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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. R_N

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 21, 2010
    Nuzlocke more like CriticalHit: The Run
  2. HeathenHeatran


    Jul 29, 2010
    It wasn't that b-

    Actually, it was rather pathetic. Hope it goes better tonight.
  3. Colonel Darren

    Colonel Darren

    Mar 11, 2010
    I apologize in advance before I start detailing, as it is a simple summary. Far too much in this run has went on for a simple post.

    After another failed run on Fire Red, I decided to go back to my Game Boy Color run of the original Gold with a whole new attempt. This one has actually been much better in progress than I had anticipated, and would like to share the details as of such.

    Restrictions Imposed: First Pokemon per area can be caught. No other Pokemon can be captured. Gift Pokemon do count toward the route or city/dungeon. Upon Faint, the Pokemon must be released. Game ends when Red is defeated or upon the chance that no more useable Pokemon are available.

    I begun as Darren with Kenshiro the Cyndaquil. Unfortunately for me, upon my departure to Mr. Pokemon, I did run into a Sentret and Spinarak on Routes 29 and 30 respectively, but count against the area as I had no Pokeballs. The rival, Wairi, was defeated soundly. Upon the first batch of Pokeballs, I made a beeline straight for Route 46 where the first Pokemon was...Jigglypuff. Yes, I am dead serious. Lyn the Jigglypuff was added to the party, though all it knew as Sing. :/

    Route 31 rewarded Jagi the Rattata, and the Dark Cave rewarded Fudoh the Geodude. My luck in not catching a Zubat instead in Dark Cave more than made up for Lyn, who still did not know an attacking move. The Sprout Tower was a breeze thanks mainly to Kenshiro and Jagi, though Fudoh did see some switch-training and helped to down Hoothoot. Unfortunately, I did run into a Gastly inside Sprout Tower, but my only attacking move that could harm it was Ember, which landed a crit. Falkner fell quite easily to Fudoh and Kenshiro.

    Route 32 yeilded Juza the Mareep, who was quickly trained up to learn Thundershock. I was somewhat cursing myself for not running into Wooper instead, as I noticed I have problems with Geodude, being the only thing that can harm it at this point is Kenshiro's Ember. Union Cave yeilded Kiba Daio the Sandshrew, which was great luck, as now I have a reliable Cut abuser so I do not have to resort to keeping it on Kenshiro's moveset. Route 33 gave a Hoppip named Hyui, though both Hyui and Togepi's Egg were deposited into the PC. I suffered no casualties in the Slowpoke Well, defeating the Rockets mainly due to Kenshiro and Juza. I did manage to capture Mamiya the Zubat in the Well, though to be quite honest, Zubat was bound to appear eventually.

    Bugsy's Scyther did give me trouble at first, but Fudoh landed his Rock Throw after suffering two Fury Cutters due to the first missing. Wairi's team was also defeated soundly thanks most in part to Juza. Ilex Forest went off without a hitch, though I did end up capturing a Paras by the name of Toh, who was also boxed. Kiba Daio led the way with Cut abuse, where a Great Ball I found helped IMMENSELY by catching an Abra named Yuria on Route 34. Both Juza and Yuria recieved Firepunch and Thunderpunch TMs, with a third of the set saved for Kenshiro later. Whitney was also cleared easily, though Fudoh did suffer a crit on a third Rollout, surviving the affair with 4 HP.

    Recap of Pokemon after Plainbadge:
    Show Hide

    Kenshiro (Quilava Lvl 17) Ember/Tackle/Leer/Smokescreen
    Jagi (Rattata Lvl 18) Hyper Fang/Quick Attack/Tackle/Tail Whip
    Yuria (Kadabra Lvl 17) Confusion/FirePunch/ThunderPunch/Teleport
    Juza (Flaffy Lvl Lvl 17) Thunderpunch/Firepunch/Thundershock/Growl
    Kiba Daio (Sandshrew Lvl 17) Cut/Poison Sting/Defense Curl/Sand Attack
    Fudoh (Geodude Lvl 19) Rock Throw/Magnitude/Tackle/Defense Curl

    Unhatched Togepi Egg
    Toh (Hoppip)
    Lyn (Jigglypuff)
    Mamiya (Zubat)

    None currently.
  4. Puffins R Cool

    Puffins R Cool

    May 8, 2010
    A new game. After a restart Emerald, I decided to re-restart because i didn't want to continue the other one.

    Catch first Pokemon on route.
    Name all.
    No revives.
    Death if all faint
    Oh, before you get the first 5 pokeballs, when you get them you can come back
    (but only the first one.)That also means you can train on them before those balls show up.

    Anyway, got a Quiet Mudkip named Rose. It's a girl :) Trained to Lv.7, fought Brendan, went Lv.8 during the fight. Got pokeballs,pokedex, and shoes.

    My first pokemon is a Lv.3 Docile Wurmple named Carol. Healed. Gonna grind.
  5. HeathenHeatran


    Jul 29, 2010

    Team Rocket beat me down in Mt. Moon. Zubat was Super Effective against both members of my party (Beedril and Ivysaur). Restarting now, and when the vote was taken, Squirtle was my new starter. Hope this run goes better.


    Jimmy the Squirtle - Lv 10
    Rat Like the Ratatta- Lv 4
    Mr. Wiggle the Weedle - Lv 4

    Grinding before Rival Battle #2
  6. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance, dance, dance, and I dance da...what the hell? It's:
    DetroitLolcat's Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge!
    Part 5: Rock Types Somewhat Suck

    After large amounts of completely meaningless grinding (mostly of Stfu), Lolcat decides that his skills must be put to the test against the First Pokemon Gym, led by Roxanne and her Generic Rock Types. Also, Whismur is the easiest pokemon ever to grind, though Uproar is SO scary to use, as STFU's locked into it.

