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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Rules (open)
    • 1. If a pokémon in my party faints, I must release it as soon as possible.
    • 1a. If all the pokémons in my party faint, I can make a new party with pokémons that are waiting in the PC. If there are no pokémons in the PC, the game is over.
    • 1b. Pokémon that hit 1HP due to poison are considered dead.
    • 2. The battle type will be SET - no switching out after defeating an enemy trainer's pokémon.
    • 3. I can only catch the first pokémon I encounter in an area (an area being something that has its own name on the map).
    • 3a. If I already have a pokémon of the same species as the first pokémon i encounter in an area, I can ignore that encounter.
    • 3b. Pokémon that are given, traded or obtained in any way other than in the wild don't count (they must come from the game though).
    • 3c. Legendaries don't count, but I will only have one try to catch them. If I fail, I will not reload and I will not try to catch them later on. If caught, they follow the same rules as any other pokémon.
    • 4. I will nickname all my pokémons.
    • 5. I will start with one level 5 pokémon of my choice (put in the game via pokésav), with correct stats and moves and the same IVs as my original starter.
    • 6. I can buy one item per shop I visit. Apart from that, I can only use items I find in the wild, or that are given to me, including pokéballs of any kind.
    • 6a. Apart from pokéballs and story-related items, no item of any kind can be used, except when they're used by pokémons themselves during a battle.
    • 7. I will not use the Daycare center.


    "...Now, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you a boy? Or are you a girl? Won't you please tell me?"

    "Err... what?"

    "So, you're a boy then?"

    "Well yeah of course..."

    "Please tell me your name."

    "...Robin... what is this ab-"

    "Your name is Robin?"

    "Yes it is! Look, I-"

    "Robin! Are you ready? Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold."

    "What the..."

    "Fun experiences, difficult experiences, there's so much waiting for you! Dreams! Adventure! Let's go to the world of Pokémon! I'll see you later!"


    ...Wow. What a nightmare. There was a... wizard? In a lab coat? He was rambling about Pokémon, what the fuck... and then I shrinked and went back to being 10... Anyway, I need a shower. Yaaawn... hm, where is the bathroom again? Actually, where am I? This isn't my room. Wait... WHAT THE FUCK? Why am I still so ridiculously small? And my head is huge! What is happening to me... Well at least it seems like this body is fully functional. I can walk, albeit slowly... Err, I'm wearing a cap, and my arms are too small to take it off. I guess I will have to make with it. The room around me looks weird, as if it was... pixelated... wait, am I actually IN A GAME? This is crazy. I'm a 20-years-old student, I have classes to attend to, I don't have time for this... ok, I admit, it looks kinda cool, but still. Fortunately enough, it seems like I'm in one of the newer Pokémon games, so I can at least see in colour. Oh well, I don't have a choice anyway, so I might as well enjoy my virtual stay in the *wonderful world of pokémon*!

    Lesse... ah, here is the PC. I'll check the mailbox - oh, one mail. From Lyra. What would I like to do with it... hey, let's read it. "ADVENTURE! EXCITED! I love POKéMON!" ALRIGHT! I guess I'm either in HeartGold or SoulSilver... There's a Wii right next to the PC - apparently, Wii is huge in Johto too.

    I sit on the bed, thinking about the situation I'm in. So... I'm in a videogame. What does that mean? I can see this room's ceiling perfectly; there is no sign of the 'real world', and the only thing that indicates that I'm actually stuck inside a DS is the squarish look of my environment. I wonder if my actions are predetermined, or if I'm controlled by a gamer somewhere... Well, let's not bother about it. I'll just head downstairs and play along; I don't think anything can go wrong, it's just a game!

    Chapter One

    "Hi, Robin! You're finally awake. Your friend Lyra was just here. She was playing hide-and-seek with her MARILL."

    Why do you have to shout when you say that - Oh wait, it's gonna be that way for the whole game? I never realised how annoying it is to the main character.

