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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. MikeLewis


    Aug 2, 2010
    Im Going to start one of these on Diamond, Wont Go To Much into a story Though
  2. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    So it turns out the Seafloor Cavern is a pretty okay training spot for all my other mons.

    Eh, the world can wait a couple more days right? What harm could the sun really do I mean really.
  3. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Ok, slight update (mainly to get my post count up)

    Well after continuously training for my Scramblocke Challenge against Ace Trainer Gaven outside Victory Road, i now have a lv.50 Ampharos (Electra) and Gengar (Wrath). So now i begin training Steelix (McBone), Magneton (Fraktion), Dugtrio (RagingMole) and Octillery (Bottle).... Those last four are all around lv.40-43
  4. min min

    min min

    Jun 26, 2010
    Great...I have one coveted NO HM slot on my team thanks to Sheila the Azumarill taking Strength and Waterfall. Who can I catch and use?
    Options (Emerald):


    My Team:

    Iggy the Grovyle @Miracle Seed
    Leaf Blade/Cut (will be Rock Smash)/Screech/Pursuit

    With his killer Leaf Blade and +SDef nature, he is great for taking Electric attacks and formed the main muscle of the offensive core against Wattson and Norman.

    L. K. Eda the Voltorb @Exp Share

    Newly caught in New Mauville and named for his tendencies to blow up, it was fortunately caught without any suicidal moves on hand.

    Nellie the Swellow @nothing ATM
    Fly/Quick Attack/Endeavor/Double Team

    The physical powerhouse, Nellie's job is to kill what Iggy can't outspeed. In Doubles, Double Team is always the best option. She helped a LOT against Norman's trainers.

    Shelia the Azumarill @Quick Claw
    Bubblebeam (will be Waterfall)/Strength/Tail Whip/Defense Curl

    With BEAST attack thanks to Huge Power, Sheila is a great tank to use in times of emergencies. Often outclassed by...

    Horace the Tentacruel @nothing
    Surf/Ice Beam/Poison Sting/Wrap

    Easily the most powerful member of the team, already fully evolved. Had a hard time as a kid, but started to shine after getting Surf and subsequently Ice Beam. This being a Nuzlocke, I try to use him as little as possible. Gear up for Winona!

    Taken out for reserve...will become a beast Metal Sound Sweeper:

    Jenny the Aron @nothing
    Iron Tail/Headbutt/Rock Smash/Mud Slap

    The hardest one on my team to kill, Jenny survived the attacks of many tough pokes like Wattson's Magneton and Norman's *shudder* Slaking. Having no more need for a 4x Normal resist, she is now put into reserve for later training to make full use of her unfortunate Modest nature, large special movepool and future Metal Sound.

    Wingull (meh, forgot name)
    Adriel the Linoone (OH GAWD PICKUP)

    Boxed (good ones listed):
    Wynaut, Torkoal, Trapinch, Sandshrew, ANOTHER Linoone

    Currently at:
    Fortree, grinding for Winona.
  5. Randy


    Aug 2, 2010
    how many restarts doe sit take to get a shiny starter pokemon in crystal
  6. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010
    I was told that the three core rules were release if fainted, catch first thing you see in each area, and nicknames. All other rules could be added or subtracted.

    I'm in the middle of a Firered run right now, and I allow myself to use healz.
  7. Wishy


    May 18, 2006
    I never realized how goddamn common Pidgeys are in FireRed until you play a Nuzlocke challenge. So many wasted routes...

    Where is a good place to level up for Blaine? My team was pretty overleveled for the longest time until that random curve in Saffron, now I'm underleveled a bit. Not that I really mind, but my Rhydon is low leveled and needs some EXP >_>
  8. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributor

    Apr 11, 2010
    Horndrill1, nicknames isn't even a required rule, it's just generally observed. there are two rules to a Nuzlocke challenge, first one in a route and release if fainted.
  9. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Time for update #7 of Flamestrike's Nuzlocke challenge! Now with 90% more story! *gasp*
    Update #1
    Update #2
    Update #3
    Update #4
    Update #5
    Update #6

    Before the story begins, a slight spoiler:
    Man oh MAN was I ever wrong.

    Brandon stared at the Gym from his room at the Pokemon Center, with his faithful Togetic, Matty at his side. Always happy, Matty fluttered around, but Brandon was worried. Clair was his last challenge before the Elite Four, and he knew she was tough. An unquestioned master of the Dragon type, she had gotten a reputation as a merciless opponent. And while that was fine for your ordinary trainer, it meant disaster for Brandon.

