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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Thrive


    Apr 10, 2010
    I'm going to do a playthrough on Ruby Starting later today. Let's see how that goes.

    -If a pokemon faints, Release it
    -Have to catch the first pokemon in an area you see unless you have that species, then you may ignore, or if it's a shiny.
    -Nickname Clause
  2. Thrive


    Apr 10, 2010
    I'm an Hour and 30 minutes in and Haven't hit the First gym yet. I feel like a failure. Probably because I'm trying to raise my Stupid Wurmple to level 10

    I'll edit in a story tonight.
  3. The Pokemon Pimp

    The Pokemon Pimp

    Jun 14, 2009
    I would just like to say that I commend everyone's ability to do this challenge.

    I tried once on Ruby a month ago. Started with Mudkip, avoided all wild pokemon on the route that my rival was on (I really wasn't thinking, I wanted to be able to catch something early haha), and promptly got critted twice by my rival's Treecko.

    But have no fear Smogonites, I'm not a pussy that's going to back off this challenge. However, I'm going to do it on my Diamond cart...I've played and replayed RSE that it's not even fun anymore.
  4. CanadianLoveMac


    May 15, 2010
    Nuzlocke Challenge For Platinum
    Rules : No healing items
    Poke Center is OK
    TM's that I find are fair game
    No event Pokemon "sorry rotom, togepi, and evvee"
    For my Pokemon collection sake all dead pokes will be deposited in a box and traded to soul silver

    After Jubilife, I head towards Ohberg and defeat my rival along the way, I decide to use mostly JeanRalfeo so i can get him his fighting move so he can defeat the gym, seeing that mortekai will face certain death. I end up sweeping the gym and the trainers there and picking up 3 new team members :) So far no deaths, which actually is no beuno I wanna feel the pain of losing someone valuable, there has been a few close calls though.
    Mains -
    JeanRalfeo (You will know what this relates to if you watch parks and recreation haha) lvl 18
    - Scratch
    - Ember
    - Mach Punch
    - Taunt (Actually Usefull in Nuzlocke, the toxic from the zubat at windworks will see this move)

    Mortikai (Royal Tenenbaums) lvl14
    Adamant (RNG is loving me)
    -Quick Attack
    - Wing Attack

    Others (Outcasts/ DeathFodder/HM slaves)
    [​IMG] Scooter
    [​IMG] RckyBalboa
    [​IMG] Doofus
    [​IMG] MuttonChop
  5. Fear The Pika

    Fear The Pika

    Jan 20, 2009
    Ok, first chapter of my Nuzlock run updated. Be warned, it is really long, 2,600 words. So I've decided to make it based on the Manga, but with a different, darker tone to it. If I add characters in for the purpose of my story, even if they don't appear in the game, suck it up and don't complain. Now, a refresher on the rules, and then the update.

    ~ If a Pokemon faints, it will be dead, unable for use and shall rot in a box forever.
    ~ Healing Items of any kind are disallowed
    ~ Only the first pokemon encountered on a route (excluding Legendary Pokemon) is able to be captured and used. I will capture others for the purpose of filling the Pokedex, but those will be released
    ~Pokeballs may be bought at any time
    ~Running out of Pokemon will cause an instant Game Over
    ~Pokemon Centers will be used as little as possible
    ~Updates will be posted in the form of a story based off of the Pokemon Adventures Manga, but altered to fit what happens in my game

    Show Hide
    Chapter One: Genesis
    My name is Red and I’m just an average sixteen year old kid, and also the best Pokémon trainer in Pallet Town. Or at least, I was until my partner Poli was killed in battle. Everybody says that it wasn’t my fault, that Critical Hits happen sometimes without warning, and maybe they’re right, but I don’t see it like that. So this morning, I decided that I’m going to start my journey to the Pokémon League and beat it, something I had meant to do with Poli by my side.

    After I got dressed and stared at the picture of Poli and me that I have right by my computer, I headed outside; dawn was just beginning to paint the grey skies a beautiful pink. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone, not even my friend and Rival, Green. Even though we acted like we hate each other, we both know that respect runs deep in both of us, though we disagree with the other’s training method sometimes.

    I had just made it to the edge of Route 1, planning on heading to Viridian City to buy some Pokéballs, but I was stopped by Green’s Grandfather, Professor Oak.

    “You can’t go out there, Red. You know what Pokémon can do to humans if they’re unprotected.” he said. Sighing and dragging me by my arm, he led me to his laboratory. “I knew you would do something like this, you’re always so reckless. At least let me give you one of my Pokémon. No, I don’t want to hear any refusal, I know that it won’t replace Poli, but you have to start somewhere.”

    Resigned to my fate, I walked with the Professor to his lab. His lab was an unimpressive rectangular brown-brick building, larger than anything in Pallet town, but that wasn’t saying much. The inside was well organized and extremely high-tech with multiple bookcases brimming with books on Pokémon and their abilities, all written by the Professor Oak himself. There were three assistants towards the front of the building, and computers in the back, as well as a green table with three Pokéballs on top of it.

    I was extremely surprised to see Green standing there waiting for us, and I was even more surprised to see him in his pajamas.

    “Grandfather, I’m tired of waiting. Well, actually, I’m just tired. Why do we have to be up at such a ridiculously early hour?” he complained, yawning loudly and wiping the sleep from his eyes.

    “Hold on a second Green, this is an important moment for both of you, both of you have lost your one partner. So before you set out on your journey, I’m giving you a new one.”

    I stared at my rival for a moment, I had had no idea that he had lost his partner too. When had this happened? And how had it happened? But even as I thought these questions to myself, I knew that I would never find out; Green wouldn’t tell anyone. When I realized that the Professor was talking to me, I snapped back to attention, now slightly embarrassed.

    “Red, I want you to chose first. You lost your partner before Green did, so you should receive a new one before Green does.”

    Even though Green started complaining loudly, I knew that it was just for show. After he said his piece, he looked me in the eye and slowly nodded; he too thought that I should receive the first Pokémon.

    Taking my time, I hovered over all of the choices: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I could choose Squirtle, a Water type like Poli was, but that seemed wrong to me. Charmander was a strong Fire type, but I dislike using Fire Pokémon since they can get out of control easily and cause a lot of damage.

    That left the third Pokémon, the Grass type Bulbasaur. Picking up its Pokéball and releasing it, I knew immediately that Bulbasaur was the one I wanted.

    “Hey there, I’m your new trainer, Red. It’s nice to meet you, Saur.”

