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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Stark Mountain' started by Morm, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. czechm8


    Oct 2, 2010
    Just started a sapphire one. Wurmple FTW
  2. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributor

    Apr 11, 2010
    Cancelling SoulSliver challenge due to ROM issues.

    *Downloads new ROM*

    DetroitLolcat's Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge!
    Part 1: The Adventure Begins...Again...Again...Again...

    Professor Rowan stands before Lolcat, and yes, this is the same Lolcat from the other stories. Just this time it's in Sinnoh. I can't promise this story going past the second Gym, as that's usually where I get killed, so...yeah...maybe it will o_O! But I'll get raped by Fantina anyway...unless I get a Starly? I'll stop paranoiding... back to Rowan. Rowan describes the basics of Pokemon...

    "Well, the first thing about Pokemon is that you need to love them. Without love, there's no point in becoming strong. There are over 150 pokemon indigenous to the Sinnoh region, from common Bidoof to ultra-rare Manaphy. Twinleaf Town borders Lake Verity, where a legendary pokemon called Mesprit lives. Mesprit is one of the rarest and strongest pokemon in Sinnoh, it's rumored to be able to control the emotions of humans. People and pokemon work together in tasks such as battles...we use moves to cause our opponent's poke...faint...PP...Base Power...Hyper...zzz...zzz...Elite Four...


    A Few Hours Later...

    "And that's how the Allied forces defeated Team Rocket in 1997. Did you catch the part about how to win a Nuzlocke Challenge? The part about the secret passage under the Lab to the Elite Four? Ehh, of course you did!"


    "So, Lolcat, remember your friend. What was his name again? Was it Fool? Of course it was!"

    Two Days Later.

    Lolcat finishes watching Nationwide Net's recent episode of Ask Prof. Rowan, a documentary show where the esteemed Pokemon Professor of Sinnoh answers fan-sent questions about Pokemon behavior. It's the top documentary on Jubilife TV. Lolcat remembers his trip to Jubilife last year, then his friend Fool rushes into Lolcat's room. They chat about the recent episode of "Professor Rowan" and then remember that Rowan works in Twinleaf. Fool suggests that they could get some of Rowan's pokemon because Rowan has so many. Lolcat shows Fool his new PC, the iHac Pro, then decides to charge Lolcat some obscene amount of money for being late. Lolcat puts the fine on a stolen credit card. After chatting with his mother, Lolcat walks to Fool's house. Lolcat knocks on the door and is battered by a charging Fool. After two days in the hospital, Lolcat and Fool walk off to Route 201 connecting Twinleaf Town to Sandgem Town. Unfortunately, Lolcat remembers something from Pokemon Behavioral Studies at school:

    "Wild Pokemon are generally dispersed randomly throughout tall grasses, and will almost always attack, even if not provoked. Junior Trainers, or those who do not have personal Pokemon, should keep out of tall grasses as they are unable to defend themselves."

    Lolcat speaks to Fool, "Are you sure we should be out here, remember that class about Pokemon behavior?"
    Fool replies, "Yeah, yeah, think about this. What if you ran across the grass before the pokemon can attack. It's easy, look..."
    "Who's that?", announced Fool?
    "It's Professor Rowan, you idiot! What were you doing running into the grass! Do you not see the mountain of corpses in the middle?"
    Lolcat and Fool look at the twenty foot tall pile of corpses being gnawed on viciously by Bidoof. There must be almost two hundred corpses there.
    "You don't know what happens when Bidoof find a defenseless Trainer. It isn't fun, I'll tell you that. Wait...These Juniors came out here to get Pokemon...even risking their lives. Tell, me, Lolcat, do you love Pokemon?"
    "No, when I say love, I mean LOVE. Like would you kill 300 people to save a Magikarp?"
    "No, why the hell would I do that? It's one stupid fish!"
    "Ok, good. That was the psychological part of the test. You're clearly not insane. Meet my intern, Dawn"
    A stunningly hot chick walks in, with all of the crappy Japanese anime swoony hearts and googly eyes crap.
    Lolcat replies, "Your intern's name is Don? That's a dude's name"
    Rowan states, "No, like as in Dawn like the sun rising!"
    "That's not even a girl's name! It's like...not a name at all!"
    All three laugh, and Dawn cries in a corner.
    Rowan decides to entrust the two boys with Pokemon, saying "You can either have a Pokemon, or a night in bed with my intern. Your choice. Lolcat, you go first."
    Without missing a beat, Lolcat decides, "I'll take Piplup, the Penguin Pokemon. I'll name it PengWin, as it will win everything!"
    Fool replies, "I'll sleep with your hot intern! She must be a sex fiend!"
    Lolcat commands Fool, "We're in this together! You're not copping out! You think I wanted this penguin? Now take the fucking Turtwig and move on!"

    And from that moment on, Lolcat developed a lifelong bond with that penguin. They'll battle for their lives together, and never regret a thing and yadda yadda Nuzlocke yadda! You get the point. Emotional bullcrap. Moving on, Lolcat battles Fool.

    Piplup uses Spam Pound!
    Turtwig uses Lower Base Speed!
    Piplup wins! (it's ironic how Piplup is a Water type, while Turtwig knows the Water move...)
    Lolcat walks the path home with his Piplup to his mother in Twinleaf, showcasing the penguin and an official Professor certified Trainer Card.
    "Mom! Prodessor Rowan gave me a Piplup, showing that I'm an official Pokemon Trainer! Fool got one too! This means we can drop out of school, as we're certified by the top Pokemon authority in the country!"
    In disbelief, Lolcat's mother sends him to thank Professor Rowan himself, but not after buying him some Running Shoes. Lolcat and Fool meet up in Route 201, and Fool shows off another one of his "good ideas".
    "You know how we always play at Lake Verity, right? Remember in Legend Studies how a legendary pokemon probably lives there? Let's catch it! And show it to the Prof! (at this point, Lolcat sees the -SpA nature on Piplup. Gulp...)"

    Lolcat and Fool tread westward to the lake, one of Sinnoh's three Legendary Lakes. After reading the ominous sign speaking of the Legendary Pokemon, Lolcat realizes that this is the best time to go to the lake, as at 1:00 AM there won't be any tourists. Lolcat steps into the grass surrounding the lake, seeing a mysterious blue-haired trespasser nearby, speaking to himself...