    "This challenge will be the end of me," he muttered to himself. When he had entered this world, he was told that he would have to play by special rules. Most important was that his Pokemon wouldn't merely faint when defeated, but that they would die. He also had to deal with only being able to catch the first Pokemon he saw in a Route that he hadn't already caught and being unable to use items in battle. He had felt the sting of death many times already. Corey, his first Pokemon, and Nick, his first catch, both fell in his very first Gym battle. He had also lost his other two early catches, the ones that had kept him going after the devastating loss. Sara and Melinda, both gone in Ecruteak. But he wouldn't give up. He still had Matty, and four others that he had grown close to and that had helped him and each other out of some precarious situations. But he was still worried.

    Matty, sensing his beloved Trainer's distress, settled himself on his shoulder and rubbed his head against Brandon's. While this calmed Brandon, it did nothing to dispel his worry about the upcoming battle.
    "Matty, I hope you know I won't be able to use you against Clair. I can't risk losing you, not now when we're so close to the end." The Happiness Pokemon cooed softly. Brandon couldn't tell if it was to comfort him or to express disappointment. It didn't matter. He knew that, as steadfast of an ally Matty was, he simply wasn't strong enough. Brandon wanted to evolve Matty to a Togekiss, which were far stronger than their Togetic pre-evolutions, but, try as he might, he could not find a Shiny Stone, native only to the far-away region of Sinnoh. He sighed, wondering how he would make up for Matty's inability to fight.

    Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
    "Who is it?" Brandon called out. He knew no one in Blackthorn, so he truly had no idea who it could be.
    "A friend" was the reply. Sighing again, Brandon decided to open the door. The young man seemed to be roughly Brandon's age, but his attire was like nothing Brandon had ever seen. He wore a red beret and scarf, and had short navy-blue hair. He carried six Pokeballs, yet oddly enough no Pokemon followed him, the norm for most trainers. Suspicious, Brandon asked, "What's your name?"
    "Brandon, and yours?" was the reply. Brandon was stunned; the stranger had the same name as he did? Coincidence, or was there something more to it? Looking at his expression, the new Brandon said, "I'm guessing from your reaction that your name is Brandon as well." Just then, he noticed Matty fluttering around his head.
    "I take it this is your Togetic?" he asked.
    "Yeah, it is. Where exactly are you from?" Brandon wanted to know more about this stranger. "I doubt you're from around here, or I would have noticed you by now."
    "Heh, you're right. I'm actually from Sinnoh." This time Brandon's jaw almost hit the floor. "But enough wasting time, I'm here to give you this." He handed over a small stone. Brandon tried to look at it, but it nearly blinded him and he had to look away. Finally his eyes adjusted, and he examined it more closely. It looked like a regular stone, except for the unnatural brightness. However, he did notice that when the other Brandon had first brought it out, Matty had gotten very excited.
    "What is it?" he asked. He could barely believe the reply.
    "It's a Shiny Stone, of course."
    "You heard me, a Shiny Stone. Used to evolve Roselia into Roserade, and more importantly, Togetic into Togekiss."
    "But why did you come all this way to give me this? How did you even know I needed one?"
    "I hate to say it, but I know a lot more about you than you can imagine Brandon. It's no mere coincidence that we have the same name. For example, I know about your challenge."
    "Wait, what are you talking about? How do you know all this?"
    "I can't explain, not yet. Once you've completed the challenge, you'll know. Just know this; I'm not the only one who knows about the challenge. Other people know too, and most of them will get in your way. Be careful and keep your Pokemon safe." Then he turned and left Brandon to wonder what the heck just happened, Shiny Stone still in hand.

    The next day, Brandon walked through the Gym doors for the second time. He had beaten all the Gym trainers two days before, to clear the way to Clair. He had taken a day after that to train a sixth Pokemon to add to the team; a Swinub named Anthony, which after training evolved into a Piloswine then again into a Mamoswine upon learning AncientPower. However, neither Anthony nor Matty followed Brandon into the Gym. Instead, it was a joyful Lanturn named Kyle, who despite having no water to swim in seemed perfectly content to follow Brandon to the end of the world if need be. However, Brandon knew none of his Pokemon would be safe outside their Pokeballs until they got to Clair, so he withdrew Kyle into his Pokeball. Steeling himself against the heat of the lava in the Gym, he moved ahead into the puzzle.

