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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Prologue and Chapter One

    Chapter Two



    I am shocked. I have just been attacked by a fearsome monster with giant red glowing eyes, and just before it could eat me alive, a dark creature jumped from nowhere and striked. A female sneasel, now standing still just a few steps away from me... I do not understand her motives, but she doesn't seem willing to have me as her next prey - fortunately. Could I... team up with her? I'm not really keen on running through that next patch of tall grass without a guardian spirit.

    "Hey, hm, miss sneasel. Thanks... it was definitely more frightening to meet that hoothoot in person than when I'm just playing! Oh, right, you probably don't know what I'm talking about."

    The sneasel is staring at me, with a mildly amused look on her face.

    "Look I... I have to walk to the next town, but I'm alone. I don't have any pokéball either - I know this isn't how it's supposed to work, but would you be so kind as to help me out a little bit more? I don't think I can do it by myself."

    The pokémon doesn't move, as if she was expecting something from me...

    "Please? Miss sn- oh, but if we're gonna travel together I should probably give you a name, right?"

    Bingo - I could spot a glimmer in her eyes for an instant. I start thinking out loud, hoping for a sign of approbation.

    "Feather... Heather... Eve.. Ivy... Liz... Adeliz..."


    Looks like this pleases her. She turns around and starts walking towards Cherrygrove City - it looks like she's willing to go with me! This is surprising - I know it's only one pokémon, but I can't help but feel really happy. This is a lot more involving than a couple of button presses... Alright, Adeliz, let's go!

    also thanks R.I.L. :)
  2. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    Update 3

    2nd wild poke I found on this route was Nincada. Shedinja would have worked wonders on this run, and for that reason I will cut myself. No offense SCABIES, but I’ll probably run into another Whismur in the cave. One that doesn’t need TMs to deal some damage. Third encounter is this route was a Taillow. I hate you SCABIES. Some asshole bug catcher had a Wurmple that knew posion sting, but he went down easy enough. His Nincada also worried me, but that died too. PROMOTION is overleveled, but I really don’t care. I clean up the trainers and even give ASS GOBLIN a level.

    Inside the tunnel. To nobody’s surprise, I get a Whismur. A now deceased Whismur. All pokes except for PROMOTION are low on health or are an ASS GOBLIN. I leave the tunnel and determine that it is not a good grinding spot. I also realize I must kill the Nosepass before I can rescue Peeko. Oh god. I grind my Treecko into a Grovyle and get ready to kill the Nosepass.

    Geodude falls to a single bullet seed and is a non-factor. The real test is Nosepass. I send in ASS GOBLIN. The first attack from Nosepass misses, allowing ASS GOBLIN more time to growl it to death. The second time is not so lucky. He’s hit down to 6 HP, and I have a feeling if that miss didn’t happen ASS GOBLIN would have been OHKO’d, and I might have lost… You did good, ASS GOBLIN. Rest in peace. In comes PROMOTION. Nosepass uses harden first. The n he uses Rock Tomb. 6 damage. Even if those growls didn’t happen I’d have this in the bag. Roxanne trolled me with that miss, making me think ASS GOBLIN was important. Fuck you, ASS GOBLIN. Wait, what? A potion? Two potions? Meh. I absorb him for the first one, then bullet seed him for the next. Nosepass is dead. Full health, level 17 now. PROMOTION can learn rock tomb, but I’m good.


    PROMOTION - Grovyle - Level 17
    PEWPEW - Poochyena - Level 10
    SCABIES - Whismur - Level 10
  3. Stellar

    is a Live Chat Contributoris an Administratoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Jan 3, 2007
    GAME: Emerald
    NAME: Stellar
    TRAINER ID: 51072
    LOCATION: Route 103 (Post-Slateport)

    - Only items available for use are TMs, HMs, & Pokéballs.
    - Not allowed to purchase items from the Pokémart.
    - If a Pokémon faints, it must be released immediately.
    - May only capture the first Pokémon encountered on a Route.
    - Must nickname all Pokémon.
    - Battle Mode: SET

    In Party:
    COMBUSKEN (20) - CRACKER - Route 101
    LINOONE (21) - RAGU - Route 102
    KADABRA (20) - PRESTO - Route 116
    GULPIN (20) - DONK - Route 110

    In Box:
    SLAKOTH - ALDY - Petalburg Forest
    MAKUHITA - GON - Granite Cave

    POOCHYENA (8) - SPARKY - Route 104
    Cause of death: Wurmple Poison
  4. MSB


    Feb 7, 2010
    Update 4

    I think a May battle is coming up and change my mind about Rock Tomb, because it will help with Torchic. Then a Magma Grunt castrates some Devon guy and I must retrieve the GOODS. Oh dear. I get over to the tunnel and rape the Magma Grunt. With SCABIES, no less. And without taking any damage whatsoever. …wat. Anyway, I get the GOODS back, as well as PEEKO! WROOOOOOOOOOOAR! I must now deliver the GOODS to Dewford. Err…Topic change. SCABIES is rather useful despite being modest. Hmm. Perhaps I should have gotten that other Whismur…

    Before I embark, I must destroy other trainers for EXP and because I can. I get Cut, teach it to PROMOTION, and beat the crap out of some guys I missed on Route 116. One of them almost killed PEWPEW, but he was left with 3 HP and I switched in PROMOTION. I spy May and try to sneak around her. I succeed, but run back in and talk to her anyway. She says something about pokeballs. I look at the Rock Tomb in PROMOTION’s moveset and feel cheated.But whatever. I hop on the ship to Dewford.