    "Time...Space...My dominion. I am Cyrus. You shall not forget. Legendary Pokemon, you will be my property. Soon, Pokemon. Sleep in ignorance of your fate."
    The man walks southerly towards the boys and speaks,
    The boys obey, let the man leave, and hear an ominous, though whimsical cry.
    A Kyurem eats them.
    It was the legendary Pokemon. But the duo had no Poke Balls (or common sense), so they end up racing to Sandgem Town for Poke Balls,

    Concluding the first part of the story.

    I'm happy to have procured this Platinum ROM. I've wanted to Nuzlocke Platinum without resetting the Platinum I already have. Well, I have another snow day tomorrow (six day weekend due to ice) and I might update. Probably in the middle of the night, as that's when real men play Pokemon. I'll try to write descriptively and set a darker atmosphere, and most importantly, NOT DIE ON THE SECOND GYM, though Purugly and Skuntank scare me already. Gasp Roark, however, will die miserably. Muahahaha.
    See you soon

    PengWIN (Piplup)

  3. ironman


    Oct 12, 2010


    So i just beat morty it gave many problems had to sacrifice minesweepe the koffing and bulb the oddish in order to beat him(he kept spamming curse...)i went straight to the pond in ekruteak to catch chuck the poliwag....currently grinding with chuck to catch up with the team...next in the line is whattodo the eevee...
    ah also since i forgot bugsy and whitney were easily sweeped by rocker...first turn rock polish, then just spam rock throws, magnitudes and rock smashes...

    Show Hide
    CHUCK the poliwag
    level 20/male/sassy
    hypnosis/water gun/double slap/surf
    ROCKER the graveler
    level 25/serious/male
    rock polish/rock smash/rock throw/magnitude
    WAFFLE the flaafy
    level 24/bold/female
    thundershock/thunder wave/headbutt/growl
    PEPPERS the croconaw
    level 28/female/relaxed
    surf/bite/ice fang/headbutt
    WHATTODO the eevee
    level 5/male/sassy

    Show Hide
    pose the togepi level 17(dead due to critical against clefable in double battle outside of ekruteak...sorry i had great plans for you...)
    minesweepe the koffing level14(it was either her or peppers)
    bulb the oddish level 10(it was either her or rocker)STUPID CURSE ON GHOSTS

    Show Hide
    champ the unown level 7(lol modest nature and hidden power ice...)
    burgy the drowzee level14(modest and will probably be used only if i decide to not evolve whattodo into espeon)
    jet the pidgey level 12(will be used as a flyer)
    excabe the sandshrew level 10(backup to rocker as ground type currently an HM slave)

    i am thinking of evolving eevee into an espeon because i lack a strong special attacker and can't catch a gastly until bell tower...and also i am thinking of replacing flaffy with magnemite due to grass resistance...
    any suggestions?
    also geodude/graveler is such a beast at least until now...i never thought that it would be so valuable and strong...currently mvp of the team...
  4. Pallas Athena

    Pallas Athena formerly Rediamond

    Aug 9, 2010
    @lolcat: wow... I love your updates. Anyways, I am doing another LG Nuzlocke, without the Venusaur/Vaporeon with a few token Pokes thing. I am doing a story, but it's really long, and I'm too lazy to post it on Smogon, as it takes 10,000 words to leave Pallet Town for the second time. It has virtually the same plotlime as the last one too, so there isn't a point. Anyways, I have gotten up to Gary in the run.

    All of that aside:
    Ivy ((Male Bulbasaur(yes, I'm using the same nicknames)): Lv. 10
    Dawn (Female Rattata): Lv. 9
    Erin (Female Weedle): Lv. 4
    Mel (Male Mankey): Lv. 4

    Ariel (Female Pidgey): Lv. 3
  5. ironman


    Oct 12, 2010
    well it seems the game is too good with me it just gave me a scrappy miltank...i mean this thing has 5% chance to appear...i don't think it fits in the team right now but i will have it as a backup in order anyone passes away...
  6. BreloomOfSteel


    Jan 29, 2011
    Starting a SS Run.
  7. waffles101


    Mar 20, 2010

    I'm considering an SS Nuzlocke but was wondering what the rule with the Pokéwalker is? Can I use it? What can I catch? I was thinking maybe 1 Poké per Routey Mgiggy but that might still screw it up.
  8. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Your rules. Some people have no pokewalker at all, some have one pokemon from the entire pokewalker, some have one per route. The main problem with one per route, is you will end up with alot more backup pokemon than usual, which makes it easier. And remember, on the pokewalker its still on the first pokemon you see that you can catch.
  9. BreloomOfSteel


    Jan 29, 2011

    Edit:Starting with a starter Makuhita named RAEPAGE
  10. Ducklett Stare

    Ducklett Stare

    Jan 20, 2011
    And to accompany my Crystal Nuzlocke, here is a crappy comic:

    Episode 1 - Identity Crisis
    Episode 2 - For Science

    I like drawing the girl from HG/SS better than the one from Crystal so whatever. I don't know why Professor Elm ended up looking like Dale Gribble but there you go.
  11. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributor

    Apr 11, 2010
    Forgot to mention what rules are being used.
    1. Two standard Nuzlocke Rules
    2. Game will be on "set"
    3. No Healing items. Hold items are ok, healing Berries can be used as hold items.
    4. I'll have to buy Pokeballs in this challenge, as there are like no pokeballs found in this game until like Eterna City, and there aren't many after. So much easier! /sarcasm
    I got hax in my ST7 battle today that was the difference between winning and losing the round. Why can't I get hax in a Nuzlocke, when it MATTERS? It's...
    DetroitLolcat's Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge
    Part 2: Putting Together a Team!

    After messing around with an IV Calculator on PengWIN (the IV's were pretty good, except for Special Defense is like 2, the nature blows..), Lolcat proceeds to the tall grass on Route 201, meeting one of the most vicious wild pokemon in existence, the Lv. 2 Bidoof! After a three-Pound victory, Lolcat exits the tall grass and proceeds eastward, speaking to the NPCs that are confined to three steps. That must suck, only being able to move on like three squares and having to repeat the same line over and over? And you can't even start the conversation. The main character could just walk by you and you'd never say a word your entire life. Think about that. After clearing that patch of tall grass, Lolcat turns to another few patches of grass that separate Twinleaf from Sandgem. After battling another death beaver (read: Level 2 Bidoof), Lolcat sees the sign: "Sandgem City Limits".

