Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

Lakers/Magic was not exciting at all even though Kobe was an all time great and the Lakers were a winning franchise.

Sadly, I feel like the same thing would happen if the Heat had the PLEASURE of playing the Spurs. They would win every game by double digits. Lebron would average close to a triple double (even closer). It would probably end in 4, but the Heat are so nonchalant that they would willingly lose to end the series in Miami. Who wants to party in dry ass Texas?

Pacers / Spurs would only be exciting because a team other than the Heat is going to win a championship.
If you dont mind me asking, when did they stop being a winning franchise when they stopped making the finals every year? lol

As CK brought up earlier, the Heat are what 46 or 47-5 in their last 50+ games? No matter who matches up well with them the Heat could finish as one of the best teams of all time this season. Anything less than a championship at this point is a major upset
Blake Griffin playing well is an inherently more valuable player than Stephen Curry playing well. Bigs who play no or average D all matter more than smalls who play no or average D, you can make someone look foolish on offense with speed, but you can grind somebody into the ground just from the offensive end with size. It might not technically show up on the statistics sheet, but it shows up in championships. It only applies at a star level, separating the real wheat from the chaff. Curry can shoot 50% fg 45% threes, not enough. He needs to play D too. Griffin can get away without D at all as long as he stops getting worse at basketball (somehow he keeps getting worse every year!!!).
they partied too much in maimi in year 1, remember?

btw, with the way things are going, mia vs sas in the finals is the worst thing ever that'll happen to me as an nba fan
I hate both teams from the bottom of my heart... personally.

also, that would mean i'm watching floppers and lotta free throws on one end, and utterly boring guys passing balls on the other end. fuck, can't imagine that will happen for 4 or more games
people passing and playing team basketball in my nba holy shit dude boring give me my one-on-one okc wait that's just an improved version of the heat which i already hate!
i like okc though. there's nothing worse for an nba fan than both your 2 most hated team going to the finals.

and spurs are boring no matter how much they do. just the sight of leonard, green, manu and duncan makes me sleep. it's a good thing tho they got pop. maybe i'll be rooting for them over heat just coz of pop

heat victory makes the mavs look bette
how come?
This isn't the pacers that i'm used to. They ain't defending a thing. Udonis got 13 in a half? Talk about an outlier half
Uh really? The Pacers I am used to are inconsistent as fuck, with a ridiculous ceiling and ridiculous floor. They played terribly in conference despite playing in one of the weakest conferences. Defense can make anything happen, but the Pacers as a team have always been erratic.
4 Heat flops in a 4 minute span. They got the call for 3 of them. Theyre baaaaack...
The officiating has actually favored the Pacers this series (Pacers had 44 FTA in game 3 while Miami had 28), but I understand that irrational Heat haters need some sort of cop out to try and explain why they win instead of admitting they're really good.

As a Rockets fan, a Spurs-Heat final will be a little rough for me, but at the same time seeing Duncan get a fifth ring would be fine.
That is based on playstyle that the Pacers keep getting more every game, notice how they do it without flopping nearly as much...? lol

44 FTA for one team is always a mild/major fucking travesty though

Spurs-Heat finals is basically an early fight for their spot of fifth best player ever by Lebron/Duncan. Anybody rational already knows Lebron is worse than Jordan/Kareem/Magic/Shaq (he is 5% worse Magic Johnson), depending how you rate the rest of the players (Wilt/Russell do not really matter when you compare past against present) Duncan or Lebron should be fighting for 5th best with this finals. Duncan playing 50 games won paces over I think every season he played? and the titles in such staggered years (no one fucking does that, teams always get to finals back to back for the most part) already has a spot this high locked up. If Lebron loses here then you have to keep him below players like Bird & co. too (like maybe Moses Malone and shit, just depends what you value), losing here would be fucking weeeeeakkk.

(Shaq is better than Duncan, period. Shaq was possibly better than anybody who ever played, but he also put in zero effort almost all the time before playoffs so we can never fucking know :/)