    Silk Scarf and Old Rod get. I fish up a Magika- WAIT THAT’S A TENTACOOL OH SHIT. I give him a tap with Astonish and then throw a poke ball. Yes! Tentacool get! His name is RAEP. Now I have to grind this thing… My plan is to use the old rod an murder some magikarps until I can take on bigger game. I consider using the nearby route 107 to fish up a Karp, but then decide not to despite the fact that Gyara would rape everything. Grinding is going rather slow with Tenta’s crap damage and Karp’s low EXP, but I press on… Anyway, BACK TO ADVENTURE.

    I challenge some fisherman to a battle. He sends in Tentacool. The very first move SCABIES is poisoned by a critical poision sting.I’m Uproar locked, though, and by the time I win I have 20 HP left. Will I make it? Yes I do, with 14 HP to spare. I challenge yet another Fisherman and win yet again. He also had a Tentacool, but no hax after 2 stings.

    Next time on Dragon Ball Z…



    PROMOTION - Grovyle - Level 17 (My lifeline. If he died I’d be fucked.)
    PEWPEW - Poochyena - Level 10 (Downright useless. I thought he’d be good, but an ASS GOBLIN would be better right now.)
    SCABIES - Whismur - Level 14 (I love this guy. He dished out nice damage despite being modest. His ability alos helped in the RAEP grinding with Tentacool knowing Supersonic and all.)
    RAEP – Tentacool – Level 7 (This guy is going to be useless until I can get my hand on Surf. He’ll probably be an HM slave, knowing Cut, Surf, Waaterfall, and Dive. But Tentacruel is awesome, so I’ll grind him up so he can hold his own.

    Total fishing count(including RAEP):

    5 Tentacools
    7 Magikarps

  5. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    Here's a new log. I really appreciate the kind words. If anyone has any ideas or critiques, by all means share them. Fyi, my current team is Chikorita (Smoke), Rattata (Snitch), and Bellsprout (Push), all level 9 as of the end of this log. Note that this would allow me to trade for Onix in Violet City, but I chose not to do so because I am sticking to one-player (purely by choice) and therefore cannot make a Steelix. I am planning ahead, even though I know my guys will start dying eventually.

    Pokémon: Grey Version

    PART 7

    It was getting pretty hot by the time I left sight of Cherrygrove. I was ready to be shut of that place. The sun hit my neck like a branding iron, and the pollen air burned my lungs too much to smoke. My shoes were white from the sandy earth, and the grass smelled sour and yellow.

    I found a rag-a-muffin kid, maybe 10 years old, kicking scrub weeds just as the high nettles thinned out. He saw me about the same time and gave me this chin-first sneer, real bimbo-tough-guy.

    "You're looking for a battle!" It wasn't a question.

    "I'm looking for a lady, but you're too young for either."

    He didn't take that too well, just squinted one eye and gave me more of that chin, just asking for a tap on it. I thought about it, but not for long since he let his Rattata out.

    The Rattata was smaller and slower than Snitch. I kept Smoke back while Snitch ducked a clumsy lunge, then gave it a hard swipe on the ear. That left the thing spinning, and Snitch showed that kid the Quick Attack.

    We both walked over, and Snitch was a good three feet from the limp Rattata. His paws were shoved down in that sandy earth from where he'd stopped himself, and there was blood when he pulled them out. Some of it was his, from where the ground tore up his knuckles. Some of it wasn't.

    He gave me a look, like "Why did I just do that?"

    "I really don't know."

    We walked on north and just left the kid there, just as the sun fell behind the treeline on my left. I used the last orange glow to roll a cigarette, then glanced down at Smoke. He gave me a look I couldn't read.

    "I gotta light our way, pally."

    We turned a corner next to a low, rocky ledge just where the trees picked up. One of the weeds was standing upright, with a drooping yellow bell like a daffodil that Rattata just pushed up.

    "Bellsprout." The Pokedex again.

    "I guess you're with me now." I threw a Poke Ball without breaking stride, and the thing just limped into it like folding green. I picked up the ball. "I'll call you Push."

    It took us a few hours, until the sky was black and high and my cigarette looked like a jolly-up light show, to make it out of those trees. I let Push take on a few small bug-types, but every time he came out he just hung there like a noose. Slowly, he'd grow higher, until that hopeless wilt was a looming, ominous pendulum. Then, he'd just swat the bug aside and drop back down, bobbing his head like an apology. He seemed to tire quickly.