    Figuring out the rotating platforms that kept less capable trainers from battling Clair took no time at all, and before long he was in front of Clair. Clair looked at him disdainfully and said, "This won't take long. I've watched you, and your Pokemon have no chance of standing up to the power of my Dragons!"
    "We'll see about that," Brandon muttered to himself. "Clair, I challenge you for the Rising Badge!"
    "I accept your challenge! Go, Gyarados!"
    "Go Kyle!" The Lanturn came out of its Pokeball, only to find itself staring at a monstrous sea snake. Kyle shrank back from his opponent, making Clair laugh.
    "Ha! He's too scared to be of any use," she said. Brandon knew better. Kyle had brought down Gyarados before, and while he would be intimidated at first, hearing Brandon's command would quickly snap him out of it.
    "Kyle, use Discharge!" he shouted, and Kyle sent a massive wave of electricity out from his small body. The wave hit Gyarados, and the beast crumpled, its crippling weakness too much to overcome. The smile vanished from Clair's face.

    "Too scared to be of any use, huh?" Brandon taunted.
    "Don't get too excited, he wasn't even a true dragon. The real fight begins now. Go, Dragonair!" Another long, snakey Pokemon came out, but this time instead of monstrous the Pokemon was beautiful. Brandon had faced enough of these when battling the Gym trainers, and knew what to do. "Kyle, Blizzard!" The water type Pokemon summoned a massive amount of icy energy, then sent the attack at his foe. Though inaccurate, the move hit without a problem, and Dragonair too dropped. Now Clair was angry.
    "How can you possibly do that? My Dragons should be unstoppable!"
    "Any Pokemon can be stopped with the right strategy," Brandon replied. "By using moves with a favorable type match-up, even the mighty Dragon type Pokemon can fall."
    "Oh really? Well let's see you hit my strongest Pokemon with a super-effective attack! Go Kingdra!"

    Brandon scowled as he saw the majestic Sea Dragon Pokemon emerge. He knew it only had one weakness; ironically, it was the very Dragon type that Clair specialized in.
    "Just because we can't hit you with a super-effective attack doesn't mean we can't beat you! Kyle, use Discharge!" Kyle once again let loose a wave of electric energy, but this time his opponent barely seemed fazed.
    "Kingdra, Dragon Pulse!" Clair shouted. Kingdra gathered a large amount of energy in its mouth, then blasted it at Kyle. The Light Pokemon was hit hard, but was still ready to fight. Brandon considered his options. He could switch to a new Pokemon, but it would be hit as it came in, which could spell disaster. Going for an attack, however, could lose him Kyle, yet win him the match. He decided. "Kyle, Discharge again!" He couldn't afford to risk losing anyone else, and while Kyle was far from expendable, this was his best option. He was reasonably certain Kyle could take another Dragon Pulse, and Discharge had a chance to paralyze Kingdra, making it much safer to switch in. Once again the wave of electricity was released, but this time Kingdra doubled over in pain. The move had hit far harder than it had the first time; Kyle must have hit a weak spot, Brandon thought. However, the Kingdra stayed up, even if only barely, and ate a Sitrus Berry it had kept in its tail, restoring some of its health.
    "Lucky blow, we'll show you true power! Kingdra, Dragon Pulse again!" This time Brandon was severely worried about Kyle's health, but he survived, if only barely. Brandon knew he couldn't risk Kyle any further; he had done what he needed to do.
    "Kyle, return!"
    "Hah, what else do you have that can fight my Kingdra? Maybe you'll use that pathetic Togetic of yours? That would make this battle worth it, I think."
    "You know what, I think I will use Matty," Brandon replied. Clair raised an eyebrow at Brandon's confidence. Surely he didn't plan to use a Togetic against her powerful Kingdra after seeing how well it dealt with Laturn?
    "Fine then, Kingdra, hit whatever comes in with Dragon Pulse!"
    "Go, Matty!"