    My new Pokémon was nervously accepting my touch as I rubbed his head, but not coming nearer. Well, that was to be expected, trust would form over time and I couldn’t rush that process.

    Sweeping past me, Green quickly chose his Pokémon and called it out. “Charmander!” I knew that he would choose that one, Green was always drawn to the more powerful Pokémon.

    Calling Saur back into his Pokéball, I started walking out of the lab, eager to finally start my journey, but Green called me back.

    “Hey, it’s a new start for both of us, so forget everything you learned about training Pokémon and battling. From now on, we’re both first-time trainers, so let’s both act like it. Let’s also lay some rules down for ourselves, rules that will challenge us as we try to beat each other to Indigo Plateau. No healing your Pokémon with items, no matter how hard it gets. And no being greedy with the wild Pokémon, only catch the first one that appears on a Route. Agreed?”

    I nodded agreement, it was a good idea. At least, it seemed like it at the time, but that was me being naïve. Oh, the strife that it would cause me later down the road.

    Green grinned, I knew what was coming, and I had been waiting for it. “Now come on, battle me!”

    Calling Saur back out, I calmly watched him stare at Green’s Charmander. We were about to start the battle when Professor Oak decided to take Green literally and treat us both like we had never battled before. Ignoring him, I ordered Saur to use Tackle.

    Hurtling himself at his opponent, Saur met Charmander’s claws as it used a Scratch attack, but even that didn’t stop the Grass Pokémon from decking his Fire type opponent. And this cycle continued: Tackle, Scratch, Tackle, Scratch. Then Green made a mistake, instantly realizing it once he ordered his Pokémon to use Growl. Now Saur saw an opening, and without any command from me, made the finishing Tackle, slamming the fire lizard into one of the bookcases, narrowly avoiding setting fire to it.

    “Nicely played, Red, nicely played. But we’ll beat you next time, you know we will.”

    Scooping up his Pokémon, he carefully carried it out of the building, not wanting it to die; I didn’t want that either, so I hoped that he got it healed quickly. Following Green’s example, I left the building and headed for Route 1, ready to start my Pokémon Adventures.

    * * *​
    Route 1, a pleasant path with flowers, trees, ledges, Pokémon, and not a trainer in sight! I tried to get through without encountering a Pokémon, remembering my promise to Green, but a wild Pidgey surprised me on the outskirts of Viridian. Quickly pulling out my lone Pokéball, I sent Saur out to deal with bird. After exchanging Tackles a few times, my new partner came out on top with HP to spare. Now at Viridian City, I walked into the city limits, admiring how big the place was compared to my simple hometown.

    I headed straight to the Pokémart to pick up a few Pokéballs, I couldn’t be without them for long, but I was going to have to run an errand first. Stepping into the store, the clerk immediately recognized me from the reputation that I had gained when Poli was still alive and he called me over.

    “You’re Red from Pallet Town, right?” he asked. I slowly nodded, not sure where this was going to go; I had made a few enemies of sore losers back in my heyday. “Can you take this to Professor Oak? We have our own shipping system, but we’d rather make other people who live in the same town do it so we don’t have to pay shipping and handling costs.”

    I bristled with rage, how dare he treat me like I was just one of the delivery men that they employed. I opened my mouth to forcefully object to this treatment and ask for the manager, but the clerk was a step ahead of me.

    “The manager is in Celadon City for a conference at the main branch and won’t be back for a while. That being said, I won’t sell you anything until you get this package to the Professor.”

    Knowing that I was out-maneuvered, I snatched the package and ran out of the store, sprinting through Route 1, too. My progress was delayed when a Pidgey appeared, but Saur took care of it quickly, mastering the Leech Seed technique at the same time.

    I paused just before I entered Pallet Town; the quietness calmed me a little. No matter where I went, I would always prefer to be somewhere quiet, and the small town that I grew up in was the only one that I could ever stay in for a long period of time. Sure, it may only have a dozen houses and about forty residents, but it was peaceful and it was pure, you could only get that in a small town or far away from civilization.

    My anger subsided, I walked to the lab to deliver the parcel, and then head back to Viridian to chew out that clerk. The Professor was surprised to see me and commented on how Saur had taken to me, and then happily received the package without telling me a thing about what it contained. Green decided to make an appearance just then, saying that he had been called back and he wanted to know why.

    “Ah, that’s right, receiving that package completely drove it from my mind. Red, Green, I want you two to take these PokéDexes. They’re an encyclopedia of Pokémon, but entries will only be completed when you capture a Pokémon. Seeing a Pokémon will add some data too, but capturing is the best way to do it. There are many Pokémon out there, and I want you to do something that I couldn’t when I was younger. I want you to complete the PokéDex.”

    “I’ll do it, Grandfather. You don’t need to ask Red to do something that I can do alone! Red, I’ll make sure to tell my sister NOT to give you a map.”

    I smiled, that was just like Green. Get me fired up with a comment like that, and then leave a hint that he’d tell Daisy to give me a map if I asked. Having a rival like Green wasn’t something that everyone had, so I made sure not to take it for granted, especially with Team Rocket becoming more aggressive lately.

    “Well, Red? Are you going to stand around with a stupid grin on your face, or are you going to go beat Green to completing the PokéDex?”

    “Ha-ha, don’t worry, Professor, I’ll beat him.”

    And with those parting words, I left the lab and, after going over to Green’s house to get a map from his sister and resting up at home, headed back towards Viridian City.

    * * *​
    A bell tinkled as I entered the Viridian City Pokémart again, mindful of my last encounter. Not surprisingly, a different clerk looked up at the sound of the door opening, the one who had refused to sell to me would be long gone by now. Asking the clerk for five Pokéballs, I leaned against the counter and waited for him to ring up my purchase, but he seemed to be dying to talk to somebody.

    “I heard that trainers from all over Kanto are joining together to fight Team Rocket, are you going to be joining them?”

    Not wanting to engage him in conversation, I just grunted. However, slow business can drive people insane unless they have something to do, so this particular clerk wasn’t about to let me go without a fight.

    “I hear that one Rocket has some kind of special Pokéballs that heal their Pokémon when they’re called back. How do you think that that is possible?”

    “I don’t know, and I really don’t care.” I said, snatching my own newly-purchased Pokéballs out of the man’s hands, throwing down the correct amount of money onto the counter. Running out of the store, I shouted over my shoulder. “Nice talking to you, have a nice day!”