    "Oh, I almost forgot! Our acquaintance, Professor Elm, was looking for you..."

    How do I skip this? I know, I have to go to that lab to get my first pokémon! I mean COME ON, what do you think I am, some dumb 10-years-old boy starting his first playthrough? I'll take that bag and that Trainer Card, thank you very much. For once I don't care about the options, I can't even access them, but I hope you made them available to whoever's on the other side of the screen. Bye "mom". Off to the lab!

    As I walk out, a marill bumps on me, followed by... Lyra... hey, she's rather cute.

    Silver is peeking through the lab's window, but I'm not supposed to know him yet. I enter Prof. Elm's workshop, and he greets me immediately:

    "Hi Robin! I've been waiting for you! Do you know anything about my research?"

    Yes, I know everything about it, but explain anyway! :) Elm rambles on and on, receives an email, and finally asks me to visit Mr. Pokémon.

    "...I Know! You can go in our place, right? Can we count on you? Yes? Good luck then!"

    "Wait, aren't you supposed to give me one of three pokémons?"

    "Ah, why would I? it's not like his house is far away. Besides I don't have any pokémon to give you."

    "But what about that device..." The device is empty. "Hey, there should be three pokéballs there!"

    "Oh, I see you know a bit about pokéscience! I'm not working on that today though, that's why it's empty. Enough with the talking! I'm counting on you, Robin!"

    He pushes me out of the lab. I have no pokémon. I've been told countless times that I shouldn't walk in tall grass with no pokémon to protect me, and I know that there is no way to reach Mr. Pokémon's house without doing so. I'm fucked, but there is no other choice... I mean, there is nothing to do here, and the story has to progress somehow.

    Not far away, Lyra is playing with her marill... how lucky. Well... I go back to my house, pick my Pokégear from my mother's hand while ignoring her questions, and head west.

    "Wait one second! I completely forgot this..." My eyes glimmer with hope. "Here, I'll give you my number. I'll call you if anything comes up." Hope changes into tears.

    Route 29, here I come, weak and unarmed...
  2. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    I decided to start a Ruby one alongside Yellow. But more on that later.

    Yellow Update 4: Insert clevar title.

    After fighting GreenAsshole, I realised my team needed *Dramatic music* TRAINING! So I went into that Viridian Forest place: You know, the one with the bugs and the level 9 Pidgeottos! Fortunately, I avoided trouble (not without my share of near misses), but one day I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in Pewter. That was the same day Bugsy evolved again... Confusion's gonna really help me out, I can tell.

    So I go into this "Rock solid" guy's gym (:naughty:) and beat up this idiot who said Light years measured time. No they don't, they're the distance that... wait, maybe he was right.

    Anyway, I go up to the gym leader who was as rock solid (:naughty:) as the sign outside said. Odd coincidence: His pokemon were all Rocks! And his name was... Brock! Wow... So I swept him with Bugsy (I KNEW his Confusion worked! Or... is it a she? Not sure.)

    Going onto the next route, I found a few trainers, including one guy who "likes shorts". Wow. So I stopped for the day outside a patch of grass. Maybe I'll get something good? Who knows.


    Bugsy the Butterfree
    Steve the Pikachu
    Birdy the Pidgey
    Tim the Nidoran Male. (all level 12.)
  3. Reaver12


    Mar 27, 2009
    Put me down for Ruby, will be updating with the first part of this after I borrow it from a friend, and if I can find my damned GBA.....
  4. v

    v protected by a silver spoon
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 2, 2008
    playing on Red with Clarence the Bulbasaur. story forthcoming.

    edit: here it is

    fuck your (open)
    Part 1: First Blood

    "Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold!"

    The words echo in my head as I awake with a start. Cold. Covered in sweat. It was that dream again. Oak came in front of me and gave me the Charmander. It died in Viridian forest before I could save it. It blocked Weedle's poison sting and couldn't handle that much toxin in its body. It shuddered quietly before it died.

