On Your Knees, now!


Hello Smogoneers and jents......now bow down your knees to the team because it defies the standards of everyone's philosophy! Stop using ordinary Standards! Well, I'm not against it, but it's really annoying to fight, yes. Some of the Pokémon uses standard sets, but I tweaked it a little to tailor to my play style. Oh, and this is in a Red vs. Blue style, you can see why some of the Pokémon are named after Project Freelancers. They're basically a group of Agents who complete their mission for Commander Church, yet they're being experimented by dangerous A.Is (trainers). It is based on my favorite song: ON YOUR KNEES (feat. Sandy Casey & Lamar Hall) Listen to it because it shows how the Meta is progressing. :naughty:


North Dakota (Jellicent) (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs: 240 HP / 208 Def / 60 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Recover
- Hydro Pump/Scald
- Shadow Ball
- Will-O-Wisp/Toxic

Usually calm and protective, North Dakota is #6 on project freelancer's Team B. He provides excellent defenses as well as decent attacking prowess, allowing to 'scout' the enemy's attack. The nice 401 Hp and balanced 260 defenses as well as a neat typing of Water/Ghost compliments the team extremely well, defending almost everything from a fatal attack. Despite the injuries he received, he can use Recover to heal himself in order to fight back and retaliate with two powerful STABs, Hydro Pump and Shadow Ball. The amazing 120 Base power water attack can heavily damage any Pokémon, especially if opposing rain is up. However, if the attack fails so, during the break, he could swap Hydro Pump with Scald, an utility move for a 30% burn to create a pseudo defense boost. Shadow ball is used to knock down opposing ghost and psychics in the switch, which can ensure the safety of the team. The final utility move is Will-O-Wisp, for an inaccurate 75% hit but a guarantee burn to any non-fire Pokémon.
Despite the assets, he can be considered as the LVP at some matches. Sometimes, his defensive traits will not be used and he will be used as a utility attacker.

South Dakota (F) @ Expert Belt
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Signal Beam
- Volt Switch

How reckless is she. South Dakota is North's partner in Project freelancer. With the duo combined, they can wear down the opponent thanks to their absorption abilities. They synergize well for their switches and power. Thunderbolt is excellent to fire off the bat, electrocuting with tremendous power. Hidden power ice is for utility against the common ground types, who were once her grand obstacles. Signal beam is used to destroy Psychics, Grass, and Darks, one of North's main weaknesses. Shadow ball just looks redundant to South. Lastly, her Volt Switch allows her to scout 'a little' and swap with one of her teammates. She is nice for having excellent speed that outruns most of the Meta.

With the synergy, why isn't she at the top 6 board of the team? She is too reckless with her power. She seems to show too much power, and that can meet her demise (Choice Locked). Thus, I can stop the problem by letting her hold an expert belt to bluff (hardly noticeable, but the power would be nice).

Maine @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- X-Scissor
- Rock Slide

He is such a powerhouse. Agent Maine is #4 of the list, and I'd have to tell you, he's great to check the most threatening Pokemons! His power and endurance can destroy any defensives that are in his way. But at one day, I believe that he can turn against his teammates and steal their power.......
Close Combat is an excellent staple, decimating anything at a cost of reduced defensive capabilities, but really, Agent Maine can still go through! Stone edge (Brute Shot) is so inaccurate, yet it complements well with Maine's Close Combat., hitting those who resist it. Rock Slide is the accurate option for the brute shot, reducing its power but gives consistency. Oh, some bulky Psychic is trying to block the attack? X-scissors will heavily damage it.

Maine's powerful, but his speed still needs improvement. Choice Scarf is great, giving him the chance for revenge killing, but it would've been great to utilize his other moves at will....(damn A.Is!)

York (Gengar) (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Substitute
- Thunderbolt

Usually a defensive, but he's not bad for the offensive. Agent York is #3 on the list, proving how great he is in the balanced department. With the Ghost typing, he can negate damage from physical contact (ground, fighting). Not only that, but with the combination of Substitute and leftovers, he can defend himself a little from fatal attacks, simillar to North except by 'recovering'. Added with the unmissable coverage of the infamous Focus Blast and Shadow Ball, he's great to attack any pokemon. For a surprise, Thunderbolt is used to pull down any water types who are capable from blocking his attacks. Overall, a great scout for a replacement to South's 'dissapearance'.​

He's still vulnerable to attacks, and can't really stand up against 'Carolina'. He needs some support to work out.....​

Washington (M) @ Life Orb/White Herb
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 64 Atk / 192 SAtk / 252 Spd
Rash Nature (+SAtk, -SDef)
- Draco Meteor
- Hydro Pump
- Flamethrower
- Brick Break

"What? An attack that destroys my opponent, yet it 'bounces'? This has to be the worst attack I've ever seen."