    Stepping into the Gym, Lolcat spots the first Trainer, and challenges him to a battle. Hippie kills a Level 10 Geodude. LOL! Second Trainer: Two Geodudes, Two Absorbs. Oh, and by the way, HIPPIE EVOLVED!!! HELLO LOMBRE!! Third Trainer: Marill went nuts. Time for Roxanne:

    Lolcat sends out Marill to battle a Geodude. Marill knows Water Gun, so every Geodude in a 50-mile radius died. Nosepass put up a fight, but the Mousiness of Mousething can't be contained, especially if the Nosepass used every turn Hardening...(must be compensating for something, despite being female...o_O). Also, now Mousething is overleveled! Hooray...I mean DAMN! Lolcat saves the Rock Tomb TM in case he gets an Aron or something!

    Meanwhile, on the darkened streets.

    "Out of the way!"
    "No! Pleeeeeease! Don't take my GOODS! (wtf)?"

    A blue-clad man runs with a testicular shaped apparatus with green sweater guy in close pursuit. Lolcat wants to report the probable rape, so he follows.

    Lolcat meets Shroomish Man from Petalburg Woods and the man states that Team Aqua stole the Devon Goods again. Lolcat, being the hero (looking for free Great Ball) that he is, runs after the creeper towards Rusturf Tunnel. Oh, and some Hiker battles Lolcat, who whips his ass. Level 8 Geodude, meat Whismur and his Not Very Effective Attacks.

    Running into the Tunnel, Lolcat is stopped by an old man talking about his Peeko. Yes, that is supposed to be taken suggestively. Old men need their Peekos, I guess???

    The Team Aqua man is battled by Lolcat, Whismur vs. Poochyena. A Pound and an Uproar dispatch it, however. Lolcat gives Peeko (thankfully a Wingull) and the Devon Goods back to the old man and Greenie respectively. Also thinks to himself

    "Wow, Team Aqua wins the award for best batt-"
    Kanye West interrupts and says "Yo Lolcat, Imma let you finish, but Team Magma had one of the best battle songs of all time. Give it up!"
    Kanye then leaves before Mousething could Rollout his ass to the freaking moon, which Sho Minamimoto (google him and his greatness) dropped on Kanye.

    After delivering the Devon Goods to the Devon Failure, the man invites Lolcat to see Mr. Stone, President of Devon (I wonder if Mr. Stone's first name is Devon). Mr. Devon asks Lolcat two more favors, but promises him something first. The favors: Deliver a Letter to Steven in Dewford and carry the Devon Goods to Slateport. The reward for saving Green Shirt: A Pokenav.

    Pokenav is :D, so Lolcat agrees. But how to get to Dewford Island? That crazy old lunatic! But before Lolcat exits Rustboro City, a certain lady wants to talk to him...May!

    The two trade phone numbers, and then she asks for a battle. Wingull (PEEKO!) versus Lombre. Wingull leads with Supersonic, but Hippie beats the confusion and lands a critical Absorb. Wingull Growls, and Hippie injures itself. Idiot. Next, Wingull used Wing Attack. And it was critical. And Lombre died. And that was bad.


    Whismur resists Supersonic, so he comes next. After being critted (AGAIN???!!!), Mousething does battle. Wingull died. Marill vs. Treecko. Marill takes an Absorb, and Lolcat knows he's lost due to crit hax... All of Lolcat's Pokemon died, mostly because of hax...so this Nuzlocke Challenge is over.

    OR NOT!

    Poochy's still alive in cryo! But can a Level 7 Poochyena be enough to rebuild Lolcat's team? Doubt it! Brawly's gonna kill Lolcat unless he gets a Sableye or Zubat! Find out in Part 6!

    Also, for some odd reason, Mousething can't be released. It's "worried about me" or some other nonsense. I'm boxing it, but it will be treated as dead. All I know is, I'm avoiding that Rival battle because of all the team-killing hax!

    I'm so screwed...If there's a part 7 I'll be amazed.



    Everyone Else

    A lot
  7. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009

    Wow that really sucks. I might to a Emerald Nuzlocke soon as well. Does ANyone have any idea what starter I should use?
  8. Chill


    Jun 22, 2007
    Swampert is the best. Fucking bulky and gets water/ground for attacking. Pair it with a swellow and you could probably beat the entire game with just those two. I've done it before but I wasn't nuzlocking then. The only pokemon that will give you trouble is milotic and the very end of the game. So a third pokemon that's electric will help you.

    I'm doing a SS run right now and my team is averaging level 35 right now. This is just before I surf towards Kanto. Unless I can gain 15 levels before I get there I'm fucked.
  9. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010

    I just bet the E4 in Soul Silver and i had lv.40s when i was where you are. I recommend grinding against Ace Trainer Gaven, he got all my Pokes up to lv.50 which i then pwned the Pokemon League with only 1 death..... although took a bit of grinding...
  10. Colonel Darren

    Colonel Darren

    Mar 11, 2010
    I used a Swampert/Swellow/Breloom combination throughout the game. Yes, an Electric type would be a great boon, but having someone with a reliable Spore and Mach Punch is really something.
  11. Cynical


    Jul 13, 2010
    I wish I had your dedication to train a Shroomish to level 50 odd. I was actually anti Swampbert on the basis he was nearly useless for me against the E4.
  12. Colonel Darren

    Colonel Darren

    Mar 11, 2010
    Patience, or a loooooot of switch training. Helps if you were hell-bent on getting that Aron/Aggron trained up at the same time.

    Also, Swampert can be a devastating force on certain Gym leaders. He's just very momentum-based, takes a while for him to really become a powerful force. To be quite honest, I always played it closer to the Ground side than Water when choosing his moveset/attack methods. Things like Mud Shot = Abuse Abuse Abuse.
  13. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009
    Update for Fire Red.