    I get out of bed slowly. It feels like a truck hit me. I groan as I *hastily put on my glasses and the world comes into focus. I hear my mother downstairs. I walk downstairs. Slowly. "Good morning, mother," I say. Slowly.

    She looks at me with almost mechanical swiftness. Her unnerving blank stare quickly curves into a wide smile that totally mismatches her empty eyes. "All boys leave home someday! It said so on TV!" she says with mechanical enthusiasm.*

    "Mmm..." I reply. Truly eloquent. I walk out of the house without another word. I don't need to be told twice. As I reach the edge of this shithole, podunk little town, a voice rings out, "Wait! It's dangerous!" I look up, sneer ready and sarcastic comment already in my throat. I open my mouth, but no sound comes out as I see who it is. My eyes widen.

    It's Oak. "Come with me!" he exclaims wildly, as if he'd rehearsed this. As if he'd done this a dozen times before. I certainly had. I had dreamt about this day every night since my father left to challenge the Pokemon League all those years ago. I always pick Charmander. I have everything memorized.

    We get to his lab. I'm still speechless. This is a dream come true. It's about to become a nightmare. "These are--"

    "Gramps! You called?" a loud and rather stupid voice bellows. It's Peter. Oak's grandson. I raise an eyebrow. This is...unexpected.

    "Yeah, pick a Pokemon," Oak says drily to his grandson. I feel the distaste emanating from him, but I still can't shake the feeling that this is all rehearsed, just some part of some great big play and I'm the only one oblivious to it.

    "Right-- I'll take Charmander!" Peter yells. My heart sinks. I had been dreaming of a Charmander since I was 5.

    "Now your turn, Amir," Oak says with his practiced smile. I am taken aback. I expected this, but what do I do?

    "Bulbasaur," I stammer, reading label on the Pokeball out loud. A mistake.

    "Bulbasaur it is then!" Oak exclaims. I look at him, terror obvious on my face. I turn to him to scream no, that I wanted *Charmander, that this was a horrible mistake, that there was no way that I could take this weed of a Pokemon. I open my mouth to yell, but at the sight of Oak's glassy, empty eyes the words catch in my throat. I remember how the Charmander shuddered and was still. I remember its eyes that looked like Oak's.

    "Yeah..." I mutter. This is too much. "I think I'll call him..." I think for a moment. A name pops into my head. "Clarence!" Why Clarence? It's a name... "Anyways, thanks Professor. I'll be on my way." I turn to leave when I hear that familiar, grating voice.

    "Wait, Amir! Don't you wanna have a battle?"

    I turn around. I was afraid of this. "Fine," I say quietly. I drop the Pokeball to the ground and Clarence is released in a flash of white. Please don't die, I pray silently. I don't know to what, but a prayer's a prayer.

    Scratch, tackle, scratch, tackle. It's a back and forth for some time, until something possesses Peter. "Charmander, Growl!" Clarence shudders in fear for a moment before tackling. It's obviously weaker. Peter smirks. "Again!"

    Clarence takes three more Growls before his tackles are weakened to nearly nothing... I only have one hope left. "Clarence," I cry, "aim for a weak spot!" Clarence is shaking terribly by this point. "Please!" I yell. Clarence stops shaking for a moment, steels himself, and charges as Charmander prepares to Scratch him.

    Charmander is knocked back with a heavy thud. It's barely breathing. "Finish him!" I yell to my quaking Bulbasaur. Charmander hisses and scratches Clarence's eye and before having the last winds stomped from its chest. It looks at me as it shudders and the life leaves its glassy eyes.

    Peter looks dumbstruck. "I...picked the wrong Pokemon. I'll get you next time," he says bitterly. I turn and leave before things get even uglier.