    Lolcat enters Sandgem, eying the first building he sees: Rowan Laboratories, guarded by Rowan's intern, Dawn. Dawn escorts Lolcat into the building, but not before a dashing Fool slams Lolcat into Dawn. Lolcat recovers from that brief moment of pain and sexual pleasure and Fool continues speaking,
    "Dude, that Rowan guy, he's one nutty Professor, you gotta see..."
    Fool runs out, and Dawn introduces Lolcat to Rowan. Rowan examines Lolcat's PengWIN:

    "Let's see your Piplup. It seems to enjoy being with you. I feel happy entrusting you with that Piplup. However, you must remember that a weak pokemon such as that Piplup is at near constant danger of death. Would you like to name it?"

    Lolcat responds, "Name it PengWIN, as it will win forever."

    Rowan answers, "I doubt that, as this is a Platinum Nuzlocke. Nuzlockes are really hard, but on PLATINUM? You're basically screwed the minute you decided not to download a Diamond ROM. Diamond's not that bad, but Platinum is probably the toughest."

    Lolcat answers, "What's a Platinum? or a Nuzlocke? What the hell are you tripping?"

    "Never mind...", responds Rowan, "Remember when you wanted to run into the grass despite the giant pile of corpses? I thought you were suicidal. Most people in Twinleaf end up killing themselves because the only way to leave the town is to get Pokemon, which requires a lot of schooling. In fact, you've surprised me that a young Trainer such as yourself can take care of a Pokemon. Next time PokeCongress meets, I'll ask Sandgem's PokeCongressman to lower the age to become a Trainer. You see, Sandgem's congressman is a complete tool. He'll do anything for votes. Everyone in Sandgem Town hates him, but we all decide to vote for him because he'll do ANYTHING to get votes, regardless of how it affects the nation. Last week, some guy told him to fly out to Jubilife and run down the main street in his underwear for a vote, and he did it! What a tool! It's like he has no idea that he has no competition for his job! But enough about that. Dawn, care to add anything?"

    "I'm happy that you love Pokemon and your Piplup! If you were mean to Pokemon, we'll, I would have had to..."

    Dawn pulls out an AK-47, and fires a shot into the ceiling.

    "Yes, Dawn", replies Rowan, "Remember what happened to the guy who kicked his Pokemon when I gave him one?"

    Both of them laugh maniacally, knowing that that man was used in a horrible illegal genetic experiment where his DNA was to be crossed with a Breloom's. He lasted five hours.

    "Lolcat, there's something I need you to do for me, it's why you came here. As a Professor, I always want to learn about the Pokemon indigenous to the Sinnoh region. However, I have not documented every Pokemon's information and habitats. I have, though, completed a device that would allow me to do so. It is called the Pokedex 4.1. It is an upgrade of the Pokedex 4, which documented the 151 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region. Over the recent years, more Pokemon have been found in the Sinnoh region, and the Pokedex needed an upgrade. This is that upgrade. The Pokedex 4.1 is incomplete, though. Right now, it is only a digitized empty book. The actual Pokemon have not been documented. That is where you come in. I would like you to complete the Pokedex with as much information about each pokemon that you can find. Here."

    Rowan hands over the Pokedex 4.1, and Lolcat accepts it. Dawn explains that she's also working on a Pokedex, and Lolcat listened intently (read: fantasized).

    After listening to that speech that took forever to write, Lolcat steps out of the Laboratory with Dawn. Rowan yells to them,
    "LOLCAT! I have one other thing for you. It's a TM. TM27 to be exact, Return. It's a move you can teach to your Pokemon, but beware, you can only use it once. It's an attack move that does more damage the more the Pokemon likes you."

    Rowan enters the Lab again, leaving Dawn and Lolcat alone. Dawn gives Lolcat a tour of the city, describing each building,

    "This is a Pokemon Center. People will heal your Pokemon there, usually. Once, the Nurse took the Pokemon and sold them into slavery in Kanto, but that usually doesn't happen. That Nurse ended up being an international fugitive that enjoyed cross-dressing. Most towns have them. In fact, each town is legally obligated to have one. The last town that didn't was invaded by 100,000 Sinnoh National Guard troops. The building with a blue roof is a Poke Mart. You can sell "medicine" and "items" there. You can buy Pokeballs there because Platinum is hard enough on a Nuzlocke. No items though. Just Pokeballs. You should go home now and report home about the Pokedex stuff."

    Lolcat heeds Dawn's advice and walks across Snadgem's main street. He bounds down the ledges without missing a beat, and starts to see the ROM glitch a little. Oh, please let this one work, I really want to Nuzlocke Platinum without restarting. After experiencing that mini-shock, Lolcat reenters Twinleaf Town, watches the latest episode of Contest Digest covering a steriod-abusing Machop winning a Tough Contest, and speaks with his mother."

    "A Pokedex 4.1??? That thing's exceedingly rare. A Pokedex 4.0 still goes for almost forty thousand Poke! Oh, Rowan wants you to complete it. Well, when you're not documenting Pokemon, you should document your journey, so I got you a Journal. I remember when I could have gone into Pokemon training, I ended up not doing it...it was too dangerous. I ended up going into prostitution, and nine months later, you were born! Just kidding! I worked in a Pokemon Center. But enough of that. Please have fun on your journey, and show me some of the Pokemon you catch."

    At that moment, Fool's mother enters Lolcat's house.

    "Is Fool here? He left a few hours ago and I haven't seen him. He must have already left on his Pokemon journey...I wish he could have told me about it...I had something for him. Lolcat, will you give it to him?"

    Fool's mother hands Lolcat a parcel, and then she says that Fool's probably in Jubilife City. Lolcat exits his house for the last time before beginning his journey, and steps out into Route 201, realizing he was charged with the task of catching over 200 Pokemon with no knowledge of catching a Pokemon. Either way, Lolcat owns a level 3 Kricketot and a level 2 Starly. Lolcat buys a crapton of Poke Balls (getting a Premier Ball as a bonus!) and enters Route 202 and the patch of grass that awaits. This is Lolcat's first chance to get a Pokemon for his team. The possibilities:

    Bidoof, 50%
    Starly, 20%
    Shinx, 20%
    Kricketot, 10%.

