
    Nuzlocke challenge go!!

    Rules I'm Using (open)

    The basic ruleset, but with one of my own addition. I can only have 6 Pokémon at a time, no Hm Slaves, no backups in the PC. Nothing.

    If I see a Pokémon that I want and catch it when i have six that is fine, but a pokémon must be chosen to take its place and released when I reach a pc and withdraw my new pokemon. Until I get there the doomed one must be treated as if fainted, and if feasible I should purposely faint it against whatever is in the area.

    Gonna be drawing important events/amusing things, and writing up the rest.

    Here is a teaser

    Image (open)

    Chapter 0: LANCE!!!

    Narrator: Last night saw our hero getting drunk with his friend/rival Gary, along with Lance who has nothing better to do on a friday night than getting drunk with two ten year olds...

    You want plot that makes sense go buy a book or something, THIS IS THE INTERNET, SENSE IS OPTIONAL.


    Uhhh, my head hurts, god damn I should stop getting drunk like that, I mean one day something bad is going to happen because of it, like maybe someone might steal it and then my secret would be revealed to the world and I would be hunted down and lynched...


    Nah! ^_^

    Hey wait a minute, the secret compartment in my bed isn't as heavy as usual.. Oh god no...

    image (open)



    Welp, i'd better get me some Pokémon, oh and Lance? If you're somehow reading this...

    You gonna die bitch.

    (As a side note am I ok to have my pathetic image offerings out of the Hide tags, or should I keep them hidden so as to not blind people?)

    Actual Happenings will be posted in a while.

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