    And that was my first ten minutes of owning a Pokemon.

    if you guys don't like it I'll stop posting story
  5. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    That's a very clever way to format your log. I will be interested to see how fresh you can keep it past the VG Cats "yeah yeah just give me the fire starter and point me to the guy with the first 5 Pokeballs." I really look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Part 7 of Black Version is currently in the outlining stage. I would like some feedback on what people are enjoying or would like me to explore a bit more. I would like my logs to be something people are excited to see updated.
  6. Reaver12


    Mar 27, 2009
    Res Ipsa Loquitur, personally I find your logs to be the more entertaining of the bunch. Pokemon has always seemed way too childish for how violent and sadistic it is when you think about it (man, what a messed up idea for a kids game). I'm looking forward to more of yours, and i hope you manage to make it through the whole thing.
  7. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    I may work on comics during the weekend.

    FireRed Nuzlock:
    Phase 2: 1 Badge -> 2
    Part 2:

    Staring Team:
    Shelly the Beedrill: Lv 10
    Mouse the Rattata: Lv 10
    Bulby the Bulbasaur: Lv 12

    Kept fighting trainers on Route 3... Loving Shelly's Fury Attack. Just hope I get a Bug-type attack before Misty. Then...


    Youngster's Ekans killed poor Shelly.... if only Fury Attack hit 1 more time. However, if I didn't risk Shelly, Mouse and Shelly may hve died, as Mouse was at -2 Def and -1 Attack.

    Weedle of Doom then Poisioned Mouse... luckily, Bulby managed to pull through, and I got to the Center on time... thank god for Leech Seed.


    Mouse died due to RNG Trolls. 5 Hits of Fury Attack, one Critting.

    Bulby's gonna be so powerleveled...

    Well... time to find out what Route 3 has for me.

    A New Challenger Approaches!


    Anyone else see the SSB reference?


    CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!

    I'm gonna go cry... especially as I got Sleep Powder RIGHT after it.

    Still... Leech Seed + Sleep Powder = PROFIT.

    I consider myself not allowed to buy the Magikarp. It's not a wild pokemon... but... it's buying something... not allowed... and a Magikarp will proboly end up as Bulba's death.


    Zubat's up next, eh... what is it with Poision types?

    Named: "Zu-Zu"... because at my current rate... I don't expect "Gol-Gol" anytime... ever.

    Bold Zubat... can the RNG ever stop Trolling me?

    Zubat cannot train with Spearows... Pideys... and Mankeys? Even Jigglypuffs spam Sing and keep hitting every time... 4 turn sleeps... making it as long as possible... it started using STRUGGLE <_<

    So... I had to run all the way back to Veridian Forst to train Zu-Zu from lv 8, until it actually got Supersonic to deal some real... 'damage'.

    So, SuperSonic... and Leech Seed... and Sleep... and Leech Life... and Astonish... man... my team is filled with annoynce and stall ATM.
  8. FlareBlitz

    FlareBlitz This was never a story that would have a happy end
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Sep 19, 2009
    Part 1: Life in New Bark Town

    As usual, I wake up at 1 in the afternoon and massively regret what little I could remember of last night. Making a resolution to never drink Potions again, I blearily make way downstairs.

    Mother is sitting at the table, staring forlornly at nothing and mourning her lost youth, like she always does. I was hoping today would be one of those days where I could just leave her to it and hang out with Lyra the entire day (who I don't particularly like but honestly, there are like 5 people in this entire town and she's the only single female) but alas, she notices me as soon as I come down the stairs.

    She hurries over and hands me a Pokegear. She explains its functions; it's basically like an iPhone, but not as pretentious. Her hopeful smile indicates that she believes this gift will make up for her terrible parenting and emotional unavailability all these years. It totally does.

    As I walk out the door, a farmiliar puffy blue ball runs into me. This would be Lyra's Marill, an evil-minded little thing that women seem to love despite them being utterly fickle and about as intelligent as an acorn. "MARILL!" it shouts, apparently fascinated by my shoelaces. Lyra soon appears around the corner.