    Lolcat steps into the grass patch, hoping it's a Starly. Please let it be a Starly. It's a...

    Dawn stops Lolcat before he gets to the grass. ANTICLIMAX!

    "You don't know how to catch a pokemon, do you? Here:"

    Dawn catches a Bidoof. Lolcat watches. She gives Lolcat five Poke Balls, and [sex pun on the word 'balls']. Lolcat continues walking across the grass, and he finds a...
    Nothing. Lolcat continues walking into the next patch of grass, and he finds a...
    Bidoof. Damn it! Well, better something than nothing...
    Piplup pounds the beaver, then chucks one Poke Ball. Catch. Lolcat names the little beaver "Derp", as it is a derp beaver. Next, some grinding. It's a Serious nature Bidoof, no boosts or minuses. Unaware, not Simple. It can't even have the better ability. Hmm...This gives Lolcat an idea. Lolcat REALLY needs a Starly, not a Bidoof, and there's one other place Lolcat could go. Lake Verity. It's a 50-50 chance whether you get a Starly or a Bidoof, and Lolcat has a Bidoof already, so if he finds a Bidoof, he'll at least get the better Bidoof. Unfortunately, it was another Bidoof. DAMN! They both had the same nature (Bashful=Serious), but the second one had better stats and Simple. The first one got boxed.

    This has been a pretty long update, and a good place to stop. Maybe another update tomorrow? Methinks so. Heck, I might add a little more to this one in a few hours. Though all I see in the near future is a little grinding.

    Ehh, I'll see how the night goes. It'll depend on how bored I get. See you next update (or maybe later this one!)

    End of Part 2


    PengWIN (Piplup)
    Lv. 7, Impish

    Derp (Bidoof)
    Lv. 3, Bashful

    Derp (Bidoof)
    Lv. 3, Serious

  12. Son_of_Shadoo


    Apr 13, 2009
    Ok, apparently, Pachirisu fucking HATES me. I mentioned losing my Turtwig to one on Route 205 or something, right? I was grinding on route 207, and came up against a trainer with a level 19 one. Now, I have NOTHING that resists electric, so my only option was to overpower it with Oshawott the Buizel. I had it down to a slither of health, Oshawott was near full, and then...

    "Pachirisu used Spark!"
    "Oh crap... Well, off his attack, it shouldn't kill m-"
    "Oshawott fainted!"

    I immediately revenged it with my Golbat, Fianna, but STILL. Jesus Christ, two Pokémon. TO PACHIRISU.

    Currently, I'm grinding Donna the Meditite (NAUGHTY NATURE, YEEEEEEEAH!), Shergar the Ponyta (ADAMANT, YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH!) and Fluffy the Magikarp (TIMID, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) before taking on the Wayward Cave. My only competent fighter is Fianna, now a Crobat, at level 27. If she dies, I will cry.
  13. ironman


    Oct 12, 2010
    tough luck son of shadoo...i lost my eevee to a PARAS in ilex forest...apparently it could only land critical hits...
  14. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
    updating while druunk

    Should be fun

    Well I caught that fucking rampaging Gyarados with no probs. I then beat the shit out of Team Rocket and challenged the Gym. Pryce was owned by Star which KO'ed both Dewgong and Seel. Sunbeam then stepped up to the plate and proved she aint no pussy taking a STAB Blizzard from Piloswine and then KOing with Petal Dance. Things were going pretty sweet till I found out that TR had not gotten the message and had now taken over the Radio Tower. So I had to got book there ass out of there. I had taken out almost everyone (including the guy with 5 Koffing and 1 Weezing) when I came accross another trainer using a Weezing. Starmie almsot OHKO'ed the useless thing and then promptly DIED to a FUCKING CRIT from sludge. FML

    Anyway I carry on still guttered. I meet the love of my life (again) in the GoldenRod underground where she tells me how awesome I am. My Rival interupts out heartfelt conversation challenging me to a battle. He got 6-0ed by Shadow (Umbreon). Yeah he was just a tiny bit upset about that considering that by the end of the match he hand not even taken out half of its health. Anyway I face Archer and quickly own the Houndor. Then out comes Houndoom. I send out my beloved Marrowak (Crush) to take down that scary thing. Houndoom strikes first and I watch as my HP bar starts to fall.... and Marrowak hangs on!

    Crush was burned!


    With its attack halved before it could even attack Crush is crippled. I have nothing else that can really take a Fire attack so my only hope is Crush. Crush throws its bone, once , twice... and knocking the basterd out! AND it survived the burn damage too! So yeah its a beast. Anyway I clean up the rest of his team and then I go have a cry over losing Star.

    Later I tried to fill its spot with Ripple my Poliwrath. No such luck. It became my LVP so I had the bright idea of skipping all the trainers, going to Blackthorn and finding a pokemon in the route below. I run into the love of my life again in the Icy Path. Turns out she got a stuck and forgot that she can just take her shoes off and get unstuck. I never told her that though since it means he can spend more time together. Anyway I give her a back rub but it turns she just wanted a good hard push so I eventually gave her one. Then I rush into a patch of Grass hoping to hell I get a decent pokemon. Its a...


    Turns out its adamant and has Hyper Cutter as its ability. Shit that thing is made to be a sweeper. Goodbye Ripple and hello Scar (Gligar). Went back and trained some more and decided to take a break before drilling Clair


    LittleMiss (Misdreavus)
    Lv 37
    -Shadow Ball
    -Pain Split

    Shadow (Umbreon)
    Lv 38

    Chill (Cloyster)
    Lv 40
    -Spike Cannon
    -Icicle Spear

    Crush (Marrowak)
    Lv 37
    -Bone Club

    Sunbeam (Meganium)
    Lv 40
    -Frenzy Plant
    -Petal Dance

    Scar (Gligar)
    Lv 38
    -Swords Dance
    -Faint Attack
  15. Mr.L


    Jan 19, 2009
    I have to ask another question...(not really, but gonna ask anyways):

    Do each of the individual areas in the safari zone count as different areas, or just the safari zone as a whole? (talking about Sapphire, but also for other games too).
  16. Its_A_Random

    Its_A_Random Master of None
    is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Contributor

    Mar 19, 2010
    Depends on your rules. Many people who play Nuzlocke tend to count different parts of the Safari Zone as different areas.
  17. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
    is a Forum Moderatoris a CAP Contributor

    Apr 11, 2010
    Wouldn't they count as one area because the Safari Zone is only one place?
  18. Reeve


    Apr 2, 2010
    I would think so... Seems unfair if you were to capture that many pokemon in such a small area.