    For that reason, I was letting Snitch run out in front as a faint light came over the hill. Focusing on that, we didn't see the Spinarak overhead until a second too late. It cut its horn deep into Snitch's side and sent him reeling into a stump with a dry, cracking sound.

    Smoke didn't wait for me, he just slashed the Spinarak with those leaves while I ran over to Snitch. He was hurt, and I could see the poison burning at the edge of the wound. I ground out my cigarette on the stump, picked him up, and ran toward the light.

    This was not good. I didn't give Snitch more than a few minutes with that mickey in him. That had to be Violet City up ahead, and they had to have a Pokemon Center.

    Turned out, it was, and they did. Snitch pulled it out, barely, once they got him in that machine. I guess I looked pretty worried because the nurse came over to the chair.

    I didn't look up at her, but she was warm and soft in all the right places as she put a hand on my shoulder and leaned close.

    "Your Rattata is fine."



    "That's his name. Snitch."

    "You must care about him a lot."

    "It's not about me," I said, then paused. "It's about a man's partner. I let him die, it means I'm someone who lets my partners die. That's bad for me, bad for them. Bad for all trainers, if it's something we're allowed to do, supposed to do."

    She was silent for a good minute or two. Then, "Are you going to challenge Falkner?"


    "You must be very strong."

    I sat up a bit and turned toward her. She let her hand slide off my shoulder, like she hadn't known it was up there, but it stayed on my elbow as I caught her eye.

    She had a round face, like a china doll, and the cutest pair of cheaters sitting high up on her nose, with those blasted pink bangs down over one lens. She had her face dipped a little, chin back.

    I pushed the hair off her eye and let my thumb rest on the top of her cheek. She glanced down, then back up.

    "I sure hope not."
  6. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    I'm going to try this out on my Sapphire! I lost it years ago and found it just for this challenge. :P

    I have 2 questions though. Can you use great and ultra balls on top of pokeballs? And can you use items to heal inside of battle? Moot's rules do not specify that...
  7. Zangetsu


    Sep 12, 2009
    I think you should not take advantage of technicalities such as heal items in battle, and as for the other balls: it's your call. This is all for fun anyway
  8. Pathetique Waltz

    Pathetique Waltz

    Mar 29, 2010
    Add me to the list. I started up today, lost Dylan the Shinx to a crit from Bidoof. Lost Danny the Turtwig to my rival.
    Brilliant start.

  9. LafondaOnFire


    Feb 17, 2010
    Thanks for the reply, I'll start my run with those in mind!
  10. Syberia

    Syberia [custom user title]
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 22, 2005
    I have a (relatively) fresh Platinum playthrough sitting at the second gym or thereabouts, perhaps I'll finish it in this fashion.
  11. pikachu25


    Jul 20, 2009
    OMG, I AM SO IN!!! Now, should I do this on blue, gold, emerald, LeafGreen, Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Colosseum, or XD?

    Oh gosh, I just realized the next level:

    Colosseum Nuzlocke!! That would just be ridiculous...
  12. Ancien Régime

    Ancien Régime capitalism delenda est
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 21, 2007

    After days of training, the hero finally decides he is ready...for his first Touhou Gym. With Chibi Marisa at level 16, Chibi Kanako at level 14, Chibi Mystia at level 10, and Chibi Ran at level 9, he feels he is well matched against the plethora of Rock-type pokemon he will surely face inside. A trainer in the gym blocks the path to Brock, but he is quickly dispatched. It is clear that the student is nowhere near the master. However, Brock himself is no walk in the park!

    The hero leads with Chibi Kanako, noting her grass type advantage over Rock. Kanako's speed and power easily gets the jump on the Rock-type Chibi Suika, and she falls, though not without getting in a powerful Seismic Toss.

    Our hero at this point thinks that he has it won. The mighty Onibashira of Kanako would surely sweep her grass-weak foes to victory. However, it would not be so easy...as Chibi Letty was summoned! The hero knew at this point that he was in trouble. Because while a Rock-type, it also had Ice Beam...a move that our hero knew would put down Kanako easily. Our hero fired off an Razor Leaf, hoping to score a critical hit for the OHKO. However, as luck would have it, Letty used Rock Tomb, lowering Kanako's speed...but leaving her alive. The hero knew he had to get Kanako out of there fast, so he sent in Chibi Marisa to take the incoming Ice Beam. Marisa quickly dispatched the weakened Letty...only to face a truly imposing foe - Yuugi. Yuugi presented an immediate threat to Marisa, so our hero was faced with a choice - either leave Marisa in to likely die, or risk his beloved Mystia.

    Our hero gambled, thinking that Yuugi may go for a Magnitude. He lost. Yuugi used Rock Tomb. It was super-effective. Mystia fainted.