    "Hey, Professor Elm is looking for you! You should go talk to him!" she says.
    "Thanks. Um, listen, I don't remember what happened last night but..."
    "Hey, Professor Elm is looking for you! You should go talk to him!" she says, this time with a slight twitch in her eye.
    "Okay I guess I'll just give you some time to think things over..." I said, backing away slowly. Her Marill, obvlious to all this, is currently chewing on my socks.

    Part 2: The choice!

    I walk into Professor Elm's laboratory. It's a fairly spacious place, with large collections of books and computers. It is populated by young male japanese interns, who Professor Elm has a particular fondness for. They always work...long hours, he says. One of them shoots me a pleading look and mouths "help us". I cheerfully wave at him. These japanese guys, what cards.

    Professor Elm is at the back of his laboratory, surveying his subordinates with a slight smile. As I approach, he takes notice, and says "Hey there! You've made it just in time. I have an errand for you; apparently, Mr.Pokemon has discovered something fantastic and wants me to come pick it up! Unfortunately, I'm a bit busy", he says, even though he doesn't seem to be doing anything besides standing there, "so I want you to go and pick it up! To help you along your journey, I'll let you take one of these three Pokemon!"

    "Um, why can't I have all three?" I ask.
    "Well...that...because...just pick one you greedy fuck."

    So I walk over to the machine, and see the three Pokeballs there. One of these will be my partner for life...or for however long Pokemon live. Probably like seven years or something. After careful consideration between the dog with a leaf on its head, the crocodile, and a porcupine on fire, I decide to go with the crocodile, since it was the only one that looked like it could actually do something useful in a fight. I am told it's called a Tododile; when I open the Pokeball, it immediately waddles out and thoroughly investigates me, showing no fear. Such a Brave pokemon will definitely be useful.
  9. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    I'm not going into historonics for Ruby, saving them for Yellow.

    Started. Got a Mudkip (female, Brave, named Mary.)
    Beat the first battle, without encountering stuff on Route 103.
    Went back to Route 103 with pokeballs, caught a Poochyena (Female, Adamant, named Sally.)
    Went to Route 102, caught a Wurmple (Male, Modest, named Sting)
    Beat up a bunch of trainers.
    Went to Norman, helped Wally (Why can't I find a Ralts on encounter one?)
    Into Route 104, got a Zigzagoon (Female, Relaxed, named Lyra).
    Sting evolved! (Now a Cascoon)
    Into Petalburg Woods, caught a Silcoon (Female, Lax, named Stung)
    Fought the Team Magma Goon.
    Got on the other side of Route 104.
    Sting (now a Dustox) and Stung (a Beutifly) evolved!
    Went to Route 116, caught a Tailow (Male, Docile, named Marc).
    Went into Rusterf Tunnel, caught a Whismur (Male, Modest, named Morissey.)
    Fought (and swept with my Quick Claw Mudkip) Roxanne
    Sally the adamant Poochyena fainted due to poison damage... 1 step away from Nurse Joy. Now sitting in box "Dead" (cause I want to see all my party members afterwards)


    Mudkip level 14 (named Mary, has a Quick Claw)
    Zigzagoon level 12 (named Lyra, has whatever it picks up)
    Dustox level 12 (Named Sting)
    Beutifly level 12 (Named Stung)
    Tailow level 12 (named Marc)
    Whismur level 12 (named Morissey)

    I have 2 referances in the names. Can you spot them?
  10. Dracoyoshi8

    Dracoyoshi8 vendetta
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 31, 2009
    Well, I lost all my Pokemon. Wattson and Brawley screwed me over. His Manectric got up about 4 Howls and he murdered my Combusken with Quick Attack. Gotta start all over again ;_;

    List of Dead from Attempt #1 (in order of death)