    Sure enough, the Pokemon was hit by the blast of energy as it came out of the ball, but through the smoke of the blast Clair could see it was still flying, barely hurt.
    "How can that be?" Clair shouted. "Kingdra should have been able to blast that puny Togetic into the next postal code!" Then the smoke cleared, and Clair realized she wasn't dealing with a puny Togetic, but a proud and powerful Togekiss.
    "NO! You won't win, I am a Dragon master! I can't lose! Kingdra, Hyper Beam!" This time the blast from Kingdra's mouth was even more powerful. Matty was sent flying backwards, but held on. Kingdra, meanwhile, was exhausted after pouring all of its energy into the attack. Brandon took the opportunity.
    "Matty, Air Slash!" Matty caused a disturbance in the air, which slashed directly into Kingdra's chest. Kingdra teetered, then finally fell. Clair started screaming.
    "This can't be happening! Dragons don't lose! They can't lose!"
    "I know you have one more Pokemon, send it out so we can end this."
    "I will win! Dragonair, destroy him!" A second beautiful Dragon came onto the field. Brandon considered going to Kyle for Blizzard, but he was at low health and a Blizzard miss would cost him his life. He also considered going to Anthony, but he didn't want to risk an Aqua Tail or Fire Blast. It was up to Matty. "Matty, use Roost to keep yourself healthy!" Brandon yelled, knowing that he couldn't knock out the Dragonair in one shot. Clair laughed.
    "Haha, you're taking the defensive because you're scared! Dragonair, use Thunder Wave!" The Dragon shot out a small burst of electricity, which hit Matty and rippled across his body. Brandon knew he was paralyzed, and that he would move slower and have a chance of not being able to move at all. He knew it was coming, but he knew the extra health would be more important than quickly taking down the Dragonair. Clair shouted her next command.
    "Now, take advantage and hit it with Dragon Pulse!" The blast hit Matty head on, but Brandon smiled as the Togekiss was barely fazed.
    "Now Roost again!" Matty succeeded, and aside from the paralysis he now looked like he had barely fought. Clair was furious.
    "Dragon Pulse, end that flying nuisance!" However, much like the first one the blast did almost nothing, and this time Brandon took to the offensive.
    "Matty, Air Slash!" The attack hit hard, and now Dragonair looked like it was on the ropes. Clair wouldn't give up though.
    "Dragon Pulse, now!" Yet again, it had little effect.
    "End this Matty, Air Slash one more time!" Matty's attack hit its target, and the Dragonair finally fell. Clair could only look on in shock as Brandon pumped his fist in the air, Matty flying over to join him in celebration. He finally had the eighth badge... or did he?

    Alive (open)
    Matty the male Togekiss: Level 40, Quiet nature
    -Fire Blast
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash
    After evolution, Matty quickly proved just how powerful he is by coming in to relieve Kyle against Clair and finishing both Kingdra and Dragonair while ending the battle with relatively high health. Powerful attacks, recovery, and great Special Attack and Special Defense will make Matty easily the key member of my team. He also leads the team, and is the only one who can tolerate Anthony's arrogance, being friendly to him despite his attitude.

    Jill the female Golem: Level 40, Rash nature
    -Rock Throw
    -Rock Smash
    Earthquake alone has made Jill far more powerful, and while her common weaknesses hurt her slightly, her great physical Defense helps her greatly . She's both a great offensive contributor and a key defensive pivot, so she'll definitely see a lot of use down the road. While she is really close to the rest of the team, she can't bring herself to like Anthony, who since evolving has gone from overly shy to overly arrogant.

    Tyler the male Alakazam: Level 40, Bashful nature
    -Focus Blast
    -Shadow Ball
    Like Jill, a movepool upgrade has made Tyler even more formidable. With Psychic to replace the weaker Psybeam, he can rip through most Pokemon with ease. Although Tyler is far more quiet now that the team is essentially united, everyone in the group knows that they can always rely on his great wisdom and strength whenever it is needed. Matty has asked him to talk to Anthony and try to get him to change his arrogant ways, but Tyler feels they will fix themselves and refuses to interfere.

    Houston the male Machamp: Level 40, Relaxed nature
    -Cross Chop
    Houston continues to be a laid-back powerhouse for the team. Despite his attitude, he cares deeply for all his friends and will defend them to the death. While he isn't mean to Anthony, he doesn't care for his arrogant nature, and usually refuses to listen to him when he talks.

    Kyle the male Chinchou: Level 41, Hasty nature
    -Signal Beam
    Kyle quickly earned the respect of the group, and was key against both Clair and her Gym trainers. His friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude made him quick friends with everyone in the group when he joined, but he can't stand Anthony's attitude, and is often arguing with him.

