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One Move Per Type Metagame (Ompt Metagame)

Discussion in 'Other Metagames' started by Mari, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Mari


    Aug 8, 2008
    One Move Per Type Metagame (Ompt Metagame)

    Sorry for my bad English ...

    A team consisting of 6 Pokémon with 4 moves each is able to use 24 moves out of 17 types. You can use several different moves. Some of them may from the same type than others. E. g. your Jellicent can have Scald (which is a Water move) and your Tyranitar can have Aqua Tail.

    Pokémon is a Rock-paper-scissors-like game. Some types beat other types. A wide range of different moves (physical, special or status, with or without secondary effect, with high power and low accuracy and vice versa)

    But what would happen, if we would restrict the movepool of a team to maximum 17 different moves, one of each type? For example, you could choose Thunderbolt as Electric move. Then you cannot have a Pokémon with Thunder Wave or Bold Strike in your team. Another Pokémon with Thunderbolt is allowed, however.


    If your Terrakion has the moves Earthquake, Focus Blast, Stealth Rock and Iron Head; your Ferrothorn cannot have Spikes (because it is another Ground move), but it may have Iron Head (the same move on another Pokémon is allowed), Energy Ball, Thunder Wave or Toxic.

    You could make a list like that:

    Normal: Frustration
    Electric: Thunder Wave
    Steel: Iron Head
    Grass: Energy Ball
    Bug: U-Turn
    Fighting: Focus Blast
    Rock: Stealth Rock

    This means that you always have to decide, whether a type should be special or physical (e. g. Iron Head or Flash Cannon). If you want to use Stealth Rock, you are not allowed to use another Rock move in your team. If you use U-Turn you cannot use Megahorn anymore and the combination Calm Mind + Psychic is not legal.

    Hidden Power is banned because it would break the whole concept. Nature Power counts as Normal move (though it is very similar to Earthquake). Weather Ball is also a Normal move. Natural Gift is allowed (because it is a one-time use move) and counted as Normal move. Curse is only counted once, though it can have different effects, it is always considered as a Ghost move. Assist and Metronome count as Normal moves and Normalize does not affect the choice of the moves.

    All OU rules are applied to this tier. All OU Pokémon are allowed. Each Pokémon must have at least one and a maximum of 4 moves.

    I think this metagame would have a similarity to RBG, where you also have very restricted movepools. Most of the sets would be mixed because of the fact that each type only can be special or physical. Moreover it slightly reminds me of the Shanai Cup (an experimental tier in the simulator Pokémon Online, with only 17 different Pokémon and moves - one of each type) - However, here you have the choice about which 17 moves you want.

    You always have to decide, if you take a very good move (e. g. Power Whip, Quiver Dance or Softboiled), from which only one or two of your Pokémon will profit or a less good move (e. g. Energy Ball, Bug Bite or Frustration/Body Slam) which have a better distribution.

    What do you think about this?
  2. Lolazo


    Dec 19, 2012
    volturn, volturn everywhere

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