    I entered the fncy boat and battled many of the trainers their. I trained hard and when I had a surprise encouter with Gary my team was pleanty strong. I had no issues until my Hawk was sent out against his Ivysaur. Ivysaur got a Critical hit Vine Whip and my faithful Hawk was no more. Furious, Deep Blue revenged and ended the battle with a well aimed Psybeam. I moarned the loss of yet another friend before moving on. I fixed the Captain's back and he gave me a Cut TM in exchange. with this in hand I decided to take on the Gym. DJD swept Surge's team except for Raichu which survived a Dig and landed a Crit Quick Attack taking DJD down to 9 Health. I retreated to Deep Blue while Surge healed his Raichu. Raichu had used Double Team earlier in the match and thus copies of Raichu were everywhere. Deep Blue managed to nail a psybeam which left Raichu on half health. Deep Blue on the other hand was weak from a Quick attack. I knew I could take one more quick attack but I needed DeepBlue to connect with a second Psybeam othersie I could be swept. With the presure on Deep Blue fired off another Psybeam.....which connected and.....Raichu survived with a sliver of health left. Deep Blu was barely alive so I retreated to my Rose. It shrugged off a Shock Wave to clinch the match with an Absorb netting me my 3rd Badge.

    I healed my team and retured to the city of my second Badge and entered the Rock tunnel to advance into Lavander Town. With no healing items of any kind the jouney through that tunnel was very tough but my team made it through withut a single member lost. Keen for my next badge I made my way to Celadon City were I spent a great deal of time on the game corner picking up a few TMs that I decided I would save for later. I also caught a Growlithe which I named Fire Storm. I kicked Team Rocket out of the Game Corner and beat Erika easily with Fire Storm and Deep Blue.

    Next stop was Lavander Town where I learned that Mr Fuiji had been captured. I climbed the Pokemon Tower while fighting off trainers possed by spirits. I defeated Marowaks ghost and Team Rocket soon after and Gary was no challenge. I paid my respects for my lost team members and carried on. I faced off against a Snolax. I tried to catch it however iduring the battle it killed by beloved Monarch. I crit soon after meant that I could not catch this snorlax. I made my way back to Celedonand faced off agasint the second Snorlax. This time it was my DJD who paid the price during the battle thaks to a critical Headbutt. However I has able to add Sumo into my party at the cost of a dear friend. Due to Monarch having passed away I crushed the Fighting Dojo and recived a Hitmonlee (Lee) as a gift. I trained it and travelled down cycling Road to the Safari Zone where I caught a Scther, Nidoran (Male) and a Rhyhorn. I swept Koga with Deep Blue and entered Saffron City to get rid of Team Rocket. I defeated the 30 Team Rocket grunts but in the process my friend Lee died to a Machoke's Vital Throw. Pushing aside my sadness at yet another friend lost I forged onward and scceeded in beating the Team Rocket Lead with Zed.

    With nothing ese to do I attempted to gain my next badge. Sabrina was tricky as Zed took a pounding taking down Kadabra and Mr Mime. Sumo cleaned up though and took down the rest although he was near death after taking down Alakazam. With 6 badges I set my sights on my next badge.

    My Team

    Deep Blue (Kadabra)
    Lv 42

    Fire Storm (Growlithe)
    Lv 41
    -Flame Wheel
    -Take Down
    -Odor Sleuth

    Zed (Blastoise)
    Lv 43
    -Water Gun

    Sumo (Snorlax)
    Lv 40
    -Body Slam
    -Sleep Talk

    AimForHorn (Rhydon)
    Lv 42
    -Horn Drill
    -Rock Blast
    -Fury Attack

    Sparky (Jolteon)
    Lv 41
    -Shock Wave
    -Double Kick
    -Quick Attack


    Blade the Scyther
    Horney the Nidoran (Male)
    Pussy the Meowth
    Rose the Gloom
    Chuck the Mankey
    RBG the Golbat

    Silverbolt (pidgey) (14)
    Hawk (Pidgey) (17)
    Nip (Rattata) (8)
    Lee (Hitmonlee) (32)
    DJD (Dugtrio) (28)
    Monarch (Butterfree) (29)
  14. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010
    Im gonna have to do some serious grindin' in Fire-red thanks to the fucshia curve.
    I got a decent nidorino in the safari zone. Named it Barney.
  15. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010

    I know I'm a noob but how do you stream a nuzlocke challenge? Do you film it or what???
  16. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Time for update #8 of Flamestrike's Nuzlocke challenge!
    Update #1
    Update #2
    Update #3
    Update #4
    Update #5
    Update #6
    Update #7

    "No... there's no way you beat me fair and square... it must have been a fluke, or maybe you cheated..." Brandon stopped his celebration to look at Clair, who was muttering under her breath. Suddenly she looked up at him.
    "I refuse to give you the Rising Badge!"
    "You can't do that! I beat you, fair and square! That badge is mine!"
    "As a Gym Leader, I have the right to impose an extra test on anyone who I feel has won without deserving it, and there's no way you beat me fairly!"
    Brandon was fuming. He wanted to take the badge and leave, but now he had no choice but to do this extra challenge. "Fine then," he said, "what's this extra test?"
    "Heh, you must enter the Dragon's Den, find the shrine there, and prove your ideals. Not that you actually have a cha-" Brandon didn't hear the rest. He was already gone, determined to get his next badge.

    Brandon entered the Dragon's Den with a new Pokemon following him; Tyler, an Alakazam that towered over him. Yet it heeded his every command without a second thought, and it was clear the two had a close bond. The two were challenged by a Dragon Tamer, who was defeated without a second thought by Tyler's Psychic prowess. However, when they reached water, Brandon realized he would need a different Pokemon. He recalled Tyler, then sent out Kyle, who's Surf attack could also be used to traverse water. Another Dragon Tamer challenged Brandon, with the result being much the same as the first one, then he ran into a set of twins. Realizing they wanted a double battle, Brandon sent out not only Tyler but also his new Mamoswine, Anthony. Tyler was not particularly pleased about having to battle with the newest member of the team because of Anthony's arrogant attitude, but the two Pokemon brought down the twins nonetheless. However, Brandon then realized his way forward was blocked by a massive whirlpool. Remembering the Hidden Machine, or HM, Lance had given him at the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany, he knew how to get past it. But since he knew Whirlpool was a fairly weak move in battle, and he didn't want to teach it to Kyle, he left the Den, determined to come back with a Pokemon to get him past the whirlpool. When he returned, he was still followed by Tyler, but this time he did not send out Kyle to travel on the water. Instead, he sent out a massive Gyarados named Kayla, who he had used for water travel before catching Kyle. Since he never used Kayla in battle, it was fine to teach her the useless Whirlpool technique. Brandon and Kayla reached the whirlpool, crossed it without a problem, and continued to the shrine, which was now within easy reach.