    I'd play the safari zone counting as one area for sure.
  19. ObsidianRanger


    Mar 27, 2010
    Started my Soul Silver Scramblocke, just delivered the egg back to Elm.
    Totodile, Osceolot. lv.8. Got a +def -sp.def nature, could be far worse like -attk.

    My 12 Pokemon (and in order)
    Show Hide
    Totodile -> Croconaw -> Feraligatr
    All: Must kill every trainer pokemon that is reptilian, or whose name starts with ‘A’ or ‘G’

    Rattata -> Ratticate
    Maine Coon
    All: Can only know Tackle, Quick Attack, Super Fang, Hyper Fang, Bite, Crunch, Tail Whip, Focus Energy

    Pidgey -> Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot
    Pidgey: Must always hold a berry. Must be fed every berry I have. Solo Falkner to evolve.
    Pidgeotto: Can’t hold or eat a berry. Can only have STAB flying and default moves. Beat 50 Trainer Pokemon and 5 Main Gym Leader Pokemon to evolve.
    Pidgeot: Can’t have two attacks of the same type. At lv.60 must always hold a berry. Must solo Red’s Charizard.

    Slowpoke -> Slowbro
    Slowpoke: Rest/Slack Off
    Yawn/Rain Dance
    Substitute/Light Screen
    Must have one move from each category. Can replace one move for every 3 Gym Trainers Housecat solos, must have two of the above moves first however. Taught move must have over 120 power (after STAB). Learn one move from each category at some point to evolve into Slowbro.

    Dragon Li
    All: Can only know moves he could have learnt in Generation one and two.
    Vicegrip, Bind, Seismic Toss, Guillotine, Harden, Slash, Submission, Swords Dance, Cut, Strength, Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down, Double Edge, Hyper Beam, Rage, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Rest, Substitute, Headbutt, Curse, Rock Smash, Hidden Power, Sunny Day, Snore, Endure, Protect, Frustration, Return, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Thief, Fury Cutter, Attract

    Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree

    Meowth -> Persian
    Meowth: Must catch the first meowth I find.
    All: Can only use moves boosted by technician (Base power of 60 or less).

    Murkrow -> Honckrow
    Black Cat
    All: Insomnia= Must solo Erika
    Super Luck= Can only use moves with less than 100 accuracy

    Zubat -> Golbat -> Crobat
    All: Must always hold a cheri berry, and must switch out if it loses it mid-battle

    Houndour -> Houndoom
    All: Can’t know a fire and dark move at the same time.

    Pikachu -> Raichu
    All: Can’t know more than one move of each type.

    All: Must be a neutral nature. Must always hold a Choice Scarf.
  20. DetroitLolcat

    DetroitLolcat Maize and Blue Badge Set! :)
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    Apr 11, 2010
    What is the sound of one hand clapping? Not as interesting as...
    DetroitLolcat's Platinum Nuzlocke Challenge!
    Part 3: Grinding to Jubilife!

    Lolcat runs through Route 201 for the millionth time in order to return to Sandgem. Once he reaches Sandgem, Lolcat enters the Pokemon center and boots up the PC. After checking his Smogon account, getting rickrolled, and swearing at the 12 year old that rickrolled him, Lolcat goes to StorePokemon.exe. After depositing Derp (the first one) the Bidoof into the Box, Lolcat speaks to the Nurse and gets Derp (the second one) and PengWIN healed. Lolcat exits the Center, trots down Sandgem's main street, and enters Route 202 for the second time and starts grinding Derp. Simple is a terrible ability when the opponent Shinx has Intimidate...Derp and PengWIN battle some Shinx and Bidoof and Kircketot. All the crits come when you're grinding, not during the boss battles when they're needed. After a few grind battles, PengWIN remained on Level 7 and Derp grew two levels to Level 5. Lolcat visits the Pokemon Center one last time and proceeds to Route 202. You know, whatever happened to routes 135-200? You won't find them? Are they in the Distortion World? They're not in the regular world, that's for sure. Well, back to the story.

    Lolcat enters the grass patches, attacking the wild Shinx with his PengWIN. PengWIN learned Bubble, as well. But next, Lolcat finds something that he'll see more of for the rest of his journey. A Trainer. With a LEVEL FIVE STARLY OF DEATH ZOMG. Lolcat gives it the old 1-2-3 punch with PengWIN and claims a small reward for the victory. After seeing Derp's performance in grinding Lolcat trusts it for it's first Trainer battle with a Lass.

    Lolcat exclaims, "Get out there, Derp!"
    The Lass responds, "Bidoof! Fight!"

    Two derpy Bidoof stare each other down in the moonlit grass, scanning each other and waiting for a first move. The order is heard loud and clear,
    "Derp! Tackle!". Derp the Bidoof steps back, and rams the rival Bidoof with a Tackle. The other beaver growls to reduce Derp's attack. By two stages, due to Simple. Both Bidoof send out another Tackle, and Lolcat commands Derp to Growl. Both Bidoof are Simple, as shown by the damage output. Interesting. "Show that Bidoof another Tackle!", commands Lolcat. Derp rams the other beaver again, and the Lass does the same. Both Bidoof are in the yellow. But one thing happens...Derp missed, and the final order was heard,

    "Bidoof! TACKLE!" The foe's Bidoof steps back, pinpoints Derp, and rams Lolcat's Bidoof with all its might. Bidoof hits the grass with a thud, and Lolcat commands, "Get up! Tackle...Derp?" but Derp did not move. That missed Tackle cost Bidoof its life. A death already...on the second route. Because of hax. That was an amateur's mistake, unforgivable. The actual effects on the nuzlocke were minor, a mere setback. But the mental repercussions would linger for a long time. The second Bidoof, the Unaware one, was withdrawn to replace the dead one, but the true horrors of the Nuzlocke Challenge were seen that battle. Not again.