    Heading straight towards Route 22, I was eager to at least get a glimpse of the Pokémon League’s gates, but I bumped into Green before I got very far.

    “Don’t bother trying to see the Pokémon League gates, you can’t get in without any badges. But hey, while you’re here, let’s battle!”

    Knowing that he wouldn’t take no for an answer, I sent out Saur, my only Pokémon. I groaned as Green sent out a Pidgey, that meant that he had at least one more Pokémon than me. This wasn’t good, this wasn’t good at all. Calling out my first command to my expectant Pokémon, I braced myself for an intense battle.

    (Battle edited out due to long, stallish nature of it. I’ll suffice to say that Growl and Leech Seed stalling dominated the entirety of it.)

    “Yep, you still got it, Red. Just remember, beating me now doesn’t prove anything, so don’t go and get a swelled head.”

    Stalking off, I looked over Saur, expecting him to be at almost no health. Apparently, Leech Seed and Growl make an excellent combination, making sure that my Pokémon takes minimal damage. I’ll have to remember that in the future, especially when things get tougher. Deciding to catch a wild Pokémon while I’m here, I searched around, quickly spotting a Rattata and engaging it in battle. After one Tackle from Saur, its health was extremely low, and it only used Tail Whip on Saur, so I threw a Pokéball. Confident that it would be caught, I watched the ball shake a little, and then finally become motionless. Rattata, soon to be Nicknamed “Ratty”, was mine.

    I stopped by the Pokémon Center on my way to the Gym to heal Ratty real fast before resuming my journey. I was briefly delayed by a senile old man who thought that he could actually teach me how to catch a Pokémon, despite me telling him that I knew how to, though he gave me a portable TV for later, then I headed for the Viridian City Gym.

    I stepped inside and instantly realized that it must have been abandoned a while ago, the only thing that decorated its stark interior was cobwebs and a stone bust of an arrogant looking man. Quickly retreating out of the building, I headed for Route 2, I didn’t need Viridian’s badge just yet, and I could find its Gym Leader as I collected the other badges. Disappointingly, another Rattata was the first thing that I saw; I was an idiot to make that promise to Green. Sending out Ratty, I called for him to Tackle the other rat until it fainted, but Ratty’s health got too low for me to keep him in before the other Rattata fainted. So calling back Ratty, I sent out Saur to finish the battle.

    I repeated this process several times until Saur mastered the Vine Whip technique, then I stopped by the Viridian Pokémon Center one more time to heal my Pokémon back to full health. Now with my team refreshed, I breezed through Route 2, avoiding any more wild Pokémon, and then entered the gate into Viridian Forest; dusk was falling as I did so, I’d have to spend the night in the woods.

    Team after Chapter 1

    NN: SAUR
    Nature: Naughty
    Level: 10
    Moves: Tackle/Growl/Leech Seed/Vine Whip

    NN: Ratty
    Nature: Naughty
    Level: 4
    Moves: Tackle/Tail Whip
    Ability: Guts

    In party:

    In box:


    Pokemon Center Count: 3

    Route 1
    First Encounter: Pidgey
    Status: Tackled to death.

    Route 2
    First Encounter: Rattata
    Status: Tackled to death

    Route 22
    First Encounter: Rattata
    Status: Captured
    NN: Ratty
  6. Tetrinity


    May 9, 2010
    Fear The Pika, I really like your writing style! Keep up the good work. :)

    Part Nine: Shooting The Moon

    I stared at the entrance. Was I really prepared to make another attempt at getting through the catacombs of the cave? Hyperventilating, trying desperately to remain calm, I stepped inside.

    I allowed my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness, and moved on, avoiding wild Pokémon and the gaze of trainers who were wandering around the many paths of the cave. I could only keep this up for so long, however, and I was spotted.

    I noticed the man was wearing a Team Rocket uniform, just like the first man who I had attempted to follow. Was it the same one? No, he was taller, and a little slimmer. Similar to the first encounter, the battle was over almost before it began, David and Oscar showing no mercy against the man's small team of Pokémon. Oscar was becoming more and more pumped up by the minute, and was beginning to pump out small clouds of spores from his bulb. The Pokédex revealed that these spores were capable of inducing poison and sleep, and were a sign that Oscar was soon to evolve. I didn't know what that meant, but I figured I'd find out soon enough.

    The man ran off. I decided not to follow, not after the events of the previous trip through the cave. I needed to plan out each move, taking no risks, playing out battles conservatively. Nobody I talked to knew how far the path went on for, or even which direction I should take. There was nothing for it but to simply take any path I found, marking my way as I went.

    "Hey, you!"

    Another Team Rocket member? They must be up to something big here... The man was once again taken down quickly.

    "Some gang this was turning out to be," I thought to myself.

    "Team Rocket will blacklist you!" the man yelled, and like his companions fled the scene.

    Blacklisted by an international gang of criminals. Excellent, another trouble to add to the list. Undeterred, I moved on, hoping not to have to meet another member. I got my wish, instead bumping into a scientist. A field biologist, perhaps? He was clutching two fossils, staring at me like I'd struck him in the face.

    "Stay back! These are mine!"

    "No, no, I don't want any trouble... I'll just be on my way..."

    "Grimer, go!"

    Brilliant. It seems everybody and their mother are Pokémon trainers these days. What's more, this Pokémon was like none other I'd ever seen. It could've been the contents of the average dumpster.

    Fearing that the Pokémon could prove poisonous, I called Oscar forward, who set about using his various spores to put the Grimer to sleep and set up his Leech Seeds. It didn't take long for the Grimer to fall apart, dissolving into a puddle that issued deep purple plumes of smoke.

    The Grimer was replaced with a Koffing. Another poisonous Pokémon, the only difference being that this one was emitting brown smoke rather than purple. Oscar set up once more, then passed out to Klaus, who seemed eager to battle. Perhaps this was a mistake, as the Koffing woke from his stupor almost instantly and sent out an extra-thick burst of gas, enveloping Klaus. When it had cleared, he seemed distinctly ill. I couldn't believe it. He'd been poisoned again? How could I let this happen?

    I called Klaus back immediately, getting Oscar back into the field. I had to get out of the cave. I would be able to find my way out thanks to the Escape Rope I had thought to purchase. The only problem was defeating the biologist before the poison took over Klaus completely.

    The Koffing went down from two attacks from Oscar, not daring to switch out to another Pokémon for fear of subjecting another of them to poison. The man had one more Pokémon available, which at first glance seemed no different to the Poké Ball from which it had been released. Voltorb, an Electric type. Definitely a good idea to keep Klaus away from this one.