    When he entered the shrine, he found three elderly men watching him, two at his sides and the third directly in front of him, who he assumed must have been the Elder he was supposed to seek out. "Hello elders, I have been sent by Clair to take your challenge in order to get the Rising Badge." It was the man in front of him who replied. "Indeed, Clair has sent word to us about this. I feel that you have already earned your Badge, but it is up to Clair, not me, and as such I must test you. I will ask you five questions, and you must answer truthfully. This will determine your success."
    "Sounds easy enough," Brandon thought to himself. Aloud he said, "Alright then Elder, bring it on."

    Smiling, the Elder asked the first question. "What are Pokemon to you? Are they allies, juniors, or friends?"
    "Hmm... Although my Pokemon are my allies, I think that they are friends to me more than anything, even those I don't own."
    "I see... What helps you win Pokemon battles? Strategy, training, or cheating?" Brandon had to think about this one for a second.
    "Definitely not cheating, there's no point in battling at all if you're only going to win by cheating. As for the other two, the choice is harder... Traning allows Pokemon to get stronger, which makes them do better against their opponents. However, strategy allows weaker Pokemon or Pokemon at a disadvantage to win. So I think I have to go with strategy."
    "Hmm... And what kind of trainers to you prefer to battle, weak trainers or strong trainers?" Brandon pondered this question as well.
    "It's hard to say. On one hand, strong trainers are more of a challenge, and make my own Pokemon stronger as a result. However, battling weak trainers allows me to help them get stronger. So I'd say I don't have a preference; I'll battle anyone." He paused, wondering if that was an acceptable answer. The Elder merely smiled and continued.

    "The next question is what is most important for raising Pokemon: Love, violence, or knowledge?"
    "Anyone who trains Pokemon using violence doesn't deserve to succeed, and while knowledge is important, without love you can't bond with your Pokemon, and that is the most important thing about raising Pokemon. So love is by far the most important."
    "And the final question. Which is more important? Strong Pokemon or weak Pokemon?" Once again, Brandon paused to think about his answer.
    "Well, strong Pokemon are much better in battle, obviously."
    "So is that your answer then? Are strong Pokemon more important than weak Pokemon?"
    "Of course not. Weak Pokemon can still be great friends, and with proper training and love can even become strong Pokemon."
    "So it's weak Pokemon then?"
    "No. All Pokemon are equally important, weak, strong or otherwise. I choose both." He wasn't sure if he could do this, but he was told to answer truthfully and that was what he felt. The Elder's grin grew wider.
    "Very good! You care deeply for Pokemon, and are very knowledgeable to boot. You have passed with flying colors!" This time it was Brandon's turn to smile, both at the compliment and the fact that he passed.

    As if on cue, Clair burst into the shrine, an arrogant smile on her face. "So, you failed, right? There's no way-"
    "He has passed. Hand over the Rising Badge," the Elder interrupted. "He has shown great compassion for Pokemon, and I have no doubt he beat you fairly. By your own rules, anyone who passes this test is entitled to the Rising Badge."
    "WHAT? This is impossible! I haven't even passed the test yet! How could a non-Dragon trainer pass before a Dragon master like me?"
    "Your training of Dragons does not matter for the sake of this test. What you have in skill and knowledge in Pokemon, you lack in compassion, not only for your Pokemon but for other people. You are also arrogant, and fail to realize that there are people out there stronger than you. Now then, hand over the Rising Badge... or must I inform Lance?" Clair stiffened at the mere mention of her cousin's name. Brandon also recognized the name of the Dragon master, and wondered why Clair was so fearful of him. He then turned to face Clair, who had come towards him. "Very well," she said, "it seems you have earned the Rising Badge after all." She then handed over the eighth and final Jotho Gym Badge to Brandon, and left without another word. Brandon turned to thank the Elder, but was interrupted by him. "Now then, as Clair pointed out, this test is not one that many people pass. In fact, Lance is the only one outside this shrine who has. Because of this, we feel that the Badge is not enough of a reward for you, especially since it was earned in battle. So we present you with this." He handed over a Pokeball. At first Brandon thought there was an item within, but upon opening the ball, a Dratini popped out! The Elder smiled. "Dragon Pokemon are extremely rare, and not many people can train them. You, however, have both the compassion and skill necessary. This is a special Dratini. It knows Extremespeed, a move not normally known by the Dratini family. It is up to you if you wish to use it in your travels, but it is yours regardless." Brandon smiled, deciding upon Ron as the nickname for his new friend.
    "Thank you so much for this wondrous gift!"
    "It is no problem, you have earned it. Good luck on your Pokemon journey!" Brandon then left the shrine, determined to reach the Elite Four. However, on his way out he was stopped by Clair. "What do you want now Clair? I've beaten you in battle and passed your test."
    "I wanted to apologize, actually," she replied. "The Elder is right; I need to practice compassion and humility, and you helped me take the first step towards mastering them. So I wanted to give you this Technical Machine. It will teach a Pokemon Dragon Pulse." Brandon recognized the name of the move from their battle and realized the immensity of the gift he had been given.
    "Wow, thank you Clair."
    "No, thank you," she replied. "Now then, make sure you beat the Elite Four, so I don't feel even worse for losing to you!"
    "I sure will!" Brandon said, and Clair left, satisfied. Brandon decided not to use the TM right away; while it would be great for Ron, he didn't think he would use Ron unless he needed a substitute, and he could find a better user for the move. Decided on that, he followed Clair out of the Den, ready to move on to the Elite Four. Just then, his Pokegear rang, and he checked to see who it was. "Professor Elm?" he thought to himself. "What could he possibly want?"