Really Sarcastic Washington.... you have perfect accuracy....what are you talking about? He has many assets as a great wall breaker. He decimates teams with his massive power, yet doesn't appreciate the accuracy he was entrusted with. He is shown with great power, using it with excellence. Draco Meteor is great for destroying most of my opponents, but that power drop is too fatal for him to use other moves. Hydro pump is a BIG surprise against those who underestimate his power. Okay, he's sick of the powerful moves he was given, so Flamethrower would be his best accurate option instead of Fire blast. He doesn't earn more OHKOs anyway with it. Lastly, he can show decent physical coverage, using Brick Break to kill some behemoths and surprise others.

He's currently #6 because he still cannot match up with any Pokémon due to the crippling Stealth Rock and massive checks against it. With a suggestion, White Herb may be great so he'll be able to preserve his health.
And now, the most recent member of the team, who made it to the #1 spot.....

TEXAS! (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Rock Head
EVs: 136 HP / 140 Atk / 232 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Head Smash
- Fire Punch/EarthQuake/Ice Punch
- Stealth Rock
- Protect

She, or I can say it fitting for my favorite Pokémon, HE, can really show his might against the Meta! Hell, he can even beat everyone in this fight scene with style:


Never underestimate his POWER!!!! Never try to **** with him, or you'll be regretting it! Why? His Head Smash can decimate any type of Pokémon, aside from the rare, heavy defenders, but they can still die anyway by other agents! Even if it’s not maxed out, he still 2HKO or OHKO any Pokemon! So amazing, it is necessary for him to use extreme power, even if it’s inaccurate! Hold on, someone has the answer to him? Well with utility moves such as Fire Punch, Earthquake, or maybe the consistent Ice Punch, there are no safety measures. All of those moves are available if he feels like switching them. Do the other Agents have problem to kill their opponents? Fine....he'll have to use stealth rock. Trust me, he would rather use some other offensive move, but because most of the Agents refused to, he'll have no choice. Still, it'll help tremendously to destroy opposing Pokémon who are weak to Stealth Rock. To scout for decimating attacks, Protect is necessary! His typing is actually a lure to pull down the most threatening moves, and let other Agents to handle it in the switch. Amazing, and it eases prediction to the mindset.

He is NUMBER 1 OF THE TEAM!!!! But he was based on his 'real self', and now he's based 'failure' at this Generation, which can dissapoint everyone down. Do you know how it feels like?

Some changes need to be appreciative and viable! And I'd advise you not to end up like these agents, down below to the next post.....

Sprite Credits to Pokemondb.net
(Note, if YouTube video isn't shown, how do I do it? I tried everything.)
Arkansas: EAT MY DUST! Stop using the standard Stealth Rock! You know that you're a sitting duck against most pokemon, except ghosts, psychics, and some random steels. Yes, I know that your other sets (Choice, Dragon Dance, Lure) are menancing, but TEX can counter most of them! Washington can completely destroy him using Brick Break, as long it doesn't have a Shielding unit (Ressistant Berry). But Arkansas rarely uses a shielding unit, so it's a guarantee kill. Maine can just beat him down into a pulp, using either Close Combat or, for a prediction, X-Scissors. If York is under a sub, then Focus blast would decimate that behemoth.