    Oscar stayed in to set up one last time, then switched out to Gemma, who needed to attack only once to cause the Voltorb to crack open, revealing spinning cogs and a processor. I had won!

    I began rummaging through my bag for the Escape Rope, vaguely wondering how it worked in the first place. Finding it, I was about to use it when I was distracted by a flash of light. I moaned, thinking it was another trainer, but I was mistaken.

    Oscar's bulb was pumping out more spores, but these ones were different. They were shining a pure white, and I realised that the light was spreading throughout his entire body. Was this the evolution process that the Pokédex had mentioned?

    Klaus's condition was pressing on my mind, but I couldn't help but stare at Oscar's transformation. His limbs were growing thicker, and his body was tensing up, muscles becoming larger. Most significantly, the bulb on his back opened up, revealing a large flower. The flower was closed up, still emnating the shiny spores, but they were becoming less and less by the second. I pulled out the Pokédex.

    "Ivysaur, the evolved form of Bulbasaur. This Pokémon uses its various spores in order to weaken enemies," I read. "Wow... Oscar? It's me, Sophie. How do you feel?"

    "Ivy... saur?" Oscar said, clearly a little confused, but then seemed to cheer up. "Ivysaur!"

    "Alright, alright, I'll give you a fossil! Just leave me alone!"

    The biologist! In all of the confusion, I had completely forgotten about him. He pressed a fossil into my hands, and ran off with the other one. It looked like a white snail shell.

    Unable to wait any longer, I used the Escape Rope, and was pulled back to the entrance. I rushed inside the Pokémon Centre and settled down for another long wait. I was angry with myself. Twice! Twice I had let Klaus suffer from poison! It was all my fault, and I felt terrible. Gareth in particular seemed disappointed in me, and was in the opposite corner of the room, staring resolutely at the potted plant that sat there.

    Klaus came out of the ward, looking good as new once more. The nurse spoke up.

    "Miss? Look, you've been here quite a lot recently. I'm worried that you're not treating your Pokémon with proper care and respect."

    The words dealt a heavy blow. Of course I did! I loved all of my friends, and did not want to see them suffer. But, at the same time, she had a point. I had changed since first receiving Oscar as a Bulbasaur from Oak. While I still had my moments, I mostly felt uncaring for the targets of my team's attacks. My Pokémon were beginning to become tools of war, rather than treasured companions. I felt sickened with myself.

    "I know you're trying to get through that cave, and from the sounds of it, you came pretty close to making it to the end. But listen to me. You should not put your friends at risk like this. I know there are some trainers out there that force you to battle, and don't care what happens either way. That doesn't mean you should do likewise. Understand?"

    I nodded, wishing that I could just go back to Pallet and play with my friends rather than fighting bloody battles. In my heart, I knew it was too late for that. Despite still not being too far from home, I couldn't go back. I had seen too much.

    I made my way out of the Centre, determined to make this the last visit. Running through the cave, ignoring any wild Pokémon that attempted to block my way, I retraced my steps until I was back to the place where Klaus had been poisoned for the second time. Continuing onwards, I saw a shaft of light from the end of a corridor. Running towards it, I burst out into the sunlight, thrilled to have finally made it through the cave. The nurse was right; I had been so close to the end of the path I could've almost reached Cerulean from here. But it would've been too risky. I didn't want to risk Klaus' life. I was going to keep my friends safe.

    End of Part Nine

    Current Team:

    Oscar the male Ivysaur (Level 16), Quirky Nature (neutral)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moveset: Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Vine Whip

    Gareth the male Mankey (Level 14), Modest Nature (+SpA, -Atk)
    Ability: Vital Spirit
    Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Low Kick, Karate Chop

    David the male Rattata (Level 12), Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
    Ability: Run Away
    Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack

    Klaus the male Spearow (Level 9), Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Moveset: Peck, Growl, Leer

    Gemma the female Zubat (Level 10), Naive Nature (+Spe, -SpD)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moveset: Leech Life, Astonish

    Boxed Pokémon (Alive):

    Dead Pokémon:

    Pokémon Centre Used: 11 times

    Two close calls with Klaus... I was really fortunate to have that Escape Rope (which I hadn't actually bought, it was found in Mt. Moon, but buying it seemed to fit the story better). Without it, he would have died. The really frustrating part was that I had an Antidote with me, and even found a second one lying on the ground near the exit, within reach of the place where he had been poisoned.

    On the positive side, Oscar evolved! He's turning into a massive asset for my team, helping to set up a switch to any of the others by Leech Seeding and either putting the enemy to sleep or poisoning them (former if the switch is low on health, latter if I just want to go for the kill). The others can just about hold their own, but I feel that without Oscar, many of the others would be long gone.
  7. Reaver12


    Mar 27, 2009
    Res... Bob... where are you?
  8. Bug Maniac Marc

    Bug Maniac Marc

    Aug 2, 2007
    Think I'm gonna start a challenge on Crystal, havent even played through it normally yet, heheh. As for the rules, I think I'll go with the more basic rules, as opposed to moots. (though his rules seem all the more awesome and rewarding, I just dont think I could handle it being harder than it already will be)

    I'll be giving updates, and hopefully this wont drive me to madness.
    Lets do this


    Just made it to Violet city.
    Began the journey with Chef Duff the Totodile at my side. I thought about Cyndaquil, with all the opportunities for water pokes later on, but I couldn't just let my big mouthed buddy down.... Ive always used the cute little guy.

    Got through the intro tutorial pretty quick, delivered the egg, all that good stuff. Went to go catch a pokemon up at Route 46.
    I was hoping for something a little exotic, but it seems that Duff's charms could only entice a level 2 Rattata to join us.
    But what a beautiful Rattata she is... soft... warm... hug it while sleeping...

    Oh! Well, we continued our journey north, battling the likes of Youngster Joey and his gang. And then there was route 31...
    Spinarak! Ohhhh I love that little guy two, and it was just my luck to run into a nice level 4 female.
    Unfortunately, I sort of underestimated the danger of poison in this challenge... And Atoli, my beloved Rattata, wasn't able to
    hold on until the pokemon center... And so after mourning the death of a friend, and celebrating the companionship of a new
    friend, Charlotte, we set out for Dark Cave, in search of a Dunsparce.

    Too bad. Two steps in and I run into Zubat, someone we're all very familiar with. Oh well, I'll be happy to take anything I can get,
    especially a Poke that wont die to poison...

