Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

Hey, this is pretty cool. Do you think you could draw me and my Pokemon team? If you say yes I'll edit this post with the details. Either way, very impressive art.
I've just started looking at your art, but I am very impressed. My personal favorite is the Dusknoir, it just looks so bad ass!

Anyway, I would like to request a Sunflora since someone already requested Empoleon :P I know you've got a ton of requests, so I don't mind being put at the bottom of the list. I would rather see you take your time to make the quality art we've all come to admire rather than see you rush just to try and clear up some of your requests.
Thanks everyone! @__@ I love all the compliments I get /egoinflation and I'm very grateful for all the love; but seeing them in a neat pile after I get back from my trip is particularly encouraging and heartwarming. The list on the first page is way outdated, I haven't updated it in weeks now I think, but all requests will be added after I have some tea and relax a bit at home finally :>

Hawkflight: I don't usually feel comfortable drawing something so large and personalized as a request because it's not fair to my commissioners, who pay for large images from me. Doing one off pokes are pretty quick and I can do them between classes, but something like that would take me a long time. If you want me to draw a couple pokes from your team, I would be okay with that :> sorry though!
good god Orugos, I am in love with the shiny breloom/autumn season, and peering at a fucking adorable little poliwag adsfhaljhauihag LOVE LOVE

also would it be weird to ask for a close up of the eyes on flygon/dragonair? i'm taken aback by how much detail they seem to have, you obviously put a lot of thought into the eyes of most of your work, when they're significant in detail, especially the flygon

forever a fan of yours, chyeaaah
If you're accepting other art ideas...I was wondering...I never have time (nor the skill) to do a picture of Generator Rex with an orange-stylized Omnitrix, as well as a picture with Gwen + Kevin. I actually started a little bit on the two...but I never had time.

I've been also planning humanized Teletubbies and a Pokémonized spoof on the PowerPuff Girls' opening theme (including a normal-looking Mesprit, an sinister-looking Uxie, and an Azelf eating a hamburger) as YouTube videos.
Im not really familiar with any of those things except powerpuff girls.... :x

I updated the request list, finally after like a billion weeks. umm
does anyone know anything about horndrill? like... whats a deucer..... <___> I dunno if I should still draw his request or no

oh also I just realized that kidx requested a flygon and it's a double request so I'll just cross that out

alsooooo DJgopher, you requested an ampharos earlier, and then a teddiursa and ampharos together recently, so Im gonna axe the old ampharos on the list if thats ok, and put the new one in it's place in queue
That Dusky is amazing! I really like the flygon too! I know you are swamped, so whenever you have time for it would you mind doing an underwater gyarados? (not sure if that has been requested yet)

he's stretching or doing tai chi or something

technomancer: I dont really have the attention span > < I've tried a couple times. Also my gestures and um whats it called... I cant really place characters into a scene effectively, mapping? something like that. I guess they're skills I could work on but I've just never really tried that hard. and I never had a good story to work with so that doesnt help :X

Your art is so great! The Kanto starters (pchat) were adorable. :> JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE sorry if you already have too many requests, but could you draw two Spindas with mohawks (one with bright blue, the other lime green)? If you can, great. C: It's alright if you can't of course.

also that manaphy is so shiny eeee
Hi, i love your awesome art works, its really incredible. Are you working as a artist or what? =] Anyways, i'm here to request a Entei or ONONOKUSU! So yeah, chill and i will wait =]
badass: I've drawn two gengars on page 9, I dont have access to their files right now though b/c my laptop died, but I made a note in the request list and I'll edit a transparent one when it's fixed for you.

azlan: I wish I was working. I'm a college student currently.
I have a request...Sorry if this seems a bit odd but, I would Like a shiny gallade mounted on a kingdra. Make it look as if it's charging something, and in stead of blades on Gallade's arms...put an ignited lightsaber hilt on each with blue blades. The background can be the ocean. Thanks, pm me the pic or post it, alert me when it's done please (if you take the job that is) Thanks!
PP: my major is digital media

darthchake: that's actually a p awesome idea, except i dont get the lightsabers

sorry I've been absent for like wow almost a month or something? this semester at my new college is kicking my ass :[

I don't have any new pokes but here's some other stuff I've been doing in my free time to relax