    Saddened by the loss of Mystia, our hero brought in the weakened Kanako. Kanako dealt another powerful Razor Leaf, but it was not enough to fell the powerful fighting Touhou. However, as luck would have it, Yuugi...howled. While this increased her attack, it didn't inflict damage. Kanako finished Yuugi off with a Vine Whip.

    Finally, Brock was forced to use his most powerful Touhou...Chibi Tenshi. Unfortunately for Brock, it was 4x weak to grass...meaning Razor Leaf would annihilate it in one shot. And it did.

    The battle was over. The campaign had just begun. And already, there had been a loss.

    The life of a Touhoumon trainer is a harsh existence, and it is inevitable that there will be losses. However, our hero must wipe away his tears, look up, and move on. Yet, in his belt, he has an empty pokeball, a pokeball that will never be filled. On it is engrave the words - CHIBI MYSTIA (Night Sparrow)- NEVER FORGET.
  13. somethingsdont


    May 11, 2007
    Accent, loved the comics, and RIL, very good read again. I dig your style. :) Enjoyed the other updates too. Glad to see most are progressing well.

    Now for an update of my own. Playing in Sapphire with rules in OP. Currently in Slateport. Apparently, I enjoy fleshing out the log more than the actual challenge. This is kind of long for the timeframe I cover (game start until right after I get my starter), but hey. I have notes on everything else that's happened, so I'll try to log those the same way. It's written in fanfic style and goes kind of AU at some points, but I hope I manage to make it an interesting read. I wanted to weave the "rules" into the story, so I bent canon a little. Creative license and all that.

    Prologue: New Beginnings

    The truck rattled violently as it rolled over a pothole in the road, and Dani's body slammed against the boxes piled up around her. Rubbing her shoulder to soothe the pain, she adjusted her backpack and steeled herself against the interior wall of the truck as it continued bumping along the route.

    Dani brought her wristwatch close to her face and squinted against the darkness. She'd been trapped in the back of this musty truck for nearly four hours now. She kicked her feet against a cardboard box and was rewarded with nothing but a few dull sound and slightly sore toes. She wasn't sure what she'd been expecting, but it hadn't been this. Relegated to the back of a truck because, apparently, even Pokemon had fears.

    prologue continued (open)
    Mercifully, the truck jolted to a stop, and Dani heard footsteps and voices outside. The doors at the back of the truck flew open with a loud clank. The sudden sunlight that permeated the small area was piercing, and Dani pulled her hand up against her forehead to shade her eyes.

    "Sorry about the trouble, ma'am," one of the movers said with a small salute. "Macharoni here don't like the back too much. Gives him nausea, see."

    "MA-choke," the bulky Pokemon beside the man echoed.

    "Right," Dani mumbled, hopping blindly off the back of the truck. "No problem."

    As her eyes readjusted to the light, her new house appeared before her against the backdrop of blue skies. She'd only ever seen it in photos, but it had a quiet demeanor about it that had not been so apparent in two dimensions.

    The front door opened, and Dani's mother rushed out.

    "Dani, honey! How was the ride?"

    Dani adjusted her backpack again, peering at the mover and his Machoke. "Yeah," she shrugged. "It wasn't bad."

    Dani's mother smiled, motioning around them. "Well, this is Littleroot Town!" She pointed into the back of the truck. "Pick up a box and come on in."

    Exhaling a small sigh, Dani reached into the truck, mentally calculating which would be the lightest load. Before she could pick one, she felt a firm hand on her shoulder and turned to see Machoke smiling down at her.


    Dani knit her brows in confusion. "What, I—"

    "He's sayin' he'll take care of them boxes," the mover explained. "You go on in and check out your new place."

    "Okay," Dani nodded, looking between the two. "Sure. Thanks." She flashed a quick smile at Machoke and sauntered inside.

    The interior of the house was dotted with boxes and haphazard pieces of furniture. Dani's mother ushered her to her room and told her unpack. Tossing her backpack aside, Dani worked her way around the boxes that had already been brought to her room.

    Efficiency was Machoke's forte, and soon, the contents of the moving truck had been emptied into the house. After bidding the mover and his Machoke goodbye, Dani spent the rest of the afternoon arranging her furniture, unpacking, and setting up her computer. It was exhausting work, but it was… nice, she supposed. A new beginning. She'd always been an explorer at heart, and she knew Hoenn would feed her curiosity.

    Her mother scrapped together a makeshift dinner, and after sufficiently filling herself, Dani returned to her room, hoping to finish unpacking before nightfall. Around ten, she had whittled it down to a box and a half left to unpack. Satisfied with her progress, she decided to call it a night. She made her way down the stairs and found her mother rigid in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips, eerily quiet.

    "You okay, mom?" Dani asked as she approached her mother.

    Her mother startled at the sound of Dani's voice. "Yes, honey. I'm fine."

    Dani hesitated, and the air around them hung heavily. "Mom?"