    Anthony the male Mamoswine: Level 40, Jolly nature
    -Ice Fang
    -Ice Shard
    Anthony was extremely shy as a Swinub because he felt he was too weak and useless to belong in the group. However, after two quick evolutions his power skyrocketed and his attitude changed drastically. His power boost has now made him feel like he deserves better treatment than the rest of the team, and as such the rest of the team dislikes him, particularly Kyle, who argues with Anthony constantly despite his usually carefree attitude. While still unproven in battle, Anthony is certain to be a powerhouse on my team.

    Boxed (open)
    Catherine the female Caterpie: Level 4, Lax nature
    Laura the female Spearow: Level 3, Sassy nature
    Kaila the female Drowzee: Level 10, Modest nature
    Zach the male Nidoran: Level 12, Lax nature
    Justin the male Kakuna: Level 13, Careful nature
    Eric the male Sudowoodo: Level 20, Lax nature
    Dylan the male Mankey: Level 15, Docile nature
    Natasha the female Flaffy: Level 16, Mild nature
    Jenn the female Rattata: Level 15, Bashful nature
    Jillian the genderless Magnemite: Level 16, Jolly nature
    Kayla the female Gyarados: Level 21, Jolly nature
    Luke the male Tentacool: Level 20, Modest nature
    Bill the male Weepinbell: Level 22, Modest nature
    Colleen the female Gligar: Level 24, Calm nature

    Dead (open)
    Corey the male Cyndaquil: Level 13, Mild nature
    -Quick Attack
    Though shy, Corey was brave and always willing to stand up for his friends. He was my first Pokemon and I had hoped to have him along for the entire challenge. Unfortunately, Falkner ended those hopes with a critical hit Tackle from Pidgeotto that took me by surprise and ended my starter's life. RIP

    Nick the male Rattata: Level 12, Mild nature
    -Rock Smash
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    Nick was the troublemaker of the group, but he was always ready to fight for his friends and was really close to Corey. After Corey's death I figured Nick was my best bet to finish off Falkner's Pidgeotto, but Roost gave it just enough time to kill Nick. RIP

    Andrew the male Zubat: Level 20, Careful nature
    -Wing Attack
    Andrew was the oddball of the group, and sometimes got on everyone's nerves, especially Melinda, who disliked him. However, the rest of the team liked him, and he became close friends with Jill. Sadly, he was a victim of my overconfidence, and was beaten by a Kadabra's Confusion before he had the chance to do anything. RIP

    Melinda the female Weepinbell: Level 21, Lax nature
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Poison Powder
    After the deaths of Corey and Nick, Melinda quickly became a key member of my team. While a great friend, she was rather uptight, and as a result she didn't get along with Andrew. However, after Andrew's death she was wracked with guilt, and determined to be friendly to any and every new member that joined. Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough to see a new member, as a Bite crit, Sleep Powder miss, and Ice Fang all combined to bring her down. RIP.

    Sara the female Pidgeotto: Level 22, Relaxed nature
    -Quick Attack
    My team leader after Corey's early death, Sara was easy to anger but a great friend nonetheless. She bonded well with everyone on the team, and was saddened by every loss. However, not long after Melinda's death, she fought a Charmeleon and after missing multiple Quick Attacks due to Smokescreen a Dragon Rage killed her. RIP.

    Yeah, really long update, but I wanted to get the exposition and Shiny Stone stuff out of the way first and I felt it would be too short without throwing the battle in there. I'm actually partway through Victory Road, so the next update (which should be considerably shorter) will come soon.
  10. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Ok, time for another update.... nearly one of the most posting users in this thread :)

    STILL grinding.... against AceTrainerGaven outside victory road in my Soul Silver Scramblocke Challenge.

    Here we go:

    Had to solo Bugsy at lv.13 to evolve
    Heatbutt-Iron Tail-DragonBreath-Rock Throw
    McBone was evolved straight after soloing Bugsy. Was my second Pokemon and has pwned everything since, apart from the Fire Breather after GoldenRod City.... frigin Magmar...

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good moveset i could get McBone before versing the E4? Doesn't really have any powerful moves.... except for when it finally learns Earthquake.

    Must know spark. Evolve before Chuck, evolve after Misty.
    Magnet Bomb-Spark-Supersonic-Discharge
    Haven't really used it much.... was late to get it and just gave it exp.share.

    Also wondering, thunderbolt or discharge? Is thunderbolt based on attk or sp.attk?

