Data Onion Subs--the ASB Magazine! (Currently signing up/pitching ideas)

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This idea actually originated with SubwayJ (credit where credit is due) a while ago, but I've only now got enough time to commit to it.

I will be starting an ASB magazine. Since we get next to no recognition in Smogon, and since there really is a lot of cool stuff going on in ASB, I think that this would enhance the community, bring up some topics of interest that would spark conversation and attention, and maybe even bring in some interest from potential ASBers who are a bit overwhelmed by this whole thing.

As an overview of the magazine, here are the sections that I think we should include, subject to change of course.

Indepth analysis of a pokemon
Recap of changes, both proposed and implemented, for that month
Tournament recap (if applicable), and summary of important battles (gym, HLM, or maybe just epic battles)
ASB Puzzles (in which a scenario is given, you go second, and you have to find a way to win the match. Readers submit answers to the magazine, with possible CC prizes)
Opinion articles (for instance, we could have a head-to-head section where two people express their views on thing, like Dogfish vs IAR on collosoil OP)
Interview with experienced battlers, detailing their thoughts on the game, and what needs to be changed, or perhaps teases for upcoming events (zarator, deck)
Humor Section (i.e., best moments on irc)

All of this is subject to change, of course.

To get started, let's get some volunteers on board, so anyone willing to help out with this awesome project, please express your interest in this thread. I would like to know how you would like to help out (drawings, writing, anything really), and some qualifications would be nice, though it is not required. Suggestions also go here.

As for myself, I am a Literature Higher Level student in the IB program. I currently intern at a well-known magazine (in Beijing at least), and am an editor-in-chief/formatter for the school newspaper. I'm also on the GP team (ops in #grammar. No, seriously.).

So...let's get this started!

Brief Roadmap:
October 29th: All people willing to write articles have their articles pitched and approved.
November 15th: Publish

Current Articles:
I'd be extremely willing to be our resident article artist. I dont have a smeargles thread yet, but I'm collecting some of my work and I'm fairly talented.


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I could help out, activity allowing. It would certainly give me an alternate place to put my ramblings in, if that is for certain, lol...Provided this actually gets off the ground...Which it might?
I would really like to help with this (as it was my original idea :P) also I'd be willing to have a "Creative Move Uses" section where I show the merits of some lesser used moves (ie String Shot, Qweet Scent etc)

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
All right then.

Everyone interested in writing articles, start pitching your ideas. I'll green-light the ones that look promising, and we'll get other stuff sorted later. :)

I'll give more thoughts later when I'm not swamped with work (read: tomorrow), but I would like somebody to write an Advanced Raiding Techniques article. :)

Important: Technical pieces should be written by experienced battlers. This should be taken into account when pitching articles--relative newcomers wanting to write a piece about mechanics or strategy will likely be rejected.
Oh hi there. Not as active as I used to be, but I'd love to help out. I won four creative writing contests when I was in middle school, have had an article I wrote published in a local newspaper, and was even asked by the high school newspaper to write articles for the
(had to turn it down since I was busy doing theater). High grades in english and a knack for above average abilities to create interesting prose are also something you can consider!

Yeah, I miss doing stuff in ASB. You should let me help ;_;
As a man who loves his gimmicks, I'd be glad to write an Underrated or Unexpected Moves Section, which would pretty much say "Hey, this move (i.e. the majestic Ally Switch) actually has some use!" or "Did you know you can use this move (like Razor Wind or something) can be used this way?"

I'm currently in AP English, if that helps you decide at all ;)
I am willing to help out with this. One thing I think could be interesting is an article or two about arenas. What makes them good, popular arenas, arenas that seem quite cool but don't see much use, that kind of thing.

Speaking of arenas, I'm going to go issue a challenge in the tower and try to come up with a cool new arena for it.
Posting my article submission idea here later. Saving a spot. Orcinus knows the gist of it though.

Glacier's Travels
My idea would be to have an article series that would provide entertainment, maybe something that people can read for fun if their battle is slow moving. The idea is that i would be depicting the adventures that my role-playing character (glacier) has had. He is an avid explorer, searching the globe for beautiful and unique locations for Asbers to battle on. I would write fro
Glacier's perspective, and would tell tales of my travels, which could possibly include rare Pokemon encounters, traps, discoveries of New secret locations, etc etc. the kicker is, at the end of every article I would post a new arena, based on the story that I wrote! The arena would be heavily detailed, in a flavorful way, so that asbers could use it for unique and interesting battles.

I could do an in-depth look at current RPs and those that are in development if you like.

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This seems really fun, while I would love to contribute, I kind of suck at grammar, If that's not a problem then I'm all up for it, this seems like a very ambitious idea, one that has a lot of potential. I can do Art too, that I'm a lot better at, so I could help there. Good luck with this