    Her mother walked to the television – still on the floor – and turned it on with her toe. A man with dark hair and a defined brow line appeared. There was a silent ferocity in his eyes that Dani recognized. A tiny Slakoth – much smaller than any Slakoth Dani had ever seen – hung sluggishly over the man's shoulder. Despite her best efforts, Dani's chest tightened.

    "Dad," she said quietly.

    Her mother nodded and flicked the television off again. She smiled tightly, bitter lines stretching along the corners of her lips, but quickly, her features softened. "You should head to bed, Dani."

    "It's early." It was neither a rebellion nor a protest, but rather an offering of peace, of company.

    Her mother smiled again, genuinely this time. "Big day tomorrow, Dani-mani."

    "Don't call me that," Dani replied, more out of habit than anything else.

    Dani's mother approached her and brushed a quick kiss to her forehead. "Get some rest, sweetie."

    With a heavy heart, Dani complied, anxious about what awaited her.

    Chapter 1: Partners, Not Friends

    The sun was low in the sky when Dani woke the next morning. Hurriedly, she got dressed and rushed through her morning routine, then headed downstairs. Her mother was already up and sipping at a mug over her morning paper.

    chapter 1 continued (open)
    "Hey, mom."

    "Morning, Dani," she replied without looking up. "Breakfast?"

    As if on cue, Dani's stomach growled.

    Her mother chuckled. "Sorry, sweetie. All we've got is MooMoo Milk."

    Before Dani could retort, the doorbell rang, and her mother motioned for her to answer it. Grumbling to herself, she shuffled to the door and pulled it open.

    A boy around her age stood on the other side, his silver hair peeking out under a black and red headband. He held a tin can in his hands.

    "Can I help you?"

    "The name's Brandon," the boy introduced. "I live next door."

    "Dani. Nice to meet you."

    Brandon held out the tin can. "Muffins," he explained. "My mom wanted you guys to have it. Welcome to the neighborhood and all."

    At the mention of food, embarrassingly, Dani's stomach growled again.

    Brandon grinned. "Good timing, I think."

    "Thanks," Dani replied sheepishly, taking the container from him.

    Brandon peered around. "Love to stick around and chat, but I gotta go help my dad with research." He paused, studying her. "Hey, Dani, why don't you come with me? I'm sure he wants to meet you, too."

    "Yeah, sure. Give me a sec to put these away. I'll meet you there?"

    He smiled. "Route 101's where I'll be. See you, Dani!"

    Dani watched the boy jog away, then returned to the kitchen, where her mother was still stationed. She dropped the tin can onto the table.

    "Next door neighbors wanted us to have these," she explained, tugging off the top to reveal a dozen Belue Berry muffins. She grabbed a few, wrapped them up and stuffed them into her knapsack. "Later, mom."

    Her mother finally looked up from her paper and toward the door. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

    "Meeting the neighbor's dad!" she called out over her shoulder.

    Outside, a light breeze had picked up, and Dani headed toward route 101, unsure what to expect. She'd heard of Brandon's father, Professor Birch. A renowned Pokemon researcher, he'd been friends with Dani's father, and frankly, that alone was enough to unsettle her.

    As she approached their meeting spot, she heard a little boy's cries. "Help! Somebody, help!" a youngster squealed.

    Dani picked up her pace, rushing the rest of the way. When she neared, she found a tiny, blue-haired boy frantic.

    "The professor!" he cried. "Someone help the professor!"

    Without a second thought, Dani dashed toward the scene of commotion, where she found a panicked man attempting in vain to fend off a snarling Poochyena with a small branch.

    Noticing Dani, the man pointed toward a small knapsack at her feet. "There are Pokemon in there! Take one and toss it, hurry!"

    Dani leaned down, digging her hands into the knapsack and fumbling around for any indication of a Pokeball. The Poochyena was beginning to take notice of the presence of fresh blood, and he immediately lost interest in the man and turned to face Dani. Come on, come on, she thought as adrenaline pumped through her body. Finally, just as the Poochyena bared his sharp teeth and growled angrily, Dani's palm wrapped around a round object. She plucked it out of the bag and tossed it toward the approaching Pokemon, hoping something would happen.

    The Pokeball snapped open, and a small blue Pokemon appeared. It balanced itself on four, fragile-looking legs. A large fin jutted out of its head, another on its behind. The two star-shaped gills on its cheeks twitched as it opened its mouth.


    Dani pointed unsurely at the Poochyena, who only grew more furious. "A-attack! Go!"

    The Mudkip tipped its head, his curious eyes locking into Dani's fearful ones. "Kip?"

    "Tackle it!"

    Immediately, Mudkip sprung into action. He hopped toward the Poochyena, lowered his head slightly, bracing himself for impact. Mudkip's forehead crashed into Poochyena's side, and a brush of dark fur slid against the damp grass.

    Undeterred, Poochyena leapt toward Mudkip in a Tackle of his own, and the two Pokemon exchanged blows until Poochyena collapsed in a lifeless heap, his blood seeping into the soil.