    Alive (open)
    Matty the male Togekiss: Level 40, Quiet nature
    -Fire Blast
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash
    After evolution, Matty quickly proved just how powerful he is by coming in to relieve Kyle against Clair and finishing both Kingdra and Dragonair while ending the battle with relatively high health. Powerful attacks, recovery, and great Special Attack and Special Defense will make Matty easily the key member of my team. He also leads the team, and is the only one who can tolerate Anthony's arrogance, being friendly to him despite his attitude.

    Jill the female Golem: Level 40, Rash nature
    -Rock Throw
    -Rock Smash
    Earthquake alone has made Jill far more powerful, and while her common weaknesses hurt her slightly, her great physical Defense helps her greatly . She's both a great offensive contributor and a key defensive pivot, so she'll definitely see a lot of use down the road. While she is really close to the rest of the team, she can't bring herself to like Anthony, who since evolving has gone from overly shy to overly arrogant.

    Tyler the male Alakazam: Level 40, Bashful nature
    -Focus Blast
    -Shadow Ball
    Like Jill, a movepool upgrade has made Tyler even more formidable. With Psychic to replace the weaker Psybeam, he can rip through most Pokemon with ease. Although Tyler is far more quiet now that the team is essentially united, everyone in the group knows that they can always rely on his great wisdom and strength whenever it is needed. Matty has asked him to talk to Anthony and try to get him to change his arrogant ways, but Tyler feels they will fix themselves and refuses to interfere.

    Houston the male Machamp: Level 40, Relaxed nature
    -Cross Chop
    Houston continues to be a laid-back powerhouse for the team. Despite his attitude, he cares deeply for all his friends and will defend them to the death. While he isn't mean to Anthony, he doesn't care for his arrogant nature, and usually refuses to listen to him when he talks.

    Kyle the male Chinchou: Level 41, Hasty nature
    -Signal Beam
    Kyle quickly earned the respect of the group, and was key against both Clair and her Gym trainers. His friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude made him quick friends with everyone in the group when he joined, but he can't stand Anthony's attitude, and is often arguing with him.

    Anthony the male Mamoswine: Level 40, Jolly nature
    -Ice Fang
    -Ice Shard
    Anthony was extremely shy as a Swinub because he felt he was too weak and useless to belong in the group. However, after two quick evolutions his power skyrocketed and his attitude changed drastically. His power boost has now made him feel like he deserves better treatment than the rest of the team, and as such the rest of the team dislikes him, particularly Kyle, who argues with Anthony constantly despite his usually carefree attitude. While still unproven in battle, Anthony is certain to be a powerhouse on my team.

    Boxed (open)
    Catherine the female Caterpie: Level 4, Lax nature
    Laura the female Spearow: Level 3, Sassy nature
    Kaila the female Drowzee: Level 10, Modest nature
    Zach the male Nidoran: Level 12, Lax nature
    Justin the male Kakuna: Level 13, Careful nature
    Eric the male Sudowoodo: Level 20, Lax nature
    Dylan the male Mankey: Level 15, Docile nature
    Natasha the female Flaffy: Level 16, Mild nature
    Jenn the female Rattata: Level 15, Bashful nature
    Jillian the genderless Magnemite: Level 16, Jolly nature
    Kayla the female Gyarados: Level 21, Jolly nature
    Luke the male Tentacool: Level 20, Modest nature
    Bill the male Weepinbell: Level 22, Modest nature
    Colleen the female Gligar: Level 24, Calm nature
    Ron the male Dratini: Level 15, ? nature

    Dead (open)
    Corey the male Cyndaquil: Level 13, Mild nature
    -Quick Attack
    Though shy, Corey was brave and always willing to stand up for his friends. He was my first Pokemon and I had hoped to have him along for the entire challenge. Unfortunately, Falkner ended those hopes with a critical hit Tackle from Pidgeotto that took me by surprise and ended my starter's life. RIP

    Nick the male Rattata: Level 12, Mild nature
    -Rock Smash
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    Nick was the troublemaker of the group, but he was always ready to fight for his friends and was really close to Corey. After Corey's death I figured Nick was my best bet to finish off Falkner's Pidgeotto, but Roost gave it just enough time to kill Nick. RIP

    Andrew the male Zubat: Level 20, Careful nature
    -Wing Attack
    Andrew was the oddball of the group, and sometimes got on everyone's nerves, especially Melinda, who disliked him. However, the rest of the team liked him, and he became close friends with Jill. Sadly, he was a victim of my overconfidence, and was beaten by a Kadabra's Confusion before he had the chance to do anything. RIP

    Melinda the female Weepinbell: Level 21, Lax nature
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Poison Powder
    After the deaths of Corey and Nick, Melinda quickly became a key member of my team. While a great friend, she was rather uptight, and as a result she didn't get along with Andrew. However, after Andrew's death she was wracked with guilt, and determined to be friendly to any and every new member that joined. Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough to see a new member, as a Bite crit, Sleep Powder miss, and Ice Fang all combined to bring her down. RIP.

    Sara the female Pidgeotto: Level 22, Relaxed nature
    -Quick Attack
    My team leader after Corey's early death, Sara was easy to anger but a great friend nonetheless. She bonded well with everyone on the team, and was saddened by every loss. However, not long after Melinda's death, she fought a Charmeleon and after missing multiple Quick Attacks due to Smokescreen a Dragon Rage killed her. RIP.