New Hampsire: It should've brought along a friend (Carolina), but most of the time, it would just attack straight ahead (Hydro Pump/ Thunderbolt) all alone. If it's not Choice Scarfed (trying to bluff with expert?), then Washington, South Dakota, York, and Maine can beat it down. It helps that Maine has a choice scarf just in case if Hampshire is Scarfed. If it goes to defensive, it still dies by Washington and Maine. South Dakota can take any electric attack any time, and North can take the hydro. (Heavy prediction needed)
Carolina: She has the looks, she has the power, she has the badassery, she can beat up any kind of agent, yet she still loses to the newcomer TEX? Why? The former #1 fails to 3HKO with Bullet Punch, even with the Choice Band Set. Because she tried to become faster via priority, she can get too cocky and fall into her demise with Tex's fire punch/head smash. North Dakota can defend against Carolina as well, but as long she doesn't have Sword Dance. Washington can check her, but only if he has confidence if it works. South Dakota may not survive, but it is nice to pummel down with Thunderbolt or the tactical VoltSwitch for a prediction.
Connecticut: Really, you're SUCH a whiner! You tried to be better than Washington (MultiScale, and some random moves) and now what? Everyone is blindly looking at your glory. Texas can actually bitchslap her, and she can't really do anything back at him, aside from earthquake and stall(that's it, really). Washington intimidates her and pummels her down with Draco Meteor, but she'll need to take some damage so it'll disable her shield device (Multi). Same for South Dakota and North, but North can't really touch her substitutes. Maine can do this as well. As for the annoying Parashufflers, I'm going to need a Clerical Agent for this.
Hawaii: Leave it in a puddle of PAIN! There are too many sets and combinations to count, such as Perish Song (Really?), Tank, Choice, and even the crazy utility counter. Not only that, but rain is annoying to face. It makes Texas look like a joke, but I'm glad that North and South can actually benefit from the rain! A little. New York can surprise Rain Teams with his Thunderbolts and destroy the rest of the competition once and for all.
Colorado: This is what it happend if it goes too offensive and defensive at the same time. It Crashes and burn itself out! Well, Texas can't handle Colorado, but Maine, Washington, and North are viable checks to this bad boy. As lont it doesn't carry toxic or an unexpected attack, it's fine.
Vermount: It should've brought a 4 leaf clover, and it did. Now, it relies on hax to win games, which is an easy target for Tex to beat it down, as long he can endure the hits (Iron Head + Thunder Wave). North Dakota can do this as well, except better because of Will-O-Wisp. Washington must know if Vermount isn't able to outspeed or endure him so he can destroy it with flamethrower, but if it fails, then he's done for.

On a note, if it decideds NOT to use luck (Calm Mind, Rain Tank, and Choice Band), then it's a pesky threat to the team. I need a better Agent to handle these varients.

Massachusetts: Someone, PLEASE flagellate him! He's running a rampage around the Meta! Carolina, Arkansas, and Utah are the viable checks I can think of. North Dakota, maybe Texas, and Maine are the viable ones in the team to check this bastard, but really! He's a pain to deal with!
Utah: Everyone though he was the best pokemon. He was proclaimed as a broken Agent! But after his pathetic death (really? A shield killed you?), he's a dissapointment ever since Carolina and Arkansas became common enough to shield against it. Still, he's a problem to deal with. Whatever, Texas can outspeed and destroy him, as long Focus blast is getting to its nerves. York kills him, but it must be under a sub in order for it to work. Maine slices Utah with X-scissors, but not enough. The other agents can do their stuff, but when trick room comes up, I.......
Shark Face: He's not one of the project Freelancer, just WTF is with this guy? He can run any type of set, and he can negate York's levitation?! Why?????? Nevertheless, Texas can check his Choice locked attacks, as well as Washington (if he's careful). Maine Survives, but really! He hates to take a beating from him! Sheer Power is just his philosphy, right?
California: It's really F*****. Why? It almost has no way of killing Arkansas, Hawaii, Stealth Rock, and other Agents. It's just there to show glory to the sun. And that can be a problem. Sure, there's Maine, Washington, and York to attack the sun, but how much damage do they have to endure from the Agents of the sun? North can't really defend against sun.
Georgia: He's under a bus. He's so old that he can't even endure anything it faces, except some. North Dakota can block his attacks to no extent, but Payback can hurt a lot. It's a problem if Georgia has a burn. Washington and York are good checks, but York needs disable if it needs to take away Payback (it'll take away the surprise!).
Montana: Erm.....She's getting cold. Her Seven weaknesses can act as lures, sort of. She's paired with Colorado so she can feel warm, but without him, she's dead. South Dakota Signal Beams her, Maine slices her into pieces (needs prediction and appropriate situation), New York can hide into a Substitute for scouting and blasting, and maybe Washington can destroy her. If she's baton passing, oh no.