    For a whole minute, there was silence, until finally, Mudkip skittered over and sat at Dani's feet, carefully licking his legs.

    The professor dropped the branch he'd been holding and walked somberly to the Poochyena. He checked its pulse, lowering his head as the realization hit him. He cleared his throat and looked up at Dani.

    "Dani, is it? Could you bring me the bag? There should be a, uh, blanket in there."

    Dani obliged, picking up the bag and digging out a dark sheet. She handed it to the professor, who wrapped it meticulously around the dead Poochyena. He shook his head.

    "It shouldn't be like this," he said quietly to nobody in particular. He turned to Dani again. "Would you mind helping me carry my equipment back to the lab?" He looked down at the Poochyena, and the meaning behind his next words did not go unnoticed. "I've got my hands full."

    "Sure," Dani agreed. "No problem." She slung the bag over her shoulder and adjusted it against her own backpack. "Come on, Mudkip."

    Mudkip eagerly jumped along at Dani's ankles, and the three made their way back to Littleroot. The blue-haired boy who had alerted Dani to the professor's predicament stood wide-eyed at the end of the route, having witnessed everything. In passing him, the professor patted the top of the boy's head.

    "Sorry you had to see that, Jay."

    Without being prompted, Jay blurted out, "I promise to stay out of tall grass, Professor!"

    Dani and the professor moved on, and soon, the lab came into view. The professor led Dani through the front doors and placed the wrapped Poochyena down on what appeared to be a tiny autopsy table. He left briefly and returned with a small wooden box.

    Gently, he lowered the Poochyena and lowered it into the box. The lid closed with heartwrenching finality.

    "I'm sorry, Professor. I didn't mean to kill it…"

    Professor Birch shook his head. "No, Dani, you did the right thing. Self-preservation is always a priority." Having finally given some closure to the Poochyena, he sobered. "I apologize, I still haven't formally introduced myself. Professor Birch. I believe you've met my son Brandon?"

    Dani nodded. "Thank you for the muffins, too."

    "Oh, entirely my wife's doing."

    "Kip. Kip!"

    Mudkip was tugging at Dani's ankles with a large grin across its face.

    "Looks like he likes you," Professor Birch observed. "Tell you what. You keep him."

    Dani looked up, surprised and equally pleased. "Oh, I—Are you sure, Professor?"

    "Looks like you don't have much of a choice," he replied with a grin. "He's quite fond of you, and it's a small gift for saving my life."

    Mudkip seemed to sense his new trainer, and he let out a joyous cry.

    Professor Birch leaned down to stroke the top of Mudkip's head. "How'd you like to give him a nickname? He's yours now, after all."

    "Shift," Dani replied without hesitation. He looked down at Mudkip. "You like that?"

    She was rewarded with an enthusiastic "Mudkip!"

    "All settled then," the professor said with a smile. He moved to a shelf and took down a small red gadget that Dani recognized as a Pokedex. The professor handed it to her. "Take this, too. It'll provide you invaluable information, all the while helping me with my research. Brandon has one too. He left for Route 110 a little earlier and asked me to relay the message to you, but of course, we got caught up." He glanced at the box that still weighed heavily against both of them.

    "We'll go find him." Dani flashed a smile at Shift. "And we'll challenge him to a battle, won't we?"


    "That's the spirit! Just remember, be careful. Take good care of your Pokemon. As we've seen, things can go horribly wrong in a matter of seconds and some effects are irreversible. Tread on the side of caution."

    Dani nodded. "Understood."

    After exchanging goodbyes, Dani and Mudkip left the lab and headed back toward route 101. As she passed her house, however, she noticed her mother in the yard.


    Her mother looked up. "Oh, hi, Dani. Saw you rushing by earlier with Professor Birch."

    Dani nodded. "He gave me a Pokemon."

    "Kip!" Shift piped up.

    Dani's mother took one look at the cheerful blue creature, and her face fell. "You're leaving." Just like your father, but she didn't verbalize that part.

    Dani sighed, frustration building within her. "Mom, don't do that."

    Her mother's eyes softened, and she grew apologetic. "I'm sorry, sweetie. I'm happy for you. Really. But it's a dangerous world out there."

    "We'll be okay."


    Dani tilted her head toward Shift.


    "Come on, Mom. There comes a time when you have to let go. We can fend for ourselves."

    Dani's mother approached her and pulled her into a tight embrace. "Don't go doing rash things, you hear?"

    Dani rolled her eyes in mock exasperation. "Yes, mother."

    "Good girl. Now go out there and conquer that world."

    "That's the plan, mom," Dani replied with a grin. "That's the plan."