    Didn't bother to change the team descriptions because I can't remember the levels they were at then. Still in the middle of Victory Road, next update will be the Kimono Girls and Ho-oh, who I decided to catch in order to avoid fighting and possibly losing a bunch of my team.
  17. RedMeowth


    Nov 20, 2007
    Okay, I have a question. I'm still on my run for Fire Red, felt masochistic and decided to restrict myself from using Revives and healing items (including hold items that heal). So, what would be a good level to fight the Elite Four at? My team is at 50 or 51 now, and that's not enough. Blastoise, Jolteon, Golbat, Persian, Dodrio, and Lapras are the team, btw.
  18. Horndrill11


    May 28, 2010
    Welp, just got blasted to heck by Koga's Weezing, so I'm starting anew on Firered. Here's
    how I'm doing so far:

    And So It Begins…​
    Red was in the middle of a dream when he woke up. He looked at the clock. 8:30. He yawned. Might as well get up now, he thought. Today was the day he left home for adventure.
    His mother was waiting for him downstairs. “So you’re leaving today?” she said in a nurturing voice. “I guess all boys leave home someday. I heard it on the radio.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll visit.” He gave his mom one last hug as he headed out the door.
    Pallet Town was just waking up. Windows were opening as people watered their flowers. The sun reflected off of the water that led to Cinnabar Island, which was a speck in the distance. Red could see the volcanic smoke funneling into the air.
    He gave a sigh, then headed north. A wooden sign, well worn from the forces of nature, read Route 1 in faded black letters. Red smiled, then walked toward the wild, tall grass.

    “Stop! Wait!” Red almost jumped as he turned around. Someone was running toward him. As the figure got closer, he recognized who it was: Professor Oak, who lived in the Lab across from Red’s house.
    “Don’t go into that grass!” Oak puffed as he stopped in front of Red. “It’s dangerous! Wild Pokémon live there. Come on, let’s get you to the Lab.” He walked toward the large, yellow-bricked building at the far side of the town.

    “Wait, what?” Red followed him, confused. “Why are we going to the Lab? Do you have, like, a spray that can keep them away or something?”
    “Not exactly.” Oak gave a smile. "You’ll see when we get there."

    The front of the lab was filled with people in white robes and office wear, reading books and hunching in front of computers with complex equations. Oak and Red waded past the sea of scientists and desks as they approached a door on the far wall.
    “I still don’t understand why we’re here.” Red stated as they went through the door to a room with a large machine.
    “Calm down,” Oak laughed. “All will be clear in a bit. You’re almost as impatient as my grandson!”
    “Hold up, Gramps!” As if on cue, the double doors burst open. Standing there was a boy, about Red’s age. He was wearing a simple black T-shirt and purple khakis. His orange hair was a complete mess.
    “Blue! I was wondering when you’d come.’ Oak smiled. “Follow me and Red back here.” He walked over to the machine, which had a large, glass chamber in the front.
    “Aw, you invited Red?” Blue groaned. Red and Blue had been friendly rivals for years, mainly because no one else in Pewter Academy would even go near Blue. “You should have let him go onto Route 1 by himself and let him get bit by a Rattata. That’d teach him a lesson.”
    “Shut up,” Red mumbled. He had learned long ago that it was best to just ignore Blue when he was being a jerk.

    “Red, come over here!” Oak said, standing in front of the machine. Red slowly sauntered over next to Oak. Inside of the glass chamber were three small capsules that Red recognized as Poké Balls.
    “When I was your age,” Oak began, “I had a lot of strong, loyal Pokémon. But in my gray years, these are my last three.” There was a glint in his eyes as he spoke. “Now, I want you to choose one of them to start your adventure. They need action and fun, something I can’t give to them.
    “What?!?” Blue complained from the other side of the room. “How come he gets one?”
    “Wait your turn!” Oak reprimanded. “You’ll get one, too.”

    Red looked closely at the Poké Balls. Each one had a live holographic image of what was inside it.

    The first one had a picture of a Charmander, an orange lizard with an ever-burning fire on his tail. Red had always had a fear of fire, so he turned to the next one.

    This one was light blue-green, with a bulb on its back. Red recognized it as a Bulbasaur. He considered taking it, but wanted to look at the last one first.

    It was this one that made Red stop. It resembled a turtle, light blue with a brown shell. Its tail curled up at the end, leaving an interesting pattern. Its eyes shone brightly, reflecting the light coming from the machine. “What’s this one called?” Red asked.

    “Ah! That one!” Oak beamed. That, my friend, is Squirlte. It’s a Water- type with good defenses. It’s a bit of a challenge to raise, but it’s well worth it. Do you want it?”
    “Yes!” Red grabbed the capsule and pushed the button. Instantly, it popped open as a beam of white light extended from it onto the floor. It gradually took shape, and finally burst to reveal the Squirtle. It jumped up and down as it stretched and yawned, like it had just woken up from a long nap.
    “My turn!” Gary ran to the machine as Red knelt down to the Squirtle. It turned it’s attention from a ball of dust on the floor to Red.

    “Hey there, buddy,” Red said in a soft voice. The Squirtle looked puzzled. “Are you okay?”
    “Of course I’m okay!” it shouted in a croaky voice. “What, you think I got hit by a bus or something?” It crossed its arms and pouted. ‘So, what are you gonna name me?”
    Red was confused. “But… I thought your name was Sqiurlte?”
    “Well, it was, like, years ago.” the Squirtle said. His eyes softened a bit. “But it’s a new day, a new Trainer. So name me.”

    “Okay, fine.” Red tried to think of a good name for the loudmouthed turtle. “Your name is……William!”
    “William, eh?” William thought for a second. He tapped his three-toed foot on the ground. “Eh, it could be worse. Let’s roll!” He jumped surprisingly high and landed in an open pocket of Red’s backpack. A small spray bottle fell out of a side pocket.
    Red picked it up. “What’s that?” William asked. Red could feel him shifting around and making himself comfortable/
    “It’s a Potion.” Red explained. “It came with the backpack, but I never had to use it.
    “Makes sense,” William grunted. “It only works on-”

    “Red!” Blue shouted. Red spun around to see blue standing there. Next to him was the Bulbasaur, smiling with it’s teeth showing. “Let’s battle ours against each other and see who wins! Your Squirtle, or Bulbatron here!”
    “Are you kidding me?” William said loudly. He hopped out of Red’s backpack and landed in front of Blue’s Pokémon. “Bulbasaur, you’re not seriously going to-”
    “My new name is Bulbatron!” he said loudly in a voice that sounded like a bratty kid. “Let’s fight already!”