    And then we made it to Violet. Sprout Tower should be a great place to level up Charlotte and our newest friend Dre.
    Dont know if I can play too much more tonight, but I'll keep you folks posted if you care.

    Current Team:
    Totodile/Chef Duff
    Level: 10

    Level: 4
    Poison Sting
    String Shot

    Level: 2
    Leech Life (woohooo)

    The Lost:
    Rattata: Atoli
    Levels: 2 - 6
  9. Tyranitar


    Jan 24, 2010
    Quick question, can we use the pokecenter?
  10. callforjudgement


    Jul 8, 2009
    You'd be mad not to. (Some people choose to charge for its use, though.) If nothing else, you'd run out of PP pretty quickly without that, even if you oneshotted every Pokémon in the game and only fought the minimum possible (there are TAS runs of Pokémon, where an emulator is used to RNG control in battle so that, say, a Quick Claw activates and all enemies die to a critical Magnitude 10, or some other move if they happen to be Ground-immune; Geodude tends to be the Pokémon of choice from GSC onwards (with Mew used in RBY); and even that sort of run tends to need to use the occasional Elixir).
  11. EvilBob


    Apr 29, 2007
    Having to pull double shifts at work for the past two weeks sorry.
  12. Stylish Interval

    Stylish Interval

    Mar 29, 2009
    I recently finished through a Nuzlocke challenge that was like hell. What I did was limit myself to one Pokemon Center heal per town (plus mom and the old lady between 3rd gym and fallabor town or w/e). Anyway it was seriously all about saving PP and HP, almost lost to Archie on the Volcano. Crazy shit.
  13. AoG


    May 8, 2010
    I have a question for everyone.Would buying Pokemon be considered cheap? I was wondering because I bought a dratini at goldenrod so really I am only getting one Pokemon from that area.
  14. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    If it's the only pokemon you get from the town, then no, it's fine. Now you can't get Eevee or any other casino stuff though. (I just realised that in both Gen1 and 2, Eevee is in the casino town. Huh. Odd coincidence?)

    EDIT: By the way, my friend has allowed me to borrow his DS and Plat copy. Currently I beat Fantina, and have an Eevee, Gabite, Roselia, and Empoleon, as well as 4 other living pokemon. On another note, I nearly filled a box of dead stuff. :(
  15. Oozium238


    Feb 28, 2010
    Ruby didn't nickname his Sceptile. Also his Nuzleaf was technically called Nuzleaf. There are only two rules.
  16. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    Firstly, I had a PRINPLUP when I last wrote. That's changed.

    Now, last night I hunted for a Lucky Egg. I didn't get that, but I DID get a dead Eevee and three level 34 pokemon (And a few levels for my Biberal) So I go to Maylene's gym, managing to get everyone 2 more levels (EVOLUTION! Kinguin is Empoleon now.) So I go to Fantina.

    Fantina sent out Meditite!
    Go! AgentGibbs! (Garchomp popps out, stars fly everywhere due to seals)

    Meditite used Fake out! (Did about 10 damage.)
    AgentGibbs flinched!

    AgentGibbs used Dragon Claw!
    Meditite fainted.
    Maylene is going to send out Lucario!
    Do you switch? (No, I want to Dragon Rage that thing first.)

    Maylene switched in Lucario!
    Lucario used Force palm! (Did about half)
    AgentGibbs was paralised! It may be unable to move.
    AgentGibbs is paralised! It is unable to move. (FUCK. Get in there Rieko!)

    AgentGibbs! Come back!
    Mattman sent out Rieko (And on this game, I chose the girl. A girl named Mattman. Yeah. BTW, Rieko's a Roselia.)!
    Lucario used Force Palm! (Did about a third)
    It's not very effective...
    Rieko was paralised! It may be unable to move.

    Lucario used Metal Claw! (Did a bit over a third. Hey, Rieko took a Swarm Scyther's wing attack with about half left.)
    Rieko used Stun Spore!
    Foe Lucario was paralised! It may be unable to move. (Bring in the big guns.)

    Rieko! Come back! (It dissapears, Natural Cure comes into effect.)
    Go! Kinguin!
    Foe Lucario is paralised! It is unable to move.

    Kinguin used Brine! (Same base power as Bubblebeam.) (Managed over half)
    Lucario used Force Palm! (About half, no paralisis)

    Kinguin used Brine!
    Foe Lucario fainted.
    Maylene is going to switch in MACHOKE.
    Switch? (Yeah, back to Rieko.)

    Maylene switched in Machoke!
    Kinguin, come back!
    Mattman sent out Rieko! (I wondered why it wasn't para'd for a second, then remembered Natural Cure)

    Rieko used Giga Drain! (Did over half, I healed back to the green.)
    Machoke used Strength! (Whatever, it's not gonna... wait...)
    A critical hit! (WHAT.)
    Rieko fainted! (WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.)

    Go! Kinguin! (DIE. YOU DESERVE DEATH.)
    Kinguin used Brine! (STABd 135 base powered move IN YOUR FUCKING FACE.)
    Machoke fainted!
    (Insert win stuff)

    I lost my most awesome pokemon, my only good shot against Crasher wake, and my statuser... all because of that damn Machoke. NOT EVEN THE LUCARIO. THE MACHOKE.

    Well, hopefully I can find a Dawn stone soon, to evolve Raul the Ralts into a pokemon with a grass attack.
  17. Grimstar


    May 19, 2010
    I love this! I'm currently doing it on my Heart Gold, thanks to a friend who showed me this a while ago.

    Currently, I'm just about to start the Ecruteak Gym, with my Pokemon:

    Edwina (Scyther) LV 17:
    - Leer
    - Focus Energy
    - Pursuit
    - False Swipe

    Winston (Gastly) LV 20:
    - Hypnosis
    - Lick
    - Night Shade
    - Confuse Ray

    Gloria (Flaafy) LV 22:
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Thundershock
    - Thunder Wave

    Howard (Poliwag) LV 22
    - Headbutt
    - Body Slam
    - Hypnosis
    - Surf

    Rolando (Ariados) LV 22
    - Fury Swipes
    - Leech Life
    - Night Shade
    - Shadow Sneak

    Cinder (Quilava) LV 23
    - Headbutt
    - Quick Attack
    - Flame Wheel
    - Ember

    Currently Deceased:

    Horace (Togepi)
    Susan (Bellsprout)

    It sucked when Horace died, I cried manly tears :(
  18. YJiang


    Nov 18, 2006
    Deciding to take up this challenge as well.