Maine: You can actually mess around with him actually, aside from the Double Dance and substitute sets. If he is locked by one move, I can measure the appropriate counter against him. Texas is for Stone Edge/Rock Slide/X-Scissors, York is for X-Scissors/Close Combat/rare Earthquake, my own Maine can check himself, as long it can win the speed tie, maybe North Dakota.....yeah there are too many ways to screw around with him. Double Dance? I may need a different Agent for this.....
Idaho: Give it up, your time is over! You weere once paired with South Dakota so she can absorb the electricity, but other than that, you're not that great anymore! With York, he can unleash a surprise attack with Thunderbolt, leaving the team decimated and question "Why?". Even with a +1 speed on his belt, South Dakota can check him and electrocuting him to death. North is great for checking him, but he must be aware if Substitute isn't in his way. Maine can pummel it down, but must be albe to kill it guaranteed with stealth rock.

New York: I don't know how I should say this about him. He usually sits behind a sub, but he can pair it with Pain Split, Diable, or other coverage move. Let's just say that Tex risks himself to attack him, hoping a miss from Focus blast. For Maine, he checks him pretty well, as long York isn't under a Sub. North Dakota takes a huge beating, but he can retaliate witha powerful Shadow Ball. Prediction is the key for beating this bad boy down.
Mississipi: This is the worst day for itself. I can't stress enough how it struggles to attack the North and South Dakotas. Life orb is best against South, but North can defend against it. South can absorb any incoming electric attacks aimed at North, which is fairly predictable. She's also a good check against it. Agent Maine's speed can pummel it with X-Scissors, but it must ensure that he'll survive, and that Mississipi doesn't invest in its HP. If they're not present, then GG.

Rhode Island: You can't surmount. Just can't, wouldn't you? He ALWAYS use a scarf, which is fairly predictable. With Texas's protect, it's easy to interpret what happens. South Dakota can check him, if he has expert belt or with prediction. North Dakota can check him, but not much because of the sand. The other sets are to be determined.
New Jersey: It's almost over for your past time. York already checks you, as well as the Dakotas. Especially North, because it can't do anything against him, unless it has Grass Knot (won't do much). Maine already outspeeds him and beats him to a pulp, if it doesn't have Mach Punch.
Nevada: Screw him, I'm forfitting. No but really, Maine and Washington already checks him because of his limited movepool, unless it has HP rock. North Dakota maybe, but it'll just let him set up to +6 unless he has toxic, and Substitute prevents it. Stealth Rock is necessary to kill it.
Data Disk: Wait, is this thing designed against Texas? I though it's for other Agents, not him! Yes, Texas may die from it, but South Dakota can wall it, barely. Maine can beat this thing down and use that disk for himself for power. Washington can just flamethrower it, but he doesn't like the electricity. York can bypass the disk and fire his Focus Blast and finish it once and for all.
DC: Wait, it actually transformed the Meta with Baton Passing? Is it a dead see? Is its Dual screens plus Magic Mirror Viable? Ugh......well South Dakota can kill it, but she'll need to be aware of the power. Same goes for North, except better. Washington, although unable to counter, destroys the barriers so he can lead the team to victory via power. Maine can slice it, if Reflect isn't up.
Washington: Don't worry Wash, we have your Ointmints, so you're fine. Wait, you decided to go against us? Never mind, Tex can defend against him in a locked Outrage, but he needs to ensure that Wash doesn't have any Threatening EarthQuakes or the rare Brick Break as well as high powered Special moves. Maine, South Dakota, and maybe North Dakota can check Wash's attack, but they all risk to the dangerous Moxie Wash has. If Wash has 2 boosts from Dragon Dance, I have no choice but to sacrifice one Agent so I can counter him with Tex (Outrage).

Kansas: It's used to be at the top, but there's no point of return of going back. It's already past its time. Maine beats it down, as well as South (barely), and even Washington check it.
Alabama: Someone just called an ambulance for him, and the result? He rejuvinates by absorbing poison, and can inflict a guarantee sleep. Ugh.....Washington kills him, but he won't like it if its under a sub at fast rates. Same for South, if she doesn't kill herself. York can actually defend against Alabama and proceeded to kill him with Substitute and Shadow Ball.
Louisiana: Bitch Please. She's basically using the same set all over again (Calm Mind Sub), making it easier for me to predict. Hell, even TEX can counter her, as long she doesn't have Surf. He'll defend well, especially if opposing Sand is up. Maine can do this as well, but if she is hiding in a sub, then he'll need to take a beating. Although South Dakota might die, she can possibly give a huge dent to Louisiana (maybe a little) with Signal Beam, possibly giving it a Confusion. As for other sets, WHY AREN"T THEY USED YET?!
Arizona: Can be a huge problem in the rain. Its Bulk up set can defend against any Agent from my team, except North and Washington. I can't say how stressful it is to face him.
MaryLand: She's on her knees. What do you expect? But really, she can't touch Washington unless she has HP ice or Stone edge. New York checks her, a little. Maine just decimates her, but if she survives, then Goodbye. Annoying to face.
Wyoming: He's annoying, I can tell you. With his time distortion unit (Shed Skin) and the ability to clone himself for power (Dragon Dance), he can prove threatening to the team. But he needs a change of pants. He's really cowardly because whenever he thinks he'll lose, he'll keep recovering (rest) by the time distortion unit, UNTIL HE WINS. Plus, he acts like he knows everything. How can I check? South Dakota, York, and Maine all check him, but if they're not present, then it'll be a hard time to deal with him.