    Darkly (Poochyena) - lvl 5 - Modest - Died from Aqua Grunt's Poochyena
    Sky (Taillow) - lvl 15 - Lax - Died from Brawley's Machop
    Aqua (Marill) - lvl 9 - Naive - Died from Brawley's Machop
    Zoey (Electrike) - lvl 12 - Brave - Died from Brawley's Makuhita
    Gertude (Abra) - lvl 8 - Naive - Died from Random Trainer's Zigzagoon
    Bleh (Shedinja) - lvl 21 - Mild - Died from Wattson's Voltorb
    Amber (Combusken) - lvl 26 - Naive - Died from Wattson's Manectric
    Bugsy (Ninjask) - lvl 20 - Mild - Died from Wattson's Manectric

    Rest in peace, guys (although Bugsy was the only guy I had). Let's go Mudkip, for round two!

    Damn, Buddha is ahead of me again.
  11. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    Poke dies you can’t use it
    First poke you find on a route only
    No mart whatsoever (haha)
    No items except TMs and HMs
    No daycare
    Any kind of switching whatsoever is A-OK
    Items gotten with pickup ability are not to be used

    Attempt 2

    Update 1

    May: “It is my goal to catch all pokemon! Catch you later MSB!”


    Treecko get again, named it PROMOTION. Found a wild poke on 103 before I got pokeballs. Oh well, it was Zigzagoon anyway. I had to heal up at the center because wild pokes dragged my health into uncomfortable ranges for May fighting. I ran away from the 1 battle I got myself into on this second journey. Then May died and I got 5 balls as well as the best shoes ever made. Route 102 gave me another Pooch, which is nice. It’s name is PEWPEW. The last one was adamant, this one is hardy. Oh well. 104 gave me ZIGZAGOON ARGH DAMN IT. I catch it anyway and name it HOMOSEXUAL. Because it’s true. If it manages to evolve it will be renamed. But it won’t, because it’s purpose will be to growl the dreaded Nosepass down to where I’ll have a chance at not dying horribly. I now face the youngster who killed FFFFFUUUUU.I howl up 6 times against the Seedot and rape the Taillow. Or at least I would if I didn’t fuck up with Bide. Damn it. PEWPEW lives though, and HOMOSEXUAL must serve his purpose early. The taillow gets a crit AGAIN, and down goes HOMOSEXUAL. Meh. PROMOTION gets crit too, but wins the battle with 2 HP. Thank god. I’m able to make it to town with PEWPEW’s Run Away ability.


    PROMOTION – Treecko – Level 9
    PEWPEW – Poochyena – Level 6
  12. Ancien Régime

    Ancien Régime capitalism delenda est
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    Jul 21, 2007
    I am currently playing Touhoumon with the following ruleset:

    "Base Nuzlocke rules.
    Additional rules: if any 6 pokemon die throughout the whole game, regardless of being "wiped", that is a "loss".
    Battles will be on "SET"
    Unlimited pokecenter use, but after the 2nd gym, pokecenters will "cost money" - that is, will cost 300 yen (i.e buying a 300 yen item then throwing it away).
    No X items.
    Only one potion use per battle, with the exception of the Elite 4 (at which point it becomes 3 potion uses per battle)
    No revives (obviously), except for the Elite 4, in which ONE revive can be used during the entire run. "
  13. NatKing


    Dec 10, 2007
    Started a run on Sapphire, I've just beaten Brawley, line-up so far has been:

    Bruce the Dustox - lvl 16
    Barry the Combusken - lvl 17
    Bart the Zigzagoon - lvl 7
    Bert the Zigzagoon - lvl 5
    Bort the Zigzagoon - lvl 4
    Belinda the Wurmple- lvl 3 (DECEASED)

    So yeah, I got three Zigzagoons and Two Wurmples in a row, ZigZags are my pick-up whores basically, I've gotten about six rare candies from it so far, lolololol.
    I also managed to OHKO a geodude with a Crit Tackle (>________<) and not capture a Whismur with my last poke-ball when it had 1hp left, and it appeared the square before the poke-ball pick-up in the Peeko Cave (>_______________________<)

    This is actually my second attempt, Treeko got killed by May on my first run. I'll keep this badboy updated with hilarious ms paint antics as more BS happens to me, as I am sure it will.
  14. Luphrous


    Feb 7, 2008
    Wow, reading all these stories is incredibly entertaining, keep up the good work guys. I'll be doing this myself, but I don't really have much time so I think I'll be waiting until summer where I'll be able to really get into it.