    Current team:
    [​IMG] Shift, lvl 5 (Jolly male Mudkip)

    Happy to hear any feedback if someone's managed to make it though. :)
  14. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    Badge 1 -> 2

    Update #3

    Opening Team:
    Bulby: Lv 15 Bulbasaur
    Zu-Zu: Lv 8 Zubat

    Dead List:
    Shelly: Lv 11 Beedrill [Died saving Mouse from an Ekans]
    MOUSE: Lv 12 Rattata [Died from a 5 hit Fury Attack + Crit]
    Rattata II: Lv 4 Rattata died to a Critical Pidgey Tackle

    Jiggles: Lv 7 Jigglypuff, died to a crit before I could catch it <_<

    After taking forever to get to lv 10 with Zu-Zu, due to low EXP from Caterpies... and Astonish's low PP... Zu-Zu STILL dosen't get Supersonic... I could sware it was sooner than this...

    Still, fed up of training on Caterpies, I decide to head to Mt.Moon, and train Zu-Zu with bait + Switch.

    Well, until I find a trainer who epically fails with a lv 11 Weedle... and Kakuna... which forced me to use Leech Life on it, yay - Atk nature. Zu-Zu then gets to lv 11, and FINALLY gets Supersonic.

    OK... I miss 4 times, when I do hit, I get Encored. Clefairy's Sing hits first time... stupid Trolling RNG!

    I beat some emo wearing black, and Bulby Evolves into IvySaur... but not before it has to save Zu-Zu's butt again from Supersonic hax.

    I then fight a guy with black hair, looks like a nerd, and what he sends out first causes this reaction:




    Zu-Zu actually hits with Supersonic, before I swap to Bulby... [Who gets critted on the switch, naturally, by Thundershock] and proceed to SeedStall, with Sleep Powder as added Profit.

    Voltorb, however, is not as bad, and I swap back to Zu-Zu... wait... thes things have SoundProof <_<. Still, Voltorb is notorious for lack of level-up Electric attacks at least before 3rd Gen, and Zu-Zu manages to win... for once not needing Bulby to save it's hide.

    Saved at 2:50 in, with the following:

    Zu-Zu: Lv 12 Zubat
    Bulby: Lv 16 Ivysaur
  15. Arias


    Mar 31, 2010
    Count me in
    I'll be doing this with Heart Gold because I am a chicken when it comes to poison
    Don't expect any grand epics from me, but maybe a few manly tears if I miss my chance for a Raichu or he/she dies
    Also, moot rules full and true
  16. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Next chapter coming soon, but meanwhile I'll just share a little tip I found:
    If laying one of the latest games, when you first meet a pokémon in an area, you can place a marking with that pokémon's name on the map, to remember that you can't catch anything here anymore. Likewise, if you follow a similar rule to my 'only one item per shop', you can place a marking on the town.

    I am currently struggling to catch a second pokémon, Adeliz has grown too strong and she kills everything in one hit...
  17. Showsni


    Dec 5, 2009
    So I restarted, and I think I overlevelled. My Combusken's Double Kick will tear the rock gym apart.

    Rules I used:

    Catch only the first Pokémon encountered of each new area.
    If a Pokémon faints, release it as soon as possible.
    You may use any item you find/are given, but may not buy items.
    You may only visit each Pokémon Centre you pass once, and can't backtrack except where the story dictates.

    Current team:
    Cinder the Combusken (Level 19)
    Squirmy the Beautifly (Level 12)
    Toad the Shroomish (Level 8)
    Pikablu the Marill (Level 7)
    Bitey the Poochyena (Level 9)
    Barky the Poochyena (Level 4)
  18. Reaver12


    Mar 27, 2009
    So started my Ruby game with Blade, the female Trecko. We pulled a Wally and found a Timid male Ralts which I named Queen.... who met a tragic end to a bloody rock in the shape of a nose. My Adamant Taillow died to Wurmple poison, and is now replaced by a Modest Taillow named Ace. LoudNoises the Whimsur is moving along nicely. Found a Makuhita in Granite Cave, but Luigi my Shroomish killed it with his damned effect spore.

    Current state of the team, training to take on Brawly

    Blade lvl 18 Grovyle
    Ace lvl 12 Taillow
    LoudNoises lvl 10 Whimsur
    Luigi lvl 11 Shroomish

    Time to train up... really missing Queen. What a stroke of luck finding it, only to meet an end to a critical Rock Throw... damn you RNG, damn you.
  19. Dawnissexy


    Mar 31, 2010
    My Diamond Experience

  20. Dawnissexy


    Mar 31, 2010
    Current team:
    Kratos the lvl 19 prinplup
    Lameass the lvl 15 budew you see in the picture
  21. Raikaria


    May 20, 2009
    Dawn, there's an edit button, please use it.

    Anyway, making this post now to say that, updateing it with Edit as I speak as I'm playing again.

    OK, maybe there's no lv 16 Raticate in the remakes.

    Anywho, I got through Mt.Moon, and caught my new pokemon. ANOTHER Poision type. ANOTHER useless Nature. I even got Trolled on the ability.

