Orlando, FL, Worlds 2008/Pokemon Showdown story

A "Smogon picture" was taken on omni's camera I believe of all the Smogoners present.
Actually, I was there at one point, but seeing as it was only on the Saturday finals, it's no surprise I wasn't there for the picture. Nice story, though, I enjoyed the dumpster diving part.


sup geodudes
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There is nothing wrong with dumpster diving.

Great story. Looking forward to reading about more of your future adventures.
That sounded like it was incredibly fun. Maybe I'll look into qualifiers and such now. It'd be nice to play with some people in person who are fans as well.
Man everytime i read your story i get all teary eye lol nah but im just sad at the fact i had no transportation to qualifiers . but hehe im going next year for sure. I hope us smogon people have thread we should be training in or should we wait for platinium?