    Also I really like AR's additional rule that makes pokecenter use cost money, I think I'll definitely implement that rule when I play. It'll allow me to train up my mons to a certain extent but also prevent me from being able to powerlevel, which is good cause who wants to powerlevel?

    Could someone post a link to the original Ruby Nuzlocke comic? All these comics are good and that one is supposed to be good too, so I figure I might as well read that one too.
  15. Morm


    Jun 10, 2008
    it's on the first post you silly man
  16. Mario With Lasers

    Mario With Lasers Self-proclaimed DEAD king
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    Nov 15, 2006
    Ha ha, I read it yesterday on /v/ too. Guess I'll take it on Emerald any day.
  17. Ancien Régime

    Ancien Régime capitalism delenda est
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 21, 2007
    The combination of the "6 deaths total" rule and the "SET" rule imposes imo an extreme level of difficulty that I doubt I would be able to surmount without significant grind, and may consider dropping one or the other because of it. Basically, not being able to switch pokemon after fainting the opponent almost forces you into making sacrifices, and sacrifices on a team that may not be equipped to deal with them due to not being able to "choose" your team. If you were unlucky with pokemon encounters, and have a bunch of duplicates or something, you may well have to sacrifice pokemon, say, during a gym battle.

    Also, I set it to after the 2nd gym because at that point, you should have enough money where you're not starving for cash (like you are prior to gym 1 at the least). If you want to make it cost from the beginning, then go ahead. I would keep Ash's mom free (if you're playing FR/LG) though (keep in mind that after jumping off the ledge to Cerulean, you cannot access Pallet Town until you get Cut), and it would not make sense to have your mom charge you for lodging lol.
  18. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    Update 2

    The woods gave me another Zigzagoon. Which I accepted. The fucker crit me when I was trying to catch him, and because of this he will be named ASS GOBLIN. I end up finding a Shroomish on my 3rd wild encounter. He kicks my ass pretty badly before I kill him.

    Magma Grunt got his ass handed to him. I could have done it with just PEWPEW, but Sand Attack hax struck, so PROMOTION had to finish the job. PEWPEW didn’t die, but was wounded to the point of Pokemon Centerage being needed unless I wanted to do a starter solo. Also, Nincada’s leech life does sdkjndfkjfgkdbndsfk damage to PEWPEW and after the very next trainer battle I mus Pokemon Center AGAIN. If it weren’t for absorb absorbing stuff, I could have game overed. Also, THANK GOD FOR RUN AWAY. That is all.

    I finally get out of the damn forest. A shame this is also route 104, I could have used that Wurmple… Except not really. I make my way through the trainers without much trouble. Except for that Shroomish, which I have to Bullet Seed my way through again. He tries to stun spore me again, but it MISSES, AND THEN I GET ALL 5 SEEDS AND 1 IS A CRIT AND I NEEDED ALL OF IT FOR HIM TO DIE FUCK YEAR HAX

    Eventually I’m back where I was my last run. I’ll do do some grinding before trying that gym. Route 115 gave me a Whismur. No crit this time. He has been nicknamed SCABIES and I will love him forever. He’s modest, so I know who I’ll be using my special HMs on. I run through the gym trainers real quick, training SCABIES along the way. I’ll save that fucking Nosepass for later. Right now I’ve got to save PEEKO! WRRRROOOOOOAR


    PROMOTION – Treecko – Level 13
    PEWPEW – Poochyena – Level 9
    ASS GOBLIN - Zigzagoon - Level 5
    SCABIES – Whismur –Level 9
  19. Gothic Togekiss

    Gothic Togekiss
    is a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 1, 2007
    Now this I got to see/read, depends on if you're keeping track of your adventures via video or by text. Slightly off-topic but I'm surprised to see a Touhou fan among all the Pokemon fanatics.