    I actually wiped my Diamond save file for it (super bored T_T), but whatever. I'm actually hilariously bad at fictionalizing my account, so this'll just end up more or less a log of events. Much dryer, but hey, I'm not forcing anyone to read this!

    Rules are standard Nuzlocke rules (first two) with the addition of the following:
    Healing items OK
    No legendaries
    Must keep Pokemon within 2 levels of each other. If a new one is caught and doesn't meet the level requirement, must train the new Pokemon until it is.
    Can't run from any battle (no matter how many Bidoofs there are!)

    Beginning to Jubilife City

    Show Hide
    Decided to start with a Piplup. Nickednamed it lolpenguin. First Pokemon I encountered after getting Pokeballs was a Shinx!...so yeah, off to a pretty auspicious start. Or at least, it would've been had I not fainted it at 2 HP. Force of habit, I suppose. So yeah, after that first Shinx, I saw nothing but Bidoofs and Starlies. Not that I could catch any of them anyway T_T....it's gonna be me and lolpenguin for a looooong time <_<

    Anyway, beat my first few trainers. Ended up almost dying to a Starly, but I got a lucky critical hit and left with 3 HP left. Booked it back to the Sandgem Pokemon Center and healed up, and tried to tackle Route 202 again...this time I was successful. Made it to Jubilife City, got my map, and decided to call it a session.

    lolpenguin (Piplup) LVL 9
    - Pound
    - Growl
    - Bubble

    On the Road to Oreburgh Gym

    Show Hide
    At the end of my fourth opportunity to catch a Pokemon, I had ended up killing two of them. I actually got another Shinx (which has Rivalry. Woohoo.), so my first Shinx death wasn't as bad as I had thought. I have yet to encounter a Bidoof as my first Pokemon, which is probably for the best as I absolutely loathe those things. I had a Starly, and it managed to last a grand total of half a battle before dying. This is because of my policy of moving my lowest leveled Pokemon to the front of my party to train them to meet the level equality clause I outline in my rules. I had caught a Starly, "lolpigeon," but it met its untimely end the next battle due to a critical hit Tackle or something. I'm not exactly why I kept it in instead of switching immediately to my Piplup, but who knows. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight.

    I managed to kill a Geodude as well. I was getting tired of it Defense Curling against my Piplup's Pounds, but Bubble was apparently too much for it to handle. Two for four at this point...one for four if you decide to include Pokemon I've managed to keep alive. Zero for three if you decide to base it on Pokemon I wasn't just given...it's not looking bright for me. And besides, if I don't manage to find a suitable Pokemon for Rock Smash (oops Geodude), I automatically lose the game (lol) since I won't be able to advance past Oreburgh.

    Luckily, I managed to catch some Pokemon in my lead up to my Oreburgh City battle. I currently have a party of five heading into the battle, and I'm hoping to level them all to around level 12 before facing Roark. I also managed to find a Geodude in the Oreburgh City mines, so I'm set. Lucked out there again :)

    lolpenguin (Piplup) LVL 12
    - Pound
    - Growl
    - Bubble
    - Water Sport

    lollion (Shinx) LVL 12
    - Tackle
    - Leer
    - Charge

    lolrock (Geodude) LVL 10
    - Tackle
    - Defense Curl
    - Rock Polish
    - Rock Smash

    lolbat (Zubat) LVL 8
    - Leech Life
    - Supersonic

    lolfighter (Machop) LVL 7
    - Low Kick
    - Leer
    - Focus Energy
  19. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Time for update #5 of Flamestrike's Nuzlocke challenge! My memory may fail me here, it's been a while since I last updated and plenty has happened.
    Update #1
    Update #2
    Update #3
    Update #4

    Ran through the Lighthouse, then caught a female Magikarp in Olivine (Kayla) and leveled it up once to get Gyarados to Surf for me. Ran into a Miltank on Route 39 while trying to gain that level, but killed it with a crit -_- Surfed through Route 40 and 41, evolving Houston along the way, and while I haven't caught anything on Route 40 I tried to get Chinchou in Route 41 and got a male Tentacool instead, which is now named Luke. Got to Cianwood, spanked Eusine, then evolved my three trade-evolve Pokemon. Beat Chuck (barely, had I not evolved beforehand I probably would have been toast), then went to Route 47 and got my Chinchou (male, Kyle). Of course, every rose has its thorns, and of course I got an Illuminate Chinchou -_-. But hey, it's a Chinchou. Right now I'm trying to even out my team at level 31, then I'm going to take the Mahogany route before backtracking to take down Jasmine.

    Alive (open)
    Matty the male Togetic: Level 31, Quiet nature
    -Fire Blast
    Although he has fallen behind in the strength department, Matty is still the leader of my team and a key Pokemon. With Roost for recovery and a good selection of attack moves, he continues to be a great utility Pokemon, as well as a great friend for the entire team.

    Jill the female Golem: Level 30, Rash nature
    -Rock Throw
    -Rock Smash
    Evolution has only made Jill stronger, but her moves are starting to really fall behind the rest of the group, with her strongest being the unreliable Magnitude. At least she gets Earthquake at 33. She remains a powerhouse on the team, and has bonded with Houston and Kyle, the two newest members.

    Tyler the male Alakazam: Level 31, Bashful nature
    -Focus Blast
    -Shadow Ball
    Tyler is easily the strongest Pokemon on the team right now, with massive Special Attack, great Speed, and probably the best moves of all my Pokemon. Three moves that combine for great power and instant recovery, what's not to love? With his power and wisdom, Tyler will be a great member for the group for a while.

    Houston the male Machamp: Level 31, Relaxed nature
    Now fully evolved, Houston has earned a spot on the team, and the respect of his teammates. While slow, he can take a hit and certainly can dish one right back out. He's also been a great friend to Kyle, who was intimidated at first by his stronger allies. Needless to say, Houston will be key as my adventure continues.

    Kyle the male Chinchou: Level 26, Hasty nature
    -Water Gun
    My newest member, I was really hoping to get a Chinchou, and here he is. While I was hoping to get one with Volt Absorb (stupid Illuminate -_-), Kyle will nonetheless be a key member of the party. He's already bonded with Jill and Houston, and with his Water and Electric attacks, he'll be key for covering my weaknesses down the stretch.