    William turned to face Red, who was still standing in shock. “Well, don’t just stand there! Tell me what to do! You’re my master, whether I like it or not!”
    Red shook his head to clear it. “Okay then,” he said. “Let’s kick some blub.”
    To Be Continued…
  19. Wishy


    May 18, 2006
    Triple Update
    Part 0: Adventures of Blue: Nuzlocke Challenge... Begin!
    Part 1: Enter Cerulean: True Beginnings!
    Part 2: Vs. Misty & Diglett Cave: Farewell, Manny!
    Part 3: Sparks Fly Out: Vs. Surge & Illuminating Dark Cave
    Part 4: Rocket Casino Conspiracy: Raiding the Rocket Hideout!
    Part 5: Using the Silph Scope: Appeasing the Spirit of Lavender Town
    Part 6: Double Trouble: Isabelle Vs. The Fighting Dojo and Beauty Erica!
    Part 7: Safari Zone Adventure: The Missing Teeth & The Secret House: Ah Howhee Ho Hoo! Eef Ee Hafahi ho!
    Part 8: Bringing Down the Rocket Again: Time to Save Saffron
    Part 9: Vs. Sabrina: The Psychic Prodigy
    Part 10: Vs. Koga: Ninja Strike! Powers of the Mind!

    Location: Fuchsia
    Current Team:
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    Squirty (level 40) Bite / Surf / Tail Whip / Protect
    Isabelle (level 39) Wing Attack / Quick Attack / Fly / Featherdance
    Freida (level 40) Psychic / Sleep Powder / Stun Spore / Safeguard
    Lucky (Level 42) Thunderbolt / Bite / Double Kick / Sand Attack
    Bruce (level 35) Jump Kick / Rolling Kick / Brick Break / Inner Focus
    Rider (Level 35) Rock Blast / Stomp / Tail Whip / Strength

    Show Hide
    Nosferatu the Zubat, level 7
    Jillian the Jigglypuff
    Geo the Geodude
    Volcheck the Voltorb
    Eric the Arbok
    Venus the Oddish
    Paris the Meowth
    Digger the Dugtrio
    Dina the Nidorina
    Lax the Snorlax

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    Manny the Mankey, Level 12

    Part 7: Safari Zone Adventure: The Missing Teeth & The Secret House: Ah Howhee Ho Hoo! Eef Ee Hafahi ho!

    Long title go!

    So... I always breeze through this part, except this time apparently. So I head into the Safari Zone catch a Rhyhorn and Nidorina (In different areas) and head towards the secret house.

    At least, I thought I was going towards the secret house.

    It took me 5 tries to finally get that dang secret house (I got the dentures on the 4th). x_x Good lord it took long enough, but I finally got the Surf and Strength HMs. I give 'em to Squirty and Rider the Rhyhorn (Who I replaced Digger with, because I preferred the bulk over the speed). Don't bother grinding at all, so I head to Saffron to finally clear away all those Rockets.

    Part 8: Bringing Down the Rocket Again: Time to Save Saffron

    I march into the Silph Co. building and starting working my way up each floor clearing all the grunts and collecting items before I get the key and confront Giovanni.

    MASSIVE. PAIN. IN. THE. ASS. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center after nearly every battle because of annoying poison -_-. Grunts and their Poison types are such assholes... But other than poison, all the battles were pretty easy. Got some nice level ups, and Squirty evolved into Blastoise! Huzzah! Blastoise is so awesome...

    I finish off the last rocket bro., and with some tricky warping get the key. I finally start heading the right way and see none other than... Gary!


    • Rider Rock Blasted Pidgeot to hell
    • Gyarados was brought down with a Thunderbolt from Lucky
    • Growlithe was drown by Squirty's Surf
    • Venasaur was slept then PsyBeam'd to death by Freida
    • Isabelle finished off Kadabra (Or Alakazam? I don't remember) with Fly
    Well that was pretty pathetic. What was that loser doing here anyways? Oh well, he marches away crying and I get a Lapras from some dood. "Well thanks o_O"

    Collect any extra items and beat-up any extra grunts and finally head to the top floor and face off against Giovanni!


    • Nidorino was put to sleep then PsyBeam'd to death by Freida
    • Rhyhorn was taken down by Surf
    • Nidoqueen also died to Surf
    • His Khangaskhan is in... This is definitely something to be careful with... I send in Freida and it outspeeds, using [thankfully] Tail Whip. Freida uses Sleep Powder and I switch to Bruce who takes it out with Brick Break (I think it barely survived the first and it took another to KO). Overall, easier than the first battle...
    Rockets Defeated. Master ball check. Time to get back on track and get the next Badge...

    Part 9: Vs. Sabrina: The Psychic Prodigy

    I've either played FireRed waaay to many times, or I'm psychic myself. Because I knew the teleporter partner exactly. 8D Lucky's Bite + Thunderbolt pretty much took down everything, I needed to use 1 Potion before Sabrina though


    • Kadabra was KO'd by Bite
    • Mr. Mime was KO'd with a combination of Bite + Thunderbolt (x2, because of a stupid potion used by Sabrina)
    • At this point Lucky is around ~50% so I send in Squirty to take on Alakazam. Kept spamming recover as I kept trying to take it out with Bite. It finally stopped using Recover to use Future Sight and so it died.
    • Ugh, Venomoth. T_T Isabelle nearly died (srsly like 5HP left) try to kill it. Fly misses, and Isabelle gets confused by Supersonic. Isabelle hits herself, and Venomoth fires off a PsyBeam. Isabelle recovers from confusion the next turn and hits with Wing Attack which fails to KO -__- the incoming PsyBeam confuses Isabelle who hurts herself AGAIN as Venomoth uses Leech Life. I decide not to risk it and switch in Squirty who takes the PsyBeam and finishes off Venomoth.
    Badge get. I was a bit underleveled in that gym, so I decide to grind a bit on cycling road. I fear posion from Koga, so I'm thinking I should get a good Poison type or something and suddenly Freida learns Safeguard 8D! Huzzah! Freida also masters her mental abilities and learns Psychic.