    No surf in battle. All attacks it tries to learn after evolving that it can, and must learn, are physical. Must evolve at lv.25
    Focus Energy-Bullet Seed-Aurora Beam-Waterfall
    Has been pretty handy sometimes, mainly just to take out pesky fire and rock types. Was mainly exp.shared.... won't mind that much if it dies against the E4, as it's moveset will be very limited afterwards.

    RagingMole-Dugtrio-Lv.42-Sand Veil-Impish
    Must be caught in the Safari Zone, know earthquake and have the Arena Trap ability. I had previously caught a diglett, and the person that gave it to me said i could just use that one.
    Slash-Earth Power-Sucker Punch- Dig
    Has also been exp.shared, although this has probably been used the most out of those three exp.share slaves.

    Must learn fire punch and thunder punch
    Signal Beam-Focus Blast-Thunder Punch-Thunder Wave
    Was my first Pokemon, and has been all out pwnage. Practically soloed about 3 gyms and still hasn't died. Hoping it will live till Ash.

    Fun fact, original name was Discharge, but then.... McBone and Discharge...... quite gross names when you think about it.

    Must know Focus Punch. Evolve right before versing Claire.
    Hypnosis-Dream Eater-Dark Pulse-Focus Punch
    Haven't had her for long, but has been rape village (sorry bout the language).... pwned everything it sees.

    Moveset wise, should i get rid of Dream Eater for Shadow Ball?

    If someone dies, my next Pokemon are:
  11. KingEmpoleon


    May 10, 2009
    Well, I started Emerald...again. Made a sprite comic.

    Show Hide

    (By the by it has red eyes. Haha. I got reallly bored with it. It might be a central plot point, the whole evil thing. The original had a line implying that he's a hero of some sort)

    Got #2 done.
    Better this time.
    I hope.
    Show Hide

  12. verycoolguy


    Dec 1, 2009
    I'm going to start a Nuzlocke of Ruby, with an extra personal rule of a limit to buy only two Pokeballs maximum from one Pokemart, since I'm really unsure of how often will I find these. Great Balls or Ultra Balls are not for sale, but if they are awarded to me or if I find them, I'm able to use them.
  13. Chomz


    Mar 5, 2009
    Restarted my SoulSilver challenge and am currently about to rip out my hair. Apart from my Totodile, my team cosists of a Hoppip (not Mareep), Kakuna (not Pidgey), Spearow (again, not Pidgey) and Geodude (not Zubat). Frankly, I don't really see any of those as remotely trainable. I'm at Violet City right now, so I'll probably wait till night time to head into Sprout Tower and try for a Gastly. If I get a Rattata, I just might consider restarting. :P
  14. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Chomzloh, i used a hoppip in my Nuzlocke of Soul Silver, and i assure you, they are amazingly handy if you put the effort in. Probably the MVP of my run through. Also, i trained a Beedrill, but ditched it because of its un-usefulness..... ditched it at level 30. Also, Geodude would be pretty handy if you traded it to evolve...
  15. Vratix


    Apr 23, 2010
    Plus, Geodude singlehandedly rapes the first three gyms. (Gen2, before levitate existed, he raped the first 4)
  16. Chomz


    Mar 5, 2009
    I'm trying to avoid using Poke's with *4 weaknesses in my team, especially if they're slow. It really adds a lot of risk to the game. Maybe I should try training Hoppip... but how do you make it attack reasonably well? I mean, 55 Sp. Atk isn't much, to be frank.
  17. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009
    Well I am currently using a Hopip (its now a Jumpluff I wil update soon). Its an excelent annoyer with Sleep powder and Leach Seed. Personally I find the powders really useful in Nuzlocks since they give you advantages when facing difficult opponents.

    EDIT im updating NOW!

    (instead of 1 gym battle you get 3!)

    After destroying Whitney I moved on. I decided that I should spend some quality time with the Game Corner so I did. Boy that Flip game was pretty cool. 4 Days later I finaly left with a few TMs and Items. I moved on to the next city catching a Sudowoodo as I went. I entered the Burned Tower and actually saw Suicune. Of course my Rival was waiting for me so I crushed him and challenged the Gym. Morty was pretty easy. Gastly and Haunter were destroyed by RBG and then Gengar came out. RBG used a Bite which took off half its health while Gengar used Mean Look. Its Sitrus Berry acivated which sucked but I used a Bite which left it on not a lot of health. Unfortuatly for me..
    Gengar Used Hypnosis.