    The new Derp was grinded to Level 7, not 5 to ensure that he could beat, not tie, the other Trainers' pokemon. The first Bidoof was released. Derp, the new one, endured numerous battles to raise his strength. It was painful, Derp was battered repeatedly by the wild pokemon, but by the end of it, he was stronger than his fallen predecessor. The new Derp was eventually critted and killed. And it was bull too, as it was a max damage roll. Seriously, all the attacks did 2 damage to him, then a crit does a ton. It was more than 4, I'll tell you that. It was safe, too. Fuck Bidoof, Lolcat just charges across Route 202 with an overleveled Piplup. Stupid beavers. Piplup annihilates some stupid Trainer and arrives in Jubilife, swearing at all the BS hax. Teary, Lolact enters Jubilife City and meets Dawn,

    "Hey, Lolcat. What's wrong? Hax got your tongue? You should see this place, you can learn how to kick ass there!"

    Dawn and the hax-beaten Lolcat walk across Main Street, seeing all of the different buildings. The newly renovated Global Terminal, the Pokemon Center, and they cross paths with a man wearing a trenchcoat.

    "WHAT? YOU CLEVER PEOPLE! How did you identify ME? As you have obviously pointed out, I am a member of the International Police! You should watch me on the show PokeCOPS. But enough of that! Your clever eyes have NOT deceived you! I am Looker, an international Policeman."

    Dawn speaks, "Uhh...I said 'Hi.'"

    "Yes, you did. 'Hi" is the codeword that International Policemen use to identify each other, as you know! Why else would you have said 'hi'? As a conversational tactic? OF COURSE NOT! You saw the undercover genius that is me, and could not avert your eyes! For I am Looker! And now, a riddle! You, male Trainer! have you ever heard the proverb, "Don't be a thief?"

    "No...", replies Lolcat.

    "You have not? But how! Have you forgotten it? Has your mother not instilled that proverb? OH HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW? Then I, Looker, shall be your temporary mother! You, Trainer! It is wrong to take things from others! You heed that code, I presume. But you do-gooders are not the only people in the world! I know of many who do not heed that code...Even in this country of Sinnoh, there are those that steal from others...And that is where I come in! As a policeman, I look for those that arouse my..."

    "Hormones..?", finishes Lolcat!

    "Suspicions!", announces Looker. "You, Trainer! Be taking this!"

    Looker hands over a Vs. Recorder, a device that can record battles and display them. It is popular, like the game known as Call of Duty! But it is of little use to me, as I do not battle Pokemon! And a final request comes with that recording device! If you were to see me again, you are not to speak to me!"

    "WAIT!!!" continues Looker, "I retract the statement previously uttered! You are to talk to me, as you could know of the Pokemon thieves! Or other thieves! There are lots of them! And with that, I escape!"

    Looker exits the area and Dawn speaks of Looker's obvious cocaine addiction. Then Dawn guides Lolcat to the building, the Pokemon Trainer's School. "Fool was there, he might still be.", Dawn continues.The lady leaves, and Lolcat proceeds to Route 204, to the north. In order to fill in the dead Pokemon that were haxxed from him, Lolcat enters the tall grass with a bloodthirsty expression. The odds on each Pokemon:

    Starly: 25%
    Bidoof: 25%
    Shinx: 15%
    Budew: 15%
    Zubat: 10%
    Kricketot: 10%

    What variety. A Shinx or a Starly would be favorable. Zubat would be okay. And the winner is...

    Fucking Bidoof. Lolcat gives that derpy beaver...ONE...LAST...CHANCE...

    Derp 3.0 recieves some very cautious grinding. It's Simple, with beneficial Attack. Four levels of grinding raise that useless beaver to level 8. After the short spell of boredom from pointless grinding, Lolcat enters the Pokemon Trainer's School. Despite it bring 11:30 at night, the students were studying intently. Lolcat wishes to see the future of Pokemon training, so he reads an essay written by a Junior Trainer.

    "You catch a Pokemon with a Poke Ball. You can get six of them. Trainers battle Pokmeon. Trainers challenge Gyms." What graceful command of the written word. Lolcat praises Arceus that the future Trainers are such geniuses. Watch out, Cynthia! Lolcat speaks with a lady at the head of the class, who points to the blackboard. Blackboards? What is this, the 1930s? Every school I've seen uses dry erase boards or even SmartBoards. A whiny hothead, you guessed it, Fool, was reading the notes on the board, notices Lolcat, and speaks,

    "Are you here to study too? I just memorized the notes on the board, now I can recite them like a mindless drone without comprehending their meaning! You're jealous! Wait, you're here for a reason, right?"

    Lolcat hands over the Parcel that I bet you forgot about from last update. The parcel contained two Town Maps, so Fool gave one to Lolcat. Now Lolcat has something to use when he's not using Serebii's Pokearth. The map identified Oreburgh City as the next destination, so Fool bolted out of the School destined for Oreburgh, home of the first Pokemon Gym and the first place for Piplup to absolutely rape. After arrogantly claiming his superiority like all good Rivals, Fool leaves. Lolcat proceeds on School Avenue back to Main Street and looks for the road to Oreburgh, but meets a purple-clad fellow on the way.

    "Oh! You call yourself a Trainer? Where is your Poketch? That stands for Pokemon Watch, of course. My company, Poketch International, just developed the Poketch 2.0, the follow-up to the hit Poketch released two years ago! And you're one lucky Trainer! In order to promote the Poketch 2.0, I'm conducting the Poketch Campaign of Promotion, of PCP for short!"

    "PCP's probably what you're smoking, nutjob", replies Lolcat.

    "If you can find three clowns in Jubilife, you win a free Poketch 2.0. However, these clowns may or may not be hallucinations of my totally baked mind!"

    Lolcat thought about reporting this druggie to Looker, but then realized that Looker's probably so wasted that it wouldn't matter. And there's a free Poketch 2.0 involved! Lolcat walks down Main Street to the Pokemon Mart, meeting the first clown.

    "Hello Poketch procurer! You must pass a test before you come away with a Coupon! Let's begin...Question: Does a Pokemon grow by defeating other Pokemon and earning Exp. Points? Hmm? DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER?"

    Lolcat responds after a moment's notice, "No. A Pokemon grows when it gets taller."