  • Special Growth -
  • Mixed Growth -
  • SubSeed -
  • Stealth Rock -
  • Choice Scarf / Choice Band -
  • Agility
  • Shell Smash -
  • Utility -
  • Physical Attacker -
  • Focus Sash + Endeavor -
Nebraska: Nobody wants you anymore. Everone is canceling all flight appointments because of your power. And even so, in the rain, it's easy to deal with as long there are active agents on the run. Texas can actually stop its Cyclones with no hassle, but hates the confusion and random Hammer Arms it deals with. South Dakota Checks against Nebraska, and she can actually survive a little from the tornado. Maine is same, except he doesn't like it as much as Tex.
Alaska: It's a total bust. Everyone just uses him as if he was a sacrifice to put up Hail. Ne's not really menancing to my team, but Hail Teams can really anoying to face. Any advise would be fine against those teams.
Puerto Rico: Hold on, does that even count or not? Because he can actually defend most of my team, and I can't handle the spikes he gathers. I can basiccaly say that every Agent has the power to destroy him, but cannot prevent the task.
New Mexico: Ugh, it's wise for that guy to trap Texas and Maine as well as South so it'll never worry. Nevertheless, South still kills New Mexico with HP, and North endures the hits from Mexico and retaliates with either Shadow Ball or Hydro pump. It's basically a check designated for only two pokemon.
Standard OU Defensive Threats
  • Standard -
  • Swords Dance -
  • Substitute + Protect -
  • AcroBat -
  • Defensive -
  • Physically Defensive Spiker -
  • Specially Defensive Spiker -
Oklahoma: Just beat it Down! Texas already defeats it with Head Smash, and he is still able to survive an Earthquake! Sort of. Can't stop Spiking though, but I can stop rapid spin with North Dakota. Need some Agent to stop it, or remove the hazards around the field. Washington flamethrowers it, but must be aware of the underrated Hidden Power Ice. Volt Switch is annoying to face, but South can Stop it! It's easy, but would be great if I can remove the Hazards.
North Dakota: It's under the same circumstances as Mississipi, it doesn't have a good day for itself. Texas actaully outspeeds it and if he attempts to switch into the attack, good luck trying to live. My north Dakota can Toxic his own copy and proceeded to stall, but it'll be bad if he was Toxic'd. Surprisingly, South Dakota can actually destroy North, if she knows what she's doing. Under Stealth Rock, Washington can decimate North with his Draco Meteor, if he doesn't invest in SDef. Same goes for New York, but it's risky if North has Shadow Ball. Annoying to face, but not much problems.

  • Toxic Spikes -
  • Tank -
  • Support -
  • Wish Support -
  • Tank -
  • Dual Screens -
  • Stallbreaker -
  • Tank -
  • Support -
  • Dual Screens -
  • Bulky Spiker -
  • Toxic Staller -
  • Specially Defensive -
  • Physical Tank -
  • Standard -
  • Dual Screens -
  • Bulky -
  • Prankster -
  • Physically Defensive -
  • Prankster -
  • Defensive -
  • Support -
SharkFaces + The META
Hello REALLY nice looking team i love your sets.
Since your team is actually really nice only small changes need to be made IMO. White Herb is a possibility on Salamence. SR will be ripping his HP off him everytime he switches in and Draco Meteor will be making him switch a lot. BUT Life Orb does have more hitting power its your call. ALSO if running Scald on Jellicent run Toxic over Will-O-Wisp as then you can cripple Special attackers and walls better than you can with Will-O-Wisp
Keep up the good work!