    Boxed (open)
    Catherine the female Caterpie: Level 4, Lax nature
    Laura the female Spearow: Level 3, Sassy nature
    Kaila the female Drowzee: Level 10, Modest nature
    Zach the male Nidoran: Level 12, Lax nature
    Justin the male Kakuna: Level 13, Careful nature
    Eric the male Sudowoodo: Level 20, Lax nature
    Dylan the male Mankey: Level 15, Docile nature
    Natasha the female Flaffy: Level 16, Mild nature
    Jenn the female Rattata: Level 15, Bashful nature
    Jillian the genderless Magnemite: Level 16, Jolly nature
    Kayla the female Gyarados: Level 21, Jolly nature
    Luke the male Tentacool: Level 20, Modest nature

    Dead (open)
    Corey the male Cyndaquil: Level 13, Mild nature
    -Quick Attack
    Though shy, Corey was brave and always willing to stand up for his friends. He was my first Pokemon and I had hoped to have him along for the entire challenge. Unfortunately, Falkner ended those hopes with a critical hit Tackle from Pidgeotto that took me by surprise and ended my starter's life. RIP

    Nick the male Rattata: Level 12, Mild nature
    -Rock Smash
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    Nick was the troublemaker of the group, but he was always ready to fight for his friends and was really close to Corey. After Corey's death I figured Nick was my best bet to finish off Falkner's Pidgeotto, but Roost gave it just enough time to kill Nick. RIP

    Andrew the male Zubat: Level 20, Careful nature
    -Wing Attack
    Andrew was the oddball of the group, and sometimes got on everyone's nerves, especially Melinda, who disliked him. However, the rest of the team liked him, and he became close friends with Jill. Sadly, he was a victim of my overconfidence, and was beaten by a Kadabra's Confusion before he had the chance to do anything. RIP

    Melinda the female Weepinbell: Level 21, Lax nature
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Poison Powder
    After the deaths of Corey and Nick, Melinda quickly became a key member of my team. While a great friend, she was rather uptight, and as a result she didn't get along with Andrew. However, after Andrew's death she was wracked with guilt, and determined to be friendly to any and every new member that joined. Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough to see a new member, as a Bite crit, Sleep Powder miss, and Ice Fang all combined to bring her down. RIP.

    Sara the female Pidgeotto: Level 22, Relaxed nature
    -Quick Attack
    My team leader after Corey's early death, Sara was easy to anger but a great friend nonetheless. She bonded well with everyone on the team, and was saddened by every loss. However, not long after Melinda's death, she fought a Charmeleon and after missing multiple Quick Attacks due to Smokescreen a Dragon Rage killed her. RIP.
    On a side note, I'm playing with a rule that I can ignore any Pokemon that I already have in the box or in my party, so I have some variety. Because of this rule, when I went to Route 39, I was guaranteed either Miltank or Tauros (had everyone else on the route) and on Route 47 I was practically guaranteed Chinchou (only a 3% chance of getting Shellder). I found Miltank and Chinchou as my first pokes on each route anyway. Figures.
  20. Fear The Pika

    Fear The Pika

    Jan 20, 2009
    Ok, I'm going to write Chapter Two in two parts, Poison drama really dragged it out, 1,205 words and I'm not even at the gym part.=P It'll get up some time tomorrow, hopefully.
  21. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    Ding, dong, the Crasher's dead, and my team is awesome!

    Members who passed away since last part:

    Scorpius the Gligar, level 16 (Didn't want to use)
    Chatlord the Chatot, level 24 (Wanted to use, died to early)
    Bloodhound the Houndoom, level 33 (MACHOPS CRIT TO MUCH! Vital throw crit at full health FTL. Expecially considering the waste of a Heart Scale and 10000 coins.)

    Current position:

    On the way to Celestic.


    Raul the Gallade, level 38 (GOOD LORD HE CAN KILL THINGS) Knows Psyco Cut, Leaf Blade, Ice Punch, and SD (Yes, I am in love with the underground. So what? :P)

    AgentGibbs the Gabite, level 38 (I'd say he's falling behind, but he'd kill me if I tried) Knows Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Slash, and Sand Tomb (BTW, getting Draco Meteor for this guy as per request by my friend)

    Kinguin the Empoleon, level 39 (Gyarados killer, team MVP, and be-all-end-all wall. Even to SE special attacks.) Knows Brine, Metal Claw, Rock Smash (I was forced... I had no other options), Aqua Jet.
  22. YJiang


    Nov 18, 2006
  23. efire_


    Mar 27, 2007
    First time using paint, and first time drawing since...english class, freshman year, high school. Not my first nuzlocke challenge, but this is the farthest I've gotten and everything's not dead yet. So be nice. Flaming hurts, yo. And I am a SENSITIVE PERSON.

    But really, if this is any good so far, let me know. I've got a lot of other strips written out if the response is favorable. Suggestions are awesome.

    In case you can't tell, this is pretty much summarizing three of my previous playthroughs. Bonus points if you can tell what died by what move.

  24. Alex Practice

    Alex Practice

    Feb 9, 2009
    School is over and I have no life again, so here goes.

    Nuzlocke's Rules (Forced Capture and Fainted="Dead")

    Will edit in a bit with storiez.
  25. Fear The Pika

    Fear The Pika

    Jan 20, 2009
    True to my word, here's chapter two. Chapter three will be the second half of chapter two. I'm not going to remind you of the rules I'm using every time, so go find a previous post to see them.

    Show Hide
    Chapter Two: Until Death do us Part
    (NOTE: There was more poison drama than written here, but I cut it out for obvious reasons.)

    Night had crashed down on Viridian Forest by the time I set up camp at its outskirts. Maybe some would call me stupid for camping out inside of the forest when I could have spent the night in a warm, safe Pokémon Center, and they would be right. I don’t know what I was thinking as I had no healing items whatsoever, but camp out I did. I will regret that decision for my entire life.

    I started no fire because Saur was still nervous around them- another bad decision- and had just gotten out a “delicious meal” of cold canned beans when I heard some rustling in the bushes. Remembering my promise to Green about only catching the first Pokémon in each area, I told Saur to use Vine Whip to pull the bushes away; the Pokémon that had been hiding there was a rare Pikachu!

    Quickly calling Saur back, I sent out Ratty who watched as the wild Pikachu wagged its tail at him. Calling for Ratty to use Tackle, he slammed into the opposing Pokémon at full speed, knocking into a tree. Realizing that its health must’ve been lowered by a large enough amount by that one attack (critical hit, scared me when it almost fainted there…), I threw a Pokéball at the Pikachu, catching it in one try! Sleep was forgotten, I had just found a rare Pikachu on my first try, I had to use him. Quickly spotting a wild Weedle, I sent out my new Pokémon.