    "CORRECT!" replies the clown, handing Lolcat the first Coupon. Lolcat takes the Coupon and leaves Market Street to Main Street. After scouring Main Street for a few minutes, Lolcat sees the Jubilife TV station, home of the hottest news reporter on TV. Unfortunately, the only person seen there is a clown. Well, Lolcat wants that Poketch 2.0, so he begs the clown's second riddle,

    "Can a Pokemon hold an item?"

    "Yes", replies Lolcat, "Even pokemon like Grimer that have no limbs."

    "CORRECT!" replies the clown, "but here's the BONUS QUESTION! Why can Machamp only hold one item?"

    "I don't know, now give me my Coupon!". The clown gives Lolcat another reason to think GameFreak is obviously run by crack addicts and scours the streets for the final clown. Obviously, Lolcat checks the Poketch International Headquarters.

    "Do moves have types?"


    Lolcat gets the coupon. That makes three. Hooray. After running through Canalave Avenue (named so because it's on the route to Canalave City, Lolcat heads down Main Street to meet with the PCP addict and receive his Poketch. Lolcat puts the Poketch on the bottom screen to cover up that blind spot. One last time, Lolcat heads up Main Street down Joy Road, the road out of Jubilife and onto Route 203, and meets up with a Fool.

    "Hey Lolcat!" Tell me you got a little tougher!", exclaims Fool, sending out a Starly. Lolcat commands PengWIN to match the Starly, commencing the first true Boss Battle.


    Lolcat throws a Poke Ball, commanding his penguin to match the baby bird. Lolcat's PengWIN has a distinct three-level advantage, but still does not get the first strike. Starly's superior speed allows the bird to fire off a Growl, but Lolcat's Piplup's Pound scores a critical hit, placing the bird in critical condition. "Don't give up, Starly", yells Fool, "Fire off another Growl!" That Growl was met by a Bubble attack that knocked the bird down and out. Fool's starter, the Turtwig, enters the arena. Pengwin races toward the turtle for a preemptive strike, and connects with a Pound, forcing the turtle to withdraw in its shell. PengWIN fires off a Bubble for a one-two punch, but the turtle merely recedes further into its shell. Even a second physical pounding simply forces the turtle to buff itself. Lolcat uses the opponent's hyper-defensive attitude to land another Bubble, but the turtle keeps withdrawing, almost as if it does not want to fight. Another bubbly beatdown spurs the turtle to tackle PengWIN, and Lolcat sees this battle going nowhere. "PengWIN, Good job! Go, Derp!" The simple beaver enters the field, if only to receive experience. Derp tackles, forcing the turtle to recede further. After seeing no progress made, Lolcat commands Derp to Growl, reducing the the turtle's power. The Turtwing trades defense for attack. Derp fails a tackle, and the Turtwing lands one. One final Tackle, declares Lolcat, for Bidoof to strike the turtle with. Then, the three time unthinkable happens.


    With all its might, the turtle rears its head, and slowly builds up speed. Derp is ready to switch out, but before the soothing glow of the Pokeball hits Derp, the brutal force of the Tackle does. Derp's health slowly depletes (most Tackles do 4 damage)...
    It's a crit.


    That's it, Fool. You pay. The Penguin of Judgment enters the battlefield, raring to avenge its fallen comrade. And this time, it's personal. A torrential flood of bubbles erupts from Piplup's mouth, blinding and stinging the Turtwig. Fool watches the spectacle of retribution, and the helpless, forlorn screams of the turtle as it gasps for air, only to taste the unforgiving water of the penguin. Turtwing tries to attack during this flood, and succeeds a few times, but all hope is lost for the unlucky turtle. You don't kill Lolcat's pokemon, even if it's a pathetic Bidoof. Fool sobs, and exits solemnly. Lolcat decides to catch a pokemon to replace the third unlucky Bidoof, the first pokemon of Route 203. The odds, please...

    Starly- 25%

    Abra. Only one chance to catch it, with only a 26.1% chance of succeeding. Gulp. No luck. Fucking psychic. I'm so angry and unlucky today that I'm ending this mega long update.


    I can't guarantee an update tomorrow due to Super Bowl reasons, but you never know. See ya!



    PengWIN the Piplup
    Lv. 11, Impish
    -Water Sport


    Derp the Bidoof (x3)

    Wish me better luck than the shit luck I've been having.
  21. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    To the people asking about the Safari Zone, both ways have been seen. Allowing each zone to give a Pokemon gives great variety, but just one for the entire Safari Zone is more consistent with the rules. Do whatever you want; it's your challenge, you make up the rules.

    As a personal update, just one more Pokemon left to grind. I'm tempted to go to the Battle Frontier to get some more competitive items, but at the same time I really want to get this over with so I can start and finish Diamond before B/W come out. We will see.

    Edit @DetroitLolcat-Your Bidoofs seem to be cursed (also this is why no repeat rule rocks :P)
  22. ginganinja

    ginganinja How do I live? How do I breathe?
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    Apr 13, 2009
    owned Clair

    Chill just laid some spikes and then Shadow fucking tanked everything and swept her. Was probs a good thing since Chill was on about 18 health and if I had lost shadow to a crit (with my luck it could have happened) It would have been tough to fight back.

    Apparently the love of my life wanted to battle me so I rocked up to Ecroteak to show off my skills. I enter the theatre and it turns out the love of my life... is actually FIVE loves of my life.



    Anyway they want to tag team me. Everything goes smoothly till Chill gets OHKO'ed by a fucking Fire Blast.


    Fuck this. I switch in Crush who dodges a will-o-wisp and then ass-rapes that Flareon with its bone. Yeah, take that.

    Crush owns Jolteon too. Trouble occurs when Vaporeon it sent out as Sunbeam is on about 40 health and that damn Vaporeon has Aurora Beam. I go to Shadow and shrug of an Aurora Beam. I throw up a Wish and then get smashed with a Crit Surf. Protect saves my ass and I set up another WIsh and then got owned with ANOTHER crit Surf. I decide to go to Sunbeam on the Surf, Wish heals it and then I can own that thing with Petal Dance. Please don't Aurora Beam, Please don't Aurora Beam.

    Vaporeon used Aurora Beam


    Sunbeams Yache Berry Activated!


    Sunbeam takes bullshit and Wish heals it up. Turns out Petal Dance is just barely a 2KO but I survive the second Aurora Beam anyway (though only just). I am sooo made that Chill died but they all just bugger off and leave me to my misery.


