Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!


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That Dusknoir is amazing, though maybe emphasise the impact he has on the wall - he doesn't quite seem as if he's pulling himself through the wall right now, just kind of lunging out.

However, it's unbelievably good!
okay! all done,

Here is a screenshot with the layers, to give you a better idea of the process

I finished refining the paint layer, added the red lights, and used a purple/yellow gradient map at a very low opacity to push the contrast :>

alchemator: whoops! I agree with you; his hands are kind of floating, but I think I should be working on other things for that convention, so he'll have to stay lunging > <


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Wow, that is soooo cool. I love how you make things look luminous with your shading and use of light. I am bad with light sources, so I admire that a lot. =) On the Sandslash and starters, the shading seems to glow. The light effects themselves are good too. You appear to have great technical knowledge of your art too! Thanks for the process images, by the way, they're quite interesting, and I like the sketching, heh. Your poses are quite dynamic; even though Alch is right, there's still a great feeling that Dusknoir has been caught in motion. Have fun with your convention!
@bucky: I'd really love to; the theme is similar to pokemondaily's (on DA) contest from last month which I missed, so I'd love to have another chance at it but ahgaggh so short on time! I have so much to do this month ; ;;;; we'll see what happens
oh my god I want to squeeze that Slowpoke.

Anyway, I absolutely love that Dusknoir--I love how positively malevolent it looks, and seeing the process if its creation was fascinating. I loved when you added the details to the arms, making them look veiny/just terrifyingly strong and threatening in general. That fact coupled with how smooth the details are in the center of the picture is an awesome contrast, too, along with the swirling bits around him, as if he's phazing out of a wall or something. What a nightmare. Loooove it.

Also of the Gen 1 starter lines, Charmander's line is my favorite. I think my favorite bits are each of their flaming tails, the fire looks fantastic.

oh, could you draw Octillery? :}


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the Dusknoir blew my mind. These are ridiculously awesome, like seriously I don't think I've seen a cooler style; these are rivaling Rocket Grunt's stuff imo! Easiest and most deserved five stars I've ever given a thread, keep up the amazing work! :D
Words cannot describe how amazing your art is. I can see you having great potential. Beautiful job on that Dusknoir and Slowpoke in particular.

By the way, if its possible can you do a Manaphy? I would love it in your style.
@Snorlaxe: I didn't know who rocket grunt is because I haven't been here long, but I looked them up with the googles and holy shit im in love > < shhh

@sentret: honestly I just obtain it through questionable methods. Too many versions get pumped out way too fast and cost way too much 8[ I GUESS I could stick with an older version but I like to be a cynical butt and criticize everything new ps does that isnt worth hundreds of dollars

also my triggerfinger forgot,
@swaggersaurus: I considered doing process shots of ^ slowpoke since its similar to my first post (even though it seems more simple) but really it's more straightforward than that dusknoir. I sketch, draw lines on a new layer, delete the sketch, color on a layer under the lines, and thats about it. Sometimes I add a new layer on top with whites/highlights, like his eyes. :> So total at the end there were 3 slowpoke layers.
Yet another amazing artist setting up shop in Smeargle's Studio. =O

I'm a big fan of your first gen starter line drawings, particularly Charmander's. You've perfectly captured the transformation from "D'awwwww!" lizard to badass lizard to the epic dragon of everyone's collective childhood.

Drolling over your work aside, I'm going to go ahead and request a Latios so the drooling can continue. =)
@Doran: yes, but put sorta bluntly, I feel a little uncomfortable drawing such a large and personal piece when I also do commissions; it's not really fair to my commissioners. Is it possible you can pick ~3 of your team for me to draw instead? ; ; sorry