    “Come on out, Pika!” I cried joyfully, then realizing my error when Pika almost collapsed once out of his Pokéball. “Shoot, I forgot about that, and I don’t have any Potions.” I apologized to my newest teammate, who was now glaring at me like I was an idiot, which I was. “Come on back, I don’t want to fail running against this bug and have you die.”

    Then what seemed like a brilliant idea struck me; I would let Ratty battle the bug and let him and Pika both get the experience! So with that thought planted firmly in my mind, I sent out my other rat, only to have disaster strike. Ratty emerged from his ball, only to have the head-spike of the Weedle hit him. I knew instantly that he was Poisoned and felt my heart nearly stop. If I didn’t get back to Viridian City soon, Ratty would die. So scooping him up into my arms, I sprinted out of Viridian Forest with my dying Pokémon. I had just started to reach the first houses when I felt the poor purple rodent take his last breath.

    I was overcome by hatred then; hatred for death, hatred for my own stupidity, hatred for poison, but most of all, hatred for the Pokémon that was named Weedle. Laying Ratty in a shallow grave, I swore to him that I would never let a Weedle escape me if I saw one, I would kill them all. Stopping by the Pokémon center, I healed my other two Pokémon. I didn’t know why the nurse kept staring at me until I realized that I was crying. I have never cried in public before, not before today. But the death of a Pokémon that was cause by me being rash was too much for me to bear without showing some form of emotion.

    As I received my Pokémon back, the nurse handed me a towel too, “I know, it hurts. Every time I lose one of them because they’re brought in too late, I feel a piece of my heart break.”

    Nodding my thanks at the nurse, I exited the building. The sky was grey today as dawn started to shed its mantle of light on the world, a fitting color to my mood. The sun was as red and raw looking as my heart was as it started its journey across the sky, but I didn’t want to look at it and be reminded of how I felt inside. Instead, I stared at the shadowy trees of Viridian Forest; I would conquer it today without losing another partner or die trying, and that was a very likely possibility.

    * * *​
    “Hey, where are you going? Stay here and battle me!”

    I groaned as I sent out my Pokémon against what must have been the sixth trainer in this forest. The day had started out nice enough with the shade keeping the rising heat away, but the canopy had soon become similar to a greenhouse and was now roasting the inside of the forest. And then there were the trainers, oh the trainers. The only trainers that were in here were Bug Catchers, and there wasn’t much variety. Even this final one only had a Caterpi, something that I had seen all day.

    “Pika, just Thundershock it and get this battle over with.”

    Pika, just as tired as I was and only slightly stronger than when I caught him, eagerly followed my command, roasting the bug while it only shot silk at him; the battle was over in seconds. I let Pika walk by my side as a reward for doing so well in the intense training that he had gone through, and then disaster struck again. Pika ran ahead and sat on a log to wait for me, but he sat down on a Weedle. Like anyone, Weedles do not appreciate being sat on by others, so this one used Poison Sting on Pika. The attack Poisoned him. I quickly called Pika back and sent out Saur, who finished off the Weedle with ease, and then I ran out of the forest towards Pewter City.

    I already knew that Pika wouldn’t make it unless I did something, and I also knew that the Poison was slowed as long as Pika was in his Pokéball, so I trained. I stood in a patch of grass and waited for Pokémon to come to me, and sent out Pika when they did. After Pika was in battle, I switched out to Saur, who would then finish the wild Pokémon off. It was in this way that I increased Pika’s level high enough for him to survive the Poison until we reached Pewter City. At least, I hoped.

    Once again, it was a race against time to get to a Pokémon Center, and this time I wouldn’t lose. I couldn’t lose. I didn’t even get a real look at the city, just a quick scan to find the bright red roof of the building that would deliver salvation to my Pokémon. Thank the person who decided on the roof color for the Pokémon Center, they stood out when a trainer needed it most. I burst through the front door and raced towards the front desk, almost running into a man on a cell-phone. The man shot me a very nasty look, but it was at my back since I was already thrusting Pika at the nurse who was on duty.

    “Poison!” I managed to choke out as she took the Pikachu to the emergency room. The nurse shot me a strange look as she took Pika, maybe she had heard about me from the nurse in Viridian City. I guess trainers don’t usually come into a Pokémon Center already in tears too often, and it would probably be big news around these parts, but I’m just speculating here. I walked over to the doors of the ER and saw that the light indicating that there was a patient inside was still on, so I sat on the couch right outside of it. Worry gnawed at my heart, I felt sick to my stomach. Was I going to lose another teammate already? I hoped that I wouldn’t, losing two Pokémon in two days would be too much for me to handle, especially after what happened with Poli…

    I waited here for a couple hours, staring at the wall opposite me. It was a clean wall, white and spotless, but that didn’t register to me. The only thing that was going to change in my world was that light above those doors. That light was the only thing that mattered to me right now, that and what happened to Pika. When the light finally winked out, I was gripping the edge of my seat so hard that my knuckles were white, had Pika made it? I sprang up as the nurse came out of the ER, eager and scared to hear what she said.

    “He made it, but just barely. You really need to take better care of your Pokémon, buy some Antidotes or something. From what I’ve heard from Viridian City’s Pokémon Center, you just lost a Pokémon yesterday. If you’re one of those reckless trainers who doesn’t care what happens to your Pokémon, I’m going to make sure that your Trainer’s License gets pulled. Do you understand me?”

    I knew excuses would just make me look stupid, and I had been careless with my Pokémon, even if I tried hard to get them healed when they got injured, so I just nodded my head and got a room for the night. Tomorrow I would get Pika, then we would battle the Pewter City Gym Leader, and I could only hope that I didn’t lose anyone else.

    In party:

    In box:

    Ratty (Poison)

    Pokemon Center Count: 5
    Team after Chapter 2
    NN: SAUR
    Nature: Naughty
    Level: 12
    Moves: Tackle/GrowlLeech Seed/Vine Whip

    NN: Pika
    Nature: Bashful
    Lv: 10
    Moves: Growl/Thundershock/Tailwhip/Thunderwave

    Route 1
    First Encounter: Pidgey
    Status: Tackled to death.

    Route 2
    First Encounter: Rattata
    Status: Tackled to death

    Viridian Forest
    First Encounter: Pikachu
    Status: Captured
    NN: Pika

    Route 22
    First Encounter: Rattata
    Status: Captured
    NN: Ratty

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