    Time for a Lapras Grind! (Since using Mammo gives me 3 Ground members and that makes me a fuckload weak to Ice Attacks
  23. Juukka


    Dec 8, 2010
    Juukka's Ruby Nuzlocke

    Round 2 Gym 7 Update!

    Hey kiddos it's been a while since my last Nuzlocke update, and with only four days left before I get on a plane and move to Europe for three months, the clock is ticking on getting my first Nuzlocke done!

    However, for the most part, things have been going well.

    Several hours of my last segment has been spent grinding Cloud the Swablu into an actually useful Altaria. The problem is that Cloud ate up both my (within my rules) legally found Revives, since I had invested too much time in training it to simply let it die. While I add a decently powerful member to the team, it also means that my future battles finally get super high stakes again.

    I took my team and visited Mount Pyre to pay respects to my three fallen comrades in Ilkka the Hariyama, Gonnoly the Trapinch, and Laurie the Zigzagoon, as well as the numerous fallen members of my first trek through Hoenn. It was a moment where I realized I had to finish this journey, to avenge everyone who had died and to bring glory to the team that would get me there.

    However, my epiphany was ruined by a Team Magma sighting, as I proceeded to the top to find Maxie. The Blue Orb was gone, I was given the Red Orb, and now it was up to some punk from Johto to stop a mythological goose chase that he had no idea about.

    I stomped on Magma's Hideout in Lilycove easily enough, however the threat that they had moved further into the ocean meant that I had little time to do anything but chase.

    But since Pokemon is a weird game like that, I decided to go to Mossdeep and grind the shit out of Cloud. Then I taught Jarrila protect and went for the 7th Gym.

    Tate and Liza were pretty easy to beat. Kipula's Surf almost ended the battle on turn one. Jarrila protected itself but Kipula was forced asleep. Lunatone got a Calm Mind boost and a hyper potion to keep it strong as I tried to finish the battle asap.

    It didn't work, so I used Jarrila's turn to awaken Kipula with a Full Heal (I figured since Kipula is asleep and incapacitated I could physically run out and awaken it in a real battle... sorry if I broke the rules there), which gave Kipula the power to finish the battle, but not before Lunatone fired a Psychic that sent Jarrila to her demise.

    As the final wave came crashing down on the Leaders' Pokemon I fell to my knees and sobbed at the sight of my fallen ally. Jarrila the Swellow, now the distinction of being the only species to die in both rounds of Nuzlocke. She was my offensive juggernaut, but couldn't take a boosted special attack.

    As I accepted the gym badge and got Dive from Steven Stone, I headed back to Mount Pyre to bury my faithful friend. She was a true fighter right to the end, my team in gratitude for her fearless service and tremendous strength.

    Heading back to Mossdeep a little disoriented, I added Oddball the Oddish to my party, and quickly evolved it into Bellossom (was a tossup between her and Vileplume, but I figured Bellossom would be easier to level up now with Magical Leaf). Getting my new friend up to speed, I caught my bearings and stared out over the horizon as I rested in Mossdeep for a few days.

    Beyond was Sootopolis. Beyond was Team Magma. Beyond was destiny.

    Current Roster

    Some thoughts on my current roster. Yunti has made his way up the depth charts as a result of deaths, but with Strength is now a reliable physical attacker with some decent bulk thanks to Intimidate.

    Kipula is my MVP with Surf, Mud Shot, and Ice Beam. Takes hits like a champ.

    Oinky is bulky and fast and hits like a truck with Psychic. Good Special Defense will help greatly coming up.

    Cloud and Oddball haven't seen a lot of battle time yet so their true value has yet to be shown.

    Oddball LV31

    Kipula LV42

    Oinky LV38

    Yunti LV40

    Cloud LV35

    PC Pokemon (open)
    PC Pokemon

    Leonard LV7

    Notskarm LV15

    Toni II LV13

    Mylli LV 13

    Nullie LV14

    Cloud LV17

    Wynar LV5

    Voltonen LV24

    Tracy LV24

    Lauri (Male) LV25

    Castform LV25

    Kalle LV30

    Halle LV25

    Ghostila LV28

    Jumpette LV27

    Coolio LV10

    Waley LV35

    Spheal LV26

    Cemetary (open)

    All my Round 1 Pokemon :(

    Ilkka LV 31 - Fell to Norman's Slaking

    Gonnoly LV26 - Fell to Norman's Slaking

    Laurie LV10 - Sacrificed to Norman's Slaking to heroically save me.

    Jarrila LV40 - Was left defenseless to save Kipula, fell to Lunatone's Psychic.

  24. Carbon Lifeform

    Carbon Lifeform

    Jan 15, 2010
    I began an Emerald Nuzlocke run earlier this morning and so far the RNG has been way too nice to me. This does not bode well at all for the future. I picked Treecko as my starter and named him J Fly because he's super cool. He's Mild natured, which was pretty great considering his movepool.

    While on route 103 [where the first battle with May takes place] I didn't encounter any pokemon, meaning I could come back when I got pokeballs and catch a Zigzagoon, named FntastcFox, for use as an HM Mon.

    On Route 102 was where the luck really happened for me. My first encounter was, legitimately, a female level four Ralts. I critical hit with J Fly's Pound, but thankfully it wasn't a KO and I managed to catch her. Her name is Imune2Crit because her defenses were thicker than paper. She's also Timid natured which is just absolutely awesome.

    As I said, the fact that things have gone well so far means I'll probably lose all of this to Confusehax very soon. Oh well. I trained up J Fly and Imune2Crit a little bit and am standing outside the Woods right now. Will continue with updates later.

    EDIT: My encounter for Route 104 outside of the Woods was a Wurmple, but Confusion from Imune2Crit CH'd and KO'd it. :(

    Current Team:

    [​IMG] J Fly the Treecko. Level 11. Male. Mild natured.

    [​IMG] Imune2Crit the Ralts. Level 9. Female. Timid natured.

    [​IMG] FntastcFox the Zigzagoon. Level 4. Male. Quirky natured.
  25. Terrador


    Mar 27, 2009
    Started another Emerald Nuzlocke. I got lucky enough to get a Tailow... but Brawly's Meditite killed it when I tried using the X Def. Grinding a Magikarp (Mudkip starter btw) so I don't get slaughtered by May's Grovyle.

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