    All I need is a Tenatcool, and I'll have a viable mono-poision team <_<

    Team Update:

    SNAKE: Lv 7 MODEST Ekans
    Zu-Zu: Lv 15 BOLD Zubat
    Bulby: Lv 18 HASTY Ivysaur
  22. Accent


    Jul 8, 2009
    Prologue and Chapter One
    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    So... This is Cherrygrove City. There are three houses, and they look eerily similar. An old man showed me the points of interests - the Pokécenter, the Pokémart, and the... sea. While I had no intention to follow him around the "town", I felt an irrepressible need to do it anyway; I guess this is how the game manifests itself. It didn't really bother me: as long as I can still think by myself, I'm alright. After the tour, he finally gives me his running shoes, pretending they're new even though they have clearly been used for quite a long time already. Does Game Freaks have budget issues?

    Immediately after gramps finishes his speech, I run - yes, I RUN, halleluia - to the Pokécenter to heal Adelize. She impresses me - no hoothoot could survive her scratches, and she is now level 7. I don't really know what she thinks of me, though she apparently likes to lead. I am becoming more and more concerned though: She's still my only companion, and I don't know how I will manage to catch another one if she continues to defeat them so quickly...

    I head to Mr. Pokémon's house. The trip goes as planned, and I only encounter a couple of weedles on my way. Halfway down the road, I come across the Apicorn guy's house, and enter.

    "Hello Sir. Sh- please be quiet. I know you're not Mr. Pokémon and yes, I came to see you, but it's only because I've been here before, even though you probably don't remember. If you don't do something, you will forever stay in Mr. Pokémon's shadow; you have to react! I don't know, open an Apicorn Collectors' Club and put a giant sign in Cherrygrove City, for example. I know you can do it. You're a good man. Now give me that box."

    What a wonderful person I am. Fastforward: I reach Mr. Pokémon's house, receive the Pokédex and the Mystery Egg, return to the Elm's lab, beat Silvan - my rival - and am told to complete the badge quest. Adeliz is now level 10, and although nothing has proved to be a challenge to her yet, I know that it won't last and I still haven't caught any other pokémon. Keeping that in mind, I decide to go by a roundabount way in order to find a new ally; I still haven't visited Route 46, and it's just round the corner.

    Once I've arrived, I take a look around. All this tall grass doesn't scare me anymore, I know I have someone to count on. After a few steps in the rough, I notice a movement on my right... A spearow! Fantastic!

    "Go, Adeliz! Scratch!" Being able to shout that without looking like an idiot is really great.

    Trusting Adeliz to do the job, I open my bag to get a Pokéball. However, just as I'm about to pick one, I hear a deafening screech and drop the bag in surprise.

    "Adeliz? Why didn't you use Scratch?"

    The sneasel stares at me with a smug look on her face. Great, now that the spearow's defense is lowered, it won't be able to survive another one of her hits... Suddenly, I understand: I don't have a badge! Adeliz is going to do whatever she wants until I get one... But I can't take on the Gym Leader without at least one other pokémon. I guess I'll just try to catch the spearow anyway- WAIT ADELIZ, NO! She killed it. Oh well, she's a sneasel after all, I should have guessed she wouldn't be tameable.

    "Come on. Let's go to Violet City..."

    As I arrive to the town's Pokécenter, Adeliz has only leveled up once - that makes her level 11. I avoided as many fights as I could, figuring I would try catching something in a Route where the pokémons are a bit stronger... I enter Route 32, my head full with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Ok, here is the first patch of tall grass... Don't screw up again, please, Adeliz.

    Suddenly, I hear a hiss. An ekans! I take a look at Ade - she really seems to want to bite the snake's head off, but I think she understood how important it was to me. Right when I ask her, she performs a quick attack on the creature, leaving it weakened... Well, ideally, I would have liked it to be a little bit weaker, but this will have to do. I take out a Pokéball, and cross my fingers.

    "Pokéball, GO!"





    YEAH! I'm overjoyed. A girl ekans! From now on, you'll be Sesheta. Welcome to the team!

    Current team:
    [​IMG]Adeliz, level 11 female sneasel
    [​IMG]Sesheta, level 4 female ekans
  23. Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    Aug 19, 2009
    Ha ha I'm starting to become glad I did this in Generation II. No natures or abilities to worry about! That said, my Chikorita has just garbage IVs, except attack, which is a possible 31 (need to level up more). I think I might run Curse/Earthquake/Body Slam/Giga Drain if it lives long enough.

    I also realized that my favorite Pokemon, Slowking, would be easily obtainable since I have a guaranteed Slowpoke coming at the Slowpoke Well. But I already said that I don't want to trade. What I may do is just Gameshark a Slowking once I get the King's Rock.
  24. Eraddd

    Eraddd One Pixel
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 1, 2009
    I really want to start this. I'm debating between Fire Red or Emerald. Anyone want to choose for me?
  25. Diana

    Diana This isn't even my final form
    is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor Alumnus

    Dec 10, 2008
    Okay this seems like something fun to do... I'm going to do it on Diamond actually. Expect some fun stories.

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