    Everyone whose doing this challenge are doing a great job entertaining us with your stories. I have to say that Jumpluff, Mattman324, and Res Ipsa Loquitur's stories were my favorite so far.
  20. Black Buddha

    Black Buddha

    Jul 17, 2008
    OK so before I go to sleep, I have very bad news for you folks tomorrow...

    Its safe to say my run will be soon coming to a close, unless I can salvage it.

    Spoiler: OMFG 4 FATALITIES Coming soon!
  21. JRank

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    Jan 16, 2010
    I'm taking the challenge on HeartGold, seeing as how I'm grinding for Red on SS, so......ya. Mark me down for the challenge.
  22. JRank

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2010
    I didn't see this anywhere else on the thread, so..... What about the Pokewalker? How/can we use it?
  23. Tigerphenox


    Mar 6, 2010
    I'll take a stab at it
    Doing ruby
  24. Mattman324


    Oct 17, 2008
    CHANSEY DANCE TIEM! *Does the chansey dance*

    Anyway, I've got update 2 for Ruby. How did my team take the annoying son of a gun that was RS Brawly? Keep watching...

    Beat the Team Magma grunt in Rusterf Tunnel.
    OMGWTFBBQ LYRA FOUND A KING'S ROCK! Marc's wearing a crown now! (Wait... small blue bird, wearing crown... OH NOT REBARI!)
    Went to Dewford.
    Got a Silk Scarf for Morissey
    Went into Granite Cave, caught a Makuhita (Female, Adamant[HOW DO I DO THAT?], named Maylene)
    Got to Steven.
    Started training.
    Remembered the Old Rod, and, while in Dewford City, caught a Magicarp (Male, Bold, named Carp Out [because I didn't want to think of a name. Ironic, eh?])
    Trained up to level 14.
    Went to Brawly. Looked at his lead... a high leveled Machop. Greeeeaaat. Stuck Sting in the lead.
    Let Sting sweep with confusion. O_O


    Mudkip level 14 (named Mary, has a Quick Claw)
    Zigzagoon level 14 (named Lyra, has whatever it picks up)
    Dustox level 15 (Named Sting)
    Beutifly level 14 (Named Stung)
    Tailow level 14 (named Marc, has a King's Rock)
    Whismur level 14 (named Morissey, has a Silk Scarf)
    Makuhita level 14 (Named Maylene)
    Magicarp level 14 (temporarily named Carp Out)


    Poochyena level 12 (Female, Adamant, named Sally)
  25. somethingsdont


    May 11, 2007
    Going to try this with Sapphire. I've enjoyed reading the logs so far, especially Res Ipsa Loquitur's. Keep up the good work, everyone.

    Trainer: Dani (ID42812)
    Version: Sapphire
    current party (open)
    [​IMG] Shift lvl 19 (Jolly male Marshtomp, Route 101)
    [​IMG] Alt lvl 19 (Rash female Lombre, Route 102)
    [​IMG] Tab lvl 20 (Careful male Taillow, Route 104)
    [​IMG] Space lvl 18 (Docile male Makuhita, Granite Cave)
    [​IMG] Escape lvl 5 (Lonely male Zigzagoon, Petalburg Woods)

    pc boxes (open)
    [​IMG] Backslash lvl 6 (Mild female Nincada, Route 116)
    [​IMG] Sum lvl 13 (Hasty female Plusle, Route 110)

    Location: Mauville
    Logged: Littleroot, Route 101

    Prologue & Chapter 1

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