    I was unable to switch out but I reasoned that ts still O.K. I have a Chesto Berry so I can wake up and then finish it with a Bite. No worries.

    Tim used a Chesto Berry, RBG woke up!
    Gengar Used Shadow Ball
    Its a Critical Hit!

    RBG Fainted.

    Yup thats right my faithful pal RBG was killed by that murderous Gengar. I was furious but I send in SDS who took down Haunter and Gengar with Shadow Claw.

    I was very upset and buried my faithful pal next to the Burned Tower while I continued onwards.
    I met up with Rival at Olivine City but one look at my face told him that challenging me would be a very bad idea. He stammered something about the Gym Leader in the Lighthouse and ran off. I offered my services to jasmine even promising a brand new Amphardos for her but she told me to gtfo and get her precious medicine. I rocked off to Cianwood and faced Chuck. I shold point out here that after RBGs' bemise I trained like crazy and had even added a new party member to my team. Jumpman16 took down Primeape for me and then it was time for Jumpluff to take center stage. It slept Poliwrath and then set up a Substitute and Leach Seed. then I sat down and Headbutted the damn thing, flinching it when I got lucky and eventualy Jumpluff wore it down. Victory was mine.

    I surfed back to Olivine and challenged Jasmine to a battle. Phil had evolved into a NidoKing and it Fire Blasted the 2 Magnemite to hell. Jumpluff again made an apperence sleeping Steelix and leaching it. I stalled for a while until Leach seed took it down to 1/2 Health before sending in big Phil to end it with a Fire Blast.

    so I lost my best friend and well that did suck. On the bright side I own Jumpman16 now so thats great.

    The Team

    Philip7086 (Nidoking)
    Lv 32
    -Fire Blast
    -Ice Beam
    -Double Kick

    SDS (Heracross)
    Lv 30
    -Brick Break
    -Shadow Claw
    -Horn Attack
    -Aerial Ace

    Misty (Feraligatr)
    Lv 33
    -Water Gun
    -Ice Fang

    panamaxis (Gloom)
    Lv 31
    -Mega Drain
    -Sleep Powder

    Jumpman16 (Espeon)
    Lv 36
    Lonely (I know I should have made it a Flareon since its attack is its highest IV)
    -Quick Attack

    Jumpluff (Jumpluff)
    Lv 33
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leach Seed

    RBG (Crobat)
    Lv 28
  18. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010
    another question:

    In my fire-red run, do I catch one poke per AREA in the safari zone, or only one poke for the whole zone?

    and what is the dealio with fossils?
  19. Comet


    Jun 9, 2010
    I'm going to restart my Diamond Nuzlocke. I'm now down to three pokes, just wasn't workin' out. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.
  20. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    Welp, challenge over.

    Wallace decimated me. Milotic just did so much damage, then there were the crits, my team was under leveled, and Horn Drill wasn't very nice at all.

    None of my remaining trained Pokemon can stand up to him and I don't have the patience to train up other reserves.

    *sigh* I was so close...
  21. Comet


    Jun 9, 2010
    Goddamn that really sucks.
  22. Jhonny


    May 27, 2006
    I've given this a go three times on Emerald today and have been battered by Brawly each time. Ah well, it's definitely more challenging. I did get my second ever shiny whilst playing though, so took it upon myself to break the rules and keep it around.
  23. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributor

    Apr 11, 2010
    Just pray you get a Zubat for Brawley. I'm on an emerald, and I'm not too far from him. O hope to God Granite Cave gives me a Zubat or Vital Throw's gonna KILL me.
  24. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010
    PAGE BUMP! huzzah.
  25. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    Yeaaaah I forgot Seaking had Horn Drill, and that Milotic is pretty strong at level 43. Whishcash was a pain, too, but not as much.

    Still utterly baffled as to why Electric/Steel doesn't resist water.
    I mean come on
    The Keckleon I brought as a meat shield could take more abuse then Magneton did!

    I think I'll still go and complete the game, just not as a nuzlocke. Came this far, no need to let everything go to waste, right? I think I'll still do the Groudon E4 solo just for kicks.

    Tailow is far more useful. As is Dustox, for that matter.
    Fossils count against the area.
    Safari Zone seems to depend on the person, but do to the annoying it works I went with one Pokemon per area.

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