    I step into the gym, and get ready to beat some ninja ass

  20. Obsessed


    Oct 9, 2009
    Just attempted a challenge in Fire Red, and Misty just destroyed 4/6ths of my team. I won't be picking Charmander again that's for sure, either that or I need to grind more.

    Actually that wasn't even the problem. I used Butterfree to Sleep it, and then Pidgeotto got in a few Sand Attacks. I know it had Swift (seriously why Gamefreak?), but I was hoping to shut down Water Pulse. However, every Water Pulse still hit just fine. Bitch got lucky....
  21. HeathenHeatran


    Jul 29, 2010
    Well this is bad.

    My main streaming computer has a virus (This is being sent from a friend's iPhone). As such, I will not be continuing my streaming until a further date.
  22. Wishy


    May 18, 2006
    Use Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Picking Charmander for FR is normally a pain in the ass, a Nuzlocke run is like 5x more painful (At least getting started). Why didn't you start attacking it with Gust?
  23. Chill


    Jun 22, 2007
    How do you get him to battle you again? Am I missing the vs.seeker or something?

    Also, I really need a shiny stone for my togetic. T.T
  24. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009
  25. Hobbers


    Jun 15, 2010
    I just started on Emerald. Rules:
    -If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it.
    -Every time you reach a new route, cave, etc., you must catch the very first Pokemon you see, regardless of your current number of party members. The Pokemon may sit within the box for an indeterminate amount of time as a backup.
    -If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see, either via it fleeing, knocking it out, or having no Pokeballs, you may not catch another. Tough shit.
    -This means you can not catch a pokemon in a route you were in before you could catch pokemon.
    -If a town you go to contains a body of water or a gift, pokemon like Bill’s Eevee in G/S/C/HG/SS, that may be considered a Pokemon of a new area.
    -You must nickname your pokemon so there is some sort of attachment. Each pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking.
    -If your entire party faints, they all must be thrown away. If you have a pokemon left in a box somewhere, you may continue, otherwise you must start your game over.
    -Treat pokeballs as rare artifacts; at no point can you buy them from stores. You can only use ones you find in the wild or are awarded.
    -You are, under no circumstance, allowed to get a second pokemon from any given area.
    -You are, under no circumstance, allowed to use items outside of battle. If you were poisoned on your last turn of the battle, you better hope to god there is a pokemon center nearby.
    -You may not switch out before the enemy trainer sends in a new Pokemon.
    -You are not allowed to use legendaries in battle.

    Extra Rules:
    - Allowed to buy 10 balls in a PokéMart
    - Allowed to catch a Pokémon on the routes you visited without balls
    - People are not allowed to laugh at my English, it's not my native language.

    Part 0: Starting the adventure

    I wake up and open my eyes. WAAAAA! What am I doing in the back of a truck? There's a door to my left. Let's go there. I hop out and smack to the ground. That hurted. My mom comes out of the door telling me we moved to a place called LITTLEROOT TOWN, I wonder why this is spelled in caps. I head into my new house and scare the crap out of me (Again.. =S) A huge Yeti is hugging our television. My mom calls it a 'Pokémon'. The other one is running from left to right. He looks a bit stupid. I go upstairs to my room and see a new computer. I turn it on. There's a potion in it. I take it out, the computer starts to smoke. Better put it back.
    I go downstairs when my mom says Dad is on TV. 'We brought you this live report from PETALBURG GYM'. Too late. Mom says I should go visit Prof. Birch. I visit his house, but he's not home. His wife (I think) tells me she has a daughter upstairs. I should go visit her. (What is she? A prostitute??). There is a tiny red and white colored ball on the ground. Maybe a candy? Let's go closer. A girl walks into the room. Damn she looks hot. She's called May. She dreams of becoming friends...(I dream of her) with Pokemon all over the world (WTF -.-). Wait... Did she say: 'We could be friends'? I think she did. This is nice: Just moved in and already made a friend. Okay, time to leave. This place is so boring. There's a small road to the north. A small girl tells me she thinks it's too scary to go there. I should go.

    'Help me!' I hear. I rush towards the place from where the sound came. A guy in a white long coat (Probably Prof. Birch) is being chased by a... well, uhm... Something small and brown. 'In my bag! Take one of my balls!' (Uhm... One of his balls? What is this? A pervert family??). I run towards the bag and quickly grab a ball. Wait a second, this thing looks familiar. I saw one in May's room. 'What do I do now?' I yell to the professor. 'Just throw it and battle'. A small blue beast with orange cheeks hops out of the ball. It rushes towards the brown cub (apparently called Zigzagoon) and tackles it head-first. Looks like this one hasn't got a nice charasteristic. A few minutes later, we have a dead Zigzagoon. Prof. Birch comes to me. 'Glad you saved me. I was studying wild Pokémon when I got suddenly got attacked by a wild Pokémon. (Dude, you have 3 pokemon in your bag, why did you need any help?). But this isn't a place to talk, let's go to my lab.'

    We head back to the lab, while Birch explained me what pokemon are. Inside his lab, he gives me the blue beast I fought with. It appears to be a Mudkip. What a stupid name. 'Would you want to give it a nickname?' he asks me. I name it 'Pervert', because of all the dubious sayings he and his family said.

    Edit: 100th Post

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